Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

I Told You Not To Celebrate!

 Juneteenth is not a holiday to celebrate!! Like I said last year, it's dangerous. I knew it then and I know it now. I was in a bank during my trip, and there was a TV screen advertising everyone celebrating Juneteenth. I said "I'm not gonna celebrate Juneteenth!!!" It's not my holiday, and even if it was, I wouldn't celebrate it! It's a bullshit-ass holiday, proposed by ugly thugs, endorsed by a demented president, and all it has done so far is give low-class black people a pass to destroy each other, and public property. Last year, when they celebrated it, all they did was shoot up each other, killing 2 black teenagers. Well, this year they did much more than that.

It's supposed to be a holiday to celebrate the end of slavery. I found out it was actually proposed back in the 1990s. But it wasn't implemented as a federal holiday until Joe Biden signed the bill. Now, it's a federal holiday. And I am very sick that it is. This year, those bozos terrorized a McDonald's restaurant. The employees at that restaurant were so scared, they had to hide in the back of the store. And instead of 2 people being shot and killed, this year, there were 12 killings reported on Juneteenth. Like I said before, it's a no-good holiday. It needs to be eradicated. The only reason Joe Blow endorsed it is because he wanted the black vote. That's all. For him, it's more about what's in it for him rather than how it will benefit black people.

Black people today may hate white people. But that's OK. White people hate them too. And this time, it's all the black person's fault whites hate them. Even I am starting to not trust them anymore, and my best friend growing up was a black girl. Sure there are still black people I like. But none of them gripes all the time about white supremacy or white privilege (which does not exist). I saw a video this morning about what white people can do to celebrate Juneteenth. Naturally, it was a video put out by some low-class leftist black woman, telling us how we should celebrate Juneteenth. She basically gave her opinion on what she thinks we need to do. First, she said, is to spend a huge amount of money taking her online course on how to be anti-racist. No thank you! I already know how to be anti-racist! Just treat people the way you want to be treated. That is all! I'm not going to spend money on a silly chat to tell me something I already learned for free when I was a kid.

Next she says is to support black-owned businesses. I said OK. As soon as I can find a black-owned business that can sell me something I need, or want, I'll be sure to support them. But, wait a minute! I thought capitalism is racist! So far, all this girl is telling us to do is cooperate in capitalism. Hypocrisy at it's finest! Then the last thing she says for white people to celebrate Juneteenth is to support black content creators on YouTube. I said OK. That sounds fair. I'm already subscribed to several black commentators. But they are all conservatives. I hope that is acceptable. LMAO!!! 😆😆😆

Fuck that! I don't give a shit if she accepts that or not. I'm not going to subscribe to black people who do nothing on YouTube but complain about white privilege, slavery, how bad white people are treating them, and how cops need to be defunded. No way! That gets old after a while. And as I have demonstrated on here, it's all the black peoples' fault white people hate them so much now. If they want to be treated better by white people, they need to fix their attitudes. If they don't want cops to arrest them, then stop committing crimes! Like Morgan Freeman says, if you want racism to end, then stop talking about it. I love Morgan Freeman. I mean I love him! He's right up there with INXS and David Johnston as a man I consider to be a real hero. I'd love to meet him and give him a big hug and a kiss! I've been a fan of his since he was on the Electric Company. And he is so right about how to end racism. I'm sick of people talking about it. We need more black people like Morgan Freeman.

Monday, June 19, 2023

Birthday Trip

 Well, I know it's late, but I wanted to write about this anyway. I'd planned to have a special birthday trip between me and my sis. I wanted to go to Phillipsburg, MT where the Sweet Palace is, and they make the very best buttercreams and truffles. I love it when I am able to go there, which is why I will not let my sis lose ties with Montana. This time, when she was going, I wanted to go too. I got 2 full boxes of truffles, caramels and buttercreams. I got all my favorite flavors. But before we visited there, we stayed in Livingston for a couple days, me and my sis, Mya and the kittens. While staying in Livingston, we drove up to Bozeman, where my sis has a friend named Arlena. A nice person. Also a chatterbox! LOL! I liked her though. It seems the whole town of Bozeman knows who Arlena is! Everywhere we went people greeted her like she was an old friend.

Arlena is having the same problem my sis had that forced her to move here. The manager of the apartment building her client (who is also my sister's client) is not letting Arlena stay there. The client has an extra room, and the owners said it was OK for Arlena to stay there as a live-in caregiver. But once Arlena was moved in, the acting manager said she has to get out. But Arlena gave her what for. The problem is the same woman who is now telling Arlena to get out, did exactly the same thing to my sis. She was living in Missoula at the time, and her client wanted her to come back. So, my sis called the apartment complex where this client lives, and said she'll need to stay with the client until she can get a place of her own there in Bozeman. The owners said it's OK for her to stay there. So my sis moves out of her apartment in Missoula and moves to Bozeman into the extra bedroom of this client. Then about a month later, my sis is informed by her client that she has to move out. The acting manager said she cannot stay there unless she is related. Which I think is beyond DUMB!!! Thank GOD I was here so my sis could move in.

