Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pit Bull Attack

People like this should never be allowed to own pit bulls! I've seen this video before, and this is a sick woman!! After she threatens the animal control officers she stands at her door and does a little dance. Of course here they cut that out. Oh GOD!! How old is she? She must be at least in her 30s or something. I can understand people treating their dogs like children, but this woman is indeed sick! Reminds me of Mcgillicutty, who incidentally is also a pit bull owner. At least she was when she was on my chihuahua forum.

I don't know why it is the sickest people own pit bulls. Not saying all pit bull owners are sick in the head. Just those types seem to be the ones who tend to want to own dogs like that. I've never owned a pit bull before, and I never want to. I don't dislike them, I don't blame dogs for their attacks on people. But I do get nervous with pit bulls in the same house with chihuahuas. Only the seriously demented would do things like that! That's almost like asking for trouble. Anyway, this woman has a pit bull and has ordered it to attack her landlord and his daughter, a young child!! Anyone who would make their dog attack a small child is no more than scum!! How is a little girl going to defend herself against a pit bull?? Then she makes the dog attack an animal control officer. Then she has no remorse until she finds out that she is going to jail! I'd be surprised if they let her have the dog back! But the only thing she felt bad about was that she got arrested. Nothing else. No remorse for letting her dog attack a child, no remorse for letting her dog attack the landlord or the officer. Nothing. As any true criminal type person, she only felt bad because she's going to jail. She should have been in there for a full year!!

This is a graphic video, and it makes me angry!! People like this woman give pit bulls a bad name! They are the ones who make pit bull owning illegal. Though I don't understand why it is pit bulls get all the bad press. There are worse breeds, and they are breeds that generally no one thinks is worse. Rottweilers are stronger and have been known to bite harder than a pit bull. The only thing a pit bull has that a rottweiler doesn't is jaws that interlock, and that is a typical trait for all terriers. Yet, rottweilers are not illegal anywhere that I can think of. Anyway, that woman's stupidity and desire to harm others is going to cost the dog it's life! The dog is going to be destroyed all because the owner gets such a maniacal pleasure out of making her dog attack people. I feel bad for the dog. The dog she supposedly loved. I love all my dogs. I would not send any dog to attack anyone unless I really felt my life was in danger, like a man with a gun or something. But I certainly would never deliberately send my dog to attack my landlord or an officer!! They just do their job, simple as that. There is no reason to get a dog to attack them. This woman not only gives pit bulls a bad name, she also gives fat people a bad name!!! She really pisses me off!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Feeding Newborn Puppies

Now for something for my TG Chi's site. I got an e-mail yesterday where someone had pups and one of the babies is fading. A strange and cruel phenomenon called "Fading Puppy Syndrome". No one really knows what causes it. It has been suggested that it was caused by lactose intolerance. I remember when I bred my first litter of chihuahuas, Bambi had 5 puppies, and all were born very healthy. Then one day in thier first week, the puppies started not feeding. The first one was a pup I named Tippy, he had an attack of diarrhea and then got off the nipple and retreated to a corner and constantly yelped. I was under the impression that he was just sick, but he never got back on the nipple. Just cried and cried until he got too weak. I didn't know it at the time, but he was suffering from fading puppy syndrome. Nothing I could think of could save him. The vet told me it must have been a congenital thing.

Well, someone on an old forum gave me a cure that he had for fading puppy syndrome, and it consisted of egg, goat's milk, chicken livers and plain yogurt. I thought that was too much, especially the egg. I just made up a formula with 5 parts goats milk and 1 part acidophilus yogurt. It helps! Make sure the yogurt is PLAIN!! No flavoring of any kind. You could go with like 1 cup of goat's milk and 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt. Mix it together, heat it to just about room temperature over the stove on low heat, do not let it boil or simmer. The idea is to keep the good bacteria in the yogurt working, not kill them. In the meantime, boil a large beef liver in a seperate pot with just enough water to cover the top of the liver. Make sure it is filtered water. Boil it until all the blood seeps out and the water has turned brownish in color, take out the beef liver (I just toss it away), strain the water into a bowl and allow to cool completely. Once it is cooled, mix in 1/3 cup with the yogurt mixture real well, and this is your formula for your fading puppy. Some breeders swear by it! Some add corn syrup to the mixture too. But I don't really recommend this unless the puppy is weak and limp. If that happens, add about 1 tablespoon of corn syrup to about 1/3 cup of filtered water and give the puppy 1 drop directly on the tongue. Do not tube feed the corn syrup formula.

Now, how much to give. Well, give it to the puppy every 2 hours for the first week, then every 4 hours for the second week. The puppy must be weighed. If you know the weight of your puppy, you can give it the proper dosage of formula. This is a chart I got from a book called The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog. It's a very highly recommended book if you are going to breed.

Weight of puppy....................Amount of formula at each feeding
60 g........................................................................4 cc
90 g........................................................................6 cc
120 g......................................................................8 cc
150 g.....................................................................10 cc
180 g.....................................................................12 cc
210 g.....................................................................14 cc
240 g.....................................................................16 cc
270 g.....................................................................18 cc
300 g....................................................................20 cc
330 g....................................................................22 cc
360 g....................................................................24 cc
390 g....................................................................26 cc
420 g....................................................................28 cc
450 g....................................................................30 cc
480 g....................................................................32 cc


I've heard about some fans stalking their favorite celebs, for most people, it's just a bit of harmless fun. As long as they keep it clean and remember that famous people have private lives too and want them to stay that way. Well, today I heard about a man who had been stalking Shawn Johnson from Dancing With The Stars, and he was caught at her home by police with a shot gun, a hand gun and duct tape! I saw that and I was like "WTF??" It's obvious what this man had on his mind, and I thank GOD he didn't get a chance to pull it off! I just don't see how someone can claim to love their favorite celebs so much and then turn around and do something like what this man was probably going to do to this young lady! I just don't see the logic in that at all!! GOD I hate men!!!!! LOL! When most women (unless they are gay) stalk a male celeb, they don't want to kill them. But when a man stalks a female celeb, all they ever want to do is kill them, or torture them!! Why is that??? I'll tell you why. Because men are disgusting and stupid!!!

All I know is I love Tim Farriss! I love him so much though but I never want to see him dead or tortured. I feel so much better just seeing him happy. That's all I would care about. If shooing me away from him and telling me to get lost would make him happy, believe me I would not hesitate to grant that wish for him. LOL! So far he hasn't done that but you never know. I thank my lucky stars that Tim has always been so sweet to me when we've met. Believe me I know I could never be more than a fan to him and that is OK by me! I'm not going to hang around outside his home, or call him every 5 minutes on the phone, or send him 100 e-mails a day. I just don't do things like that! I don't even have his phone # or his e-mail address and I don't even want it!! I remember on the delusional fans forum, the person called incognito tried to make me jealous by telling me she had Tim's e-mail address. LOL!! But no. I don't have it and I don't want it. She probably pestered him for it anyway. I couldn't do that. It's his choice if he wants to give it to me, nothing more. Knowing the way I am, even if I had it, I'd never use it. What would I say in an e-mail to him? Nothing he hasn't ever heard before, that's for sure!! LOL!!

Well anyway, Robert O'ryan was Johnson's stalker. He is in jail now. I think he was the one that said that he was able to communicate with Johnson through ESP and she told him that way that she wanted him. In O'ryan's case, ESP would mean Extra Stupid Perception!! I would think Johnson would already have a guy!! O'ryan claimed he traveled all the way from Florida to LA to be with her. Very different from me traveling from WA state to LA to see INXS. Because at least I am fully aware Timmy is not in any way, shape or form, interested in me!!! So I am not doing my travels to steal him from his family. I just like seeing him perform. I like seeing his face, and that is the extent of it. Nothing more. I've had people left and right accuse me of being a stalker for Tim Farriss, but I figure those people are only judging me based on what they themselves would probably do. But as I've said many times before, I am not like them, or any other people you could meet!! I'm a true individual!! If you want to truly predict me, think of what the average stalking fan would do, and then contradict it with the complete opposite. That's me. Where other fans would walk up to Timmy, I'd be moving away. I only approached him that once because I wanted that photo op with him. Then the second time because I had a dare to settle with Katrina!! She won that bet BTW.

Anyway, this is sure a crazy world we live in!! Men need to learn to get a grip!!! Take a lesson from most women. Most women are gentle and sweet, and would not hurt our favorite celebs!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lacey Is GONE!!

I wondered how long it was going to take Chef Ramsay to eliminate this parasite. He told her before she left to give everyone a proper goodbye. She did but her team mates didn't seem to care she was going. No one said good bye back. She commented before she left that her mom told her before going there not to make enemies. And that is exactly what she did there. She made nothing but enemies. By the time she left there, everyone despised her. I was like no wonder!! She's not a team-player!! In the first episode that her group lost a competition, while everyone was taking their punishment, Lacey took to her bed and cried. Who could like someone like that?? How could chef Ramsay even think for one week that she would be able to adequately manage a huge restaurant like the Borgata? Lacey was worse than me!! I've never taken to my bed and cried just because I've lost a competition! If I did that every time I lost a competition, I'd never get out of my bed and my eyes would never be dry. But I don't. I just pick up the pieces and say "better luck next time". That's how you learn to deal with things like that.

