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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Andy Got Pissed

Yesterday I was at the dog park, and that madman Andy wanted to come in and tried several times, but because I was in there, he couldn't. LOL! He wouldn't dare try to come in there when I am in there. Well, one of my friends, named Karen, mentioned that Andy found out that his dog Lou was in there with me, and Karen said he got PISSED!!!! hehehe! I just sat there with a big, contented grin on my face! Makes me so happy that I can piss him off so bad like that! hehe! His dog Lou likes me. I like his dog too. I don't like Andy, but I like his dog. I never will like Andy either. And it's his own fault that I don't like him. When he first moved here, I treated him with nothing but respect, and was always as nice as I could be to him. And what does he do? Turns around and tears me and my sister down, calling us names, threatening our dogs, and even growls at Anna as he's going into the laundry room. I took that growl as a threat, and I don't appreciate anyone threatening my family. That includes my dogs. So yeah, if Andy is pissed off because his dog and I are in the same place at the same time, it's his own problem! I didn't threaten his dog! He threatened mine! That's why I yelled and pulled my Minnie away from him when she was trying to make friends with him. Because I didn't want Andy hurting my dogs. Of course if he had indeed tried to hurt my dogs, I'd bash him over the head with one of those shovels that sit in the dog park. Minnie unfortunately tries to make friends with everyone, and Andy is no exception. But since he gets his jollies out of hurting other peoples' dogs, I will not let my dogs go near him if I can help it. If I can't, I do what I have to to keep them away from him.

Karen told me that he now refers to me and Anna as "the fat girls". Anna hates that, but I told Anna that he can call me whatever he wants, he's the one with the problem, not me! As long as he leaves me, Anna and the dogs alone, I don't give a shit what he says or thinks. This morning Karen and Kim noticed Andy has a new haircut. They said it looks nice, I said it looks funny. It accentuates the features in his ugly face too well, makes his face look like a baboon's behind. I feel sorry for his daughter! I really do. But she hates him. He won't really admit it, but he does talk about how "mean" his daughter is. Most likely just mean to him because he deserves it. If his attitude towards Anna and me is any indication at all, I'm not surprised his own daughter doesn't like him. Andy is nothing but a white trash rat-bastard. I can't even imagine anyone with any sense marrying him and having a child. Unless they too are white trash. Unfortunately living here, I'm finding Andy is not exactly unique. Though most of the people I've met in this town have been quite nice, I'm also now rapidly finding out there's a lot of assholes here too. This actually is what leads me to believe the World is coming to an end. Or maybe this is how Montanans are in the winter? Not sure. But either way, I want to go back to the coast! I miss it there! Well, last I heard Andy's daughter is now expecting. Poor thing! If I were that child, I'd think twice before coming into a world with a grandfather like that! I'm glad it's not me! I cannot even dream of my grandfather being anything like Andy! My grandfather was a good guy, a kindly old gentleman who treated women with respect. He never struck a woman, and he never called a woman names like Andy does.

Well, I just find it amusingly funny that Andy got so pissed off because his dog and I were in the same place at the same time. It's not even like Andy cares about his dogs either. I heard that he got in his car and barreled out of the parking lot while Lou was still standing around his car. It seemed Andy did not care if he ran over Lou or not. I could kick Lou and Andy would not really care. He'd just gripe so that he could gripe about something. Not that I would kick Lou! hehe! That was just an example. I'd never harm a dog. I don't care who's dog it is. It's not Lou's fault that Andy is an asshole.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Mentality of the Average Americ-Hater

Did you ever notice how people from other countries gripe so much about Americans? What they should be doing is griping about themselves because they have no apparent life of their own if all they do with their time is sit on their asses looking at all the bad that Americans do. You'd think some people could find better things to do with their time than gripe about Americans. If Americans are fat, lazy and stupid, then I'd almost fit right in. Well, my mind isn't lazy. I'm always thinking. I've been thinking all morning today about finishing this story and moving on to the next one. I'm still working on this story, although I am almost done and it's almost ready to be proofread. I have friends from other countries, I don't gripe about them. It's not my friends' fault that most of the people from the UK are asses. But shoot, I've even noticed Canadians are getting uppity. That vegan jackass who threatened me was Canadian. And to think, I used to love visiting BC. But if the people there are becoming like that, I'll pass on ever visiting there again. On the Bozeman Rants and Raves, there was one guy from Canada boasting about how good his country is, and how bad America is. UGH! I wonder don't these people have better things to do than gripe about Americans? Probably the reason I don't gripe about other countries is because I am too busy to.

Well, today's piece of fresh meat (as I call him) calls himself NewZealandKiwi. He not only hates Americans, he's also a panther-lover. A double dim-wit combination. hehe! You all should know by now how I feel about panther-lovers. The only reason people like him love panthers is because he has no mind of his own to think for himself. You should see his videos. He stole copyrighted material and is claiming it for his own. Not only that, but he's making money off the backs of these talented musicians. Most likely because he has no talent of his own, except belly-aching. If you can call that a talent. hehe! Ironically 2 of the bands he stole from (the Ramones and Motley Crue) are American bands. haha! Shows people who love panthers and hate Americans are hypocrites of the worst kind! Well, there is a video someone put up and he said it was of a tiger mauling a dog. It's about a dog in a zoo, and a tiger seems to want to play with it. Not exactly kill it. Though I know a tiger playing with a dog would not know it's own strength, and could possibly kill the dog. But in this video that does not happen. The tiger looked more curious than hungry. But I still said that if I saw that ugly beast coming after my babies, I'd blast a bullet through it's brain. I meant it too! I would not hesitate to save my babies. I don't like tigers anyway, so killing one would not mean anything to me. I'd be more afraid of what game wardens would do to me than what the tiger would do to me. LOL! But I still would not hesitate to save my babies from any threat.

Well, then NewZealandKiwi dips in and says "no you wouldn't" I asked him if he'd dare to try me. Panther lovers always think I'm joking, but I'm not. I'm dead serious. If I see a tiger coming after any one of my dogs, and I hear the dog whimper, the tiger's going down! The tiger can scratch, growl, bite, roar, kick, punch me, whatever it wants to do to me, but if it threatens my babies, it's going down! The second I could get my finger around the trigger, the tiger would be as good as dead! Well, this morning I looked in and saw this character had answered me back. He stated:

"ah grow up you dumb american shit, dogs are disgusting animals, tigers are not"

Just like a typical panther-lover. He's trying to force me to see things his way. But unfortunately for him, I have a mind of my own. I don't give in to what people like him think I should believe. Maybe society can fool him into believing tigers are "magnificent" animals, but he won't get me to believe it. I admit dogs do disgusting things (like butt-sniffing and drinking from the toilet) although my dogs don't do any of that with me, but there are dogs out there that do all that stuff, mostly big dogs. But I'll tell you, cats are no better! I have a friend that has 3 cats, and she says they all love drinking from the toilet, more so than their water dish. I'd wager you anything if tigers were to be kept as pets, they too would go around drinking from the toilet and sniffing a person's butt too, as cats do all that stuff just as much as dogs. Only with tigers it'd be on a greater scale. And seriously, what's with the mention of Americans in his statement? Since when did race or countries of origin come into this conversation?? Sure wasn't from me!! Well, I looked on his channel, and I noticed that just about every video he has commented on he turned into a discussion bashing Americans and people of other races. I also noticed he's originally from the UK, though he says now he lives in New Zealand. What a shame! My friend Cairo lives in New Zealand, and he's not a racist dumbass like this guy. Cairo has even helped me with a few of my stories, although he's not in our group anymore. Now he devotes all his time to hang-gliding and his children, but he still writes me. I wonder what he would think of what NewZealandKiwi says about Americans?

