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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The World Is Their Pantry

Oh boy! People seem to think the world is organized and that everything needs to be labeled. It reminds me of my pantry, where I have labels on everything! Some labels tell what is in a jar, or when it was opened, and all that good stuff. But these days it seems everyone wants to put labels on everything! Today, I worked all day long on creating myself a compilation collection of some of the best episodes of Ernie and Bert. Yes, those two muppets from Sesame Street! Don't knock it, I always loved those two! In fact, I still find them hilariously funny. Ever since I lived in Ocean Shores, I have been trying to recapture my childhood, and one of the ways I know how to is to collect the best skits from one of my favorite programs from when I was a kid. I always used to watch Sesame Street. I loved the show, and Bert and Ernie were always some of my favorite characters, along with Oscar the Grouch. Some people today may like Elmo. But I don't. Give me the classics any day, today's little brats can keep Elmo for all I care!

Well, I also wanted to include some sketches I've found by different online artists of Ernie and Bert, I thought they would make cute little episode dividers. I found some interesting things, including a gangster Ernie and Bert picture. But one of the most interesting things I found brought back an old memory for me. I remember back in 2011, they were calling out to have Ernie and Bert register as a same-sex married couple. They wanted to put the "homosexual" label on Ernie and Bert. That is so dumb! I kinda wonder who's idea it was to have something like that done? Must have been one of those, what my sis calls "libtards". It had to have been some kind of tard!! Because that is the stupidest thing I ever heard, next to the dumbasses who say "how dare you not like cats". LOL!! When I was looking through pics, I found this, it was the response to this campaign by Sesame Street programming's CEO...

Great going!! That's a good answer. Personally, I always thought of them as just plain roommates, no where near being lovers. Friends, yes. Roommates, yes. Lovers, no. But just because they are 2 men or boys living in the same apartment, sleeping in the same room (though in different beds), and they spend a lot of time together, the world wants to label them a "gay, married couple", like everything in the damn world has to have a damn label put on their forehead!! I just want to tell those people to shut the fuck up and leave the kiddie things alone! Stop trying to label everything!

I'm a woman, and I've had 2 roommates, not counting my sis. I had Patti (for a very short time, but it was enough), and I had Donna. Both were women too. Doesn't mean that I was in love with them. I just needed a home to stay in. I liked Donna, but I wasn't "in love" with her. She was just a very nice person who was looking for a roommate to share the expenses with. I didn't like Patti, not at all! But even if I was gay, I wouldn't have ever fallen in love with her! Not only was she a physical eyesore, but she was too controlling for me, to a point it was totally unfathomable to stay with her. That's why I was only there for 3 days, officially. Believe me, I was glad to get out of that hellhole with her! But if she had been a better person, the only reason I would have ever stayed with her was so I could have a home to come home to. It's better than living out on the street. Although, having spent 3 months living on the street, I can even tell you all that living there was 100% better than living with Patti! LOL! ANYTHING was better than living with Patti! If she has another roommate now, I'd definitely feel sorry for that person.

They never said why Ernie and Bert were living together in the same apartment. But my assumption all my life has been they were just roommates, nothing more. It never even crossed my mind that they could have been a gay couple. I was just a kid. Of course, I would not be surprised if today's kids even put labels like that on any characters today. Which makes me wonder what these stupid anime cartoons are teaching them. You know my sis will still not let her kids watch any anime cartoons. Her oldest is now a grown man and has never watched a full anime cartoon from beginning to end. Because if my sis catches him doing it, she turns off the TV. LOL!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Celebrating Michael

Well, I am celebrating my Michael's life today with free ebooks at UMG Productions. Go to this link to download! They are all 100% free! http://www.umgproductions.com/search/label/free%20ebook

That's my way of celebrating Michael today. One person has told me she can't sit in front of the computer long enough to read an ebook. Sorry but, I cannot give away printed copies. They cost money to make. But I was thinking of taking 20% off printed books to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Michael's passing. But that won't be for a couple years yet. I have a lot of plans for that day! UGH!! I'm not even sure if I will be able to carry out any of those plans. I want to go to Australia and read my story I wrote about the day I found out about Michael. I want to make a video of it, reading it from beginning to end. It'll be a long video, but it'll be good. If I can throw some tears in at the end, it'll be perfect!! I always tear up when I read that story! I have a cute idea on how to present it too. If I could make it to Australia just for that, that would make it an awesome video!!!

