Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Liberal Hypocrisy

Wow! I know I mentioned this before on here, but liberals are some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet!! Yesterday I saw a video stating that all but 4 of the democratic party voted to allow newborn babies to be aborted (or put to sleep) if the mom so desires it. Among the dems who are in favor of killing newborn babies was Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders. Yes, Bernie Sanders. The one who got the favors of democrats in the last election, but he dropped out. The man is EVIL to the core!!! I think anyone who votes to allow newborn babies to be killed without some kind of punishment to the parents is as evil as it gets. A mom can just let her baby die if she wants to, for no other reason other than she is depressed. The baby may be perfectly healthy, but she can still have it killed after it's been born just because she is depressed. Um, hello! Women usually get depressed after having a baby. To go from having someone else inside your body for 9 months to suddenly not having, can cause depression. It's called post-natal depression. Not all moms get it, but some do. It's no reason to kill a baby. She will get over it. But once that baby is dead, it's dead.

I think I remember hearing somewhere that a mom can even have a baby up to 5 years old killed if she wants it. Oh GOD! It's happening!!! Next thing you know, a mom can have a kid up to the age of 18 killed just because she cannot handle it. Then most teens will be killed because teenagers will always be teenagers. They're going to defy their parents. It used to be we feared just getting spanked when we misbehaved. Now, if a mom feels her kids are too much trouble, the kid has to fear being killed! To these moms who want to kill their newborn babies, haven't you ever heard of something called adoption??? Lots of wannabe parents are just waiting to have a child to adopt. Not fair to deprive them of that pleasure of taking your baby if you don't want it. Why kill it?? It seems like such a waste of 9 months!! I'd never do it. I'm sure glad my mom didn't believe in abortions. I wouldn't be here. She really didn't want anymore kids. She miscarried 2 before she had me. So, she stopped trying. But then I came along.

Anyways, the hypocrisy is that these same people who want to allow killing newborn babies, feel bad for kids at the border who were separated from their moms because their moms didn't come into this country legally. They are crying the loudest now because kids are being separated from their parents while the moms have to be deported back to their own country. So, what is the difference? The only difference is the newborn baby is younger. They still want their moms to love them. I think it's just a ploy dreamed up by far leftists to fuel their anti-border-wall propaganda. Fuck that!!! I say if you can feel good killing a newborn baby, then you can feel good separating a mexican child from it's mother at the border. And don't give me that bullshit that illegals are good for our economy. Like my mom said, if they are so good for our economy, then why didn't they stay in Mexico and build up their own economy? It's nothing but a guilt-trip. A guilt-trip the democrats have been using for years.

I just don't understand why these dumb democrats don't see the connection. Maybe it's just the white babies they are trying to eliminate. That would make sense since the USA doesn't seem to like white people anymore. I just think it's stupid!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Once Again, A Reminder

I see INXS fans have not changed. They're still a bunch of whiny little libtard bitches. They always were and always will be. Liberals only change when they have their eyes opened. For some, that is not possible. There was some talk about other INXS fans causing a lot of drama on other groups. A word of caution to new fans: Be careful what groups you join! There are a lot of INXS-related groups I know of to cause drama. That is why I am only a member of 2 INXS groups. They are the only groups that I really trust. It used to be that I'd join any INXS group on Facebook, just because it bears the name "INXS" or "Michael Hutchence". But don't do that! Even if you have been invited. Just say no to INXS groups on Facebook! Don't make the same mistake I did. There are literally some INXS groups on Facebook that thrive on drama!

One way to tell which groups thrive on drama, is to look out for certain members. Maria (Florence) How is one of those people. Kelly Poulter (Austin) is another. Tess Obrien is another. Claire Aisha is another. Rosanda Herbert is another. Though I think she is no longer on Facebook. Kelly Carter is another. Jannah Redouane is another. Matt Burney is another. Those are all people who love to cause drama, and are highly manipulative. They thrive on it. They live for it. So, if you see any of those names in the group, LEAVE AT ONCE!!! And don't fall for their "nice" act. They are all truly evil people. Remember, Tess Obrien accused me of raping her. LMAO!!! She's so lucky I'm not living in Australia. Her ass could be sued over an accusation like that without proof. Believe me, I wouldn't have hesitated to sue her either! And I wouldn't have done her the favor of using her dumbass friend, Claire Aisha either. I'd pick an attorney that actually has a brain. Free speech does not include false accusations of criminal behavior. But I do thank Tess for that. That could be proof that her ex-husband actually did not abuse her. She's just telling people that to get sympathy.

Also remember, Kelly Poulter (Austin) faked having cancer just to get sympathy and attention. So, those people love drama. And be wary of anyone who follows any of those people. Maybe not all of them might be bad (and I emphasize the word maybe), but most people who would associate with them may act just like them. Ya know the saying, Birds of a feather. Like that "catfag addict" said on my channel. Shit! I wish I was more like Katrina!! I wish it was a true case of birds of a feather!!! Katrina lives in a big house, on 20 acres, and makes 6 figures per year!! UPPER 6-figures!! But she also works 70-80 hours per week. That's why she's not on the internet much. That's why I don't see her much. The truth is, Katrina probably wouldn't really be friends with me, if not for her family. I was still associating with her father for a while before he moved back to Europe. But I also helped bring her up. Katrina does not care what people on the internet think of her. I'd have been much better off in the past if I actually were more like her. Well, I brought her up, and now she's taught me something. Something very valuable. She taught me to be more aloof with INXS fans. If they genuinely like me, then OK. But if they're just faking it, fuck them. Forget about them. And I realize yes, I needed to be doing that all along. My problem has always been I get too emotionally involved with people on the internet. So, that's why I stopped that.

