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Monday, September 30, 2019

The School System Vs. Me

The schools these days are now teaching young kids all about politics. When I was a kid, I didn't want to hear anything about politics. I just wanted to be a kid. But now with Greta Thunberg going around, preaching bullshit, and will probably start speaking out in schools around the country (just wait for it) she is no doubt going to start filling other childrens' heads with nothing but nonsense about climate change. NASA even did a study that says humans are not the cause of climate change. Facebook is trying to debunk that. The problem now with Facebook's little pop-ups shouting "fake news" is that the sources they use to debunk these studies are all left-leaning sources. We all know that left-leaning sources are wrong. I always take them with a grain of salt.

Well, one meme I saw on Facebook recently talked about teaching your children about socialism vs. capitalism. I understand now kids are learning about that as early as kindergarten. And as you may have guessed, the school systems lean on the side of socialism. It's sad! Kids are learning socialism is good and capitalism is bad. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Or even cats to dogs. Cats are like socialists. Dogs are like capitalists. I thought up an interesting scenario with hypothetical kids of my own to teach children what socialism vs. capitalism is really like.

Let's imagine I am a mother, and I have 2 boys. Let's call them Todd and Alan. Todd is 6 years old, and Alan is 4. Alan is not even in school yet. Todd is in 1st grade, and his teacher is teaching him all about socialism and how "wonderful" it is. I am angry at the school and I call them up and tell them not to fill my child's head with that garbage about socialism being "wonderful"! They refuse to stop teaching about socialism. I threaten to sue them. They laugh at the idea. Meanwhile, Todd is listening in. He wonders why I am so angry about the teacher teaching him about socialism. I tell Todd that socialism is not as good as people will lead him to believe. He asks me why, because the teacher in school made it sound all wonderful. I assure him it's not and I try to explain why. Todd loves dogs (I teach my kids well) and I told him dogs are like capitalists. You give a dog love, and it will give back to you, and work for you, and keep you protected. Socialism is like cats. You give to them, and they just keep taking and taking and give little to nothing back. Todd still doesn't understand, so I devise a plan...

Me: OK Todd. We're going to do a little exercise. Tomorrow, all day long, you are going to live in a socialist society and see exactly what socialism is like. Then the next day, all day long, you will live in a capitalist society and see exactly what capitalism is like. Todd will be the American citizen, while Alan is an illegal immigrant in this country.

Todd agrees to do the exercise. He anticipates the next day will be fun, and the day after will be difficult. We shall see. So, the next day Todd wakes up and expects an easy day because it is his socialist day.

Me: Hello Todd. Today is your first day in a socialist society. First thing I want you to do, I want you to clean your room, thoroughly. That includes making your bed and straightening your drawers. For that, I will give you $1.

Todd is excited at the prospect of having a dollar of his own to spend. So he cleans his room, puts everything away, makes his bed, straightens the drawers. When he is finished he comes to me.

Todd: All done mom.

I go in and look and I hand Todd a nice, shiny DIME. Then I turn to Alan and hand him 90 cents.

Todd: I thought I was going to get a dollar?

Me: Yes I know, but this is socialism. You have to pay high taxes in socialism. So, you only get a dime.

Todd: Then how come Alan gets 90 cents?

Me: Because he is an illegal immigrant who needs the money. Again, that's socialism.

Todd: That's not fair!

Me: I know Todd. But that's socialism.

I turn to Alan.

Me: Alan, how would you like to move into Todd's room for the day. You can do whatever you want to in there.

Alan: Yes mom!

Me: Go ahead and have fun!

Alan goes into Todd's room that he just finished cleaning, and messes up, jumps on the bed, getting the blankets wrinkled, throws toys everywhere, messes up the drawers, does all that nasty stuff.

Todd: Mom! You let Alan move in my room and now he's messing everything up!

Me: I know, but he's an illegal immigrant who needs a place to live and has no money to get a place of his own.

Todd: But why my room?

Me: That's socialism!

Lunch time rolls around. I give Alan a hot dog with chips, soda and a dessert. Todd only gets bread and water.

Todd: How come Alan gets a hot dog and all that stuff and I only get bread and water?

Me: Because Alan is an illegal immigrant on food stamps. Your 90 cents paid for his lunch. You only get bread and water because that's all you can afford.

Todd: That's not fair!

Me: I know. But that's socialism.

I ask Todd to clean out the lunch dishes and wipe down the dinette. I promise him a dollar for his efforts. So, he takes the dirty dishes from all of us, and puts them in the dishwasher. Then gets a wipe and cleans the table and chairs. Then he comes to me, and I hand him a nice, shiny dime again. I turn to Alan and hand him 90 cents.

Todd: You said I could get a dollar. What happened?

Me: Again, that's socialism. You only get a small portion of what you earned. Alan is an illegal immigrant who needs the money. So, he got 90 cents.

Todd: I hate this!

Me: I know. But that's socialism.

Todd is getting frustrated. He starts to tear up. But I can't help him, I am the hard-hearted socialist government who only cares about illegal immigrants and "diversity".

Dinner rolls around and I give Alan a plate full of his favorite food; spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread. Todd gets only plain white bread and water.

Todd: I only get bread and water for dinner? Why?

Me: Because that's socialism. You only get what the government allows you to get.

By this time, I am sure a lot of people reading this feels bad for poor Todd. This is an important lesson for kids to learn because this is what the schools are teaching them is "wonderful". It's not good! It's not "wonderful". It's stealing! It's bad! It's not an economy anyone should want to live in.

So, let's now switch to capitalism. The next day, Todd will be living in a capitalist society. So, he gets to learn what capitalism is. Todd wakes up and, as par his school taught him, he expects a hard day. Which he may have, but it will be a lot more rewarding.

Me: Hello Todd. Today is your capitalist day. So, I want you to clean your room, just like you did yesterday. I will pay you $1.

Todd cleans his room, expecting to get a dime like he got yesterday. He finishes and comes to me. I give him 90 cents. Todd's face lights up.

Todd: You gave me only 90 cents.

Me: Yes, because the government always takes out taxes. But you have 90 cents to do whatever you want to with.

I allow Todd to open up a lemonade stand for the day, as that is what capitalism does. It allows people to run their own business. So, Todd sets up his stand and makes some lemonade and stands out on the corner to sell it. He manages to make $60 in one morning.

Me: You did great Todd. Now, give me $6 of that money, because the government needs the funds too, and the rest is yours to keep.

Lunch time comes around. I serve Todd and Alan both the same meal of hot dogs, chips, soda, and a slice of apple.

Todd: We got the same thing for lunch.

Me: Yes you did because you earned it. You can afford it. That's capitalism.

I ask Todd to hire Alan to help him with the lemonade stand for the afternoon. He does. They both work and manage to make $50 that afternoon. At the end of the day, they worked hard.

Me: You guys did great. Now, give me $5 of your income and pay your brother $20 for helping out. That is all your money to keep.

Todd: We made almost $100 today!

Me: Yes you did.

Bed time rolls around. I am in the room with Todd.

Me: OK Todd, you earned a lot today. Now, you are ready to retire. So, all that money I made you give me in taxes, I am going to let you have back.

