Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Freebie Day on UMG!

Well, I've discussed it with my supervisor, we're going to have a free ebook day on UMG Productions' website. It's going to begin at 7 AM on Sept. 20, and end at 7 PM. This is Pacific standard time. I've been thinking about this for some time. I wanted to offer some things for free. Now, this does not include everything. Some books will not be offered for free. My supervisor only wants to allow a select few for free. But those that will be free are going to have this big, red button on their entry for one day:

When the sale is on, all a patron has to do is click this button, and they will be able to download the full version of the ebook. This sale is only going on for one single day. After 7PM that day, everything will be back to normal. There will be exceptions. No books with adult content will be available for free. Nor will any non-fiction books. My supervisor put her foot down on that. Because it is likely kids will be getting into the site that day and downloading. So, we don't want kids to get their hands on any adult material. Also, this only applies to ebooks. This does not apply to printed books. Those will still be available, but they will cost the customer. Later on, if I can get my supervisor to agree, we will offer those at a reduced price, but we cannot offer them for free. It costs us money to print them. But this free ebook day is great for a start.

Hopefully, this will encourage people to comment on these books, thus advertise. We will see. I am also going to post this on Google groups if I can. That is IF Google Groups is still going on!

In other news, I got a scanner, but I am still trying to figure out how to use the dang thing!! So far, the results I've gotten from it are unfavorable! It scans awful SLOW!! And I usually scan in 400 dpi, this scanner does not have that setting. It has a setting of 300 dpi which you can't see anything on, and then jumps right up to 600 dpi, which is fricken SLOW!! Takes 2 minutes to scan one picture on 600 dpi's. I did the Dynamic Dogs today, which is only 8 pictures. But some of the bigger stories will take all day to scan until I can figure something out! I'm pretty good at this BS. I think I can figure out something.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Duck Is A Duck

Yesterday I got into an altercation with one of my Facebook buddies. Her cat needs to go to a vet, and she was asking for money to help save it. Incidentally, she is also the person who has been asking her friends to help her buy cat food for her cats, some strays and these 2 litters of kittens she's taken in. I admire her for wanting to do the right thing, but she's got to learn when to say no. When she cannot afford to buy food for her own cats, and doesn't have enough money to take her own cats to the vet, she's trying to do too much. Well, yesterday with her, all I had to do was mention getting rid of those strays and she turned like a rattlesnake! LOL! Well, she just had one cat die of cancer a couple days ago, and now another one is sick, that belongs to her mother, who is disabled. She says it has had no contact with the strays at all. Well, she sent me a PM about that, and also commented on her own post, and deleted my comment, which all it basically said for her to be wary of those strays she insists on feeding. They may be carrying diseases into her yard.

I also still say she should call Animal Control to come out there and take all those strays away! I know she wants to help them. But she gives too much and the strays do nothing in return. I feel bad for this woman, I really do. I am sorry her own cat died on her a few days ago. But the money she is spending feeding those damn strays, she could use to help her own cats. That's my concern. But I am not this woman's family, I really have no right whatsoever telling her to do anything. I just tell her how I feel. Much as I like her though, I feel like deleting her from my facebook. Well, she turned on me, deleted my comment, saying that it was unwarranted. She ended it saying "I know you don't like any other cats other than Siamese, but would you leave your negative comments to yourself" I just told her "That's fine. I still stand by what I said!" What I said was not negative, and it has NOTHING to do with me only liking Siamese cats! I call a spade a spade. I sugar-coat it for friends, but I still call a spade a spade! If she hadn't been my friend, I would have told her she is irresponsible and should not own any cats at all if she has to ask other people to buy food and vet care for them. Sugar-coating doesn't always work, believe me!! But I do it for the sake of softening the blow for friends. But I still tell it like it is! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck! And if I were going solely on the fact I only like Siamese, I would have never donated to her vet bill! I would have said "This cat doesn't even deserve to live, it's not even a Siamese!" But no, that has nothing at all to do with what I said to her. She never even thanked me for making a donation. Then she accused me of calling her sick cat a stray, which I NEVER did!! I just told her to be careful of those strays she feeds because they could be carrying diseases into her yard.

I try to help my friends as much as I can, and I like to hope they would be grateful for it. But I am not going to sit by and watch someone who can't even afford the few pet cats they have in their home spend their money to feed some sick strays, 2 litters of kittens, and then become a cat-collector. I've said it on here before, cats are not meant to live in groups of 20. And should not be left to suffer just because their owner wants to collect cats. I would love to have a houseful of pets! But I know I cannot afford it, so I don't get so many I cannot take care of it. And I don't feed strays when I know I cannot afford it either. I only have one TINY dog, because I know that's all I can afford. I had 2, but I gave Minnie to my sis, and believe me, it has helped the both of us! I could not afford Minnie, in case something happened to her, and my sis needs a companion. Now, I only have Vegas, and much as I'd love more, I cannot get another dog. When you have to ask friends or strangers to help feed and pay for vet care, you are in trouble! I don't want that! If I cannot afford it, I don't want another pet! Although things are about to get better for me now. But I still stand by what I said! Because I meant it. I'm sorry she feels the way she does about what I said, but I felt it had to be said!

Believe me, I've lost friends before over something like this. Mcgillicutty and I were friends at one point, but she got angry because I said she was breeding poor quality Chihuahuas. Well she was! I tried to sugar-coat it, but I told her she is breeding poor quality Chihuahuas. Sugar-coating does not always work. People still don't like to be told they're doing wrong. Only strong people don't mind receiving criticism. That's why I prefer the weaker "friends" get weeded out. I speak my mind, I'm that type of person. I don't beat around the bush. I tell it like it is! Believe me, if this woman had not been my friend, I would have been a LOT more harsh on her! I can do it! But I won't. Not only do I like her, she is normally a sweet woman, but I also feel bad for her having lost a pet, and now another one is sick. I cannot even fathom that. I would post this on her facebook, but most likely she would delete it again. That's why I keep blogs! LOL! No one can delete these posts but me. No one can make me delete them either. I may do it as a favor, if someone asks politely. hehehe! Well, I believe in free speech. It's a good thing too, because I was watching a video earlier today about countries that banned the internet. Bloggers in those countries get tortured, jailed and sometimes killed if they say the wrong things! I'd have been dead long ago if I lived in one of those countries! LOL!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Like Animals Better

Have you ever heard someone say this? You've probably seen me say this over and over again on this blog. But it's true!! Measuring my experiences with humans and animals, I'd have to say my love for animals is greater than any love I feel for humans. Of course I have friends, and I do like them a lot. But knowing humans the way I do, if one of them decides to let me go, I can just as easily and quickly accept that too. In fact, throughout my history, there has only been one friend I ever had that I was in some way sad to lose. That was this girl named Jennifer, she and I went to the voc school together, and we became very good friends! We were friends to the point even we were exchanging Christmas cards and gifts. That is how close we had become. That is why I say losing her was probably the only time I ever mourned losing a friend. My sis and I were not that close when we were kids. So, I became closer to Jennifer than I was to my own sis at one time. I never understood why she cut off the friendship like she did. I have my theories, but am not definitely sure.

Now, I could have let that bring me down to a state of absolute depression, and just not want to make another friend again as long as I live, but I'm so glad I didn't. What doesn't kill you definitely makes you stronger. But this is just the beginning of why I don't like people very much. People judge. Animals don't. At least they don't judge us. I often wonder though how many animals say "I don't like others of my own kind because they judge me. I like people better because they don't judge me" hmmm. Like dolphins are intelligent enough, I wonder if they judge one another and sometimes don't like another dolphin of the same species because that individual is not up to that dolphin's standards. Am I the only one that has thought of this? Maybe animals do judge us. We just don't know it because we cannot speak their language.

I know there are some animals that just don't like humans. I don't think cats are people-lovers, no matter what cat fanciers say. They only love those people because they feed them. Bears don't like people. If we disturb a bear, they would maul us to death! Most wild animals don't like people because we hunt them, or have taken away their land. For some reason, animals always associate us with bad news. They see us as a threat, or as dinner. Some people don't like me at all either. My guess is they probably see me as a threat too. I am multi-talented. I can do almost anything I set my mind to. I can completely destroy a person if I want to, but I don't ever want to. Because I believe in live and let-live. If someone leaves me alone, I will leave them alone. The only reason I haven't left the dirty dozen mob alone is because they have not yet learned to leave me alone. But hey! That's OK. Every encounter they set up I've learned has made me a stronger person. MUCH stronger than them! Even stronger than I expected myself to be! They can't even handle the fact that someone doesn't like them. I say, so what?! If someone doesn't like me. So, bring it on! Do your worst!

