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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

World's Largest Animals

Well, in my last blog post, I talked about the world's smallest animals. Now, I'd like to talk about the world's largest known animals. I may decide to cover dinosaurs too. But it is so far highly debatable what the largest known dinosaur is. New species are always being dug up. Anyways, I love animals, as most people who know me already know. I normally really love smaller animals. Or at least the smallest of their kind. But I do love some large animals too. They aren't really "cute", per se. But a lot of large animals are very highly majestic. I will cover those in here.

World's Largest Reptile
The world's largest reptile is the Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), with a full adult length of about 30 feet long at times. Although the largest reliably measured specimen was about 27 feet long. They inhabit the Australasian regions and as their name implies, they live almost exclusively in the ocean and estuaries. A lot of people are terrified of crocodiles, but I have always found them to be fascinating. They are loving parents, and gently tend to their young like birds. They are superb survivors, and they can kick the asses of any type of panther you can imagine!

World's Largest Spider
Well I, as an arachnophobe, don't really want to see this, let alone discuss it, but to be fair, the largest spider in the world is none other than the Goliath birdeater (Theraphosa blondi). This spider is actually a species of tarantula, and it lives mostly in the Amazon jungles. As their name implies, these monster spiders feed on birds, small reptiles and small mammals. But their main prey is large insects. People often keep them as pets, they are very popular in the pet trade, but I don't even want to think about that!!!

World's Largest Invertebrate
Right now, the largest invertebrate animal is believed to be the Colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni). This creature was recently discovered in 1925, known by fragments of tentacles found inside the belly of a sperm whale. In 2007 the heaviest known specimen was captured and it weighed over 1000 pounds and was 15 feet long, but they have been known to reach over 20 feet in length. They are found mostly in the Southern ocean, particularly around Antarctica.

World's Largest Fish
The largest fish known today is the whale shark (Rhincodon typus) they measure about 40-45 feet long and can weigh 20 tons. They can be found in all tropical and temperate oceans. They are not vicious like other sharks, and feed almost exclusively on plankton. It feeds by filtration, using up to 10 filter pads located in the mouth, designed to keep plankton in and filter water out. On top of that, they are also equipped with 350 rows of small teeth to also aid in this process.

World's Largest Amphibian
The largest living amphibian is the Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus). Historically, this creature has grown up to 6 feet in length. Though today, specimens that large are hard to find. These salamanders are hunted because it is believed they have medicinal properties. Pollution and habitat destruction also takes a toll. They are blind, and use sensory folds in the skin to help them find prey.

World's Largest Bird
The largest living bird is the ostrich (Struthio camelus) though the now extinct elephant bird (Aepyornis maximus) is the heaviest known bird at an estimated 800 pounds, and the giant Moa (Dinornis robustus) at 18 feet tall, is the tallest known bird. Ostriches reach a maximum height of about 6 to 7 feet tall, and can run as fast as 60 MPH. Ostriches also lay the largest eggs of any modern egg-layer, with one egg weighing as much as 3 pounds.

World's Largest Mammal
The largest mammal in the world is the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus). They are said to reach 100 feet in length, although some have reported much larger specimens. Like all whales, they are graceful animals, swimming rather slowly and deliberately through the water. Being as large as they are, they don't have many predators as adults. Only the killer whale is really the only known possible predator of these giants. Blue whales feed solely on plankton, and are now critically endangered.

Largest Known Dinosaur
Discovered just last year, the largest known dinosaur to date is believed to be Dreadnoughtus, which was a large sauropod from Argentina that lived about 77 million years ago. It fed on plants and similar matter, and probably had no predators as an adult.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

World's Smallest Animals

Hey everyone! I was just watching a video about the world's smallest and I thought I would do a blog post talking about the world of dwarfism in animals. Especially interesting are the animal groups I love. I've done several posts like this before, and I want to keep the tradition. I tend to love the smallest of everything; smallest dogs, small birds, small fish, everything the smallest I can find. They just look so darn cute!! Much cuter usually than their larger counterparts. People may look at me funny, but I don't care. That's just how I am. I like something small, I guess because to me it looks cute and helpless, and something that would be easy to cuddle. Whereas larger specimens aren't usually quite as cute and don't look as easy to cuddle with. Anyways, let's look at some of the smallest animals of their kind from around the world.