As for this idiot being from the UK, well, you know what I usually say about people from the UK. They are the biggest bellyachers in the world. I have friends in the UK, I am not referring to them. I mean the people like NewZealandKiwi who I can see goes all over YouTube and turns every comment there into a bashfest against Americans. Unfortunately he is the majority. He reminds me a lot of the drunken jerk that nobody likes and has to go to a bar to find anyone who will listen to his constant griping about how life for him sucks so bad. I used to know someone like that! I didn't want to stay friends with him for very long because his griping about other people that I liked always ruined my day! He even used to gripe about me and my sister. The only people he didn't gripe about were the people who I could not stand, the trash and losers. With NewZealandKiwi, and like all haters of the world, his mind is closed to everything. No wonder he loves panthers so much. Anyone with a closed mind like his cannot see the beauty and fun that the rest of the world has to offer. I cannot hate him, even though I fricken HATE racists with a passion! And yes, I equate hating Americans on the level as being a racist. I don't want to be his friend, but I don't hate him. I feel sorry for him. It must suck to be him with such ignorance and closed-mindedness. I hope I never know what that feels like!

As for Canadians, well, look at what this responder on the Rants and Raves forum has to say about them! It's sheer genius! I saved it in my "For Laughs" folder:

Dear Canadian from Medicine Hat

Date: 2012-01-28, 10:52AM


Most Americans don't harbor any ill will towards our little brothers to the North. You're covered...we got your back, the most powerful nation in the world is in your front yard. You all sleep better at night knowing your neighbors down South are who we are. We take your oil and more and ship it down South. We stole your Hockey as well, but it's OK you can have a couple of baseball teams. We don't like your accents or your pale skin...some of you look blue. Is that from inbreeding? Is it true that you're scared of the dark?
What we do like is having all of your snowbird travelers spending their hard earned coin on our beaches, parks, states when you travel somewhere warm because let's face it, Canada isn't exactly tropical. Other than your Rocky Mountains, much of your country is almost an uninhabitable shit hole....that's why we let you have it. We adore the Billions of dollars you spend traveling our country every year. In fact, in 2006, you spent 11.5 Billion. Florida, being your most desired destination receives 2.5 million of your pale asses each year and you shell out over 3 Billion a year there. Thank You.
We, in turn, set up our malls and strip centers and all of our fast food in your country. We develop your frozen tundra, all we really want from you is what's under your ground. We absolutely hate the Crash Test Dummies, but thanks for Neil Young though. Most of us only travel N for your snow or just to pass through on our way to Alaska (yea that's ours).
We find it funny that you still foot the bill, $50 million annually, for the Queen and the Royal Family when they "tour" your country. We told them to go fuck themselves like 200 years ago. It seems to us that you're still their bitch and we find that funny.
Thanks for the laughs this morning. When I was 20 I took a trip to the Yukon to hike and tour the area. On the 4th of July, I got wasted at a bar and stood up and said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the Star Spangled Banner. By the time I started singing, Everybody in that joint was joining in with me. They were intrigued that an American was proud enough of his native country that he had to stand up and let it be known on her birthday. And then they bought me shots and taught me your anthem. Coincidentally, your independence day is held 3 days before ours, but again we told England to go fuck off a hundred years before you claimed your "freedom".

(Actually, I think our freedom from the UK came 600 years ago, but who's counting? hehehe!)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Australia Day Concert With INXS

What lucky people in Canberra! I wish I had been there. But I don't get out that way like I used to (sarcasm). LOL! But seriously, I finally got to hear Ciaran sing. I hadn't heard him before today, and honestly, I think he sings great! This is of course, my own opinion. But I think he's great! I liked him before as a person, but now I also like him as a singer. I haven't met him yet, but I would sure like to. However, I do keep up with him on Facebook, and it was through there I got to "know" him. And I like him as a person. I'd even venture to say I like him better than JD Fortune. Not that JD was bad, but he does not interact with his fans on his site, nor on Twitter or Facebook. He may have interacted with a few fans, but that's it. But the fact that Ciaran pays attention to the fans, it shows me that he's not one of those celebrities that thinks he's above his fans. He thinks of them as equals. And I like that. I've even about got to a point where I like him (as a person) better than Timmy. LOL! Or at least AS much as Timmy. Not that I am going to be writing a lot of lovey-dovey shit about him like I did when I first fell deeply in love with Timmy. I don't think I fall in love like that anymore. I've settled down considerably. It seems that Ciaran has added something new to INXS, like a whole new sound! It's exciting, and I like it. I truly hope INXS keeps him! PLEASE INXS, keep him!!!

Hearing how he sings, I would think Michael would be pleased! JD was good too, I liked him, but he didn't add as much as Ciaran does to INXS's sound. I'm not sure, but I saw JD as trying to emulate Michael Hutchence. Ciaran goes beyond the sound Michael contributed in the beginning, and even what JD continued with INXS. Instead, he gives the band a whole NEW sound! I'm surprised no other fan who has seen him perform picked up on this. Either that, or it didn't cross their minds as they were watching him. I noticed a lot of JD's fans especially were more paying attention to Ciaran's moves, not his singing. And yes, I admit in his moves he does seem to be trying to mimick JD Fortune, but forget about his moves, pay attention to his sound! It's nothing like JD's! Personally, I think it's better. But that's me. I know though that JD is JD and Ciaran is Ciaran. Neither one could be what the other was. We have to look at each one individually. I'm into perfection, so I know. I pay attention to all the little details. All I hope is that INXS keeps this guy! He might even bring INXS back from the verge of extinction. My sis thinks I need to give up on INXS. But I cannot. If for no other reason, to satisfy my curiosity of what they will be coming up with next. It's like saying to me after Groucho died "just get over her!" I couldn't "just get over her". Not right away. I still have not gotten over her in the past 5 years. But I have learned to live without her. I cannot get over INXS the same way. I have to readjust myself to INXS without Michael, and even JD. But after hearing Ciaran sing, this is going to be easy for me! Check him out for yourself:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Junk Hoarders

I was watching a new episode of Hoarders last night on A&E. This woman was particularly disgusting! She even kept bottles of her own urine, and a bathtub full of her own feces! It was probably one of the most disgusting cases of hoarding I've ever heard of! Her whole house was just full of nothing but garbage! She said in the beginning that she began hoarding because she had quite a bit of trama in her life from misplacing trust in some people and other shit like that. I often wondered why I never took up hoarding? LOL! Especially after hearing this woman's story. I know the predisposition is there, my grandma was a hoarder (to a certain extent). Not to disgusting levels though. I don't know how anyone could live like that. I sure as Hell could not live in a home where the plumbing does not work. I would not be happy if I couldn't use my own bathroom and have to take a leak in bottles. And I would not leave the piss bottles lying around my house. That's probably why I think this was one of the most disgusting cases of hoarding I've ever heard of. If not THE most disgusting! Because she took a dump in her bathtub too. I would never be able to live like that!