So, who has been the most judgmental people I've ever met? By far, it has also been the people I've known to be the biggest hypocrites on the planet; pet people. How ironic! I cannot say show breeders, because some of the pet people I've met that were the absolute most judgmental have not been breeders at all. They were mostly rescue workers. I remember before I moved to Bozeman, and I was a regular on the Craigslist pet forum, me and this girl who called herself LuvsMyChis got into a scuffle. She even accused me of being a breeder. I haven't bred anything since Vegas, I would not call myself a breeder, and I gave that business up after Vegas was born. I was even proud of the way I carried myself in that argument. I remained completely calm, while she totally lost it! LOL! She was the one who got all irrational and called me names. I could have called her names back, but I chose to keep my maturity in tact. That pisses immature people off more than anything!! LOL!

Anyways, can you taste the irony in that?? The people who hate other people the most, probably because they've been judged by other people, tend to be the ones to judge others themselves, and the loudest at that. Not to mention, they are the most closed-minded. I was labeled a "breeder" by someone who did not even know me at all. I don't know if she knew at that time I had a hatred for show breeders. By the time I stopped going in there, I'm sure everybody knew, because I made it perfectly clear. I stopped going in there after I moved to Bozeman because I wanted to use that time for other things. Not going into a forum and watching people tear each other apart. Sometimes I lurk in there, but it's very rare. I just go in there to see sometimes if they are still tearing each other apart. Then I leave, because yes they do still tear each other apart in there. I haven't commented since just after I moved to Bozeman, it was enough! I did not want to get drawn back into days-long battles with them again. Apparently the dirty dozen mob had taken over there too, not sure though. But I did get a surge of views from there (thank you!) to this blog, especially the post I made where I discuss the battle I had that one day. But that was a good thing! Of course I did not see what they said about it there, I had better things to do. But if any of it was important, and I doubt any of it was, they would have posted a comment on that post.

I've learned in my years of being on the internet, that most things cannot be taken seriously. Lots of people do take things that way, but I've learned to take things said over the internet with a grain of salt. Some things I take seriously, like when this guy said that panthers would make a better pet than a dog. Well, I've met more than one panther fanatic in my life, who did think panthers make good pets, better pets than dogs. So I know that person believed what he was spewing! That wasn't the first time I heard some dumb panther fanatic say that! I like animals but I have my limits. I don't like spiders, they terrify me. I don't like panthers, they disgust me. I don't like people. Some animals I have a moderate distaste for, but I cannot say I dislike them. I'm not too crazy about koalas. Other people are, but I don't share their fascination for them. My favorite marsupials are kangaroos. Koalas do nothing but sleep. Kangaroos are more exciting! I don't hate or dislike koalas, I just don't care for them as much as I do kangaroos. Or kitty cats. Of course I can't stand gray tabby cats, because I've seen them so often I get disgusted by them. Its like when a person has a favorite food. They can eat it so much they start to get sick of it. That's me with gray tabby cats. I prefer dogs, but if a cat is in someone else's house I would pet it and play with it if it wanted to play. Unless it's a gray tabby. Then I just wouldn't have anything at all to do with it.

Even among dogs I have my limits. I can't stand labs, golden retrievers or mongrels. I like poodles, but I don't want them near me. I'm not too crazy about big dogs, because they are notorious butt-sniffers. I like smaller dogs, with shorter noses, like Chihuahuas. I've never known a Chihuahua that was a butt-sniffer. At least not the ones that don't resemble the Taco Bell dog! Or Pekingese, I've never known one of those that was a butt-sniffer too. Minnie was a butt-sniffer when I first got her, but I quickly cured her of that! She never did it again!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Stereotyping and Human Nature

I don't care who you are, or how many times you tell people you never stereotype anyone, EVERYONE stereotypes!!! It's human nature to do so. We cannot help it. It's a survival mechanism. We try to deny it, or cover it up, but everyone does stereotype in one way or another. Some people deny it by calling it something else, or they stereotype a person that no one else will defend. But everyone does stereotype. It's a sad commentary to our warped human ways. But believe it or not, it has helped us survive, whereas humans should have went extinct long ago. Human instincts are weak, compared to other animals. So, we basically survived by stereotyping. After all, our instincts didn't always tell us that a predator was on the hunt for food or if it's just strolling by. So we stereotyped, based on previous experience with that predator. Or if we saw a snake, and didn't know if it was a harmless snake or not, we would stereotype it because a venomous snake will kill with one bite.

I've mentioned this on this blog before, but I tend to also stereotype. I was watching a segment of a program this morning that one of my Facebook buddies posted, and it showed a woman who judges people by their names. Kids pick up a lot of things from their parents. They tend to imitate them. The child's names are a reflection of the kind of parents they have. Usually there is something in a name. I tend to hate the name Kristin, because everyone I've ever met by that name was hostile, bad-tempered and rude. So, I have a tendency to stereotype people by that name as having the same personality. I am not saying that maybe there aren't some nice people out there by the name Kristin. I'm just saying I have never met them. Usually when I see someone by that name commenting on a post I commented on on Facebook, I don't even read their comment because I know it's not going to be a friendly comment. And that is nothing personal against that person, it just comes from YEARS of bad experiences with different individuals with the same name that I have met that have all been unfriendly people.

Same goes for the name Kim. Now, I've met numerous people throughout my life by the name Kim, most have been good people. Only one has been not so good that I can think of. The one bad one though that I know is not going to ruin my image of those that I've met by that name that I liked. But if I were to meet more people named Kim, that were the same as the bad one I know, it would start to make me a little more suspicious of people with that name. But not as suspicious as I would be of a person named Kristin.

This woman even went so far as to say she would never let her kids become friends with someone named Tyler or Chardonnay. She doesn't like kids with these weird names like what celebrities give their children, and she just doesn't like people with the name Tyler. Probably for the same reason I don't like people with the name Kristin. She got a lot of backlash on that show, let me tell you!! LOL! But I think if I had kids, I would rather let them make friends with someone with a "weird celebrity name" than with someone whose name is so uncreative. Well, maybe a boy named John would be OK. Most people I've ever met named John (or Jon) were rather sweet, kind and gentle. In fact I can only offhand think of one boy I've ever met named John that was an asshole. That was when I was in middle school, and he had a sister named Jennifer, who I was friends with. I did not see John again in high school, but I did see his sister. She was in my English class my junior year.

Well that John was an ass. He'd make fun of people who were different from himself. He always made fun of me because he was 6 feet tall and I was only 5 feet tall, and a little chunky. I remember his sister was fat. Much fatter than I was. I asked her if he made fun of her a lot and she said yes. Yep, he was definitely an ass! But most boys I've met by the name John were decent. When I was growing up, it was usually boys named Paul I had the most trouble with. That is until I got to the voc school. But they were grown men there. I was still in high school, and most grown men will not give a high school kid any trouble. That was mainly why I liked going there. Though there was a group of men, some of them old enough to be my grandfather, who were jerks and assholes. But I only had to deal with them whenever I went into the cafeteria, they were not in my class. I don't know any of their names at all, but I did see some of them again after I graduated.

I also tend to stereotype teenagers. I try not to be hostile with them, but I know what teenagers are like, and they can be a regal pain in the ass!!! One of the reasons I never did want to have kids. I didn't want to deal with teenagers. Usually I leave teenagers alone, because well, they're just teenagers! They're big kids trying to identify themselves. On YouTube, there have been times I wanted to slap some teenagers, like that one I came across last Friday, Chim Chomp. Yes, I did want to slap him! LOL! But at the same time, I also realized he's just a kid. A teenager. Being a teenager. Most likely his attitude is not his parent's fault. That's just how teenagers are. But if I were taking an elevator and there was nothing but teenagers in that elevator, I'd cut out and take the stairs instead!! I do not want to get mixed up with teenagers. I have almost no teenage friends, don't want any either, I just don't want to get mixed up with them. There are exceptions to everything though. But I don't totally rely on them. I have one friend on Facebook, a woman who says her BFF is a girl, and I saw this girl's pic, and she is a teenager!! This woman has a teenage daughter, and she says her BFF is another teenager! At my age, I could never do that! I could never become BFFs with a teenager!! I'm not even comfortable making friends with someone who is in their early 20s. Well, that's Patti and Chris's fault. Long story. LOL!

Well, I do tend to stereotype teenagers because I've seen far too many teenagers that would beat up older people and kill animals. Not saying they all do that, just saying I've seen it too many times. At my age, I've seen everything more than once. I once saw on a TV show, a teenager who knocked down an older man. In the show, the man's wife mentioned it isn't natural to knock down an old man. Morally, it's wrong. But nature-wise, that's as natural as it gets! The young always overpower the elderly, every chance they get. Humans these days are so crammed with morals we've forgotten about our natural human instincts. That's why I didn't beat the living crap out of Patti, when I lived with her. Because I've been taught all my life to respect my elders. They're supposed to know better. Well, whomever made up that morale never met Patti. I think even Dr. Freud would have wanted to smack her after a while of getting to know her! LOL!