World's Smallest Octopus
The smallest of these 8-legged cephalopods is the Star-suckered octopus (Octopus wolfi). They are found mostly in the Indo-Pacific ocean region and measure about 0.6 inches. They are so small, they would be hard to see in a small tidal pool unless you were really looking for them. They were first discovered in 1913, and because they are relatively new, very little is known about them. But it is hard to believe these small octopus are in the same family as the giant pacific octopus (Enteroctopus), which can grow over 30 feet long.

World's Smallest Fish
The world's smallest fish is only known by it's latin name Paedocypris progenetica. It is in the same zoological family as the koi and goldfish. But it is less than 1/2 inch long. It is possibly even the smallest vertebrate animal in the world. They were discovered in 2006 living in the swamps of Sumatra, which is an island in Indonesia.

World's Smallest Frog
The world's smallest "croaker" is known only by it's scientific name; Paedophryne amauensis. It is a very tiny frog that probably beats out the Paedocypris as the world's smallest vertebrate animal. This frog was discovered in 2009, and officially listed and named in 2013. It was found living among the leaf-litter in the jungles of Papua, New Guinea. They were identified by their calls, which resemble insect calls, but were misidentified for many years. Another interesting fact about these frogs is they do not go through the tadpole stage. Instead they are born perfect carbon-like copies of their parents.

World's Smallest Reptile
The smallest of the reptiles is none other than one of my favorite animals, the pygmy chameleons (Brookesia). Like all chameleons, they have a long, prehensile tail, eyes the swivel independently, and a long tongue that shoots out to capture prey. However, as you can see from this pic, it is not much bigger than a thumbnail. They live among the leaf-litter in Madagascar, and were once poached for the pet trade. They are now protected under the endangered species law.

World's Smallest Snake
The world's smallest snake is the Barbados Threadsnake (Leptotyphlops carlae), also sometimes affectionately known as the "Spaghetti snake", since it is not much thicker than spaghetti. Not only is it the world's smallest snake, it also has the world's smallest range of any snake. It's only found in one small stand of trees in the eastern part of Barbados Island. It feeds on tiny insects and are non-venomous snakes. They spend all their time burrowing underground like earthworms, and are completely blind. They are only capable of finding prey by using their flicking tongue to pick up scent particles.

World's Smallest Bird
The Bee Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) is the world's smallest bird. It is found on Cuba and some other small islands in the Caribbean. Their nests are so small, that it can sit comfortably on a person's finger. The eggs are so small, a dozen of them could fit into a teaspoon. As adults, these birds are no bigger than the eyes of the world's largest bird, the ostrich. They live mostly in the jungle, but have been known to build their nests in such places as household plants.

World's Smallest Mammal
The smallest mammal in the world is arguably the Etruscan pygmy shrew (Suncus etruscus), though it is a toss up between this tiny shrew and a tiny bat, which I will get to later. They are mostly found in Eurasia and northern Africa. Their metabolism is so fast that their heart rate is 25 beats per second. They are voracious hunters and hunt down any prey up to the size of small mice by using their short whiskers to feel vibrations in the air. Like all shrews, these animals must constantly eat to keep their body temperature regulated.

World's Smallest Bat
This may be dubiously the world's smallest mammal. At least it deserves an honorable mention. The Kitti's hog-nosed bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai) is indeed the world's smallest flying mammal. They are mostly found in caves in southeast Asia, and may even sometimes fall prey to such predators as spiders.

Well, that's it for this post, I hope you all found this an interesting subject. Maybe my next post will be all about the world's largest of their kind.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Might Do This Again

I'm thinking of organizing another free ebook day. This time, I am going to include all my INXS inspired stories. I improved the INXS/St. Helens story's drawings, so I cannot wait to show that off. I also did some improvements on several other stories as well, so I will be offering those. It's going to pretty much be like the last free ebook day was last year. I'll be using this icon again for each free ebook:

I'll also make it so they are easily accessible. This time, I intend to give more warning. Maybe I'll have it on November 22 this year, Michael's day. Or perhaps some time that month. Anyways, I will post more info about it as soon as I can figure a solid date to hold this. At this event, I will make a lot of stories available for free. Its a big risk, and once again, it'll only be held for one day, for 12 hours. I'm going to put more stories up than last time. Last time, I didn't want to include non-fiction stories, or stories that were not child-friendly. But I want to put up Hutchess: A Picture Diary because it is inspired by INXS. It's the story about how INXS saved my life, and how Michael and Timmy became my heroes. I promised my friends when the day comes, I will make an announcement on the INXS Fan Fiction group. I'll also put an announcement up in my group, because I am going to have some INXS-related and inspired stories up for grabs.