I remember grandma's house was so cluttered, we would lose things, and then that would be totally the last time we would see it. I still remember going to her house to stay a weekend back in the summer of 1987, and she bought me a bag of chips. I only ate a handful of the chips out of that bag, and then I wrapped a rubber band around the top to save the rest for later. Well, I never got to finish that bag, because it disappeared and I never saw it again. It wasn't until after grandma died in 2001 that I finally discovered what happened to that bag of chips! I thought I had looked in every possible place that bag of chips could have fallen to, but I discovered it had fallen under the table between 2 stacks of old papers. Obviously by that time, it wasn't fit for consumption, so I threw it away. But at least then my question had been answered as to where that bag had gone to. Whenever something went missing, grandma would blame the people who lived next door to her, accusing them of breaking into her house and taking things. grandma did not realize she was something of a hoarder. Most of the time, I thought she may have been right, because things in her house would vanish into thin air! But I never saw any evidence that the neighbors were breaking into her house. I remember back in 1985 she bought a 100-piece set of Tri-chem brand tube paints, and even had a caddie for them. I got to use them only once, and there was this cabinet above her bed that grandma always insisted we put them when we were done. Well, I thought I put them in that cabinet, but the next night when I wanted to use them, they had disappeared. I took EVERYTHING out of that cabinet! It took me all night to clear everything out, and I still never found the paints! This was back in 1985, and I can remember trying several times after that to find those paints and I never did! Again, it wasn't until after grandma died that I managed to finally find them. They were in the very back of that same cabinet that I had searched in several times, for about a year after I last used them. Between the years 1985 and 1986, I must have taken everything out of that cabinet about 20 times to search for those paints, and they were gone! But it was as if they had dematerialized, and then suddenly emerged again after grandma's death. By that time though, they were useless. They had all dried up, and we had to throw them away. I was upset because I had searched that cabinet for those paints MANY times! And that was right after grandma bought those paints. I took everything out of that cabinet, all the papers, and other junk she kept up there, everything! And I could not for the life of me find those paints. And I know I searched hard. It's a shame, I know she paid a lot of money for those paints, even back then. I don't know though if that was a case of hoarding, or that maybe grandma's house was haunted by a ghost with a warped sense of humor.

I'm very surprised I'd never taken up hoarding. I had a hell of a lot of trauma in my life. I had a rough childhood. I learned fairly early on not to trust people. We relocated from one place to another a few times throughout the course of my childhood, and I never learned to keep many friends. I might have been able to make more friends easier if I had become a smoker or a drinker, but I happen to be as clean and pure as undriven snow, and I'd have preferred to stay that way. By the time I was in 3rd grade, I had become shy and untalkative. I think it was that last move we made. I left behind all my friends in another school district, and all my after-school activities. I guess I was afraid to make new friends. My parents moved me from a school I loved to a school I HATED, and kept me there, like putting a polar bear in a 5x5 foot cage, I felt trapped, betrayed and alone. Through the years, I managed to make some friends, but they were very few. And very loyal too. I guess that was all that really counted. But still it was traumatic, leaving my old school. To this day, I still haven't recovered.

Well, someone e-mailed me yesterday and said they want to make a donation (I guess to Metazoica) but that they'd rather send me a check. LOL! Well, it'd be the first donation ever made to Metazoica. They asked for my address, and I gave them my business address. hehehe! Believe me, I'm not foolish enough to give any stranger my home address. But we do need donations for Metazoica. The donations go to keep up the website, and update it every now and then, and it sure could use some updating! I still want to add a members-only section, and run little flicks starring some of the animals from our site. Let the members see what a day in the life of one of these animals would be like, and even turn it into a real virtual zoo. Of course I am not sure I should even be expecting this donation, but oh well. If it doesn't come, Metazoica will just remain this way for a while. It's done fine this long, it'll continue to do well the way it is.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Enjoy The Internet While You Still Can!

Obama has signed the bill to make censoring the internet a federal law. Any website that is deemed a threat or takes away another person's rights will be taken down by the internet police. That pisses me off! But this is what the American voters wanted! They voted Obama into office. So now I wonder what they are saying about this new law to censor the internet. I read that megaupload.com has been taken down. And not everything on there was pirated! So, enjoy the internet the way it was while you still can! Damn that Obama! He's trying to completely eliminate all our basic freedoms! Freedoms that we have enjoyed in this country for more than 200 years! What right has he got to do that? I warned everyone! Don't ever say they were not warned! But Obama's supporters continued to support him. Next thing you know, we will have to stand in a line, or put our names on a waiting list to have the right to be able to shop for food! Like they do in Russia and other communist countries. Now also, pythons have been banned in all 50 states. And the only place that is experiencing problems with pythons in the wild is southern Florida. It's too cold for them here. People don't have to get rid of their established pet pythons, but now you cannot have them shipped to you from out of state. But that law, I also blame on irresponsible people, which I hate more than anything!

I wonder now what Obama's supporters think of these new laws and Obama taking away our basic freedoms. I remember back on the Pluba forums, there was this woman, and I'd known her for a few years, she was a nice person. At first, she was against Obama, then she said that she liked him. I still didn't like Obama! But this person (I won't give her name) she assured another doubter that she has the ability to tell who is a good person and who is not, and she said Obama is a good person. That comment stopped me in my tracks! Not to completely doubt her, but this person, who in essence was saying she's a good judge of character, also thought people like CrystalK (AKA, CJK), MarpranPWC (AKA, MsBehave), and AnkhuIGs were all good people! And they are as far from being good people as any person could get without being in jail! CrystalK, well, I don't need to tell you why I don't like her! LOL! There's so many reasons why, it'd take all night to list. MarpranPWC, I don't like her at all! She hates anyone who has never won a purple ribbon in the show ring. Actually she treats people as if they were articles of clothing. She only likes people who are "in style". She has no room to talk either. I heard she started breeding dogs before she started showing them. And I think she's bipolar too. Something is wrong with her head! LOL! AnkhuIGs, same thing! She hates anyone who is not a show breeder, and she's far more mean-spirited than MarpranPWC and CrystalK. Now you know why I hate show breeders! Those people pretty much sum it up in a nutshell. But anyone who thinks they are good people cannot be even halfway decent judges of character! And someone who thinks those 3 are good people, you think I'm gonna trust them when they say someone like Obama is a good person? Just because he had a lot of supporters does not mean he was a good person! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, evil has a lot of charisma! All it explains is that people are largely gullible.