In order to do that, I'd have to fly there and I am terrified of flying! I've never done it in my life!! Usually when I have to go far away, I go by car or bus. Never by plane. I'll have to make a hotel reservation, I don't know the hotels there. I have a passport, but it's a pic of me fat as a pig! And I hope to lose all this weight by then. Still working on it. I don't think anyone wants to see a fat chick sitting in front of a camera blubbering and bawling like a baby! I dunno though, that might at least look funnier. I have to remember at that time of year there, it's summer, and might be hot. So I have to dress for it.

Well, we fans are not the only one remembering Michael today. I cannot believe it's been 18 years already! It feels like yesterday. I still remember vividly what I was doing when I first heard the news. I remember how I felt. But think of the band. Today must be especially hard on them. Kirk did a tweet this morning about it.

 I told him I miss Michael too. Not a day this past year has gone by that I haven't thought about our Michael at least once. But I can imagine the guys are especially sad today. Bless you guys! Thinking of all of you and sending hugs and kisses!

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Well, yesterday on YouTube, I got this comment from some kid who calls himself harukafan1. Seriously, I think he's nothing more than a teenager trying to get attention. Well, I'm having a little fun with him. There is a video where a huge anaconda snake is slaughtered because the people thought it ate a person. So they killed the snake and cut it open. It turns out it was a capybara. I was angry because I don't believe the snake should have been killed because it ate a capybara! Even if they did believe it ate a person, that is no reason to kill the snake! Rehabilitate it, do an X-ray, and then if it turns out the snake did eat a person, THEN euthanize it! Don't kill it first and then cut it open. That's not fair, and it's a waste of life! I bet the villagers who killed the snake did not even eat it!

So is this kind of thing going to happen every time an anaconda kills a capybara for food? Just kill first, ask questions later, then when you find out you were wrong, just cover up your mistake with a little "oh well"? Seriously, sometimes people piss me off! No matter what, I just cannot condone the killing of any living thing for the purpose of nothing more than circumstantial evidence.

Anyways, harukafan1 came in yesterday to the conversation. I'd never even heard of this haruka whatever the fuck it's name is! But when I saw this kid's profile pic, it looked like it was a picture of some stupid, fugly anime character. Well, you all know what I always say about anime fans. And harukafan1 did not break the monotony! When I saw his profile pic, I expected him to be an unpleasant entity. He did not disappoint me in that field! LOL! Staying true to some unwritten code anime fanatics have amongst each other about their own brand of etiquette, this kid was rude, combative, hateful, uneducated, and believes whole-heartedly that he is right about everything and that everyone else is wrong.

Anyways, I am having a great laugh! I had an awesome one this morning! It started like this:

Yesterday 3:47 PM
+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan Doesn't mean they killed it it could of died from mass expansion or attacked by another animal. Plus "poor snake"? LOOK AT IT'S FUCKING SIZE WOULD YOU REALLY LET A SNAKE THAT HUGE LOOSE?!
Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Yesterday 3:58 PM
+harukafan1 "it could of died from mass expansion or attacked by another animal."

Maybe, but you don't actually believe that do you?! I don't. Because if that were true, the video would have said "We found a snake in the woods that was killed by {insert ridiculous reason here}"


Yes. I would. I've seen bigger, worse animals loose. You wouldn't ask that I bet if this were a 12-foot long bengal tiger that truly did kill a person. You'd be griping because a dumb tiger was killed with the rest of the pantherfags.