Todd: But why mom?

Me: Because that is capitalism. You work hard all your life, give to the government, and you get it all back in return.

Now, I am not suggesting parents do this with their kids. The meals part would be rather tricky to do without getting yourself arrested for child neglect. But that is the agenda today's leftists are trying to push on us. They want America to become a socialist country. So, any time you think socialism is a good thing, think of images like these...

Sunday, September 29, 2019

I Got Better

Well, I found out today that Karen Boegli did not delete my mom from her friends. I guess that's a blessing. But now why is she keeping my mom and she deleted and blocked my sis? That's kinda puzzling. I figured she was going to delete me, but why my sis? I was kinda thinking about that since ma told me she is still friends with her. The thing is, I don't think Karen ever really decided she likes my sis. She barely liked us when we first moved to Bozeman. The only reason I clung to her like I did was because she told me she once lived in Everett. I never lived there, but I do know the town. That kinda made her more familiar to me. So, I started thinking of her as a figure from home. That's why I took to her like I did. But honestly, I don't think Karen ever really liked my sis. Sadly enough. That's why, even though my sis did nothing to her, she still deleted her from her friends when she deleted me.

The reason Karen didn't like my sis is probably because my sis was always fighting with Andy. Andy would call her names or say something in reference to her weight (he did that with me too), and my sis would always yell at him, or respond in some way. I kept trying to tell her to just ignore him! Believe me, ignoring Andy drives him absolutely BONKERS!!! He HATES that!! He hates it a lot more than yelling names back at him. So, I tried to get my sis to stop calling him names back, and she just wouldn't do it. I always ignored him. I didn't listen when he would call me names. And he HATED that! It drove him up the wall! LOL! My sis needs to really learn to ignore dumbass people. But she doesn't! She always thinks she's accomplishing something by calling a heckler names back. She's not. She's just making herself look bad. The best thing you can do is just ignore them. I know I do. And they hate it!! Do not respond in ANY way. Don't even look at them. Just pretend like they're not even there.

Well anyways, my sis said most of the people back at that complex in Bozeman noticed Karen hadn't been the same since Brutus and Misty died, and I really cannot blame her for that. I was the same way after I lost Groucho. And I did lash out at people after that. I was also the same way after I lost my father, and I lashed out at people then too. I even lost people I thought were friends because of that. Not the first time, really. It also happened the same way after I lost my grandma back in 2001. I lost people I thought were friends then too. So, now that I've cooled down a bit, I do hope Karen comes around again and gets back to her old self. However, that may not ever happen.

After I lost my dad, and was rejected by people I called friends, I decided to get myself a puppy. My sis helped me a lot in that too. I needed that puppy! That was when Mya came into the scene. And I must tell you, Mya did wonders for me!!!! After she finally came here, I was happy again. I was smiling all the time, I began to become friendly with people again (slowly) although I am careful now with whom I am friendly with. I wasn't crying anymore or depressed. It was like the whole debacle with my dad dying and the INXS buds abandoning me, never happened. In fact, with Mya in my arms, it was like all those former feelings and thoughts just disappeared. I'll still never forgive those INXS buds for what they did! Far as I'm concerned, they all can go suck a diseased cock and die! I don't care. But they will never bring me down like that again. In fact, I have a plan that when my mom dies, I'm quitting Facebook forever. Or at least until I can get off that emotional rollercoaster.

Well, Karen lost both her dogs, she brings a dumb cat into her life, and she is STILL miserable!!! LOL! It's funny! I think this is proof that dogs make people more friendly and loving, and much happier. Karen even admitted that before she got Brutus and Misty, she was a recluse. She didn't talk to anyone. And she was a cat person then too. Now, she's got a cat again, and is still sad about losing her dogs. She never got better by getting a dumb cat. You never do. Over the years, I've always noticed it's cat people who are unfriendly. It's cat people who act crazy. It's cat people who are reclusive. It's almost never dog people.

I warned Karen before she ever got that beast that cats make people go crazy. They are Satan's toys. There is a good reason cats are not mentioned favorably in the Bible. It's because they are evil. Karen got angry with me for saying all that. But her actions this past weekend, have proven it was all true! She's never been this bad with me before. We were good friends. Or so I thought. I think it was her dumb, fat crony Karen Schuller who talked her into getting that stupid cat! Schuller thinks cats are "gifts from GOD". That is so dumb! And obviously quoted by someone who does not read the Bible, nor know GOD. I've seen how cats turn people against each other. That is what has always led me to believe they are Satan's toys. That's why liberals love them. I'd love to kick the ancient Egyptians in the face for even thinking of domesticating such an evil beast!

I remember when Karen was trying to think of a name for that beast. I wanted to suggest naming it "Armageddon". LOL!! I never suggested it, but I sure did want to. Because I knew once she got that thing, she was going to change into a person I was not going to like. In short, the end of the world on our friendship. I just didn't know when exactly, or how, it was going to occur. I just knew she was going to change. And not in a good way, either. That's what cats do to people. Once people favor an ugly, useless beast over their own kind, you know the world is coming to an end! First, the WBC said gay marriage would mark the end of the world. In a way, I could understand how. Because gay people can't breed. Already we are seeing human numbers dwindling. The second step, worshipping cats and panthers! It happened with ancient Egypt. They all died out before the birth of Christ, and it's most likely because of cat-worship. We're seeing the same thing happening now.

Stay tuned! The worst is yet to come! And don't say you weren't warned!

OMG! Am I Psychic Or What???!!!

This post I got on a group on Facebook, talks about puppymillers, backyard breeders and reputable breeders. I was just talking about this with that dumbass Karen Boegli yesterday! LMAO!! This is pretty much what I was trying to say. Well, I have to admit, some of the things mentioned on here are things I never knew before. See! We learn something new every day! I wish the ADS fags would open up their minds and learn too. I've always said they were the ones who lump all breeders into the same category. It's all their fault this ADS bullshit is spreading.

12 Things You Should Know About “Puppy Mills”

1) There is no such thing as a "puppy mill". The phrase “puppy mill” was invented by the animal rights extremists. The animal “rights” groups LIE. "Puppy mill" is not a legally defined term, it is slang invented by the “animal rights” extremists to denigrate any and all breeders -- small or large, standard or substandard. It's the "N-word" of breeders and equally insulting to use. The phrase “puppy mill” has been promoted in the media by the animal “rights” movement, people who want to end all animal ownership. It is applied indiscriminately by these fanatics to anyone who breeds dogs. They don't care how many health tests you do or how many pretty ribbons you have won - YOU are a puppymill if you breed even one litter.

2) Pet stores are required by law to only buy from USDA LICENSED breeders. USDA LICENSED PROFESSlONAL breeders are NOT “puppy mills”. There are currently only 1538 licensed professional breeders in the US. The number of licensed breeders in this country has been steadily dropping due to lies from the animal “rights” groups about the quality of purebred dogs.

3) In our modern day of instant access to information it is almost impossible for anyone to raise dogs without being under scrutiny. Those horrendous photos you see in commercials for the “Humane Society” are mostly outdated, from a foreign country or a 1 in one million exception to the care given animals by breeders everywhere. The photos are intended to shock and horrify you into giving money. Any photo can be photo shopped into looking really bad. Be skeptical. If you didn’t see it with your own eyes take it with a grain of salt.