In all honesty, I think I know who is going to win this competition. I hate to give away the name, but I think the 2 finalists are going to be Andrea and Ben. Let's see what happens. Though I'd really hate to see Danny go. He is a very good worker. And he's kinda cute besides. He kinda reminds me of how Timmy looked during the FMDH era. Except for those big, Kirk-like ears, he looks great!!! But Ben is the bigger leader type. But I sure do wish I was a teenager again, I'd love to get Danny on a sofa made of Corinthian leather!!! Him and all that lovely, dark, curly hair and those deep, blue eyes. Have to do something about those ears though. Give them back to Kirk!! Give him Timmy's ears. hehe!!! If he doesn't make it good at Hell's Kitchen, he'd make a great model. Of course he wouldn't really want a fat-ass like me. But I wasn't fat as a teenager! And that is where I would be at if I were falling in love with this man.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's In The Mix

Have you ever had a dog that you just cannot figure out what breeds it is mixed with? I'm not a mutt person, but I used to work at the Humane Society and I've encountered that many times. Well, if you are interested in knowing, there is now a DNA test that can be given to determine what is in the dogs' background. Of course I have a knack for being able to look at a dog and tell what it is for the most part. In most cases you can. In this video for example, these people figured the primary breed in their mixed breeds. The primary is the dominant breed, and that is usually easiest to tell on first glance, especially if you know dogs like I do.

A good example is when I was 7 years old, we had a dog that was half collie and half St. bernard. She had the face of a collie, the coat of a collie, and the hefty body of a st. bernard and the markings of a typical st. bernard. Anyone who knew anything about dogs back then could tell what she was mixed with because they showed up so evenly on her. But in this video, these people could not figure out more than the primary breed. Of course, usually if a dog is half german shepherd dog or pit bull, those breeds usually dominate. But you'd be surprised to see what else is in the mixtures of these dogs. No one would have ever guessed had it not been for the DNA results.


I can imagine these cost a pretty penny! But if you're like me, and know dogs very well and can get an idea what is behind them by just looking at them, you can go for that. Of course even I would never have guessed that undersized pit-bull looking dog would have had bernese mountain dog as well!! Nothing but DNA results would have revealed that!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tim Is Gorgeous

I was reading this article on another site and there was something about an artist who did a painting of Tim Farriss, I love it!!! He's captured the real Timmy!!! I hope Tim loves it. This artist did things with Tim's portrait that I haven't been able to do. But then I am not that great at drawing people. The last sketch I made of Timmy, I made him look like Glenn Close as Pruella DeVille!! But this guy did a great job with Timmy's portrait! He even caught the realness in Tim's eyes! That I always thought was an impossible task. Now, I want me a copy of that painting!! I'd love to have it over my bed.

Looks like the Farriss's are a great art inspiration! First a painting of Jon was done, now this painting of Tim. All 3 of them have gorgeous faces. Having met Jon many, many times, I can tell you all, to look in his face absolutely stunned me! He is so gorgeous!!!! His eyes are deep blue and they just take you in. It helps a lot that Jon is so kind and sweet. And Tim, I don't need to tell you he is a lot more handsome in real life than he is in pictures and on television. Not that he is any less handsome in pictures. He's still a gorgeous man. Now, all we need is someone who is good and can do a portrait of Andrew. He is also a handsome man, in his own way. He's the only man I ever liked with a moustache and a beard. Though I heard he has since shaved it off. That's kindof a shame, he looked great in that, and it gave him a lot of character!! Without it, he just looks like a big, cuddly teddy bear! One that you cannot help but want to hug! Having met him several times, he is sweet enough to warrant a big hug!! I've met all of them several times. All I need now is a siggy from Timmy like the ones his younger brothers gave me. hehe! But I guess he just never thinks of things like that. But if I could get one from him like that, I'll have a completed collection of signatures from the Farriss's that have hearts and arrows. hehe! And addressed to me specifically. I never even asked them to do that! They did it on their own. I love it though! Be nice to have a complete collection like that. But if it doesn't ever happen, that is OK too. I have several good siggies from all the guys. A lot of memories are attached to each one. Like the one that I got on the Switch album. I cannot tell you what Hell I went through to get that album!!! You've heard people say "A funny thing happened to me on the way to *insert destination here*..." Well, I can say many funny things happened to me on the way to the INXS Switch album signing in LA. It was the wrong time of year to travel from here to LA. But I am so glad I went!!

Well, the thing that got me so honked off at that article is the author said Tim's face isn't that pretty. What's up with that??? Tim's face is GORGEOUS!! You hear me??

I've been hard pressed to find a man who is as kind and wonderful as Tim is with all his wonderful attributes!! He's got the most beautiful hair I've ever seen on anyone. I love his eyes. His accent gets to me every time I hear him. Well, not that I want a man that bad, and I know Tim is taken and always will be. But IF I were looking for someone, if that someone were available, and I could find someone like I just described, I'd take him in a minute!! And no, I don't want Tim himself!!! As much as I love the guy, if he were available, and I were 200 pounds thinner, I still wouldn't take him. I couldn't stand to be separated from him for months at a time while he was on tour. I don't know how his wife stands it. She must be well used to it by now though.

Anyway, here's the pic. This guy is GOOD!!!! My line of work consists mainly of sketches. I don't do much painting. Not that I couldn't if I wanted to.

Now that I would give anything to have hanging over my bed!! Compare that to this, and I think the similarity is remarkable!

I think in the painting the nose is just a little bit too large, but all in all it looks magnificent!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quote of the Day

I just wanted to save this. This was today's quote of the day:

"Few people can see genius in someone who has offended them. - Robertson Davies"

That is so true and typical of most people. Well, most people except me. I see genius in people who truly have it. Whether I like them or not. Like I said before (and everyone who has ever gotten to know me), I'm not like other people. I'm always honest, no matter what. But I see it all the time, people think just because someone doesn't like them, or says whatever is on their minds, that they are stupid or cannot do anything. I was glad to read this quote. I now know I am not the only person who has seen this as typical human behavior.

But then people judge others on what they like, and in such everyone has their own taste. Take for example, art. I think I do good sketches, a lot of people have told me I do great artwork. Not everyone though, because my style does not satisfy everyone. I learned that early on. Some people like my drawings while others don't. It's OK by me! I don't like Dali or Picasso's paintings. Doesn't mean my opinion is right or the only one there is. Well, you know what I mean. There are those though who base their opinions of my talent on their personal feelings about me. It's their business if they want to close their minds that way, but those people I tend to generally not listen to. They don't count. LOL! And yes, I can tell those people are basing their views on their personal feelings for me. It's not hard to see that when you've been at this as long as I have.

LOL! I remember when I was a little kid (about 5 or 6 years old) it used to make me feel sad when people said they didn't like my drawings. Now, I'm like "so what." I don't even flinch. I just chalk it up to that my style is just not their style. Anyone who bases their opinions of my work on how they feel about me personally are worthless anyway.

Good News

The apartment above us has been rented, to my ma and stepfather. It's going to be nice to have someone here that I know very well. I tried to get my stepfather a job at the local casino, but he took one look at the place and said he doesn't want to work there. I don't know why, it's a great place. He's got a great personality, he'd have been a huge success there! But no, he wants to stay where he is and commute. It's a 2-hour drive (at the most) from here to Olympia. But it's his business if he wants to commute.

Ma is going to try and get a job here. It shouldn't be too tough. She has a lot of options, and she has never had trouble getting a job anywhere that I can remember. She's like Anna. She can get work anywhere and everyone will love her. Me, I'm just lucky I'm a damn good worker! I don't go to my job to make friends and everyone seems to know that. Geez, I never realized how bad that sounded until I wrote that. Not that I don't like the people I work with. Most of them anyway.

Well, now that ma and John will be moving upstairs, I'll have to think of ways for all of us to enjoy it out here. I don't want them moving away. I sure do hope they enjoy it here. Well, yesterday we had a rare day, it was rainy all day. I haven't seen a day like that since the day after we moved here. I still remember what it was like the day we moved here. We slept in the car our first night. It was COLD!!! But our electricity hadn't been turned on yet, and all we had back then were the airbeds. So without electricity, we couldn't inflate them, so we had to sleep in the car. It wouldn't have been so bad except that it was freezing that night. Well, the next day our electricity was turned on and we were finally able to inflate our beds and sleep in a warmer environment. Well, at least it was a good adventure. That's something I could tell my grandkids about. Well, whatever you call the children of your nieces and nephews. LOL!