Yesterday 4:27 PM
+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan Comparing a snake to a cat is rather... uncomparable. You wouldn't fucking see a tiger swallowing a human whole now would you? I admit sometimes they HAVE to be put down. But overall they are nothing more than big fluffy furballs. WHEREAS A FUCKING SNAKE -poisons it's prey - very agressive no matter what. Basically your comparing a FELINE to a KILLER. And your literally showing sympathy for a killer...
Show less
Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Yesterday 4:50 PM
+harukafan1 "But overall they are nothing more than big fluffy furballs."

And it is exactly that kind of mindset that gets people killed by captive panthers. How many people have been killed by pythons? Maybe 100 in a 10 year period? They don't eat people either. Not normally. Felines on the other hand, kill 10 times that number of people all over the world in one year. Poisonous?? There are no poisonous snakes. I think you may mean venomous. There's a difference. And pythons are not venomous either. You don't mind killing a snake, that may or may not kill you, but you call a true murderer a "big, fluffy furball" and make excuses for them. Excuse me, but I'd rather side with the snake. I like them better.
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Yesterday 5:34 PM
Wherever you get your facts on the amount of deaths. Is unfactual.

So this interested me. It appeared our friend has better statistics. This kid is one of those pantherfags that thinks panthers are nothing but giant house cats. This is why I hate to see people calling panthers "cats", and TV shows and commercials that put panthers in the same frame as being "big cats", which is why I never call any large felines "cats", I always call them "panthers". Any large felines to me are panthers. It's easier, and far less misleading to call them "panthers" than to call them "cats". So anyways, I wanted to see if this kid had statistics to prove me wrong. But I want to see stats that say PYTHONS and BOAS specifically kill more people every year than any kind of panthers. I know already that venomous snakes kill a lot of people, but this video was not about a venomous snake. It's about an anaconda, which is not venomous. Well, this is what happened next:

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Yesterday 7:33 PM
+harukafan1 Do you have more accurate numbers? I doubt it dude.

I waited and waited. He didn't respond. So this morning I looked and he still hadn't answered me, instead, he was beating around the bush answering someone else...

ello mlp lady
2:44 AM
right can everybody stop going on about snakes
6:22 AM
+ello mlp lady Im not. you should tell that to the reptile fucker >.>

Notice, he continues not to disappoint me in my theory about anime fanatics. I bet he plays a lot of video games all day too. Well, this was my response to him...

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
6:28 AM
+harukafan1 Yes you are. So, where are your better statistics that pythons kill more people per year than panthers?
6:45 AM
More than 90,000 are killed yearly by snakes.- scientists have estimated

85 or fewer people are killed or injured accidently or otherwise- in a year by tigers. - reported in statistics by BBC
Show less
6:45 AM
So your stats are WAY off from the real truth.
Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
6:51 AM
+harukafan1 So I am still waiting for your "better" stats.

I'm sure that 90,000/year figure mostly means people who die of snakebites, those from venomous snakes. I don't want to see that. I already know that. I want to see stats specifically for pythons and boas. The NON-venomous snakes. So, harukafan1 repeats...

7:19 AM
"More than 90,000 are killed yearly by snakes.- scientists have estimated

85 or fewer people are killed or injured accidently or otherwise- in a year by tigers. - reported in statistics by BBC" Are you fucking blind? 
Show less
Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
7:34 AM
+harukafan1 I'm not talking about venomous snakes. I'm talking about pythons. Show me where it says more people are killed by pythons every year than panthers.

I have the feeling, I am going to be waiting for those special stats for a LONG time!! LOL!! But at the same time, I am having a damn good laugh!!!! I will give this kid credit for one thing, so far, he's been the funniest anime fanatic I've ever had the displeasure to chat with. I mean really, I've never heard of an "accidental" tiger kill!! Snakes may accidentally kill people, but I never heard of a tiger that accidentally killed anyone or anything. Felines are such vindictive animals, there is no such thing as an "accidental" kill in the feline world. I'm not saying that absolutely no one has ever been killed by a python or boa. But in my experience, when a snake wraps it's body around it's handler, it's looking for warmth. It's not a predatory, or territorial act. And the boids are all muscle, they may not know their own strength. They probably are not aware their strength can kill a person.

