Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Friday, January 30, 2015


LOL! I still do that, because I still love Timmy. Some people love it, some may not. Well to those who may not, tough nookies!! This is who I am. Lately every time anyone posts a pic of Timmy on Facebook I do this. I admit I get excited when I see Timmy and that makes me type his name like this. LOL! I remember when I was a "member" of that delusional mods forum, for the short time that I was in there, I typed Timmy's name with the multiple letters, and they HATED it!!! LOL!! But I only did it on there because I wanted to be banned. I didn't want my name even associated with their forum! I didn't even want it on the member's list! Some time later, I heard Catsredrum had wished I didn't go berserk. LOL! She would have wanted me to stick around in there. I saw that post and I thought "No way! I value my self-respect too much to allow them to use me as their punching bag!" The short time I was in there, I hated every second of it! They were so hateful and nasty! If I had stayed in there, I eventually would have become like them and I wouldn't like that. I would rather be friendly and give people a chance than be so quick to judge someone and hate them onsite because of any bad experiences I may have had with other fans.

Actually I really had no idea what their personal problems were. All I can do is speculate. Their forum went up immediately after I announced I wasn't friends with DonnaG anymore. DonnaG is a master manipulator. Vicki was one of those Donna had wrapped around her finger. Vicki announced that Catsredrum and Netrage were friends of her's. Catsredrum and Netrage were also the administrators of the delusional mods forum, and I was their main "prey". Vicki (I believe) also went in there the same time I did under the moniker "incognito" to tease and harass me as an INXS fan. She had never had a problem with me before I announced I didn't like DonnaG anymore. Put 2 and 2 together, and it all comes together. Their forum was only propped up because I announced I didn't like DonnaG. This led me to the notion that she was behind the creation of that forum. Who knows why? I believe to get back at me for being so pissed off at her for kissing Jon and Timmy when she had a cold and making them sick for the rest of their tour. It even spread to JD too.

Well, DonnaG is a disrespectful fan. She's one of those kinds of fans I don't like because she gives decent fans a bad name! She kissed Jon. I never kissed Timmy! I never wanted to! As much as I love Timmy, that's a line you just don't cross!! If I were prettier and had fans I wouldn't want someone I never met grabbing me and kissing me in the mouth! I tell everyone I kissed Michael, but I didn't do it in his mouth! And I was a teenager then. Teenagers are often crazy with their favorite celebs. Though I admit I did feel like a teenager when I saw Timmy in Seattle in 2006, but I maintained my dignity, and his too. I respected his space. I didn't kiss him or touch him in a way that was inappropriate (which is what Catsredrum claims I did, even though she wasn't there).

I admit I wasn't with DonnaG when she kissed Timmy and Jon, and I never once claimed to be. Everything I know, I got from her own story, which she told in her own words. And I know DonnaG too, which she seems to have forgotten when she griped to my sis "She wasn't even there!!" I know Donna had been trying to get her hands in Jon's pants since we went to LA together (again, those were her words, not mine). That was her goal then. If I retold her story wrong, then there was something wrong in the way Donna told her story. So if the delusional mods were pissed because I didn't like DonnaG anymore, they were attacking the wrong person. They should have attacked DonnaG for telling her story the wrong way. But Donna was about the only fan I've never seen the delusional fans forum attack. This is another clear indication that they set up that forum for her. And everything they were against is everything DonnaG is. Not me. I may be crazy, but I know what the boundaries are with Timmy and the rest of the guys of INXS. And I have never crossed those boundaries. And NO ONE can ever honestly say I have!

The reason this still makes me mad is because I recently heard that rockstars do not let their fans come near them anymore, and security is tighter now than it was before. I remember how approachable INXS always was! They used to love their fans. It was always easy for the fans to meet the guys, even if there wasn't an official meet and greet. This was a good thing for me, because being near Timmy, he just oozed awesomeness!! I'm positive Michael did too, if I'd only remember what it was like being near him!! But I was a teenager then, and already Roxette was jousting ahead of INXS as my most favorite rock band! So you might say I wasted that concert the whole time I was there, wishing it was Roxette I was seeing instead of INXS. Being young, naïve and stupid, I had no idea back then how much of an impact Michael would have on my life! I also did not think that soon I would throw away my life as a fan of Roxette. I dunno. I still like their songs though. I've even heard Per Gessle has gone solo, and I've heard some of his music.