4) You didn’t “adopt” a dog. If you paid money to a shelter it is a sale not an adoption since dogs are not children. You didn’t rescue a dog unless you ran into a burning building or jumped into a raging river. Buying a dog from a shelter is “rehoming”. Calling it a “rescue dog” makes it about showing the world what a noble person YOU are.

5) Passing laws intended to outlaw “puppy mills” will not solve any problem. Most substandard breeders are unlicensed and already in violation of existing laws and don’t care. New, stricter laws will only affect those who are already working to follow the laws. The only way to have any effect is to provide the funds and manpower to enforce the laws that are already on the books.

6) All the hobby breeders in this country cannot produce enough puppies to meet the demands of the American market. Recent changes in laws are NOT stopping substandard kennels from continuing. It is closing down reputable breeders who work very hard to produce healthy purebred puppies by making it more difficult and expensive for them to continue in their HOBBY.

7) BREEDERS are NOT responsible for the presence of dogs in shelters. "Producing" dogs due to failure to be a responsible owner and "breeding" dogs are not the same. DOG BREEDING IS NOT A CRIME. We have a problem with a lack of responsible ownership, poor shelter management and poor pet distribution. Education is the key to improvement in this area.

8) The Humane Society of the United States is a major source of the anti-breeder propaganda. HSUS owns and operates NO shelters, has NO police powers and is not part of the federal government. They are a privately owned political lobbying organization opposed to ALL breeding of animals. The ASPCA owns ONE shelter in New York City. They are animal “rights” organizations not “animal advocates”. The American Kennel Club is a REGISTRY. They have no police powers to regulate kennels. All they can do is withhold registration.

9) It has been PROVEN there is NO PET OVERPOPULATION. Since 2005 the birthrate for puppies has not been meeting the demand. Many rare breeds are declining to the point of extinction due to anti-breeder laws. According to the research done by NAIA more than ONE MILLION DOGS were imported by shelters from foreign countries last year. If the current rate of laws and decline continue within 20 years your only source for a puppy may be a shelter “mutt” from Mexico, China or Puerto Rico with possible behavioral issues and NO health testing. Even HSUS admits that 83 percent of owned dogs are spayed or neutered. www.shelterproject.naiaonline.org.

10) There are three main types of breeders: Professional, Pet and Hobby/show breeders. Every one of these can be a large-scale breeder, every one of these could be a substandard breeder. Professional kennels are subject to state and/or federal oversight. Substandard care can be found with all types of breeders. It is about the standard of care, NOT the numbers. Most Professional breeders have state of the art kennels that meet USDA standards and the standards of their state laws. They are inspected at least yearly and must meet or exceed 157 pages of stringent standards far higher than those expected of the average hobby breeder. They are NOT those horrible chicken cages shown on the deceptive commercials of HSUS and ASPCA. If you haven't visited a commercial kennel you are not an expert on the subject.

11) “Sick” puppies do not sell. Sick females do not conceive and produce puppies. Sick males do not produce sperm and sire puppies. It is counterproductive for any industry to produce a defective product and expect to stay in business. For every sick puppy found at a pet store, THOUSANDS of perfectly healthy puppies are sold. Any dog can have health issues. It’s about Mother Nature NOT lack of care or numbers.

12) A shelter/rescue dog is NOT for every family. Shelter/rescue dogs come with baggage that can require an EXPERIENCED owner. Shelter/rescue dogs have NO health testing and frequently have behavioral issues that take years of training to overcome. Health care and training for a shelter/rescue dog can cost THOUSANDS of dollars and still not result in a quality pet. Puppies purchased from a shelter or rescue are NOT subject to any state puppy lemon laws. Puppies purchased from a breeder or a pet store are covered under state puppy lemon laws. Obtaining a dog should be a time for rational decision making--not an excuse for moral preening. If 'adopting' a shelter/rescue dog makes you feel 'better about yourself', you don't need a dog. You need a therapist. You are more likely to purchase a dog with health or behavioral issues from a shelter than a pet store. Many shelters no longer have young animals to sell and have to import them from other states and even FOREIGN COUNTRIES.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Reap What You Sow

This is a very interesting case I've been following for the last couple days. A man named Carson King, as kindof a joke, wanted to hold a tailgate party, and didn't have any beer. So, he went onto social media asking people to donate money so he could buy a case of Busch Light beer. What's funny about that is, he actually wound up raising far more than he expected; over a million dollars!! Well, after the funds had gotten up to $500, he decided he was going to donate that money to a children's hospital to fund cancer research. I'm sure he got his beer and had a lot of fun with his tailgate party. But when he decided to give the rest of his more than $1 million funds to a children's hospital, it won the hearts of many people! Or at least just caught the attention of some.

I know of one case in which it just caught someone's attention. It was in the case of a guy named Aaron Calvin. He was a reporter for The Register in Des Moines, Iowa. Instead of being happy about Carson King's donation to his local children's hospital, he saw that story and thought to himself "Hmm. Let's go through this guy's Twitter history and see if he's ever said anything racist or homophobic." So, that's what he did. It took him going back 8 years to find it, but he found a tweet dating back to 2011 that was basically nothing but a joke  He was only 16 when he wrote them, and he was quoting an old TV show from back then with a friend. Something about comparing black mothers to gorillas. Carson King already apologized for those tweets, he was just a kid then. Kids say stupid shit! When are these dumb leftists ever going to learn that??? Well, this is what cancel culture is doing to them.

Well, the funny thing is, some right-wing investigators decided to go back in Aaron Calvin's twitter history and see if he's ever said anything racist or homophobic. Sure enough, right after gay marriage was accepted and legalized in this country, Aaron Calvin tweeted "Now that gay marriage is legalized, I can go have sex with a horse". Which is a very homophobic tweet! LOL! So, what happened? This was reported to the manager of The Des Moines Register and Calvin got fired from his job!!! LMAO!!! Serves him right!!

The Reporter Fired In The “Busch Light Guy” Scandal Said He Feels “Abandoned” By The Des Moines Register https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/juliareinstein/des-moines-register-iowa-reporter-fired-aaron-calvin-carson

I'm glad he got fired!! He shouldn't have done what he did! And look at Aaron Calvin...

He looks like a typical leftist libtard shit! Skinny, ugly, with huge glasses, probably eats nothing but soy, and probably lives with a dozen cats. He's probably gay himself! Kinda funny he would have made a homophobic joke about having sex with a horse! LOL! He also used to work for Buzzfeed. That's the article I posted. So, let's break down what was said in the post. A few paragraphs I found interesting...

The Des Moines Register reporter fired in the wake of a scandal involving offensive tweets — posted by a viral star he interviewed and then his own — broke his silence Friday, telling BuzzFeed News he had been “abandoned” by the newspaper after following standard editorial practice by performing a social media search on the person he was profiling.
“This event basically set my entire life on fire,” reporter Aaron Calvin said.
My interpretation: "Oh woe is me! I was fired because some Trump supporters decided to go back through my history and dig up tweets I made 8 years ago and use them against me to destroy me! How dare they!" Shut up!! You can't do shit to people and not expect it to come back around and do the same thing to you! Hopefully, he will become an example. Right-wingers are sick of the cancel culture! So I'm glad to see them getting back at left-wingers who think they can get away with doing this kind of shit.

