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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Well Now That I'm All Better...

I haven't written a post on this blog in quite some time, except for the dog breed posts. But there hasn't been much to say. Believe it or not, it's taken me this long to get over what happened in Reno when I went there with my sis. I ate at far too many buffets. But heck! I love the buffets in Reno. I don't get to go to a buffet very often, and when I do go, I love to EAT!!! Really, if I am going to spend $20 for a meal, you can bet the one thing I am not going to do is just sample. I'm gonna feast big!!! I'm gonna chow down on prime rib, and other such things. As much of it as I can fit in my belly! And despite me being so fat, I don't have a bottomless pit! Katrina, my friend, weighs about 100 pounds, and stands only 5 feet tall, and she can pack away more food than I can!! But when I spend $20 to eat at a buffet, you can bet I am going to leave there stuffed! And I did!

I think the outing to the Peppermill there in Reno did me in. We ate at the Atlantis just the day before for Christmas. But my sis was leaving the day after and I wanted her last day in Reno to be a good one. So, I promised her we'd go to the Peppermill the next day. BIG mistake on my part. I had prime rib, like I always do, and it tasted strange. Kinda sweet. Not salty. They had ham at the same station, which had pineapple on it. I'm totally allergic to pineapple! Some of the pineapple juice must have got on the prime rib and I ate it. Well, I totally regretted it that night! I had the runs like CRAZY!!!!! I hardly slept that night, it felt like my belly had exploded! My mom wanted to take us out the next morning, just before my sis would leave for home, and have breakfast with us. I couldn't eat all of it. I was absolutely not hungry! I think I took 2 or 3 bites of my eggs and that was all. In fact, I hardly ate anything for the rest of the time I was in Reno.

Reno is a shithole! I've got to say! The whole place was just nasty! I don't remember it being that nasty when I lived there back in 2014. My sis and I stayed at this hotel there, and I've got to tell you, the people who go there with pets are just plain lazy! They do not pick up after their dogs! I try to always pick up my dogs' droppings. But no one else there did. So, the whole place was one big toilet! There was crap everywhere!!! Even just right outside our hotel door! Someone's big-ass dog took a shit on the planter right next to our door and just left it there. I was OK with that, as I didn't walk along that planter anyways. But then, this dumb kid came along and kicked the shit pile off that planter, and the shit scattered everywhere!! I was PISSED!!!!! And the parents didn't even try to control the damn kid!!!

Not only that, but the hotel staff would not clean our room, even though we specifically asked them to! I was mad when, by the third day, we still had the same sheets on our bed, no clean towels or wash cloths, and the floor was still very dirty! We gave them ample time to fix the room up. It wasn't until we were about ready to leave that place that they finally told us they don't go into a room when there are pets in the room. I told them that the pets were always with us when we went out, we wouldn't leave them in the room. Think about this, I wouldn't have called them and asked them specifically to clean our room if I was going to leave the dogs there. I'd have been afraid Mya would run out while they left the door open, and run into the highway and get hit by a car. I wouldn't want that. I have much better sense than a lot of other pet owners who went to that hotel did! I guess that's why they made that a rule there.

I just don't like Reno. The buffets are nice, and it's nice that they have everything this country has to offer there. But Reno is a shithole, and it's gotten worse since I left there. It's no wonder my mom is always sick! Every time I hear from her, she's got something, or just getting over something. I worry about her!

Well, we had our Christmas, and some fun anyways, all things considered. It was good to have the whole family there. I just miss having dad around. I miss being able to call him. I miss his cards he always sent me on Christmas. I still got some from him from years past, and I pull them out occasionally, just so I can see his handwriting. But I'll always miss him. And holidays are worse without him. All I can think of is how he looked lying on his deathbed. How thin and frail he looked. And how much I miss him now. I also think a lot about the last conversation I had with him when I was living in the shelter. Even then he was yelling at me. LOL!! He never liked it when we'd move away. But hey! This place came along, and it's a lot nicer than the place I had in Astoria.