Anyway, now that same acting manager is doing the same to Arlena. So, I came up with a solution that will make everybody (except me) happy. I figured we could all just move in as roommates to our own apartment and split the rent 3 ways. So we went to Bozeman to look into some apartments they may have there. We found some we liked, and are going to go for them. But we are also hoping to have something done about that manager. I told my sis she should sue that manager too. Because she made my sis miss out on a good apartment because of her stupidity.

While in Livingston, my sis wanted to take me to a little roadside burger joint called Mark's In and Out Burgers. No connection to the national chain from California. But when we got there, it was Tuesday, and they are closed on Monday and Tuesday. But the guy was so nice, he made milkshakes for me and my sis in any flavor we wanted. I had an orange, while my sis had huckleberry. He didn't even charge us for them! He was a sweet guy! They were awesome shakes too! Really creamy! The ice cream he uses in his shakes is locally sourced there in Livingston. And it makes Tillamook ice cream taste like Breyer's! It is so creamy! I don't remember the name of the company who makes the ice cream, but my sis says she has seen their ice cream on store shelves before, and it is indeed very good. And it's also very expensive. Much more so than Tillamook ice cream.

Anyway, after we were done in Livingston, that was when we went to Phillipsburg. Then after Phillipsburg, we went to St. Regis, where we thought we were going to get a huckleberry soda. But unfortunately, the owners of that shop in St. Regis took out the soda machine that had the huckleberry. Bummer-crap!!! I wanted to take home some huckleberry soda in my 64-ounce jug! St. Regis was the last place in Montana you could actually get a huckleberry fountain soda. I guess when we move, if we want a huckleberry soda, we'll have to go all the way to Missoula! Anyway, after St. Regis, we headed on to Spokane. We stayed there for the night. Just one night. Then the next day, we headed into the valley to pick up some cookies.

There is a place there called Desserts By Sara, where they make awesome sugar cookies. My sis ordered 2 dozen with lemurs, spring birds, a birthday theme and INXS. As usual, they are so good! On the way home, we stopped by the travel center in Troutdale, OR and I got a Sprite soda with blue raspberry flavoring. It wasn't huckleberry, but it's a flavor I never tried before. So I got some. Then we came home.

When I got home, I was thinking I was going to lose some of my birds, but thank GOD I didn't lose a single one. It actually wasn't until later that evening when I found one of my finches had died. I didn't know what happened! They were all fine when I came home. Something just happened to that one. So now, I need another diamond firetail. A female!

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

White Child Abuse

 Take a look at this! A friend sent me this video this afternoon.

This video shows a white student being thrashed around by a black schoolteacher. It's horrible. While we do not know the actual circumstance that led to this abuse, nothing excuses this kind of behavior from a teacher. Most teachers when I was growing up, always tried to be fair. But this is what happens when affirmative action takes over hiring practices. We get nasty, bitter black liberal teachers like this. The narrator said that there is a lot of this going around in schools, where black teachers are bullying white students. I've had black teachers before, and they were always very fair. But again, that was the pre-Obama era. It is Obama that has made black people these days so hateful and angry.

I'll tell you, if that was my child in the video and I even dreamed the teacher was doing this to her in school, that teacher would never draw another breath again. I'd have hunted her down like a deer, and shot her. I don't give a fuck what she thinks about "white tears". Apparently that's a thing that black people made up. They believe white people should not be allowed to cry when they are bothered by a black person, because (in their words) "white tears have been used for years to get black people in trouble". That is the stupidest reason I've ever heard to not let any cry, or even call for help. It's kindof like what I've come to know as "the Carlos Stewart effect".

Remember earlier in this blog, I mentioned how Carlos started bullying me for no apparent reason. And when I sought help from some of the adults in my life, including my parents, all of his little fag friends took his side, and I became the bad person. And I didn't do anything. Carlos just randomly one day began harassing me. And it got worse and worse. I still, to this day, have no idea why he just picked me out of all the kids in school, to harass. I never did anything to him. I never even said anything to him, or to anyone else about him. In fact, I never even gave Carlos a second thought until after he began bullying me.