Calvin told BuzzFeed News it’s standard practice at the Des Moines Register to background check people they profile through court records and social media. “I was reminded by an editor to background Carson...and I found a few tweets that he published in high school that were racist jokes,” he said. “I knew if I found them, other people would find them as well.”

I believe he's lying here. What Calvin uncovered had NOTHING to do with King raising money and donating it to a children's hospital. He did not do it with intent to uncover anything about the donation or the children's hospital. He did it to try and destroy King personally. That's what all leftists want to do.

Des Moines Register executive editor Carol Hunter declined to comment for this story, but referred BuzzFeed News to an op-ed she published in which she called “backgrounding” an “essential” part of reporting. “The process helps us to understand the whole person,” she wrote.

If this is true (and I'm not saying it is), then this is something that needs to stop. They need to quit doing unnecessary background checks on people that have nothing to do with the story! This is why all we ever hear about these days is left-wing politics. And I don't care to hear about the lies spread around by the left-wingers!

Calvin said his editors told him to ask King about the tweets, so he did. "He was deeply regretful, and I recognized that these were not representative artifacts of Carson,” Calvin said.

And this is all that ever needed to be said about the findings. Nothing more, preferably less. Preferably nothing at all!

On Tuesday night, before the profile was published, King held a press conference to apologize for the tweets, which he said had been found by a reporter. He said he wrote the posts when he was a high school sophomore and had been making reference to the show Tosh.0“In re-reading it today — eight years later — I see it was an attempt at humor that was offensive and hurtful,” he continued. “I am embarrassed and stunned to reflect on what I thought was funny when I was 16 years old. I want to sincerely apologize.”

He didn't need to apologize! I learned long ago NEVER apologize to libtards. Libtards are conditioned to not be forgiving.

 Anheuser-Busch cut ties with King after the press conference. 

Now that, I will say, was a stupid move on the part of Anheuser-Busch! That's giving in to the "cancel culture", which makes Anheuser-Busch look like weak-willed dumbasses!

Soon, influential right-wing media figures also began circulating screenshots of Calvin’s own past offensive tweets that had been uncovered. In posts dating back to 2010, Calvin had used “gay” as a pejorative, written “fuck all cops,” and spelled out the word “niggas” twice when he was quoting others, including a Kanye West lyric. “Now that gay marriage is legal,” he wrote in one 2012 tweet, “I’m totally going to marry a horse.”

SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!!! Shame on you Aaron Calvin! How dare you say shit like this!! But this shows even back in 2010, he was still a stupid libtard. He said "fuck all cops". That's as libtard as a libtard can get!

Calvin told BuzzFeed News these were “frankly embarrassing” tweets that he “would not have published today,” but said they had been “taken out of context” and were being used to “wield disingenuous arguments against me.”

Exactly! That's what cancel culture does! Too bad you never saw that before it happened to you! This really should not happen to ANYONE!!! But this is the shit that the leftists want to stir up! Never realizing the same thing can be done to themselves.

In the tweet, Calvin apologized for “not holding myself to the same high standards as The Register holds others.”

Again, this is what leftists do with cancel-culture! It makes them do stupid shit!

“I regret publishing that tweet now,” Calvin told BuzzFeed News. “Because I was never trying to hold Carson to any kind of ‘higher standard’ or any kind of standard at all. I was trying to do my job as a reporter, and I think I did so to the best of my ability.”

Oh! So now you see he's taking back his apology. He probably got jeered publicly. That's what made him change his mind. So, he's not sorry he posted King's tweets. He's sorry he got caught.

As soon as the story broke, Calvin said he began receiving a barrage of death threats. He said HR reps at Gannett, which owns the Des Moines Register, forbade him from speaking to the media and told him to leave his apartment for his own safety. They offered to put him up in a hotel, but he stayed with a friend instead.

So he needed a "safe space" after shaming someone who did not deserve to be shamed??? Karma is a bitch dude. Live with it! I don't agree with the death threats. NO ONE should ever get treated like that. Not even this guy. But you reap what you sow!

“I recognize that I’m not the first person to be doxed like this — this whole campaign was taken up by right-wing ideologues and largely driven by that force,” he said. “It was just a taste of what I assume that women and journalists of color suffer all the time, but the kind of locality and regional virality of the story made it so intense.”

OMG!!! Here we go again! Every leftists always falls back on the "What women and people of color" racist, misogynistic bullshit!!! Let me tell you, I have NEVER heard of women or journalists of color getting doxed just because they are women or colored journalists!! You got doxed because you doxed a well-loved viral person on the internet who tried to do something good. We need more people like Carson King in this world! And less people like Aaron Calvin!

Well, this was perhaps the funniest paragraph in that article...

On Thursday, while he was speaking to police about the death threats, Calvin said he got a call from Gannett representatives. “They told me they were going to offer me an option — that I could resign or I could be fired — with no severance,” he said. “It was really a semantic difference, I guess, so I chose to be fired.”

He spoke to police about the death threats. You mean you spoke to the same people you said "fuck them" about? He chose to be fired. No you didn't you goon!!! You were fired because you broke the law. And your editors should also be blamed for that if they really did say it was OK for you to dox someone else! Like I said, NO ONE should be treated like that! And it is unfair of people like Aaron Calvin to go along with this kind of behavior. Right-wingers did not start this cancel culture thing. They're just giving you what you wanted! They're evening out the score.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Breeder Derangement Syndrome

Ever hear of Trump Derangement Syndrome? Well, I've got a new name for people who are ADS fags. They have Breeder Derangement Syndrome. LMAO!!! That's a joke, BTW. I kinda got into it with some buds I knew from Bozeman. One of them posted a picture of a dog in a shelter cowering in a corner of a cage. The dog was released there by it's owner, who just got tired of it. Now, I realize what happens between some dogs and owners is terrible, and NO dog should ever be given up like that. And yes, I even thank GOD that there are people who enjoy rescuing dogs from the shelters. But again, not all of us are willing to take on someone else's mistakes. People get dogs because they look cute as puppies, and usually from backyard breeders or puppymillers. Backyard breeders breed for nothing other than money. They'll sell to anyone. They don't care about doing health tests, or getting their dogs titled. They just get a dog they think is cute. Then when the "cute" wears off, they stick it in the pound.

Reputable breeders are a whole other story! Reputable breeders breed carefully. They do years of research before they breed, to find the right studs and dams to breed together to produce healthy, quality dogs. They show their dogs, have titles put on them. They do official health testing, and that is more than just a vet looking externally at the dog and saying, "yep. The dog looks healthy". They go through OFA, BAER, and PennHip tests. It takes a lot to breed healthy dogs. And when the dog is all cleared with champion (or even grand champion) titles, then and only then, do they breed their dogs. And when the pups are born, they are usually born with a purpose. A reputable breeder always looks for the best people to take any leftover pups. Any pups that are too small, or sickly, they will often keep themselves. Never sell them. Reputable breeders also have a lifetime buy-back policy on all their pups. No dog in any shelter ever was sold by a reputable breeder, because they work with shelters in the area they've been sold to let them know if any of their puppies arrive there.