Patti is another name of people I've had the most trouble with. And usually only if it is spelled with an "I" at the end. Not if their name ends with a "Y", or if they call themselves Pat or Patricia. But I've met 2 people named Patti, in that exact spelling, and had problems with both of them! The first one I met was a woman I worked for. She was Japanese, and ran her household accordingly. Now, before you all go on about "what has her being Japanese got to do with anything" and all that BS, I am coming to that. I have NOTHING against Japanese people at all. I realize their culture is different from ours, and I think they are some of the most beautiful people in the world. But I am not used to their customs because I am not from a Japanese household. But Patti was, and they are very hard-working people and immaculate housekeepers. That's one reason I was not able to work there anymore, because I am not that immaculate. I can do basic housecleaning, but I am not one of those that takes a white glove and goes over every picture frame looking to see if it's clean. Patti was. She told me herself that is how the Japanese live. They don't even allow you to wear shoes in the house, it's against their beliefs.

I did learn a lot from her, I will say! I still don't wear shoes inside the house! LOL! Well, it makes sense! Look at all the things your shoes walk on outside. People smoke cigarettes and plop them on the ground. Animals go to the bathroom outside, including birds, and rats, and their droppings can be dangerous. Rat urine can contain leptospirosis, and bird droppings are known to carry a fungus that if it gets in your lungs, can cause them to fill with fluid and kill someone. A person wouldn't want that in their house on their carpets!! People also spit on the ground and you don't know what that person has!! They may have that Spanish flu, or tuberculosis for all you know! You don't want to get that on your carpet in your home either! So that's why I have this thing against wearing shoes that I wear outside, inside the house. That's what I learned from that woman named Patti. So at least some good came of my time with her. The other Patti, that I tried being a roommate with, she taught me nothing! She was just evil! Well, I guess I cannot say that. She did teach me what I don't want to see in a future roommate. She also has made me more cautious of people I choose to live with. Because I don't want another one like her in my life!

Well, that's the nature of stereotyping. Its a part of who we are as humans. Now, bigots I don't like. But they are very different than people who just stereotype. I admit, I do stereotype, but I don't hate on everybody just because I stereotype them. Stereotyping someone is just a way of staying on the alert. Bigotry is something totally different! That's when someone just hates a certain group of people, and they act all hostile to that group of people just because they don't like them. I may not like women or girls named Kristin, but I would never be hostile with them. I just stay away from them, and hope they'd do the same with me. And I am open-minded. Bigots are usually closed-minded, but I am open-minded. If I ever meet someone named Kristin, and that person is nice, I won't hold their name against them. But so far in my life, I have never met anyone by that name that was nice. It's just so easy, when you meet so many people with either the same name, or race, religion, or creed, who act the same way, whether it's friendly or not, it's easy to stereotype them. We may not want to do it, or we may try to deny it, but as humans, it's part of our nature to put labels on other people and stereotype them. We've been doing it for thousands of years, it's hard-wired into our brains. We may fight it off for a while, but it's typical human nature to stereotype.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Conspiracies And Toilet Talk

Do you think the government is really out to get us? I've heard some very scary things about the government lately. The biggest thing is the 9/11 conspiracy, everyone seems to believe the government bombed the Twin Towers on purpose. I just don't understand that! Why would the government deliberately bomb a building full of innocent men, women and children? I was actually on the fence about that theory until I found out Patti was in favor of blaming the government for that disaster, and Patti is a fucking lunatic! So, if it's something Patti believes in, it has to be phony! Or something that only a dumbass would believe! The only reason I was once on the fence about that belief was because of a documentary I saw, a few ideals did make some sense and put some doubt in my mind, like the thing about metal in the building not melting in spite of the heat. But then again, I know the world is not all black and white. That would make me look like those damn radical vegans if I thought that! No, there is probably a better reason the metal in the building did not melt. There could be thousands of reasons the metal did not melt! But if it's things like that that puts doubt in a person's mind as to whether the planes crashing into the WTC was real or not, then a person like that is to be pitied, because they are only looking at a small part of the bigger picture.

As an artist and a perfectionist, I have learned to see the world in the bigger picture. Still the question always lingered that if that was really concocted by the government, why kill thousands of innocent people??? Another fact the documentary pointed out was that George Bush did not look at all surprised when he got the news that the Twin Towers had been bombed. I saw the video of him after he had received the news, and he may not have looked surprised. But he did have a look on his face that was like "oh no!" But conspiracy theorists did not catch that. My guess is they are not as good at reading facial expressions as I am. I've spent my life learning to read facial expressions, and reading the tone in peoples' voices. I can tell if someone doesn't like me, probably before they know it! I wasn't great at it when I was a little kid, but my predictions about things like that now are almost impeccable. And I could tell George Bush did not know that airplane was going to crash into the WTC. And he did NOT plan it!

I don't know, maybe they expected Bush to be surprised. Everybody reacts to tragedy in different ways. Maybe Bush's initial reaction was shock. Maybe that's normal for him. My initial reaction when I heard my grandma passed away was pretty much the same. I was in shock. I did not hold my hands to the sides of my face, bug out my eyeballs and hang my mouth wide open, like Kevin from Home Alone became famous for. I did not laugh, or smile. I didn't get an angry look on my face. My expression was much like Bush's was when he got the news the WTC had been attacked. Plus you have to remember George Bush was in a classroom with a bunch of little kids. I'm sure he felt he had to keep it together for their sake. He didn't want to alarm the children over what was happening in New York.

I know what the Obama supporters are probably thinking. They're thinking "If Obama had been present at the time, you would have said he didn't look surprised either" which would have likely led to the notion that I would believe then that Obama was responsible. I admit I do not like Obama at all. But even if he had been president at the time of the 9/11 attacks, I would still not believe he did it. Because I just do not believe that it was an inside job! I admit a lot of questions have been put in my mind about why such and such happened, but the one question I always go back to is why would the US government want to kill thousands of innocent civilians? And in such a horrible way? People who believe everything bad that happens in this country is the work of the government make me sick! Now, I've even heard the Sandy Hook shooting was an inside government job. Also, people think the Boston Marathon bombing was also an inside job. Gimme a break!!! That's why these people piss me off who think that! Seems there is nothing that can happen in this country that the government isn't responsible for, including bad things. Is this because of the warmongers that say things like this that now everybody believes it?

I am beginning not to like this country at all. Too many people like Patti, who are gullible, fascist dumbasses and socialist bullies! Two very great reasons I am so glad I am no longer living with her. And I only had to suffer for 4 days. For that, I am grateful to GOD. Donna is better than Patti by a longshot!! There aren't any words in the English language to describe how much better Donna is than Patti!! Hitler would have been a better roommate than Patti! But then again I don't know, the way she acted I'd swear Patti was the reincarnation of Hitler! LOL! I won't say sometimes Donna doesn't have her moments, but she is nowhere NEAR as bad as Patti!! Not even close to being near as bad! Well, things could have been worse with Patti. I could still be living there! LOL! Of course I wouldn't have. If she'd have kept up her bullshit, I'd have ran away eventually. I couldn't live with a person like her for long.

Now, I am beginning to believe her asking me to move in with her was something of a conspiracy. So many things while I was there pointed to it being a conspiracy. Who could have perpetrated it, I don't know for sure. It might have been the dirty dozen mob. They did mention Patti on this complaint they posted about me on the Complaints Board. Whether they actually talked to her or not, I don't know. Even if they did talk to her, they'd believe everything she says because she does not know them, and does not hate them yet. And no doubt she told them a lot of lies about me. Well, some things she was honest with my ma about. I did overflow the toilet there. But that was probably Patti's fault too. I think I was poisoned while I was there. But I am thinking Patti probably told her brother and maybe my ma that I flushed a feminine napkin down the toilet. She told me she thought I had. And Patti was one of those very unfortunate types of people that once she gets an idea in her head, no matter what proof is brought up against it, it stays there! No reason for it, no proof to back it up, just Patti's own warped belief system.

I don't know why everyone thinks just because the toilet overflows that a woman flushes a feminine napkin in the toilet. I've overflowed a lot of toilets in my day (sounding a little too much like Undertakerfreak1127 here) but I never once even thought about flushing down a feminine napkin! I never even heard of that. I asked Donna about that once and she said you used to could do that. LONG ago! But as long as I have gone through cycling, I've always heard if you flush them, it'll clog the toilet. So I never did it. My problem that night was I got sick, and I was puking out both ends. Part of it was semi-solid, the other part was runny. And bleeding, but I won't get into that! LOL! But anyways, just what I did in that toilet alone that night made it's water level higher than usual. But it was the semi-solid stuff that was having trouble flushing down. There was too much of it. It was the consistency of hard ice cream, but not over-all solid. That was why the toilet clogged that night. But Patti just continued to believe I flushed a feminine napkin down the toilet, and there is very little doubt in my mind that is what she told her brother and my ma. I thank GOD Donna is not like that!!

