Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fags, An Abomination?

Ya know, I wonder if the WBC is partially right about this. They are always saying how "fags are an abomination in the eyes of GOD". I know that is about what it says in the Bible and the WBC stands on street corners and shouts those words out at the top of their lungs at everybody. I've been thinking, with all the feminazi, Yatesfag, pantherfag, and Black Lives Matter bullshit I'm beginning to believe the WBC is at least partly right. One thing those 4 groups have in common is they are all made up of fags. 100% fags! No decent person is a feminazi, nor a Yatesfag, nor a pantherfag, nor approves of that Black Lives Matter movement. Even the decent black people don't go for that, because it's doing nothing but magnifying racism in this country and it's giving black people a worse image than what they already had. I'm sorry to sound stereotypical here, but black people have already been seen as being pushy, violent and annoying. All except the conservatives. But with this Black Lives Matter movement going on now, they're proving those stereotypes are true. The conservative black people are the ones against BLM, and they have a good reason to be.

But anyways, this is about fags being an abomination in GOD's eyes. The problem is that the WBC has been saying "fags are what GOD calls gay people", well I think they're wrong! Maybe the Bible does not mean gays when it talks about "fags" being an abomination. Maybe, like me, the Bible is referring to people who are anti-choice, anti-freedom and anti-rights. GOD is apparently offended by war. Fags start wars. They don't know it but they do. So it only stands to reason that possibly it was people like that who GOD sees as an abomination. The WBC themselves are a bunch of fags. They're religious fags. Not even Christfags because I don't believe they believe in Christ. But they are indeed what I call religious fags because they are hot-headed in their beliefs, they preach angrily at people, and they try to get their point across by attempting to strike fear into the people who disprove them. Generally by telling those people they are going to Hell. Well, since the WBC are nothing but a bunch of fags, they're going to Hell too.

Its one thing, I think, to stand up for what you believe in. It's a totally different thing when you're hot-headed in your beliefs. It's those hot-heads that I refer to as "fags". Sometimes the "hot-heads" are not always preachy. Like with the Yatesfags, most of them did not get preachy with me, they just deleted themselves from my friends list, and the really hot-headed fags even blocked me from their facebook. It was subtle faggotry, but it still proves they are fags. For me to block someone on Facebook, they would have had to do something REALLY bad. Like kill a puppy or kitten or person. That to me is really bad. Even though I don't like kittens, I still don't want to see them drowned in a pool or something on purpose by some heartless individual. But a lot of the people who unfriended me also blocked me, and the only reason I could think of that they would do that is because they are fags, seeing as how I was never anything but good to most of them. So, they must have had some guilt on their conscience or something, and my blog brought that out in them. Shoot! Glad I could help! People need to feel guilt when they wrong others or do wrong to GOD.

So this must really be what the Bible means when it says "fags are an abomination". It doesn't mean gays. It means hot-headed nazis. A lot of things in the Bible I truly believe was misinterpreted. This must be one of them. Gays are only trying to make peace between themselves and heterosexuals. Fags don't care to make peace. They just want everyone to see everything their way. They want everyone to agree with them. They want to be told they are right. And when you don't do any of that, that's when they try to silence you. That's why I hate fags. That's probably why GOD hates fags too. And also probably why the WBC hates fags as well. Well, here's a newsflash: I won't be silenced! They are NEVER going to shut me up. I've said that many times before. People can block me on Facebook all they want to, but they will still never shut me up! I got more than one platform. Everything happens for a reason. The people who are out of my life now, are the ones GOD chose to keep out of my life. They were not meant to be in my life at this point in time. I'm finding out it's a good thing. I don't need drama-queens in my life right now. All I need now is positive thoughts. I have wonderful friends and family now who are giving me that too! :)

So here it is now, GOD I sacrifice all this nazi, fag, radical bullshit to you!

