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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why People Hate Atheists

Do I hate atheists? I've been asked this as a Christian, and I guess the best answer I can give is on average, No. I don't hate atheists normally. I have friends who are atheists and they don't bother me. A good number of the atheists I have met have been rather nice people. I saw a video pointing out why people hate atheists. I don't hate all atheists. I guess what I should say I hate are anti-religious people. People who want to completely eradicate any belief in GOD. But those are not just atheists, they are radicals. I also have to remember that there are other reasons atheists are on a lot of peoples' shit-list. Some of them are very negative people. Or maybe a lot of them are negative people. Just not the ones I know very well. I think in a way, atheism is born from a lack of respect of authority, which unfortunately is very common nowadays. But some atheists I have met have been some of the most negative people I've ever met in my life.

Take for example, this one idiot I came across on the thread for this video about people who hate atheists. His name is Alex Gorecki, and he is on YouTube. He is the typical version of a troll, he has no videos up of himself, nor pics, he's negative, and leaves hateful comments. I reckon he is also an atheist. I left a comment on that video saying "As long as atheists don't try to convert me to their belief system, I don't care what they are or what they believe in." Well, its true, I don't. I think the people who try to convert Christians into becoming atheists are the radicals, and I don't like those kinds of people. In all fairness, I don't even like INXS radicals. There's some people I don't have as friends on Facebook, and don't want either, because I know them to be radical fans. Well, anyways, Alex Gorecki chimes in with his warped opinion saying "retard alert". Last night, after I saw that post, I was in a giddy mood, so I decided to have a little fun with him. Normally I do not respond to negativity, but last night I felt like having a little fun.

My response to him was this; "Retard? Where?? Oh, it's YOU!! LOL!! So you're a retard and you're alerting me, that's nice dude. ;) :P I can add to your post. You're also a dim-witted dumbass and a dipshit too! LOL!" hehehehe!! He responded to me this morning, but I didn't read what he said. I thought it was best I didn't even look at his response. I would have been tempted to respond, and I am trying to avoid that. Last night, I just felt like having fun. That was the only reason I responded to him. But boy!! I bet Alex was PISSED!!! LOL!! Way cool!! But to point out, Alex is exactly the kind of atheist I DON'T like!! Unfortunately, his is the image of what most of us believe atheists are. I'm not going to let him spoil my image of my friends who are atheists. But not everyone has atheist friends like I do. I have the most awesome friends in the world! Whether they are believers in GOD or not. All the riff-raff has been weeded out over the years, and I now only have the strongest, most awesome people among my friends. I am not about to let one JERK tarnish my image of my atheist friends.

For this reason alone, I need to go back to not commenting on other peoples' videos. For a while here I stopped doing that. Now I've started again. I need to quit! I always get dumbasses and dipshits responding, even when it's unintentional on my part. Even when I try to spread positivity and kindness, I STILL get the dumbass scumbags responding! LOL!! Alex is likely the kind of person today's kids will become if we don't start spanking them as children again. There aren't many times I like to respond to negative people anymore, I usually just totally ignore them. But Alex just caught me at the right time. I was in a happy mood, and I wanted to play with someone.

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