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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Why I Hate Irresponsible (or Unethical) Breeders

Well, I spoke about why I hate show breeders, so here I am going to discuss why I hate irresponsible breeders. They are usually the people who are breeding dogs and cats for money, not for the bettering of the breeds. Usually they fall under the titles of puppymillers and backyard breeders. While puppymillers cause legitimate complaints, I really don't like throwing around the phrase "backyard breeder" too much. To me, a breeder does not have to show their dogs or cats in order to be good. As long as the breeder is getting good dogs (or cats) from good sources, studying the breed they want to work with, producing babies that are as close to that standard as they can get, doing their health-testings on the parents, and not breeding solely for the wrong reasons, I think that person can be a good breeder. But if someone is breeding only to make money, cross-breeding, not doing health tests on the parents, and just breeds to whatever they think is cute or what sells, then that person is not an ethical breeder.

I also despise the notion that backyard breeders are making money off the backs of show breeders. While I will admit this is true in some cases, I don't think all backyard breeders do this. Puppymillers, maybe. I have actually met some backyard breeders who had potential to do good by their breeds, but stopped short of doing that good when they accuse me of 'harassing' or 'slandering' them. As someone who was trying to do good by her breed, all I saw was me exchanging helpful knowledge. I was not as knowledgeable as some reputable breeders who had been in the game longer than I have, but I had some knowledge to share, and I shared it. This brings me to the #1 reason why I hate irresponsible breeders; they seem to think all the responsible breeders are out to get them. While I will admit a vast number of show breeders cannot seem to give information without it seeming like a personal attack, not every responsible breeder is like that. I tried very hard not to be like that. I'd met the "stuck-up" show-breeder types before, and I learned early on that that is something I did not want to become.

Another reason I hate irresponsible breeders is because they breed only what they think looks cute, or what ever is trendy. Chihuahuas are a very difficult breed to breed, and if you don't do it right, you will wind up with Chihuahuas that look like the Taco Bell dog. Personally, I don't like those kind of Chihuahuas, and I think they should all be eradicated. Leave only the show-stopping Chihuahuas. But puppymillers and unethical backyard breeders LOVE those types because they sell better. People buy those types thinking that's what a true Chihuahua is supposed to look like. It's really up to the breeders to inform people that that is NOT what a good Chihuahua is supposed to look like. But unethical breeders don't mention that, because it could take away a sale from them.

What I think should happen is there should be breeding classes people should take, given by an established show judge who has been breeding and showing for many years and knows the breed standard, instead of having people take their dogs into a ring, and give them limited info about what they are doing, right or wrong. This would make breeding so much better, without having to get into the ring to prove their dog is good or not. What one judge likes isn't necessarily what another would like. Doing something like this might also prevent bad breeding practices, because who really has time to get into the ring, groom their dogs, or cats, trot around the ring, all for nothing but political and snobby purposes!? If breeding classes were taught, one can avoid that kind of hassle, and can get the info they really need to breed dogs the right way. But show breeders always want to make everything so political! And getting the right mentor is very difficult, and sometimes I've seen it lead to frustration and heartache! Either create these classes, or teach show breeders how not to be so snooty!

I remember a long time ago, Rhonda got onto the Pluba forum and said that I sway with Tanya (of Tanya's Toys) because I am a "spineless person". LOL!! I figured she was jealous because I liked Tanya and not Rhonda. Yes, I am going to "sway" with Tanya because she had the wins in the show ring. She knows what she's talking about. And at that time, Rhonda had no wins in the ring. If you were striving to show, who would you listen to? That's why I "swayed" with Tanya. That's why Rhonda was jealous, and that is the #3 reason why I hate unethical breeders; Any newbie trying to improve their breeding line, the unethical breeders get jealous of their impending success. Well, Rhonda was unfortunately jealous of me anyways, because she thinks I am prettier than she is. LOL! I could have shown Vegas, he's good enough! But because of things that were building up in my life, like my UMG Productions website, I didn't have time. But Vegas could have been shown, I could have given him to a handler and let them take over from there. But I couldn't stand the thought of being away from Vegas for weeks, or months, at a time. He was all I had back then. I'd have died if something happened to him while he was in someone else's care. Incidentally, that was the same reason I did not renew my membership at inxs.com, because I knew I was going to be busy with the UMG site. Didn't make sense to me to put out $50 and not have time to visit INXS.

