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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Done With The Damn Stepsister!!

Well, since Stephanie decided she wanted to throw stones, and said she had "no qualms" in doing it, Anna and I had, for the past 2 days, been doing the same thing back to her. Well, at least everything I said was true. Well, I finished it off today, and now I am done. Stephanie brought up some old bones about my mom, and said she is going to Hell for those sins. So, I decided this morning to remind her that nobody in this world is without sin. Not even her "perfect" family! It took me a bit of soul-searching to finally bring this up, as I really did not want to include Stephanie's children in this. But I figured since she had no qualms about what she said to my ma, I should have no qualms about setting Stephanie straight. Dad, GOD forbid, I hope you're not listening!

Jesus stated in the courtyard, "Ye without sin can cast the first stone". Well, Stephanie casted the first stone and she is definitely not without sin! I reminded her that she has, not one, but TWO illegitimate children. My mom committed a sin once, and it has not repeated. But Stephanie committed the SAME SIN TWICE!! And she was proud of it! Both her kids have different fathers, none of which Stephanie was married to. In the eyes of GOD, Stephanie should be stoned to death, as should her kids. But I don't want to see that happen. I'm not that fricken heartless! And I know Stephanie raised those kids well. I won't state what I don't believe is true. But I just brought that up as a reminder that she should not throw stones, seeing she lives in a glass house. And to the literal people, that's a figure of speech! People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

My dad would NEVER have stood for me nor Anna doing that! If Stephanie had been raised by my father, he would have probably disowned her. Probably would have taken a shot gun to Stephanie's boyfriends.

I just had to mention it to Stephanie. I didn't really want to, but I felt I had to. It took a couple of days of soul-searching to come to the conclusion that this needs to be said. I don't know what goes through that family's mind, but I think they believe they are perfect and that their word is the be-all-say-all of GOD's word. Then they sit and judge me, my sister and my mom based on snippets of second-hand opinions. Possibly on what they saw themselves 30 or so years ago. But at least nothing I ever did was so terrible that the Bible would say I need to be stoned to death. I don't even bear false witness against my neighbor. I get facts BEFORE I say anything about anyone. I hear both sides of the story before I make any judgments on anyone. As we have seen in the past, I never make any final assumptions based on just one person's word. That's the difference between me and Kathy's family.

But like I said, that's what liberals do! They listen to one side of the story and run with it! They never realize there are 2 sides of every story. I saw it all the time among INXS fans too. Well, my sis said anytime you have band-worship, you have liberals. I must be the only non-liberal INXS fan in existence. LOL!

See, I still learn a lot from my sis, even though I am over 40. And I listen. That's why I am not accepting any INXS buds on Facebook anymore. Because the majority of them are liberals. Though I think I have all the fanatical libtards blocked, though I am not sure. There's some people I am still not 100% sure about. As for Stephanie, I know deep inside her there is a good person somewhere. She was very nice to us while we visited them in AZ, and I would never say or do anything to deliberately harm them. But they should learn respect, and learn not to judge people they barely know. And also learn not to take everything they don't believe in as a personal attack! I was angry when I saw what Stephanie wrote to my mom, especially after I saw the message mom sent to Kathy, and how it was not threatening nor harassing in any way! Yet Stephanie said it was! Just because my mom was straightforward and got to the point. Typical libtard!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Turning In His Grave

My poor dad, he must be turning over in his grave about now. All these people all around him, spitting on his grave like they are. Well, my loony stepsister, Stephanie, wrote a very threatening response to my ma after my ma respectfully asked Kathy for some of my father's things to come to my sis and me. Stephanie was so hateful in her response to my ma, she sounded like she was insane! And it doesn't seem like Kathy is really mourning my father. But since I am not there, I won't assume that is so. I don't want to be like them. See why I've adopted Katrina and Eva as my stepsisters, instead of Stephanie and Jennifer! LOL! Well, Stephanie and Jennifer, for as long as I've known them, have never been ones for being discreet. They tell everything, to a point most often that my sis and I had no privacy from them. That's why we moved out of Lakewood was because of them. Or that's one big reason.

I knew this was going to happen. I absolutely knew it. I knew there would be turmoil if my pa went before Kathy. So did my ma. She knew it too. Mostly because Kathy has never treated me and my sis as much more than castoffs. Ma once told me that Kathy would prefer it if my sis and I weren't in the picture. At first, I didn't believe her, because I did think Kathy was a good person. But then my father dropped a bombshell. He basically told my ma that Kathy didn't like me. Stephanie refuses to believe it, and Kathy probably won't admit it, but I've found it to be true. Mostly because of the way Jennifer looked at me the whole time I was there, and the way Kathy's friend talked about me and my sis while she was there. Kathy's friend has never met us, so she had no reason not to like us. None except that possibly Kathy said shit to her about us.