Speaking of friends, lately I have been making friends with people I never thought I would make friends with ever again. LOL! Well, I do tend to change my mind a lot. But lately I've been making friends with show breeders. But they are nice show breeders. Not like the old farts in that one e-mail group I was on before my Groucho died. I think these people are closer to my own age. How ironic. I lost a few people on Facebook that I thought were INXS fans, and I used to say INXS fans are the best friends of all. Well, the majority of them really are. It's the ones who are also Yatesfags that are not. You'll be able to sniff them out eventually. Most of them will argue with you once you say anything bad about Paula Yates. I still hate that woman!! LOL! But it's ironic that I've traded the Yatesfags now for show breeders. And I used to say I hated show breeders. Well, I can't say that anymore. Well, I still don't like the way I was treated by show breeders in the past. But again, they were just a bunch of hating old farts who were probably angry at the world for whatever reason. I think in the case of that one guy, John Cipollina, he really did not want me in that email group. I think he was the one ascender on my application before I joined that group.

In that group, you had to be voted in or out by the moderation team. Apparently there were 3 mods on that voting team and I know John Cipollina was one of them. I remember that. I also know there were people on that group that I had seen before in other groups, and they were other groups that also wanted to censor me too. So, I believe that someone said something to him about me, and he voted no when the mods wanted to vote me in. But the other 2 mods said OK. Thus I think John Cipollina was looking for trouble from me, which is why he never said 2 words to me until I filled out this survey that was passed on to the group, and those were very hostile, angry words. He acted like a total raging lunatic. All because I said I preferred European lines to American lines back then. Well, now I've seen some very nice American lines in show dogs. But I still thought AKC should do what the FCI does, which is not allow a dog to be registerable for breeding unless it has been health-checked and cleared. I still say John Cipollina's actions were completely uncalled for. I was never rude or hostile to him. So, how dare he bitch like he did! And how dare he treat me like shit and not expect to get it thrown back in his fat, ugly face! And by ugly I mean "hateful". I'm no better-looking really! LOL!

But these breeders I've been meeting lately, are NOTHING like that!! One of them I really love because she also likes rock n roll music. So, she is someone I can really relate to. Plus, she is going to help me start a wee bit of a business, which is awesome. I cannot do any business now because I've got something special coming up within the next week. But as soon as I am finished with that special thing, I'll be able to do anything I need to to start this business. This reminds me of the saying that goes "One door closes, another one opens". I'm glad I met these breeders. They are once again restoring my faith in show breeders again. I just still need to be extremely cautious about which ones I come to consider friends. Hope that none of them are radical breeder fags like John Cipollina.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Is Suicide Cowardly?

Wow! This is a hot topic on my Facebook page today! No, I am not currently contemplating suicide. Though I have had a tough year with the family problems and the death of a couple of good friends, suicide to me is not an option at this time. Not for me! Though I would be lying if I ever said suicide didn't occasionally cross my mind. It has in the past. But I haven't done it yet to myself because I always believe things get better eventually. One door closes, GOD then opens another one. Plus I always think about my friends and family and how they would feel if something bad happened to me. In fact, it is my friends and family that keeps me going. I just wish they lived closer. Katrina is the closest and now she lives about 100 miles from me. Plus she is pregnant. So it's not like she can come over every weekend to visit. Now I know how Timmy felt in that scene in Never Tear Us Apart when Andrew was moving to the UK, Jon was in Hong Kong and Michael was in Denmark!

I also can appreciate how Michael felt in the last scene with him with his managers in the US, and his daughter in the UK. The difference is Michael was the only one that lost it and did the unthinkable. How long will it take before I finally lose it? Once you've lost it, there is no turning back. Sometimes you may recover, but sometimes like in Michael's case, you don't. A person cannot control it once they've lost it. You don't think about "how is my family going to feel?" I could be together one minute, lose it the next and jump off this balcony and allow myself to fall flat on my neck, then it'd be too late to recover. My neck would be broken and I'm as good as dead. Or in a moment of misery, I could take a knife and slash my wrists, or my own throat. When you've lost it, nothing is on your mind except ending your life. You don't think about your family, you don't think about calling anyone, you don't think about any of the aftermath of your decision, you usually do not think of getting help. You just think about ending it all. Believe me, I was there before. I know what it feels like. But my sis was there to stop me. Now, there's no one here in case that happens again.