Well, ma won't have to do that, she's calling ahead of time to have the electricity turned on in that apartment. Thank goodness for that!! I should have done that before we moved here, but we moved here a bit unexpectedly. And I know my memory besides. I forgot!!! Ma is planning, and should be into her new home this weekend. Going to be fun. And at least I won't get lonely when Anna goes off to Bozeman to school. She leaves this weekend to meet there for a college tour. She is so excited, and I am excited for her!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Good Roast

You know, it seems everyone visited my blog more and I got more comments (either off this blog or on it) when I was roasting people!! When I was talking about the delusional fans forum, the dirty dozen mob, DonnaG and her supporters and how much I despise stuck-up show breeders! Kinda sad really. No one wants to read about the good things in my life, all they want to read are rants and ragings. That really sucks!! What does that say about the people in this World? Though I had a perfectly good topic going with the INXS vs. JD Fortune drama. I only hope that the silence going on in that subject now can only mean that something has been worked out. But that would be a slightly delusional thought. We won't really know until the new INXS website is completed and the next album has been cut. JD is still listed on their MySpace and Facebook as the lead singer. He's also still listed on the site as such. But with the site experiencing reconstruction now, that is apt to change soon.

Metalraptor told me that in this blog, I sound like I am becoming too obsessed with getting even with Viergacht and JohnFaa, so I have to quit that too! I don't want to become what they've become. Or may have always been. I knew it was going to take a long time to shed old habits. I've always been the type that I don't get mad, I get even and I just wanted to point out to some negative nellies out there that I can indeed do anything I put my mind to. I set out to create a cute clip with the dogs that would win (actually I didn't expect it to win) but that is what I did! It won first place! Now, I want to do it again. Now that people who really matter have told me that I have talent in film-making, I have the confidence implanted, and I can go on with this hobby. Those people who matter judged my abilities from an UNbiased viewpoint. Something that Viergacht and JohnFaa would never have been able to give me. But who cares!? They're sickos anyway! No one likes JohnFaa. He thinks they do, but from what I've heard they really don't. I would have liked him, he actually had me on his side once. But not no more!! Not after he shit on me behind my back, and then dropped the F-bomb on me after I confronted him. No way!! The only one who likes him is Viergacht, and Viergacht is nuts and not a decent person, and probably only likes him because JohnFaa agrees with everything he says.

I was thumbing around on my chihuahua website and I stumbled upon the blog of someone I used to know back when I bred chihuahuas. She had major surgery. She is recovering now, but I know how it is to have surgery. I've had 2, one major, in my life and it is scary. She also mentioned how she just lost a dog. I felt bad for her! She said though that she can still feel that dog's presence in her home. I know that feeling too. After I lost Groucho, I could still feel her presence in my home! I haven't felt her here though, I think we left her at the other house. That's a sad thing. One day I was lying in my bed, and I swore I could see what looked like an outlining of her sleeping on that big, blue blanket she loved so much. It was clear, yet faint. It looked almost like a silhouette of her. I never said anything because people would have just dismissed it as a grieving pet owner who just wants to see her dog again. But I saw it.

I didn't say anything to her, probably for pretty much the same reason I didn't call this other breeder who was sick in the hospital. I would have, but I didn't want my phone # getting out to her, and perhaps to other show breeders and somehow reaching Rita. But Rita even used to bad-mouth this person I am speaking of. Just like she bad-mouthed almost every other breeder I've ever known, always behind their back too. Rita said this woman is just in this business for the money and not for the betterment of the Chihuahua breed. This woman I speak of has done a lot of business with Burgundy, as did Rita. Shows how big a hypocrite Rita is!! I was just uncomfortable around show breeders. Oh I remember Anna and I used to go to handling classes in Olympia!! UGH!!!

There was a woman who always came in with a younger man, I guess he was her son, he looked like he was up in his teens or early 20s. They always brought in italian greyhounds. A cute breed, but that woman was creepy!! And stuck-up! I mean, you could look up "snobby show breeders" in the dictionary and there would have been a picture of this woman's face on there, I swear to you. Anna was doing the ring thing in that class and that woman was standing beside her. Odessa wanted to socialize with that woman's dog, and I kept telling Anna to keep Odessa away from that woman! Anna said "Well, let her socialize!" I walked up to her, in the middle of the class, and I whispered to her "I don't trust this woman! She looks like a serial killer!" She did too! She never smiled, never spoke, always had a frown on her face and her eyebrows fixed in a defiant snear. I always waited until she was LONG gone whenever she was there before we headed to our car because it was night out when our class was done, and I did not trust that woman!!! I don't think she ever bathed either. I made the mistake once of going to the restroom after her, don't ever do that!! She had body odor that topped that of every dog in the class! But as long as she was there, I just rushed into the restroom, shut and locked the door behind me! Thankfully, she never stood around to socialize, she always just got her dogs and kid and left immediately after class.

I'm to a point now where I just say I despize the snobby breeders. I've met some that were actually quite nice. Unfortunately those kind of breeders are really very rare. More of them are like that woman at the handling class with the italian greyhounds. At least her dogs looked clean. Cleaner than she did. Well, that was the end of handling class for me. Unless I could have private classes, that was it! I didn't want to risk bumping into her again. That is what I am afraid of about show breeders. If all of them are like that it'll drive all potential pet owners right into the clutches of backyard breeders. I know I wouldn't want to deal with someone with anti-social tendencies if I am looking for a puppy. Neither does anyone I know. That's why pet stores tell their employees to be nice to the customers. They make hefty commissions when they are nicer to the customers. But now most pet stores only sell pups that are ACA registered. Then, with the rise in designer mutts out there being bred, I must question the purity of those pups. I like purebreeds. I'm not a mutt person by any stretch of the imagination. I don't know why, purebreeds just fascinate me. At least with them, you know what you're getting. With a mutt you could get something that looks good and is tiny when you first get it and might grow to be 5 pounds as an estimated adult weight. But then when it grows, everything may not be where it was when you got it, and the tiny pup you got and expected to not get bigger than 5 pounds, winds up weighing 25 pounds!

Chihuahuas are unpredictable in growth anyway. I thought Vegas was going to be a 10-pounder for sure! He weighed 2 pounds at 4 weeks and was FAT!! But he is now 2 years old and weighs 4 pounds. He looks better than Odessa conformation-wise.

Well, on to another subject, Obama. I will hand him this, he is a fast worker. He said something very offensive about the Special Olympics though. I am glad he apologized for that remark. I hope this isn't a view of things to come. People voted for Obama because they said he was intelligent. Well, that comment about disabled people was not a very intelligent comment! Well, we all have word-slips and brain-farts. I just hope that is the last time he says something like that.

Then I saw this: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090322/ap_on_go_pr_wh/obama_economy. Could this be true? It's still early in the game. But I can tell you I still do not trust Obama. Now that he is in the White House, I find it very scary. I remember someone on the Pluba forums (not mentioning any names) said Obama was a good person. She claimed she has a knack for being able to tell who is a good person and who isn't. When she said that I was like "I don't know!" She thought Ankhu was a good person on that forum, and greets her with open arms. I always hated Ankhu!! She was everything I hate about show breeders and much MORE!! Definately NOT a good person! So, I wouldn't think I could trust this person's judgment. Nothing personal, just her judgment is obviously not as good as mine is. Didn't make me feel better when she raved about Obama.

Let me tell you all about how sharp my instincts are. I remember back in 2003, I was in an e-mail group that discussed the different colors of chihuahuas. A man named Rob Wyer was on there. I didn't like him at all, from day 1. He never did anything to me, but I just didn't like him. I thought it was just me. Everyone else (including this young woman I spoke of before) all thought he was a wonderful person, he even played Santa that Christmas for the children in the hospital. I thought I misjudged him and tried to like him. But I just couldn't. My instincts kept shouting at me that he was evil! The next year, I started hearing one by one by people that he was a liar, a thief, a swindler, and 2 years later, I found out he was a racist!! I can forgive a lot of things, but racism is not one of them!! Then I understood why I didn't like him before, and hated him even more after that! He was a show person, and had some lovely chihuahuas. But when he commented to someone that they were now allowing n*****s to show, it made me so angry!!! Those were HIS words, NOT mine!!! I'd NEVER say something like that! But there is an indication that my instincts are razor sharp! When they talk, I listen.

New Singer For INXS?

Maybe. Though I would more love to see INXS work things out with JD before going to look for a new lead singer. But if they were going to look for a singer, I think I know of a darn good candidate. His name is Vance Lee, and he has exceptional talent, and he really looks up to INXS. He's one of my buds on MySpace, and he sent me this video. He is doing the song, Bitter Tears, and he does sound a little like Michael Hutchence. Of course he has his own tones and pitches, everyone does. But he is one of those blessed with a powerful voice. He will surely be going places!

Anyway, I wanted to post this up just in case INXS happens to be looking in, though I don't expect it! But IF they are, and still looking for someone to take JD's place. This young man could do it. That's IF they just cannot seem to work things out with JD. I'd rather they tried to, because I really truly hate to see the relationship they built up with JD to end the way it seems to. Chris Murphy, I like the guy, nothing personal but he needs to back off and leave the guys to work it out with JD alone. But if things cannot get worked out, here is a nice young man who has a lot of potential:

You know, my sis Anna and I have been working on a movie script to do this summer. It's a movie about 2 stupid chicks (played by me and Anna) in Yellowstone National Park. I want it to head up a series of "Stupid Chick" movies. I wonder how much INXS would charge to do the music for the movie? hehe! Seriously, I mean that! All movies have music, and to show I still have faith in the band, I'd surely hire them to do the music. If nothing else, I would love to use their back catalogue, because I'd love to also do Stupid Chicks in Vegas. Pretty Vegas would be great for travel music in that movie!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

We Won!!