I was watching a couple of videos someone posted up about how to handle bullies, and I was remembering Patti, who so far has been the last person to bully me. But I have been bullied by other kids my entire life. When I was in kindergarten and first grade, I usually fought back. But by the time I was in third grade, I guess I got tired of fighting my own battles, so I let other kids do it for me. I was lazy! LOL! There had been times I wanted to fight back! Believe me! One kid I'd had trouble with since the third grade was a boy named Paul. He was the kid with the deformed head (NOT the one who was my boyfriend), yet he used to call me ugly. Not saying he was wrong, just saying he was no better looking than I was. It was obvious he said that only to make himself feel better. Maybe his stepfather told him every day he was ugly. So Paul took that out on me because I was too kind-hearted to tell him off. I remember one day, I was walking through the gym room in high school. I was a sophomore, and Paul was a junior. Well, Paul was walking behind me, and he was shouting obscenities at me, calling me names, saying things to the effect of "hey baby, wanna fuck?" Well, I reached the exit door before Paul did, and when I got out the door, I stood back and waited!

I knew Paul would eventually come out that door, and when he did, I was going to KILL him!! I was ready to! I was going to grab him by the throat, throw him to the ground and punch him in the face until my arm got tired. I was so mad, I wasn't even thinking straight! I'd had to endure all kinds of abuse from this fool since third grade, and I was ready for a show-down. I had literally reached my limit with him at that moment. I never did anything to Paul. I always left him alone. He was always the one who would come up to me just to harass me. Well, this day I had HAD it!! I was ready to kill him. I waited for him behind that door, and I had my hands tightly clenched in fists, my teeth were burning, I was literally hot in the head, I was ready for him. When the door opened, I said to Paul, as my teeth were still grinding (yes, I was that mad) "You want to fuck with me? Let's do it!" I was looking at him straight in the eyes. But Paul started whining, pleading for his life, saying things to the effect of "Nah, I would never say anything bad about you! You're my friend!" I told him I am NOT his friend, and don't insult me like that! He proceeded to tell me he was talking about another little boy that was there in the gym. I said "You were calling a boy baby asking him if he wants to fuck?!" Paul couldn't get me to believe that in a million rosaries!! But I believe Paul knew I was there to kill him. Somehow though he had the grace of GOD on his shoulders, because I somehow got talked out of beating the living piss out of him. He told me he wanted me to draw him a picture of a unicorn. I told him it would cost him $20. So he told me he would bring the money to me the next day. I guess that's why I let him live.

Well, I never did see that $20. Not that I ever expected to. But that's OK. I never drew the picture either! LOL! I'll tell you one thing, after that day, Paul never bothered me again. But I was going to do that without thinking. This guy on the video, he was talking about a bully he knew in school who, while he was in gym class jogging, the bully pushed him from behind, knocking him down to the floor. So he got back up and pushed the bully down to the floor. He did it without thinking. It was not premeditated or anything, he just temporarily lost his mind. Bullies tend to do that, push their victims to their limit and beyond. The bully looked at him as if he was surprised. Well, when you think about getting even with a bully, it does things to you. When you do it without thinking, it surprises the bully. The guy on this video said that bully never bothered him again after that. So, that was good! But he added he never would have done anything if he'd just stood there and thought about it. I remember that third night I had with Patti, after I had been sicker than a dog all day long, and she trapped me in the kitchen, would not let me go back into my bedroom, I wanted to punch her smug little grin off her face. The only thing stopping me from doing that was #1, she was a lot older than me, and #2, what would my ma and stepfather say if I was kicked out of that house because of that?

That's what happens when you try to think about how to handle a bully. But my biggest consolation for that night was that I was not the first one who probably ever wanted to punch Patti in the face. She told me her ex-husband was a beater too. Well, after that night with Patti in the kitchen, I finally understood why he beat her!! I'm not a violent person, and I almost beat her up too! I came within millimeters of telling Patti "Ya know, I am not an angry or violent person, but right now, you are beginning to really piss me off!! You've been non-stop bitching at me all fucking day! So if I were you, and didn't want to get hurt really bad, I'd march my ass right back up those stairs to my bedroom and leave me alone!" But again, morality stopped me from saying that. Bummer!! Damn morality!! LOL! That would have pretty much been the same scenario as I had back in high school with Paul. It takes a lot to piss me off really, and I do not like fighting, but when I am pissed, watch out!! I become Tsunami Timmyfan!! Especially if I am not thinking straight. hehehe!

Friday, August 22, 2014

How Will He Respond? Or Will He?

LOL! I know I've said before that I am not going to give people on YouTube more attention than they deserve. But this made me giggle today. I had a little bit of a confrontation with a guy on YouTube who calls himself Chim Chomp, and he has a picture of a dog on his profile. So, I was assuming he's a dog lover. It started with someone who calls herself KittyKat 1890, and she's seriously a cat-fag. This video was one about cat friends vs. dog friends. So, people naturally are in the comments section arguing about which is better. Personally, I know both have good points and bad points. My view is which pet is worth it?  Anyways, KittyKat's response got everyone riled up:

Cats Are The Best If They Bite You It Dosent Hurt If They Scrawl You It Kind Hurts But For like a Min!!! IF A DOG BITES YOU YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE HOSIPTAL 😭 you have to walk dogs... you dont with cats you need to play and throw slobbery balls to dogs just get a ztring for a cat!!! See cats are soo much better And My Cat Saved Me 😘 i Was Being Chased By This Mut And i Tryed To Kick Him Snd He Almost Bit My Leg Then My Cat Prounced On Him And He Ran Away So dogs are very stupid because i was walking down the road on my phone walking to my Own Housez

I figured out, this just had to be a joke!! I think KittyKat saw that video that went viral too much, where the cat saved a toddler from a dog attack. Frankly, I don't believe the cat did that for the toddler. The cat probably just didn't like dogs and attacked the dog out of a personal vendetta. Cats are very vindictive animals! LOL! But KittyKat cannot be this dumb!! She said cats don't hurt when they bite. Ummm, Yes they do!! Unless you are used to it, like I was when I had cats. Not to mention cats carry diseases in their mouths that can seriously infect humans. They've even been known to carry the flesh-eating virus. One of many reasons I don't own a cat!

Well, then someone named "Sugar Glider" spews that dogs are retarded, and that really riled up Chim Chomp. His response was:

Like cats can evan do that cats are lazy some dogs or most of them protect there owner .dogs want to do stuff they don't want to be lazy. Oh ya sure dog r " stupid" hah if try and to play with a cat this claws will sink into your skin and go to the hospital. Dog don't evan bite that hard. Plus dogs r more classy u don't see cat show or competing cats no u c dogs more active doing all the cool stuff. Dogs are cuter then cats

Obviously he is a teenager. My apologies to my readers for the bad spelling errors of his. This post sounds like he is on the side of dogs. But in all fairness, there are cat shows. But he is right when he says dogs don't bite as hard as cats, and this has been proven. That's why I said KittyKat's got to be joking, or trolling. I decided to let Chim Chomp know that I believe KittyKat is joking around with him and everybody else:

+Chim Chomp Gotta be a joke!! No one who actually knows cats can be that dumb!!

I don't think KittyKat is that dumb!! She may know some about cats, I don't know. Well, Chim Chomp's response to me led me to believe he just may be a cat-fag disguised as a dog-lover:

+Dee Timmyfan fat tard . Thinking ur all cool but this is the real world. Every one has there own opinion's

LOL! I'm not so sure what this being the real world has to do with KittyKat joking around, unless Chim Chomp just has no sense of humor. But anyways, I thought maybe I did not make my comment perfectly clear to him. So, I decided to reiterate to him:

+Chim Chomp Uhh, just in case you didn't understand, I meant  KittyKat 1890 is dumb. Not you. Anyways, thanks for watching my video! :)

Nah, if he watched my videos, he's not dumb. LOL! That's what I put them up for. Well, I was thinking IF he responds at all, he'll probably respond with more hatred. I have a couple of theories, in case anyone wants to place any bets:

1. If he responds with hatred, he's a mindless cat-fag defending his title.

2. If he doesn't respond at all, then he's a teenager, just as I suspected.

So far, he hasn't responded at all. My guess is he's a teenager. Teenagers never believe they're wrong. If he apologizes for his mistake, I'll likely die, because that's a response I don't expect. Not from someone who uses such poor spelling and grammar as Chim Chomp does! I actually once had that happen. A long time ago, right after I first signed on to YouTube, another teenager, who was a huge fan of Michael Jackson, saw my video about him after he died, and got angry at me because I am not a big fan of his. Later on he did apologize for saying such disrespectful things to me, and I accepted his apology. But he was a kid who used good grammar and spelling. Plus, he's from India! That says enough there! Kids from India are MUCH better behaved and better brought-up than kids in the USA. I've learned that over the years having friends now from India. But I don't think Chim Chomp is from India. I think he's just a typical American teenager who is into rap music. That's what his posts tell me. I'm a pretty good judge of character, I think I have it pin-pointed pretty accurately what his response will be: No response at all. But that's OK! What he says and thinks does not matter to me anyway. But I left room in case he surprises me and does respond. LOL! I don't expect anything more than a hostile response though. I'd still think he's a teenager. Teenagers usually respond with negativity.

