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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vote For Minnie!!

I entered my Minnie in a contest for the cutest dog. I think Minnie is very cute! Actually I entered a pic of both her and Vegas. If anyone out there agrees that Minnie is the cutest baby on the planet, please click this link: http://gapc-vote.com/?c=multi&p=53354. Hopefully she will win, though I know it's a long shot! There are probably lots of cute dogs out there! But even if she doesn't win, Minnie will always be a beauty queen to me!

Well, in other news, I think one of my friends has the hots for me! hehe! He's a nice looking guy, but there is a bit of a problem. He's allergic to dogs! That's a dirty shame! If it wasn't for that, he'd be perfect. He's a fan of the Great Space Coaster, and even has a petition out to get the show back up on the air. I hope he makes it because I would love to see that show again. He seems to be a very big fan of the show. He always asks me if I remember certain scenes of the show. I hate it that I actually remember very little of the show! I only remembered Gary Gnu's program because I found the video on YouTube. This guy would be great, except for the fact he's allergic to dogs! He's not allergic to cats though, but I would not be happy in a house that only had cats! Cats are just not as much fun as dogs! You can't cuddle with them while you sleep because they always want to be on the move. I would be miserable!! I told him I just can't give up my dogs. Plus, he lives all the way in Florida. While I would agree it would be a nice place to visit, I don't want to leave Ocean Shores. It's going to be bad enough that I may have to move to Billings! But he said I was beautiful, and I am a nice person :) I told him I'd like to get to know him better. That's why I would plan a trip down there. Well, I have always wanted to visit Florida, ever since I was a little kid. And he did promise to show me all the magnificent sights. I'd love to see the Ripley's Museum and SeaWorld. Disney World would also be fun, but I'm not too sure I'd enjoy it that much, I'm not into rides much and I hate parades! I think they're boring. But I'd love to see the Ripley's Museum, I've always been fascinated by that show and that kind of stuff.

Well, summer is always hard on me, so it may be winter before I can make it down there. But I'd better do it before we move to Billings. Anna would have to stay here and take care of the dogs. I cannot take them with me. He knows I have them, and he knows I won't get rid of them. If he still wants a relationship after that and after we meet, then he's got it! :)


mikessa said...

Cool, but what do you know about this guy? Is he good looking? How old is he? Does he like animals, other than cats? If you two get married, you can move in with him and you wont have to move to Billings with me. Of course you will have to put up with Florida, but at least there you could raise more snakes and they have better attractions than in Billings.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

He said he likes dogs, but the fact he's allergic is what worries me. I haven't even met this guy in person and you're already talking about me marrying him!! I never said I was going to marry him. I just said if he can put up with me, we can build a relationship ;) But the dog thing is unyeilding. I can hope it's not a bad allergy if he wants to continue. Moving to Florida is not my idea of fun though. It's too hot! I don't want to move to Billings, really, but I want even less to move to Florida!!

mikessa said...

In Florida, its hot all year round, except during hurricane season. In Billings, its only hot for 3-4 months out of the year, depending on the average seasonal temps. Dont be suprised if you see snow in June. In Montana, thats normal.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Hurricanes!! OMG!! I forgot about them! They scare me. And he refuses to move from Florida. Well, guess I'll have to turn the romance off then.