I love my group!! And I intend to make it more fun as time progresses. I got another administrator to help me with that. She's a lot of fun too. Of course the group isn't only devoted to fan fiction, but also to anything relating to INXS. But our main focus is Michael and Timmy. The Yatesfag drama is over with, so I'm moving on. Somewhat. I still have a couple people on my Facebook friends list that I suspect to be total Yatesfags. I'm just kindof watching them now. Because they could have kept me on their friends list just to spy on me and report back to Maria How. One of them that is still among my friends was one of the fags that responded to Maria How's whining on that thread and agreed with her that I was being "disrespectful". LOL! I should post those pics on my Facebook wall where I blacked out all of Paula's images. That might send all the Yatesfags packing. LOL!! To this day, I am still laughing at the fags who said I am "jealous" of Paula!! LOL!!! Yah! I'm "jealous" of a corpse!! LOL!!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Two Worlds Collided -- Yatesfags United

I got a very interesting PM from one of my friends, saying that Maria How has taken the pics I posted of Michael and Paula with Paula's face blacked out and crossposted them on the MH & His Life fan page, sure enough just like I predicted, all the Yatesfags came out of the woodwork. Ya know, I offered to do that for her yesterday and she wouldn't let me. Now, all of a sudden, it's allowed. Apparently, they are shit-talking me on there because of those pics. I told this friend "That's fine." LOL!! I said it with a smile on my face too. Then this friend told me that the Yatesfags crossposted those to the Two Worlds Collided group, then I burst out laughing!!! LOL!! I love it!! Now, I wouldn't be surprised if they started flooding my inbox with all kinds of hate messages and other BS. Well, it's not like it's never happened before. I can even have some fun with it.

I said to this friend, I should post more pics with Paula blacked out. This poor friend was worried about me, but I told her I'm not worried at all. Maria is only making herself look bad, not me. Well, I can't say I wasn't warned about Maria before becoming her friend. But you all know me, I have to give everyone a chance. I was warned by my friend Jim and by Roberta, both warned me that Maria is not a good person. I didn't believe Roberta because she was like the only reason she seemed to not like Maria was because her group was not "an official INXS group" and she was not "an official INXS moderator". Well, really neither is Roberta! Jim at least even admits he does not work in close proximity with the band. He has no connections with them. I told Roberta I like Maria, and I am still her friend. Back then I was still friends with Roberta too. I love my loyalty. But I remember what it was like when I was a kid and some person would tell so-n-so not to like me just because they had a problem with me. So, I tend to not listen when someone tells me someone else is a bad person. I'd rather get to know them myself, then make a judgment.

Well, I blacked out all of Paula's images because I don't need her! I save those pics to look at Michael. Not Paula. I don't want to look at Paula!! And they are pics on MY hard drive and I will keep what ever parts I want to keep, and black out what ever parts I want to black out. And that is MY group, and I will post what ever pics I want to post. I obeyed Maria's rules religiously on her group (once I found out what her game was), she should show me the same respect on my group. Well, I don't know if the Yatesfags know about this blog, I'm not sure Maria has told them about it. I hope she has! Maybe I'll give her a reason to show them this blog. Here's some more pics where I blacked out Paula's face...

The headless slut.
OH! That's another thing! Maria said I called Paula a whore on her group (although she still has not pointed out when). So that caption should really pique her interest! LOL!

Michael sits by a yellow balloon and his baby.

If you're gonna do something, ya might as well do it right! LOL! Come get me Yatesfags!

Ya know what is so ironic to all this? Maria said I was being "childish". LOL!! I love that statement coming from her!! LOL!!

Michael with Lily.

I do hope Maria told Jannah what I said about her, that she needs professional help. I do hope she gets it someday.

Oh boy! You think that's enough? What'll the Yatesfags say? Oh who cares what they say!? I sure don't!! They can call me every name in the book, it won't matter. I never give a shit what a bunch of radical tards say! I don't like radicals anyways. LOL! Let them come and slam me!