Well, the burden of proof is on him. Not me. I gave him 2 full families of animals to work with, just to make it fair! Shoot, he can even show me statistics of how many colubrids kill people, along with any other largely non-venomous snake family. And if it's more than that of the whole feline family, I will eat this computer.

Well, I want to thank harukafan1 anyways. #1 for not disproving what I have always said about anime-fanatics and video gamers (as I am sure he does nothing but play video games all day long too). And also for the very deep laugh he gave me this morning!! LOL!! I needed it. Going to be a very rough weekend, and I am missing my beautiful Michael!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Celebrate Our Michael With Free Ebooks!

I have decided to have another free ebook day this year! This time, it's going to be on Nov. 22, to celebrate the life of my Michael. My special gift to the fans is that I will offer all my INXS-related and INXS-inspired stories for free. Completely FREE!! There are no strings attached. No editing out, not sample copies, not condensed versions of the stories. Just 100% ebooks for free. The only difference between these versions and the paid versions is that there will be advertisements for the website within these books. But until you get to the last page, and unless you are really looking for them within the book, you won't notice them. And they are not the printed versions of these stories. Only ebooks. If you want them printed, you'll have to do it from your own printer.

This year, I am starting the "sale" at 11AM, as that was the hour it is believed Michael passed into the next world. It's ending at 7PM, just as it did last year. So, this year's giveaway will be shorter. So, I recommend whomever is interested go in and grab as quickly as possible! I am in the Pacific Time Zone, so you'll also have to calculate that if you're in a different time zone. There is no way I can make these available on that hour at different time zones. Sorry.

Last year, I didn't want to make any adult material available because kids might come in and download those and I'd have all kinds of complaints by the parents. Well, I am disregarding that little rule this year, because I want to make my INXS stories available. Including my freshly-revised version of INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens. Some scenes may not be suitable for kids in that story, so I ask that parents please supervise your children on that day. If the story is PG rated, there will be a warning in the book's description page. So that is why I ask all parents to supervise their kids during this giveaway. I won't give anything really grown up away. Some stories do have some adult explicit material, but those won't be given away.

If you see a story you like among the "free ebooks" category, if you want to download it, or just read it, there will be a button available for that to click on. It's a deep red button that looks like this:

That will take you to a link, that will only be available that day, and for those hours during the giveaway. At that link, you can download or read any of the free ebooks available. Though I suggest you download. These are long stories, some of them.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Westboro Prophecies

Now, I want to begin this post by saying I am not trying to be condescending to anyone on this post. No one except perhaps the Westboro Baptist Church and it's members. Ah hell with it!! I am being condescending to them because they deserve it! They're always condescending to other people, so why not? I was looking back at some of the earlier posts I made about them on this blog. I noticed a lot of the prophecies they've been bringing up have been proven untrue. One of their biggest preachings is against being gay. They contradict themselves a lot with that. First of all, I remember in a documentary, Shirley Phelps said that they call all sinners "fags" because the word "fag" actually refers to a stick that is used to start a fire. While the meaning of the word is indeed true, and I admit to calling radical and militant fans of anything "fags" for pretty much the same reason, let's be honest here! That is NOT the meaning the Westboro Baptist Church had in mind when they call sinners "fags".

The WBC is meaning to be hurtful to gay people! They deny it because it's so easy for them to cover up rather than to admit they are bigots. Shirley claims to love gay people, she claims that is why she goes all over the country holding those stupid signs and calling everyone "fags" or "fag-enablers". Well, I admit to using the term "fags" too, but I only call radical and militant fanatics that name! Because of the reference to a stick of fire. I remember on several talk shows, Shirley said "Being gay is not the only sin there is." But in reality, they think it is. They do mean to be patronizing to gays! Otherwise they wouldn't have 2 male figures having anal sex on every sign they hold up that has the word "fag" in huge letters!! That's the difference between me and them. I'm not putting pictures of 2 men having sex on my blog posts where I talk about radical fans! Because that is not the reason I call those kinds of fans "fags"! And I mean that! Yet, the WBC expects people to listen to them and take them seriously when they say they love gays. Shirley knows there are more appropriate words for homosexuals, but she just refuses to use them because she's really so full of hate and doesn't realize it.