Well, the problem with people who have Breeder Derangement Syndrome, they lump ALL breeders into the same category. They cannot usually help it. It's the Animal Rights Activists who hammer those ideas into their heads. Groups like PETA tell them all breeders are bad. Then one ADS fag goes and brainwashes other people into believing that bullshit. Then they look down on those of us who prefer to buy a good dog from a good, reputable breeder. Again, they can't help it. PETA has brainwashed them. And most of them behave just like any other PETArd.

Well, when I saw that post, I commented on it...

I still say that! I haven't changed my mind. I'm mostly referring to people who pay $1000 for mutts like laberdoos or goldoos. My mom even had a friend in Reno, who purposely mixes labradors with poodles, then sells the puppies for $3000. I would NEVER pay that much for a mutt! But she has sold all of them. That's about the only time I ever push the "Adopt don't shop" axiom. When I see someone who would spend $3000 to buy a mongrel. I always argue "If you want a mongrel, why not go to a shelter and adopt?" It's stupid to pay over $400 for a mongrel dog. I don't care about the "hybrid hype". I know there are plenty of people who prefer mixed breeds. That's why I push that on those people. I don't ever want to see anyone paying $1000 for a mutt. Let alone $3000!!! That's completely stupid. That is actually what kills those dogs in the shelter. Not those of us who go to reputable breeders. But that is what the modern ARAs are telling their followers.

Well, things were OK, until Karen, our old buddy from Bozeman, came in...

So, I had to ask...

She responded...

She's referring to this post I made a few comments back...

That was made after Linda said that my post saying never to pay for a mutt was "messed up". I said it's even more messed-up to pay $1000 for a mongrel. And I do still believe that.

Anyways, I replied to Karen, and I was as polite as I could be...

There's just no way else to say the truth. But I do remember her dogs. Misty and Brutus were miniature schnauzers. Misty was 5 when I met her, and Brutus was 3. Misty also died last year of a heart condition. Brutus also died of cancer. I also addressed that in this post. I also complimented Karen on not wanting to pay $3000 for a mongrel. That is a smart move. But I also told her, based on the stories she told me herself about her own dogs, that they more likely came from backyard breeders. Which is true. Because truly reputable breeders don't do what the people did to Brutus and Misty that bred them.

Anyways, she goes on...

Now, I knew this couldn't be true. Like I said, reputable breeders are not like backyard breeders.

So, I respond...

Again, it's the truth! And frankly, having seen Brutus and Misty, they did not look like schnauzers that were bred responsibly. They were surely cute! But they were not bred responsibly.

Anyways, she goes on...

Seems I do remember her telling me that back in Bozeman. But look what she says about Brutus. That alone was a dead giveaway that Brutus did not come from a reputable breeder. I've only heard of puppymills getting shut down. Never reputable breeders. Backyard breeders don't really breed enough to get shut down. But they also don't care what they breed. They just breed any dog with a vagina to any dog with an intact penis. Reputable breeders get AKC inspected every year, and show in AKC shows. No reputable breeder I know keeps their dogs in such conditions that forces them to have to be shut down, and no reputable breeder would ever mistreat a dog. Most of them don't breed but once a year, if that often. I once knew one reputable Australian shepherd breeder who only bred his dogs twice in 13 years!

Anyways, this was my response to her...

I'm still trying to be polite, and remember this is a person I considered a friend for a long time. But what I am saying is based solely on things Karen herself has told me. And so far, nothing she has said even sounds remotely like they were from reputable breeders.

Well, then Linda speaks...

Then I had to respond to her...

Well, I didn't have to! LOL! I chose to. But I will always tell the truth of what I know. If there is something wrong with what I said about Karen's dogs then there was something wrong in the stories she told me about them. And I am not trying to bash anyone here. I'm just stating a simple truth.

Anyways, Karen posts...

Again, I am only going by what she told me.

And so I said this in response...

This is another good way to find out what kind of person bred Brutus and Misty; always ask if the parents of the dogs had titles. Nine times out of 10, the answer is no. But I think Karen decided to play a little game here with this question...

I had to laugh at this comment! One, because I know she was bullshitting me. Two, because I know ADS people. But it's just like the kind of comments I see when people on YouTube interview anti-Trump protesters. They always walk away saying "I don't want to answer anymore questions!" They run out of answers, and so they leave. They know their arguments are weak. And really, I wasn't trying to "win" anything here with Karen. She usually knows I always know what I am talking about when it comes to animals. Or at least, I thought she knew. LOL! More about that in a minute.

So, since she was bullshitting me, I decided to bullshit her back...

At least, not AKC champion titles. Maybe they were APRI "titles" which really means nothing. APRI is not a reputable registry. They were designed so backyard breeders can breed/show sub-standard dogs that could never compete with AKC champions. Honestly, I don't even believe Karen knew what I meant when I asked about titles. The average person wouldn't. I know because I've been to many dog shows in the past, when I had an interest in that stuff. People always get emotional when you talk about this kind of stuff. Everyone except me. LOL! I was completely cool in this whole discussion. Karen was the one who blew her top.

Well, later Karen asked me "So?" Again, I just had to laugh. Now, because she is the one continuing this post. But then I look back later, and I noticed Karen not only deleted me from her friends list, but also BLOCKED me on Facebook!! LOL!! Again, it's like watching the Anti-Trump protesters. Kindof a shame. I thought Karen was more mature than that. Kinda childish of her to block me when she knows she's lost the battle. I also thought she knew me better than that. I wasn't afterall trying to be mean. I was just being honest. And she knows I am always honest. But hey! If that's the way she wants to play this game, then have at it! I think that stupid cat of her's got to her brain! It's sad. I always knew her to be a smart person. This just proves I was wrong about that. Hm. Go try to figure people out!


I was on the phone with my sis, and guess what. I found out Karen Boegli has deleted and blocked my sis too! LMAO!!! We laughed about that. She didn't even have anything to do with that argument. I kinda wonder if Karen also blocked my mom too? I wouldn't be surprised! Karen Boegli is acting like a child! But then again, she's been known to do that sometimes. My sis was surprised too. She said she thought Karen was a conservative Trump supporter. Usually those kinds of people can handle the truth. Or at least handle differing opinions. I said to my sis "I guess she's more of a libtard than she lets on."

Well, if I were going to be honest here, Karen has never really treated me and my sis like a true friend. I can remember several times I asked her for help, and she would not assist me. She'd help other people though. Even that dumbass Andy, who beat her over the head with a newspaper once before. One incident I recall that even made my mom angry. Karen invited Roger to a Thanksgiving party that was about to be held in the building. Everyone was supposed to be invited to it. But Roger told Karen "I won't go if 'ThAt WoMaN nExT dOoR' is going!" Referring to my sister. Now, if it were me, or any other mature, rational human being, I would have said to Roger, "Suit yourself. I offered you an invite, and you can come if you want to. But I am also going to invite ThAt WoMaN nExT dOoR to come." But Karen didn't think to do that. And so my sis did not get an invite. My mom was even angry about that too. Karen should have stood up to Roger. If she were a real friend, she would have.