Katrina has quite a few friends without being online. I admit I am not fond of some of the people she is friends with, but it doesn't matter to me. If she likes them that's all that counts. But she does not ever feel the need to make online friends. I don't go out much, and I have trust issues with people. Always did. So, I am not as sociable as Katrina is. Back in the day, the INXS buds were all I had. But I realize now that was foolish of me. No one really knows anyone on the internet. Until we do, we cannot say for sure if we are friends or not. All my sisters have been encouraging me to get out and meet more people. But let's face it, I just don't like people. But I can tell you this much; it's not always easy being so aloof with people I used to consider "friends". Sometimes I even have to be unfriendly with some. Even that is not always easy. But it is necessary. It's necessary to prevent 2016 from happening again.

Shoot! That's why I got Mya. LOL! Mya is one I truly consider to be my best friend. And she is! She is truly my best friend and I'll never be ashamed to admit that. She'll never ask me for anything. She'll never judge me, even if I do wrong. She will never tell lies about me behind my back. She'll never connive me. She'll never follow blind sheep. All I have to do is call her and she'll come. And she always comes to me with a smile. I love her so deeply! The other day on a purebred dogs group, someone asked the question if we ever look at our purebred dogs, and think about the money we spent on them, and realize it's the best money we ever spent. My answer was "Every second of my life!" She was the best money I ever spent. And I would do it again! I got horribly angry at her this past weekend for breaking my portable hard drive. But I got it fixed and I am well over it now. Katrina helped me in that too. LOL! She knew I could never stay mad at Mya. Tell me, there are not many humans that would ever be as honest as Mya. Certainly not among the millennial crowd. Katrina is different because she was raised by people who really cared. People who did not want her making herself the world's problem.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Two-Part Post

OMG!! I had forgotten about this!!! LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 I read a post last night that I wrote a couple years ago, when I had that turmoil on Facebook right after my dad died. It was about Tess O'brien. It was about her telling everyone that I raped her. LMAO!!! That's soooooooooo fricken funny!!! She told everyone that I raped her. She lives in Australia and I've never been there, and I live in the USA. I wonder how I "raped" her? With a submarine?? Or maybe it was with that train that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to build going from the USA to Australia. Ya know, to eliminate air-travel?! Tess O'brien is so DUMB!! It is unbelievable she is even still alive. I feel sorry for that kid of her's!! I truly do!! To be raised by such a dumb woman is going to wind up being detrimental to that child's growth!! But I dunno. Maybe the kid is smarter than it's mom. What would be even funnier is finding out how many people believed that bullshit, and who. LMAO!!! I have the feeling one of her believers is a big, dumb goon named Matt Burney. He's probably the one that instigated the idea. Seriously though, I'm no rapist. I can't even believe Tess O'brien thought that one up. And even if I was a rapist, do you think I'd actually want to rape something that looks like this....

If I was a rapist with sense, I wouldn't touch that thing with a 50-foot pole!!! My dog's shit looks better!! Maybe if I were a blind rapist, I'd want to rape that. But that would be the only way I would even think of touching that. It'd still be gross, even if I were blind. LMAO!! I'll tell you, I've coughed up and spit out things that looked better than that thing! I realize I'm no great-looker myself, but at least I'm not as bad-looking as Tess O'brien!! 😂😂😂

The only good thing about looking at this buttwipe, is that she'd be so easy to caricaturize. I could write her into a story, where she rapes the animals. Then the animals take one look at her and run away screaming.

Ya know, I actually just gave myself a cute idea for a movie! LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 Watch for it on my YouTube channel!

Speaking of YouTube, guess who is back again!! It's Alysin Chains. Or excuse me, "Chainz"!! The new Hobofart. The only difference is this one is a catfag. Check out the little love-note it wrote to me...

Now, before you go thinking "TimmyHutchFan, that doesn't sound so bad" let me tell you something about little miss Chainz. When she says yes, she really means no. When you read this person's messages, you have to think in opposite terms. Basically this is nothing but a bullshitter. The only reason I am just now realizing it, well.... I've really known this person was a bullshitter all along. I just don't usually judge someone by how they act when I first meet them. But this person has been very consistent to a point where I am believing my first impression of this person was correct. So, when I read this comment, what this person is really saying is "I know exactly why people attack you, and it's not for no reason!" This was my only response to this comment...

And I am! I think the next time I see this person, I'm going to have a bit of fun with her. Him?....It! Whatever it is. I might just create a video just to have some fun with it. I knew this person was going to come once I put up my Veganism Is Dying video. She is so predictable!! LOL!! I knew that video would draw this person in!

Most of the time, I know why I am "attacked". It's because I speak my mind. People don't like it when someone speaks their mind. Especially liberals. But do I care what liberals think? No. I sure don't! I stopped caring about that long ago. Most of the time now, I just laugh at them. I like to share those laughs. I'll let you all know when I see Alysin Chainz again and how the outcome of that goes. But be ready, it's going to be about cats. Maybe my next video will be titled "Why I Don't Like Cats". That should draw this Chainz person in for sure! 😂😂😂 Like I said, it's a catfag. It cannot help bringing up cats every chance it getz! LMAO!!!

But then again, I don't know. Now that it knows I'm onto it, I may never see it again. Maybe it only likes the surprise sneak attack. Oh well. I'll be waiting. 😉

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Left Has Gone Too Far

By now, everyone has heard of Jussie Smollett. He's the guy who proclaims he was attacked on the streets of Chicago by a couple of guys wearing MAGA hats. He said they called him the "N" word and told him this is MAGA country while he was on his way home from a Subway store to buy a sandwich. He said he was on the phone with his boss when he ran into the guys. A security camera nearby caught him walking down the road, with his sandwich. Then it caught him walking away, with his sandwich and a noose tied around his neck. You're probably thinking we should feel bad for this guy right? It's terrible if that happened. The key word there is "IF" it happened. But I'm not sure whether to label the outcome fortunate, or unfortunate. Surprise! He was never attacked by anyone wearing MAGA hats.

From the beginning, a lot of people were suspicious of his claims...