Well, I heard when Fred Phelps died, on his deathbed, one of the last thoughts he had was "Maybe I should have been nicer preaching the word of GOD." That was when his family turned away from him and didn't look back. Fred Phelps was wishing he'd been nicer to people. It says something. It says he really hated what he did, to make GOD sound like an evil being. Sadly, I think the only thing that will make all of them realize they are doing more harm than good to our LORD is them being on their deathbeds. I really think GOD talks to us loud and clear just before he calls us home. The day my grandma died, my ma and stepfather was in her room at the hospital, and all of a sudden, my stepfather told me grandma just blurted out, out of the blue, "My favorite story in the Bible was the story of baby Jesus!" After that, she didn't say much of anything. About 10 hours later was when the family got the call that she had died. I think GOD had spoken to her at that moment. I really do. Because there was no other reason for her to say something like that just out of the blue for no reason. No one in the room asked her about that. Believe whatever you want to, but I really think GOD spoke to her in that exact moment before taking her home.

In the same logic, I think GOD spoke to Fred Phelps just before he went out, telling him that he made the LORD look bad through his preachings of hate. And I think HE sent Phelps where his hate-filled butt belongs! Straight to Hell!! Take that Shirley! I haven't heard anything about the WBC lately. I wonder if they plan to come to Astoria or Coos Bay, just to spite me. LOL! Good luck in that! More likely I'll never see them and they will never see me. They went to Bozeman, but it was like a year or so after I moved. I had said in this blog "Don't come to Bozeman!" and they went! LOL! Too bad it was after I had left. I never intended to stay in Bozeman for long anyways. I only moved there to give moral support to my sis. I missed home too much to stay there long.

I still think a lot of the Bible was misinterpreted. I don't believe being gay is the "ultimate sin". The WBC just took one word from the Bible (the word "abomination") and blew it all out of proportion! At least for that one scripture. But the Bible says a lot of things are an "abomination". For example, eating shellfish. Another thing, mixing colors of clothing. A lot of things in the Bible are listed as being an "abomination". It's not the ultimate sin! People who eat shellfish are not going straight to hell for that. So why do the people of the WBC blow that one scripture out of proportion the way they do? Because one of their family members had a bad experience with a gay person. That's why. It has nothing to do with Sodom and Gomorrah. For them, this whole "GOD hates fags" thing is a personal issue. It's not a real thing about GOD. Fred Phelps and his children were all pissed off because there is a park that gay people went to to have sex at night (happens in just about every large park and forest). And one of Phelps' grandkids was jogging through the park and a gay man chased him. The kid got scared because a madman was chasing him, went home and told mom and dad, Fred Phelps got angry because his grandchild was probably being obnoxious and was chased for being a wise-ass, thus the whole "GOD hates gays" motto of their's was born.

Well, I remember several of the Phelps children have claimed "When Westboro goes, this nation blows". So, where is Westboro going to go when this nation does blow? Because if this nation blows, then every nation blows. The WBC will not be any more immune than any of us. More likely they will be the first ones to get blown up, or get eaten by zombies, however that is going to go. I think GOD finds the WBC an abomination too. I also once heard that back in the turn of the 20th century, some children were warned that Russia is an offense to GOD. This is funny to me because the WBC say being gay is the worst sin and it dooms nations. Funny in light of that how it was said that Russia is an offense to GOD, because gay people have not now, and never have been accepted by the Russians. Russia must still be an offense to GOD, especially since Siberia was smacked with a huge meteorite a couple years back. I don't believe anyone was hurt in that impact, but it could be taken as a warning. So, that's twice more the WBC has been wrong.

Friday, November 13, 2015

"How Dare You!"

