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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

Well, I cannot say he was one of my most favorite actors, but he was a very funny man. So, this is indeed a sad loss. Recently, I learned about him doing a video with a youtuber whose name was Ray William Johnson. And Undertakerfreak was PISSED!!!!! He clobbered his own bedroom wall when he found out!! He thought appearing in a video with a youtuber would make him lose credibility. I told him to relax. RWJ probably paid Robin Williams big to appear in his video. He could afford to. He was the first YouTube made millionaire. But anyways, this is a big loss in comedy, all the greats are dying off.

I remember back in 1990, before ma and John were married, my ma told me that John and Robin Williams used to be neighbors, and friends, before Williams became famous, back in the late 60s and early 70s. John even has pictures of himself with Robin Williams when they were both younger. Of course John is a lot older than Robin Williams. Well, the problem with that is, if you tell people things like that, they tend to not believe you. I mentioned it a couple of times, and already I got one person, who calls himself Doyledeth, who said he calls bullshit! LOL! Well, I really cannot blame him. It's hard to believe celebs can have friends who are just average people. Though John was once a very big DJ in San Diego once. That was where they met. But I personally would think that if I were going to make something like that up, I would have said I knew the man myself, but I never met him. Or, I might have used the name of an actor that I thought was far more attractive than Robin Williams! LOL! This was the message from Doyledeth that I woke up to:

"Yup, you and 100s of other people claiming to either know him themselves or a family member knew him or some BS like that. Or your stepdad just lied about it."
And yes I did 1+ his comment. LOL! Well, since I understand how he feels, I could not get angry at him. So, my response was not too long-winded and sweet:
"+Doyledeth Well dude, that's your opinion. Frankly I cannot say I have proof, just pictures of the two of them together and letters they wrote back and forth to each other for years after my mom and stepfather married. But personally I'd think if someone were going to make something like that up, I'd have said I was a friend of his myself. But I personally have never met the guy. But hey! That's OK. Obviously you have been damaged by society, and I don't blame you. You'll likely respond with a retort you learned from someone else who has damaged you. I know people like you, so I understand. It's A-OK! You are entitled to your own beliefs. :)"
If he does respond, and I am sure he will, I know what he's going to say, he's going to say "that is complete and utter BULLSHIT!!!" or something to that affect. I don't know him, but I know his type. He's no different than the delusional mods, who I dealt with for years and kinda got used to their ways. See, I wish to GOD I could be Tim Farriss' friend, but I am not! I never claimed to be. We've met, and I like him a lot. And he seemed OK with me. But I cannot consider us friends. We didn't exchange phone numbers, or email addresses, or home addresses, you know all those things that friends do. So, if I were going to claim to be friends with any celebrity, it would be Timmy. Not Robin Williams. He and my stepfather just happened to be friends a long time ago. That's all I can say. I will ask my ma tomorrow when we spend the day together if John got the news and how it made him feel.
I have friends on Facebook who are friends with famous people, more so than I am! In fact, meeting celebrities is just not my thing. It just happens to me. I think GOD is on my side, but I have too good of luck with celebs. Every time I go to Hollywood (the 2 or 3 times I've been there) I always meet someone famous. Last time, I was taking a pic of my Groucho and they happened to be doing a movie shoot around us. That's what doesn't show up in those photos! Since I saw a full-on camera crew, I'm sure there were actors and actresses around me, but I don't keep up with modern celebs, so I wouldn't know that person even if they spat on me! LOL!! But I know it was a professional camera crew, their cameras were like those you see in big movie studios. Not like the ones you find in any store. But I do not actively go out and meet celebrities like some of my friends do. I am too people-shy for that. And I am always afraid I will meet someone I love and they won't like me. Or they will snub me like Kirk did.
I tell you all, I used to LOVE Kirk! He was right up there with Timmy as being one of my most favorite band members of INXS. But almost every time I met him, he was not very friendly to me. He was not mean or hostile, and didn't call me names or anything. It was more like I wasn't good enough for his attention. I said hello to him, and he did not say hello back. Not even so much as a smile. I've seen rock stars before who only give any attention to their prettiest fans, that's one reason I don't like Adam Ant, and I guess Kirk did not think I was pretty enough to say hello to. It hurt me, and hurt me badly. So that is why I have this special shyness about meeting famous people, and do not actively go out and do that. Because I've always been scared to death of something like that happening with a celeb I always loved. It ruined my affinity for Kirk. I am no longer a fan of his. I cannot help it either.
But I understand where this guy Doyledeth is coming from, I'm not sure I would be able to believe it myself if someone said something like that at a time like this, on the day Robin Williams died. Yesterday I heard from Sam again, and he said it was 94 in Tacoma. I told him that's a big switch! It was 69 here in Reno when I responded to him. I could not prove that either, and it may have been hard for him to believe too. Most people who think of Reno think of a place that gets up to over 90 degrees every day in summer. All Sam had to go on was my word, and the only proof I had was the gray skies and my roommate's thermometer outside. I could not show that to Sam at that moment. So if he wouldn't have believed me, I would have fully understood, because I may have not believed it either unless I'd seen it with my own eyes. It's the same exact principle. So, if Doyledeth's objective was to piss me off, sorry but he did not succeed. And I know he is still going to retort to repeating that my initial comment about my stepfather and Robin Williams being old friends from the past is bullshit. But hey! I'm fine with that. I still say, RIP Robin Williams, and blessings to his family.
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