  • The fact that he waited 45 minutes to call the police.
  • The fact that the police asked to see his phone and he wouldn't let them.
  • The fact the police were going to check the surveillance cameras, but Smollett told them not to.
  • The fact that they were in the middle of an arctic blast.
  • And finally, the fact that Chicago is NOT MAGA country.

Well, nobody could find these alleged attackers. But now I heard they have. Two guys who said that Smollett paid them money to mug him. I've got to hand Jussie credit for one thing; he's sticking to his story! That's because the libtards believe him and are encouraging other libtards to report things like this. This is exactly what the far-leftists want. They want people to make false claims against Trump supporters. They want to paint all Trump supporters with the same stereotype that they are racist, homophobic brutes who actively seek out such victims to violate their rights.

Well ya know what? Fuck that! Liberals want everyone to think that they are these suppressed victims who are targeted by conservatives exercising their white/male/christian privilege. Fuck you liberals!!! Go to Hell!! Oh wait! They don't believe in Hell. So then, go crawl into a slime pit and drown yourselves!! Liberals are not the victims here. It's becoming more and more clear that it is the conservatives, the Trump supporters, that are the real victims in today's world. I don't even like Trump, but you have to admit, his supporters have not been acting like the bad guys. It's always been the liberals.

I've never, in all my years, EVER seen a Trump supporter kick someone out of a restaurant for wearing a Hillary Clinton t-shirt. I've never seen a Trump supporter call anyone racist names. I've never seen a Trump supporter tell a liberal to leave their store because they are a liberal. I've never seen a Trump supporter spit in anyone's face for being a Hillary supporter. I've never seen Trump supporters hold ridiculous marches to show their disapproval of Obama. I've never seen a Trump supporter assault anyone just because they supported Obama or Hillary. All these things that the left claims Trump supporters do, I've never seen them do. I've seen the leftists do plenty of the stuff they claim Trump supporters do though. Plus, they accuse Trump supporters of being "racist, homophobic, xenophobic nazis". Then they say it's OK to go out and "punch a nazi". Never once have I seen a Trump supporter punch a liberal. If you ask me, I would be much more embarrassed to be a liberal today! They make up junk against Trump supporters just to make them look worse than they really are.

I'll tell you, if I ever come across a liberal who was beat up by a Trump supporter, I will buy that liberal a car! Brand-spanking new car!! No strings attached. All you have to do is show me a video of a [confirmed] Trump supporter beating up a liberal for no reason other than because that person is a liberal. And it cannot be staged! I'll do it! I'm a woman of my word. I want to see the video, because every time I hear a liberal gripe about "violent Trump supporters", I always wonder "Where are the violent Trump supporters?? I don't ever get to see them!" And believe me, it would be fun to see a Trump supporter beat up a far-leftist!!! I'd love to see it! But I've never seen one in my life! It was the leftists who established the KKK. The guys who lynched Emmett Till were democrats. And Theodore Roosevelt, who was a republican, was totally against lynching people of other races. So, you tell me, who are the bad guys?

It was also the stupid democrats that voted Ilhan Omar into congress. I'm telling you, the liberals are going to rue the day they elected that muslim into American congress!! Mark my words on that! They are going to rue the day!! Hopefully, Trump will be able to get that muslim out of congress. It may be happening. She tweeted some anti-semantic posts. She's denying she did it, but she did. She issued an apology, but liberals don't know how to apologize. Omar's was no exception. It was very half-assed! Muslims have NO place in American politics. Do these dumbass liberals not remember what happened on 9/11??? Are they now going to pretend that never happened? Muslims HATE Americans!! Get that through your head! They HATE us!!!! And Ilhan Omar is no different!!

Ya know it's funny. When the WBC said "thank GOD for 9/11" everyone was against it. Now, they want the very same people who committed that act represented in our congress. I think the WBC should go to New York again now and see how people would react to them saying "Thank GOD for 9/11". Would the New Yorkers be in favor of it? If not, then they are a bunch of hypocrites!! I normally do not agree with the WBC holding all those signs in public, but I would LOVE to see how the people of NY would react to them now saying "thank GOD for 9/11"!! The reaction would be very interesting to see! Maybe I should try it, and see what happens. Believe me, I am not grateful for 9/11. I'd do it just to see how the libtards would respond to it.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Some Psychological Facts Most People Don't Know

We are naturally predisposed to pay attention to sex, food, and danger.
It's how we react to it that becomes learned behavior.

If you are having a hard time befriending the person that you like, try befriending their friends first.

What if you have a hard time befriending the friends?

People with low self-esteem tend to humiliate others.

Remember this next time someone insults you.

Subjects who were told that the results of their IQ test were poor expressed more national and religious prejudices than those who reported higher results.

Not sure this is true or not. But it is interesting.

Loneliness is as harmful to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

It takes a bit of training to overcome loneliness.

Lonely people are better at perceiving other peoples' loneliness.


Single people are the ones who give the best relationships advice.

Probably true. My best advice is don't get married!!!

If you want someone to like you more, get them to do you a favor.

Maybe this is why I don't have many friends. I don't like asking for favors from people I don't know.

If you want to beat someone on rock, paper, scissors, ask them a random question first and quickly proceeds to play, it will confuse their brain and make them pick scissors most of the time.

I never even seen the point in playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

If you know that someone is wrong, don’t contradict them, make them contradict themselves by asking questions that lead to the contradiction.

I admit I have a habit of doing this all the time.

If you want to know if someone is lying to you, ask another liar.

OK. I know quite a few liars I can ask.

While it is true that their pupils dilate when they like you, keep in mind that they also dilate if they hate you.

Sometimes they dilate if they are just simply angry.

The most common lie is “I’m fine”, keep that in mind.

Usually if I say I'm fine, then I am. I don't beat around the bush. I mean what I say.

People’s favorite topic is themselves. If you want someone to like you, make the conversation all about themselves.

Yeah, but be careful of those who never ask you about yourself.