Anyway I heard the reason rockstars do not let fans get near them anymore is because of the fanatics. The radicals! I hate radicals! Even INXS, toward the end of their career, became unapproachable. And I truly believe it is because of the delusional mods forum! I happen to know some of the people who were on their member's list were close friends with the band, and may have told them some of the bullshit that the delusional mods were saying, and the guys actually believed it! I know there are some totally loony fans out there, and it is better to be paranoid than dead, but none of the people they attacked on the delusional mods forum were like that! Most INXS fans I've met have been good people. I've never had an INXS fan make fun of me, calling me fat names. Not yet anyways. Well, Catsredrum did once, but I don't think she was a true INXS fan. I think she was more a JD fan. I've met many more dog show breeders in their 40s, 50s and 60s who were much more disrespectful than any INXS fans I've ever met, and had NONE of the finesse INXS fans have! I think that's because Michael was always all about peace and love. Show breeders are all about who has the best lines and who can win the most purple ribbons, and who shows their dogs and who doesn't, and they want to shit on those who haven't been showing their dogs as long as they have!

I know I would never harm any of the band members of INXS. But I can understand the concern, because of what happened to John Lennon. Nobody wants something like that to happen again. I am not the kind of fan though that would seek out Timmy's house and stand outside it, waiting for him to come out! I may not like Kirk very much anymore, but I would NEVER do anything to hurt him! In fact, I am still working on forgiving him. I hope to have that completed by spring time. He doesn't even have to be present for me to do that. I will work on it, and I intend to fully forgive him before my own time on this Earth is over. I want to be able to say I love all my guys, and actually mean it! though some would say 5 out of 6 isn't bad, but not for me. I want to be able to say I love 6 out of 6 of these guys. I'll just have to try and remember next time I meet Kirk to not even try to be nice to him. That is, don't say hello, don't smile at him, don't even look at him.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Speaking Your Mind

UGH!! Some people! I'm all for speaking your mind, and freedom of speech too. I practice it a lot. I also prefer people speak their mind with me. That's how I am. Truth is never kind though. But today, someone was banned from this group I am a regular in for calling Paula a whore. Or something like that. I don't know, I didn't see this person's comments. Well, said person also claimed to be a friend of Michael's. Why is it everyone who claims to be a friend of Michael's has to act like they think their shit doesn't stink!? That I will never understand. I know people who actually did know Michael, and none of them boast so loudly about it. Well, this person I truly think was lying when he said that. He said after Michael died, he was so upset by it, that he had to go into therapy. Yet, just before he was booted from the group, he said "Michael hung himself....bite that!"

Now, I may not be a friend of Michael's, but I know enough to know not to make fun of something like that in a group of people who truly do love Michael. I would NEVER say anything like that out of spite. No matter how angry I was. There have been times I've had to remind some Hutch fans that Michael is gone, but I never said "he's dead" out of spite or anger. I'm very careful about that. Well, I love Michael. I never would mock him, ever!! Anyways, his posts do not reflect the actions of someone who claims to be a close friend of Michael's. I've known many people who were friends with him, and have pics and/or personal letters from him to prove it. I know how some of them act. Not all, but some. Most of them act like asses who take life WAY too seriously for me! I like people who are fun-loving and playful. People who know how to make me laugh and smile. Not a stick-in-the-mud like most of the people who claim they are friends of Michael's. But I have NEVER heard any of them say anything to the effect of "he hung himself...bite that". That is plain disrespectful.

I will also admit I don't like Paula, not even a little bit. But I try to be careful and keep everything I say about Paula on a speculative level. That's all I can do, speculate. I didn't know Paula, I never asked her anything. So all I could do is speculate. But from what I've heard and read from reliable sources, nothing Paula ever did seemed very good. Look at some of the things I've read about Paula and see for yourself:

1. She had a plan to get Michael that she's been trying to put into affect since 1986.

2. She was still married to Bob when she had sex with Michael (which resulted in Lily).

3. Everywhere Michael and Paula went, they were hounded by photographers and tabloid journalists.

4. Paula would not take Lily to Sydney because she didn't want to "split up the girls". Even though Michael wanted to see his baby girl!!

5. Paula once said in an interview that if Michael ever left her, she would kill herself and Lily.

#1 all I can say is, Paula had to have been stalking Michael all that time. She was married to Bob Geldof, if she didn't want him, and instead wanted Michael, she shouldn't have married Bob! This also is tied to #3. I truly, honestly believe that Paula tipped off the photographers and tabloid journalists, which is how they knew where they were both going at all times. No one can make me believe otherwise. And why would Paula do that?? I have no clue! The only idea I can come up with as to why she would do that is because she wanted to tout Michael around like a trophy. It's either that or Paula was critically insane! Actually, I would bank on both! Well, Michael was NOT a trophy!! He was a person. He had feelings, wants and desires of any other person. And all he wanted was to be left alone. There were times it seemed Paula did not consider Michael's feelings at all.

