Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well, I did it, I made an advertisement video for the dog book. I want to see how many people like it before I really decide to activate it on the UMG site. Yes the music is real. LOL! I always like to add music to these little videos I make, and classical is perfect. It kinda gives it a good feel. Though I know some people don't like classical music, you gotta admit in the movies it gives the movie a certain atmosphere. I don't know what it is, something magical, and unexplainable. Either way, it grabs my attention. Listening to the music alone is not really that great, but when you combine classical music with motion picture, it really tells a story!! Anyway, that's why I love those old 1940s cartoons better than the cartoons we have today. If you listen to the background music, it makes watching the picture more fun. Today, loud electric guitars and keyboards have replaced the symphonic violins, horns and woodwinds! Not saying I don't like electric guitars, mind you! They're wonderful if I am listening to rock music! But not when I am trying to watch a cartoon or a movie.

Anyway, this may be one of my best little advertisement movies yet! I took some of the most fascinating dog breeds and gave a little info about them and put the words and pics to music. I am also putting this movie up on my Facebook and Twitter. Hope y'all like the movie!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Shame On Me!

Shame on me for not studying this subject better before even thinking of writing this book!! UGH!! It's so tough! I haven't even gotten to the breeds section yet! Well, last night I put the dog book up on the UMG site, but I haven't made it active yet. Trisha said it was OK though to put it on the site. I'm just waiting until I can create a sample copy before making it active.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson's Dead

After all these years, Michael Jackson has finally been confirmed dead! I just saw it on a little news clip on television. It is now 3:30 as I am typing this sentence, and I can imagine there are going to be big stories about this tonight on the news. I'm like, Who gives a shit???? I sure don't! I don't even like him. I admit he used to be a good performer, but his work was crappy after 1991, and he ruined himself. And in 1993, EVERYBODY knew he made those sexual advances to that little boy! The judge and jury were dumbasses! Either that or MJ cheated the system, because he did it again in '97! I always knew he did it, even though he said he didn't!

Well my heart does not bleed purple peanut butter for him. He's in Hell where he belongs. And all those plastic surgeries he had, he should have quit while he was ahead. He used to be real cute, back when he was his natural self. He should never have tried to become something he's just not. And he should never have been allowed near children! I will sertainly not miss him. Besides now I have bigger fish to fry. I just started this book about horses that I've always said I am going to start. It's the first time ever I've written a book about horses! Usually I've always done books about dogs. I've done like 5 dog books in my life, mostly for the fun of it, not to get it published. The first one was when I was in the 5th grade. The second one in Middle School. The 3rd one I think was in High School. Then again in 2000, and now I just completed another, but it is the same one I did back in 2000, so I don't know if it counts as a "5th" book. It's just got some updates. Someone said I should release that book to the public. But I don't know. To have one copy printed is going to cost $113, and that includes the shipping. If I sold this book to the public, I'd have to charge that PLUS the cost of the manuscript. A lot of work went into that manuscript, so it'd be a lot! Around $150 if I were to sell bound copies, including the shipping, which the cheapest is $3.75 per book. It'd be easier to just release this book as an e-book. Then I just charge for the manuscript, and leave out the cost of binding, packing and shipping. That would make it about $40 or so. That's IF I decide to put it on the UMG site. I have some red tape to go through with my supervisor and web designer. I'll have to think about it.

This book about horses though, I just might release it on the site for sure.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Book is DONE!!!!

Well, I'd say the toughest job in working on this book was doing the index pages. But the book is finally finished!!! This past weekend I was working like a woman possessed!!! It took all day all weekend to complete this book. But now, it's got everything. I included even an acknowledgements section that lists kennel clubs and organizations. That is where I got most of the info for this book. It's only right that I list the kennel clubs. I only listed the reputable kennel clubs, like AKC. I didn't include any clubs like APRI or Continental KC. But then everyone by now should know that I have nothing to do with those registries, so I won't list them in my book.