Well, I guess this proves my first impression of Karen was correct. She is small-minded. At least Linda handled it better. She didn't get all irrational. But my sis said Karen hasn't been the same since Brutus and Misty died. In a way, I can't blame her. I was a wreck after I lost Groucho. I do hope Karen comes around someday. Not that I believe I am going to accept her as a friend on Facebook next time. But she does need to at least grow up!

Impeachment Or Inquiry?

OK I've waited for 2 days to write about this. I couldn't do this on Wednesday because I had a doctor's appointment. I couldn't do it yesterday because I was busy and hadn't read the entire transcript yet. I wanted to read it before writing this post. But anyways, the dummycats are at it again! As if using Greta Thunberg as a puppet wasn't bad enough. Nancy Pelosi is so anxious to get Trump impeached that she is overstepping her boundaries! This is getting pathetic! But it is showing the dummycats for who they really are. Now you know why I call them "dummy-cats". They are as dumb as any cat is! Maybe that's why they are so attracted to those beasts. They have about the same IQ level.

Well, Tuesday they were all saying how they think Trump was trying to get the president of the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. They were demanding that Trump release the transcript for that call. So, what happens? Trump finally releases it. I finally got a chance to read the whole thing, and it's basically nothing. As one video blogger put it, it's a big nothing-burger. And it is! It is nothing. Hunter Biden was mentioned ONCE!! And Trump was not even asking the Ukraine to dig up anything on him. In fact, this was about the only paragraph where Joe Biden or his son was even mentioned...

I'm not sure what prosecution was stopped, if it was mentioned, I cannot think of it now. But this does not sound like Trump asking Zelenskyy to dig up anything on Joe Biden or his son. Nothing like what Hillary wanted to do between herself and Russia digging up any dirt on Trump. That's why Hillary lost the election. He is asking Zelenskyy to speak to the attorney general about the prosecution, the one that Biden stopped. Maybe you can see something I cannot. Here is the full, unclassified, transcript...

The point is, Trump is not offering US funds to the Ukraine. That would be an impeachable offense. He's also not withholding US support in exchange for anything. But guess what. Obama did that. He was going to betray his country. He hated this country. I knew that before he took office. I knew that back in 2008 when I saw him just stand for the pledge of allegiance. He didn't stand properly. There's no doubt in my mind Obama hated the USA. So why was Obama able to get away with such dirty doings, but Trump is not? How is it Obama is able to disrespect this country, but Trump is not even allowed to make a simple phone call? Obama did worse than Trump has ever done. Obama supplied ISIS with weapons of war. Trump did at first, but apparently, that funding stopped, and now ISIS is dead. That's a good thing! ISIS was bad news! Yet, Trump is so badly scrutinized that the democrats want to begin impeachment proceedings without him having done anything really bad.

One person in an interview I watched (obviously a young, black woman) said Obama can get away with this stuff because "he's better looking". Well, compared to Trump, that may be true. But being better-looking should not have given Obama free reign to betray this country. And no, I don't think Obama was handsome at all. He looked like a baboon to me. But, I guess compared to Trump, who literally looks like a big, fat pig, he might be seen by some as being "better-looking". But still! Obama should have been impeached for betraying this country. But he wasn't. And Trump they are trying to impeach for NOTHING. Nancy Pelosi is pushing impeachment proceedings quite hard. Frankly, I don't think she's going to succeed. Some say the democrats have the majority of the vote. But we still have to have a vote from the people, and a lot of people are walking away from the democrat side. But what Pelosi doesn't seem to know, if Trump gets impeached, Hillary is not going to take office in his place. Mike Pence is! LOL!! And according to the LGBTQ community, Pence should be worse than Trump. But you know what? He's better looking than Obama!

He's nice looking, but he is against gay marriage. But Trump is all for gay marriage. So, who is better? If Trump gets impeached, Pence is going to take his place in office. So, fuck that! No one takes the democrats seriously anyways. And there are actually some democrats who do support Trump. Believe it or not! Some of them do have sense enough to not listen to those fighting to have Trump impeached. So, it's not like Trump's impeachment is in the bag! That's just what Nancy Pelosi wants us to think.

The thing is, the leftists are never going to stop this. They couldn't get Trump on the Russian collusion, so they try for this phone call. The phone call with the Ukraine produces nothing, now they are trying to go for Trump's taxes. This is just never going to stop until Trump is out of office. I think the same thing was done to Obama. But with them, they tried to get Obama on his birth certificate.

I admit Trump is immature. Just this morning, he wanted to know who the whistleblower was, and was calling what he did "spying". He said the whistleblower should be shot. That's the kind of stuff Trump says, even though it's true that spying is classified as treason, which is punishable by death. But Trump does this kind of thing all the time. Immaturity though is not an impeachable offense. Growing up is voluntary.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Little Lost Greta Thunberg

I feel sorry for this girl. She is 16 years old and her parents are using her to push the climate change mantra. Well! What do you expect?? Her parents are active Antifa supporters! Of course they are going to be easily manipulated. Leftists act like they don't even believe Antifa exists. I see it all the time in videos. You ask them what they think about Antifa's violence, and they'll act dumb and say "I never heard of Antifa". Bullshit! Of course you've heard of them!!! They are all over the damn internet! No leftists can ever get me to believe they don't get on the internet. That's all they do all day! If you ask me, Antifa deserves nothing less than this...

That's right! A good punch in the face! At least. At best they deserve to be shot execution-style! This idiot got his ass kicked by a woman. A woman with a good, solid strike! LOL!! That's how Antifa is! They act tough. But when it comes down to it, they really cannot fight at all. LOL! I wouldn't look up to them. If Greta's parents are supporters of Antifa, then they are wimps and wussies just like those thugs!

I saw Richard Lowenstein posted how Greta Thunberg is "triggering" to men. I laughed at that article and said "She's only triggering to weak, beta men. Not to real men." Actually, I must say I am disappointed in Richard Lowenstein. How he can call himself a man, and go along with that article is beyond me. Some of these Hollywood elites though, I think they just go along with the mainstream media to fit in and not lose viewers. But that's my opinion. These days, if you go against the mainstream media, people hate you for it, and you lose fans. Many of them will even write the movie companies and tell them not to run your content. We are definitely in a world war. Its not a war where shooting is happening (much). But it is a war. A war where if you are caught not supporting ideas about abortion, or climate-change, or anything else the left stands for, you will sadly be scrutinized. I just can't believe Richard Lowenstein is a bad person. No way!

That's what Greta Thunberg does. She speaks out against climate change. I feel bad for her! I truly do! Her parents are dumbasses who need to be publicly horsewhipped! In a viral video, she blames Americans for "taking her childhood away". I watched that and I said "No my dear, your parents took your childhood away! By using you to spread a pretend facet that hasn't happened, and we cannot stop." The funny thing is, China spews more CO2 into the atmosphere than America does. But I don't see Greta Thunberg going there to preach her bullshit about climate change. She is so lucky America is a place she can come and actually feel safe spreading this climate change bullshit! You cannot go to China and say that shit, they'll throw you in jail!