Feeling ignored causes the same chemical effect as that of an injury.

Ya know, I've found this to be true. But it's even worse if the person ignoring you just keeps giving you dirty looks.

Money doesn’t bring happiness, what you do with it might bring you happiness or transform you into an emotional train wreck.

I always say if I had more money, I could be happier. And I know that for a fact.

Being in a romantic love affair can’t be distinguished from having an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Those who don't understand love don't understand how true this is!

It is possible to die from a broken heart, it is called: The broken heart syndrome.

I think this only affects people who already have weak hearts. Mine is pretty strong.

When people say that they don’t have time, what they really mean is that they have other priorities. Watch them fall in love and see how all of a sudden they managed to get time out of thin air.

When I am freshly in love, I can't seem to live without the object of my affection.

The more you know, the more you realize what you don’t know.

And too many people think they know everything. I don't claim to know everything. I just don't talk about things I know absolutely nothing about.

When you try to remember the past, you are actually remembering the last time that you remembered the event rather of the event itself.

I guess this is why some memories get distorted over time.

Almost twice as many serial killers are born in November than on any other month.

Penguins are all serial killers.

People who lose their virginity late (after 19) have a higher income and education later in life than those who lost their virginity earlier.

Hmm. Does this mean I can open a business and be successful?

The people who give the best advice are the ones with the most problems.

It is those problems that give them knowledge. Experience is the best trainer.

When someone says they have to ask you something important, you immediately recall the bad things that you've done recently.

That's why when I hear someone say "I want to ask you something" my heart races.

Blind people don’t get schizophrenia.

Schizophrenics don't claim to see things that aren't there either.

Men are not funnier than women, they just make more jokes, not caring whether people like their humor or not.

Actually, not caring what others think is what makes you a stronger, more creative person.

Getting paid for doing something you like can make you less creative.

Maybe this is why I haven't had a new story idea since the UMG Productions website went up.

Comedians and funny people are on average more depressed.

It happened to Robin Williams.

When a person dies, they have 7 minutes of brain activity left in which they see as a dream-like sequence of their memories.

The infamous moment when "your life flashes before your eyes".

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Veganism Is Dying!!!

YES!!! And I will be celebrating when it finally does! I knew veganism was nothing but a lie! I knew that from the beginning. All those dumb vegan libtards thought they could pressure me into going vegan by threatening me and my family, calling me every name in the book, and pushing pseudo-facts at me. All along, I've been right that a vegan diet is NOT healthier than a normal, omnivorous diet. I've been seeing more and more videos from people who are giving up veganism. Many are afraid to talk about it, because of the naziesque vegans. But they are still giving up the lifestyle. These people realize they've been lied to. I knew that from the beginning!! I tried to tell every vegan that left hateful messages on my videos that they were only lying to themselves. They didn't want to listen. Well, they are now! hehehe!!!

I find this hysterically funny. All those "studies" they told me to read, they were done by highly biased doctors, so I wouldn't listen. Most vegans follow the example of that Gary Yourofsky, that man is a fucking mental case!!! Vegans are supposed to have compassion. Well, Yourofsky said in an interview that he secretly hopes everyone who eats meat has their children taken from them, raped and killed. He hopes everyone who eats eggs and milk suffers debilitating rape and torture. He hopes that people who wear furs sees their family killed and skinned in front of their eyes. Does that sound like compassion to you?? It sure as hell doesn't to me! Now, I will admit, I hate the idea of animals being killed for fur coats and shit like that. We don't need mink coats, or fox stoles, or rabbit skin hats or chinchilla furs. We don't need that! Most people who got those only did because they thought it made them look more glamorous. Well, it doesn't. But I never wanted to see fur-wearers' families being murdered or skinned before their eyes. That's a horrible thing to say. Even if it is "secretly"!!

Well, vegans are now learning things I've known all along. And guess what. Freelee is PISSED!!!! LMAO!! She made a response video to people who made videos of themselves giving up veganism. And those are growing in numbers! I say that's great!! And just like I suspected would happen, devoted vegan nazis are using all the old propaganda to try and reel all the former vegans back in. If the "compassion for animals" angle doesn't work, they use the "you don't care for the environment" angle. I knew that would happen. But they don't seem to want to face the fact that the harvesters that pick those vegetables they always eat emits much more CO2 into the atmosphere than cow farts. That more forests are being cut down to plant crops than to raise livestock. I've known that for years! I used to watch a lot of documentaries. And global warming is not being brought on by meat eaters. Global warming is a natural process that all the planets go through. It's been going on periodically since the beginning of time. Climate change is believed to be what killed the dinosaurs.

I'm not like Donald Trump. I believe in global warming, but I don't believe we are the cause of it. We may have aggravated it a little, but we are not the primary cause. And as for eating meat being a bad or unethical thing. Vegans were saying that nature is unethical. Well, nature can be cruel, but she is as ethical as it gets!! You cannot beat nature. Animals need to eat each other. Even plants get a lot of their nutrients from the remains of animals. It goes on and on.

I remember several years ago, I said on a friend's post that I hope someday everyone wakes up and sees that the whole cult of veganism is nothing but a lie. Well, I am happy to report that it is happening! I said "Not everyone is going to become a vegan" and one of his friends said "Hopefully everyone will go vegan very soon." Well, too bad. It's not going to happen. People are realizing that vegans lied to them. I never had the desire to go vegan. I've seen how veganism messes up peoples' minds. Remember MsPearlsGirl? She was a complete lunatic!!! I never remember meeting anyone crazier! Not only did she attack me just out of the blue, she even attacked my friends, saying she hopes their kids drown and all kinds of bullshit like that. She belongs in an asylum. I'm shocked she even had a boyfriend! But then again, her vegan boyfriend was probably trash just like her. She said he'd never touch me if he was drowning in a sea of piss. LOL!! Well, that's not a bad thing at all. I suspect he's dirty, being a vegan, living with cats, fleas and cockroaches. I wouldn't want him touching me! And if he tried to touch me, I'd kick him in the nads and go all praying mantis on his ass!!