But is suicide a cowardly act? I know in the Bible it is considered an abomination and it sends you to Hell. But is it a cowardly act? I don't know. I think it depends on the situation. Having been close to suicide, I know how it feels. Like I said before, nothing is on your mind except ending your life. So, I believe a person who is suicidal is not in their right mind. That would be like punishing an autistic person for not thinking like normal people do. Though I do know a lot of people will do that, even though it's not right. But that's just people being people. But I really think it depends on the situation whether suicide is an act of cowardice or not. For example, Michael's case. Let's say he really did mean to kill himself. I am sure it was due to a lot of things running through his mind, with this movie he was supposed to be in, the solo album, the tour INXS was on, the thought of having Paula's girls and his baby there in Australia with him. All those things going through his mind probably made his mind run a million miles an hour! Then the deal with Bob Geldof, he probably thought was one slap in the face too many and that's when he lost it. He could not think of his baby girl, he could not think of his responsibilities with the band, he could not think about how he'd be missed. All he could think was that he wanted out. And so that is what he did. It's not cowardice. He was just probably feeling overwhelmed.

Now, there are some cases where I believe suicide is indeed a cowardly act, and that is when someone commits a crime and doesn't want to go to jail for it. Case in point, when I was working at a factory back in 2000, there was this woman who worked there and was trying to get out of an abusive marriage. When she finally had the guts to leave, her husband killed her, right in front of the eyes of their kids! He then cut her head off, ripped open her chest and pulled her heart out and said "Your heart will always belong to me!" When the police were called, instead of going to jail, he killed himself. Now something like that was a cowardly act, because his wife did not ask to die. He stole her life from her. He didn't want to pay for his crime so he killed himself. That is when I believe it is a cowardly act to kill yourself. The woman's family was never able to get justice served for her murder. I say if you're going to do the crime, you'd better do the time. He chose his actions when he killed his wife. She didn't, he did. When he chose those actions, he accepted the consequences. He should have taken it like a regular person and served his time. Yes, I think it was cowardly of him to kill himself rather than face jail time.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Movies These Days Are So Poorly Made

OK, so I got a lot of time on my hands now, I am waiting for my sis to come and help me pack my things. She's got some boxes she can bring. I do need some more boxes. Not a heck of a lot, but there are some things that still need to be packed that I haven't been able to pack yet. So that is why I am having a surge of ideas for blog posts now. I got more time on my hands now than I did earlier this month. I just finished watching a review of the new Ghostbusters movie by a guy on YouTube, who at first said he was not going to see the movie. Well, I guess he got somewhat curious and buckled down and went to see the movie and says he is sorry now he ever went to see it. He said he did not like it. I said I'm not surprised it sucked. Having seen some of today's movies, I am not at all surprised it sucked! He said even if the movie had had the original cast, it still would have sucked. He said he only laughed a couple of times during this movie. People these days do not know how to be funny anymore!! No one knows how to make a good movie anymore.

Like I said in an earlier post, people need to start turning to books for new ideas. If you cannot find a good book by a known author to make into a movie, then look to indie-authors. Like me. There are plenty of good books out there. Many of which would make great movies! But today's directors, OMG! What is wrong with them??? I'll tell you, we need to trash this CGI animation crap and just go back to the old fashioned ways. I think that may be partly what is making today's movies suck so much. I even keep on seeing these previews for Finding Dory. At first when I started hearing about this movie, I was like "You already did Finding Nemo! Do we really need to also do Finding Dory?" But kids will enjoy it. I doubt it'll ever become the classic that Finding Nemo was though. I'm actually sick and tired of CGI animated movies. It was cute in the beginning. Now, it's being WAY overdone! People today though, they feed off the success of former films and create these crappy sequels that are not really worth seeing. I have all 3 Jurassic Park movies, only the first one is really worth seeing.