Now, I could have used "white tears" against him, and had him arrested for battery and simple harassment. But I didn't. I wasn't going to give him and his friends the satisfaction. So, I never cried because of them. The worst I did was pretend like they were not even there. In those days, I had after school activities going, so I would more often think of those and how much fun I was going to have than what was going on around me in the classrooms. Sometimes I'd even find myself smiling, in the midst of all their bullying.

Anyway, it was the fact that Carlos and all his friends made me out to be the bad one is why I call it the Carlos Stewart effect. When a black person bullies a white person, and then complains about "white tears", that's what I call it. Especially if it is an unprovoked attack, which when it comes to black people bullying white people, it usually is unprovoked. That's been my experience anyways. In every case when I've been bullied by black kids, it was them who always initiated the attack. I'm not a fighter. I don't start fights. And I'd rather walk away from a fight than get into one with anyone. But that does not mean I won't defend myself any way I have to. But only when I feel it is needed, and there is no other way out.

If black people don't like white people getting them in trouble, then here's a novel idea; STOP BOTHERING US!!!!!!! Go about your own business. If you don't like white people, then just leave us alone! If you're not going to agree to that, then don't be surprised when a white person calls for help because you are harassing them. And when that help does come, expect that you are the one who is going to be punished! You reap what you sow.

There have been times where my crying has got me in trouble too. And I've seen other kids act the same way and nothing happens to them. Do you think I get angry and blame those kids because I got in trouble for acting that way and they didn't? No. I don't. That's life. I just learned not to act like that again.

Sunday, June 4, 2023


 Well, it might as well be! DEI stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. All I did was rearrange the acronym letters to make it more accurate. DIE. It stands for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. It means the same thing, it just spells out the word DIE. And that's what happens to any business that follows that conception. Look at what has been happening to Bud Lite beer. The same with Target stores. Both are on a downward spiral and it just keeps getting worse. Bud Lite is really feeling the pinch. The National Baseball League had a pride flag for their logo for a little while on the 1st of June. But they deleted it very quickly because of backlash from the fans. I said "Good!" That's the way it should be.

The reason for all this is simple. It's the same reason I stopped celebrating pride month 2 years ago. We're getting sick of this pride bullshit. We all are sick of it. It was cute for a while, but now people are pushing it on kids. The reason the leftists don't want kids is because they want to take the kids of conservatives and indoctrinate them to become trans or gay. As conservatives, we're not gonna stand for it. The left is no longer even hiding the fact that they are turning everyone trans. This is part of their scheme to gain dominance. We cannot let that happen. When men took over women's sports and showing up in women's locker rooms, that was when we finally said we've had enough! No matter how long he is on cross-sexing hormones, a man will never be a woman. I don't care if he's been taking hormone blockers since he was a day old, he's still never going to be a girl. Those people make me sick!

My sis and I want to start up a business too. I said one thing I will not have in my store are wokesters. I won't have them at all! I've seen the woke leftists work in businesses before and I don't like their conduct. I have a video somewhere of a woketard who worked in a vaping store, and a man came in wearing a Trump shirt and the woketard kept yelling at him to get out. I'm not going to have anyone like that running my store! No way! I want to keep up a friendly atmosphere in my store. No matter if someone supports Trump or Biden or even Obama. But if one of those leftists come into my store and asks for anything "pride" related, I'm gonna have to tell them I don't have it. We're not going to celebrate pride month in MY store! But I'm not going to yell at them to get out of my store either. I'd rather ask them politely to leave, and have them lose their minds over it. They always do! Because leftists are unhinged narcissists.

I won't even hire anyone based on this DIE standards. I recently saw a video of a black liberal woman, who is a schoolteacher, and she held a machete to a reporter's neck, and chased the cameraman with the same knife. This is a black liberal woman! And she's working as a schoolteacher! I also heard the same woman lost it on some pro-life students who were just passing out brochures about where pregnant women can get help, and not have to kill their babies. They had a whole booth set up with these brochures and this black liberal "teacher" just knocked the whole display over because she was anti-life. So, it's obvious she does similar shit to other students she disagrees with too. I'd never hire someone like her! EVER!!! I don't care about this DIE logic. Someone like her would not only be fired immediately from my store, she'd also be put in jail.

That's the kind of shit that happens with "diversity hires". That's why I will never hire anyone based on the DIE philosophy. DIE often means "reject white men", and I just cannot do that. If I get a white man that can run the shop and equipment good, he's on! Same if I can get a black woman who can do the job very well. I'd never hire based on skin color, or gender identity, or sexual preference. That's not what I am about because I don't care to hear every day about how white people are oppressing blacks, or how straight people are oppressing gays. I won't hear it. If they want to whine about that shit, they can go home and do it. We have a job to do in my store. And I'm not going to inch out of it just for the sake of DIE. We want nothing but quality work. The one who can do it gets to stay on.