LOL!! I get this all the time, especially from fags. Like the catfags. Especially the catfags! I get people who are catfags saying "How dare you!" every time I tell them I don't like cats. And it ALWAYS makes me laugh!!! Every time!! That's such a dumb thing to say!! That's almost as funny as someone who tries to convince me that lions are in any ways "the king" of beasts. Well, I got that again this morning from another catfag. Someone commented on one of the Simon's Cat videos on YouTube saying "I don't like cats...I love them". I responded "I don't like cats...I hate them!" Especially gray tabbies! But since the video was also about pug dogs, I did add that I love pugs.

Well this morning I discovered that someone calling them self Scrat Channel on YouTube replied to my comment. She said "How dare you! Cats are amazing!" LOL!! That's funny. I laughed in her face and said "Cats are ugly, lazy and useless!" Well, she is not the first person to say "How dare you" because I don't like cats. I get the same thing from pantherfags too. But you notice, I have never seen anyone say anything like that to people who don't like wolves. Or to people who don't like hyenas. Or people who don't like dogs in general. etc. Only the catfags and pantherfags say that. Again I ask, what have panthers (and cats for that matter) ever done for you? Nothing I bet! You may get some enjoyment out of your cats, but again I say wait till someone breaks into your house and points a gun to your head. See if your stupid cat saves you from the attacker. I know a cat won't. But a dog will.

Well, I again heard back from Scrat Channel, and she said "Well dogs are dumb." Again, with the old "dogs are dumb" comment! LOL!! I hear that a lot from catfags too. And again, I say if dogs are so dumb, how come you can train them to do what you want them to, but you can't train a cat to? If dogs are so dumb, why have they survived the extinction event that killed off the dinosaurs? Yet dogs are still a strong family today while felines are becoming extinct. If dogs are so dumb, why are they 50% better hunters in the wild than the felines? Even a pack of lions are nowhere near as successful at hunting as a pack of wolves. If dogs are so dumb, how is it they are able to detect when their owner needs help without being told? Answer me all that, then try to convince me that dogs are dumber animals than cats. Well, I threw this kid's comments back in her face. I said "Well, how dare you not like dogs! How dare you not like snakes! How dare you not like INXS! How dare you not like lemurs! How dare you not like what I like!" LOL!! Of course I am not really the kind of person who would say that, as I believe everyone has a right to like what they want without being questioned for it. My objective with that portion of my post was to show her how stupid of a statement it is to say "How dare you not like cats!" This not only goes to her, but also to all the other catfags and pantherfags that have said the same thing. Then I added at the end of my post "Seriously, you're too dumb to be on YouTube!" in light of her saying dogs are dumb.

Seriously, I have said this before. Why argue so much with people just because they don't like the same thing you do? That in it's self is a stupid act! But it's like I said before, that's how fags, tards and radicals are. They can't help it. I will continue to hate cats. I think cats are way dumber than dogs! Because they ARE! Anyone who says dogs are dumber than cats has obviously never had a dog in their life, and never read about the many times dogs have saved peoples' lives, and the almost zero times cats have ever helped people.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another Reason to Hate Radicals

This morning I found I got a comment on one of my YouTube videos, and it reminded me of another reason why I hate radicals. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my post "Fans Vs. Fags" from late last month. I guess because it slipped my mind, or because it hasn't happened between me and the Yatesfags (yet, that I know of). But it did happen all the time with the catfags and pantherfags. Especially the pantherfags! But there is one thing that a fag usually does that a fan never does. They threaten the person with bodily harm, or they threaten to kill their family or their pets because they don't like the same thing they do. Now, as far as I know, none of the Yatesfags have done that yet. Though as irrational as they get, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the thought did cross their minds! And the only reason they don't play it out is because, just maybe, they have just barely enough sense to know that to even threaten a person will land them about 5 years in prison.