Well, I've just put the finishing touches on the cover this morning and now I have a full printable book! Cool! The book is going to cost me $113! This is why I won't sell printed copies to the public. I'm kinda on the fence about selling it in e-book fashion. E-books are cheaper than printed copies though. But then I guess that price isn't so bad, look at the Atlas of Dog Breeds, by TFH Publications. That book costs a pretty penny too. Basically all it is is a picture book of dog breeds. It does talk about the history and character of each breed, but not to the extent that I do. Plus I put in information about choosing puppies, finding the right breeder, puppy mills, I even talk about mixes. Well, I had to put in a little article about the myths and facts about mixed breeds so someone would know. I even go into deep discussions about health care and nutrition, and even talk about senior dogs and how to care for them. I learned a lot too having reworked this book! I didn't realize how much I had forgotten until I had to type everything from my old copy to this new one.

Well, anyway, the book is done. Thank goodness!! I'm planning another book here soon. All about horses, my second love.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Vegas!!!

Well this is it, this is the day my baby turns 3 years old. Vegas was born on this day back in 2006, he came at a time when I really needed someone. And he was it. OK, so I am a crazy pet lady! LOL! I still love Vegas, and he is still a good boy! Well, gotta love him! So I created this voice blog, complete with a little movie at the end, to give honors to Vegas.

Next year will be a milestone for him. I want to see if he lasts me longer than Groucho. Sadly he never met Groucho, or her unborn babies, which is a dirty shame, because then they could have been playmates together. If he does make it, I know what would be cute for a voice blog next year. Only thing is, I may not have the money to do it with. Nuts!! But I can at least try it, and see what happens.

Anyway, here is the video:


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Hell With PETA!

They are so ridiculous! I recently heard they are now going to protest the "fish throwers" at Pike Place Market! They said that throwing fish was animal cruelty. Nevermind that the fish are dead and cannot feel it! What a bunch of dumbasses!!! I'll tell you if this is what going vegetarian does to your brain then I am certainly happy that I am a meat-eater! I may be a little bit slower than the average meat eater, but I know not to pull a lot of the stupid BS that PETA pulls! Have you seen their latest game? They took the Oleson twins and called them the "Trollson Twins" and they have a game where you dress them up in furs and red-stained clothing. They're angry because the Oleson twins would not support them in their stupid cause. So they created that game to make fun of them. I mean really! I know the Oleson twins are not that attractive, but to call them the "Trollson twins"? That's just plain stupid! So is their campaign against the fish-throwers at PPM, and even their protest at an AKC dog show! They think even the breeding of purebreed dogs is animal cruelty.

Speaking of which, you'd better get all the pets you think you'll ever need now. Because I read somewhere that PETA is getting the government to pass a bill saying that you cannot breed pets anymore. PETA is getting it passed through congress, and you know Obama is dumb enough to sign the bill!! Sometimes I don't think he ever reads the bills he is passing! PETA doesn't want anyone to breed purebreed dogs, they want everyone to own mutts from the pound. While in some ways that is a nobile gesture, think of the future of pets. In 10 years time, there will be no more dogs and cats at all. Except for maybe ferals, and ferals don't always make good pets. Sometimes they take weeks of getting accustomed to living inside the home. I seriously do not like these PETA jerks! I think they go too far! And they're just plain dumb!

