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Friday, August 1, 2014

Cats vs. Panthers

I was thumbing through my posts on Facebook and one of my buddies posted a link to an article that spoke of a child who got his hand bitten off by a tiger that his father took him over the barriers at the zoo to pet. UGH!! Did this father not see that coming?? A tiger is not a pet! It's not something that a person can just reach out and touch without thinking! It's a fucking tiger!! Not a spectacle in a petting zoo!! People piss me off! And this man, as stupid as he is, should never have had a child!!

This is why I hate seeing tv shows and commercials that put panthers in the same light as cats, and why I totally refuse to call panthers "big cats" like everybody else! Because they are not simply "big cats". They are mindless killers and vicious murderers! Never will anyone ever hear or see me calling tigers, lions or leopards "cats"! You put panthers in the same light as cats, people tend to think they are nothing but giant house cats and they're NOT! I  remember on my page on Encyclopedia Dramatica, someone wrote that they said to me that a panther would make a much better pet than a Chihuahua. They said it was a "lulzy conversation". And I said "No, it wasn't a 'lulzy conversation'. That's something you actually believe!" All panther fanatics think panthers will make better pets than dogs. Not true!! Like I said, they are not simply giant house cats! But to those people, I say go ahead and keep some kind of panther in your home! See how that results! I guarantee you, someone will be raking up your dead body parts off your carpet after a year! Then ask a Chihuahua owner if they have any fingers missing because of their Chihuahua.

I hate such movies as The Lion King, first of all for using the word lion and king in the same sentence. Lions are NOT the king of beasts! Any more than I am the queen of the World. But second of all for the way it glorifies lions, making people believe that lions are innocent and harmless animals. Let me tell you the ugly truth about lions; in severe drought, or when the herds have moved away and they no longer have any prey to hunt, males and females will kill their own cubs for food. That's something not portrayed in the Lion King! Lions are often seen killing hyenas, but you notice they never eat them, which means they do not always kill for food, but for fun too. Does that sound nobile? Not to me. Sounds like a bully to me! Usually when you see lions at a kill surrounded by hyenas, chances are the lions stole the kill from the hyenas. But the cat fags always lie about it and say the hyenas steal the kill from the lions. Of all the panthers I hate, it is lions that I hate the absolute MOST!!! I can't stand them. Not even a little bit. I would love to take all lions, put them in some giant enclosure that they cannot escape from, and have them bombed all away. Just wipe the entire species off the face of the Earth! I love it when I see lions getting killed by crocodiles. I cheer the reptiles on!

One of my buds has a child who loves lions. I think if I ever found myself with a child that says lions are her (or his) favorite animal, I'd slap that thought right out of their head!! NO child of mine will ever like lions!! I'd see to that! I'd make their experience with lions so miserable, they'd gladly say they hate them. Lions are not worthy of being loved or glorified! They should all be destroyed!

Another thing you will never hear me say is the words most people use to refer to a female lion, tiger or leopard. Nope, I never use the words "lioness" or "tigress" or "leopardess", because that's just other synonyms people use to give panthers the sound of being "royal" beasts. Like "princess" or "dutchess", or "countess". Instead I just call female panthers what they are; female lions, female tigers and female leopards. And why not? We don't call female eagles "Eagless", or female bears "bearess", or female crocodiles "crocodiless". These are animals that are better hunters than any panther. Most of them can kick any panther's ass too. So, if they don't have special names like that, why should panthers?

I was looking at some videos today on YouTube, and I saw one video of a snake that killed a leopard cub. I always get more entertainment by looking at the comments sometimes than I do watching the video. The number of people who said they would have stopped the snake from killing the leopard cub was phenomenal! Just simply unbelievable! No one would have said that if the snake killed a rat, or a rabbit, or an antelope. Only if it kills a leopard cub. And on another video, where a leopard is killed by a crocodile, people were saying it was set up. They said the filmmakers drugged the leopard. I dunno, he looked no less alert than any average leopard. Just that crocs are so good at hiding, most animals that get attacked could be right on top of them and not even see them! And this was a HUGE croc!! The leopard was about the size of the croc's head alone! So I believe that must have been a 18-20 foot long reptile! The leopard did not stand a chance at all!! Even if he was fully grown.

Yes, there are videos of panthers beating crocodilians. There is a most recent video of a jaguar hunting and killing a caiman. LOL!! Well, let me tell you about caiman and jaguars; caiman are smaller and FAR less aggressive than crocodiles! Caiman are actually not in the same family as crocodiles, they are in the same family as alligators. While alligator attacks have been reported, they are nowhere near as aggressive as crocodiles are. Had that caiman been an Orinoco crocodile, which is rare, but does exist, the chances of that jaguar winning that battle would have been slimmer. Especially if the croc had been larger than the jaguar. The only time I have ever seen any panther beat a crocodile is if it is a small one, usually under 10 feet long, including the tail. While the tail can swing and knock a man off his feet, most of the croc's power is in the head and body, and their jaws are stronger than any other animal's. But small crocodiles, like the ones I see panthers beating up, heck with that! I've even seen baboons beat up crocs that small!! And believe me, the baboon attacking the crocodile impresses me much more than the panthers! Simply because you don't expect a baboon to go after a crocodile!

That's another thing about panthers, I don't see the fascination about them. I see people commenting all the time how felines always amaze them. Well, they do NOT amaze me, in any way, shape or form! I've been studying animals all my life, and watching nature shows for as long as I can remember, the one family of animals that always fails to impress me is the felines. Lately, lions have been seen attacking elephants, even adult bulls, usually those weakened by illness. Well, guess what! Dholes also attack elephants in Asia! The reason the dholes impress me more is because they are relatively small, and have no claws on their toes like lions, and their teeth are smaller than those of a lion's. Yet the elephants panic when they see a pack of dholes approach them! Yeah, a whole group of lions can bring down a sick elephant, they're bigger than the dholes, but not bigger than the elephants. But the thing about them that takes away the impressive shock is the fact lions are more endowed than any other land carnivore. They have 3-inch fangs, and razor-sharp claws. With the right weapons, a 90-pound man could easily bring down a 250-pound man! No problem! That is why panthers don't impress me at all. They may not have the size, but they are equipped with the right weapons. So, I see a group of lions bring down an elephant, I'm then like "so what?" It does not impress me at all!