It takes a very creative type person to come up with something original that will sell in movie theaters. Unfortunately, we don't seem to have people nowadays who are that good. I partially blame Bush's No Child Left Behind amendment. Kids nowadays who only have brains the size of a mushroom can pass their grade in school. Thus can graduate from college, even though they don't really have a handle on what they are doing. Seems the only movies that do well are those that are about gangs and shootings. Other movies today are just plain rip-offs of other successful movies. Nothing is funny anymore. This guy said this new Ghostbusters movie was trying so hard to be funny that it just wasn't funny. Seriously, we are in a crisis today. We need better directors! The last movie I saw in the theaters was Jackass Number Two. I liked it. But then movies like that are good! Not because they are reality-based. But because they always have new ideas. They do these stunts and give honest reactions. And whatever happens happens. It's all random. But Ghostbusters was already made, and it's original form was a success. I say leave it alone! Move on to other ideas.

I don't know what today's performers and directors are on, but this is getting ridiculous! Maybe they need to take some ideas off of YouTube or something. Of course I don't want to see a lot of stupid cat videos, but a mixture of different kinds of videos would be great. Or maybe get some of the funniest and most popular YouTubers together to come and make one big smash hit movie. Any ideas would be great! Better than what they're doing in Hollywood now! There hasn't been a single movie since Jackass Number Two that I have cared to see. Some movies I saw in the past I wish I could unsee. Like Madagascar. Though I loved the lemurs, that lion was so fricken annoying!! They kept calling that stupid lion "the king", which is about the only hilarious thing they did with that lion in the movie. But then I always laugh when anyone associates lions with being "the king" of anything. But I saw the movie, and I have it in my DVD collection because I liked the lemurs. It's about the only movie I've ever seen that has lemurs as part of the main characters, besides my own. It's just unfortunate that it has to be tarnished by the presence of some kind of panther.

I need to take a crash-course on movie production! Hollywood needs me! LOL! I already know a little about making movies. I know a little bit about how to be funny. I need to get a degree in movie production and I need to hurry!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Stupidest Reasons People Think Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Well, you all know I hate cats. And Katrina hates cats too. She actually has a pellet gun she uses to shoot at them with, since the one time several years ago, stray cats around her place nearly destroyed a $50,000 sports car she invested in. The neighbors didn't stop feeding them, so Katrina started shooting at them every time they would come on to her property. The pet food industry has determined that cats are the most numerous pets around today. I dunno, I have a hard time thinking of cats as "pets". They don't love us, they only love to be fed. They just hang around peoples' homes because it's free food for them. Once they become dissatisfied with the food, I suppose is when they run away. My stepmom is a cat person, more so than a dog person. But she has had 4 cats that have all just up and ran away. So, it obvious cats do not love her back.

Anyways, today I thought I would put down some of the dumbest reasons cat people have said cats are better than dogs. These are not just made up on my part. These are comments I've actually heard cat people use as an excuse to believe cats are better than dogs! Dogs at least love us, and they will do anything to make us happy. More than what can be said about cats!

Stupid comment #1: "Hello Kitty. Not Hello Doggie."

My response: Totally stupid! Unless your whole life revolves around this stupid anime craze. Mine does not, I'm not some delusional dim-wit twat!

Stupid comment #2: "Lions, tigers and leopards all prove cats are superior to dogs."

My response: Who cares?! You put either one in a room with a lion, tiger or leopard, they'd both get eaten!

Stupid comment #3: "Cats don't have owners. They have staff."

My response: OK, if you don't mind being controlled in your own house. Personally, I am controlled enough at work, I won't put up with it when I don't have to in my own house.

Stupid comment #4: "Cats are cleaner than dogs."

My response: Well, I will hand it to them that cats are cleaner. They lick their own butts, using their tongue as toilet paper. But what cats lack in dirtiness, they more than make up for in destructiveness. I've always known cats to be much more destructive than a similar-sized dog.

Stupid comment #5: "The ancient Egyptians worshiped cats."