And the hypocrisy of vegans, I'm so sick of it!!! There are no bigger hypocrites in the human world than vegans. And the biggest proof of vegans being hypocrites is the fact that most of them are cat-owners. I've said this before and I will always say it, cats are the biggest contradictions of vegans. Cats eat meat, which means vegans still have to support the slaughter of animals. And if they don't want to feed the cats any meat, then that too is cruel because cats need meat. They cannot exist on a vegan diet. Even if all the vitamins are still there. The cure for that hypocrisy? Get rid of the cats! But I've never seen a vegan do it. I just don't know how they don't see that connection. And yet they sit on their high-horses and look at meat-eaters and call us "hypocrites". The meat eaters are the most honest people. At least we don't lie to ourselves, and we live up to our lifestyle. I tell that to vegans all the time. I've been saying it for years. Their only response is "Cats are obligate carnivores". Well DUH!!!!! I know that! That's not the point though! The point is one way or another, you're still supporting the killing of other animals if you have cats! Cats need meat, and you can't keep them on a vegan diet! Not only that, but cats also kill other animals.

I had a friend back on my other Facebook account, and she just had to have these two stupid kittens! NO ONE needs cats!! It's not like they're useful for anything except making the owners look like a lazy-ass! Well, when those kittens got older, they started killing mice and lizards and this person, being a vegan, would complain because the cats were being cats. I thought that was (bless her heart) so STUPID!!!! She knew getting those stupid cats, they were going to kill other animals. That's what cats do! A vegan should never own cats, if they want to be a serious vegan. But she couldn't not have them. I loved her as a person, but getting them stupid cats and not expecting them to act like cats was a dumb move.

Anyways, veganism is dying. I'm preparing for the funeral. And the banana girl is getting pissed off more and more. Now, she's even encouraging people who are still vegan to create videos to "counteract" the videos of people who left veganism. Kinda childish I think, but I don't think anyone is going to take her seriously. People are getting more and more educated and learning about the lie that is veganism.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Are People Better Looking Now Than Years Ago?

I saw this question on Quora, and I had to mention it here. I saw one person's answer and he said no, people today are actually getting uglier. I agreed with him. I said all women today either don't want to identify as their true gender or are feminists, neither one of which is ever attractive. Women who choose to play the gender version of musical chairs, usually look more like boys than women, so they are usually ugly. Feminists are usually fat with crew cuts and manly facial features so they are almost always ugly too.

And the men today. Oh my GOD!! They're nowhere near as attractive as they were. In fact, I think Michael and Timmy are the last two handsome men left in the world. Well, Timmy anyways. But all other men today are either fat, bald, gay, trans, or are cat-lovers. Also neither one of which is usually very handsome. Gay men can be cute, but I would never fall in love with them. No point in it. Trans men are never cute! And I don't particularly go for bald men either. And cat-loving men are not even real men. I think most of them are the so-called "gender fluid" types.

I have a running joke in fact that there will never be another Michael or Timmy! They are the last of their kind. And if there ever is another Michael or Timmy, then you girls had better be careful!! Because they could really be women who only identify as "men". That's the future of rockstars! And that is sad. I treat it as a joke, but really it is sad. Sad to know that real men don't exist anymore. Sad to know we will never see a real man or woman without worrying "is that really a man?" or "is that really a woman?" For those of us who do not want to date someone who is the same sex as we are, and only just looks like the opposite sex on the outside.

Well anyways, I added this to my answer...

You know what I blame for this surge in ugly people? I blame cats. Yes, cats. Those furry little squatting bastards that have now infiltrated almost every home in the world. You notice how ever since cats have surpassed dogs in popularity (since the mid-1990s) people have gotten uglier? At the same time, we’ve seen a rise in obesity, mental illness, and general physical ugliness. I’ve never seen a man (or woman for that matter) that preferred cats that was in any way even remotely physically attractive.
I remember on Facebook, there was this guy, a young guy, and he was always complaining “Why can’t I get a girl to fall in love with me?” Well, I got a good look at his picture, and though he was kindof a nice person, he was unfortunately very UGLY!!! Well, through the months I realized why he was so ugly. He was a cat person, who never had a dog in his life. And I noticed this in just about every person I knew that was born into a family that preferred cats over dogs. Their kids always came out looking ugly, or were autistic. I think this guy unfortunately had both.

I hate to say it but it's true! I don't really like to call other people ugly, but if it's the truth, it's the truth. I've never seen any cat person that was as attractive as dog people. I think I did a post about this earlier on this blog. It was right after I found out Chris Cornell (whom Katrina adores with all her heart) was a dog person. Chris Cornell was a handsome man! Almost as handsome as Michael and Timmy. Well, Katrina would argue he was better-looking, but we won't get into that. Katrina used to like Billy Joe Armstrong, from Green Day. Now, she looks at him and says "yuk!" He put on some pounds! Katrina is no longer attracted to him. Billy Armstrong is a cat-person. That says enough.

Compare the men today with the men of yesteryear, and there is a distinctive difference. Men today want to look like women, whereas men of yesterday knew they were men and dressed and acted accordingly. They were not afraid to act like real men. They were not afraid to be real men. These days, libtards shame men so much now for acting like men, that men nowadays don't want to be real men. They get shamed out of it. So, for acceptance, they do what is acceptable to the left. They identify as the opposite gender. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Method To This Madness

I often wondered why this world now has so many transgenders. I feel bad for those people who are really transgenders. A lot of people today are making light of their ailment. It's become a trend now. But it's a trend that will be harmful in the long run to all of humankind. The worst thing about it all is that now people are feeding this bullshit to young kids. Do you know there is a channel on YouTube called "Queer Kids Stuff"? It's nothing but some dim-witted goon marketing gay/queer/trans propaganda to kids. Young kids! It does it in a way that resembles regular children's programs like Sesame Street and Romper Room. Only instead of talking about essentials, like words and letters and numbers, it talks about queer junk.