Oh wow! This just in! LOL! One of my friends has messaged me about the conversation taking place in the MH & His Life fan page. This is where Maria How goes catshit crazy! LOL!! Just like Maria to bring up people who have nothing to do with her group after kicking them out. I really expected this, and it's better than I thought it would be. Notice I left in all of the grammar errors, lack of caps and improper punctuation that Maria is famous for...

Maria How: This is what dee timmyfan is posting in her group and there are more the same disrespectful to paula michael and tiger im livid what sort of woman does that eh 

Like I said, it's MY group. I'll post what I want on it. And so will my visitors!

Maria How's photo. Seen by 31 (5 people like this)

Comments: Anne Every 
(I think she was tagged here)

Maria How: i think its terrible anne 

Really?! How does it feel to look like a hypocritical ass Maria?

Maria Bierens: Ridiculous! Is she crazy to fuck up a photo like that????

Crazy and proud of it, ya fool!! I'm an artist, I'm supposed to be crazy.

Maria How: No need for it if you dont like her fair enogh but to take it to this extreme 

Hey! You brought it on motherfucker! What did you think would happen to post a pic like those to a group full of Yates-tards?

Maria Bierens: There's no excuse for this! 

Who needs an excuse to have fun?

Anne Every: I know! It's disrespectful to cut people out of photos. She is/was Tigers mother. 

I don't care! She also abandoned Lily. Does that sound like a responsible "mother" to you? ANYONE could have had Lily. Paula was NOT special for that.

Maria How: No very childish there are more the same  

Oh! The irony of this statement!! LOL!! So saving the pics I want and cutting out the parts I don't want is childish, but bringing up threads like this on a group I am not on just to invoke responses against me is not childish. OK got ya! LOL!!

Tammi Melinda Wheeler: Jealous fan 

LOL!! I don't even know this idiot, but I love how she thinks I am a "jealous fan"!! LOL!!

Maria Bierens: It's a bit aggressive even. 

Judging by her first comment on this post, I'd say this comment was ironic too! LOL!

Maria How: im sure michael would love dee for doing this  

I'm sure he would! Especially after he found out Paula was going behind his back and tipping the press off to their whereabouts.

Maria How: Unhinged

Nice to know you know a few words with more than one syllable.

Maria Bierens: If I were to write a thriller, I would make her the psychopath who would destroy photos in her spare time. This really is a bit bizarre. 

HAHAHAHA!!! Tell me, if you were to write said thriller, what kind of psychopath would you have Maria How play? LOL! As a writer, I can tell you what I would do; I'd have Maria be the kind of person to kidnap people, lock them in a room, only to come in once in a while to probe at them with sticks and knives to make them angry, then leave, locking that person in the room again.

Maria Bierens: But then again, I never heard of her and I don't want to offend anyone who might be a friend. 

Hey! It's OK. Like I said, I don't give a shit what you Yatesfags think. I'm just having fun here responding to your posts because you're such a dumbass.

Frances Walsh: Why cut out Paula face & just Michael face on it that's. Not nice to that to anyone who's dead or alive guys that sick Frances x 

That's who I am. I keep only what I want and chuck out the rest! And if I decide I only want to see Michael in these pics and not Paula, it is MY choice!

Silvia León: (frown emoticon) really sad ... If you don't like any person, just do NOTHING ... just let anyone be who they can / could. 

Sadly, Maria How's obsessive-compulsive mind won't allow her to do that. I think she needs help just as much as Jannah does.

Which reminds me, I wonder why the little wench hasn't chimed in on this thread yet!

Paula Abraham: I am not a Paula fan at all or Bob fan for that matter but I have seen a lot of negative things and photos on Bob. It's shouldn't be just no negative posts on Paula. After all Bob raised Tiger like it or not and he is her father. Why is there a double standard? I simply scroll past something I don't like. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but it shouldn't be limited to just negative stuff about Paula 

This poster is one of my friends, I love her to death! And she's got some cute dogs!! And this is the only post in this thread that makes any sense. But again, it's Maria's obsession with Paula. I think Maria may have even had a fling with Paula Yates at one time!

Nyree Pickering: That's so mean 

And this thread isn't? LOL!!

Rubia Suicida: Very strange & how would Michael feel, this being done to the woman he loved & mother of his child. 