After getting Stephanie's response to my mom, I got curious. You know me, get both sides of the story before I make any assumptions. I asked ma if her message to Kathy was as nasty as Stephanie's message to my ma. Because the way Stephanie made it sound, it was like my ma was threatening Kathy's life and family, calling Kathy every name in the book, and totally demanding that Kathy send some of my dad's possessions to me and my sis. Except for threatening our lives, Stephanie did all that to ma. She didn't threaten our lives, but she did say my sis and I were horrible to my father. And I do admit, when I was in my 20s, my dad and I did get into battles a lot. But in truth, they were always instigated by him. Much as I loved my father, in those days, he was not a totally loving person all the time. Sometimes he would come to the house in a completely bad mood, no matter how nice we looked and how clean the house was. I admit, I am not the best housekeeper. I never was. But I try to keep everything as tidy as possible. Though I was much more sloppy when I was in my 20s than I am now. LOL! But in my 20s, all I wanted to do was have fun. I spent very little time at the house. I mostly went out, gallivanting around town.

Well, I couldn't believe if my ma had sent such a rude message to Kathy because when we were on our way back here from Bozeman, ma and I did a little role-playing. I told her to pretend I was Kathy. I asked her what she would say to me if I was Kathy sitting beside her. She was very matter-of-fact, but not impolite or nasty, and by no means threatening! Of course I could not really predict how Kathy would respond to my ma since I am not Kathy, and not a liberal. Well, I asked ma to show me the message she sent to Kathy, and she did. Sure enough, ma got to the point, but she was very nice and polite about it. I don't know how Kathy took that message, but Stephanie obviously took it the wrong way. I don't even know how Stephanie got that message! My ma said she sent it only to Kathy. She was quite shocked that Kathy would forward it to Stephanie, and possibly Jennifer too. This has nothing to do with them, and my ma never once mentioned anything about either of them in the message she sent to Kathy. She didn't bad-mouth Stephanie nor Jennifer at all. But Stephanie made it a point to bad-mouth me and my sister AND my mom.

Well, what do you expect from liberals? With them, one opposing word and they take it as a personal attack!

Yes, my mom is not totally innocent, we know that. There were things she did that I wish she hadn't. I won't mention them here, as it's family affairs only. But Stephanie seems to think that my sis and I had a hand in what happened. Stephanie barely knows me! I've only seen her a few times since her mom and my dad got together. And she hasn't been to visit my home since we lived in Lakewood. Stephanie also implied that I didn't take care of my dogs. Oooohhh I wanted to rip her throat out when she said that! She's lucky she wasn't standing in the same room with me when she said that, I'd have put her ass on the floor! But I'll save that for another time. Here's a tip, my dad exaggerated! LORD knows he was a great man, but he exaggerated the truth sometimes. Some things he said, one had to take with a grain of salt. Maybe he did exaggerate when he said Kathy doesn't like me. But Stephanie would never know, or believe, he'd say that. Whether or not it's really true. But she wants to blame my ma for saying that. Not my dad.

Stephanie also said my sis and I didn't take out our own trash. What's up with that??? I don't EVER remember getting my dad to take our trash out for us. Nothing except voluntarily. If he did take our trash out, he decided to do it on his own. I never asked him to. When we lived in Lakewood, it was different. That was his house, he came over every week, and it was his responsibility. Looks like every assumption Stephanie made was based on when we lived in dad's house. I wasn't happy there myself. Neither was my sis. Come visit my house today, then talk to me about not taking my own trash out, not cleaning my own house, and not paying my own bills. A lot of changes have taken place since I left Lakewood!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Changing Your Birth Certificate???

Oh GOD!!! This is totally dumb! I mean, I thought the INXS SJWs were the dumbest creatures on the face of this planet, but I think there is actually maybe another group out there that may be able to give them a run for their money. LOL! Some transsexual guy wants to go back to Idaho where he was born and have the state legally change the sex on his birth certificate. The man is now 28 and has identified as a girl (he claims) since he was 6. He said he went through the total "change" when he was 15. I call bullshit! If he's 28 now, then being gay was not the "in-thing" when he was 6. Being gay didn't become fashionable until the mid-early 2000s, when the liberals began running off what is natural to put up what is "socially acceptable" in the human world.

