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Monday, March 16, 2009

Best All-Time Stupid Shows

OK, because I do not like dwelling on the negative, I thought I would list some TV shows that are plenty stupid, but for some reason I enjoy them. They are the best of the worst in my opinion. This is also to show that I do not necessarily dislike something just because I think it's stupid. Some stupid things are fun.

Married, With Children - definately a stupid show that stars Ed O'Neil and Christina Applegate. It is stupid because of the way the father makes fun of fat women, and the mom and kids make fun of the father. Then how everyone makes fun of a man who sells shoes. What's up with that?? Not all shoe salesmen are jerks. Though they don't exist anymore because people can pick out their own shoes. But anyway, as stupid as this show may be, it is funny.

My Favorite Martian - A show that you know was supposed to be made for adults, but the appeal is more in favor of the child-side in us. I guess that's why I like this show that stars Ray Walston and Bill Bixby. It is old, and it is corny in some cases, but it definitely does well in giving me a good belly-laugh sometimes. Besides that, I miss Bill Bixby!!

Gomer Pyle, USMC - This show that stars Jim Nabors is a bit on the corny side because he represents a hick that was raised in the country with mild-mannered, country habits and was drafted into the Marine Corps which has a very city-guy feel. Being originally a country, southern girl, I can relate. Which I guess is why I enjoy this ridiculously funny show.

Fast Times - This became a sitcom in 1986 I believe, and was a spin-off of the 1982 movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High. The show starred Dean Cameron as the teenage surf-monger Spicoli, and Wally Ward as Ratner, who longed for a girl Stacy (played by Courtney Thorne-Smith) who would not give him the time of day at first. It also starred Ray Walston (as did the original movie) as Mr. Hand, and I guess that was one contributing factor to my interest in this painfully short-lived, but corny, series.

Gilligan's Island - I think it's pretty safe to say that any sitcom that stars Bob Denver is going to be pretty dang corny, but outrageously funny! Such is the case for Gilligan's Island. Alan Hale plays the part of a skipper who acts like a tyrant, while Denver plays the meek and mousey little helper and first mate. Bob Denver was actually my first crush as a child, so that kinda paved the way for my interest in this show. But it is still very corny and funny.

Well, that's my list of the best of the worst. But it is these corny plots that make these shows what they really are and meant to be: funny!!!
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