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Sunday, June 4, 2023


 Well, it might as well be! DEI stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. All I did was rearrange the acronym letters to make it more accurate. DIE. It stands for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. It means the same thing, it just spells out the word DIE. And that's what happens to any business that follows that conception. Look at what has been happening to Bud Lite beer. The same with Target stores. Both are on a downward spiral and it just keeps getting worse. Bud Lite is really feeling the pinch. The National Baseball League had a pride flag for their logo for a little while on the 1st of June. But they deleted it very quickly because of backlash from the fans. I said "Good!" That's the way it should be.

The reason for all this is simple. It's the same reason I stopped celebrating pride month 2 years ago. We're getting sick of this pride bullshit. We all are sick of it. It was cute for a while, but now people are pushing it on kids. The reason the leftists don't want kids is because they want to take the kids of conservatives and indoctrinate them to become trans or gay. As conservatives, we're not gonna stand for it. The left is no longer even hiding the fact that they are turning everyone trans. This is part of their scheme to gain dominance. We cannot let that happen. When men took over women's sports and showing up in women's locker rooms, that was when we finally said we've had enough! No matter how long he is on cross-sexing hormones, a man will never be a woman. I don't care if he's been taking hormone blockers since he was a day old, he's still never going to be a girl. Those people make me sick!

My sis and I want to start up a business too. I said one thing I will not have in my store are wokesters. I won't have them at all! I've seen the woke leftists work in businesses before and I don't like their conduct. I have a video somewhere of a woketard who worked in a vaping store, and a man came in wearing a Trump shirt and the woketard kept yelling at him to get out. I'm not going to have anyone like that running my store! No way! I want to keep up a friendly atmosphere in my store. No matter if someone supports Trump or Biden or even Obama. But if one of those leftists come into my store and asks for anything "pride" related, I'm gonna have to tell them I don't have it. We're not going to celebrate pride month in MY store! But I'm not going to yell at them to get out of my store either. I'd rather ask them politely to leave, and have them lose their minds over it. They always do! Because leftists are unhinged narcissists.

I won't even hire anyone based on this DIE standards. I recently saw a video of a black liberal woman, who is a schoolteacher, and she held a machete to a reporter's neck, and chased the cameraman with the same knife. This is a black liberal woman! And she's working as a schoolteacher! I also heard the same woman lost it on some pro-life students who were just passing out brochures about where pregnant women can get help, and not have to kill their babies. They had a whole booth set up with these brochures and this black liberal "teacher" just knocked the whole display over because she was anti-life. So, it's obvious she does similar shit to other students she disagrees with too. I'd never hire someone like her! EVER!!! I don't care about this DIE logic. Someone like her would not only be fired immediately from my store, she'd also be put in jail.

That's the kind of shit that happens with "diversity hires". That's why I will never hire anyone based on the DIE philosophy. DIE often means "reject white men", and I just cannot do that. If I get a white man that can run the shop and equipment good, he's on! Same if I can get a black woman who can do the job very well. I'd never hire based on skin color, or gender identity, or sexual preference. That's not what I am about because I don't care to hear every day about how white people are oppressing blacks, or how straight people are oppressing gays. I won't hear it. If they want to whine about that shit, they can go home and do it. We have a job to do in my store. And I'm not going to inch out of it just for the sake of DIE. We want nothing but quality work. The one who can do it gets to stay on.

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