Anyways, anyone want to place any bets about this kid's response? I'm open to bids!! hehehe!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Embarrass Me?

Yesterday I was writing back and forth to a viewer of one of my videos and this person said that people post my videos just to embarrass me. Then they subscribed to me to make me feel better. I just thanked this person for subscribing. I am appreciative of it, believe me. But I am not embarrassed of my videos. If I was embarrassed, I would never have posted the video to begin with. I am proud of each and every one of my videos. Even the ones I am doing something silly on, like my version of the cinnamon challenge. Well, it's to get laughs from people, and I guess I accomplished that task. Except in the case of my parents. LOL! But anyways, I don't care what the trolls, haters and negative people say! I'm not even curious anymore.

Those couple of years I spent totally ignoring negative posts really did me a lot of good. It was the perfect training session for me. I do not respond to negative people anymore who post comments on my videos, because I barely read the posts. I skim them quickly and that is it. Because I do not care what they say. I'm gonna do my own thing, and if they don't like it, then they won't hurt my feelings at all if they just don't watch. Simple as that. I even took down all the videos I used to have that were responses to negative people. That too was part of my training. I say I trained myself well. So please people, who want to subscribe, or who feel bad because of negative people saying negative things about me, don't feel bad for me. I'm fine! I'm still smiling, and going on, and will continue to make videos no matter what. Only death can stop me! LOL! Well, maybe not even that. But if I run out of ideas that might stop me. Until that time comes, I will still continue to make videos. If the negative people don't like it, again, that's fine! It's their tough luck because they will NEVER stop me from making videos! Saying this once and for all.

If the negative people are also posting my videos because they want to point and jeer and laugh because I am fat, well all I can say to them is enjoy it while you can! I am working on losing weight, and I am doing well on that too. Since May, when I joined the fitness center, I've lost almost 50 pounds. To the fat-hating bigots, that may not be anything, but to me it's a HUGE accomplishment!! Something that is rather hard to do when you are my age. So YAY me!! LOL! OK, gotta pat myself on the back once in a while. I haven't even had to change my diet. I don't call this a "diet". Diets don't work! I say that all the time, and I am a living testimony of that! What this is is a change of lifestyle, not a diet. I didn't change what I eat, I just changed how much I eat. I also changed how much I work out. I used to live a rather inert lifestyle. Not so much anymore. Even if I have to push myself, I work out. Last night for example, I was sore and a wee bit tired, but I took myself to the fitness center anyways, and worked out on that treadmill, and walked nearly 3 miles on it in one hour! Then after that, I took myself to Walmart and walked around some more. I no longer park close to the store like I used to. I park all the way in the back of the parking lot, so I can walk more. If it's a big parking lot, even better!! The farther away from the enterance I am, the more I like it!

This is a good thing too, because everybody likes parking close to the enterance. It's almost impossible to find a parking space up close to the store. Especially during the holiday season! Few people want to park as far away from the enterance as they can get. Now, I actively seek out the farthest parking spot from the enterance. Sometimes I do have to push myself, but I'm a good pusher on myself, so it doesn't matter to me! And yes, I still enjoy the sweets, the chocolates and donuts every once in a while. I just have it in moderation. Like, I haven't had donuts now in about 4 months. Then I only get one, maybe 2, and that's it for the next 4 to 6 months. And even then, I still manage to lose weight! I don't go to fast food places either. Well, I never did that much to begin with! I simply hate fast food! I did not get fat because of McDonalds or Burger King or any other places like that. I just love to cook! And everything went into my mouth to either test, or to finish off a little bit of leftovers in the pan. That is how I got fat, coupled with the meds I was taking, which made me lazy, so I couldn't work out. That was how I got as big as I am now. Well, now I am off the meds, so working out is a lot easier.

I was topless one day in the bathroom, and looking in the mirror, and I noticed my lovehandles are disappearing! They are not as big as they used to be! That's good too because they were starting to be painful! The weight loss is definitely working! So, if the trolls, haters and negative people want to make fun of me for being fat, go ahead! Do your worst while you still can! My day of reckoning will come soon enough.

I once saw a person, who used to comment on my videos. He actively sought out videos of fat people, just so he could spread his negativity. He commented twice on my Fat People Sucks video, about 6 months apart. He said that he always calls out fat people on the streets. He probably only does it as he is passing by them on his bicycle, which makes his butt the cowardliest of all cowards! No doubt in my mind he would not do that shit if he was standing in front of a fat person and couldn't get away. Anyways, I saw on another video he posted a comment to the person who made the video. The person announced how she has lost a lot of weight and was feeling good about herself. Well, this jerk commented saying something to the effect of "You're no better than a rapist who rapes a child and then says I'm sorry. I hate you for getting fat in the first place!" After I saw that comment, I blocked him! He's obviously nothing but a troll and a bigot. I hate bigots! So, I blocked him. I didn't ever want to see his ass ever again! Yeah, call fat people names on the streets, while you're sitting tall in your bike, passing by them like the wussy-ass bitch you are! Instead of saying it to their faces! The only reason people don't do that is because they know they will get clobbered by the person they are talking shit about. When I was leaving Bozeman, and people were pissed off at me about my blog, I was proud of myself in how I stood my ground! It proved to me I am stronger than I ever thought I was! So now, I am not afraid to say anything! And I don't shout at people from a moving vessel either!

People like that bigot don't seem to realize they are actually part of the obesity problem. Most people who binge eat do so for comfort. Everyone likes to feel comfortable. Everyone finds comfort in different ways. I find comfort in writing my stories and listening to music. Some people binge-eat. You never know who those people are who binge-eat for comfort. When they hear a bigot like this guy, calling them names when they are outside, walking and trying to lose weight, it makes them feel bad. So what do they do? They go home and eat to make themselves feel better. That's common sense! Not rocket science! Bigots should not exist at all. I hate bigots of any kind, whether they hate fat people, thin people, black people, white people, short people or tall people, etc, etc, etc. I just hate bigots!! The worst thing about bigots is they don't realize all the damage they do. Not just the person they are targeting at that moment, but it can also destroy the family life and their friends. The only thing I am bigoted against is bigots. And gray tabby cats, but that's an animal! It doesn't count! LOL! And people always excuse cats for everything anyways. People are just dumb! That's why I hate people.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

10 Things You Didn't Know About UMG Productions (Because I Never Mentioned Them)

I decided to have some fun, I've been thinking about some facts about UMG Productions that I have never mentioned online before. Though those close to us did know these facts. Anyways, I decided to compile some facts about UMG Productions that nobody knows on the internet. Maybe it'll make our company a little more interesting. But I don't know.

1. UMG Productions was called Black Panther Studios from 1979 to 1988 because the leader, Trish, has a life-sized plush black panther as a decoration in her home, which became the studio's mascot.

2. Bandit was the first character created in the studio in 1978, followed by some friends in 1980. But they were dropped in 1982, due to a popular story that came out called Creepy Day, with a bunch of ghost dogs haunting a single Pomeranian dog named Sabrina. This led to the Halloween Hall series that lasted from 1982 to 1986.

3. Martin's "gang" began in 1988, with a few characters, himself, Timothy, Lamont, and Bill. The rest were added early in 1989, these included Bucky, Mushmouth and Odel.

4. Pablo was added in 1990, and used to have a sister. Her name was Lady, and she was only used in stories 2 times. By late 1990, Lady was gone, though no story ever mentions what happened to her. She was simply dropped.

5. Bandit's real name is Trish, same as her creator. But in stories she is only referred to as "Bandit".

6. UMG Productions is basically a hobby. Not to make money from.

7. Swen arrived in 1992, and was briefly a member of Martin's "gang". But went solo in 1993, and in 1995, teamed up with Odel, who was also dropped from Martin's gang that year.

8. My best story ideas come when it is raining. For some reason, the sound of raindrops on the roof makes me think better.

9. There has been more than one character named Brad in our stories, and they are not all the same character. Same with the name Katrina.

10. Until Metazoica was created in 1994, I was never satisfied with the species of animals being used, so they constantly changed about every 4-5 months. Which is why in a story from the summer of 1989, one character looks very different than he did in a story written in December of 1989.