We won first place!! I wanted to make sure of it before I wrote anything. But we won!! We were among the top 2 finalists, and they chose Anna's movie among all of them. I never even expected us to make the top 2 finalists! It was exciting that we did!! And Viergacht and his friends laughed at me when I said I wanted to take up film making. The movie was based on my idea, I did the camera, the script and all. Anna was the actress and she came up with some lines too. But I gave her the credit. I may just take up movie making now! If for nothing else but just to piss off Viergacht! Forgive me for bragging, but I feel like that right was bought and paid for.

Lemme tell you all something about Viergacht, OK? He's the kind of idiot that would call Gordon Ramsay a dunderhead if he was trying to be a cook. We all know Gordon Ramsay is a master chef! A genius in his field. But he is a lot like me, he says what is on his mind, and doesn't sugar-coat anything. Him being a master chef, I love that about him. I am probably the first person after Dixon to create a World of the future, I have books about the creatures of my Metazoic world that are older than a lot of the people on the SE forum!! I learned a lot about evolution in general, I have every book ever made on the subject, and I've taken it all in. But of course I have my own opinions. I don't see myself as THE authority on future evolution, but I think I'm pretty well up there. Certainly high above JohnFaa and Viergacht!

So I don't know who these dunderheads were that Viergacht was talking about that cannot be compared to Van Gogh and other such artists, but it sure wasn't me!! LOL!! And this is proof! We might do it all again next year. Anna and I were sketching a bit on the way home, and we came up with another little skit to do with the dogs next year.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

When Opportunity Knocks

Well, you know what they say about when opportunity knocks, you'd better open the door! Today I walked into a store and found some darned good laptop computers on sale for less than $500! We happened to have enough in the bank to accommodate the purchase of one of those laptops, so that is what we did! I now am the proud owner of an awesome new laptop computer!! So far I love it!! It's got touch-sensitive buttons that control the DVD player/recorder! They are so cool! Got 4 gigs of memory, and 260 GB capacity hard drive. Of course I won't be saving anything on here, I still have my little 1 TB external drive that I will be saving everything on. I only put my INXS pics on here so I can keep my Timmy on my desktop.

I want to keep Metalraptor as an author on my Metazoic blog, he really livens things up on there. Besides, I kinda like having another author there. But I will also be going back to making posts on that blog. I was thumbing back on some posts I made about the people on the SE forum. I noticed that I dissed a guy who calls himself Venatosaurus on there. In case he or anyone else saw that, I wanted to let everyone know Venatosaurus and I have since made up, and he showed me some of the animals from his upcoming site. I really like his carnivorous duiker. Duikers will indeed become carnivorous. However, I am only apologizing to Venatosaurus. JohnFaa and Viergacht are still on my shit-list. Oh, and I have a special surprise for Viergacht! *VBG* I will be announcing it tomorrow night! Oh, and believe me, he is going to *LOVE* it!! LOLOL!!! I would announce it now, but I want to make absolutely sure about it before I say anything. I already told the news to Katrina, Eva and my other friends. I just haven't told ma and pa yet. I'm waiting for when ma comes here hopefully next week, and pa should be coming in May. I should call him and tell him the news, he'll love it too! But in a very different way than Viergacht, because Anna and I.......... well, I don't want to give it away just yet! I love mysteries. hehe! All I will say now is I LOVE having chihuahuas!!!!!!!

Well, I just wanted to announce that I am officially back, with my own computer forever!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Best All-Time Stupid Shows

OK, because I do not like dwelling on the negative, I thought I would list some TV shows that are plenty stupid, but for some reason I enjoy them. They are the best of the worst in my opinion. This is also to show that I do not necessarily dislike something just because I think it's stupid. Some stupid things are fun.

Married, With Children - definately a stupid show that stars Ed O'Neil and Christina Applegate. It is stupid because of the way the father makes fun of fat women, and the mom and kids make fun of the father. Then how everyone makes fun of a man who sells shoes. What's up with that?? Not all shoe salesmen are jerks. Though they don't exist anymore because people can pick out their own shoes. But anyway, as stupid as this show may be, it is funny.

My Favorite Martian - A show that you know was supposed to be made for adults, but the appeal is more in favor of the child-side in us. I guess that's why I like this show that stars Ray Walston and Bill Bixby. It is old, and it is corny in some cases, but it definitely does well in giving me a good belly-laugh sometimes. Besides that, I miss Bill Bixby!!

Gomer Pyle, USMC - This show that stars Jim Nabors is a bit on the corny side because he represents a hick that was raised in the country with mild-mannered, country habits and was drafted into the Marine Corps which has a very city-guy feel. Being originally a country, southern girl, I can relate. Which I guess is why I enjoy this ridiculously funny show.

Fast Times - This became a sitcom in 1986 I believe, and was a spin-off of the 1982 movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High. The show starred Dean Cameron as the teenage surf-monger Spicoli, and Wally Ward as Ratner, who longed for a girl Stacy (played by Courtney Thorne-Smith) who would not give him the time of day at first. It also starred Ray Walston (as did the original movie) as Mr. Hand, and I guess that was one contributing factor to my interest in this painfully short-lived, but corny, series.

Gilligan's Island - I think it's pretty safe to say that any sitcom that stars Bob Denver is going to be pretty dang corny, but outrageously funny! Such is the case for Gilligan's Island. Alan Hale plays the part of a skipper who acts like a tyrant, while Denver plays the meek and mousey little helper and first mate. Bob Denver was actually my first crush as a child, so that kinda paved the way for my interest in this show. But it is still very corny and funny.

Well, that's my list of the best of the worst. But it is these corny plots that make these shows what they really are and meant to be: funny!!!

Worst All-Time Programs

My sis Anna gave me the idea for this topic, as we started discussing this the other day when I listed my top worst songs in history (or worst music, take your choice). I seem to have got off the subject of just picking out worst songs to going all the way and picking out the worst music as well. Anyway, now I want to discuss the worst programs I've ever seen on television. Programs that I personally always tend to ask why they were ever made in the first place.

The 700 Club - This one definitely tops my list of worst ever TV shows! If I was going to pick a show and say I wish it had never been made, it'd be this one. I never will forgive this show for altering my ma's mind in the early 80s. It led her to believe all rock music was evil. It altered her mind so much that my sis Anna had a collection of rare songs, and ma just went into her room one day while she was in school and threw all the music away. When we asked why she did that, she said because the 700 Club said that there were "hidden messages" of Satan worship in all rock music. Oh BROTHER!!!!

The Greatest American Hero - One of those cheesy early 80s sitcoms. My ma used to like this crap. I confess I like the opening theme song, it was the only reason to ever watch this show, but once the theme was over, turn off the TV!! The show is nothing but crap!!

Family Matters - The show that discovered the Oleson twins. Why I wonder? Even as babies, those chicks were ugly as sin! They had eyes like ostriches and the schnoz of mules. They seem to be what brought ugly to become "the in thing". Anyway I did notice after they became popular, all animation went down the tube.

Spongebob Squarepants - OK, on with the kiddie cartoons. This is one of the worst. It is stupidity in it's purest form. I've bashed it before on this blog. And what's this about a sponge falling in love with a squirrel? A sea creature falling in love with a land creature! It's dumb!! And the drawings used to illustrate this cartoon leaves much to be desired. I could make better characters using my feet while blindfolded! When I heard that Johnny Depp was doing one of the voices for the latest Spongebob movie, my respect level for that actor went right down the tube!

Rugrats - This cartoon is not only filled with shitty animation, and drawings, but it seems to teach kids nothing except how to disrespect each other and adults. IMO, kiddie shows can be fun and educational as well. They were when I was growing up. I think Nickelodeon really got off track with this cartoon! There is no good educational value in this program at all.

Family Ties - My sis Anna likes this crap. But I could never get to like it at all. First of all, I don't care for Michael J. Fox. Second, it's just a dumb show! Seems all he is interested in in this show is who is republican or democrat! UGH!!!!

Sesame Street - I'm not talking about the old school SS that I grew up with, I'm talking about the Sesame Street that Elmo has invaded and altered so badly. It SUCKS now as a show!!! You cannot watch a single episode nowadays without seeing Elmo's cheesy face!! The name of the show might as well be changed to "Elmo's Street" because it just isn't Sesame Street anymore. It's not only stupid, but sad too. I have a collection of old school Sesame Street (before Elmo came into the picture) both on audio and video, and sometimes when I listen to them, it brings tears to my eyes because it's a grim reminder of how progress can really SUCK!!!

Big Cat Diary - I just HATE large felines. Enough said! Any program devoted strictly to them is stupid in my book.

The Andy Griffith Show - One of the classics, but this one is dumb! Though I like some of it's offshoot programs, like Gomer Pyle. My ma likes this crap though.

