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Friday, August 22, 2014

How Will He Respond? Or Will He?

LOL! I know I've said before that I am not going to give people on YouTube more attention than they deserve. But this made me giggle today. I had a little bit of a confrontation with a guy on YouTube who calls himself Chim Chomp, and he has a picture of a dog on his profile. So, I was assuming he's a dog lover. It started with someone who calls herself KittyKat 1890, and she's seriously a cat-fag. This video was one about cat friends vs. dog friends. So, people naturally are in the comments section arguing about which is better. Personally, I know both have good points and bad points. My view is which pet is worth it?  Anyways, KittyKat's response got everyone riled up:

Cats Are The Best If They Bite You It Dosent Hurt If They Scrawl You It Kind Hurts But For like a Min!!! IF A DOG BITES YOU YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE HOSIPTAL 😭 you have to walk dogs... you dont with cats you need to play and throw slobbery balls to dogs just get a ztring for a cat!!! See cats are soo much better And My Cat Saved Me 😘 i Was Being Chased By This Mut And i Tryed To Kick Him Snd He Almost Bit My Leg Then My Cat Prounced On Him And He Ran Away So dogs are very stupid because i was walking down the road on my phone walking to my Own Housez

I figured out, this just had to be a joke!! I think KittyKat saw that video that went viral too much, where the cat saved a toddler from a dog attack. Frankly, I don't believe the cat did that for the toddler. The cat probably just didn't like dogs and attacked the dog out of a personal vendetta. Cats are very vindictive animals! LOL! But KittyKat cannot be this dumb!! She said cats don't hurt when they bite. Ummm, Yes they do!! Unless you are used to it, like I was when I had cats. Not to mention cats carry diseases in their mouths that can seriously infect humans. They've even been known to carry the flesh-eating virus. One of many reasons I don't own a cat!

Well, then someone named "Sugar Glider" spews that dogs are retarded, and that really riled up Chim Chomp. His response was:

Like cats can evan do that cats are lazy some dogs or most of them protect there owner .dogs want to do stuff they don't want to be lazy. Oh ya sure dog r " stupid" hah if try and to play with a cat this claws will sink into your skin and go to the hospital. Dog don't evan bite that hard. Plus dogs r more classy u don't see cat show or competing cats no u c dogs more active doing all the cool stuff. Dogs are cuter then cats

Obviously he is a teenager. My apologies to my readers for the bad spelling errors of his. This post sounds like he is on the side of dogs. But in all fairness, there are cat shows. But he is right when he says dogs don't bite as hard as cats, and this has been proven. That's why I said KittyKat's got to be joking, or trolling. I decided to let Chim Chomp know that I believe KittyKat is joking around with him and everybody else:

+Chim Chomp Gotta be a joke!! No one who actually knows cats can be that dumb!!

I don't think KittyKat is that dumb!! She may know some about cats, I don't know. Well, Chim Chomp's response to me led me to believe he just may be a cat-fag disguised as a dog-lover:

+Dee Timmyfan fat tard . Thinking ur all cool but this is the real world. Every one has there own opinion's

LOL! I'm not so sure what this being the real world has to do with KittyKat joking around, unless Chim Chomp just has no sense of humor. But anyways, I thought maybe I did not make my comment perfectly clear to him. So, I decided to reiterate to him:

+Chim Chomp Uhh, just in case you didn't understand, I meant  KittyKat 1890 is dumb. Not you. Anyways, thanks for watching my video! :)

Nah, if he watched my videos, he's not dumb. LOL! That's what I put them up for. Well, I was thinking IF he responds at all, he'll probably respond with more hatred. I have a couple of theories, in case anyone wants to place any bets:

1. If he responds with hatred, he's a mindless cat-fag defending his title.

2. If he doesn't respond at all, then he's a teenager, just as I suspected.

So far, he hasn't responded at all. My guess is he's a teenager. Teenagers never believe they're wrong. If he apologizes for his mistake, I'll likely die, because that's a response I don't expect. Not from someone who uses such poor spelling and grammar as Chim Chomp does! I actually once had that happen. A long time ago, right after I first signed on to YouTube, another teenager, who was a huge fan of Michael Jackson, saw my video about him after he died, and got angry at me because I am not a big fan of his. Later on he did apologize for saying such disrespectful things to me, and I accepted his apology. But he was a kid who used good grammar and spelling. Plus, he's from India! That says enough there! Kids from India are MUCH better behaved and better brought-up than kids in the USA. I've learned that over the years having friends now from India. But I don't think Chim Chomp is from India. I think he's just a typical American teenager who is into rap music. That's what his posts tell me. I'm a pretty good judge of character, I think I have it pin-pointed pretty accurately what his response will be: No response at all. But that's OK! What he says and thinks does not matter to me anyway. But I left room in case he surprises me and does respond. LOL! I don't expect anything more than a hostile response though. I'd still think he's a teenager. Teenagers usually respond with negativity.

Anyways, anyone want to place any bets about this kid's response? I'm open to bids!! hehehe!

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