My response: So what?! The ancient Egyptians worshiped lots of animals! Using that logic, scorpions are better than cats. Crocodiles are better than cats. Cobras are better than cats. Dung beetles are better than cats. Besides, the ancient Egyptians are also extinct. So, worshiping cats did not save them in the end.

Stupid comment #6: "Cats are sweeter than dogs."

My response: Yeah cats are "sweeter", they still don't love you. So don't allow yourself to be fooled by that so-called "sweetness". What they 'love' is your food. Not you. There's a reason I nicknamed dogs "sweets", and not cats. The only nickname I have for cats is "useless flea taxis".

Stupid comment #7: "Dogs are cowards. Cats are not."

My response: It's sad that the world has come to this. We know we are nearing the apocalypse when an animal that would give it's life for it's owner is cast-off over a useless beast that would only save it's self in tense situations! There is no animal that is farthest from being a coward than a dog. If you believe dogs are cowards, then I'd have to question what you think real bravery is.

Stupid comment #8: "Cats are smarter than dogs."

My response: Absolutely NOT true. Take it from someone who has studied animals all her life. The reason cats seem smarter is because they are loners, so they have to pretty much train themselves. Dogs are like schoolchildren. They aren't stupid, but they also are not below learning new things from their pack leaders. It takes just as much time to train a cat as it does to train a dog. Besides, Border collies--the world's smartest dogs--have the same intelligence as a 4 year old person.

Stupid comment #9: "Cats don't kill people like dogs do."

My response: Well, back in stupid comment #2, it was discussed that people think cats are better because of lions, tigers and leopards. But how many people have actually been killed by some kind of panther in the past? Truth is, if people had as much contact with panthers as we have with "killer dogs", there would be many more deaths linked to the panthers than there are to dogs. But again, put a person in a room with a hungry pit bull and a hungry tiger or lion, which one do you think would eat the person? Chances are, it'd be the panther. Not the dog. Dogs are only as good as the people behind them. If the dog is bad, don't think bad about the dog, think bad about the owner!

Well, those are some of the comments I've heard from people who think cats are better than dogs. Take it as you will. But personally, I will continue to admire dogs! Cavemen worshiped dogs, and the results of their existence is still around today, unlike the ancient Egyptians. In fact, there would not be human civilizations if it weren't for dogs. And even the ancient Egyptians knew that. That's why the Pharaoh Hound was bred. Did you know that the Pharaoh Hound was actually created before the ancient Egyptians discovered cats? Kinda says something doesn't it?! It says that ancient Egypt did not go under until they began worshiping cats.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What's She Thinking?

I thought this was a cute pic too. Now, I kinda wonder what Lily is thinking here. One of my friends said in this pic she looks sad. I kinda agree. Actually I think she looks kindof emotionless. But that could be just for the picture. And the fact she doesn't have make up on. It is a sad fact that all she has of her father is pictures. But I truly believe pictures capture the soul. Maybe here it shows Lily finally feeling the pain of losing her parents. Well, I am sure there was always some pain there, though she was just a baby when both her parents died. Now, she is old enough to understand what happened and piece it together.

There is no doubt in my mind that Michael loved Lily. Not a shred of doubt. I just wish he would have thought more of her to keep going and not do what he did. Paula, I don't know, I don't care. She was just plain irresponsible! She abandoned Lily! I won't forgive her for that! I don't like what Michael did, but he was the easier of the two for me to forgive. I loved that man more than life it's self. I never liked Paula. So, Michael to me was easy to forgive, even though he abandoned Lily too. And yes, I do think it was irresponsible of him! But Michael touched me in ways Paula never could. Michael was sweet, funny, his words filled my heart with laughter and joy, and his singing made me swoon. Read my story "Hutchess, A Picture Diary" and you will see how Michael (and Timmy both) saved my life. With all that in mind, I could not help but forgive Michael, and to this day, I am not angry at him anymore. Paula Yates was a very different story. Paula meant nothing to me at all. I was never a fan of hers. So all I see when I see Paula Yates is an ugly, irresponsible woman who deserved to die in shame!! She should have wised up for the sake of Lily. I'm angry at her for not being here for her!