Well now, it's even begun to have guests on it's show. The first thing it asks it's guests is "What are your pronouns and how do you identify?" The last episode it had, it said that through this stupid hand-made teddy bear in a weirdly-freakish high-pitched voiceover. I'll tell you, if that person dares to have me on as a guest and sticks that teddy bear in my face and asks "What are your pronouns?" to me, that bear is going right up it's butt! Oh but it will never have me on as a guest because I'll get on there and ask it "why do you identify as an it?" Actually, it likes to be called "them" or "they". But I won't use those pronouns unless I'm talking about more than one person, or I'm talking about someone anonymously. So, I call "they" an "it" instead. I don't care if it sounds disrespectful. LOL! If I were living in California, I'd be doing some hard time there! Because if a person looks like a man, I'm going to call them a man. If they look (or sound) like a woman, I'm going to call them a woman. And I have yet to see a tranny that was even halfway convincing that it is the opposite sex!

Well anyway, I was watching a video and the guy said something about chemicals in the water supply causing today's sperm count to be so low in people today, and naturally blocking the functions of the endocrine system that this may be what is causing so many transgenders to pop up.

Ya know, I heard about this back in the mid-90s. I was taking birth control pills at that time, which is why this stuck in my head. But back then, I heard about birth control chemicals coming out of our bodies by way of urine, and getting into the sewer systems. Sewage goes through the purification process and microbes get eliminated, but chemicals remain. The treated sewage is taken out to the ocean and dumped in the water, where it evaporates and becomes rain. It rains down on the land and winds up in the rivers. The chemicals are still there though. Just not the germs, bacteria and other stuff that gets killed off with ultraviolet radiation treatment. Back in the 90s, it was broadcast that we were already seeing gay frogs. I know that sounds silly, but I think it was a real indication of how birth control chemicals in the water really affect the process of puberty and lower the sperm count in animals. That includes humans.

Then there is also the propaganda angle as well. People are afraid to tell their young children "you are a boy. You should start acting like a little boy." The reason for that is because to some people, being called "transphobic" is the worst thing that can happen to them in their lives. Ya know, this is why I laugh at people who call me names like that. The words "racist" and "homophobic" or "transphobic" have no meaning anymore. They've been so overused! Especially by liberals. Any kind of name-calling I laugh at. People call me fat. I say "well, at least they're not calling me a cat". LOL! People call me a cunt. I say "there are worse things in life than being called a cunt". Those names mean nothing to me. People call me a bitch. I say "Bitch stands for Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming and Horny". LOL! People today need to tear a leaf out of my book and start saying "Hey! If someone calls me a racist, or a transphobic, I'll live up to those names to the fullest!" Really, they mean NOTHING! Liberals use those words now to gain power over other people. When black people learn to accept the fact that yes they are racist if they don't like white people, THEN, and only then, will I accept the word "racist" as having any sort of power over me. Aside from that, being called a racist means nothing to me at all.

And no, that has nothing to do with me not feeling racism because I am not black. It's got everything to do with black people denying they feel racism against whites because "black people cannot be racist". It's all propaganda bullshit! I'm sick of it!! I think Morgan Freeman (whom I adore) put it the best way possible. He said in an interview the only way to get rid of racism is to stop talking about it. In response to that, I say BRAVO!!!! That's why I hate Obama so damn much! He taught the world to hate black people again by telling black people that whites are inherently racists. Racism was almost extinct! Then Obama had to say stupid shit like that!!! Anyone who thinks Obama was a "smart" man is inherently STUPID!!!!!!!! The only respect I have for Obama is he is a dog-lover. That's it! Everything else about him, I can't stand!

I wonder who is the real mother of Obama's children? It sure isn't Michelle Obama, I bet that bitch has a penis between her legs!!!

Well, this guy in this video I saw today said that kids today would not be half as confused as they are about their gender if not for the propaganda. So, that does have a great deal to do with the rise in numbers of transgender kids. It is the fault of the parent and the schoolteachers who are also pushing this crap on kids! Kids cannot choose their own identity! I'll have to keep saying that. Man! I'm glad I didn't have kids in a world like this. Of course if I had a little boy, I would have told him "You're a little boy! Act like one!" And if I had a little girl, I'd have told her "You're a little girl. Act like one!" And like I said, this coupled with other things, is going to cause the demise of humankind. I also watch a lot of MGTOW videos too. Those are men who are usually rich, and don't want to have families. They don't want a woman in their lives, nor kids.

The thing about MGTOW, it goes completely against nature. Men in MGTOW don't want a woman because they think the woman only wants him for his money. Well, there is more to it than that. A man has to prove he is able to provide for the family. The whole family! Not just himself. That's why women go for men who are financially stable. In nature, it is the male's job to impress the female. In nature, that may include having good hunting skills, choosing the perfect rock, or building the best nests. It is only human males that think they don't have to do anything to impress a woman. And MGTOW men at that. The problem is, in the human world, you can't get anything unless you put out money for it. Even if I were to try to impress a future mate by making him a home-cooked meal. The money for the ingredients to make that dinner have to come from somewhere. Namely me. Unless I'd want to serve my future husband roadkill or something like that. LOL! But in nature, it's the males who have to impress the females. Why do you think it's the male birds that have the most spectacular plumage? Why do you think it is the male weaver birds and bower birds that build the nests? Not the females. The females do a lot for the males. They carry his babies for him. The females pass on the male's genes to the next generation. She goes through the labor and pain of having his baby.

However, I understand the purpose for MGTOW. I've even now seen a MGTOW march! And they said they would never do it. But MGTOW exists because of feminism. And now, feminists are worried that they will never find a guy to have babies with. But they only have themselves to blame for that!