I remember some months ago, there was this guy on Facebook named Chris Grant, from Hamilton, Ontario. Could have been a fake name. But he said he hated meat eaters. Then he called me a sadist who likes to see animals in pain (because I eat meat). Then this is the funny part: He said that I was slandering him because I said he's one of those PETA supporters! LOL!! I told him to go ahead and call his lawyer. He said so many things that were in conjunction to what PETA fights for that I found it totally unfeasible that he was not indeed a PETA supporter. Or a supporter of one of those kind of ARA organizations! Just the fact that he thought everyone should agree with everything he said and believed him and follow his example was proof enough for me. I told him we were made to eat meat, and that is what I am going to do. Chimpanzees ate meat, and they are our closest wild relatives, and they do eat meat on occasion. He argued that the Bonobo (or pygmy chimpanzee) is actually our closest relative and he said, NOT me! He said that they are solely vegetarian. Well, surprise! Surprise! Bonobos eat just as much meat as common chimpanzees! And us! Well most of us. I tend to eat more meat daily than a lot of other people do. I told the people in that group that I am ignoring Chris from now on because he admitted that he liked to argue and "hand people their asses", and I would not give him that satisfaction. So, I began to ignore him. I just whisked right by his posts, didn't look nor nothing! LOL! Besides, I found most of his arguments were nothing but BS anyway. Just like those of PETA. He only spoke half-truths and outright lies. And then the only half of the truths he spoke were the half that made him and his beliefs sound authentic. Again, just like PETA.

I'll tell you, I don't want to be a vegetarian if that is an example of what it does to your brain!! I have enough fricken brain-problems as it is now!! LOL!! I don't need it to get worse than it is!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Out With Gun Dogs

Well, I finally finished the gun dogs section. Except for the American cockers, I really couldn't give a shit less about gun dogs!! They're not my breeds. But that's just ME. But as I was working on that group, I was doing the history of one of the breeds, I think it was the barbet, or the soft-coated griffon, one of those breeds, that was almost wiped out due to people over-mongrelizing them with other breeds. That and the lack of good specimens of those breeds out there. Makes me think of what is going on today with poodles. Barbets were once as common as poodles are today, and they too do not shed. Some unethical people took advantage of that and mixed them with other breeds to create designer "mutts". Most of those designer "mutts" were just fads back then, as they pretty much are now, and died off. This is why I so object to creating designer mongrels. I remember on my old chihuahua forum someone wanted to purposefully cross her chihuahua with a pomeranian to create "chi-poms", another common designer breed. I told her flat out if she wanted to do that I would not support it. I don't support those kinds of acts! I don't believe in the intentional creation of designer mongrels because there is no point!

The man who first created "labradoodles" only did it to give the blind who were allergic to animals a dog they can have trained to guide them. That person NEVER meant to start this mass-hysteria and obsession that people have today with these designer mutts. In fact, as I understand it, he's sorry he ever unwittingly got the ball rolling on this fad. Most people today who are breeding "labradoodles" don't know what they're doing! If a person is going to create a real breed, then what they should do is either do it themselves, or get within a group of friends, who they can trust, who would know what they are doing, and breed them that way. But that's not how people today are doing with the "labradoodles". People are taking a purebreed labrador and a purebreed standard poodle, breeding them together, thinking it's going to create pups that are healthier, do not shed, and have better temperaments than their parents. But that is not so. That's why I say people who breed designer mutts don't know what they are doing.

I remember when Obama was looking for a dog, and one of his choices was a labradoodle. Someone on the Star Celeb said he should get a labradoodle because she had one and it was the best dog she ever owned. I was like "Big deal?! So you had one that was a good dog. It had nothing to do with the breeding, you were just LUCKY." The fact is, you cannot describe a mongrel like you can a purebreed. That's one of my biggest pet peeves is people who do that! Some of the worst dog attacks on humans have been performed by mongrels. One of the first dogs I ever had was a collie/St. bernard cross, and she used to lash out at people for no reason. And she was just a puppy then! I shudder to think what she would have been like as an adult! That's why we only had her for a few months. But purebreed St. bernards, it's safe to say, are very laid back and gentle. But it is not safe to predict what a mongrel will and will not be like. Responsible breeders will keep the best and cull the rest. That's why I made such a lousy breeder!! I could never cull a puppy!! Broke my heart enough when I got stillborn pups!! But that is what you are supposed to do when you are creating a new breed.