Well those are some of the dumbest shows I can think of right off the top of my head. I'm sure there is more somewhere, but I just cannot think of them right now. Keep in mind, this is only my own opinion. I'm sure there are people who disagree with my list, and probably have a list of their own, maybe even a list that includes some shows I love. Who knows? Usually I am pretty flexible about TV shows, as much as I am about music. But these shows I've listed have committed the unforgivable sin of being unequivocally STUPID!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Worst All-Time Songs

I was reading another blog and someone listed the songs that in his opinion were torture. Some I would definitely agree with. For example, anything from Brittney Spears or Meatloaf would be torture. For some reason there are people in this World who like that crap. I cannot even begin to imagine being locked up in a room with nothing but Brittney Spears and Meatloaf running constantly, day after day, with no way to turn it off!! That would be my worst nightmare come true!!! Well, this person listed his top 10 list of worst songs in history. I'm pretty much a music lover, I'm pretty flexible when it comes to music. I can listen to anything from almost any band (though I've proven more than once that INXS tops the list as my favorite band), so for me to say a song is like a needle sticking in my ears, that's pretty darned bad! I cannot promise there will be a full list of 10 songs, but some of the worst songs I've ever heard are (in no particular order):

Elmo's Song - from Sesame Street's little red fiend, Elmo. OK, this guy listed a couple of kiddie songs, the Sesame Street Theme Song and Barney's "I Love You". At first I thought he was jerking everyone around and trying to fill up space in the most desperate way by listing songs for children, which it would not really be fair for an adult to rate. While I agree Barney's song is indeed worthy of the title of being one of the worst, I believe Elmo's Song is even more annoying! Not only is Elmo ugly, stupid and annoying in every conceivable way, his song is everything he is and more!! Making it one of the worst and stupidest songs I've ever heard.

I Ran - by Flock of Seagulls. The song really SUCKS!!! It has no rhythm, not much of a melody, and the idiots who croak out the words can't even sing for shit!!! This is one song you will NEVER hear from my ipod!!

She Blinded Me With Science - by Thomas Dolby. I've been blinded by science before, but Dolby was a jerk to come out with this song!! Like a lot of songs from the 1982-83 era, it's simply cheesy!! Too stupid to exist! Thank GOD those years are long over with!

Hungry Like the Wolf - by Duran Duran. I have often admitted to not liking Duran in the 1980s and took pains to avoid hearing them. IMO, a lot of their songs from the 80s were stupid, but this one tops them all off! When I hear this song on the radio, I remember why I didn't like this group in the 80s and turn it off to listen to some of their 90s stuff, which is 1000 million times better than this crap of a song!!

I Don't Want to Fall In Love - by Jane Child. Among the ultimate in stupidity of songs. When I first heard this parrot squawking on the radio, I wanted to punch her in the face and turn off the music. This song has about as much personality as a test pattern on television. It SUCKS!!!

Tempted - by Squeeze. Just the first couple of bars from this song makes me want to do nothing but turn it off! It reminds me a lot of what Metalraptor says about most peoples' blogs, the kind of blogs that say "I got up this morning, pulled the covers from over my head, marched to the bathroom, took a dump...etc" you get the picture. This song was a lousy way to start off the 80s, and no doubt led to the endless line of cheesy music that followed in the earliest years of the decade.

This is not even the last of it. I also hate specific groups (bands), and these groups I would never even give a listen to no matter how popular they are with other people:

Oasis - The first on my list of crap bands! Their songs are too dark and creepy. Besides the fact that these morons bad-mouthed INXS, even after Michael was so nice and kind to them and even handed them their aria award.

Brittney Spears - This bitch I just want to knock out with a good, swift arm-bludgeon to the head! She annoys me every time she opens the crack in her face!!! The same crack she probably stole from her ass. As many plastic surgeries as she's had, I wouldn't doubt it!

Meatloaf - As I said at the beginning of this blog, Meatloaf SUCKS!!! Anyone who puts anything Meatloaf on their list of worst songs, I can say for sure it is very well deserved! The man can't carry a tune without his damn voice cracking. Makes his music sound more like a cross between R&B and country, with far too much emphasis on the country side.

The Doors - I remember back in the early days of INXS forums, people shunned me because I hated the Doors! I guess they thought the only way to get me to like the Doors was to shit-talk me as a person. Too bad it didn't work! I still hate the Doors!!! Their music is like that of Oasis. Too dark and creepy for me.

Then, there is the genre thing. These are types of music where I don't like most of the bands or most of the songs. Again, I don't care how popular they are with most people, I still can't stand this shit:

Anything rap - I hate rap music with a burning passion!!! Especially when they started ripping off the classics, like that one song that mimicks the Bee Gees's "Staying Alive".

Anything R&B - I like the old-style R&B. My sis Anna listens to this crap today, but it is too slow and too wimpy for me to boogie to.

Most country songs - Though there are some that sound OK, most country music is too whiny and wimpy for me. Like Meatloaf's music! But for some of the faster country songs with less whining, that sound more like rock n roll (and there are some of those), they're OK.

Well, those are the worst things in music, keep in mind, it's only my own opinion. There are undoubtedly others who would disagree with me, and probably have their own list of worst songs in history.

***********EDIT TO ADD*************

2 more worsts in music, IMO:

Alannis Morrisette - I hate this woman! Normally, I don't take to female singers at all. I'm not saying women cannot be good singers, I just don't normally take to them as well as I do to male singers. But this woman does not even sing! She screeches! I can't stand her! Her "singing" is like a needle in my ear!!

Sinead O'Connor - I cannot even believe I forgot this woman! How could I? She was horrible!! I don't even know why her song became so popular. She whines too much!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Reserve Band

You know, I know I said I wouldn't know what to do if INXS retire. I've just been such a big fan of their's for such a long time that I didn't have a reserve band to turn to, attend concerts of, or purchase the CDs of. However, having watched my Rockstar: INXS series again, I was thinking perhaps of my "reserve" band being the Lovehammers. I always did like Marty Casey. He was one of the better looking of the rockers, and I love how he sang "Wish You Were Here". Every time I hear him sing that song, it brings tears to my eyes, because it makes me think of my Groucho. Marty was no good for INXS, because he is a much harder rocker than INXS has been in the past. But he is awesome with his own band. And Dino is cute besides.

Just to let everyone know, maybe my musical life would not end with INXS's retirement. When I heard that Marty sang "Wish You Were Here" on his last tour, I was beating myself for not going to one of his concerts! Hopefully I can catch him doing that again. Hopefully. I need to join the Lovehammers site! Then I can at least get some tour dates. Not sure if they will ever come to this neck of the woods, but it'd be handy to know anyway.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hell Kitchen

I can't believe it! Andrea was the worst tonight, but Coi was eliminated! Asshole!! Thanks a lot Andrea!! I agreed with Carol, I wanted to punch Andrea in the throat too. Or better still in the face. Coi should not have been eliminated. And why she was eliminated was ridiculous! Because she made one lousy little mistake and didn't have the burgers ready. It was like the only mistake she's ever made in that kitchen, yet she was eliminated. And it's all Andrea's fault! UGH!!

OK, I'm done. I just wanted to rant. LORD knows I have nothing but respect for Gordon Ramsay, but I think he made a huge mistake tonight. I just had to say something once again.

My Last Post

I think Metalraptor is getting annoyed with me. He didn't like my last post. But when I heard that the people on the SE forum were still griping about me I had to say something! I even said on my Metazoic blog that certain people were going to get their's really soon! It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that it would all come out eventually. I just didn't want to do it on my Metazoica blog because that blog is specifically to discuss Metazoica and other scientific topics. Then I heard that the people on the SE forum see me as a villain and JohnFaa and Viergacht as the martyrs, I had to set the record straight. JohnFaa and Viergacht think they were not at fault when I told them they were dumbasses. But what they didn't understand (and probably still don't understand) was that they did start it. Right after I left that forum, JohnFaa took it upon himself to start bashing my Metazoica project. I always knew he didn't like it, but it wasn't until after I left that forum that he started really bashing it, and even got into an all-out war with a patron who calls himself Canis Lupus. I am forever grateful to Canis for defending my project, but I was so shocked that JohnFaa could not say all his BS about my project to my face, instead of waiting until I left the forum to do it. I knew he was capable of saying it to my face if he wanted to, but he chose not to. Then Viergacht joined JohnFaa in bashing my project, and I'd never even met this idiot.

I still have not been into the SE forum since I said good bye, not even as a lurker. But when I hear all this kind of stuff going on, you know what that means: I have to respond. They are acting like the martyrs now, and have everyone on that forum believing they are the innocent victims, and I am the horrible villain who has victimized them. But they are so wrong about that. Actually, there are no innocent victims in this matter, just some people who should have kept their mouths SHUT, and got over their prejudices, instead of getting them more heated just because I left the forum.

It's not really like I didn't expect that to happen. I don't know why it is so, but for some reason, a lot of people feel like just because a person leaves a group or forum, then that gives them the green light to freely ridicule, cuss-out and belittle someone. Anything to provoke that person into coming back to their forum and respond negativly to their remarks. Looks like the people of the SE forum are no exception to that rule.

