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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Timmyfan AKA ...?

Well, I have decided that I'd like to write a post about all the online names I have gone by over the years. Since the dirty dozen mob accuses me of "hiding behind" nicknames! LOL! Yeah! Like they NEVER do the same thing! HAHAHAHA Bullshit! All except for CrystalK, they ALL hide behind anonymous names! They don't mind giving out other peoples' real names, but most of them hide their own identity ALL the time! Although I found out Eddie's Mom's real name is also Rosemary. hehehe! I also have her real address too. I kept it all these years. But if you ask her what her real name is, she'd never tell you. Most of the DDM won't. At least everyone knows who I am. The reason they hide behind anonymous names is because they know they can get sued, because they are fully aware that they slander more people than I do! At least what I say is true. And the people I talk about, if they are going to be honest about it, will vouch for it. The only reason the DDM accuses me of slander is because they don't want anyone to know the truth about them.

Anyway, I began getting on the internet in 1996, and the first social site I went to was the online chat rooms. I mostly went in there to meet up with my ma. It was a site called Pirch, and it was an IRC chat community. Though I recently tried to look for Pirch, and now it's an online dating site. I don't know if it was derived from the original chat community, or if the domain name was bought by a dating site. But it is not the same Pirch I knew back in 1996 and 97. I typically went into the Babyboomers chat room to chat with ma there, and several other people. This was my first online social experience. The people in that chat room were so nice. Back then, I went in under the name "Catcraze". And this was LONG before cats became such a huge thing on the internet! This was back when we had those Persians and were going to breed them. Everyone on there got to know me by the name Catcraze. I stayed on that chat room for several months, then ma said we were actually too young to be in that chat room. Everyone else that was in there were babyboomers. So, after she said that, I felt she didn't want us going in there anymore, so I left.

I went into another chat room, my second one, but I only went in there a couple times. This chat room was not through Pirch, this was just a regular online chat room, I don't remember how I found it, but it was rather early in 1997 then. I don't even remember what the subject of the chat room was, but most everyone in there were teenagers, and teenagers are not very friendly people! Especially online. Well, in that chat room I used the name "Vulcan", because at the time I was working on the Tribute to Mount St. Helens story. There were these two teenagers who were talking publicly amongst each other, and kept calling each other "nigger". I asked them to stop because it was disturbing me. Back then, I had no idea that teenagers always called each other that in affection. One of them voiced up saying "Fuck that!" he said he was talking to this other guy. Someone else asked them to take it into private chat and they did. Thank GOD!! Well, I had to stop using the name Vulcan because someone thought I was a Star Trek fan, and I'm not. I didn't want everyone thinking I was. So I tossed that name.

Throughout most of 1997, I went in and out of chat rooms, just for the fun of it. I remember I investigated one chat room on Pirch and it was owned by this guy named Greg. I was back to calling myself Catcraze then. Greg and I got really into it then, he didn't like it that I had my WAV downloader on and told me that if he sees me with that on again, he was going to ban me from the chatroom. I was so angry at him for that, I never thought I could feel that much anger towards anyone online. I yelled and screamed and cussed him out! Everybody in there was trying to calm me down, but I refused to calm down and I said I was leaving and I won't ever go into that chatroom again. I didn't even feel that much anger towards those two teenagers who kept calling each other niggers. But that was the first time I think I was ever personally attacked online. Anyways, that was the first time I felt personally attacked. And I got pissed!!

I decided after that to stay out of chat rooms for a while. It was not easy, because I rather enjoyed it when I found someone I could converse with. Then I began working on my Metazoic Checklist. Before all this started, I had a Macintosh computer, which I got rid of because I could not find any programs to go with it. My Metazoic Checklist was on one of those Mac disks, and before I got rid of the Mac, I had printed out what was, at that time, the most updated list of Metazoic mammals. I wanted to keep the list accessible on the computer, so I typed up the list on the new computer so I could put it onto a disk. It was during my work on this list that I got the news that Michael Hutchence had died. I was right in the middle of working on that list when I got the news. My world stopped right there. I think my heart stopped too! I was definitely in shock. That night, I wanted to continue working on the list for a while longer. It wasn't until I took a shower that night that it hit me, and hit me HARD the fact that Michael was gone. I could not stop crying then. I've never cried over the death of any celebrity before, ever! Michael was the first one. And so far, has been the only one. I've felt sorrow for other celebs who've passed, but not like the total melancholia I felt when Michael died.

