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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good News

The apartment above us has been rented, to my ma and stepfather. It's going to be nice to have someone here that I know very well. I tried to get my stepfather a job at the local casino, but he took one look at the place and said he doesn't want to work there. I don't know why, it's a great place. He's got a great personality, he'd have been a huge success there! But no, he wants to stay where he is and commute. It's a 2-hour drive (at the most) from here to Olympia. But it's his business if he wants to commute.

Ma is going to try and get a job here. It shouldn't be too tough. She has a lot of options, and she has never had trouble getting a job anywhere that I can remember. She's like Anna. She can get work anywhere and everyone will love her. Me, I'm just lucky I'm a damn good worker! I don't go to my job to make friends and everyone seems to know that. Geez, I never realized how bad that sounded until I wrote that. Not that I don't like the people I work with. Most of them anyway.

Well, now that ma and John will be moving upstairs, I'll have to think of ways for all of us to enjoy it out here. I don't want them moving away. I sure do hope they enjoy it here. Well, yesterday we had a rare day, it was rainy all day. I haven't seen a day like that since the day after we moved here. I still remember what it was like the day we moved here. We slept in the car our first night. It was COLD!!! But our electricity hadn't been turned on yet, and all we had back then were the airbeds. So without electricity, we couldn't inflate them, so we had to sleep in the car. It wouldn't have been so bad except that it was freezing that night. Well, the next day our electricity was turned on and we were finally able to inflate our beds and sleep in a warmer environment. Well, at least it was a good adventure. That's something I could tell my grandkids about. Well, whatever you call the children of your nieces and nephews. LOL!

Well, ma won't have to do that, she's calling ahead of time to have the electricity turned on in that apartment. Thank goodness for that!! I should have done that before we moved here, but we moved here a bit unexpectedly. And I know my memory besides. I forgot!!! Ma is planning, and should be into her new home this weekend. Going to be fun. And at least I won't get lonely when Anna goes off to Bozeman to school. She leaves this weekend to meet there for a college tour. She is so excited, and I am excited for her!!
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