Now me, I'm a different story. I've always been a bit psychic. I'm not Kreskin, but I've always been able to see people from the inside out, and I am rarely wrong. I can tell instinctively who I should stay away from and who is OK to approach. In person, I can read other peoples' facial expressions. On the internet, it's a little trickier. But even then, if the feeling is strong, I can tell who is safe to associate with and who is evil and should be avoided at any and all costs. That's why I always say hello to every new person I meet, even online. I want to collect the feel of their response (or lack of such). If I say hello to someone and they don't respond to me, I can pretty well pick up on what they think of me. Sometimes, just to be sure, I might keep talking to them, just to get the "feel" (yes, the FEEL) of them. I'm not sure, but I think what I'm feeling is that person's "aura". Everyone has one, so they say. Good people have a good, comforting aura, while the aura of a bad person, even when they are trying to be friendly, well, let's just say it feels like someone taking shards of broken glass and angrily rubbing them onto your flesh. The farther away I am from a person like that, the better I feel. If the internet police ever catch wind of what goes on in the Pluba forums, no doubt that forum would be one of the first to go because I cannot tell you how many people on there make a living of practicing copyright infringements!

Very few show breeders I've met are really truely good people. I've met some. But most of them act like kids who have been neglected and even bullied, and are mad at the world because of it. Anyway, that was the impression Obama left on me from day 1. I just did not like him! I tried to warn everyone on this blog that he's no good, but evidently Obama's charisma beat out my instincts. But then again, I am just one person. One person who back then didn't do much except write daily in her blog. How could I relay to these people that Obama just didn't feel right to me. I was hoping they could read the red flags the way I did, especially when he didn't even properly stand to say the pledge of allegiance! If he were just an average Joe, I wouldn't have cared if he did it properly or not. As long as he was standing and facing the flag. But this was a man who was supposed to be running for president! It's good etiquitte to stand properly, and it would have shown Obama had a lot better respect for this country which he wanted to run! But he doesn't have any respect! He wants to ruin our country and take away our constitutional rights! If he is voted into office, I hope his supporters are the first to suffer because of Obama's blatant disrespect for our country and it's freedoms!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Craigslist Rental Scam

Ever try looking for an apartment on Craigslist? I can equate it to going to Burger King and trying to order a pizza! You can place the order, but it's in GOD's hands if you get it or not! LOL! It really sucks! Now, I've noticed one thing when trying to find an apartment. Actually I have known about this since before we moved here to Bozeman. Most of the good-sounding rentals are not so good when you contact someone about them. Like the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is! Last week, I contacted someone about a good sounding rental home. It was in our price range, and had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and it was pet friendly. Well, 2 days after I wrote to the person supposedly in charge of renting the home, she contacts me telling me that the home is still available. But there was a catch, she wanted me to visit a certain website and send her a copy of my credit report. She said it was absolutely free. She claims she just wanted to see it so she could tell I was really interested in the property, and that she could be provided with some kind of reassurance that I won't vandalize the place.

Well, I had encountered people like that before, and I almost sent them a copy of my credit report. Or I would have. Except the first time I visited one of those sites from someone who gave me almost the same song-and-dance number as this woman gave me, I found out that the site was not-so-free. In order to get the so-called "free credit report", you have to sign up for a membership for a year, and that is NEVER free! I decided to play this little game with this woman. I told her upfront that I do not trust those sites, but what I can do is give her the names and numbers of the last 3 places I rented from, including where I live now. I know for sure they will give her a great review, and tell her that I am not into vandalism. All that really should count is that I paid my rent on time, my pets are always well-behaved, and I left their rental home (or lot) in great condition, and I always did all that. Well, with the exception of a little accident I had in my last home in Ocean Shores, but I explained what happened and they were understanding. My last landlord still gave me a great review.

Well, a day later that same woman wrote to me again, saying that she had already rented the place. I figured after I told her that I don't trust those sites, and I wasn't going to give her this so-called "free credit report", I figured I would hear from her saying that she's already rented the place. That was no surprise at all! Well, yesterday I heard from her again, saying pretty much the same thing, that the house is still vacant and that she wanted me to go to that website again and get the "free credit report". And get this! It was the same message as she sent before, same wording, sentences, and everything! It was like it was copied and pasted from an original master copy. I should copy the same message I sent her before saying I won't go to that site, and send it to her again. See what she says after that. Probably the same thing, that the house has already been rented.

If you ask me, this is the problem with going to Craigslist to look for rentals. You have to be very careful. I've got some people who rent homes (so they claim) here from overseas. Those you have to especially be cautious of! They say if you send them the amount of money for the first and last month's rent, they will send you a key to their rental. I don't know how these people even sleep at night! Unless they just have no conscience! Chances are the house they claim to be renting either does not exist at all, or it belongs to someone else. When I get people telling me to do either of these things, I just don't pay any mind to them. Or I do and just tell them that I won't go to any free credit report site just to rent from them. That's not even my job! That should be their job as the landlord to do things like that. Just a heads-up to my readers!

I still feel we should never have left Ocean Shores! We had the perfect set-up there! We had a nice home, right next to the beach, a good yard for our dogs, the rent was good, plus we had a guy who would come and fix our car whenever we needed it. And he was an honest person once he left his wife! Anna couldn't get an extra job there, but who cares?? Anna's taste in jobs sucks!! Now, she's got this paper route, and it is not a good job at all! There's some things about this job that they never told her in the beginning when she signed up! She only gets paid 14 cents per paper she delivers. And on top of that, she has to buy her own gas, which is about $25 a week, she has to buy their rubber bands, which is $3.50 for a one-ounce bag, she has to buy their plastic bags, and she also has to have their insurance, which one of our friends said will cost about $8 a month! So where does all that money from delivering papers go? I said to Anna, it's not worth it at all! Plus we don't have a life anymore! We have to get up at 2AM to deliver all the papers before 6AM. Then when we get home, we are so tired, and we have to go to sleep again. Sometimes I only sleep until 11AM, sometimes I am asleep until 2PM, or longer. Then we have to go back to sleep again at about 8PM, or we cannot function the next day. And a paper route is every day, rain, shine, or blizzard! And holidays too. No breaks, nothing! For what they pay, this job is not worth it. I told Anna to quit. I don't even have anymore time anymore to work on my stories. I can barely take care of my fish now. I struggle heavily to keep with their schedule. And the other day I took a nasty spill on the ice hidden under the snow! I went down like a pancake! When I got up again, I was limping because one leg went one way, and the other leg went another way. And to this day, I still have not fully recovered! I still experience some pain because of that. Sometimes it hurts worse than at other times, and it's not as bad as it was. Unfortunately Anna's taste in jobs is a cornucopia of jobs that pay dick! She doesn't want to do housekeeping anymore, or anything like that, and those are the jobs that pay! I told her to just keep the demo jobs, and wait till she graduates before trying to find something else.