But then again, maybe it's just like Katrina said, Viergacht and JohnFaa are manipulating them. The only reason I cannot defend myself there is because I don't consider myself to be a member of that forum anymore. When I decided to make a personal change, I decided to leave all forums behind, including the SE forum. It's a shame that JohnFaa and Viergacht have control over what most of those people on that forum think, and the only way I can defend myself is on this blog. I don't even think they read this blog, LOL! I can only hope the people on the SE forum learn soon that JohnFaa and Viergacht are not good role models. The sooner they learn that, the sooner they can get on with discussing speculative evolution and have fun doing so. This is why I work alone.

Just a little hint here, you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep, and the way they handle constructive criticism. Those are 2 things I learned early on in life. For me, constructive criticism is something I thrive on. It's suggestions on how to live a better life. Though I admit it's all in the way it is given. I always try to be diplomatic because I don't want to hurt anyone, but a lot of people just seem to take what I say as being hurtful. But I've got to tell them the truth. No matter how hard a person tries, there really is just no way of sugar-coating the truth. Though I admit when I don't like someone, like JohnFaa and Viergacht, telling it to them like it is with no sugar-coating is so much simpler. That's why I love Timmy so much, and JD Fortune too! Both of them tell it like it is. I was watching my Rockstar series, and I notice I have so much in common with both of them. LORD I remember how angry the fans of the rockers on Rockstar: INXS used to get at INXS for giving the rockers criticism. It made the fans angry (all except me) but the rockers confessed in the end that it turned them into better rockers and better performers.

Though I don't always admit it, I like to take a little bit of criticism I learn from everybody I meet and apply it to my existance. Maybe someday I can become a much better person. I admit it, though I don't like to dwell too heavily on my negative points, I'm not flawless. I've even learned some things from people I didn't really care for. But it is so much easier to listen to people I like!!

Katrina came for a visit last week and we palled around. I told her a few things I learned. I said some people thought that just because I said I was going to be away for a while that they could take that time to get nastier about my project. I'm sorry if my friends don't like me getting even, but I had to say something. I could not just stand idly by and let them bash me as a person, and my project when they don't even know me (outside the forum), without saying something in my defense. It may make me look like a jerk, but if I say nothing, it makes me feel like I'm letting them run all over me. Though I am trying not to look like Passion Wolf on the Pluba forums and justify my actions with more BS. But I feel like this is a court of law and I am just giving my side of the story. And anyone who Googles "Metazoica" will be able to read this and see for themselves.

I know I said I'd be away for a while, but my sis Anna is letting me use her computer every day now. That is until next week when her college finals are underway for this semester, then she said she will be needing this computer back. So I will be off that week for sure. Then she goes to Bozeman, MT to explore their university. She can't wait and neither can I. A whole week all by myself. Just me and the dogs.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Wonder...

I wonder how this one person is doing that was hospitalized with heart problems. I was going to call her and send my well-wishes, but I decided against it. First of all, I doubt she even remembers me. Second, if she did remember me, I didn't want to risk her possibly giving my phone # to "Rita". I don't want that woman to have it!!! Thankfully I am unlisted now, so she cannot even get it in the phone book. No doubt "Rita" is still going around spreading gossip and BS about me. But hey! That's OK. She doesn't even know me, and anyone who listens to her is nothing but a fool. All "Rita" knows about me is based on a breeding I did ages ago, before I knew anything about dog shows, backyard breeders and pedigree research. Back in those days, people still just bred dogs for the fun of it, not to win some blue or purple ribbons at a snobby dog show! And if I wanted to be in a show, I'd move to Hollywood! Simple as that! Or I'd answer to these ads where people offered to pay ME. Not me pay THEM! Most likely though, they'd be paying me to stay OFF the camera! LOL!

I always said I'd be the World's worst show breeder. Not because of the breeding and showing of dogs. But because the one thing I learned about show breeders (especially from Pluba and that e-mail group I was once a member of) is that show breeders like to listen to gossip. They love drama, and they will believe anything anyone tells them about someone whether the person spreading the gossip really knows the person they are gossiping about or not. Just as long as the person spreading the gossip has a lot of show wins and purple ribbons, that's all that matters to them. This is the internet age! It's amazing how many people think they know everything there is to know about someone just by words stated on the internet. And that is not my style. I prefer to meet someone, get to know them, talk to them, then make final judgments. Some people do seem scary on the internet though! But I can honestly tell you I have never cussed someone out or anything of that nature in life or on the internet. There are some people whose internet persona I don't care for, but again, this is the INTERNET. People can be the biggest ass there is on a computer, but then when you meet them in person, they may be the sweetest person you'll ever meet. That is why I prefer not to make any final judgments on someone until I've actually met them.

I have toned down my character a wee bit. I know I still have a long way to go now. But I have met enough show breeders to know that they even admit themselves that they don't like people in general. One person said that in order to do really good for the animals, you have to really hate people. A lot of show breeders I've noticed live up to that. A lot of the ones I met were very insecure people. Sometimes I wonder why. Maybe their parents beat them up as children. Or, if their parents were also show breeders, maybe they felt neglected because the parents paid more attention to the dogs (or cats) than they did to them. Or maybe the parents paid more attention to outside sources than they did to them. Who really knows except maybe the show breeders themselves. But a lot of the show breeders I've met show that classic symptom of some kind of neglect which led to them being insecure adults. That's why they feel the need to put down the little people, like me. I was never very big in the show world. I showed Odessa a couple of times, but that was it. I never claimed to be a show breeder. Though I did buy Odessa with the intent to show her, as she was sold to us as a show prospect. We did try, we just could not get into showing and getting into the ring. And now that I know the kind of people behind the dogs, I can understand why! I was completely uncomfortable at dog shows!! And not just because of "Rita", though she was reason enough. I know for a fact that she was gossiping about me and Anna at the last show we went to. Because a man who I didn't even know and never met, kept giving me and Anna the "evil-eye", and he had been talking to "Rita" throughout the course of that show. So his reasons for snubbing me the way he did had to have been because of something "Rita" said to him. And that is why I'd make the World's worst show breeder. I'd have told "Rita" to bugger off, and let me get to know the person she is gossiping about for myself. I don't want to throw away someone who could become a potential friend just because of some mindless gossip. Especially if I had found out Rita did not even really know the person she was gossiping about, and she did not know me or Anna very well.

In essence, Rita is another JohnFaa. I kinda wonder if they are related? LOL! That wouldn't surprise me. If anyone doesn't know what a "JohnFaa" is, it's one of the biggest hypocrites I've ever met on the internet. It's name is Carlos Miguel Albuquerque and it hangs out with people like Viergacht. And Viergacht, as some of you may have read, hangs out with low-lifes who make threats of violence on the internet, are racists, sociopaths, and like to have sex with trees. LOL! In short, the kind of people I wouldn't give the time of day to! But at least I can give them credit for coming by it honestly! Those are things I don't think I would have revealed on the internet if they ever applied to me. Which they don't. LOL! And you should see, the people on the Speculative Evolution forum all think Viergacht and JohnFaa are good people. LOL! Well, the people on that forum are still too young to have all their instincts in place. Some of the members of that forum are good, but definitely NOT JohnFaa or Viergacht!!! You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of people they hang out with and well, you saw how I described Viergacht's friends, directly from reading his journal. My friends are not like that. There is a very good reason why I do not have many friends, and that is because the kind of people I like to call "friends" are of a very rare species, and becoming more and more extinct every day. Especially now that this is the internet age. Only one person on Viergacht's journal seemed to be at least somewhat decent (there's one in every forum!) but not too far off from the others. I only make friends with people who are kind, thoughtful and caring, and would not even dream of making threats to anyone over the internet. Look at Katrina. She's young, but she's got quite a big heart, and she is one of my best friends. Remember how I said she bought a hot cup of chili for a homeless man on a cold day. She told me the restaurant didn't like that, but she did it anyway, because she wanted to. That's Katrina! That's how she is. She's a loving, caring person. But she too doesn't like Viergacht or JohnFaa. LOL! She read their journals (it was her husband who told me about them) and she said they are too compulsive-obsessive....... and totally nuts. But, that's the kind of friends I have.
Viergacht has this thing that I am being narcissistic. LOL!! Poor chap, thinks he knows everything there is to know about me, but really he has no clue! He only sees the World in either black or white, and I am soooooooooo many shades of gray as a person, it would really confuse him. I am actually very honest about myself, both the good and bad. I don't think that is narcissism. I just don't like to dwell too heavily on my negative points. Whenever I do, I get too many people telling me to stop. So once in a while, I accentuate on my good points. I wasn't always like this. I used to be just as insecure of a person as Viergacht and JohnFaa are. The World is much prettier though when you lose those insecurities (even laugh at them, as I do) and start feeling better about yourself. That's why in the midst of JohnFaa calling me things like "a fat whore" and "bitchy Metazoica", I was able to take them in such stride it was fantastic. At least the "fat" part is true! Let's face it, I'm not Tyra Banks! I may never be either. Fat is where it's at! But JohnFaa is such a big hypocrite, he's undoubtedly a fat-ass himself. Nothing is more pathetic than one fat person making fun of another.