Looking back on some of my past posts, I notice I've said some terrible things about Bob Geldof. LOL! Not that I like him at all now, but I have said now that I have more respect for him than I will ever have for Paula. Which really is not saying much, as I have absolutely NO respect for Paula any ways to Sunday!! I never did and I never will. But you know what's funny, I actually knew Paula was going to kill herself soon. I first learned who she was just after Michael died and it was announced to me that he has a daughter out there. I didn't ever blame Paula for Michael's death until after she died. I figured then it was guilt that made her kill herself. It was then I found out that Paula would not visit Michael in Australia and he wanted to see his baby.

Everyone who knew Michael, including myself, knew he was a man who loved life. That's why his death was so shocking to me. That's why I never thought he would do something so dumb as to kill himself! Yes, for a long time, I hated him for that, but loved him so deeply at the same time. It's hard to explain. But it is positive proof that love is indeed a stronger emotion than hate. I had this sort of love-hate feeling for Michael shortly after he died, and after I found out what killed him. More often it was the love that took over my feelings for Michael. Until 2005, when I "rediscovered" Timmy. LOL! That lasted for 9 years. Today I think I have completely forgiven Michael all the way, and I love him much more than I ever have before.

Oh! Speaking of which, UMG Productions now has a new feature! Thanks to Sellfy, now, buyers can name their own price on ebooks. All they really pay is a minimum fee, but they have the option to pay more if they want to. The minimum is mostly about $3.99, which is what I think any ebook should be worth. It is digital afterall. Printed material still costs the same though. But now it's up to the buyer if they want to pay more for an ebook.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Michael and His Girlfriend

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ya know, I think this makes Paula Yates look better actually! The dog definitely has a cuter face than she does. I did this a few days ago, I thought it'd be good for laughs, and believe me, it did get a lot of laughs when I posted it! Of course you know the Yatesfags are going to hate this, but fuck them! Who cares what they like or don't like?! The only thing that bothers me is that this would be insulting to the dog. Well maybe not! It would be awesome to see Michael wrap his hands around a cute puppy! But then again, what dog would want to be Paula Yates? I know I wouldn't! I still can't stand that woman! The funniest thing is the Yatesfags think I am "jealous" of Paula. LOL!!! I still laugh about that too. What they don't know is that I got to kiss Michael. So, if there is one thing I am not, it's jealous. I'm not even jealous of people who were fans of Michael's and got to have pics taken with him. That seriously does not bother me at all. I don't know why, as other fans, who haven't met Michael, do envy those who met him. I kissed him but I never got a pic of myself with him. I guess because I know in my heart that if GOD had wanted me to get closer to Michael, HE would have made the arrangements. And since HE didn't, then it was not meant to be between us. Besides, I also know that big rock stars never fall in love with fans. They always fall in love with other celebrities. That's just a fact. And I was not famous at the time Michael was living.

Heck, I'm still not famous! LOL! I make movies, and yes I put them up on Youtube, but I don't do it to get famous. My videos do not get a lot of views actually. And even that does not bother me. I've never gotten more than 370 subscribers. My videos, on average, will get maybe 100 views in a year, yet I have almost 200 videos on my channel. And my videos get very few comments. But ya know, none of that bothers me at all. Because I am not on YouTube for the subscribers. I am not on YouTube for the views or the comments. I do not post videos every day, I only post videos when I can think of a subject. I am on YouTube because I enjoy making movies. That is all. Believe me, if views, subscribers, comments and ratings was all I was after, then I would have quit long ago. Or I would be saying at the end of each video "Subscribe to my channel", or "Click Like and comment below". Although I do encourage comments, they are not that important to my video production. I just make videos for the fun of it. Kinda like playing jacks.