Now, Anna has given the manager at the newspaper notice that she is going to quit, but she has to keep doing the job for 30 more days. Or until the manager can find a person to replace her on her route, which he won't! He won't even look, I'll wager you! But Anna has to wait, otherwise they will charge her up to $500! That would SUCK!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Little Brag

I have to brag here a bit. I sold a book today! YAY! I finally sold a book. I don't expect to become the next Danielle Steele, but I did finally sell one of my stories. For me, it's a personal triumph. I'm excited, but I am also a little bit nervous. Now that I've sold a story, strangers are going to be delving into my personal life. Most of my stories are based, in some part, on my own personal experiences. I also have to keep in mind that not everyone who purchases one of my stories is going to like them. There are going to be people who are going to give the stories not-so-favorable reviews. Trisha says to take each review in stride, because even negative reviews can be something to learn from. I just hope these purchases are not being made by Hobofart! Oh well, even if they are, at least he can now give reviews based on some experience, instead of based solely on his own twisted feelings about me. I'd rather get negative reviews from someone who had actually read the stories, because at least they are honest. I wish I could have injected a bit more humor into the stories, but I couldn't. I have to do up each story on this computer, the exact way it was originally written. I am not allowed to change anything. This story I am especially nervous about! It's the one I had to do up old Hollywood caricatures for! LOL! I'm not even so sure I did them right! But Trisha says not to worry. A lot of the time, even the classic cartoons didn't always do them exactly right. Couldn't have been worse than me though! LOL! That's another reason I'm so nervous. It had been ages since I drew caricatures! I may have been a bit rusty in redoing this story.

This story I am working on now, it's another good one it's titled "To Work or Dress". Though not good for children, it was made with more mature audiences in mind, because for a brief period in the story, full female frontal nudity is shown. This is another story with Candi in it, and her husband, Leopold. This story took a long time to finish, mostly because I am notoriously BAD at endings!!! That's my one big flaw in writing a story. That's why the INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens story took 7 years to finish, I had some trouble coming up with an ending. Thanks to a friend named Cairo, I managed to compose a decent ending for that story. He helped me complete it. Well, in this story, Candi buys a dress worth $500, and so she has to come up with a way to pay for the dress herself. When she finds a job willing to pay $100 a day, she goes for it. This was also based on a personal experience I had. LOL! Wait till you all find out what that job was. I don't want to give it away. Candi has to quit that job though, and later winds up working for an evil woman who trains dangerous animals for the circus. Not the traditional lions, tigers and bears. I'm talking about even more dangerous animals! The evil woman is mean to the animals, and to Candi, who tries to help the animals because they are being abused.

Candi of course is based on me (from 1997, when the story was originally written), and the abusive woman is based on one of the supervisors I had back then, when I did a telemarketing job, named Karen. She was mean-spirited, rude, and fat as all-be-hell! She gives decent fat people a bad name! I remember one time she purposefully locked me out of the building during work hours. Someone else had to let me back into the building to complete my job that day. She was nice when I first met her, but then I had to take a little 2-week break from working to get married and have our honeymoon, and when I came back, Karen was all of a sudden so hateful and mean to me. I don't know what flew up her fat ass during that 2-week break I had, but when I got back, she was MEAN!!! She was perfect for this story! I don't like people like her! She was exactly what others think of when they think of fat people. She was mean, she had bad body-odor, she was dim-witted. I think she was an alcoholic. Maybe that was why she was so nasty. But anyway, she was just perfect to use in this story as an abusive supervisor towards Candi and her animals. I do that sometimes. I use people I've known to play different roles in some of my stories. Candi's friend and confidante in this story is based on a former friend I used to have named Jennifer. We were not friends anymore as of the time of this writing, but I still used her, because for that time period, she was one of the best friends I'd had. Since Tara was gone. I used to confide in Jennifer all the time. She was so patient with me. Kindof a shame we lost touch. But shit happens I guess.

Well, I just had to announce this. It's kindof exciting having sold my first story. But it's also very nerve-wrecking. I hope the person who bought the story is enjoying it now! I can only speculate about who it might be. It'd be just awesome if it were a big Hollywood movie producer, and he's thinking of turning my story into a big movie production! LOL! There I go dreaming! But lately no one else has had any fresh ideas to make movies about! It might do them some good to turn to those of us who self-publish to supply them with fresh, new ideas. You just never know.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The New Beavis and Butthead

Well, eventually I had to give my opinion on this series now that I've seen all the new episodes. I must say I am a little bit disappointed. I more expected to see them do some music video critiques again. However, more often than not, they did critiques of reality shows that are aired on MTV. Although I was aware before the new season began that they would be critiquing reality shows, YouTube videos as well as newer music videos, I didn't think it was going to be made up almost entirely of MTV reality show critiques! I've seen few actual music videos, and no YouTube videos, and there wasn't a newer episode of Beavis and Butthead that did not have them watching an MTV reality show. I guess I'm still just used to the old Beavis and Butthead. Though I will say the new episode ideas were very cute. I loved it when they tried to emulate Supersize Me. It was interesting to see Beavis and Butthead as obese teenagers. At least they can say they know what it's like to be fat. hahaha! I know! I know! They're cartoons. But it sure beats these skinny-ass teenagers who say "Go on a diet" when they have no idea whatsoever what it's like being fat. I've said it before and I'll say it again, diets don't work! I know that as well as anyone my size. You may lose weight on a diet, but I can almost guarantee eventually you will gain it all back, and sometimes even more than before. Women especially, and especially women like me who are on hormone medications. My thyroid is fine, the problem actually lies elsewhere.

But anyway, I was not really that pleased with the new Beavis and Butthead. I'd hoped to see just as many music videos as anything else. Actually, the reality shows make the new Beavis and Butthead more confusing. The first time I saw the new episodes merged with some of the reality shows, I almost turned off the TV. I have no interest in any of MTV's reality shows, and I thought perhaps Beavis and Butthead were over. Then when I heard Beavis and Butthead's voices in the background, it dawned on me that this was part of their show! It was kinda confusing. I was used to seeing them critique music videos! But actually very few of these new episodes had any music videos. But there wasn't a single new episode that I know of that didn't have them watch one of these reality shows. And I believe I saw them all!

