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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Wrong Person For The Job

Take a look at this face. This is the face of a murderer!

This is Donna Reneau. Who did she murder? She murdered this woman...

That's Debra Stevens. She very sadly drowned in a rainwater drainage ditch on August 24th. So how did Donna Reneau kill her? Well, Donna Reneau was a 911 dispatcher. Apparently a good one because in February of this year, she won the Dispatcher of the Year award. Well, on the morning of August 24th, she did not live up to her award. It was early morning in Fort Smith, Arkansas and it had been raining heavily. Debra was out delivering newspapers. When it's dark out, and it has been raining, it is ALWAYS hard to see anything. Even with your headlights on. I've always had trouble with that too, even when I had perfect eyesight. The water on the road seems to absorb any light, and it makes the roadway look darker. So, it's always hard to see the road after it's been raining. I can imagine that is exactly what happened to Debra when she accidentally drove into the ditch. She was in a gray SUV when she drove into the flood water and the car was filling up fast. Debie was in a panic because she didn't know how to swim or anything.

Here is the 911 call. Mind you, it is very disturbing and very heartbreaking!

It was Donna Reneau who was the receiver of this call when Debra called 911. In the video Donna does ask where Debie is now located. Donna seems calm at first, but as you listen on, she is heard telling Debie to "shut up" and "stop whining" and essentially telling Debie it's her own fault for driving into the ditch. In the meantime, Debie is terrified, crying and pleading. At one time, Debie even asks Donna to pray with her. Donna doesn't do it. Not until she asks her to again. Then Donna says she will begrudgingly. During the whole call, Donna just continues to berate Debie. Talking down at her like she's a frantic child! This is a woman who is in a panic! She's scared! She's going to sound a little rude. That should be a given if she's terrified. It's Donna's job to be understanding of that and not berate someone who needs help!

Now, I am not good with people, but I would have handled it a lot differently than Donna did! I would have been a lot less critical and a lot more supportive. The first thing I would have said to Debie is "Can you roll your window down and crawl out?" If she would have said no because the electricity in her SUV is failed, I would have asked her if she had a bat or a crowbar to smash the window. If she says no, I would have told her to remove the headrest of her seat and smash the window with the metal prongs and crawl out onto the rooftop. The first thing on my mind would have been tell her to get something to get that window open so she could get out of the SUV and get on top of the car. Debie was saying there were people all around watching her, one of them would have tried to help her out if she'd have got on top of her roof. But Donna handled it all wrong because it was her last shift before she would go home. This call was so maddening!!! Looking at Donna's face makes me want to punch her! She's a young chick who gives decent fat people a bad name!

In the last minute of this video, you can hear Debie screeching "I can't breathe!!" By that time, the water was past her neck and the water had caused the car to dislodge and float away. Then the phone dies. Debra was found dead later that morning. She had drowned in her car. It makes me sad just typing this. My heartfelt sympathies go out to Debie's family and friends. I don't want to say I know how she feels, because I don't. I cannot imagine being in such a dire emergency, depending on a dispatcher who is such an asswipe as to talk down to someone in need of help!!! Makes me mad just thinking about it. Donna is no different than the INXS SJWs who talked down at me after my father passed, just because one of their friends lied about having cancer. Well! They said I need help, and talked down at me. In that way, they are no different. Even though Debie's situation is more dire. Donna could have helped her out a lot more than she did.

Well as I understand it, Donna actually resigned from her position after this call. Shit! I would too if I had a guilty conscience. But what if it wasn't because of a guilty conscience? What if Donna was just quitting like a coward because she didn't want to face the consequences for killing a caller? And yes, I say Donna killed Debie, in a way of sorts. It's her fault Debie is dead. And it's her fault that poor Debie panicked. Debie was only 47. Either way, the department Donna worked for has been receiving death threats. Now, I don't agree with that. But I think that is more because Donna won't be facing any charges, and would not be terminated. They should not be getting death threats, but why not terminate Donna? She was rude! I could expect Debie to be rude because she was so scared. But Donna had no right to be rude back. She wasn't the one who was in the actual predicament. Well, no point in terminating Donna anyways, she quit. But I hope this gets out there and Donna is unable to get another job anywhere. Do not hire this woman!

I must ask, what is with these people today??? Why are people so uncompassionate?? Where did all the empathy go? People today always claim to be so compassionate with others, but I am not seeing it. All I am seeing is heartless, uncaring, angry, and just generally mean, people!!! It is just mind-blowing how inconsiderate people these days are! And it's not just young people! A lot of the people who shunned me were older people than I am. Not all, but a lot were. The ones who were younger were just siding with the people who were spreading the rumors and saying I was being cruel to them for spreading rumors. I couldn't live with myself if I'd treated anyone the way they treated me, or the way Donna treated Debie. But this is exactly why I don't want anything to do with any people! This is why I hate people so much. I hope Debie's cries haunt Donna for the rest of her life, and know that she caused the death of another human being. And I hate to say this, but I hope Donna someday meets the same fate as Debie did, and knows what it's like to fear for her life and have such an angry, uncaring dispatcher take her call when she dials 911. It would serve her right! There is a special place in Hell for people like Donna, just waiting for her to get there.

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