Yes, I do know there are gay animals in the wild. Though more likely, they are not really what would be considered "gay" in our world. Mostly, what they most likely are, is just bachelor groups, which is quite common among social animals. You're never going to see two male animals having anal sex with each other. "Humping" does not always constitute a sexual act. Animals do this to establish dominance. It's not necessarily a sexual thing. And I find it perplexing that lesbians do not exist in the wild. Same-sex attraction seems to only be prevalent in male animals in the wild. Why is that? If gay is so natural, howcome it only happens among male animals in the wild?

Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against being gay. I'm all for same-sex marriage if it makes that person happy. But let's face it, there were never as many gay people in the past as there are today, so, it HAS to be just a fad. TRUE gender dysphoria, which is what causes homosexuality and transsexuality, is actually very rare. It only happens naturally to about 1% of the population. The people who do have it for real, usually are upset by people who are using their disorder as a fad. But what this is about is some guy who wants to change the natural gender on his birth certificate to the gender he currently identifies with. He's suing the state of Idaho because they won't let him and he believes that is a violation of his First Amendment rights. UGH!!! BIG facepalm! I mean, there isn't a hand in this world that is big enough to cover this facepalm! You can't change your birth certificate. I'm sorry, but babies can't talk! Babies do not identify as the opposite sex. That's something that does not happen until puberty. Or it shouldn't happen until then.

But if this guy thinks he's going to be able to change his birth certificate to match his current identity, he's got another think coming. Like I said before, he was born a male, and that is what the doctor saw between his legs when he emerged from his mother's body. If he has a problem with that, he needs to take it up with GOD. Not the state of Idaho. Maybe he might get lucky and GOD will reassign him female organs. Yeah really! Like that's really gonna happen! LOL! IMO, you're not officially a female if you can't have a baby, or at least have a period. And men don't get periods! Women's bodies are designed to bear children. Though Katrina would argue that her body is not designed to bear children, because it's too painful. LOL! But we were indeed designed to have children in ways that is not possible in a man's body. Unless you are a seahorse.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

TimmyHutchFan Does Montana: Return to Bozeman

Family reunion! While my ma was here, she got an idea to go to Bozeman and have a little family reunion with my sis and the dogs. We had fun while we were there, we took a little trip to Philipsburg, had a dinner party at my sis's and my ma got a nice surprise on the last day. Though the trip to Philipsburg was a little bit marred when my sis revealed a dark secret about her past to ma. Ma got so ticked off, she even took it out on my favorite pic of my guys! I won't reveal what that secret is, but it was one my sis refused to tell my mom for many years because someone that ma considered a friend threatened to harm my sis if she told.

We stayed at a very nice hotel too, no second-class crap! LOL! But the room was a steal! Almost literally!

Anyways, it turned out to be a pretty good feature-length movie. Enjoy it!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Viral Lily Bud

Ya know I got this article today that was sent to me by a friend, and it was about a picture I have seen of Lily, Michael's daughter. There is a picture of her going around where she is standing in skimpy shorts and a t-shirt. And another of her that has her in a bikini on the beach. I've seen both of these pics. And you know where I saw them? On the MH and His Life Fan Page on Facebook. Ya know I never approved of them posting those pics. My first thought was "What if someone from Anonymous sees these pics?" You know what they do to kids posing half-naked on the internet! They trash them relentlessly. Another thing that came to mind was "What would Michael be thinking of pictures like this of his daughter going viral like they have?" I think he'd be furious! I know for sure if Lily was my child, I wouldn't like a picture like that circulating the internet!

Well, I remember when the MH And His Life group posted those pics, I did not approve of it, but when I said something about it, I was accused of being "negative". GOD I hate liberals! I didn't approve of those pics being posted then and I have not changed my mind today! See, this is why I hate the MH and His Life page on Facebook. They are, to INXS fans, what puppymillers are in the dog breeding world. They're disreputable, and they're doing everything for all the wrong reasons! They hide behind the guise of being "respectful". But they are far from being respectful. At least where Lily is concerned. I haven't posted those pics here, nor do I want to. I won't! I don't want to play any part of spreading any pics of Lily that should only stay among herself, friends and family.