But the sea levels are not rising! In fact, they're lowering. And the leftists know this! Why else do you think they stay in the coastal states?? You don't see any Antifa inland. You'd think there would be if they really are so afraid of climate change and rising sea-levels. But no. They stay on the coast. Why? Because they know the sea levels are NOT going to rise in 12 years. It's a scare/control tactic they are pushing. Don't fall for it! Yes, I believe in climate change (to a degree). I just don't think humans are the cause of it. And there is nothing we can do about it. It's happening throughout the solar system. If humans are causing it, why is it also happening on other planets where there is no people? Leftists cannot answer that. Well, leftists cannot answer anything. They never have answers. Just recycled opinions by the mainstream media.

This morning I woke up to another article where Greta Thunberg saw Donald Trump and the look on her face went viral as well. This poor kid! Everything she does now is becoming a meme! LOL! And it's all her parents' fault!

They are saying she's just glaring at Trump. The funny thing is, I did a Google image search of her, and in about 90% of all her relaxed pictures, she has that exact same expression on  her face! LOL! I doubt this has anything to do with Trump.

Here she is with Trevor Noah, again, with the exact same look on her face...

In fact, that's how all climate-change protesters look. They ALL have the same angry look on their faces. I remember looking at pictures of vegan nazis. They also all had that same look on their faces in every pic. That's the problem. Hatred makes people look mean and ugly! This little girl doesn't need to preach. She doesn't need to talk climate change. She doesn't need support from other protesters. What she needs is some serious therapy, to fix the problems she has deep down inside, most likely brought on by her parents. That's where this anger stems from. Her parents ruined her childhood by using her to cram these vegan-nazi ideas into her head. And making those ideas more important in her life than letting her live her life. She's too young to be going around the world talking about something that can never be fixed by human kind.

Well, I think this is all proof that leftists are nazis. Of course most of us who know history and politics have known all along that nazis were leftists. Everyone knew except the leftists! LOL! They are still nazis today! Though they try to hide that sad and embarrassing fact. A leopard cannot change it's spots. They were nazis in the 1930s and they are still nazis today.

Its funny how leftists use children in every one of their propaganda, except abortion. If they really cared about children the way they pretend to care about this little girl, they wouldn't be all for abortion. They would be against it like we are. The leftists typically contradict themselves. That's what they are best known for.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Just Another Random Sunday

The holidays are coming up and as every year, I start really missing my father. This sucks! Father's Day, his birthdays and holidays are especially bad! Well, his birthday is Father's Day. They almost always fall on the same day. Or very close. Then there is Christmas, when he used to always come to our place, playing Santa. I miss that. Can't expect anything like that from Kathy. Well, I expect nothing from Kathy now. She's not even our family anymore. And let the record show that was her own decision. Not mine. Not my sis's. Her's and her's alone. I kinda wonder how dad would feel about that if he could see? I don't know if he foresaw that after his death, Kathy would have wrote us off. But I guess it proves my mom was right about her. Well, I guessed that long before mom did. I knew from many years ago Kathy didn't really like me and my sis, though she tried to deny it, or tried to hide it. She apparently hid it very well from Stephanie and Jennifer. Stephanie's biggest argument was that yes, Kathy did 'love' us. So, apparently Kathy never mentioned that to her. I called complete bullshit. But that's OK! Really. I don't mind at all. I saw it coming, so it's not like I wasn't prepared.

Well, I had to let go of a friend this past week. Sad as it was, I didn't like the kind of other people she was friends with. It started with a post she posted from CNN. Now, I don't like CNN. But she did. But that's cool. She was a left-winger. I'm not. But the story she posted sounded untrue, or incomplete, like CNN always posts! They tend to not tell the whole story. Just enough to make conservatives look bad and leftists look good. Get this; CNN calls the thugs of Antifa "national heroes", while simultaneously calling groups like The Proud Boys "national terrorists". Then CNN posts just enough bullshit that they take out of context, to make it look that way. CNN has one talent, and one talent only; they can make bullshit sound believable. Which is why the leftists bank on their bullshit. But think about it, if Antifa are such wonderful, heroic people, why is it they are always the ones breaking the windows of local businesses? Beating up innocent people who've done NOTHING? Doxxing people they believe (with no proof) are neo-nazis? Why are they the ones who don't get facts before they condemn someone? Why are they the ones who don't want to just sit and talk out their differences?? See, the Proud Boys are willing to discuss things. Antifa isn't. And Antifa is violent. This is the kind of ilk CNN glorifies. So, I got no use for CNN. But I was always like "If she likes CNN, as long as she's not getting violent, then that's cool."

Well, she tells me she doesn't like "Faux" News. "Faux" is not even pronounced like fox. The "X" is silent. Anyway, I told her the only report I watch on Fox is Tucker Carlson. Well, she didn't like him either. LOTS of liberals don't. LOL! Tucker Carlson makes them use their brains, and liberals don't like to use their brains. Tucker asks liberals the hard questions they have no way to answer. Because liberals don't ever have facts to backup their claims. Well, then one of her friends jumps in. And I've got to say, for a liberal who disagrees with me, he at least wasn't rude. He doesn't like Tucker Carlson? Fine. I told him most liberals don't. I was laughing because I hear the same thing about Tucker Carlson from liberals ALL the time. Doesn't faze me at all. And it doesn't change my mind about Tucker Carlson. That wasn't where the problem lies. The problem was when this second friend of her's commented, and he was VERY rude!! I can handle someone disagreeing with me. I don't care. But what the second person said, I felt was totally uncalled for. He was the one who told me basically to "fuck off". That was what made me angry. He told me to "fuck off". I called him a turd! Then this person, whom I'd considered an INXS "sister" for a long time now, had the nerve to tell me my comment was the one that was uncalled for. I wasn't even rude to the second person at all. He was rude to me. I hadn't even spoken to him before. He just saw I liked something he didn't, and told me to fuck off. I say fuck him! And I still say he's a stupid liberal turd!

This is why I don't side with the left anymore. They think they can just be rude to some random person who has done nothing to them. Nothing except disagree with them. And then they say us right-wingers are the horrible, rude ones. And other leftists will believe them. Well, it was his comment that made me have second thoughts about this girl I called a friend. I told her his comment was also uncalled for (in case she didn't catch that). I hesitated for a couple days, because we'd been friends for so long. I don't really like putting "guilt by association" labels on someone. Especially someone I'd known for 10 years. But I said if this is the kind of people she likes, then I don't want anything to do with her anymore. If she could not see that jerk was being rude to me first, then fuck them all. I need to start standing up for myself. Otherwise, 2016 will happen all over again. I can't let that happen. I need to distance myself from toxic people. Maybe she's not toxic now, but if she keeps hanging around that asshat, then she soon will become toxic.

That's why now, my focus is more on dog people. Not INXS fans anymore. Most of the INXS fans I've known have been liberals. Not all, but most. But if you go through my friends now, they're almost all either dog people, or people I know personally. Very few INXS fans. You can always tell who the liberal INXS fans are, they are almost always cat people. Or people who say they prefer cats.