People don't want to go by social norms based on what is between their legs. But it's more than the physical "between their legs". It is also what they are able to produce. A man can put on a woman's wig and a dress. He'll still be a man. He'll never be able to produce eggs or carry a baby in his body. Nor give birth to that baby. A woman can grow a mustache and beard, but she will never be able to produce sperm. She'll still be a woman. Inside and out. And virgin births are rare in humans.

Ya know, there will NEVER be another Michael Hutchence or Tim Farriss! If there ever is, you girls had better be careful!! He might really be a she that identifies as a he! Most men today are ugly. They're either really women, or they're bald! I don't know where the trend in going bald came from! That just started happening when the 2000s got started!

So, since we are on the subject of identity politics, I guess I can go along with it. LOL! Hey! I identify as a millionare who owns her own business. And I want to live in this house...

This is an actual house for sale in Pacific Beach, WA. It's over $1 million. So, since I identify as a millionare, do you think I should get this house? Even if I really cannot afford it? Why not? If a man can think he's a woman and society has to accept it, by the same logic, shouldn't society say that I can live in this house if I want to, and all I have to say is "I identify as the owner of this house!" It'd be identophobic if you don't accept me as the new owner of this house!! Isn't that all that counts?

Oh shit! I just made up a new word! One that queer people are going to start using!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

After-Birth Abortions?

For a few days now, I've heard a lot about this new bill in Virginia, making it legal now for a mother to opt to have her baby killed after it has been born. WHAT THE HOLY FUCK????????? What the fuck are the people in Virginia thinking??? Basically what this is is legalizing murder. First it was late-term abortions, and now it's after-birth abortions. That is what they are calling it, trying to make it sound innocent. Fuck that!!! Yet another stupid step now being taken by leftists and liberals. Well, I won't go for it! I think it's murder. If the baby is healthy, and adoptable, I don't see where killing that baby can even be an option. Virginia is now the first state to make this legal, and you know others will follow.

I bet I know exactly the kind of people who pushed this bill on congress. I truly will bet I know! I bet it's the same kind of people who say "Adopt don't shop" and vegans who tell meat eaters not to eat meat. I bet this bill was put out to congress by those exact kind of people. You know what hypocrites vegans are! And the ADS crowd are also just the types that would push to make killing babies legal! I wouldn't put it past them!

I say to people, if you don't want the baby, then give it to someone who does. There are lots of good families out there just looking to adopt a baby. And one that the mother opts to have killed would make a great candidate. We are human beings. We should be taking care of our own! We should not be killing our own. Man! I totally agree with Jesse Lee Peterson! The world today is run by evil! Democrats have become animals! And I don't mean peaceful animals. I mean monstrous animals! This comes from feline worship! One of my long-time Facebook buds doesn't understand what I mean when I say feline worship is ending the world. But it is! That's where it started. People are acting like lions that you see in those documentaries killing their own cubs!! Yes, I know gerbils, mice and rabbits also tend to eat their own babies too. But how often do you see people that want to become rodents or lagomorphs??? No one! Everyone these days wants to be a stupid cat! So, they're beginning to act like them. It's just the first piece of a puzzle that has been building up since the 1990s. Whether or not these people are consciously aware of that makes no difference. I see it.

This is how I see this pattern:

  1. The Lion 'King' comes out by Disney Studios in 1994. Almost everyone likes the movie.
  2. "Panther Diary" comes out on Animal Planet in 1996. People became obsessed with panthers (especially lions) already thanks to The Lion 'King'. This further glorifies the beasts.
  3. Cat videos first air on the internet in 1998. People become even more obsessed with cats.
  4. This leads to everybody now wanting their own cats so they can get their own 15 minutes of fame through them.
  5. Cats carry parasites that make people go crazy. They turn men into girls and women into boys.
  6. Cats become very popular in the "furry" community too.
  7. 9.11.2001 islamic muslims hijack airplanes and kill almost 3000 innocent people that day. Muslims love cats, and see dogs as being "dirty" animals.
  8. As early as 2000, gays begin fighting for rights, which they finally get in 2012.
  9. Now that gays have rights, queers want them too. Then trannies.
  10. The world goes crazier. At the same time, cats have become more popular than dogs.
  11. People think of cats as gods, and wipe out the GOD of the Bible.
  12. Atheism spreads. Atheists love cats, which makes them become more popular, and makes people go crazier.
  13. Traditional christian values get wiped out and even scorned.
  14. People go crazier and even turn against those of us who do not see cats as gods, but still worship the real GOD.
  15. 2014, ISIS is formed, and vows to eradicate all of Christianity. ISIS is run by muslims. Muslims are cat lovers.
  16. 2016, Hillary loses the election. Hillary is a cat person. As is her husband Bill. Liberals love cats too. Conservatives, not so much. Some do, but none are obsessed with them.
  17.  People get pissed, and start going against everything that christians value.
  18. Gays, lesbians, trannies, queers becomes a fashion statement, and now everyone wants to become gay, queer or trans.
  19. Because trannies are now accepted, identity politics begins.
  20. California passes a law that a person can be fined and even jailed for "misgendering" another person.
  21. Social norms become social abnorms.
  22. "Sanctuary states" are formed where crybabies can go to whimper about those of us who uphold the Constitution. These crybabies are usually liberals. Liberals all love cats.
  23. Colleges and universities comply with gay/queer/tranny rights, and force everyone to learn about identity politics, including children under 5 years old.
  24. Kids get confused about who they are, become trannies, take hormone blockers, and when they grow up, they are unable to have children of their own.
  25. "Privilege" is now a thing among liberals and is even taught in schools.
  26. Liberals encourage women to abort unborn babies.
  27. After-birth abortion becomes normal, and babies born can be put to sleep if the mother so chooses. Even if it is a healthy baby. If she is a liberal, 50% of the time, she will choose to kill the baby. Especially if it is born a white boy.
Now to look into the future...
  1. The police are told not to arrest people of color because liberals consider that discrimination against colored people.
  2. Black people commit over half of all crime in the USA. So, with police unable to arrest them, their crime-committing steps up further.
  3. Black people kill, rape, torture, lynch all whites.
  4. The laws change to accommodate liberals. Liberals still love and worship cats.
  5. People can no longer uphold old fashioned social norms.
  6. The family unit becomes unacceptable because liberals think it'll hurt the feelings of those who had a single parent.
  7. A white person has to be ashamed of being white.
  8. It is illegal to not accept a date with trannies or queers if they ask.
  9. Pedophilia is accepted. Kids have no rights.
  10. Christianity is extinct. Now, everybody is forced to abide by muslim standards.
  11. Muslims kill all gays/queers/trannies because that is their law.
  12. Muslims use their babies to bomb buildings.
  13. The USA--The last great country--turns into a 3rd world nation and famine hits hard!
  14. Before the next millenium, humankind will be extinct. Or be 100% muslim. And muslims have no good values.
And it all got started with feline worship. That is how I see it. We're already seeing it in California, a liberal state. In fact it is the most liberal of the liberal states! It is what America will become in the future if we don't stop this bullshit the liberals are making us do!