#4 makes me madder than anything! And it's plain stupid! Michael, all he wanted was to see his baby girl that he was so proud of! But Paula would not let him see Lily because she didn't want to split up the girls. What would it have taken to leave the older girls with Bob Geldof and just take Lily on a flight to Sydney to see her father for just a few days?? Lily was a baby, she wouldn't have cared if Paula's other children were not with them! My ma used to take me on trips without my sis all the time! There were times my sis just couldn't come with us. So who would have been harmed if Paula had just took Lily and flew to Australia to see Michael for just a few days? It may have been the boost Michael would have needed to go on. But no! Paula decided she was going to just be selfish and hold Lily back in England, and not go see her father. Who knows why again? Maybe she did it just to make sure Michael would have come home to her, instead of going out with another woman.

#5 I'd say is pretty positive proof that Paula was critically insane. It also shows that she did not have Lily because she loved Michael. She didn't love him. Anyone who would say something like this, it proves she only had Lily to trap Michael. No other reason. It's no different than the bullies on the playground saying "You do as I say or I'll break your neck!" The only innocent pawn in this scenario is Michael. Yes, he got a baby out of the deal with Paula. But ANYONE could have had that baby with him. It does not make Paula special. Poor Michael though paid the ultimate price to have that baby! Paula caused him a lot of stress, heartache, he lost his dignity, his pride, he was bashed, humiliated, and ultimately he lost his life. I can't help but wonder if Michael had gotten together with any other girl and had a baby, would things have been different? Would he have suffered such tremendous pressures? Apparently he was getting tired of INXS, as I heard. Again, I am only speculating. But this is all why I hate Paula so much!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy 55th Michael!!

Well, today is Michael's birthday in the USA, yesterday it was in Australia. They are a day ahead of us here. Well, I offered my story "One Day In November..." to the fans in the MH and his Life fan page on Facebook. I did that as well on the anniversary of his death too. But then I did not know you could upload files directly to Facebook. I just found that feature. Back then, anyone who was interested, I had to send it through email, and I'm sure a number of them did not get it! Sometimes my emails tend to go to peoples' junk mail boxes, because I use my own email. I don't use Yahoo or Gmail, or Hotmail. I use the email I get through Metazoica.com. So other, more popular, email accounts view my emails as junk. I only offered this story on this site on Facebook, because I trust these people more. Not saying I don't like any of the people in other groups, just that I trust this group of people more than any other. Other groups I am on, some of the people (not all) act like the losers that I encountered the very brief period I used to get on the Rockband Lounge forum. There were only 1 or 2 people in that forum that were friendly, that I knew of. The others all acted like they thought their shit didn't stink. Most likely because they were supporters of DonnaG. That's probably why a lot of people, who claim to be direct friends of Michael's, are also like that. Because they are supporters of DonnaG's, as she never makes friends with fans who are not friends of INXS.

Anyway, today it's all about Michael Hutchence, not DonnaG!! The fans have christened this day "HutchDay". I like that!! Happy HutchDay! hehehe! But the day seems to be mostly an Australian day. They had a marathon throughout their TV stations yesterday, showing nothing but INXS. There is even a show called "Michael and Friends". Sounds like a cartoon show! I would have loved to have seen it!! I wish someone would do something to bring the memory of Michael Hutchence here to the USA! But nobody does anything here! If anything is ever aired about Michael, it's almost always only broadcast in Australia or the UK! That's sad! What are the US fans supposed to do? Look for reruns and rehashes of old stuff?? I got all that already! I would love to see something new and different! Makes me mad!!

I was reading a story that was written originally by Michael's father, Kell. He told a story of how Michael loved the girls, even as a baby! Apparently right after he was born and came home from the hospital, he and Michael's mom Patricia, had a barbecue party and a lot of supermodel women came. One was a top-name model back then, and held Michael in her arms, and he wizzed on her! LOL! I read that story and laughed! He seemed to be a little flirt back then!! I like that! I love a man who knows what he likes, even as a baby! hehehe! A lot of fans say Michael was a flirt, and even I say that! He seemed like one when I kissed him! But it could have just been the way he smiled at me. He had a smile that would light up the room. Michael's sister said he hardly ever flirted with the girls. But then Michael's brother tells a totally different story. He said Michael always flirted with the girls! So there's a lot of conflicting stories out there about Michael's character. Maybe he was so complex, even his closest family members didn't know. I'm more inclined to believe Michael's sister though because she's known him since before he was born. She was 12 years old when he was born. Most 12 year olds are aware of their world, and pretty much on the level.