Yes, I have been taken down before, but not by a nameless person on the internet who doesn't know the first thing about me as an individual. Viergacht likes to think he's hurt my feelings. That's all that he dwells on. LOL!! Actually, very far from it. There is no way on Earth Viergacht can hurt me at all. I was never his friend. I never even liked him, ever! And he has never given me good reason to like him at all. And in order for someone to hurt me emotionally the way Viergacht wants so badly to, I would have to have liked that person at least at some point in my life. LOL! I'll tell you, I was more hurt by Proletarian than I've ever been by Viergacht or JohnFaa. Because at least I used to like Proletarian. Well, Proletarian is now in hiding, and I am not surprised! I'd hide too if I treated people the way he is now in the habit of treating them. But I guess Proletarian is just being a typical boy. A lot of boys like him allow others to influence their feelings toward other people. I've seen it happen a lot. Proletarian is one of those examples I have where my initial instincts about someone was proven wrong. I used to think Proletarian was a good person. But I turned out to be wrong. It happens once in a while. I usually have a natural knack for being able to tell who is good and who is not. Comes from years of meeting all kinds of people. I'm usually right about 85-90% of the time. Usually if a person is no good, I can feel it. But I didn't feel it at all with Proletarian. This leads me to believe his current behavior problems have been severely scarred and imprinted by JohnFaa and a few others on his forum. It's sad really. On my forum he was such a nice person. Then he got in with this lousy crowd and he's become an asshole. A jerk. A JohnFaa. LOL!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

INXS's Soon-To-Be New Album

This is my views of INXS's new album to come. I cannot wait!!! If Chris Murphy thinks this will be their next biggest album to date since Kick, I cannot wait! I'm sure it's going to rule!! I stand firm in my support of these guys, I will always love INXS, and I will always love Timmy. Nothing will change that. Well, nothing except Tim himself. I am the type that as long as he does nothing bad to me, or never snubs me (no more than usual anyway, LOL), I will be forever loyal to him. So far, he hasn't done either so, I have no reason not to be loyal to him. Thus no reason not to be loyal to INXS. I love their music and their videos. I don't care how many singers they get to help record their new album, I will still be the one sitting on the curb and cheering these guys on.

I might make one suggestion for their latest songs. I was listening to some music last night, and I notice that besides INXS's music, which I am naturally partial to, some of my most favorite songs ever are the ones that either has animal sounds inspired, or that start off slow and gradually get faster. Just a bit of variety for INXS to think about when recording their new songs. For animal-sound inspirations, I might suggest listening to whale songs, like in Billy Joel's "Downeaster Alexa". Or maybe bird calls, like Baltimora's "Tarzan Boy". Or maybe sounds just inspired by animal noises, like the oropendola-like sounds of Lenny Kravitz's "Fly Away".

I also love songs that start off slow and easy, then gradually get faster and harder like towards the onset of the chorus. Kinda like Live's "I Alone", or another example would be like Giant's "I'll See You In My Dreams". I noticed there are no INXS songs that do that. The closest would be "Kick", which is one of my all-time favorite songs from INXS. It used to be my life's theme song back when my nickname was Kick87. I'm not trying to tell INXS what to do with their new album, and I am not saying I don't love the music they've done so far. This is just a bit of a "head's up" of what I would love to see these guys doing in their next set of songs or some time down the road. It would make their next album oh-so interesting, one that I may never want to take out of my CD player!! I also understand that every artist has their style, and maybe it's just INXS's style to have pretty much the same kind of music. But I'm just saying a little bit of variety would be a great thing from these guys.

Then it may just be me. I notice a lot of the songs I mentioned were not that popular. Just with me. Aside from that, they were mostly mediocre. But I would love to hear what INXS could do with the suggestions I just made. I already love the band, if they could take their already wonderful and talented musical ways and apply the suggestions I just made, INXS could be a totally AWESOME band!!! A band like no other on Earth!! And this next album would definitely kick ass!!! Oh yes, and apply an image of Timmy with longer hair too. That would make it all the more special too. hehe! Or at least bring back Cowboy Timmy!!! I miss that look!

Oh and get this! I just recieved this latest bulletin on MySpace:

Barry Gibb will close the show with a superstar band including INXS drummer Jon Farriss. Gibb is expected to bring a special guest from America with him to perform a couple of numbers - Olivia Newton-John.

So you're telling me 2 hot, sexy males are coming to perform in the USA and I can be sitting there in the front row stage with all that manliness in the room before me!!?? Oh, be still my fluttering heart!! I don't give a shit about Olivia Newton-John, but I would love to see Barry Gibb and Jon Farriss!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

JD's Real Feelings About INXS

JD really looks up to INXS, according to this article. He said he never meant for this issue to turn into a "he said-she said" battle. I don't blame him. Now, Chris Murphy won't even give JD a chance to prove himself. Nothing personal against Chris Murphy, but he needs to allow INXS and JD to sit together and confront each other about this issue, ALONE and in a mature manner. As a devoted fan of INXS, I don't want to see their relationship with JD end like this. I know Terrence Trent D'Arby would be a good replacement choice again, but I would hate for everything that INXS went through with JD to just end on a sour note. It'd make the Rockstar: INXS show a bit in vain. I want to take this moment to say to INXS (if they happen to be looking in) that they have lost a lot of their fan base because of this issue. I cannot be accused of being among the fans who have lost respect for INXS, but several have that I can put my fingers on right now. I think INXS can gain back a lot of that respect by just sitting down with JD, and discuss the issues between them. I feel personally like I am in the middle of a tug-of-war. I like INXS, but I also like JD. He's great as a soloist! Not necessarily a team-player, but a great soloist. I just want to see some kind of compromise, and I don't feel like this is such a major issue that it should break up the band.

Wow, if there was ever any doubt in anyone's mind that I was crazy, this should be concrete proof that I really am! I'd have to be to cling on to INXS like I am now!

Anyway, here is the article I found:


J.D. Fortune says he never wanted to get into a “he said, she said thing” with his onetime bandmates in INXS.

In setting the record straight with Sun Media, he is clarifying — and even retracting — some statements he made two weeks ago.

The 35-year-old Mississauga, Ont., native says the veteran Australian funk-rock act will remain his favourite group “forever” — despite the awkward manner in which they’ve parted ways.

Fortune became INXS’s frontman by winning the Rockstar: INXS reality TV show in September 2005. The new incarnation of the band immediately recorded and released an album, Switch — Fortune-co-wrote the first single Pretty Vegas — and then toured the world for 23 months, through summer 2007.

“INXS has always been and will always be my favourite band — always,” Fortune told Sun Media in an exclusive newspaper interview leading up to the spring release of his new solo album, The Death Of A Motivational Speaker.

The only times Fortune teared up during our one-hour chat was when he was asked what he’d say to all five members of INXS if they suddenly joined us at the Liberty Village restaurant in Toronto.“ ‘Can I buy you a drink? How’s it going?’ Really. I mean, those guys changed my life,” he said.

What Fortune did clarify was that he was not fired by INXS via a handshake at a Hong Kong airport, as he earlier told Global’s ET Canada, which broke the story of Fortune saying he was penniless (having poured all his money into making Motivational Speaker) and homeless since leaving the band.

“To set the record straight, I was never given a handshake at an airport and said, ‘Thanks, a lot,’ ” said Fortune, who replaced original INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, who died in 1997.


“That was sort of a misquote (on my part). It was the proverbial handshake. Nobody really said, ‘Thanks a lot, kid.’ I thought we were going to see each other again. It was kind of like, ‘Hey, hey, I’ll catch up with you later.’ ”Fortune said he returned to Canada thinking there were still two more legs of the INXS 2007 tour to complete.

But when those tour legs were cancelled and none of the band members would return his phone calls after 10 months, he had no choice but to think he was no longer in the group.

“It was very ambiguous, very cryptic. ‘We’ll get back to you,’ ” said Fortune, who claimed his relationship with INXS had been “fantastic” up until that point.

“I thought this was a bit strange, because I had based my entire being on being with these guys for the rest of my life. But I started to feel really alone. I started to feel maybe like I was a sports car that they were going to put a tarp on and take a tarp off any time they wanted to. So as an artist, I couldn’t really do that.”

In an interview last week with The Daily Telegraph, INXS spokesman Chris Murphy said the band was shocked by Fortune’s allegations that he had been let go, and that the group had not ruled out Fortune’s return.

Murphy even told The Telegraph he was just about to phone Fortune about a future INXS project when the ET Canada story broke, and that as a result the phone call was no longer necessary.

Just this week, Fortune heard unsubstantiated rumours that INXS, who were dropped by Epic Records in September 2006 and who signed with Petrol Records in December 2008, might be looking at another Rockstar: INXS contestant — third runner-up MiG Ayesa — as their new frontman.

Regardless of his replacement, Fortune said Murphy’s statements were jarring.

“You go from being an unknown in Toronto, to being the toast of your country, to being the toast of many different countries with these gentlemen who have taken you under their wing — to just basically being, for lack of a better expression, forgotten about. I thought, ‘Really uncool.’ ”

Murphy then told Confidential magazine: “The whole thing has been bizarre — (J.D) was basically a contractor and his contract had ended.”

Fortune, however, told Sun Media he was “not on a contract. Not at all. I was an equal member of that band according to them.”