Well, that's my views of the new Beavis and Butthead season. I kinda wonder if they will be having any more? I'd like to see their promises fulfilled, of them critiquing videos by Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga. I once read somewhere that Justin Beiber is a fan of Beavis and Butthead. I don't know if that's true. Beavis and Butthead have not really been on the air in a while, and the last time I saw them, Justin Beiber would have still been a child, and should not have been watching Beavis and Butthead. I'm glad though that I now have every Beavis and Butthead episode that was worth anything in a DVD collection. I collected them, and put them on disks myself. I have the Mike Judge Collection too, but I almost never watch it. What's the point? They aren't full episodes. I mean, the videos have been cut out. So, I almost never watch that collection. I sure wouldn't watch it over the collection I made myself. And I kept NO episodes that has Beavis playing that Cornpolio character! It kills the movie. I always foreward through those scenes. And the episodes, I just don't have them in my collection. And the one new episode (thankfully) that they had in the new season where Beavis did that again, I just didn't watch that episode! Thank GOD the warning that he was going to do that again was in the title. So, I didn't have to watch it! I don't like any episodes or anything where Beavis portrays that Cornpolio character! They're beyond stupid! And the way he got started! He started that by making fun of Stewart's misfortune. And all he ever says is "I am the great Cornpolio! I need TP for my bunghole!" and he repeats it over and over again! No variety! And I thrive on variety. And you notice on those episodes, they hardly ever show Butthead doing much of anything. Beavis does a lot of stupid shit on that series, but this Cornpolio is totally insipid, even for Beavis!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A St. Helens Hero

Now I have to say that there is officially a website devoted to every person that has ever been in the spotlight! I just happened to be googling names of some of the people that has had any kind of impact in my life, and one of the names I googled was David Johnston (just a word of caution, if you try this with the same guy, be sure to type "David A. Johnston". Otherwise, all you get is some useless information about an old fart with almost the same name). The last thing I ever expected to find was an entire site devoted to him! He was a little bit of a celebrity, but a rather mediocre one. It's sad that he was only a mediocre celebrity, but that's what he was. The problem was he was taken way too early. His career was basically just getting started. But it was Mount St. Helens that made him somewhat popular. What was also surprising was seeing how many people wrote on that site and said that David Johnston was some kind of inspiration to them. That's way cool!! I thought I was the only one left (besides Anna, who is also a great admirer).

He was taken way too soon! He should have been around a lot longer. No doubt he could have been the voice of volcanology! I didn't mention that I even wrote a story with him in it. I didn't want to. Though it would have been great advertising for UMG Productions. I don't know though. Some of the people who posted to that site had close relations with him. One guy who posted even said he went to the same high school with him, and even had him in a couple of his classes! I don't want people like that reading that story, and believing it to be true! LOL! Besides, the UMG Productions site is still down. I am waiting for my partner to show up! He's supposed to help build it! But I haven't seen him since before the holidays, and then he wasn't feeling good. If I did go there and advertise that story, I'd like those people to be able to find it easily. The pics I made of him, I'm really proud of them! Most of them came out great, and look just like him. I say "most of them" because even someone like me falters a bit. LOL! I'm more embarrassed of the pics I made of myself than the ones I made of Mr. Johnston. hehehe! I think it's because I portrayed myself as a young, thin woman, and I am not that young, thin woman anymore. If you saw the drawings, you'd know what I'm talking about.

Well, when I first wrote that story back in 1997, I was that young, thin woman, though I was not a teenager, I was in my 20s. I remember preparing for writing that story. I had to make myself feel what the characters feel. In the story, Candi (that's me) has a teenage crush on David Johnston, and becomes sort of his groupie. When I first began that story, I had her hate him in the beginning, and later learn to like him. But then I thought, wait! That kinda makes David Johnston seem like an evil person, and I know he was not! I didn't want anyone to read that and think he was in any way evil! So I changed the plot. Well, when I was preparing for this story, that was when I noticed he was kinda cute. It made creating the plot so much easier. I didn't think much of him back when I was a kid, because well, I was just a kid! But had I been in my right mind back then, I'm sure I would have thought he was one of the most handsome men I've ever seen. I'd like to say he had charisma, but since people nowadays have begun using that word to describe such things as lions and tigers, it must not be a good thing to have. So I won't say that. But he was awesome in many ways!

I don't grieve for David Johnston. There are some things that I believe are tragic, such as the fact he was taken way too soon, and he is mostly just a mediocre celebrity that few people, outside of the St. Helens area, know about or even think about. But I do not grieve for him. He died doing what he loved to do, and my belief is that he is now up in Heaven. And when he arrived there, he had the biggest smile on his face that St. Peter had ever seen! To me, there is no higher honor than to die doing what you love. One has to admire him for that. I know he must have been one of the first to see the start of the eruption of Mount St. Helens, but I doubt he felt any fear. Although I had heard he was terrified of Mount St. Helens. His last words reflected a sense of amazement, not fear. His famous last words were "Vancouver, Vancouver! This is it!" (Vancouver was the geology base department he worked for at the time). I have a documentary on DVD that plays the actual recording of his last words, and the tone I got from hearing them, is more attuned to excitement and astonishment. Nowhere in his voice is there any sign of fear. If there was any fear, you would have heard a break in his voice, or some sign of weakness. But there is none of that.

Well, I've known David Johnston to be a lot of things, but I never thought of him as a hero. Until now. This site calls him a "St. Helens hero", because he helped get people away from the mountain (that's how we met him). I remember seeing my father chit-chatting with this tall, blond man, and soon after he came and told us we had to head back home. We had just got there and Anna and I were crawling around on the logs and boulders with some other kids. We were just having fun. Didn't think about the mountain about to erupt or anything. In that sense, David Johnston was a hero. After reading that site, I should thank him for turning us away. It is because of him that Anna and I are here now.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Second Job

Well, Anna got a new job yesterday. It's an every day job. She delivers newspapers. This job is so simple, a little kid can do it. It used to be little kids did do it. The only flaw in this job is (according to Anna herself) that she has to get up at 3 AM and prepare for this job. I told her she's just going to have to go to bed earlier than usual. As soon as Anna gets used to this route, I'm going to start going with her to help deliver the newspapers. It'll be fun. Today, she's just taking Odessa with her. Or so she said. I remember when we lived in Ocean Shores, Anna tried to apply for this same kind of job, and they kept saying they wanted someone with experience to do this job! I was like "That's the biggest load of leopard gas I've ever heard! Little kids used to be the ones doing this job!" How much experience does one need to deliver newspapers?? When I was a kid, a boy my age used to deliver the newspaper to my father, and our neighbors. Anna was more than 3 times that age when she tried to apply for a paper route. So to not hire someone for that job because they lacked experience, it's just DUMB!