Speaking of which, I notice she is accepting friend requests again from fans. Not sure I want to ask her again to become my Facebook buddy. She'll probably be deleting those people again very soon. She seems like a nice person though. Well, at the same time, I don't want to seem like a stuck-up prick! I dunno though. I love her stories about Michael. No one can tell them the way she can!

The day of Michael's death is so close to the day he should have been celebrating his birth. But I don't think this is his month. Most of INXS's albums were always released late in the year, not early. I don't know what exactly went through Michael's mind the night he died. I can only speculate, and did speculate a lot at the end of my story. I only know for sure what went through my mind when I heard he was gone. I cried! I'm not normally a crier, but I cried a lot that night when I found out. Most people who feel bad about Michael being gone feel so for his daughter more than for him. I once heard Chris Murphy say to feel bad because we want Michael back was even a "selfish" move. Well, maybe I am selfish. But I don't weep for Michael's daughter. In fact, the night I heard the news he was gone, which was when I cried the hardest, I had no idea he even had a child! I weep solely for Michael because I want him back! I want him back on stage doing his gigs. I cry because I miss him! Not because I think of his little girl. Yes that may sound selfish of me, but I have no problem admitting that.

Here's a pip. I've even started calling Michael my "boo". LOL! I miss calling Vegas that, and I need a booby to love. So I've begun calling Michael my "hutchy-boo", or sometimes just "boo" or even "booby". LOL!

Well, yesterday I celebrated Michael's memory by posting several stories about how I became an INXS fan, even on my Facebook status. I think today I'll remember him by posting a bunch of my favorite lyrics from some of my favorite INXS songs.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How The Dirty Dozen Mob Attacks!

LOL!! I thought this would be an interesting post for anyone who has ever been attacked by the dirty dozen mob, which could be just about anyone who has been on any pet breeder forums and has disagreed with anything they do. Or has said they didn't like any of the members of their little clique. I've done both in my lifetime, and have never regretted any of it! No matter how hard they've hit me. LOL! I've proven to be the stronger person. And that just pisses them off!! LOL! Believe me, they have tried HARD to bring me down as much as they could! They mostly attack me with my own blog. They do so by telling people who I've mentioned on this blog, that I've been "slandering" them, hoping to get those people to come after me with lawsuits, or harm me in some way, or to try and shut me up. None of which has worked! People have threatened me with lawsuits many times. But I have seen enough of Judge Judy and People's Court to know lawsuits like that NEVER win!! They're just a waste of the judge's time. I used to be the same way a LONG time ago. I used to hear you could sue someone who has called you names and shit. But whenever someone presents a "slander" case in court, it's usually gotten thrown out. So, if someone "slanders" me, I just grin and bear it. Can't sue someone just for having an opinion. Not in my home country anyways. Not positive where the dirty dozen mob is from though.

Jupiter maybe? *shrugs* LOL!!

OK that was a joke! But anyways, I thought this would be good for anyone to know who inhabits pet forums that are frequented also by any of the dirty dozen mob. They should know anyways. So they know not to take any of these people seriously.

Now, I have no idea what they are calling themselves now, but most of them will never give out their real names. They don't mind shouting out the names of other people that they disrespect, but for them to give out the name of anyone from their little clique is sheer taboo. They do this for their own cowardice. They don't want you to know who they really are because they know everything they do, they can actually get sued for. Like posting another person's physical address and social security number (which I have heard they do), which is an invasion of privacy. They probably also have criminal backgrounds they don't want you to know about. I remember one time mcgillicutty said what I do is worse than what she does, then she posted my home address (at that time). I had to laugh at her statement, as I have never in my life posted ANYONE'S home address. I once posted that her name is really Sara Weiler, and she is from Everett, WA. But I never posted her house number, street she lives on or anything like that. Nor would I have wanted to do that. That's never been how I operate. I don't believe in attacking people I don't like by posting private information like that.

Mcgillicutty never told me who she was. I figured it out by process of elimination. I remember having several ideas of who she was. She kept saying she was a 50 something year old man, but none of her actions pointed to anything any 50-something year old man would do. Her actions did however reflect something a very disturbed teenager would do. Or a 20-something year old. She also said I gave her my address, which is something I rarely do with anyone. I even thought at one point mcgillicutty could be DonnaG. But as bad as DonnaG was, I don't think she was the type to post someone else's home address out of sheer spite. So eliminating her from the idea, and eliminating people I truly trusted from the list, the only person left was Sara. As I did give her a business card that had my name and address and phone number on it before she got pissed off at me. LOL! And she got angry at me because I said she was breeding poor quality Chihuahuas, and she was enabling a friend of her's to crossbreed Pomeranians with Chihuahuas to create more shelter-bound puppies. Sara bought from known backyard breeders and puppymillers, she only did health testing on her dogs after I told her it was the proper thing to do before breeding her dogs, and she was more interested in color than quality. She also poo-pooed the advice of show breeders.