Oh shut the fuck up!! You are the whiniest damn thing I ever met in my life!!!

Sabrina Therese: Wow she has jealousy issues. Badly. 

GOD I hate people named Sabrina!! LOL! Young woman, don't make me laugh! If there is one person on this planet I am NOT jealous of, it's Paula Yates!! She's loony (I mean loonier than I am), she's too skinny and has a face like a lion's ass! Think about it, this is the thing Sabrina thinks I am "jealous" of:

"Duhh, what's going on? Did I overdose on heroin again?"

Maria Kay: Yeah dee timmyhutch doesnt like Paula at all... shes not shy to say it 

Nope, I never have been, and I'm still not!

Sabrina Therese: Maria to be so hateful towards a dead person is pretty petty. Jealousy. 

HAHAHAHA!!! Look above fukwit!

Teena Riffe: If people would take out the time to know Paula she is a great woman funny as can be...she had a great job I would love to have my own music show.... 

Actually, I have heard conflicting stories. Most people who actually did meet her said she was not very nice at all.

Kelly J Pettigrew: People blame Paula for Michaels death. You cannot blame his death on anyone. Michael adored Paula, but some of the female species are so obsessed with Michael in such a psychotic way they are actually jealous. Let it rest. I would hate to be the soul trapped in a body that had so much hate and jealously for Paula. 

It doesn't hurt, believe me. And once again, check out my response to Sabrina.

Polly Varnado: Very childish & disrespectful. It's a Shame to say an adult actually did that. 

LOL!! Wanna see childish? Look at Maria How's picture. There's the face of immaturity.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Good Judging Character!

Oh my GOD!! I am so good!! I knew this all along. I knew this would happen!! This morning I got in a fling on my group with some of the people from another group. I referred to the Yatesfags on her group as drama queens. Well!! They ARE!!! That's what I call those Paula Yates fans who jump on people who don't like Paula Yates. One of them kept asking me who these drama queens are. I used Jannah as an example, because I remember her the most as being the one with the biggest mouth. Honestly, I don't remember half the people I have these flings with, so I couldn't remember the names of the rest of the Yatesfags.

Well, I remember when I first heard about the group called Two Worlds Collided, and found out Jannah is one of the moderators, I was like "oh dear", and I wrote about it in this blog. I gave a detailed arrayal of what I think that group is going to be like with her as the mod. Well, it looks like I was right! I got quite a few friends there and most of them describe that group as being the same way! LOL!!! One of them describe it as being one big bitchfest after another. I should have warned all my friends to stay away from that group! One of the biggest drama queens on Facebook runs that group! I was saying I am so glad I'm not a Paula Yates fan! But I also added that even if I was, I would NOT join Two Worlds Collided!!

I've always been a good judge of character. Always!! I knew the outcome of that group run by Jannah even before my friends told me. Because I know the kind of person Jannah is. I've dealt with people like her before. She reminds me a lot of DonnaG's little "army". And I used to hear about them all the time! I knew for sure Donna was telling people not to have anything to do with anyone who disagreed with her, especially after I joined this one forum in 2006 that was devoted to JD and INXS that was called "Hardstar: INXS". One of the mods there, who called herself Metallison, was a Timmy fan, and we were getting along fine. That is until I posted some pics of me and Donna in LA, and she told me what a wonderful person Donna was, and how she'd met her in Atlantic City. I told her Donna and I are not friends anymore. After that, this woman never spoke to me again. She went silent, and I attributed it to Donna, or one of her cronies, telling this woman not to have anything to do with me anymore because I don't like DonnaG.

I suspected that was what happened behind the scenes then. And then when I later heard some other friends describing much the same kind of incidents happening to them after a fling with DonnaG, I was positive that was what was going on. The stories they described to me were exactly like my story, and there was no way they could know about my story at the time they told me about it because I hadn't told anyone yet. I wasn't 100% sure then.

Well, now Maria is accusing me of calling Paula a whore, and I asked her when I ever called Paula that on her group? It's been months if I ever have. So far, she hasn't given me a straight answer. She also said that I bitch at people on the group who do like Paula, and I asked her to tell me when I ever did that? She still has not answered me. I'll tell you why she hasn't answered me, because she can't find anything. I call Paula a whore on here, not in her group. But this is MY blog, and I'll put what I want on it! She can't stop me from doing that. And I have NEVER EVER gotten angry at anyone who likes Paula. EVER!!! I've never even gotten mad at anyone on there who may not like Timmy. That's just not how I operate. That's what kids do, not someone in her 40s. Maria was so adamant that I answer her question, now I want her to answer mine.