Anyways, after he passed, I gathered all my pics of him and kept myself surrounded by them. Then my interest in INXS began to deepen again. I thought about going into chat rooms once again and maybe finding one whose subject was about INXS. I couldn't find any on Pirch. So, I looked on the internet. I found one on a site called "An Excess of INXS". The first time I went in there, I went in under the name Catcraze. The first few times I went in there under the name Catcraze. But then I got sick and tired of people calling me "cat". By this time, I had begun to get tired of those Persians we had! They'd messed up my house, torn my furniture and screens, coughed up hairballs everywhere, spread disease all through the family, and I had just had it!! I was looking for a new home for them by this time. So, I didn't want to become known as "cat", so I looked for myself another nickname. I thought since this is an INXS related chat room, I should call myself something related to INXS. So I called myself "Kick Cat". I was hoping everyone would take the hint and start calling me Kick, which is my favorite INXS album. But no! Everyone still kept calling me "cat". So, I completely dropped the "cat" and just called myself "Kick". But someone told me that name was already taken by a regular. So, I thought for a while, then decided to call myself "Kick87", after my favorite INXS album and the year it came out. And that name stuck with me for the rest of that year going in that chat room.

About a year later, I decided on a bit of a change. I had gotten myself a black, tan and white Chihuahua that I named Bambi. He was marked like a toy fox terrier, and a lot of TFT enthusiasts kept mistaking him for one because he did not have that babydoll face a Chihuahua should have. So, I went into the INXS chat room under the name Bambi. Well, I only went in there for a few months. It was worse in there at that time than it was when I was a regular visitor there the year before, all because of this guy named Nick. Nick was generally nice, but sometimes he could be an asshole too, and would F-bomb everyone in there. He may be the one responsible for running everybody off that chat room. I made quite a few friends in that chat room, even Nick. Even though he could be an asshole, when he was nice, he could be really nice. But the chat room was not the same place I remembered. A lot of my fondest memories on the internet took place in that chat room the year before.

Well, by 2000, I began to investigate other sources of entertainment. This was also the year the INXS chat room lost all of it's visitors. I tried going in there again this year, but no one was in there anymore. I learned of a new site, Napster. There, I could download music, and they had chat rooms set up, so I had a lot of fun on that site. But this was the year I learned about cyber-wolves. There were people who got on there and just wanted to get some nooky. My guess was because they couldn't get any in real life. I made a friend with a 16 year old girl whose nickname was something like gofunky. I was in the chat room under the name INXSgirl. Well, this girl was smart beyond her years. I remember one time I had a problem with my computer, and thankfully her uncle, as it were, was a computer technician, and she told me how to fix the problem. She also told me what 69 meant! LOL! I had heard it in relation to sex before, but I didn't know how. She told me. LOL! There were also some who were not so friendly. The first time I got into the chat rooms in Napster, there was this cyber-wolf who called himself something like "Sweetchick" looking for cyber sex. I said none for me, and he went ballistic!!!! LOL! Cussed me out, called me every name he could think of, including "fat ass". LOL! I wasn't even fat then! I weighed about 110 pounds. For me, back then, that was fat, but not for everyone else. No one else except maybe sweetchick. But after talking with him for about 5 minutes, I could understand why no girl wanted him in real life.

Well, that was back when Napster was free. I don't go there anymore. I only saw this gofunky girl a few times, but I looked forward to our visits. After a while I didn't see her in there anymore. So, I stopped going in. I think those were the last chat rooms I became a regular in. I didn't even go into Pirch anymore. That was when I discovered forums. Forums are more permanent than chat rooms. Things get posted up on there and they stay there. People on forums, if you piss them off, they never let you forget it! LOL! The first forum I went into was actually pet related. It was the USDA forum. But they had different beliefs than I had. I used AKC when I register my pups, but they were more fans of APRI. Until I went into that forum, I'd never even heard of APRI. Then later on I found out it was a bogus pet registry set up for puppymillers who didn't want to deal with AKC's DNA standards.