I tell you, after reading some of the historical bits on some of these breeds that were almost wiped out by mongrelizers and bad breeders, I have a new respect for show breeders!! I still don't like most of their people skills though. LOL! But I remember that person who wanted to breed chi-poms said that I didn't deserve my dogs because I didn't agree with mixing breeds and blah-blah-blah. And I was like "What in the HELL has mixing breeds got to do with my dogs?!!" LOL! Some people are too stupid to live!!! Oh that was another thing, that person who posted the private post on my guestbook said she hopes I never have a dog because I told about the bad points in breeding. Again I said what does that have to do with my dogs? Again, some people are just too stupid to live. But at least she gave me a good laugh. She's probably just jealous because my dogs look better than her's. I still say she's evil though. But she's great for laughs. And for those wondering, I told Trisha about her, and Trisha's response was "What a total JERK!!!" She said anything I say about that jackass she'd very well deserve. I was shocked!! Trisha doesn't normally think like that. LOL!! Just goes to show the only kind of people who would say "You don't deserve your dogs!" or "I hope you never have a dog!" are people with no brains. Especially if the only reason they say it is because I don't think irresponsible, or clueless, people should be breeding dogs. I cannot wait to see what laughs that person gives me next year. To reiterate, I think that was the same person who posted on my guestbook last year at about this time, under 2 different e-mail addresses and names, and said how horrible my site was, yet how beautiful my dogs were. So I can hardly wait till next year to see what she says next. I kinda wonder if she is one of those bots I've been hearing about that spams your forums, guestbooks and yadda-yadda-yadda and says those kind of things. I'm beginning to think she is. Either way, she's good for a belly-laugh!

Well, Trisha has dogs, so she understands. She knows how close I am to my dogs too. So she definitely understands. I'm so glad!! I thought if I said anything Trisha would get pissed!! Oh and I know she's reading, so if you want to reply, go ahead. You don't have to sign in anywhere or anything, as I allow even anonymous posters on here.

Anyway, back to mixed breeding, there is NO point to it! The only dogs guaranteed not to shed are poodles, bichons, some terriers and maltese. And why would I want to buy a maltese-poodle cross for the purpose of having a hypo-allergenic dog when I can go out and get a pure maltese or poodle? That doesn't make sense to me. Probably cost less to get a purebreed now anyway, rather than pay the sky-high prices people want for their mutts now. And as for labradoodles, don't believe the people who tell you they don't shed! Poodles don't shed, but labradors do. So, your chances are about 50% that you will get a pup that will or will not shed as an adult. And if you have allergies, why risk it?

Not only are people breeding these dogs the wrong way, the stupid names they give them!! You know a person doesn't know what they are doing when they give these mutts such dumb names!! Each breed has it's name for a reason. It doesn't make sense to me to combine names of already established breeds to glorify these mutts, making it sound as if they are legitimate breeds. Like a few years back, I met a woman on an old chihuahua e-mail group, and she was breeding what she said is called a "Carlin Pinscher". It's a cross between a pug and a miniature pinscher. The problem with that name is the only people who should be creating new breeds of "pinschers" are the Germans, in Germany, not in the USA. "Pinscher" is a German word and it means "Terrier". For an American to slap the name "pinscher" on a new American breed is ludicrous. A more sensible name would be "Carlin Terrier". But creating a whole new breed should be done by only ONE person, or by people ASSOCIATED with that one person who know what they are doing! Not by just anyone who can take a pug and a minpin and cross them together and get what they think is a new breed. Creating breeds does not work that way! That dog has to be able to breed true, when it is mated with another "Carlin Terrier", and not get any "throwbacks" from it's pug or miniature pinscher parents.

Anyway, this is why I dislike breeding these designer mongrels. There is just no point to it at all.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update On My Book

Well, my book is getting done. I am just today finishing up the terrier section. So the groups I've done so far have been the greyhounds (yes, I separate them from the hounds), the herding group, the toy breeds, the hounds, and now the terriers. Next is the sporting breeds, or gun dogs. That's the group I dislike the most. I don't like gun dogs at all! Except for the spaniels, like cockers. But things like labradors, golden retrievers, setters, german shorthairs, I can't stand those breeds!! UGH!!! So working on this group is going to be boring. But I'm going to do it right. I said when I started this project that in describing each breed, I wasn't going to be prejudice.