First thing, before the dirty dozen mob attacks, they want to build up your confidence. This is how they work. They will be friendly to you. Don't fall for it! It's a smoke-screen. They want to make you feel good so they can manipulate you to turn against people they don't like. They want you to believe the person speaking against them is the evil one, and they are the innocent victims of that person's attack. Don't believe it! Chances are good the person attacking them has a damn good reason to do so.

Next they call the person attacking them a liar. Or they do all they can to point out mistakes that person makes, making it look like that person has no credibility. This is an old method! They're playing on the notion that most people will not get to know someone that everyone else is deeming a "liar" or a "hypocrite". Don't believe them. They are lousy judges of character. The dirty dozen mob themselves make fun of people who are disabled, and they are also racist bigots.

Next, they gang up on the person. One of their clique will attack someone about one thing, then another from their clique will attack the same person about something else. And this can go on and on for days!! They never tire! They started attacking me because I said I don't trust them, and I don't like them. And that was back in 2006. To my understanding, they are still attacking me, as I've seen their post about me on the Complaints Board.

That brings me to another method the dirty dozen mob uses. When they lose, they cry and weep. And instead of admitting defeat, they attack harder. Maybe even get more people to side with them. When this happens, don't let them get to you. I know that sounds corny, but this will help develop that strong skin you will need to work against them. They hate it when they are ignored and hated. So, use that as your weapon. I do! And it's worked!!

Believe me, they have pulled out the big guns against me! They have tried HARD to work against me. But I keep going, doing what I've always done. I don't let them run my internet existence. They will never shut me up. I'm a Google partner, I get paid every time anyone views this blog. I don't care if they direct people to this blog! So, they can kiss my cyber ass!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Damn!! Will people ever learn to take a hint??? I DON'T like cats!!!! I don't want to see them posted on my Facebook timeline!!! I'm not playing around when I say that either! I think people think I am! I only like a handful of breeds of cats, it does not mean I am a cat person! I like Siamese, ragdolls, Burmese, tonkinese, exotic shorthairs, oriental shorthairs, british shorthairs, Persians (though I would never own one), devon rex, sphinx, and that is it. And I can't stand tabbies!! I am NOT a cat person!! People, stop thinking I am!! If you are going to post pics of animals on my Facebook timeline, post pics of animals I enjoy! Which is most animals, just NOT CATS!!!! I swear I am going to delete the next fool that posts another fat cat on my Facebook timeline!!

This morning one of my Facebook buddies posted 2 pics of damn cats on my timeline. This person rarely comments on anything. Most of the time, all she posts is these stickers that are now all the rage on Facebook. Usually I ignore any time I see she has posted a comment, because I know if I go to that thread and look, all I am going to see under her name is one of these stickers. But sometimes she posts pics of INXS, and usually they are pics I haven't seen before. But it's impossible to know when she does that. But today, she's posted 2 pics of cats on my Facebook timeline! I think she thinks I like cats. She was somehow misinformed! I don't know how! Probably because one time, and I do mean ONE time, I told someone her cats were cute! But they were Himalayan cats! Not just a random-bred gray tabby mongrel!!

I recently deleted someone, who I did like, from my Facebook buds, because she was boasting about how she felt so good seeing some sickly stray cats using some warm shelters she put up for them. I said "Thanks a lot for contributing to the extinction of birds and other small animals I like more than those diseased strays!" then I deleted her. That's the way I saw what she was doing. I'm a bird lover. Stray cats kill a lot of birds and small animals. If someone does something to help stray cats, I do get upset. I don't want nothing to do with those people! I think they are sick individuals who need to grow up and open their eyes to the damage stray cats are having on our environment. Strays don't need to be helped! They need to be eradicated! I was sick of her posts anyways. She claimed to be an INXS fan, but all she ever posted was some kind of shit regarding cats. She wasn't an INXS fan! She was a cat-fag! I'm not one to tell anyone what they can and cannot post on their own Facebook page, so I just deleted her, assuming we had nothing in common at all.