I was very disappointed in Kaitlyn Bennett. She has a cat now. She recently said in an interview she doesn't like being surrounded by a bunch of cats, and now to find out she has one. It's a disappointment. I hope she didn't get it because some catfags on YouTube told her she needs to get one. I think that's what Repzion did. Only Repzion's new cat is much uglier than Kaitlyn Bennett's. I tell him that all the time too. It's name is Dennis. And it is one UGLY cat!! It's a gray tabby. And you all know how I feel about gray tabbies. When he first displayed the disgusting thing, I asked him "is that really the best cat you can find??? An ugly old gray tabby???!" Now, he has to display that ugly thing in every one of his videos. And all the catfags watching are all like "Oh Dennis is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!" YUK!!! I always say to them "It's a gray tabby! It's NOT cute!!" One idiot even wrote "I used to not like you. But Dennis changed that." That's a very typical catfag comment. I'm afraid Repzion has become a catfag now. At least he still has his dogs. But I don't think I've ever seen him having his dogs in his videos as much as he now shows off that ugly beast he now has. I wouldn't be surprised if he blocks me now. LMAO!! Well, I really wouldn't blame him if he does. I'm going to keep on telling him how ugly his cat is as long as he puts it in the video. He should have got a siamese. Or at least a black cat or calico. Anything is better than a gray tabby!

I posted up a video of my sis trying to get Mya to howl like she used to do with Odessa. Mya wound up saying "no no no no". It was cute. Some catfag got on there and I saw her profile pic. I also saw the word "annoying" in her comment, I didn't really read her post at all. But I laughed! I laughed and said "Said the chick with the ugliest cat on YouTube!" LOL!! She had another ugly old gray tabby as her profile pic. That was how I knew I shouldn't read her comment. So, I just deleted it. I kinda wonder if she came to my channel through Repzion's channel, butthurt because I said his new cat is ugly. No, I don't believe Repzion sent her. But a lot of catfags now watch him because of that new cat he got. And you know how catfags are. Just look at Antifa. I'd bet you the majority of them are catfags too. They're leftists! Leftists are usually cat people.

Friday, September 20, 2019

My Wacky Sis

My sis can be so wacky sometimes. I just wish she would pick one side and stay on that side. She's either with the pantherfags, or she's with her own sis. UGH!! Sometimes it seems she doesn't even try to understand how I feel and what I think. Well, at least she acknowledges it's her own fault. LOL!

There is this artist on Facebook, and I joined his group. He's a great artist, I enjoy his drawings. He's one of the first I've ever seen that can capture Michael's image and make him look like himself. I didn't think that was possible. Another thing I didn't think was possible; he even makes David Bowie look less ugly! I didn't ever think that was possible! That dude is probably the ugliest person I've ever seen in the history of rock n roll. I've actually seen people say they think David Bowie is "handsome". I'm always like "You've got to be joshing! He's one of the ugliest men I've ever seen in my entire life!" I don't see how anyone can think he's handsome. If there's an artist that can make him look less ugly, well that's quite the compliment! This guy does it. It's a big enough accomplishment that he makes Michael look so good. That's rare talent! I do an interesting sketch of Michael. And while I do try to get as much detail as I can, my drawings are still cartoony. That's just my style.

See, in that last paragraph, my sis would be telling me I'm "forcing" other people to see things my way. No I'm not. I'm describing David Bowie as I see him. I said "I don't see how anyone can think he's handsome", and I can't see. That does not mean I am "forcing" anyone to see him my way. I'm just voicing my opinion and asking what I believe is a reasonable question. But in my crazy sis's eyes, she thinks that is "forcing" someone to see things my way. Or shaming them for not seeing something the way I do. Maybe that is what she does and she's trying to lay that foundation on me. Even though she did teach me, I am my own person. Not someone else's image. That's an opening for someone to explain to me why they think David Bowie is "handsome". Because when I look at him, I don't see anything even remotely resembling "handsome". Maybe someone else can open my eyes for me. But I don't even like David Bowie's music. So, I can't even fall back on that. I just can't stand the guy.

Same with panthers. Perhaps it's that I see things totally different from other people. But I see lions as being big, lazy, ugly bullies. So far, no one has been able to change my mind. No matter how many openings I give to people. All I get are pantherfags telling me I am "stupid" because I don't like lions. That doesn't seem like a good reason to me to change my mind about them. Matter of fact, it more enforces why I believe panther-lovers are wussies and wimps. And I don't buy that bullshit that they are the "king of beasts". If you want to blame something for why I don't like lions, blame National Geographic. It was that special I saw bits and pieces of about lions and hyenas being eternal enemies that fixed this idea in my mind. I saw how hyenas are just trying to survive and lions chase them off their kills, and how lions bully hyenas when they try to fight back. Plus, I've spoken to several certified biologists, who confirm most of the time you see lions and hyenas at the same kill, usually it's the hyenas who made the kill. But it's also the hyenas who have the bad rap. And that dumb Lion "King" movie didn't help their image any. So, since I am the closest to a biologist who has a free-standing platform, and not controlled by the mainstream media, I must speak out against these bullies. I must give the crown of the king of beasts to the rightful owner. And it's NOT lions!!

But because I announce this, and no one has ever been able to prove me wrong, my sis thinks I am "forcing" people to see things my way. I know it's supposed to be like a dog-eat-dog world in the wild and animals have to survive any way possible. Even if it means stomping on another animal's survival. But still, I've actually seen lions killing hyenas for fun, when hyenas were not even harassing the lions. Some time ago, I saw a documentary where a hyena female lived close to a lion troup and had to pass by there every time to go hunting, and she had a litter of cubs to take care of. One day the documentarians caught the female going off on a hunting excursion and again she had to pass right through the lion's territory. This time when she did, the lions killed her. She was not harassing them at all. She was just passing through on her own way to a hunt. The documentarian even said it looked like the lion's harem was even praising him for killing the hyena. None of those lions even bothered to eat the hyena. They just killed her for sport because she was there. I don't even like it when humans kill for sport. I know lions don't know any better. But that's what leads me to believe lions are actually bullies. Not the kings.

The biggest disappointment is how when I see a video like that on YouTube, the panther fags are all cheering the lion on, saying the hyena somehow deserved it. Now, I say if they can deduce that the hyena somehow deserved to be killed like that, how is it they can't see that the lions were bullying the hyena? Maybe lions don't know any better. But humans should. They bitch and moan because wild dogs and hyenas eat their prey alive. They sure are quick to call that bullying. But lions are not bullies at all??? I've seen lions eat some of their prey alive. But to other people, that is not bad. I remember on another video about wild dogs, people were fussing because wild dogs make a little twittering sound. I think they sound cute personally. Other people though (especially panther-fags) say they sound wimpy. Well, I asked one of them what they think of a cheetah's call. When they call, cheetahs make little whistling sounds too. Well, to the pantherfags, that is A-OK! But when wild dogs make twittering sounds, suddenly, they say it sounds "weak" or "gay" or "wimpy". And you wonder why I hate the pantherfags. They are the biggest hypocrites I've ever met anywhere!