My video was about me getting my pet snakes. In the video I say it's retarded to stick up for panthers the way these panther fags do. I ask the question "What have panthers ever done for you?" Well, in that aspect, I have often been asked "What have snakes ever done for you?" Well, this morning I discovered I got that same question and I decided to answer (though I know I shouldn't have, because I have no idea of the poster's intentions with that question. He could be a pantherfag too.) You just never really know on YouTube!!! LOL! But that's me again giving a stranger a chance. I could be making a mistake, or maybe I am not. I don't know yet. We'll see if he responds. Anyways, my answer to his question was "My snakes make me happy. But the difference between me and my snakes and some pantherfag on YouTube is I am not out there threatening to harm people, kill their pets or their families just because they don't like snakes." I put a smiley face at the end of my answer, so at least it shows I mean no harm with my response. But when I respond to someone I've never seen before, who asks a question with unknown intentions, I've learned to expect the worst. He'll probably retort with a series of threats and name-calling because he's a pantherfag.

One of the reasons I have an uneasy feeling about this person was because he ended his question like this "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" In a way, it indicates anger. So, he could be a pantherfag. But maybe, he just ended his question like that because he wanted to be noticed. Maybe he's just a curious fan. But I don't know. Another thing that bothers me is he has no videos of his own, yet he's been on YouTube since 2012. It smells fishy, but let's see how he responds. IF he responds. If he gives me the typical faggot response, I'll just ignore him and move on, like I always do when someone posts a negative comment. Or I might delete his comment, depending on how vicious he gets. I don't even really read those kinds of comments, I just glare at them looking for certain words. If I see those words, I don't read any further. If they get deleted and he keeps posting the same threatening comment, I'll block him. I respect other peoples' rights to have an opinion. But like I said before, there is no reason for name-calling, F-bombs or threats of harm coming to me, my pets or my family just because I don't agree with them. Those kinds of people I do tend to typically block. They have no right being on my channel. They should be behind locked bars instead.

Well, I'll keep you posted. Let's see what happens. I dunno, he might not respond at all.

*****************************EDIT 11/12/2015*****************************

Nevermind, he's a nice kid. Not a radical. He loves snakes too. I'm trying to help him convince his parents to let him have some snakes. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Something I Found

I was going through some of my old bookmarks, I really need to clean those out!! Anyways, I came across an old forum I was once a part of. For really a very brief amount of time. It was called "furkids.net". It was originally set up to be an extension of the old Acmepet forums. I saw a few people I remembered from the old site. Some of them could possibly have changed their names from what they called themselves in the Acmepet site, but there were still some people I recognized in there. I think I found Kallie. LOL!! Ya know, the one person who gave me grief because I didn't like the Taco Bell dog. Well, I was thumbing through the archives on that forum, and someone calling them self "NickiandSparkysmom" kinda stood out to me. I could not figure out why at first. I looked at some of her past posts and she began to sound more and more familiar. I said "You know what? I think this is Kallie!" Then I remembered Kallie had a german shepherd dog named Nicki. I think she also once said her chihuahua's name was Sparky. So, I kinda figured out it must be her. I would have said something to her, but her last post on that forum dated back to 2003.

I don't like Kallie, or people like her. But ya know, I always wanted to thank her. Thank her for turning me into the person I am today. I am still what she would consider "rude". She didn't change that at all. In fact, I am a lot more "rude" now than I was when I had that ordeal with her back in 2001 on the Acmepet site. Or at least that's what she would call me. LOL!! I call it "being honest and having my own opinion" though. But she did teach me one thing (and ONLY one thing) during that turmoil back in those days. She taught me that if I am going to give my opinion honestly, I'd better be prepared to stick to it. And I have been since. I admit sometimes I may be wrong, but even that I come by it honestly. I still don't like the Taco Bell dog, and I don't believe a chihuahua like that should ever have been bred. It gave chihuahuas in general a bad name!! If people are going to use a specific breed of dog in their TV shows and commercials, at least use one that looks like the breed it's supposed to! Go to a dog show and see what they have there, compare it to what they had for those Taco Bell commercials. There is NO resemblance at all! If all chihuahuas had looked like the dog used in those commercials, I would never have gotten into the breed at all. Because to me, that was just plain ugly. A chihuahua should never look like that. They should have the baby doll faces like you see in those at the dog shows.