Well, I've mostly spent the last month or two trying to get myself better. I'm at least eating now. And I got big plans for the upcoming year! Going to Bozeman this year to spend some time with sis. I plan to go to Phillipsburg and Billings, and maybe Helena. It's gonna be cool! And my sis is getting herself a car!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Interesting Keeshond Mixed Dogs I've Seen On The Internet

This is the last installment in this series. These are some of the most interesting keeshond mixed dogs I've found on the internet. Keeshonds were a little more common in the 80s and early 90s than they are now. I had a friend in school that used to own one. I think they're gorgeous dogs. Their only problem is they are not very adaptable. This friend's keeshond died within a week after the death of her mom. It was probably her mom's dog, or it was just extra fond of her mom. Anyways, here are the interesting mixes...

A keeshond-akita mixed dog.

A keeshond-australian shepherd mixed puppy.

A keeshond-beagle mixed puppy.

A keeshond-black and tan coonhound mixed puppy.

A keeshond-border collie mixed puppy.

A keeshond-Australian cattle dog mix.

A keeshond-chow chow mixed puppy.

A keeshond-collie mixed dog.

A keeshond-norwegian elkhound mixed puppy.

A keeshond-finnish lapphund mixed dog.

A keeshond-golden retriever mixed dog.

A keeshond-great pyrenees mixed dog.

A keeshond-labrador retriever mixed dog.

This dog is mixed with keeshond, alaskan malamute and siberian husky.

A keeshond-alaskan malamute mixed dog.

A keeshond-maltese mixed puppy.

A keeshond-American staffordshire terrier mixed dog.

A keeshond-pomeranian mixed dog.

A keeshond-poodle, possibly whippet, mixed dog.

A keeshond-pug mixed puppy.

A keeshond-samoyed mixed puppy.

A keeshond-schipperke mixed dog.

A keeshond-shar pei mixed dog.

A keeshond-sheltie mixed puppy.

A keeshond-german shepherd mixed dog.

A keeshond-shiba inu mixed puppy.

A couple of keeshond-shih tzu mixed puppies.

A keeshond-siberian husky mixed dog.

A keeshond-terrier mixed dog.

This dog DNA tested showed to be a mixture of keeshond, chow chow, flat-coated retriever, leonberger, samoyed and siberian husky.

This dog was also DNA tested and proved to be a mixture of keeshond, boxer, shiba inu and doberman pinscher.

A keeshond-corgi mixed dog.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Interesting Papillon-Mixed Dogs I've Seen On The Internet

Well, this is another post I wanted to do for this collection of amazing mixes on the internet. Today's breed is the Papillon. My sis has a papillon, Minnie. I used to own Minnie, and I've had 2 other papillon dogs in my time. In fact, I had one for nearly 14 years, his name was Andy. He was a good boy, all things considered. Papillons are known for the long fringes on the ears, which makes the ears look like butterfly wings. This feature is not lost in a lot of papillon mixes. So, let's look at some of the most amazing papillon mixed dogs out there...

A papillon-Cavalier king charles Spaniel mixed dog.

A papillon-border terrier mixed puppy.

A papillon-toy american eskimo mixed puppy.

A papillon-beagle mixed dog.

A papillon-border collie mixed dog.

A papillon-boston terrier mixed dog.

A papillon-australian cattle dog mixed puppy.

A papillon-chihuahua mixed dog.

A papillon-japanese chin mixed dog.

A papillon-Chinese crested powderpuff mixed puppy.

A papillon-pembroke corgi mixed dog.

A papillon-dachshund mixed puppy.

A papillon-field spaniel mixed dog.

A papillon-maltese mixed puppy.

A papillon-pekingese mixed puppy.

A papillon-pomeranian mixed dog.

A papillon-toy poodle mixed puppy.

A papillon-pug mixed dog.

A papillon-rat terrier mixed dog.

A papillon-schipperke mixed dog.

A papillon-miniature schnauzer mixed dog.

A papillon-sheltie mixed dog.

A papillon-shih tzu mixed dog.

A papillon-small german spitz mixed dog.

A papillon-tibetan spaniel mixed dog.

A papillon-tibetan spaniel mixed puppy.

A papillon-toy aussie mixed dog.

A papillon-west highland white terrier mixed dog.

A papillon-yorkshire terrier mixed puppy.

A papillon-jack russel terrier mixed dog.

A papillon-miniature pinscher mixed puppy.