********************************************EDIT TO ADD******************************************

Well, Maria and Rubia flew the coup and unfriended me. Oh well! No big deal! LOL! I think I was also kicked out of the MH & His Life fan page. Well, I'm not disappointed about that either. But it does prove that Maria can NOT handle people with opposing opinions. My first thought when I saw they had gone was to Maria, "Hey, you deadbeat!! Aren't you going to answer my questions??" LOL!! Like my ma said, people like that have no business being in my life. The MH & His Life fan page was fun in the beginning, when I first started going in there, but then all these damn Yatesfags started coming in and taking over, and they all get angry at the slightest little thing. So to both Maria and Rubia, I say if that's the way they feel, then good riddance!! Sorry, but your group just wasn't any fun anymore.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Person Inside

Ya know, I know I curse show breeders a lot. At the same time I realize how important they are to their breeds and preservation of the breeds. I also cannot forget the lessons I learned as I was dealing with show breeders. My experiences with them made me look at the world in a different manner. Most of them, not good! Show breeders taught me all about the dark side of humanity. Before I used to get into pet forums, I must have had on a pair of rose-colored glasses. I thought there was always good in most people. I thought pet people were the best people. I thought conversing with adults would be totally different than conversing with teenagers like the ones I knew in school. Well, there was this group of show breeders who pointed out how I used to get so outrageously angry at little things. I actually agreed with that statement, and it did help me change. These days, it takes a LOT to make me angry. I'm no longer that person that used to flip out at the slightest things. Some show breeders pointed that out, and I was able to look at that and change my attitude. It took a while, but I think I managed quite well.

Well, that was one good thing they did. You all now know I started my group to admire Timmy and Michael. Well, already I have begun to run into some problems. I thought this would happen. I invited a lot of my friends (though I haven't gotten around to inviting every one yet), most have stayed on the group, but some have quit. Well, I don't want to force people to stay. I'm not out to do that. Though it would be nice to have all my friends there, if they don't want to stay, then they don't want to stay. I'm not going to twist their arms. That is not why I created that group. But I think I might know why some of them did leave. In the group, I showcase a lot of pics of Michael and Timmy, for everyone to drool over. I do also post some pics of other band members for those who like all the guys. I do discuss their songs and lyrics a little bit, but not much admittedly. But the group is there for us to share pics, stories and lust over the guys. I remember one of my friends brought this up in another group, and that was his biggest complaint, in other groups there was little discussion about INXS's music, and more lusting over the band members. And he didn't want to hear it.

Well, that's the kind of person I am. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE INXS's music!!! Their music has always been a source of inspiration to me. But I mean, let's face it. One of INXS's biggest selling ploys was how handsome these men are!! Another of my friends mentioned someone on Instagram saying Michael was not all that handsome. I said she's got to be blind, or a lesbian or insane! No girl otherwise can look at Michael and say he's not that handsome! Well, back in 1983 and 84, he wasn't much to look at. Looked like a teenage boy then. But by around the Kick era, Michael had blossomed into quite a handsome young man!! I fell in love with him on first sight, and that's something I don't do loosely. Well, that's one of those things I also learned when I was dealing with show breeders all those years. Look at the person first, THEN look at the persona. That also applies to INXS. Unfortunately, it was looking at the persona instead of the person first that was not good when dealing with show breeders. Because most of the time, they were sucky people. Not all of them, but most of them were. I have met some show breeders (admittedly not many) who treated people like equals, were willing to help, didn't look down on those who haven't been breeding/showing as long as they have, and knew how to mind their own business.

Now, show breeders like those in the dirty dozen mob, who gripe when their privacy has been invaded but turn around and spill all kinds of private info about other people, I don't trust them as far as I can throw them! Most of them don't use their real names, and won't tell you if you ask them. Most good, decent breeders will gladly share their real names with potential customers. Or, I always called them "clients". But one thing I learned when dealing with show breeders back in those years, is don't look at a person's persona first!! Look at the person. Show breeders may hate to admit it, but they are people too. Shoot! Even I hate admitting that!! LOL! Some wannabe show breeders will look at them as show breeding deities, and will suck their dicks or lick their clit. I don't do that. I'd rather stand aside first and watch them to see if they are truly good people. THEN I will look at them as accomplished show breeders. And I'll tell you, that used to drive the other show breeders absolutely CRAZY!!!!!!! LOL!

