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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Interesting Keeshond Mixed Dogs I've Seen On The Internet

This is the last installment in this series. These are some of the most interesting keeshond mixed dogs I've found on the internet. Keeshonds were a little more common in the 80s and early 90s than they are now. I had a friend in school that used to own one. I think they're gorgeous dogs. Their only problem is they are not very adaptable. This friend's keeshond died within a week after the death of her mom. It was probably her mom's dog, or it was just extra fond of her mom. Anyways, here are the interesting mixes...

A keeshond-akita mixed dog.

A keeshond-australian shepherd mixed puppy.

A keeshond-beagle mixed puppy.

A keeshond-black and tan coonhound mixed puppy.

A keeshond-border collie mixed puppy.

A keeshond-Australian cattle dog mix.

A keeshond-chow chow mixed puppy.

A keeshond-collie mixed dog.

A keeshond-norwegian elkhound mixed puppy.

A keeshond-finnish lapphund mixed dog.

A keeshond-golden retriever mixed dog.

A keeshond-great pyrenees mixed dog.

A keeshond-labrador retriever mixed dog.

This dog is mixed with keeshond, alaskan malamute and siberian husky.

A keeshond-alaskan malamute mixed dog.

A keeshond-maltese mixed puppy.

A keeshond-American staffordshire terrier mixed dog.

A keeshond-pomeranian mixed dog.

A keeshond-poodle, possibly whippet, mixed dog.

A keeshond-pug mixed puppy.

A keeshond-samoyed mixed puppy.

A keeshond-schipperke mixed dog.

A keeshond-shar pei mixed dog.

A keeshond-sheltie mixed puppy.

A keeshond-german shepherd mixed dog.

A keeshond-shiba inu mixed puppy.

A couple of keeshond-shih tzu mixed puppies.

A keeshond-siberian husky mixed dog.

A keeshond-terrier mixed dog.

This dog DNA tested showed to be a mixture of keeshond, chow chow, flat-coated retriever, leonberger, samoyed and siberian husky.

This dog was also DNA tested and proved to be a mixture of keeshond, boxer, shiba inu and doberman pinscher.

A keeshond-corgi mixed dog.

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