Speaking of cats, Roberta seems to be at it again! I swear that woman worries me!! When someone is crazy and admits it, it doesn't bother me. Its the people who are crazy and can't admit it (or don't seem to know it) that I begin to worry!! And Roberta won't admit it! I'm a crazy-ass bitch! I admit it! And I love it!! I'm supposed to be crazy, being an artist and a writer! But Roberta, she's like the dirty dozen mob! She's crazy, and either she doesn't know it, or she won't admit it. She created the By My Side page on Facebook, which is supposed to be devoted to INXS. Most of the time though, she runs it like it's her own personal war field. It's her page though. I just think she should change the subject from being about INXS to being more about her own personal vendettas. Every time she has a problem with someone on Facebook, she tells the people on her group to gang up on said person and tell them off, or join their page, don't post anything, and then leave their page.

The problem with people like Roberta, she's crazy and she doesn't know it. Most other people see it though that has had dealings with her. People with sense see it. But she doesn't see it, and her followers don't see it. It's very sad! She needs to grow up. I mean really! The woman goes all over Facebook acting like a cat!! You don't think that's strange?? If you don't then you must be crazy yourself! And I mean crazy on a level that is beyond me! What's even sadder is that she is not only an INXS fan, but also a Roxette fan. I used to be a Roxette fan too! She banned me from the By My Side group because I said I did not cry when I heard the news about Princess Di being killed in a car wreck. Well, I didn't! I'm not going to lie about that to please anyone. I just didn't! She was nothing to me! Well, possibly a distant cousin, but I didn't know her! I never followed any news stories about her when she was alive. I felt nothing when she had her 2 boys. I never felt anything when she and Charles were married, or when they broke up. Why should I feel anything for her when she died?? That wouldn't make sense. Michael was a fan of her's, but I never claimed to be. And just because INXS liked her a lot does not mean I have to! But I don't feel bad about being blocked from the By My Side group. Because it seems Roberta has made that group more about herself than about INXS. I'd have left eventually anyways. Things like that do get old awful fast!

I do have a lot of royal bloodlines from Europe, so it is possible Princess Di and I are related in some way. I just never met her. So she was nothing to me. Sometimes I wish our relatives never left Europe, I could be queen now!! If I was, I know who the first person would be that I would have executed by way of guillotine. The dirty dozen mob, beginning with that asshole mcgillicutty!! LOL! I'd love to see her head chopped off!! Not that there are any brains to be lost! LOL! Surprisingly, I'd spare Rhonda's life. She called me a stalking whale. To me, that is a compliment. Despite the fact I don't like her, she must love me an awful lot to give me a nickname like that! hehehe! Stalking whales RULE!!

Well, I know I've said this before many times, but I don't like cats!! Please people, DO NOT post anymore cat pics on my Facebook timeline, unless you WANT to get deleted!!

I deleted this person this afternoon. She did it again. Despite repeated requests to her NOT to post ANY cat pics on my Facebook wall. It's like everything I say to her goes in one ear and out the other. So I finally just deleted her. I promised the next person to post any cat pics on my wall will get deleted, and I will continue to keep this policy. There are too many other INXS fans out there that are cat fags. I am NOT one of them!! Post that shit on their wall. NOT mine!!! Any other animals I don't mind. But NO FELINES OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED ON MY WALL!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Talk Of Delusional!

LOL!!! Oh my GOD! And Catsredrum and her dipshit friends thought I was delusional! LOL! The dumbass dirty dozen mob too! But have they ever seen me say anything even similar to what this woman is saying?? Have they ever seen this woman's blog? I don't think I was EVER this bad! I mean really, I get embarrassed for this woman just reading some of the things she's written on her blog!! This woman, who calls herself Amy Lee (after the lead singer of Evanescence), claims to be the founder of the band Evanescence, and that the lead singer named herself after her! Where do these people come from??? I don't want to make fun, mind you, but I think this Amy Lee girl actually believes this shit she writes!

Here are some other excerpts from her blog, these are HER words! Not mine! And they don't appear to be real claims by the celebrities she is talking about.

"In 1988, someone I know gave me an ugly black sweater vest for Christmas. Not unlike many things I owned, the ugly sweater vest disappeared only to reappear on Kurt…"

"In the past, I have written about where Kurt came up with the idea for the artwork for the Nirvana album “In Utero”.  This being a fresco from the ruins of Pompeii, Italy in the Villa of Mysteries.  A picture of the fresco  graced the cover of a booklet I purchased at a Pompeii exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas, in 1978 which Kurt found in my closet after we met."

"When I started working with Michael Jackson, he told me about Elvis being discovered by Alabama native Sam Phillips who founded Sun Records."