Another reason I hate unethical breeders, they have placed it in the public's mind that there is such thing as "teacup" animals. There isn't! That's a term unethical breeders have created so they would be able to sell runty animals at outrageous prices! It always irks me to hear people using the terms "teacup" Chihuahuas, or "standard" Chihuahuas. Someone once asked me if Vegas is a "teacup". I told them "A teacup is a cup that holds tea or coffee. Vegas is a Chihuahua, a living thing." Another person asked me if Vegas is a "standard" Chihuahua, and I told them "Yes, as Chihuahuas go, he is up to AKC standards. He is a smoothcoat." Where Chihuahuas are concerned, there is only 2 separations; longcoat and smoothcoat. Other than that, there is male or female. No "standard", "tiny-toy" or "teacup" sizes among ethical breeders!

Another reason I hate unethical breeders, they think they are doing no wrong! I once came across a puppymiller on YouTube, who said she has been breeding for 25 years, and she thought she knew what she was doing. Even if you have been breeding for 40 years, if you've been doing it wrong all those years, it doesn't mean you have complete knowledge of what you are doing. I saw her Chihuahuas, and they did not look like anything I would have added to my family! They were downright ugly things! They had beady eyes, long muzzles, floppy ears. In short, they looked a lot like the Taco Bell dog! I asked her if she's ever been to a dog show before and she said she didn't need to go to shows, because she "knows what's trending". I asked her if she did health tests and she said "I don't need to do health tests because I can look at a dog and tell instantly if it's healthy or not". Gimme a break!! That's the typical response I hear from unethical breeders all the time! And I bet a lot of people who have bought dogs from her are battling with dogs that have bad temperaments, hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, and hypothyroidism, among many other diseases and ailments. And she probably doesn't know about them because she won't let her clients get in touch with her after they buy dogs from her.

Another example of unethical breeder logic, they breed mongrels and think that's perfectly dandy. They don't know the dangers of breeding mixed breeds on purpose and they argue with ethical people until they are blue in the face. There's a lot of dangers in mixing breeds. Mixed breeds are not as innocent as unethical breeders like to make them sound. Some of the worst dog attacks I've seen on people were committed by mongrels. So, that pretty much blows the theory that mongrels have better temperaments than purebreds. Now, I am not saying no purebreds have bad temperaments, but an ethical breeder is not going to lie about it. Whereas unethical breeders do lie about it. Some breeds have been so overbred by poor quality breeders that they can develop a bad attitude. Like Labradors and golden retrievers.

Everything about breeding mongrels bugs me. That puppymiller on YouTube said that you'll never find any small mixed breeds in the pounds. Surprise! Look on PetFinder.com! You'll see PLENTY of small mongrels on there. Then there is the use of those stupid mutt names, like labrad-oodle, or gold-oodle. Stupid names!! At least breed names should have some meaning, mutt names have no meaning, and unethical breeders teach people to use these names, and think of them as official breeds. Unethical breeders always lie about these mutts too, saying things to the effect of "a labrad-oodle doesn't shed". Well, yes they can! A dog does not begin to shed its hair until it is about 6-8 months old, and it sheds it's puppy coat then. Unethical breeders do not understand this because they are just breeding puppies to sell. Not to create a real breed. So labrad-oodles don't have any set qualities or characteristics, and sometimes I just want to slap the person who says "So-n-so should get a labrad-oodle. I had one and it was the best dog I ever owned!" I always tell that person, "how do you know someone else's 'labrad-oodle' is going to be just like yours? There is no set personality for those mutts!" It's misleading!

Another reason I hate irresponsible breeders, they take NO responsibility for the puppies they produce. I still take responsibility for the pups I produce to this day, even though the last pups I sold was in 2003. If I hear there is a problem with one of them, I always ask the owner if there is any way I can help. Believe me, I cannot offer much help. But these are pups I produced, and I feel it is my personal obligation to take care of them and look after them. Even years after they have left me. My buy-back policy is always open. Its just that everyone who has bought a puppy from me loves it so much they don't want to give them back. I'm always getting compliments about how intelligent they are! That's because I let mama and babies decide when to stop nursing. The longer the pups nurse, the more intelligent they are. Unethical breeders, once you buy a puppy or kitten from them, you are on your own, completely. They often deny their babies have any diseases or ailments, and will argue with you until you "leave them alone". Therefore, the pup or kitten you get from them winds up in the pound! But the irresponsible breeder doesn't care! They got their money, that's all they care about!

Well, that's why I hate irresponsible breeders. All I ever ask of anyone who breeds is do your research and don't produce less than good quality babies! But I think also reputable breeders should be more helpful than they are! If they were, there would be a lot less of the unethical breeding practices around.

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