The problem is you never really know who is in your group. A picture of Lily half-naked should never be posted in a group of more than 3000 members, unless you actually KNOW each and every person in the group. I'm keeping my group small. Of course it's uncensored. Those liberals would never want to join my group! LOL! At least not for long. But that's a good thing. Paula probably would not care if those pics were posted (we're talking about a woman who did celebrity interviews in her underwear!) But if I were Michael, I wouldn't want my daughter's half-naked body displayed to GOD only knows who on the internet!! When Lily is 25 years old, she can post all she wants to. But she was only 17 when that picture was taken. She's still a child! Or she was still a child.

Even if they had Lily's permission to crosspost those pics, it still doesn't make it right. Like I said, Lily was just a child. Even at 18, you cannot completely anticipate what is going to happen when you post a picture like that online. Not even a smart person like Lily can fully anticipate what will happen. You NEVER know what kind of people are in those groups. Especially a group of over 3000 members! And as we've seen this past year, there's even bad people among INXS fans. Many of them are also hiding behind friendly words and a sickening redundance of positivity! One can be too positive! Just like one can be too negative.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Creep Just Won THIS?! SERIOUSLY?! | Rob Thoughts

OMG!! This is the same exact thing that happened between me and the INXS SJWs and radicals. They were all so loudly positive that I was making fun of Kelly P. being diagnosed with cancer, that they did the exact thing Rob Dyke explains in this video! And they had absolutely NO proof of whether or not I even was talking about Kelly! Absolutely NONE! All they had to guide their verdict with was their own personal feelings. They naturally assumed I was an evil person. And I know exactly what they based that on. They based it on the fact that I speak my mind! I say exactly what I feel. SJWs HATE people like me, who tell it like it is! And I am one of those types. But I love being the one who speaks her mind. Someone's gotta do it!

The SJWs probably went into their little secret clique and said "Dee is such a horrible, nasty person and I hope she gets struck down dead for what she wrote about Kelly on her blog!" In fact, I am almost positive they did just that exact thing. Without a single shred of doubt in my mind, they did that! I'd bet my life on it. If you ask me, the only bad person in this whole scenario is the one who started the rumor. I think it was Tess Obrien. But it could have also been Kelly Poulter herself. But is anyone going to call them bad people for starting this rumor, and spreading it against a totally innocent person? No. They're not. They're going to demonize the person they don't like as much, ME. Just because I speak my mind and I am honest in my opinions. I find it hysterically funny that Rosanda told me before that one of the things she liked about me was that I have spunk and fire and I am totally honest. But yet, she was one of the first people that turned on me. Yes, she contacted me about my blog post, but it was to accuse me. Not to ask me if it was true or who or what I was thinking about when I wrote that post.

But then really, you can't go by Rosanda! Like I said before, I think she was really just angry because I don't like her friend Vincent Lamaro. I still don't! Like Katrina would say, fuck him! Those two deserve each other. They're both dumb as dirt!

Even Rob Dyke indirectly called those people dumb, because it is true they were all followers. Only a few people asked me what I was thinking about when I wrote that post, and I can tell you exactly who they were. Well, it is true, they are dumb! If they went along with what the accuser said and didn't drill me themselves for the facts. That makes them total morons. That's why I say they're dumb as dirt. Dumbest of all are those who knew I had just lost my father to cancer, and still thought I was making fun of someone else having the disease! Those people are so dumb, it's laughable! The funny part is, they're so dumb, they probably don't even know they're dumb.

Well, I am still on that one INXS group. Though I rarely post. I'm sure some of them have figured out who I am. Or maybe they still think Katrina is me. Who knows really? Only they know. But like I said, to Katrina, it doesn't matter. I haven't seen her post in that group for a while. I don't even know if she is still in there. But that's how she is with groups, she joins, and then almost never posts. Even when I had her on my own group! It was uncommon for her to post in the group. Though whether she lurks in or not, is a different thing.

Well, I am working up to posting more often, though I don't think I'll ever accept any INXS buds anymore. My sis said anytime you have people who worship bands or movie stars, they're almost always going to be liberals. So, I want to stay away from that! They can think I'm a rotten horrible person all they want to if it makes them feel good. I'm not really going to worry about it until they've actually met me and spent some time getting to know me. THEN, if they still believe I am a rotten, horrible person, only then will I allow it to shatter me as a person. But I can tell you, I've met NONE of those people yet. I came frightfully close to meeting one of them, but I invited her to visit me here. Whoopee. LOL! It was when she came to this state to pick up her own sweet puppy. But she never came here. And really, I never expected her to show up. That's one of the reasons why I said I would discuss attending her little INXS gathering when she gets here. I knew she wasn't going to show up. And really, I can't attend that gathering. I'm glad I never even made the commitment. I got too many other things in the works this year! Things that mean more to me than going to a gathering to listen to mindless, senseless gabble by a bunch of liberals and SJWs!