Personally, I think companies use the excuse "we need someone with more experience" just so someone like Anna wouldn't call them back. Anna has applied for jobs back in Ocean Shores that were no-brainers. And I remember one time, the boss went through all the motions with her, set up an interview, and even took her through an orientation. But she did not get the job because apparently someone else came along that had more experience. I think that boss was just bullshitting Anna! This was a job that required almost no experience! The boss even told Anna she didn't need experience before she applied for that job. He was probably just being an ass! That made me mad!

Well, Anna had no trouble getting a job here. I am also looking into getting involved with this demo work. Our local Smith's is having a grand re-opening, and I'd like to do demos then especially. Once we have another well-established income, we can start looking into buying one of those condos we've been drooling over. Or even better, into that mobile home and a piece of land of our own! I can hardly wait! I believe we will be able to do it if we work together.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another Move in the Making

Not sure when though. But Anna and I are looking into buying a condo. We have a few things we need to do before we take that step. Anna and I are also discussing opening our own tropical fish store. I've always wanted to do something like that! The fish store already here in town is OK, but it is about 90% marine fish. They only have a very tiny section devoted to freshwater fish, and most of the freshwater fish they carry are cichlids, goldfish, mollies, platies, and other run-of-the-mill fish. Our fish store will have a section for freshwater fish that is just as large as the saltwater section. I am more familiar with freshwater fish, and with some of them, the appearance can surprise you! Like yesterday Anna and I went to Helena again. I found some silvertip tetras that were quite unique looking. Most of the time I've seen these fish, they had gray bodies with light silver-tipped fins. But these have unique markings of reddish, orange, yellow and black, also with silver-tipped fins. Anna also found something she liked, the store had an adorable maltese dog up for adoption. It wasn't a puppy, he was almost a year old. But he was adorable! They called him "Marley", but I think that's kindof a dumb name. I told Anna if we get him, we should change his name to Harley, which sounds better. Besides, when he shook his paws at us, he looked like he was getting his little motor running! LOL!

Well, on our trip yesterday, we also stopped at Petco, and Anna fell in love with this 38 gallon fishtank that was on sale, and came with a stand. It was cool! And a very nice stand! So she got it. But she could only afford to get the tank and stand, we have to wait to get the gravel, fish and stuff. She wants some of those glo-fish that are advertised. Personally, I don't care much for those. All they really are are genetically modified zebra danios, and for zebra danios, are terribly overpriced! But Anna loves neon-type colors, and that's what these fish were bred to have. Me, I love naturally-colored fish. Zebra danios are excellent starter fish, and that's also what Anna needs, as she has never had a tank of her own before. I am glad she finally got one though. It'll do her some good, no matter what kind of fish she gets. I love my tank! Now that I have it, I couldn't live without it!

Anna said next time we go cruising, we should go to Billings. Billings has some awesome stores that sell tropical fish! I love going there for that. Billings is such a long way though. I'm kinda glad we didn't move there. Not only is it too far away, but the people there are so snooty. Not saying I didn't meet any friendly people there, I just know the majority of them are snooty. One of the things I like doing is getting into Craigslist's rants and raves and checking out what people from different places talk about. And one of my regular visits is with Billings' rants and raves forums. I don't go there often though, because one thing I've noticed is the people on there absolutely HATE non-whites, or what they call "native Montanans". And I don't mean the indians either! They believe the only native Montanans can only be white. That's stupid! They constantly use racial slurs, and it's sickening! That's one of the reasons I don't get in there that much. But Billings is much more animal-friendly than Bozeman is. Many rentals were willing to accept Anna and me moving in with all 3 of our dogs. Here in Bozeman, a rental like that is almost impossible to find! Most landlords here will only let you have a maximum of 2 dogs. Of course mostly what people here call 'dogs' are big, floppy-eared creatures that love the sound of gunshots and that usually weigh 50 pounds or more. Nobody here thinks of anything under 20 pounds as being a dog. Usually when someone here says "I have a dog", they mean a huge dog!

The problem I've had with big dogs is they are extremely destructive! Just like kids. Big dogs make big messes, and before you know it, they've soiled the carpets, chewed the walls, tore your furniture, dug up your yard, etc. Big dogs are a big pain in the ass! Little dogs, especially chihuahuas and papillons, they don't do any of that. They may chew your furniture, if they don't have toys. I've never had that problem because Vegas and Minnie always have plenty of toys. I supply them with a steady supply of toys, and they just got some more really good ones for Christmas. That's why I keep little dogs. They are easier to care for, and eat less, and are a lot less destructive.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Freedom is Finally Dead

Has anyone heard of this NDAA Martial Law? It sounds terrible. It sounds like WW2 repeating it's self. I admit I've just started researching it, but from what I've been able to determine so far is that if someone working for the government sees you as any kind of threat, you can be arrested and held indefinitely, even tortured, without the benefit of a trial, and even shipped off to some God-forsaken place to be held in some concentration camp, and possibly even killed. It used to be that things like this only happened in far away countries, like India and Iraq, even in Europe. But soon, this kind of act is going to be happening on American soil as well. And guess who is all for it? Yes, Obama! The man that everyone fought so hard to defend. I knew there was something about that man I didn't like! Though for the past 4 years, I had hoped I was wrong! I looked for any possible good to come from him, and he did do some good things, but voting for this law has created an eclipse over him that covers any good he has done. Imagine you are enjoying a quiet night at home with your family, nestled in your comfy sofa, drinking some hot cocoa, eating popcorn, watching a good movie and laughing (or crying with joy, either way), and you're having fun, not thinking about anything else. Suddenly there is a very loud knock on your door, and you go to answer it, and it's the feds. They all rush in, guns in tow, hold you and your family at gunpoint, push you to the ground, beat you up, and any family member that opposes gets the worst of it, or even gets killed. And neither you nor anyone in your family ever did a thing to deserve any of that. You've never threatened anyone, you never brought harm to any living thing, you don't even own a gun. And once you are hauled off to the concentration camp, there isn't a damn thing you can do to get out of it! You think it can't (or won't) happen to you or your friends or family? Think again! It can and will. All it'll take is for you to look like a terrorist, or have one impure thought, or say that there is something the government is doing that you do not agree with.