Oh speaking of dogs, Eva finally took the step and got her children an old english mastiff. Already I am hearing about how "the damn dog shits on the floor!" LOL!!! Eva's just not used to dogs. She's always been a cat person. Eva says she still looks in on the Pluba forums. I told her about meeting Metalraptor and him telling me how I get all freaky sometimes, and I think the cause of it was my looking in on the Pluba and SE forums, so I told her that I stopped looking in on forums at all. I haven't even lurked on any forums since I met him, let alone post on any. There are some forums I used to go into, and stopped. The Rockband lounge, that was the most useless forum I've ever been on! I only went in there a very few times, and most of those times was waaaaaaay back in 2006. They were the most unfriendly people I've ever seen! They won't talk to you unless you are in a certain "clique" and I am not, and don't want to be, in any cliques. At least the people on the Pluba forum give newbies more of a chance (since Rose stopped going in there). Most of them anyway. There are a few on there who don't get to know you for themselves, but instead let others tell them who they think is good or not and those people will actually believe it. I don't know why Eva still looks in there. She was telling me about a few posts and I was like "I really don't want to hear about them." Because if I do, I'll be tempted to say something, and I cannot. Metalraptor won't let me go into that "freaky" stage again!

Sometimes it is so frustrating when you want to say something and can't. But I found out not only is Metalraptor reading this, but my supervisor as well!! Trisha will burn my butt if I get too much like that. So, I need to work on my attitude. I can still cling to my opinions though. LOL! That's one thing I won't do is let go of my beliefs. Never again! I learned my lesson there! hehe! But sometimes I want to say something to some people, but I'm so afraid if I do, I'll go into that freaky stage again. But it is OK for them to get freaky if they want to, and they all have. The latest is someone who signed my chihuahua's guestbook, only that person made the entry private. I can always put it on public setting if I want to. But I wanted to respond to that person, and I didn't, because first of all, I thought what was the point? LOL!! It's private she can't read any responses. Even if it wasn't private, I can't say anything cuz my supervisor might read it!! I don't know if she looks in on my chihuahua site though. The post did have that person's e-mail, but it was a freebie e-mail account, and most likely a bogus one. Besides, I'm not going to take the chance if this person is a bad person (and I believe she was) and getting my ISP #. There were some things this person said that if she were actually a good person, she never would have said them. So, my instincts kicked in again, and said she's no good! So there is no way I'd ever e-mail her!!! LOL! I haven't even updated the address on my chihuahua site!! Just because I don't want people like that to find me.

Can you tell I am somewhat paranoid? LOL!! I think I've gotten worse because of Groucho dying the way she did. I never did find out who killed her, and I don't want to take any chances with Vegas and Odessa. It's all for their protection.

Speaking of which, I got my easy chair and I LOVE it!!!!!! It is BIG! Almost too big for this tiny little apartment! LOL! But at least I can sit comfortably in it, have both dogs up here and my computer all at the same time. It's wonderful. Now, if I am working on my computer, I can just reach over and pet the dogs if I want to, and I very often do, because they're right beside me. hehe! Took forever to get here on Saturday! I knew I was going to be dead last on their list of deliveries because we live way out in the middle of nowhere practically. It was between 5:30 and 6 PM when they arrived, and it was a good thing they did, I was getting tired of waiting. Anyway, I love this chair! It's the best chair ever! hehe! It also gets HOT!!! I thought that by having it in suede that I can keep cool in warm weather! But no, this chair gets HOT it's self! I still love it though. I cannot wait 'till ma comes back home and sees it.

Well, off to work some more on my book.

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's About Time!!!