Well, that's 10 odd and unknown things I never mentioned about UMG Productions. If I think of more, I'll post them on here.

Bonus: Rosa's real full name is Rosalyn Mary Addington. Candi's real full name is Candice Marie Rivera. She used to be called DeeAnna. Lisa's real full name is Lisa Lynn Raphael. She used to be named Melissa.

Sketchbook Originals

Well, I recently heard from Sam. I asked him if he had anymore of my books, because these were not exactly the books I was hoping to get back. He told me he found these books at a Goodwill store in Lakewood. I was not sure whether to believe him or not. Why would Goodwill sell books like that? They are hand-written, not published books. At least, not yet! They will be when I get through with them, as there are still a couple of stories I want to have published from those books. I'll be working on them today.

The worst thing about the idea that Goodwill was selling these books is that my others may be out there somewhere, and someone else has them. When I got these books back from Sam, I noticed a lot of stories, and even several pictures, were unfinished. I have to go back through my memory bank and try to remember how I wanted these stories to finish. That's not easy! First, I have to go back to the year 1989 and think like I did back then, IF I can remember it!! Heck! Looking at the cover, I even just realized I called gay people "fags"! That was very common in the 80s though. Well, I am in for quite a task!! Better get to work!

Just thought I would touch up, as I haven't made a blog post in quite a while. But if anyone has any of these sketchbooks, let me know! If they really were sold in a Goodwill store, most likely in the Lakewood-Tacoma area. They would have dark yellow covers, and be either 11"x17" or 8.5"x11", and have weird pictures of animal faces all over the cover. That was my style back then. Send me pics, I'll pay for shipping, and let you know where to send it to.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dumb Shit Vegans Say

You all know how much I can't stand vegans. I do have friends who are vegans, but once they accepted me as their friend, they accepted the fact there is no converting me to veganism. Not gonna happen! Well, over the years, I've heard some vegans say some pretty fucked-up shit just in an attempt to con everybody into going vegan. I thought I might compile some of the silliest things I've heard them say that are either too funny, or too stupid. This is not a personal attack on my vegan buds, this is just some quotes I've seen people on YouTube and Facebook post. Plus some of my own responses. So, here it goes:

Stupid Comment #1: "Meat-eating is the most primitive form of diet. Veganism is more advanced."

True, meat-eating is primitive. Actually they say vampirism is much more advanced than anything. But I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but veganism is MUCH more primitive than an omnivorous diet.

Stupid Comment #2: "If you go vegan, you can avoid any form of cancer, heart-disease, colds, flu, chlamydia, ebola, etc"

WRONG!!! Vegans are just as susceptible to all those diseases. The ones who get it are just closed-mouthed about it because of other vegan Nazis that will torment them if they ever spread the truth.

Stupid Comment #3: "Vegans are more empathetic than meat-eaters"

WRONG AGAIN!!! Some of the worst people I've ever met were vegans. They think it's OK to threaten, tease, harass, and scorn anyone who does not want to go vegan. Not to mention it is vegans who bomb schools that are not vegan, or medical labs that experiment on animals. I've never seen anyone who is not vegan do any of this kind of crap for the sake of a dietary choice!!

Stupid Comment #4: "Humans are more closely related to bonobos, which are strictly vegetarian apes"

Yes, we are related to bonobos and chimps. But the notion that bonobos are strict vegetarians is definitely WRONG!! I've been studying animals all my life, and there is no indication that bonobos are less omnivores than regular chimpanzees. The only strictly vegetarian apes are gorillas, and we are not that close in relation to gorillas.

Stupid Comment #5: "If you're not vegan, then you don't like animals!"

HAHAHA!! This one always makes me laugh!! Just because I don't think cows, pigs and chickens have the same rights as humans have (which is what the vegans want), does not mean I don't like animals in general. Now the fur thing I would have to admit is too far-fetched for me. But I eat meat because I like it. Not because I hate those animals. I just don't think they need to have the same rights as humans have. They are PREY ANIMALS. When we decide we want to eat them, they have no rights.

Stupid Comment #6: "How can you love and care for your dogs/cats, and feel so sad when they die, but you don't feel sad when eating meat?"

Simple. Like I said, they are PREY ANIMALS. They have high reproductive rates, which means they were intended for predators to eat. My dogs are not prey, they are family. They are friends. They have whatever rights I want them to have.

Stupid Comment #7: "Cows, pigs and chickens are sentient creatures that just want to live".

A wussy statement. They are not as sentient as humans are. They don't mourn the loss of herd members. They don't mourn the loss of their young. They don't have hopes and dreams for the future. They are prey animals living day to day with very basic emotions, if any at all. I don't deny they want to live, but they have no "rights" to live like humans do. They have yet to fight for it themselves.

Stupid Comment #8: "You don't have the claws and teeth that other carnivorous animals have so you are not intended to eat meat."

I never did understand this argument. I never said I was a pure carnivore! Humans are naturally omnivores, more like foxes and raccoons. I never, in all my years arguing with vegans, said humans are 100% carnivores like cats or killer whales. Look at omnivorous primates, like baboons. They also don't have claws. But they still manage to catch prey. Look at chimps, they don't have claws either, or the teeth carnivores have. They are still able to eat meat. Catch my drift?

Stupid Comment #9: "You have to use guns and spears to catch prey, so you are not meant to eat meat."

Yes, we do use guns and spears to catch prey. So what??!! Guns and spears are to us, what razor-sharp claws and 3-inch fangs are to a lion. It's our weaponry. The only reason lions did not come up with guns and spears to hunt prey is because they were too stupid. So nature gave them built-in weapons to compensate for their lack of brains.

Stupid Comment #10: "If you were meant to eat meat, I want to see you catch your own prey and eat everything, even the eyes and the anus."

LOL! If you want to see me capture prey, I'll do it! I'm from the South bro! I've done it before. But even predators have their preferred meat. Only the scavengers eat ALL the prey, like the eyes and anus. I prefer breast meat. Some people like darker meat, like the hind legs. But I stick to breast meat.

Stupid Comment #11: "Since you like drinking milk, how about if I rape your mother and kill your baby so you will know how a calf feels."

This is why vegans get threatened by normal people. Because they threaten to rape someone's family member and kill their children just because they drink milk. Then they constantly cry "Well meat-eaters have threatened me before!" Well, this is why! They put the dignity of a prey animal over the dignity of a human. It is totally unnatural for any creature to do that! Even more unnatural than one mammal drinking the milk of another mammal. Yes, I have even seen adult animals of one species drink milk from another species before!

Stupid Comment #12: "Vegans live longer than meat-eaters."

WRONG AGAIN!!! My great-great aunt lived to be 102, and ate meat for every meal. My grandma never ate meat until she was in her 50s, and she almost died when she turned 50 because of it.

Yes, believe me when I say I have heard all these sentences before come from vegans! Stupid and messed-up as they sound. Really, they don't know it, but they are no better than the Westboro Baptist Church saying everyone who does not practice their religion is going to hell. They use scare-tactics to get their word across, and they rarely do it for the health benefits. They do it only to save some prey animals' butts.

Friday, August 15, 2014

More Stories Coming Soon!

Well, I dug through my pile of books that I now keep in my van (until I can move out and get a place of my own) and brought out every single book that I still have that I wrote in the past. There was one I was looking for, but never found. It's the one that has the original Celina and the Tyrannosaur from 1993. I figure I may need it. But I also found it in a review from 2000, and I guess that will come in handy. That should be good enough, as long as it is dated before 2006. My biggest fear is that 20th Century Fox will see that story and say that it was ripped off from their movie, A Night At the Museum. When I first saw the movie in 2006, there is a scene with a friendly tyrannosaur skeleton that wants to play ball. Much like Rex in the story with Celina. That was the one part of the movie that made me smile, because it reminded me so much of the story that was written for UMG Productions. But unfortunately I don't have the original anymore. I threw a lot of books away when I moved to Port Angeles, and didn't have enough room for them in that trailer. That sadly must have been among the books I threw away. But I have a piece of it in a review from 2000. Good thing I did that!!! It even has it's release date on there.

I used to do that all the time, every 5 years, I would create a review of all the stories I did in the past, starting from 1980 to the year that review came out. I used to do that! It kinda got to be a hassle. The last of those that I did was in 2000. In 2005, we decided to dispense with the typical review and just create a website to showcase the stories, and we did, and I am still working on it to this day. Poor Trish, she's spent so much to get this site up and going, and this idea I have now has been the most cost-effective. I think I'll stick with this one. No more hiring someone to try and build the site again, just stick with what we got now. It's good enough! It offers both paperback versions and ebook, whatever suits the taste of the readers! I've been working on one story for a while, and it too has the Mad Anaconda in it. Well, he also makes an appearance in a story from 1992, and in that story, his name is Andy Anaconda. So, I guess he does have a name. I just always called him the Mad Anaconda. LOL! But I also have a different character named Andy, in the story the Lemur and the Mermaid, from 1985. Though I think I am going to change it to Andrew. Andrew sounds better. And Andy makes me think of that idiot back in Bozeman. I know I didn't know him when that story was written! But still! Now, my mind has been damaged about that name. But I still love Andrew (Farriss) hehehe! So I might switch to that name instead.

