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Monday, July 28, 2014

The Return of $am

Well, I finally heard back from Sam, who wrote to me a couple weeks ago saying he has some old books of mine from 1988. I had to write to him 2 times before I finally heard something. I still am not certain who this guy is. I have my hunches, but I am not 100% sure. He knows I do want these books back, but he says they won't be free. UGH!!! I knew he was going to say something like this. Even my ma knew he was going to say something like this!! I can offer to pay for the shipping to send the books to me, but I cannot offer much else. So if Sam asks me for $100 for each book, I'm going to tell him he's out of his fucking mind! LOL!!! Well, I know he rescued them fair and square, but still.

I mean, I really don't need these books back. I got all I need out of them already. Plus Trisha has copies of her own of those stories. I can always get them from her for free. So, Sam really doesn't have to send them to me. Besides the fact they are outdated. But it would be nice to have them back for my own personal collection. Not Trisha's. LOL! Like I said, she already has copies of the important stories. So, I won't feel bad if Sam asks me for $100 a piece to tell him he can take that price and stick it up his ass. LOL! They aren't worth that much!! It's not like I am dead now! Though the O'Hara's have moved away. Now, I can give him $25 for each book, that's no problem. That's about what the sketchbooks cost anyways. But anything higher, I'd have to tell Sam to stuff it. LOL!

Trisha only knows Sam has contacted me about these old books. She doesn't know he is asking for money for them. I know I don't really need these books. It's not like my world will come to an end if I don't get them. But to have them back would be a nice thing. Trisha would not really like me giving money to this guy at all. But I say hell with it! I do have a limit though. I'll just have to wait and see what he says. But yeah, if he asks for too much, I'll have to say no. Much as I would like to have these books back, it's not a necessity now, so I'd have to say no. I hope Sam would understand.

Well, I did some things I haven't done in a long time! I made a few more video advertisements for a couple more stories. I really have not worked on anything like that since 2008. These are not easy to do! But they are fun!!! I love putting video ads together for our stories. The trick is finding music that tells the story as well as the words and pictures. I like to use classical music because I think it speaks the loudest. Classical music tells the story in a subtle way, yet it tells it in a manner that is understandable, even though a lot of modern people don't realize that. Well, I made presentation videos for The Mountain is Exploding and Timmyfan in Montana. They are near the base of the page. Hope you all like! I think I did these better than any other video presentation I have on that site. And several stories do have them.
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