To this day, I wish I hadn't felt the need to lie to them just to get them to like me again. That was the worst feeling in the world!! The worst feeling I've ever experienced! I said I never want to go through that again. So that is why today, I give my opinions honestly. Even brutally honest! And I don't back down either. I welcome opposing views. I wasn't even being rude then. I was asked for my opinion of what makes a good chihuahua, and I answered honestly. Kallie was the one who turned that conversation into a demolition derby. Not me. I don't know if she has maybe changed since then, not sure, like I said once a fag, always a fag. LOL! But Kallie just could not face the fact that there are some people who are not going to agree with her. So she tried to hide that by making me sound like the bad guy. Not the first time that's happened. I was just sick of being accused of being the bad guy just for being honest and having my own opinion.

I don't care what anyone else says, most people HATE honesty! I hear people all the time saying "Oh I hate liars!" then they get all bent out of shape when someone is being honest just because they don't agree on anything. Well, why don't those people just admit it, they hate honesty too. Not everyone is like me. I respect other peoples' rights to have their own opinion. Arguing about it does not help anything. And I don't call them "rude" just because they have their own opinions. One of the things I tell people who come to my group on Facebook is that my group is an open forum for free speech. I want people to say what they feel, and feel comfortable doing so. I recently posted pics of my snakes. Some people like them, some people hate them. I'm cool with those who hate them. I wish they would see that snakes are not something that should be scorned or hated, but it's their choice. Not mine. If they don't like my snakes, then they just don't. Fuck anyone who tells them they are being rude for saying what they feel!! As long as they are not being belligerent, I don't mind. It's the belligerent people I don't like. Those are the people like say mcgillicutty. They call other people evil names and post their private information in public forums (like home address and phone number) just because that other person does not agree with them and has their own opinions. I've never done that at all! Nor have I ever wanted to. I'm not mcgillicutty! LOL! Or like the whole dirty dozen mob does and just calls someone who is brutally honest a "liar". They do that because they don't want outsiders believing the truth about them. Mcgillicutty did it because I called her out on breeding poor quality chihuahuas and encouraging her friend to breed small-breed mongrel pups because "shelters don't have enough of them". Those were her words, not mine!

I remember when I first met Metalraptor back in 2009, I liked him. The reason I liked him was because he was upfront and honest with me. He told me I got all irrational when people talk about cats and panthers and it makes people not want to hang around me anymore. No one ever told me that before him. I always thought the people who turned away when I said I can't stand any wild felines only did so because they were catfags, or pantherfags. Well, he was brutally honest with me, but he didn't call me names or post my personal info on another forum just because we didn't agree about felines. He liked felines, I don't. He accepted that. For that reason, I really liked him. I took a shine to him right away. It was hard for me to believe he was a teenager!! I thought he was at least 30. Not only was he a teenager, he was also an autistic teenager!! That really impressed me. Most people with autism, especially teenagers, HATE it when other people don't agree with them!! He did not let his autism define who he was. I really had respect for him because of that. That's so rare for a person his age, it's nearly unheard of. It's rare for a non-autistic teenager (like I think mcgillicutty was) to have an attitude as good as Metalraptor. Well, Sara lost all my respect when she took on the identity of mcgillicutty and especially when she said she was a 50 something year old man! I knew she was lying!! A 50-something year old man at his worst is nothing near as bad as mcgillicutty was. Especially if they have children and grandchildren. If they're as bad as that, they should be locked up. Not out in society!

I'd rather have someone being honest and telling me my faults upfront than to leave me in the dark. I changed partially because of Metalraptor. He was very convincing. But keep in mind, I wanted to change. Now, I still don't like cats and panthers, but I desperately try not to get irrational about them. Doesn't always work though. LOL!

Well, ya know what's funny? One of the last posts to ever be posted on furkids.net was someone quitting the forum because there was too much drama and people accusing others of being in cliques. LOL!! Like that is something new!! Obviously, this person was not on that forum for long, and she wasn't there when it was the Acmepet forum. There are ALWAYS cliques in forums!! Especially pet-related forums. That's why I stick with INXS forums.