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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another Move in the Making

Not sure when though. But Anna and I are looking into buying a condo. We have a few things we need to do before we take that step. Anna and I are also discussing opening our own tropical fish store. I've always wanted to do something like that! The fish store already here in town is OK, but it is about 90% marine fish. They only have a very tiny section devoted to freshwater fish, and most of the freshwater fish they carry are cichlids, goldfish, mollies, platies, and other run-of-the-mill fish. Our fish store will have a section for freshwater fish that is just as large as the saltwater section. I am more familiar with freshwater fish, and with some of them, the appearance can surprise you! Like yesterday Anna and I went to Helena again. I found some silvertip tetras that were quite unique looking. Most of the time I've seen these fish, they had gray bodies with light silver-tipped fins. But these have unique markings of reddish, orange, yellow and black, also with silver-tipped fins. Anna also found something she liked, the store had an adorable maltese dog up for adoption. It wasn't a puppy, he was almost a year old. But he was adorable! They called him "Marley", but I think that's kindof a dumb name. I told Anna if we get him, we should change his name to Harley, which sounds better. Besides, when he shook his paws at us, he looked like he was getting his little motor running! LOL!

Well, on our trip yesterday, we also stopped at Petco, and Anna fell in love with this 38 gallon fishtank that was on sale, and came with a stand. It was cool! And a very nice stand! So she got it. But she could only afford to get the tank and stand, we have to wait to get the gravel, fish and stuff. She wants some of those glo-fish that are advertised. Personally, I don't care much for those. All they really are are genetically modified zebra danios, and for zebra danios, are terribly overpriced! But Anna loves neon-type colors, and that's what these fish were bred to have. Me, I love naturally-colored fish. Zebra danios are excellent starter fish, and that's also what Anna needs, as she has never had a tank of her own before. I am glad she finally got one though. It'll do her some good, no matter what kind of fish she gets. I love my tank! Now that I have it, I couldn't live without it!

Anna said next time we go cruising, we should go to Billings. Billings has some awesome stores that sell tropical fish! I love going there for that. Billings is such a long way though. I'm kinda glad we didn't move there. Not only is it too far away, but the people there are so snooty. Not saying I didn't meet any friendly people there, I just know the majority of them are snooty. One of the things I like doing is getting into Craigslist's rants and raves and checking out what people from different places talk about. And one of my regular visits is with Billings' rants and raves forums. I don't go there often though, because one thing I've noticed is the people on there absolutely HATE non-whites, or what they call "native Montanans". And I don't mean the indians either! They believe the only native Montanans can only be white. That's stupid! They constantly use racial slurs, and it's sickening! That's one of the reasons I don't get in there that much. But Billings is much more animal-friendly than Bozeman is. Many rentals were willing to accept Anna and me moving in with all 3 of our dogs. Here in Bozeman, a rental like that is almost impossible to find! Most landlords here will only let you have a maximum of 2 dogs. Of course mostly what people here call 'dogs' are big, floppy-eared creatures that love the sound of gunshots and that usually weigh 50 pounds or more. Nobody here thinks of anything under 20 pounds as being a dog. Usually when someone here says "I have a dog", they mean a huge dog!

The problem I've had with big dogs is they are extremely destructive! Just like kids. Big dogs make big messes, and before you know it, they've soiled the carpets, chewed the walls, tore your furniture, dug up your yard, etc. Big dogs are a big pain in the ass! Little dogs, especially chihuahuas and papillons, they don't do any of that. They may chew your furniture, if they don't have toys. I've never had that problem because Vegas and Minnie always have plenty of toys. I supply them with a steady supply of toys, and they just got some more really good ones for Christmas. That's why I keep little dogs. They are easier to care for, and eat less, and are a lot less destructive.

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