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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Andy Got Pissed

Yesterday I was at the dog park, and that madman Andy wanted to come in and tried several times, but because I was in there, he couldn't. LOL! He wouldn't dare try to come in there when I am in there. Well, one of my friends, named Karen, mentioned that Andy found out that his dog Lou was in there with me, and Karen said he got PISSED!!!! hehehe! I just sat there with a big, contented grin on my face! Makes me so happy that I can piss him off so bad like that! hehe! His dog Lou likes me. I like his dog too. I don't like Andy, but I like his dog. I never will like Andy either. And it's his own fault that I don't like him. When he first moved here, I treated him with nothing but respect, and was always as nice as I could be to him. And what does he do? Turns around and tears me and my sister down, calling us names, threatening our dogs, and even growls at Anna as he's going into the laundry room. I took that growl as a threat, and I don't appreciate anyone threatening my family. That includes my dogs. So yeah, if Andy is pissed off because his dog and I are in the same place at the same time, it's his own problem! I didn't threaten his dog! He threatened mine! That's why I yelled and pulled my Minnie away from him when she was trying to make friends with him. Because I didn't want Andy hurting my dogs. Of course if he had indeed tried to hurt my dogs, I'd bash him over the head with one of those shovels that sit in the dog park. Minnie unfortunately tries to make friends with everyone, and Andy is no exception. But since he gets his jollies out of hurting other peoples' dogs, I will not let my dogs go near him if I can help it. If I can't, I do what I have to to keep them away from him.

Karen told me that he now refers to me and Anna as "the fat girls". Anna hates that, but I told Anna that he can call me whatever he wants, he's the one with the problem, not me! As long as he leaves me, Anna and the dogs alone, I don't give a shit what he says or thinks. This morning Karen and Kim noticed Andy has a new haircut. They said it looks nice, I said it looks funny. It accentuates the features in his ugly face too well, makes his face look like a baboon's behind. I feel sorry for his daughter! I really do. But she hates him. He won't really admit it, but he does talk about how "mean" his daughter is. Most likely just mean to him because he deserves it. If his attitude towards Anna and me is any indication at all, I'm not surprised his own daughter doesn't like him. Andy is nothing but a white trash rat-bastard. I can't even imagine anyone with any sense marrying him and having a child. Unless they too are white trash. Unfortunately living here, I'm finding Andy is not exactly unique. Though most of the people I've met in this town have been quite nice, I'm also now rapidly finding out there's a lot of assholes here too. This actually is what leads me to believe the World is coming to an end. Or maybe this is how Montanans are in the winter? Not sure. But either way, I want to go back to the coast! I miss it there! Well, last I heard Andy's daughter is now expecting. Poor thing! If I were that child, I'd think twice before coming into a world with a grandfather like that! I'm glad it's not me! I cannot even dream of my grandfather being anything like Andy! My grandfather was a good guy, a kindly old gentleman who treated women with respect. He never struck a woman, and he never called a woman names like Andy does.

Well, I just find it amusingly funny that Andy got so pissed off because his dog and I were in the same place at the same time. It's not even like Andy cares about his dogs either. I heard that he got in his car and barreled out of the parking lot while Lou was still standing around his car. It seemed Andy did not care if he ran over Lou or not. I could kick Lou and Andy would not really care. He'd just gripe so that he could gripe about something. Not that I would kick Lou! hehe! That was just an example. I'd never harm a dog. I don't care who's dog it is. It's not Lou's fault that Andy is an asshole.

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