I always did the stories back in the day in compilation format, that is several stories were all in the same sketchbooks. The same book that had Celina and the Tyrannosaur also had this story I am working on. This story also has the Mad Anaconda in it. LOL! His victim here is Caroline, one of the few times I used her in the 90s. It's also the last time I used the Mad Anaconda too. Because the following year, I learned to love snakes. Before, I thought of them as mindless killers who love to bite for fun. But not anymore! That changed after a long talk I had with someone who was a snake expert. I guess that's why I got the urge to work on it. Because it's his last appearance ever, and it kinda represents a turning-point in my life. I was growing up. I was also moving away from the anger I felt as a child. I dunno. Some stories written are stories, with a beginning, plot and end. Some are just purely an anecdote. Not much point to the story, just purely for entertainment. I should label these accordingly.

I feel bad for Donna, I have to sit out in the living room and work on this shit! Well, the cooler does not reach my room, so I need to sit out here in order to keep cool. Otherwise I would be working on this stuff in my room. I am learning quite a bit about Donna while sitting out here. LOL! When she gets angry, she gets PISSED!!! If Donna were as shallow as Patti was, I'd probably have been kicked out by now! But thank GOD Donna is NOT like Patti!! No, when something goes wrong, she doesn't even fully blame me. She takes responsibility herself too. Whereas Patti never took responsibility. Everything with her was always the other person's fault, and was unforgivable. Ya know something, I'd been thinking about the comparison between Donna and Patti, I kinda wonder if Patti was a set-up? Perhaps the people of the Craigslist pet forums told her to take me in and act all pleasant during the interview, and gradually become an asshole. I don't know. But either Patti was a set-up, or I was right all along and her brain is totally fucked up and she was looking for someone to bully. I wonder if she bullied her brothers, and maybe that is why they left her. I know before I moved in with her, she had lived with 2 of her brothers. She probably bullied them to a point where they said "I ain't taking this no more" and moved away from her. Then Patti looked for a younger, more naïve person, like me, to move in with her for her to bully and push around. Thank GOD Donna is altogether. She's had her kids, she's not looking to raise anymore. Patti never had kids, so she was looking for someone to take the frustrations she felt of what was probably years of people bullying her, out on. Even though I had nothing to do with her being bullied. She needs to see a shrink either ways!

Talk about someone who is damaged! LOL! Anyways, I want to close this with a very special announcement. Happy Birthday TIM FARRISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv ya man!! Hope your day is filled with as much laughter and happiness as you have given me all these years!! Tim does not have a Facebook page. I am surprised Jon does!! Jon needs to tell his oldest brother that he needs to get his butt on Facebook and create a page!!! I'd join, for sure. One of my facebook friends said though that he hates social media. Sometimes I don't blame him! That is why I never created a Timmyfan Whispers page on Facebook. Social media can be toxic!! Can you imagine the number of death threats I would receive each day? LOL! Or how much negativity would pour in? People got something to say they can comment on here. Not that I'll read it. LOL! I only read comments my sis posts, and she wouldn't be coming here anonymously. Well, maybe a Facebook page wouldn't be so bad. Someday perhaps.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Cinnamon Challenge

LOL! A couple weeks ago, I did the cinnamon challenge, which is popular on YouTube. The reactions you see in peoples' faces is supposed to be funny. So, I decided to try it, just to see if I could do it. I even posted it on Facebook so my friends could see that I am a wuss. Well, apparently one friend did not like me doing the cinnamon challenge because the next day, I went into Facebook and noticed one of my friends was gone from my list. Well, I just found out who it was. Ya know I wish Facebook would let us know these things, then I can know not to expect posts from that person again. Well, all I can say is thank GOD!! LOL! This particular friend is someone I have been trying to get rid of for quite some time. She's always complaining!! There has been more than one or two times I've nearly deleted her myself!

The first time she complained to me about something, I had posted a pic that my ma posted on her page, and it was about how real men like women with curves, and only a dog lays down with a bone. Well, this hurt this person's feelings because she told me she would kill to be able to gain some weight, but can't because she had some health issues. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so I took the picture down. If I had known she was going to end everything this way, I would have just said to her "Fuck you! How dare you tell me what I shouldn't post on my wall! You're not my friend anymore! Delete!" But then because she had some health issues that would have made me look like an insensitive ogre. I didn't want that. I always like to think I'll always be there for my friends. But from that day on, I got nothing but complaints and griping from her. UGH!! Like I said, I've wanted to delete her myself more than just once. Her constant complaining got old fast!!! But you all know me, I'm too kind-hearted to delete anyone. I let them make that choice. And this person just saved me the trouble, and probably more months of aggravation! I'll tell you, it's like Sara (Mcgillicutty). You do something nice for them once, and they expect they can control everything you do from there on out!! I have to learn to STOP giving in to people, and just shut their asses off! Even if I like them.

Once more, I do NOT censor myself. I say exactly what is on my mind. If someone does not like it, I'd rather they leave and not look back than to constantly complain about everything I post, or take those cartoons I post on Facebook WAY too seriously and ask me to delete, which I will never do again for anybody! Would I accept this person back on my friends list? Hell NO!! If someone cannot handle my worst, they don't deserve my best. And that was the last time I am ever letting anyone tell me what I can and cannot post on my own page! I still say I have the most awesome friends on Facebook, the strongest of the strong! And each day, the weaker gets weeded out more and more. And that's a good thing! Well, there are a few people I'd still like to get rid of, but again, I say let them make that choice. I don't want to. Most of them are people who do not communicate with me hardly at all. One used to communicate with me a lot, and even sent me  a box of chocolates once. But she and I just have totally different interests. Like, she loves INXS's latest album, and I just don't. Simple as that. Since we disagreed with each other on that, she has stopped communication. Lately I have begun to break any ties with her too, because it seems she does not want me commenting to her again. I can sense things like that! Even over the internet. I have a great knack for that. I may delete her, or I may let her delete herself (I know it will happen one way or another sooner or later).

Even my ma didn't like me doing the cinnamon challenge much. She thought it was stupid. LOL! She said I was a grown woman and know better than to do things like that. I asked her if she wanted me to give her the address she can go to to rent a sense of humor. LOL! I told her to chill, it's supposed to be FUNNY! And I added "Laugh a little!" And my father, when I spoke to him over the phone, he asked me why I would do something like that, and I replied "for laughs". LOL! It's supposed to be funny. The peoples' reaction when they put that heaping spoon of pure cinnamon in their mouths is supposed to make people who view the video laugh. And it usually does. But not my parents! Seemed to make them angry. Oh well! LOL! At least it got some laughs from youtube!

Now, I have a lot to do today. I want to get all the books I ever wrote out of the van, where I have been storing all my books. I need to bring them in here so I can look through them. I am getting rather serious about finishing UMG Productions. So, I will be working earnestly on that.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Well, on a positive note today, I did get my sketchbooks. But it wasn't exactly the reunion I was hoping for. One book is from 1988, but most of it is unusable for the site. It's so obscure, I even forgot I wrote it!! Most of it is nothing but nature/animal reviews. One story that is in it has some potential, I need to tweak it a bit, with some of Cathy's help because I think she wrote the story. But it is unfinished. So, I need to have her dig in her memory bank and see if she can remember how the story is supposed to go. It's about a young woman named Maxie (who I later changed to Misty) who is horse-riding along in a forest by a river when she almost runs over a baby sifaka. The story has potential, but like I said, it needs some tweaking, and needs to be finished. A lot of my stories depict people on horseback, especially from this era, because back then, that was my most favorite pastime. I always LOVED horseback riding!!! But did it more back then.

The other book is from 1989, and it does have the story I wanted to use. But it too needs some tweaking, and an ending. That was commonplace back then for me to begin a story, lose interest in it, and not finish it. Again, I have to dig back into my own memory bank and try to remember how I wanted that story to end. I re-wrote the story in 1994, when Mushmouth came back from a long vacation, so I might can go on that. These I will work on, first chance I get, and will put them up on the site. They should be seen! They both have quite a bit of potential! But I am afraid the rest of the stories in these books are unusable. Either they are bits and pieces of scenes, or they are too much like other stories (or TV shows) that inspired them. Though a great deal of my stories are influenced in some way by stories, or shows that were trending at the time, they are still mostly my own ideas put together. Like in some of my stories from 1995, Beavis and Butthead were a big thing with me, and in some ways, you can see the affect they had on my stories of the time. Stupidity was the key factor there. People LOVE stupidity in cartoons, stories and TV shows, so I capitalized on that.