And yes, Obama is in on this. Though I heard it was the McCain Association that thought this thing up. I didn't trust him either! That's why in 2008, I didn't vote for the president. I didn't trust either candidate. I thought they both sucked! But Obama is all for this law, and even signed it into existance. So, don't be surprised if the feds come knocking on your door. For Americans, this will spell the end of freedom. I wonder how many of Obama's supporters will read about this law and still say Obama was the best thing that ever happened to this country? I do know a lot of people voted for him because they didn't want to seem racist. Those people would have been much better off not voting at all! Like me! I didn't like Obama at all. I still don't! And it has nothing to do with racism. It has everything to do with him just not being right for this country. He was the only president that did not even properly say the pledge of allegiance! He didn't hold his hand over his heart like the other people did. Maybe it's because he knows he doesn't have a heart! Anyway, by him passing this new law, it proves I was right about him not being right for this country. Of course I believe Obama supporters will still make every excuse in the book for him, they always do! Even Biden does, saying he had a reason for not standing with his hand over his heart to say the pledge of allegiance. There is no reason for that, if you're running for president! Biden just said that to lure Obama's supporters into a false sense of security. I will hand him this; Biden is extremely clever! If you are gullible! And most people are. So I wonder what excuse Biden will come up with for this? Maybe he'll say Obama didn't know this was coming. Or maybe Obama was brainwashed into signing this law into effect. Whatever the excuse will be, Obama's gullible supporters will believe it, and take it as the gospel. But I warned everyone! Don't say I didn't. I listen to my instincts, and they are almost never wrong!

Now also because of all of Obama's free spending, we are facing another great depression. I was at the dog park today, with our buddies, and we were all talking about the end of 2012 meaning the end of life as we know it. There are people here who actually believe it will happen. Maybe this is how it will happen, with this law coming into effect here, and Americans being treated like shit by their own government. I warned everyone! But I also said if they want Obama, they can have him! Now, they got him and it's going to prove to be the worst mistake those people ever made by voting him into office. If you want to know more about this law, watch this video:

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year! It is now 2012, a year that is just now coming into being, but has received a lot of publicity before it even got here. A lot of people believe this year spells the end of the World. In some ways I even believe it myself. I mean, look at what has happened to the World since the year 2000, we've had some serious natural disasters, we've had WW3, we've had serious bombings, and another thing that I believe is in the Bible, evil is running rampant. People have become much worse now than they ever have been in the past. I thought people were bad when I was a teenager, but no. Today, they are much worse!! Not saying there weren't any bad people back then, I'm saying that today there are so many more than there were back then. I don't even trust little kids at all. I remember when I was a teenager, there was this little boy in the neighborhood, his name was Joel, and as far as I could tell, he only had one friend, and it happened to be the little brother of one of my best friends in middle school. That was the first juvenile delinquent I believe I'd ever met! He cursed like a sailor, and used to call me names too. But that wasn't the worst part. He was weird as well! He used to bark like a dog and call himself a chihuahua, and he would stand there in my friend's yard and constantly repeat "Hey! I'm a chihuahua!" like some kind of broken record. He was just plain strange! But he was the first kid I ever "met" that was like that. Actually I never formally met him, I know he never learned what my name is, I just used to see him now and then playing with my friend's little brother. I wonder if now (he must be about 35 years old now) he is still going around, barking at people and telling them he is a chihuahua? Ever since meeting him, I've been uncomfortable around kids, and I notice today there is no shortage of kids like him. I don't think the kids today go around barking and calling themselves some kind of dog breed, but kids today are just plain evil. Whereas back then, Joel was one in a million. These days, he'd be commonplace.

Well, people are turning against each other, even their own comrades. That there is another sign the World is coming to an end. Just so many things happening, that it cannot be simply a coincidence. Of course no one really knows if the World will end this year. I don't believe the actual planet will blow up. I think really there will be some even greater natural disasters. And never fear, I am not going to kill myself because I believe the World is coming to an end! I'm not that stupid! I used to joke about killing myself when I was younger, but I never really intended to do it! I have too much I need to finish before I go! I don't joke about that anymore because now I realize those kind of jokes are in very poor taste. I was looking at a book I wrote based on my old MSN blog, and it was amazing how many times I talked about killing myself on there! But ever since this one girl (I think her name was Meagan) killed herself back in 2007, over an argument she got into with a former MySpace friend, I was like "WOW! I'd better stop making jokes about killing myself! This is serious shit!" I admit there were times I got upset, but no, I'm not dumb enough to end it all! In truth, I always believe things will get better soon. The only time I ever came even remotely close to wanting myself dead was when Groucho died. That was it. You know what stopped me from feeling that way? Ironically it was "the Watcher", a dumbass from the Pluba forums. Her real user name on there was Rhonda. Rhonda hated my guts from day 1! LOL! I didn't care though. But ironically, she did several things that made me want to go on living my life. First, she payed me a great compliment! She called me a "stalking whale", and I think whales are beautiful! So in my eyes, she was saying she hated me because I am beautiful, in spite of my size. hehehe! Next she said she was looking into filing litigation against me because I told her I don't like her. When my sisters told me she said that, I was like "Fine! I'll just file a countersuit against her for stealing a picture of mine that was copyrighted, and I NEVER gave her permission to use!" I'm still waiting for that litigation! I could get rich off of her! I've never seen a judge grant anyone litigation just because the defendant does not like the plaintiff! Especially since it's Rhonda's own fault that I don't like her! I never knew why she hated me, (not until the "stalking whale" compliment) but I can tell you it's her own doings that I don't like her! hehehe! That's her prerogative though. Doesn't matter to me! But copyright infringement is a totally different thing! I believe the fine for that is $250,000, enough to get me back to the coast and even buy myself a little oceanfront condo in Westport! Frankly I never believed her, Rhonda was the archetype of empty threats. But just in case, I wanted to stick around for this litigation! If nothing else, just for the laughs! It would have been priceless to see the look on her face when the judge would have said "You're suing her because she just doesn't like you?!" I can just picture someone like maybe Judge Judy, and saying "Get over it!" So that's why I didn't kill myself after Groucho died. Just because I was in the picture, does not mean I got to use it for free! I had to pay $300 for the privilege. "The Watcher" should have paid me in return if she wanted to use it! It would have cost her $600. Or because she is not a friend, I would have charged her $1000 for the privilege! LOL! I could legally do that if I want to. Same goes for Mcgillicutty, as she also stole that pic and used it without my permission.

Well, Mcgillicutty was mad at me because I told her she was a backyard breeder of chihuahuas, and she didn't like that. But she was also condoning the mixing of chihuahuas with pomeranians by her friend. She was supporting that, and there is no reason for it. But again, she has no case against me. What I did was practice my rights of free speech, just as she did cussing at me and calling me every name in the book. LOL! But again, I could slap her with a copyright infringement charge if she wants to carry it that far. hehehe! The same law applies to her for that as it does to "The Watcher". :) I figure between the two of them, I would have made about $500,000. That would really get me a NICE oceanfront condo! With the most gorgeous view! This all was also put in my book, and I titled the book "How A Dog-Girl Turned Rocker" and it will be available on UMG Productions. I've been thinking about putting this blog in book form too. I've had so many adventures to write about on here! Blogger now has that feature! Of course in my last book, I was able to add some descriptive paragraphs to highlight some of the stories I wrote in that blog. I don't know if Blogger will let me do that if I publish this blog into a book through them.