For example, this one show breeder who started it all with me, who called herself Bischi, or Bischis. Back then, I wanted to do right by breeding chihuahuas, and was perfectly willing to listen to those more experienced. Apparently Bischi had many show-stopping chihuahuas. But there was one problem with her, she sucked as a person! She was hateful, spiteful, a liar, cruel, a hypocrite, everything bad that a show breeder is as a person! Yet because she was such a top-name show breeder, everyone else thought I needed to kiss her ass and lick her clit in the midst of her acting like an asshole and totally ignore her bad points. Well, that's not how I operate. I often hear that you can tell how good a person is by how they treat animals. Well, that is true, to an extent! But it doesn't stop there. There's a lot to be said about how you treat people who have done you no harm, and never intended to do you any harm. I never did anything to harm Bischi, in fact, I was willing to even make friends with her at one time. But she ruined it with her lies and deceiving, and hypocritical ways. Now, I realize people are naturally hypocrites, but show breeders claim to hate hypocrites (I never met one that didn't say that) but then they turn around and abuse the privilege themselves!! Especially those like Bischi! She thought nothing about slamming my personal info all around, but when I asked what her name was, she hesitated to tell me. Her real name is Barbara. I think I may even know what her last name is, even though she wouldn't tell me that at all. It's OK. I am almost 99% positive I am right.

Well, anyways that is why I am the way I am. I see Michael Hutchence and Tim Farriss as people first, with feelings, ambitions, personalities of their own, and a soul. Well, Michael has none of that now, as he's moved on to the next world. But Timmy is still here, and Michael did have all that when he was here. The fact that INXS makes awesome music is just like the icing on the cake. But I think I would have loved Michael and Timmy even if they were not such talented musicians. While I do love their musical side, they were people before they were musicians too. So that is how I see them.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Singing "I Told You So"

HA!! This is a pip! Bob Geldof was going to try and put on some concerts, but it looks like now that's going to flop because he had to cancel 3 gigs already because he wasn't selling any tickets. Karma at it's finest!! Bob Geldof has been having some pretty bad luck lately. His ex-wife dies on him, then his daughter, and now, the big goon can't even sell tickets to a concert to save his life! I've mentioned it on here before, you can't piss off a man like Michael and get away with it!! Now Geldof has the curse of Michael on his back! And it's only going to get worse unless he makes good with Michael's family and the remaining members of INXS. All they ask is that they get to see Lily. Not difficult is it? So allow Michael's sis and the remaining band members to see her, and maybe things will start working out for Geldof again. What goes around, comes around! And Geldof has treated Michael's family terribly! After killing Michael too!! So, hahaha!! I said this would happen and it did! Shame-Shame-Shame on you Bob Geldof!! You'd better shape up or be prepared to ship out!!

I still can't stand Bob Geldof!! I don't even like capitalizing his name! LOL! That's how much I can't stand him! He killed my Michael! That is an unforgivable sin to me. I could have had Michael, and he could have been happier. Maybe. Well! You never know!! At least he wouldn't have inherited Paula's problems if he'd gotten together with me. But I know it could never really happen. Like I said before, rock stars NEVER marry fans!! EVER! It just doesn't happen.

Well, I may be getting a pet soon. I won't say what kind or where I am getting it from, as I am not quite sure yet. But I am tired of living all alone with no companionship of some kind! So my Facebook friends recommended I save up to get my own pet. So, I am trying to do that, long and hard!! I'll just get the bare essentials for the next few months. By the time I am done with those few months, I should have quite enough to get the pet I want. Having the dogs back here just made me realize how lonely I was. So I decided it's time for me to save up for another pet. I don't care what it takes! I don't care if I have to do completely without for the next few months! I just want a pet to love, play with and cuddle. So, it's time for me to save earnestly.

I have a name all lined up and I have an idea of the video I want to make when the pet does arrive. I promised my friends I would make a video of the pet I get. Me, dancing with it to INXS music! hehehe! That would be cute!! My sis is going to help me. But that's all I can say for right now.