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Saturday, September 7, 2019

I Can't Haz A Cheezburger

Get this! In news today, Kamala Harris is going to make it illegal for Americans to eat cheeseburgers! What a stupid prick!! I hate that woman! I hope she NEVER becomes president!! She's as dumb as any leftist is. I remember I told her that on Facebook. I got a message from her, probably an automated message really, asking if I'd like to help her with her presidential campaign. I told her basically to fuck off, I am NOT interested! Hearing stories like this reinforces my feelings about her. I really don't think I should have said anything to her though. Because the leftists are famous now for doxxing people, and sending Antifa to the person's house to terrorize them just for disagreeing with leftist policies. But so far, I haven't seen anything. Antifa are nothing but a bunch of pansies who are only tough when they are in a group. But one on one, they become pansies.

The law needs to start treating Antifa like the terrorist groups they really are, and stop letting them break the law! But I am afraid the police have now become pansies. Antifa doesn't even like the cops, but the cops are present at every single protest Antifa is a part of. They also hide behind the police when things get heated. Yet they turn around and call the police "bastards" and "pigs". But if Kamala Harris thinks she's going to stop Americans from eating the most American of foods, she's going to have Hell to pay! Trust me on that! She's not getting her grubby hands on MY cheeseburger!!! I'd sooner puncture her hand with the business end of my fork if she tries!! Fuck her policies!!! She also wants to ban plastic straws altogether. I don't get it at all! She wants to ban plastic straws, but at the same time, wants to hand out free hypodermic needles to drug-addicts.

And who votes these idiots into office? Other idiots. That's who. California was the first to ban straws (because of a report a 9-year old child made for school). Now, I heard Boston has followed suit. Yet, they hand out free needles to the homeless drug-addicts. Don't these crazy cats know that both straws and hypodermic needles are made of the same substance??? Why ban one and not ban the other. I think the goal of the left is to infect everybody with AIDS. I kinda figured that out when I heard now in California, a person with AIDS can knowingly infect you and not face any punishment. I don't know who's dumb idea it was to make it legal now to infect people with AIDS. But it is a dumb idea. Why would someone pass a law like that? Shit that's why I won't live in California. I feel for the few normal people who live there.

So now that straws are banned in California, how is a person supposed to travel with their cup in the car? Use coffee cup lids and just sip out of the sides? The manufacturers would have to make cup-sized lids for that. I don't know. California government is just DUMB!! They were the ones who voted an illegal immigrant into office, and that illegal took the American flag out of the office, and now he and his stupid private senate pledge allegiance to a stupid wall!!! I posted that video a while back, and was shocked at how they conducted their meetings. This is the same state that did that, and wonders why no one else in this nation respects them.

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