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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Enjoy The Internet While You Still Can!

Obama has signed the bill to make censoring the internet a federal law. Any website that is deemed a threat or takes away another person's rights will be taken down by the internet police. That pisses me off! But this is what the American voters wanted! They voted Obama into office. So now I wonder what they are saying about this new law to censor the internet. I read that megaupload.com has been taken down. And not everything on there was pirated! So, enjoy the internet the way it was while you still can! Damn that Obama! He's trying to completely eliminate all our basic freedoms! Freedoms that we have enjoyed in this country for more than 200 years! What right has he got to do that? I warned everyone! Don't ever say they were not warned! But Obama's supporters continued to support him. Next thing you know, we will have to stand in a line, or put our names on a waiting list to have the right to be able to shop for food! Like they do in Russia and other communist countries. Now also, pythons have been banned in all 50 states. And the only place that is experiencing problems with pythons in the wild is southern Florida. It's too cold for them here. People don't have to get rid of their established pet pythons, but now you cannot have them shipped to you from out of state. But that law, I also blame on irresponsible people, which I hate more than anything!

I wonder now what Obama's supporters think of these new laws and Obama taking away our basic freedoms. I remember back on the Pluba forums, there was this woman, and I'd known her for a few years, she was a nice person. At first, she was against Obama, then she said that she liked him. I still didn't like Obama! But this person (I won't give her name) she assured another doubter that she has the ability to tell who is a good person and who is not, and she said Obama is a good person. That comment stopped me in my tracks! Not to completely doubt her, but this person, who in essence was saying she's a good judge of character, also thought people like CrystalK (AKA, CJK), MarpranPWC (AKA, MsBehave), and AnkhuIGs were all good people! And they are as far from being good people as any person could get without being in jail! CrystalK, well, I don't need to tell you why I don't like her! LOL! There's so many reasons why, it'd take all night to list. MarpranPWC, I don't like her at all! She hates anyone who has never won a purple ribbon in the show ring. Actually she treats people as if they were articles of clothing. She only likes people who are "in style". She has no room to talk either. I heard she started breeding dogs before she started showing them. And I think she's bipolar too. Something is wrong with her head! LOL! AnkhuIGs, same thing! She hates anyone who is not a show breeder, and she's far more mean-spirited than MarpranPWC and CrystalK. Now you know why I hate show breeders! Those people pretty much sum it up in a nutshell. But anyone who thinks they are good people cannot be even halfway decent judges of character! And someone who thinks those 3 are good people, you think I'm gonna trust them when they say someone like Obama is a good person? Just because he had a lot of supporters does not mean he was a good person! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, evil has a lot of charisma! All it explains is that people are largely gullible.

Now me, I'm a different story. I've always been a bit psychic. I'm not Kreskin, but I've always been able to see people from the inside out, and I am rarely wrong. I can tell instinctively who I should stay away from and who is OK to approach. In person, I can read other peoples' facial expressions. On the internet, it's a little trickier. But even then, if the feeling is strong, I can tell who is safe to associate with and who is evil and should be avoided at any and all costs. That's why I always say hello to every new person I meet, even online. I want to collect the feel of their response (or lack of such). If I say hello to someone and they don't respond to me, I can pretty well pick up on what they think of me. Sometimes, just to be sure, I might keep talking to them, just to get the "feel" (yes, the FEEL) of them. I'm not sure, but I think what I'm feeling is that person's "aura". Everyone has one, so they say. Good people have a good, comforting aura, while the aura of a bad person, even when they are trying to be friendly, well, let's just say it feels like someone taking shards of broken glass and angrily rubbing them onto your flesh. The farther away I am from a person like that, the better I feel. If the internet police ever catch wind of what goes on in the Pluba forums, no doubt that forum would be one of the first to go because I cannot tell you how many people on there make a living of practicing copyright infringements!

Very few show breeders I've met are really truely good people. I've met some. But most of them act like kids who have been neglected and even bullied, and are mad at the world because of it. Anyway, that was the impression Obama left on me from day 1. I just did not like him! I tried to warn everyone on this blog that he's no good, but evidently Obama's charisma beat out my instincts. But then again, I am just one person. One person who back then didn't do much except write daily in her blog. How could I relay to these people that Obama just didn't feel right to me. I was hoping they could read the red flags the way I did, especially when he didn't even properly stand to say the pledge of allegiance! If he were just an average Joe, I wouldn't have cared if he did it properly or not. As long as he was standing and facing the flag. But this was a man who was supposed to be running for president! It's good etiquitte to stand properly, and it would have shown Obama had a lot better respect for this country which he wanted to run! But he doesn't have any respect! He wants to ruin our country and take away our constitutional rights! If he is voted into office, I hope his supporters are the first to suffer because of Obama's blatant disrespect for our country and it's freedoms!

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