Now, that is not to say I don't appreciate subscribers. I do love my subscribers. But I am saying that having subscribers is not the reason I am on YouTube in the first place. I have even removed some videos in the past, some that I felt were far too negative, as I am trying not to give negative people any publicity. I even did one episode of a semi-animated video called "Eva the Trollinator", featuring one of my characters. But I took it down because I didn't want to give the trolls any publicity. Though I may put videos like that up again in the future, they won't stay up for long. They're not designed to. Just long enough to give people a warning about the troll that will be discussed. But no, I won't keep videos like that up because I do not want to give trolls too much publicity. Besides, trolls tend to always delete their accounts and then create new ones. So, it wouldn't make sense to keep that video up. The last one I did was about some guy who called himself SMDTURBO, who most likely does not exist under that name anymore, and has deleted that account and maybe even created a new one, like all trolls always do. So, I took down that video.

I did notice when I did that video, I lost quite a few subscribers. But again, it doesn't bother me. That's their prerogative. Nobody "owns" subscribers. And for the life of me, I cannot understand why when some people unsubscribe to someone on YouTube, they always say "I was a loyal subscriber of yours for a lot of years, but now I am unsubscribing! Because you hurt my feelings!" I always say "Well, don't let the door hit you as you leave!" Again, they can come and go as they please. I will still continue to make videos as always. As soon as I am finished this month, or next month, I will be back to making videos as I have before. I will also commence posting blogs.

So anyways, what do you all think about having a statue of Michael Hutchence? I think it would be an awesome addition to the city Michael grew up in. One of my friends has now made it her legacy to have a statue of Michael in Sydney, and she has a lot of VIPs on her side. She has also created a group to promote this idea. I've been telling people in my group to get over there and tell their story of what Michael means to them. Every story counts. A couple of the mods on that group I suspect of being radicals, but that doesn't matter. I'm there for my friend, to support her in her quest to make this happen. Not to associate with the radicals. I hate Facebook though! UGH!!! Lately, I've noticed a problem when sometimes I post a comment, it disappears. Yet I know I made a comment! No matter what I try, I can never get that comment to show up again! This is getting annoying! Because sometimes I will get a notice saying "So-n-so has responded to your comment", and I cannot read it or respond! And I don't want "so-n-so" to think I am stuck up. But I cannot help it. It's obviously Facebook doing it! Like I said, if I could communicate with my family without it, I would give up Facebook altogether.

Well, I posted a few videos on the group. One of them is the full version of Michael's Rough Guide to Hong Kong. You can apparently get chapters 2 and 3 still on YouTube, but chapter 1 for some reason, was taken down. Thank GOD I got it when I did! I put it together and remade the whole video out of it. I even got contacted by Richard Lowenstein. He thanked me for posting it and asked me some things about it. I can't say any more. Anyways, go there and tell your story! Michael meant many things to many people. I know he saved my life once. Him and Timmy are both my heroes!! I will love them forever! I only hope this statue looks good! Not like that crappy one they have at that wax museum!

Speaking of which, I am thinking about having mini statues made of all the guys. The problem is it'll cost a lot, but in the end, it'll be worth it! I'm going to do it!! I just hope the little figures look the way I want them to look! I have a line-up of artists of my own to work on this project. I cannot contact them now, as I have other things on my mind at this time. But I want to do this! I always wanted little INXS figurines made! This would be perfect!

Monday, July 4, 2016

This Must Be It LOL!

Shoot! Now I think I understand why men love panthers so much. Look at this...

And this....

And this...

This must also be why some people perceive panthers as being "sexy" beasts. LOL! Mystery solved. I never understood it until now. Personally, I always thought panther noses were ugly. But then that's me. To me, EVERY part of a panther's body is ugly. I can't stand them. Maybe this is also why cats are sometimes called "pussies". Kinda gross when you think about it. I haven't called cats "pussies" since I was 6 years old. Long story there!

Well, I call small dogs "boobies". I also say boobies are more fun to play with. LOL! I hate cats. Cats are totally useless. And a woman is usually thought of as being sick if they continuously play with their pussy. Or like they have a yeast infection. But to play with boobies is fun! I tell my Booby to go get his toys and he gets them. He loves bubbles!!