Ma just phoned me to tell me that our friend Nancy's husband Paeng finally died this morning. It's about time!! Believe me, my heart does not bleed for him. He got what he deserved, the way that he treated Nancy that whole time they were married. And I knew she should not have married him! I knew he wasn't right for her from the beginning. But let's face it, Nancy always gets hooked up with losers. I love her a lot, she's a sweet person and a wonderful friend, but she's always attracted to losers! I always thought the only way Nancy was going to finally be rid of Paeng is if he dies. Now, Nancy is a free woman!

I hope she learned something from this so-called marriage! So many red flags should have gone up in the beginning. The biggest being he wanted to marry her after only knowing her for 3 weeks! Nancy thought that would be a good thing, but I didn't. I kept urging her to get to know him a little bit longer. She joked, saying "I'm old, I can't wait too long." I don't really like prying into the lives of my friends, but when I see a friend about to make a terrible mistake, I have to say something!! Whether they like it or not. I know I shouldn't, I've lost several friends over something like that, but I cannot help it! I only do it because I don't like to see my friends get hurt or make wrong choices. And in the course of this marriage, Paeng has tried to kill Nancy twice!

I was shocked, though not surprised, when Nancy told me he ran over her with his car! Fortunately she wasn't hurt too bad. He just ran over her foot. He said next time, it'll be her head he runs over. And what was the purpose for this assault on Nancy's foot? Nancy was standing outside, talking to a friend, and did not get back in the car when Paeng told her to. Paeng was not known for patience!! Still didn't make it right though! That was just one incident. He also tried to poison her. I remember she was in the hospital for a week from that incident.

And it wasn't like Nancy wasn't forewarned either! Aside from my warnings to her, every body who knew Paeng, at the factory where we used to work, all said he was no good, and tried to convince Nancy of such. She never listened to them. And those people at that job all knew Paeng for something like 10 years. He'd been working there that long. It's not like they only knew Paeng for a week, or a month, or only knew him based on things he said on an internet blog or forum or something like that. No. Those people worked with Paeng, side-by-side, for 10 years!! They should have known him better than anyone. Certainly better than Nancy did. I didn't even know Paeng, and never heard anything of him at the time I first met him, but I could tell just from being in his presence that he was no good. Especially after Nancy told me he wanted to marry her and they'd only known each other for 3 weeks. That's a definite red flag!!!

Nancy is too trusting, and I personally know that can get you burned worse than anything. I was that way until I finally put my foot down and said I don't care what, from now on I am NEVER ignoring my instincts again!! My problem was I didn't like to prejudge people, I like giving people I don't know a chance. But it always got me burned. So I said after the last incident that's never going to happen again. If I even dream someone is betraying my trust, then out their asses go! They got no business being in my life. Just as Paeng had no business being in Nancy's life.

Well, just as any jerk should, Paeng is gone, Good riddance, and Nancy is a free woman!! I'm happy for her. I hope Nancy isn't grieving too much. Because now she can really live. She can go to school and learn the trade she wants now. Me, I've got no time to think of much else than the fact my chair arrives tomorrow. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Growing Excitement!!

I am sitting here on pins and needles because something wonderful is about to happen. On Saturday, I will be getting the best birthday gift ever, my very own and very favorite easy chair! hehe! It's a gift that both Anna and I chipped in to purchase. I planned it that way, I know a lot of you may be thinking that it was not fair that I chip in and get the gift, but I was actually the one who decided to finally get this item. It was my birthday gift to myself. Anna just offered to help pay for it.

I've always wanted this particular kind of chair, it's only available at one store and it's called "the cuddler". I love it because it is so big, it's almost the size of an average loveseat. I can seat myself (even with my fat ass) and the dogs all at once with plenty of room to spare! Including room for my laptop. I'm going to LOVE it!!!!! I cannot wait. I keep saying "Come on Saturday! Hurry up and get here!" As if that's going to help! LOL!!! The only other thing on my mind besides this chair, and Timmy, is getting this book about dog breeds done. I'm now down to the hounds, and still going.