I first went in there in 2001, just after my grandma had passed away. My Chihuahua, Bambi (not the same one I had before that looked like a toy fox terrier) had just had puppies, and I made a big announcement on several forums. The USDA forum being one of them, and the AcmePet forum being another. The USDA forum was more accepting than the AcmePet forum, but for some reason I stuck with the AcmePet forum. I guess because I believed more in their ethics about breeding. I know Bambi was not a good specimen of a Chihuahua, but back then I knew nothing about backyard breeders or puppymillers or even show breeders, and what makes an ethical breeder. But I was not treated very kindly on the AcmePet forum. I called myself Bambi on that forum, after my dog. It wasn't until later on that I found out people linked the name Bambi with someone who is a dumb blond bimbo. One person mentioned it, and since she did, I was sure everyone believed that. I think I stayed on that forum for about 5 months. I started going in there in April, after Bambi had her pups, and stopped when 9/11 happened. I got sick of the people in there tearing me apart, and tearing everyone apart too. So, I dropped that forum.

I tried going into the forums at An Excess of INXS, but there was one person in there, who called herself Mystify, that kept on accusing everyone of being someone called Cherry Baby! UGH!! She even accused me! I didn't even know, and still don't know, why those two hated each other so much! I never asked because it was none of my business! So, I didn't stay in that forum for long.

In 2002, I learned about MSN groups, and started going into a few of them. But I could not find any that I fit in well with. There were several that was run by the same person, all about Chihuahuas. She did not like having people around who disagreed with her, and kicked several people out. I think her name was Sandra. She even kicked me out of her forum once. Not just me, but several ethical people too. Then, I was going under the name Luvapuddy, which was our kennel name back then. I had taken on breeding Chihuahuas, and I named our home Luv-A-Puddy Chihuahuas. Later on I changed it to TG's Babies. I was thinking of taking on another breed, so the Chihuahuas would not have fit.

Well, the MSN groups were dull and boring! So, I looked for another forum, that was when I discovered the BuyBelowCost forum, now called the Pluba forum. When I first went in there, I called myself Luvapuddy. Later on, after I got Groucho and was so proud of her, I changed my handle to Grouchosmommy. I remember Tanya used to call me "Grouchosdummy". LOL! We didn't get along well back then. But it wasn't so bad. If I could be a slave to my Groucho, or in essence, her "dummy", I would have! I loved my baby. I'd do anything to spoil her! LOL! For a short while, I went under the name MuffN'Mose, because of a couple of Chihuahua puppies I was going to get, but never did. I should have got them anyways! Just to see what they would have produced! I was going to name one, a blue and white female Muffin, and a small cream male Moses. But when I showed a pic on that forum, someone told me they looked unhealthy. So, I changed my mind about getting them. To this day, I regret that! Especially after I lost Groucho in 2006. So that name did not last long on that forum. I went back to being Grouchosmommy.

Well, after that incident with Pal, I left that forum. I had gotten back into INXS and found the INXS Fan Forum, and loved it in there. The people were much nicer than the people on the BuyBelowCost forum! So, I said "Sayonara suckers!" to them and just went to the Fan Forum. The first time I went into that forum, I called myself LAPchis, after my kennel. Then someone posted an awesome pic of Tim Farriss and I was in LOVE with him at that point. There were people in there who called themselves Garry's Girl, and Hutch Girl, and I think there was someone who called herself "Jon's Girl", so I took the name Timmy's Girl. I didn't see any harm in it. A few months later, after I got over the business with "Pal" on the BuyBelowCost forum, I went back, and I kept the name Timmy's Girl there too. I went in with a new attitude. I said I was no longer going to let the things those people did get to me anymore, and I was going to try and get along with everybody there. At least show them what real internet friendship is like! LOL! I took all 1000 of my Timmy pics there with me too. For me, posting Timmy pics when someone annoyed me was like the equivalent of counting to 10 to cool off. It helped me keep a positive attitude. But those people were so asinine, it was very hard to keep a positive attitude toward them! They could not go one day without attacking someone else. So, I left again.

After a while, I decided I did not like the name Timmy's Girl. Because I am NOT Timmy's girl! Only one person in the world should have that nickname, and that's Tim's wife, Beth. That's how I felt about it. So I dropped that name and called myself TimGal, which is basically a shortened version (and more accurate) of Timmy's Girl. Sometimes I call myself TimmyGal too. But lately I've stuck mostly with Timmyfan, because that is all I am, just a fan of Tim Farriss. Nothing more. I'm nobody to him. Just a mere fan, and I like it like that. So, I think I am going to stick with this name for as long as I am a fan of his, which may be a LONG time! So, get used to it. And to the dirty dozen mob, if you don't like it, then tough nookies!! Go screw yourselves!!

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