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Monday, June 21, 2010

Unusual Animals That I F***ing LOVE!!!

Ask anyone what is their favorite animal, and chances are very likely they will say they love elephants, dogs, cats, or some kind of panther. Everyone knows I love all birds and snakes, and most mammals (with the exception of most panthers). Well, here I decided to list some animals that nobody else seems to like or think of that I really LOVE!! For whatever reason. I thought this would make an interesting topic.

Mongoose. I have been fascinated by mongooses since I was a teenager. Though I do truly love snakes, and mongooses feed on snakes regularly, I am fascinated by the way they can overpower venomous snakes by being able to leap quickly out of the way of their strike. I am fascinated by kingsnakes for the same reason! If you are afraid of venomous snakes, and I am (at the same time fascinated by them), this would actually be a very handy animal to have as a pet. Unfortunately many mongoose species are illegal to keep in the USA. Except in Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Gorilla. This is a mountain gorilla, my most favorite variety. I've loved gorillas since I first saw Gorillas in the Mist in 1989. I've never seen a more majestic animal than a great big silverback mountain gorilla!! Even the lowland gorilla males do not seem to be as majestic as the mountain gorillas. Maybe because the mountain species is so big and furry. It is because of them that I am such a big admirer of Dian Fossey's, always have been and always will be. She single-handedly saved the whole species from extinction. I'd love to be able to have a mountain gorilla as a pet. But the few who have ever been brought into captivity did not survive to maturity.

Rat. Though this african grass rat is not one of my most favorite species, there are some very fascinating rats. I think they're kinda cute! And I like them as pets. The most beautiful rats I've ever seen has been the Philippene cloud rats and the Australian water rat, also known as a beaver rat. They are so cute! Beaver rats have a lot of whiskers, and a flat, seal-like nose, which makes them look all the more cuter! Philippene cloud rats don't even look like rats at all. Their tail is covered with very profuse fur, more like a squirrel, rather than naked like a regular rat.

Crow. These are actually my most favorite birds. They may not be much to look at, and most species are solid black or charcoal colored. But they are very interesting because they are so intelligent. Some captive crows have even been taught to talk and it won't be long before these birds can even be taught to retrieve high items for paralysed people who are confined to a wheelchair. There is no doubt in my mind they might be capable of learning that! Plus they are part of nature's clean-up crew.

Dormouse. These are rodents, but only very distantly related to rats and mice. They look more like tiny squirrels. In fact, a lot of dormouse breeders called them "microsquirrels". I think they are beautiful little animals. I used to have a pet african dormouse (back when they were legal) that I named Meiko. She was so cute!! She was also taming down too, but she died. I had her tamed to a point where she was taking peanuts from my hand. Nowadays, african dormice are not legal to keep in most states. And most breeders have not discovered how to breed other dormouse species. Which is very sad because they are so cute!!

Fox. Many people do not like foxes and I don't understand that at all! I think they are beautiful animals! They have beautiful hair and adorable ears! And an absolutely gorgeous long tail! And the color, especially of these little red foxes, is just beautiful! My favorite foxes are the fennec and gray foxes. These foxes IMO are among some of the most beautiful of all carnivores! They have beautiful little faces, and the fennec foxes have such cute big ears! I'd love someday to have one as a pet! They are quite hyper though.

Giant petrel. These birds have a major bad reputation, especially with sailors who have been through the southern oceans. Most people don't like them at all. They are basically oceanic vultures. But they are also beautiful fliers. And think about this, if not for them, there would be dead and diseased seals, penguins and birds lying around everywhere. These birds are also a part of nature's clean-up crew. There are actually no birds that I dislike.

Flying fox. I may be the only person in the world that loves and understands bats. Flying foxes and other pteropods are my most favorite species! The pteropod family also makes up about 99% of the bats in my Metazoic world, because they are so intelligent, I feel they can take over a lot of the open niches that will likely be around then. Flying foxes have been proven to have more of a connection with monkeys, lemurs and apes than with other bat families. They sure look it in the face!

Hyrax. This is an animal that I don't think anyone else thinks of! No one except me. Though they look like big guinea pigs, they are in no ways related. Their closest relatives are actually elephants. I am not really wild about guinea pigs, but I think these little guys are very cute! I think their faces are actually more beautiful than that of a guinea pig's! These are excellent leapers.

Weasel. I love a variety of mustelids. It's actually one of my most favorite carnivore families. Many people don't like weasels, they think of them as being sneaky. And TV shows, cartoons and stories have all villainized these animals. But these animals do not deserve the bad reputation they seem to have gotten. They are no more sneaky than cats, or other popular carnivores like that. And weasels are a lot more beautiful, I think, than cats. Their little faces are so cute!!! The only weasel that is legal to keep as a pet is the european polecat, also more commonly known as "ferrets". Weasels like this long-tailed weasel, are listed as endangered, and not legal to have as a pet.

Skunk. As I said before, I love a lot of mustelids, and skunks are among them. Once you get past the fowl odor that these animals do emit, you can see they are actually very beautiful animals! This one is a spotted skunk. Most people who think of skunks think mostly of the striped skunk. But this spotted skunk is my most favorite. I think they're cute!! And the coloring is so mesmerizing! The color actually acts as a warning to other animals that if they get too close, these animals will spray with a substance that not only smells bad, but can also temporarily blind an attacker if it is sprayed in their face.
Well, that's all the unusual animals that I love in a nutshell. Hope you have enjoyed!


Animal Annie said...

We have bird feeders in our garden and instead of just eating from a feeder like the other birds, a crow tried to unhook a whole feeder up and fly away with it.

Someone else may have been annoyed but I just thought it was brilliant and was sorry that he wasn't able to do it.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Aww, that's why I like crows so much. No other bird would have even attempted that. :)

Daniel said...

Ahh really cute Bat.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

He really is! I love those pteropods!