And despite telling ET Canada that his heavy cocaine use while touring with INXS may have been a contributing factor to his parting ways with the band, Fortune — who says he has been clean for two years, with the exception of pot smoking — now says that that was not the case.

“When you play six nights a week to crowds of 10,000 to 15,000, you don’t have a lot of time to be stoned,” Fortune said. “When I did find time to do drugs, I did as much as possible — to cut out the fact I went from living out of my car to fronting this freight train that we were on. I went from my life into their life, and I thought that was going to be the rest of my life.

‘Very confusing’

“I was living in my car eight months ago, now I’m flying around in a private jet.

“It was very confusing and tumultuous and I loved every aching inch of it, because it was with INXS.”

Fortune, who did help his mother in Nova Scotia pay off her house after joining INXS, claims to not actually know how much he was paid as frontman, other than “tens of thousands of dollars” being deposited into his bank account. He says he didn’t know because of the fast transition between winning the reality show, writing, recording and releasing Switch and the world tour.

But he said he wasn’t spending money on cocaine. Rather, “the availability became more and more frequent. Everybody you met wanted to party with J.D. Fortune from INXS. The drug thing was never an issue because I would always time it that I would have the next day off.”

Fortune, who had been living couch to couch and eventually out of his black Dodge Ram truck in his post-INXS phase, also now has a permanent roof over his head.

His godparents — Ron Cameron Lewis and Lloyd Cameron Lewis (who became the third gay couple married in Canada four years ago) — offered him a place at their Mississauga home.“I’ve known them for 20 years,” he said.“They saw the ET Canada piece and they said basically, ‘Darling, you have to come clean with us, and tell us that you’re having this hard time.’ Them offering me a chance to live there to get my life back on track, I’m really indebted to both Ron and Lloyd for that.”

Friday, March 6, 2009

INXS Finally Respond

I found this tonight from one of my online buds, INXS finally speak their piece on this matter between them and JD Fortune. What do you all think? Me, I really hate using my sis Anna's computer!! The touchpad is so sensitive!!! I cannot wait to get a computer of my own now!!

March 06, 2009 01:38 PM ET
Paul Sexton, London

INXS songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player Andrew Farriss and creative director/global business strategist Chris Murphy have spoken exclusively to Billboard about the apparent departure of lead singer J.D. Fortune.

The frontman sang lead vocals with the long-running, multi-platinum Australian rock band for four years after winning the CBS reality TV series "Rock Star: INXS" in 2005. But Fortune claimed in a television interview Feb. 16 that the band had fired him on a handshake at a Hong Kong airport.

INXS has denied that such a meeting ever took place. "It's bizarre," says Farriss. "Frankly, if you can make any sense out of it, I'd love to have it explained to me."

Murphy, who was INXS' longtime manager during their rise to international acclaim and is now working with the band again, recalls of the circumstances: "Everybody's doing their own thing, I'm focusing on what I'm doing, next minute somebody calls you and gives you a link to YouTube and you go 'What's going on here?'"

Murphy observes that the rest of the band are on a creative high that he has not witnessed since the "Kick" era of 1987, and adds: "I just find it annoying that something so unfulfilling is causing the band any distractions. From my perspective, I wouldn't want to work with [a] guy that works in this manner.

"If the band said to me tomorrow, 'We'd still like you to make that call and talk to him about working on a project,' I'd have to say 'Sorry, I have to go.' I'm not being rude or arrogant, I just find that extraordinary behaviour, and this is a professional, mature outfit. I don't want to play in that playground.

"INXS' last studio album, and the only one on which Fortune sang lead vocals, was 2005's "Switch," which debuted and peaked at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 in December 2005. Murphy says that the band is currently on a recording project, on completion of which, "when the time is right, I'll get talking to the labels."

Farriss points out that after original frontman Michael Hutchence's death in 1997, INXS worked with a number of other singers including Terence Trent D'Arby and Jon Stevens, "singers we'd known for years and get on great with, and still do. The future is whatever we make it."

Concludes Murphy: "We're just concentrating on the project at hand. There are some amazing singers in this world, let's leave it at that."

Monday, March 2, 2009

In Other News

OK, one final post! I wanted to put an end to the INXS/JD Fortune drama. I still love INXS, and always will! Nothing will ever stop that! Tim is still as handsome as ever, and will always be the most handsome man in rock n roll!! I will always be grateful to him for all he's done, even though he was not aware of any of it. LOL! But still the fact remains, he did, and I was there, and it made me feel good!! Whenever the problems of the World today lay down on me too hard, I always think about my last meetings with Timmy and it makes me happy all over again. That coupled with listening to INXS's music and videos. I know Andrew said that if his music helps others feel happy then he was grateful for that. I don't know what Tim thinks of that though. He was a sweet man when I met him, just maybe he feels the same way. I love Andrew too, he was also one of the sweetest men I've ever met. He was actually one that I really hunkered to instantly. When I shook his hand for the first time, his coolness level shot right up with me! Before then, he was my 6th favorite band member. After then, he shot up 3 times over!

Well, INXS will be recording again this month according to The Daily Telegraph. But they will be doing so without a lead singer. I thought "Are they going instrumental?" but then I read the article more and it implies that maybe they will have guest singers. Maybe. But Chris Murphy won't say. Perhaps it's a surprise, like the biggest present on Christmas morning. I sure am sorry to see JD Fortune not working with INXS anymore. But as cold as this may sound, life does go on, and I will continue to support my favorite men of INXS. I always said I would, no matter how many singers they go through. As long as Tim is there, INXS will always be INXS to me. But now I wonder who will be doing the singing should INXS decide to tour? Will they bring all their guest singers, bring back JD, or have one of the band members do the singing on the tour? I guess we'll just have to wait to find out. They had a great thing going with JD, they were a complete band once again. I will always love them, but I just wonder what is going to be next.

Anyway, here is the article:


INXS didn't dump singer JD Fortune, on contract for one album
March 02, 2009 12:00am

INXS are putting the JD Fortune affair behind them and will not break up - and instead head into the studio this month to record a new project without a singer.

It also emerged yesterday that singer Fortune - who won a reality TV quest to join - was only ever on a one-album-one-tour contract which ended in December 2007.

Fortune generated global headlines 10 days ago when he claimed the band sacked and dumped him at Hong Kong airport when their two-year tour ended.

But the band's creative director and business manager Chris Murphy exclusively told Confidential yesterday it seemed he did so to attract attention for his unreleased solo album.

"The whole thing has been bizarre - he was basically a contractor and his contract had ended," Murphy said from Los Angeles. "Why is he suddenly complaining 14 months later?"

The band will now record what Murphy said would be "the most creatively energetic and exciting project since (1987's) Kick". "It will blow people's minds," he added.

Murphy would not elaborate on who would sing or whether guest vocalists would be used.

Principal songwriters Andrew Farris and Garry Beers are currently in LA working on pre-production for the album, as are other members in Europe and Sydney.

Murphy was INXS's original manager but they parted in the early 1990s before Michael Hutchence died in 1997.

Murphy, who re-entered the fold a year ago, believed they lost focus in the ensuing years.

"I always said 'passion first, money second,' and my job was to free them of all that business side of things," he said.

"In the past decade advice to them has been business, business, business - and one of the pleasures of my job is to keep that out of the way of their creativity."

Should I, Or Not?

I have a wee bit of a problem. Someone I know is now in the hospital with heart problems. She is a sweet person for sure and I hate it that she is having to deal with this. But we were never really friends. I hardly know her! And she is a show breeder. But she is one of the nicer show breeders I've ever met. I was told about this tonight, and my main question to myself is, should I call her and send my well-wishes, or should I not? Part of me says do it. Part of me says forget it. The part of me that says to do it, remembers this person as one of the nicest people I've ever met in the dog show world. She was going to help me with Vegas. The part of me that says don't do it remembers how show breeders love to talk and tell all. I'm scared to death she will somehow, some way give my phone # to "Rita", and I don't want "Rita" to have it! I don't trust "Rita". I know I have forgiven her, but at the same time, I don't know what "Rita" is going to do from one minute to the next, she's so damn loony. Besides, this woman and I have not spoken since I left Olympia. I remember she used to live a short way away from me. I don't know if she is still there or not, I don't even know if she knows we moved away from there.

I'd hate to just not say anything to her, I want her to know that yes I do care. I've been thinking for the last hour of just calling and remaining anonymous. Or maybe giving a fictitious name. I mean, heart problems are no fun, my grandma had some heart problems as well. And since I do know this person, and have met her face to face, and actually did like her, I'd hate to just not say anything. I'm not even sure she'd remember me. Maybe I could give my married name. LOL! But I'm not even a member of the Chihuahua club anymore. And have no desire to join again either. Funny thing, when I first became a member I was so excited. But that was mostly to show Rita up and put it in her face. A personal triumph. She said I'd never do it, so I did.

I'll probably be shaking this around all night. It's hard when you know someone is the nicest person, but I didn't really know her that well. Well, heck. Maybe I'll just do it!! If she doesn't want to hear from me, she can just hang up. Most likely though, she won't even remember me.

This is going to be my last post for a while. Tomorrow, I have to give this computer back to the store. Just wanted to let everyone know.