She's even attacked my Timmy, basically calling my favorite man a liar:

"This wasn’t lost on others, such as Michael Hutchence of INXS who decided to say the band was born on the day Elvis died and Tim Farriss using the same day as his public birthday."

"While working on ideas for the Stephen King book to film “The Dark Half”, naming a character George “STARK” using my last name for the character.  "

"Kurt Cobain often talked about The Stooges and Iggy Pop went on to record songs I wrote. This includes “The Passenger” which Michael Hutchence was not only present when I wrote it, but went on to record a fabulous version for the 1995 Batman Forever soundtrack."
 "The character name “Black Widow” was suggested for the title to a new song which I would write.  The song would be recorded with the artist I named Iggy and another artist I gave the stage name Rita Ora."

"This is when I started writing the song “White Wedding” with lyrics inspired by the song Little Sister written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman and recorded by Elvis (1961).
It was during this time  I also made up the song “Girls, Girls, Girls”  recorded by  Mötley Crüe, borrowing the title from the 1962 Elvis film Girls! Girls! Girls!, named after the Coasters’ song."

"This is where I got the idea to name a group “WHAM!” who would record songs I made up."

"Hutch had already told me he was giving part of my writing credit for the INXS songs to Andrew Farriss, so I named another singer Andrew."

Listen to her! She claims all these famous groups sang songs that she made up, she claimed Michael Hutchence does not have a child named T. Lily, and he never had sex with Paula Yates. She claims she gave the stage names to these celebrities, she claims Steve Clark faked his death, She claims that Joe Elliott of Def Leppard even raped her when she was 15!! She makes all these claims that she is the inspiration to all these famous people and mega-hit movies, and she hides behind the phrase quoted by Napoleon "History is a set of lies that people have agreed upon". Oh great! Next thing you know little miss Amy Lee will be telling you in her blog that she gave that line to Napoleon herself! LOL!

Nah, I really shouldn't make fun. This isn't funny, it's sad! And a lot of these things she can get sued for! I would definitely look into that if I were Joe Elliott!! She accused him of raping a child! That is definitely grounds for getting sued! That is why I am embarrassed for her. She obviously thinks she is doing nothing wrong and that everything she says is right.

Now, I may have said that I love INXS, but I never claimed to be friends of theirs in any way. I may have called them "friends", but not to this degree. I've met INXS, but I don't claim to do the writing for them. I never said I had their email addresses (Catsredrum's claim). I never said I have their home addresses (again, Catsredrum's claim), I never said I had sex with the men of INXS (again, Catsredrum's claim), I never even said that I am the inspiration for any of their songs. The problem with Catsredrum, and people like her making claims about me, is she didn't know the kind of person she is talking about. And she got all her information from a much more delusional nit-wit! Namely DonnaG. But I am not the kind of person DonnaG made me out to be. It was a lot for me to even ask Timmy for a photo-op. I'm usually very shy and reserved. But I felt Timmy was harmless enough not to harm me, or make fun of me.

And yes, I listen to my instincts! Even when it comes to celebrities. If anything had even felt wrong with Timmy, I'd have stayed away from him. Every time I have ever let my guard down, whether the person I was seeing was famous or not, I've been hurt in the end. So, I listen to my instincts. But I would be lying if I said I wouldn't desire to have sex with Timmy. LOL! I just would not really do it. Or I wouldn't force it on him. It would also be nice if I inspired a song from INXS, but that is not likely to happen either. And I won't pretend it has! I am not like this Amy Lee person. If you want to check out her loony blog, here is the link: http://michaelhutchenceandme.wordpress.com/ But I must advise wearing hip boots before going in!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Fat-Shaming Week

There is a week in the middle of October where thin people are told on Facebook and Twitter to go around and take pictures of fat people without their permission and post it up with the hashtag referring to that week, so other people can look at and shame that person for being fat. NOW I know why this young girl took that picture of me at the gas station and at first I had no idea why I was being snapshotted without being asked to smile or say cheese!! LOL!! Because it occurred around that time. She wanted my pic for this fat shaming week. For a long time I wondered why anyone would want my pic, especially if they don't know me. Now, I know! It's a Facebook/Twitter thing! LOL! Oh well! I don't care personally for myself, like I said before, none of those people can hurt me. But what gets me is why does this week even exist? I learned about it through a video by a guy on YouTube, and he mentioned that one young girl already has killed herself over being bullied this way. I still wish that girl would have told me she was taking my pic! I would have at least smiled! If a bunch of dim-witted, dumbass bigots are going to look at me and say shit, I would have liked to have been smiling in the pic!!