Ah well. I really wish no harm to these people. I don't like liberals and SJWs, and I still believe those people are dumb as dirt. Hopefully they will see the err of their ways the next time they encounter someone like me, who speaks their mind. We are not always bad people.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My girl is getting so big!! I can't wait to bring her home!!!

She's beginning to look like the breed she's supposed to. All dogs look the same when they are born, but my girl is starting to look like an individual here. She looks GOOD!!! 💓💓💓💓

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ma's Arrival

Well, my ma arrived here on Saturday night, and she says she is here for maybe 3 weeks (at the most). Oh goodie!! This is going to be loads of fun!! Got plans all planned. All those things that I couldn't do before because I didn't have a car, now I can do them. The only problem I have with this is that when she leaves back for home, I'm going to feel very sad. No more fun! No more company. Since ma arrived, I've had so much fun with her, I've actually not even thought about any troubles I've had in the past. A lot of the sadness I've felt since my pa died, is mostly gone. I've been laughing again. One of the reasons is because my ma has been telling me about this little friend of her's from work, named Lisa. She sounds like a character! She sounds like ME!!!! LOL! She's one of those people who speaks her mind and doesn't give a care. I remember when I was like that! LOL! Before my pa even got stricken down with cancer. I think I would really like ma's friend Lisa. Not many people like her either, because she's always speaking her mind, and she's a no-bullshit kind of person. Just like me! I hope to get back to that point in my life again.

I know not a lot of people like me, and that doesn't bother me either. If everyone likes you, there's something wrong with you! LOL! I know that sounds strange. But IMO, it could mean that person's a kiss-ass. No one takes those kiss-ass people seriously. I'd rather be hated for being who I am than loved for being who I'm not. Then there are those people who only like someone because of possessions they have. Or for things they've done. I saw it all the time in the INXS community. A lot of those fans would only cling to someone just because said person has met (or even befriended) Michael Hutchence. Now, I am not saying most of those people are bad people who met him, and I am happy they had pics taken with him. But that was never the reason I liked those people. I would never make friends with someone just because they were friends with Michael! That's not my style! I never was "jealous" of anyone who met Michael. I guess because I got to kiss him myself. I'm also just not the "celebrity-stalker" type. I never was. Any time I ever met any celebrities (and I've met many) it's always been by pure dumb luck! Believe it or not. I've always just been in the right place at the right time. It was never planned nor nothing. So, that is why I never felt jealous of anyone who has met Michael. Now, if you ever met Dian Fossey, THEN I would be totally jealous!!! Michael Hutchence was always easy to meet. Dian Fossey was extremely difficult to meet! And if you did meet her, it'd be pure magic if she liked you!

Like me, Dian Fossey was an introvert, she didn't make many friends herself. In fact, she only had 2 or 3 that I can recall she talked about. But I like her, I'll always like her. I admire her for being the kind of person she was and laying down her life for what she believed in. Those are the kind of people that legends are based on. Not saying Michael wasn't a legend in his own right, but Dian Fossey made history! Notice how people still remember her. But not everyone really remembers Michael. Well, those that do, seem to only remember him as being "the man who died having kinky sex". It's terrible that that is how Michael is being remembered, but let's face it, that is how he's remembered. Not for his talent, moves or even his beauty! Though he was probably the most handsome man in rock n roll history!! But people mostly remember him as being the band member that died having kinky sex. UGH!!!! The only people who remember Michael for his talent are those of us who genuinely LOVE INXS.

Well, today ma and I are going to Portland to have some fun. Going to look in some local thrift stores (not that I can get anything, but I'd like to at least try and look around). Going to have a blast today! This is what I miss, going out and having some fun with someone. Just let my hair loose and have fun!

On a funny side-note, I got a surprise call from Loretta, the woman who was supposed to drive me to Salem so I could catch a bus to go see my father in AZ. But she said she dialed my number by accident. At first, I didn't remember who she was because it'd been so long since I heard from her, and I was half asleep when I called back. Next time she dials my number by accident, I'm going to call her back and tell her to delete my number from her cell phone's contact list. I really do not want anything to do with her anymore. Not after the stunt she pulled when my father was dying! I still believe, to this day, her stupid-ass husband hurt himself on purpose! Because he wasn't getting all the attention. That's the problem I have with them. They both are selfish, irresponsible people who never think of anyone but themselves!