The hounds are not an easy group to work on. It's the largest group of breeds there is. This is the one that has a breed for every town, city and village in Europe! But some of these breeds are so scarce, info about them is very limited. Many of them do not even have a specific breed club, which is where I've been getting most of my info. If anyone would know about the breeds, it's the breed clubs! I try to focus mainly on the most reputable breed clubs. If I see any of them supports Continental KC or APRI, I walk!! Their word isn't worth anything if they support puppy mill registries!! I encountered that last night, on a breed that was very hard to find too. I said I'd rather try to find breeder sites of that breed than use info from a club that supports puppymill registries!! I've seen pics of dogs from an APRI dog show. Let me tell you, you walk into an AKC or UKC show with one of those dogs in tact, you'd be laughed (or hissed) at right out of the building!!! There was a supposed Yorkshire terrier in that show that looked more like a lanky, unkempt silky terrier!! It's hair was short, matted and dirty. I'll say one thing for the shows though, it'd be the quickest and easiest way to get a championship on your dogs if they'd let something like that even in the door. That's why I refuse to use info from any breed club that supports APRI or Continental KC. It'd be so misleading!!

For some of these rare breeds, the most sensible club to look under would be FCI. The main problem I encounter when going to FCI sites is that most of it isn't even in English, so I have to translate! Then make it out the best way I can from what comes up. It's all tough work, but it's fun!! This book takes up all my time. In the past 5 days, I may have gotten maybe 6 hours of sleep total. I'm tired, but I have to keep going. Personal reasons there.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Still Hard at Work

Here it is the beginning of the month and I am still up late at nights working on this book of dogs of the World. Hey! It's exciting! I want to get this done this month, and at the rate I am going now, it should be done by the end of this month. I've finished 2 chapters, and now almost done with a third. It's not hard!! All I have to do is transfer what I wrote in my first version, back to this version. Though doing searches on the internet and in books, I've found that some things need updating. Like the AKC's list of recognized breeds have grown since my first printing in 2000. So, I had to update.

I got a bit of joy out of this book. That's what keeps me working on it. Awesome! I've even got down my favorite breeds. Though I try not to be prejudice when I write about the breeds I like. Some of my ultra-faves are:

Siberian Husky. Looks good! Friendly, strong, beautiful dog.

Samoyed. Another beautiful breed.

Alaskan Malamute. I used to want one when I was a kid. Large and intimidating, but really it's nothing more than an oversized teddy bear!

Akita. National dog of Japan. Beautiful breed, and has a highly protective instinct for it's family.

Shiba Inu. A smaller version of the akita.

Klee-Kai. A rarity, but oh so adorable!!!!

Toy poodle. An all-purpose breed. Don't laugh!! I had one once and it housebroke in 3 weeks!!

Japanese chin. Say what you want, these guys are ADORABLE!!!!!

Chihuahua. My trademark breed. I've had chi's now since 1999.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Gaining in popularity. Can you blame them? They are so CUTE!!

Miniature Dachshund. I like the mini's better than the standards, but both are so short and so cute!!

Beagle. For some reason, these dogs are just so adorable!!

Australian Kelpie. Love them!! They are so smart!

Australian Cattle Dog. I had one of these once. It was the one I named "Hutchess" and then I lost her. After only having her for one week.

Australian Shepherd. My original breed, before chihuahuas. Don't let the name fool you, this is the dog of a thousand names. They are also known as California Shepherds, because they were originally created in California, not Australia.

These are just samples. The one thing that I have found, upon looking up info on the breeds I am writing about, every text out there always refers to each breed as "he, him, or his". So what if the person reading the book has a dog that is a "she"? Ya know there is such a thing!! I find that constantly annoying! In my book, I refer to each breed as "they, them, their", it's more gender-neutral. That's the way it should be. I don't know who started that tradition, must have been a man! But I've noticed every dog book out there does that, and now I've noticed it on breed and kennel club websites as well.