But the idea that one girl has killed herself over this kind of thing really bothers me! Fat shaming never works, and I've said it before! I hate people who claim they shame fat people "for their own good". Because they don't do it for that person's own good! Face it! And admit it!! They can never get me to believe they point, laugh and call some fat person names because they care about that person's health and well-being! They do it because they are miserable people with nothing better to do and nothing intelligent to say, and they want to beat down someone else to make that other person as miserable as they, themselves are, so they pick on the one group of people that it is now acceptable to pick on, and that is fat people. That is why they do it. They are, in a sense, bigots. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't care what they call themselves, they are BIGOTS!! I hate bigots! You notice no one with any sense goes around making fun of fat people. If you took everybody who makes fun of fat people and put them all in a pile, and take all the people who know it's wrong to make fun of fat people and put them in a separate pile, and cracked each one open like a walnut, you'd see the people who make fun of fat people are the people who have the most problems and the most hurt inside them. But that's why bigots exist.

This kind of thing is also what killed my Michael! He got sick of people constantly taking his picture without his permission. And he wasn't fat!! Not by a long-shot! But it shows that people don't care who they hurt with their pictures and words. Makes me mad that people like that did that to him and, in a sense, took him away from us, the fans! If I didn't already have so many videos and pics all over the internet of myself, I would have felt the same way. Of course being a rock star, Michael had plenty of pics out there of himself too. He should have been used to it. But there are times a person just wants to be left alone. Or there are people out there who don't care to have pics of themselves up on the internet. And just because said person is fat does not mean he, or she, doesn't have the right to have that respected. And that is what I have against having a week devoted to fat shaming. Fat people may be bigger than average, but in the end, they are still people. Just because they are carrying a few extra pounds does not mean they are not people too. They didn't all of a sudden change species just because they put on a few pounds. But again, that's the kind of stuff bigots do. That is why I hate bigots!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Next Hutch

I know there will be 2 more INXS movies in the works very soon. Richard Lowenstein is working on one, and another director is working on another. INXS are still big, even though Michael is no longer around. Well, yesterday while I was at the tire place, I happened to be thumbing through a magazine that listed the sexiest men of 2014, and one of those men was named Kit Harington. When I saw him for the first time, my heart skipped a beat because he looked almost exactly like Michael!! I thought at first I was looking at a picture of Michael. I kept going back to his picture just to make sure I was not just seeing things. But I wasn't. He does indeed look just like my Michael.

He even has Michael's eyes and nose!! I think they look almost exactly alike. He would be the perfect candidate to play Michael in any of the upcoming movies. He looks so much like Michael, I'd have swore he's his long lost twin brother! LOL! Even with his hair slicked back, he still looks everything like Michael!!

I think in this pic, he looks just like Michael did on the Elegantly Wasted album! Well, some of my friends want to see Aiden Turner play the part of Michael. I've said this before, I've seen Aiden Turner, and I don't think he looks like Michael at all.

His hair looks like Michael's and he's got brown eyes, but the similarity stops there. Turner has a much angrier look than what Michael, or Kit Harington, has! Michael has a certain look in his face that is extremely hard to duplicate. It is halfway between looking dangerous and looking innocent. Aiden Turner is too far in the lines of looking dangerous. Far more than what would be convincing to play the part of Michael. That is why I thought when I looked at Kit Harington's picture, that I was looking at a picture of Michael! Here is Aiden Turner without the "Hutch hair"...

He still looks mean!! And he doesn't even remotely remind me of Michael. If he is picked for any part to play Michael, I won't watch the movie. Because I don't think Aiden Turner  would be the least bit convincing to play the part of Michael. And he's kinda ugly too. He'd make a much better Jim Morrison than a Michael Hutchence! Or perhaps a good replica of JD Fortune! There is a reason Kit Harington was voted one of the sexiest men of 2014, and I think that would add the charm factor in playing the part of Michael. Aiden Turner does not have that kind of charm. I know the actor does not have to look exactly like the person they are portraying! But the closer they are to having the appearance of the original, the more convincing I think. To me, Kit Harington comes the closest I've ever seen to looking almost exactly like Michael!!

I just hope they don't get Johnny Depp to play Michael!! Depp is way too old! Michael died at 37, it wouldn't make sense to have someone 50+ years old playing the part of Michael. The actor who plays Michael should be between 23 and 30 years old. No older. A 30 year old could very well play the part of Michael at 20, as well as Michael at 37. Luke Arnold did! And I thought he did great! Actually Luke was 29 when he did the part of Michael, but I loved his performance. Never Tear Us Apart is still my all-time favorite movie!!