But unfortunately, I did not get back the books from earlier in 1988. I guess Sam did not have them! :( The book that has the story of how Martin met Genny is gone forever. I guess I didn't throw them away in the same trash can and so no one rescued that story. But hey! That's OK. Trisha has a copy, and I have it on the website. But I look at these stories from long ago, and I look at my drawings today, I improved 1000%!!! I remember back in middle school, there was this boy named Jason Ellis, who was one of those kids who bullied me throughout my last year in middle school. Thank GOD he did not go to my high school!!! Anyways, I remember he always knew me as the girl who drew pictures of dogs, but did not do them very well in his eyes. Some people loved my drawings, but he did not. Not at all! LOL! One day I was doodling on my notebook, and Jason came up to me and said "You're still drawing those dogs! God they don't look so good!" Well, he was entitled to his opinion, so I just didn't say anything. But I always wondered why, if he did not like my drawings, did he even bother to look. But hey! That's a person's right. But looking back on these drawings I did in 1988 and 89, I can actually see what Jason meant!! LOL! My drawings were crappy! Even I think so now, looking at these. But I will keep them anyways. They are a piece of UMG history.

I was thinking back to my turning point in my drawing, and remembering how I got better over the years. I think I got better when I got away from drawing mammals, and turned to drawing other things, like birds, and even dinosaurs. Then came the animals of the future. That was my big turning point. These are animals that do not exist today, so no one can look at them and say "this animal is not supposed to look like this" or something to that effect. These are animals I created, so they can look any way I want them to look! And really, each year even that changes as I learn more about evolution. I don't know, Sam might even have those books, but perhaps he just doesn't want to let them go. They were better creations. I might ask him that, but I don't know. I don't think he'll answer, he probably just wants to get rid of me now. LOL!

Well, on a bad note, my sis needs help. She called me this morning crying, and not feeling too good. She was thinking about Odessa again, and one of her best friends in the building has moved out. I know how she feels! I've lost friends before too. I hope she is able to still contact her through Facebook. But I remember growing up and either having good friends move away, or us move away from them. I never got over this one move we made and I lost my Brownie and Girl Scout troup friends. Only to move to a rotten neighborhood with rotten kids who sucked donkey balls!! The worst thing about that is that is where I had to go to middle school and high school at, so from 3rd grade to high school, I was miserable!! But now, my sis's best buddy in that building has moved out, and it makes her all the more sad. And I am not there to help her in person. As for Odessa, that is something that I cannot help. She just needs more time to get used to the fact she is not there anymore. But I know how that feels too. I had a hard time learning to cope after I lost Groucho. It takes a while.

I remembered dogs I've lost in the past, and the one that came to mind was Hutchess. I was so pensive after I lost her to parvo, it was 5 years before I could even say her name. Before that time, I mostly just referred to her as "that dog I had that died of parvo", or I would just not talk about her. But that's how bad I was. Pretty much the same after I lost Groucho. I had a pic of Groucho and Odessa together that I planned to use for Christmas cards in 2006, but Groucho died that year, so I could not even look at that picture anymore for a LONG time! Much less turn them into Christmas cards. My mama thinks I should not even have pets, because we get so depressed when they die on us. I told her it would be no different than if we had kids that something bad happened to. But you live, you go on, you get a new dog, and start all over again. I for one, cannot live without a pet. That's just me. They become my children. Just NO cats!! LOL! I'd never be that fricken desperate for a pet!!!

Timmyfan vs. Doyledeth and the Big Bad Fox???

Well, after I got Doyledeth's opinion and another like him that gave his idea, who calls himself the Big Bad Fox??? (that's his handle, question marks and all) and I gave mine, I thought I would write some more happenings that went on after my last post. As usual, I directed them both to this blog. I always do, if I am talking about someone, I always let them know it. I want their response, if they want to give it. Well, after I gave Doyledeth my response to his initial post, I heard back from him saying something to the effect of "What the fuck are you talking about???" He got angry because I said he's been broken by society. I still believe that! That was when the Big Bad Fox??? came in and basically was trying to talk me out of saying that Doyledeth is a broken person.

Doyledeth started accusing me of being an attention seeker. I said to him "If I did come here seeking attention dude, I'm sure doing a damn good job of getting it from you now!" LOL! Then the Big Bad Fox??? asked me why I would say Doyledeth is a broken person just because he gave an opinion. I said because he seems like a person who has been lied to a lot. Well then Doyledeth came and retorted with sarcasm, he said "No shit! Oh you are so observant! Everyone has been lied to at some point in their lives" Well, yes I would say that is a good observation. I have been lied to many times before too. The difference between me and Doyledeth is that he has completely let it go to his head. To a point where it has damaged him. Doyledeth thought he made me angry, and then said that instead of me making him angry, I made him laugh. Then he said thanks for the chuckles. I said to him "Who's angry? Not me." I said something to the effect of "If I were angry as you say I am, don't you think I would have said something to the effect of fuck you by now?" Katrina would have said it long ago. LOL! But no, I couldn't be angry with this guy. I told him if anything I am laughing at him as much as, if not more than, he is laughing at me, because he is trying (I think too hard) to piss me off. But that is not my style. I don't get angry at people for having their own opinion, like he was accusing me of. I reminded him that I was the one who said first in this conversation that he is entitled to his beliefs.

I am not mad at Doyledeth or the Big Bad Fox??? But now I understand why John never goes around and discusses his celebrity friends from his past. Because of ass-clowns like these. Well, I should not say that, as I don't know if they are ass-clowns. LOL! I did not even try to convince these two that I was telling the truth. In fact, I only mentioned that my stepfather is an old friend of Robin Williams once or twice. I didn't mention it again simply because I didn't feel the need to. I had my say. If they didn't believe it, that's fine. Like I said, I'd have thought the same thing if I were in their shoes. But someday I might ask ma if I can borrow John's scrapbook and scan those pics of him with Robin Williams. They were from the late 60s or early 70s, well before Mork and Mindy. I'm not out to change anyone's opinion. I just state what I know, and that's it. But today, I decided it'd be fun to have a little fun with these people. My last message was from the Big Bad Fox??? But I didn't read it. I didn't because I did not want to carry on that conversation with them all day. I had better ways to spend my afternoon. Besides, I ran out of things to say, and I was not going to keep repeating myself to them. No sense in it!

John was once a big country music station DJ in the early 70s in San Diego. He met a lot of people through that. Some big-name buddies he had (and still has) is Kenny Rogers, the Judds, Dolly Parton, and he has letters and pics of these people in his scrapbook. It's not a far cry that he is also friends with Robin Williams. But the reason he doesn't go around talking about them is because obviously people like Doyledeth and the Big Bad Fox??? It's just hard for anyone to believe that celebrities can have friends that are just average people. But I am sure a lot of them do. John being the best example I can think of. He's also met Adam Ant, and didn't like him. He's also met Chubby Checker and Andy Warhol. John does NOT like Adam Ant! LOL! I told him I only like a few of his songs, one from 1983 and one from 1990. He doesn't sing too bad, but when I heard that he only likes fans of his that are pretty, I stopped any deep interest in him before it started.

Well, I got my Batman clock today, but when I tried it to see if it runs, I found that the movement is crappy. LOL! Oh well, it's only a standard clock motor that you can get at a craft store, I might could fix it myself. Tomorrow, I should get my sketchbooks. So this is what Sam needed the $20 for! LOL! Well, at least I will be getting it. I cannot wait to see them again! Copies are fine, but nothing beats the real thing. I thought though for sure there were 3 books. But I only saw 2 in the picture Sam sent me. I could have just been mistaken. Anyways, I will find out tomorrow, they are on their way, and supposed to reach here tomorrow. I just cannot wait to see them! It'd be so neat just to have my full collection of sketchbooks back from the past. Even the far-distant past. There is one story I am trying to remember that I would just love to put on the site. It's like the Discouraged Lemur part 2. I remember the beginning of it, and it would not be in any of these sketchbooks coming. It's a story that Katie started but I don't remember if she ever finished it before she died. I helped her write it though. Unfortunately the little black sketchbook that one would have been in was thrown away a LONG time ago!! I remember the beginning, bits and pieces of it anyways. But I don't remember if it was ever finished. I remember Tony the tyrant lemur being captured and taken to the circus in the USA. But he wants to get back home to his master and the sheep farm. And I remember a sympathetic rat who aims to help him, and a small group of penguins, who are akin to the 3 Stooges, who help them as well. That's all I remember. I've been trying to remember the rest.