I don't agree with abortions of any kind. Let alone abortion after birth! I saw a video of a woman who works as a nurse, and she is outraged by this new bill being passed. She said she would never do it. And none of her friends who are nurses would never do it either! I mean, she was PISSED in that video!!! Shit I am too! This is probably the stupidest thing the left has ever proposed to date. And believe me, I've seen some highly stupid shit come from leftists! Things that I would never even dare dream of doing!

So what will be next? Can we make killing kids up to 5 years old acceptable?? Hey! Let's not stop at 5! How about we make killing kids up to 18 years old acceptable if the parent wants it? But why stop there? Let's just make suicide an acceptable norm! It's what the liberals will want. Why not? It'd be considered "discrimination" to make the mother raise a child that she just gets tired of having around.

On The Lookout

A few months ago, a german shepherd dog was found mutilated in Seaside. Someone posted about it in the Seaside classifieds on Facebook. The poor dog had been mutilated and partially eaten by a damn cougar. Someone once posted about it in the Oregon Coast Craigslist page on Facebook. Someone asked if anyone was looking for their German shepherd dog. My response to that post was "Kill the damn thing!" I meant that! I have a dog. I don't want to worry about my baby when I take her out to go potty at night. Even though I am with her, and I don't let her lag. We are still out in the country, and this could happen to Mya. One Seaside resident said he's seen cougars stalking him and his dog, and he lives in an apartment complex. Thank GOD I don't currently live in Seaside.

Well, there was one jerkoff, a woman who looked like a drag queen and whose name I don't remember, it got angry at my post. I don't remember it's name, but I do remember it lives in Seaside. Where the cougar was spotted. This thing was practically making a joke out of this post. I sensed some "I don't care about the dog" attitude in it's comments. It's response to my comment was "A smart person knows what to say. A wise person knows when to say it. Neither one of those types made this comment." I just laughed at it's comment. Having read it's comments on this thread, it didn't sound any more "wise" than it thought I was. Besides, it doesn't know me. And I don't make friends with libtards. And yes, this "person" was a libtard. It looked like one.

Well, my response to it's comment was a stroke of genius if I do say so myself. LMAO!! I said "Anyone with average intelligence knows to tell a liberal snowflake to go screw it's self." I must say, that was good! I don't like to brag, but my response to that libtard's comment got a lot of likes, and even some laughs from several viewers. My comment got more likes than it's comment did! And a lot faster too. LOL!! Well, it tried to make it's self sound smarter than it was by saying in response to me "Thank you for proving me correct. Have a nice day" I wanted to tell her to just go to hell. But like Katrina said when I told her about my encounter, "And with that, you should just drop the mic!" She said I nailed that libtard. I hate to sound like Onision (Shit! Onision ain't got nothing on me!) but I think I did nail that liberal snowflake! Anyways, it was triggered!! LOL! I know someone is triggered when they walk away saying "Thank you for proving me correct". Especially when they bring it on themselves. LOL! It should have just left me alone.

Well, it didn't change my view at all. I still say kill the damn cougar!! It is apparently making it's way south. This is why I stopped putting Mya out the window too. Not only because cougars have been reported around here, but so have coyotes! Even though it was more convenient to put Mya out the back window and just let her run off and go potty by herself, especially at night I would worry about her being out there by herself. And I did see a cougar out the back window once! Mya was out there too. I saw the cougar at the window and I screamed, smacked that ugly beast upside the head and brought Mya inside quickly! I think my screaming scared it, because surprisingly, it didn't attack me. But I think it was chasing Mya, which was how it wound up at my back window. I haven't seen it since, but it did open my eyes about putting Mya outside alone.

Well, I looked at that liberal snowflake's profile on Facebook and discovered why it got angry at my comment to kill the damn cougar. Because it was a catfag. It had the ugliest cat you ever seen! Another gray tabby! What is it with libtards and gray tabbies??? I also saw a picture of it that it posted. A picture of her in some gay bar, with a lot of her queer friends getting drunk. Then I knew this person was a liberal snowflake. Only a liberal would go around wearing a crew cut without being in the military.

Well, catfag, pantherfag, whatever it was, if I ever see that damn cougar here in Tillamook, that liberal snowflake better get ready to kiss that damn thing goodbye because I will not hesitate to blast it's brains out if it so much as lifts a whisker at my baby! And I don't give a shit what any snowflake says about it. She can call me "unwise". She can hate the ground I walk on. I don't care! She can kiss that cougar's ass goodbye because it will be as good as dead if I ever see it! Mya is my baby! I'll do what I have to do to protect her! That's why when I take her out at night, I watch the area like a hawk! I watch what Mya is doing. I don't ever take my eyes off her or the area around her. If anything even feels wrong, I am on guard!