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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Junk Hoarders

I was watching a new episode of Hoarders last night on A&E. This woman was particularly disgusting! She even kept bottles of her own urine, and a bathtub full of her own feces! It was probably one of the most disgusting cases of hoarding I've ever heard of! Her whole house was just full of nothing but garbage! She said in the beginning that she began hoarding because she had quite a bit of trama in her life from misplacing trust in some people and other shit like that. I often wondered why I never took up hoarding? LOL! Especially after hearing this woman's story. I know the predisposition is there, my grandma was a hoarder (to a certain extent). Not to disgusting levels though. I don't know how anyone could live like that. I sure as Hell could not live in a home where the plumbing does not work. I would not be happy if I couldn't use my own bathroom and have to take a leak in bottles. And I would not leave the piss bottles lying around my house. That's probably why I think this was one of the most disgusting cases of hoarding I've ever heard of. If not THE most disgusting! Because she took a dump in her bathtub too. I would never be able to live like that!

I remember grandma's house was so cluttered, we would lose things, and then that would be totally the last time we would see it. I still remember going to her house to stay a weekend back in the summer of 1987, and she bought me a bag of chips. I only ate a handful of the chips out of that bag, and then I wrapped a rubber band around the top to save the rest for later. Well, I never got to finish that bag, because it disappeared and I never saw it again. It wasn't until after grandma died in 2001 that I finally discovered what happened to that bag of chips! I thought I had looked in every possible place that bag of chips could have fallen to, but I discovered it had fallen under the table between 2 stacks of old papers. Obviously by that time, it wasn't fit for consumption, so I threw it away. But at least then my question had been answered as to where that bag had gone to. Whenever something went missing, grandma would blame the people who lived next door to her, accusing them of breaking into her house and taking things. grandma did not realize she was something of a hoarder. Most of the time, I thought she may have been right, because things in her house would vanish into thin air! But I never saw any evidence that the neighbors were breaking into her house. I remember back in 1985 she bought a 100-piece set of Tri-chem brand tube paints, and even had a caddie for them. I got to use them only once, and there was this cabinet above her bed that grandma always insisted we put them when we were done. Well, I thought I put them in that cabinet, but the next night when I wanted to use them, they had disappeared. I took EVERYTHING out of that cabinet! It took me all night to clear everything out, and I still never found the paints! This was back in 1985, and I can remember trying several times after that to find those paints and I never did! Again, it wasn't until after grandma died that I managed to finally find them. They were in the very back of that same cabinet that I had searched in several times, for about a year after I last used them. Between the years 1985 and 1986, I must have taken everything out of that cabinet about 20 times to search for those paints, and they were gone! But it was as if they had dematerialized, and then suddenly emerged again after grandma's death. By that time though, they were useless. They had all dried up, and we had to throw them away. I was upset because I had searched that cabinet for those paints MANY times! And that was right after grandma bought those paints. I took everything out of that cabinet, all the papers, and other junk she kept up there, everything! And I could not for the life of me find those paints. And I know I searched hard. It's a shame, I know she paid a lot of money for those paints, even back then. I don't know though if that was a case of hoarding, or that maybe grandma's house was haunted by a ghost with a warped sense of humor.

I'm very surprised I'd never taken up hoarding. I had a hell of a lot of trauma in my life. I had a rough childhood. I learned fairly early on not to trust people. We relocated from one place to another a few times throughout the course of my childhood, and I never learned to keep many friends. I might have been able to make more friends easier if I had become a smoker or a drinker, but I happen to be as clean and pure as undriven snow, and I'd have preferred to stay that way. By the time I was in 3rd grade, I had become shy and untalkative. I think it was that last move we made. I left behind all my friends in another school district, and all my after-school activities. I guess I was afraid to make new friends. My parents moved me from a school I loved to a school I HATED, and kept me there, like putting a polar bear in a 5x5 foot cage, I felt trapped, betrayed and alone. Through the years, I managed to make some friends, but they were very few. And very loyal too. I guess that was all that really counted. But still it was traumatic, leaving my old school. To this day, I still haven't recovered.

Well, someone e-mailed me yesterday and said they want to make a donation (I guess to Metazoica) but that they'd rather send me a check. LOL! Well, it'd be the first donation ever made to Metazoica. They asked for my address, and I gave them my business address. hehehe! Believe me, I'm not foolish enough to give any stranger my home address. But we do need donations for Metazoica. The donations go to keep up the website, and update it every now and then, and it sure could use some updating! I still want to add a members-only section, and run little flicks starring some of the animals from our site. Let the members see what a day in the life of one of these animals would be like, and even turn it into a real virtual zoo. Of course I am not sure I should even be expecting this donation, but oh well. If it doesn't come, Metazoica will just remain this way for a while. It's done fine this long, it'll continue to do well the way it is.

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