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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Most Interesting Greyhound Mixed Dogs I've Ever Seen

OK today we'll explore dogs mixed with greyhound. I'll be looking at 3 different greyhound types; the typical greyhound, the whippet, and the italian greyhound. The italian greyhound is the smallest of the greyhound breeds, and I think the cutest. So here they are...

A greyhound-Australian shepherd mixed dog.

A greyhound-belgian malinois mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-boston terrier mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-dachshund mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-schnauzer mixed dog.

A greyhound-bearded collie mixed dog.

A greyhound-border collie mixed dog.

A greyhound-borzoi mixed dog.

A greyhound-corgi mixed dog

A greyhound-great dane mixed dog.

A greyhound-scottish deerhound mixed dog.

A greyhound-dutch shepherd mixed dog.

A greyhound-irish wolfhound mixed dog.

A greyhound-mountain cur mixed dog.

A greyhound-Rhodesian ridgeback mixed dog.

A greyhound-german shepherd mixed dog.

A greyhound-weimeraner mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-chihuahua mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-german pinscher mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-husky mixed dog. Possibly some terrier thrown in.

An italian greyhound-miniature pinscher mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-papillon mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-pomeranian mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-poodle mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-rat terrier mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-shiba inu mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-jack russell terrier mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-yorkshire terrier mixed dog.

A whippet-labrador mixed dog.

A greyhound-pit bull mixed dog.

An italian greyhound-sheltie mixed dog.

A whippet-basenji mixed dog.

A whippet-bedlington terrier mixed dog.

A whippet-catahoula leopard dog mix.

A whippet-dalmatian mixed dog.

A whippet-jack russell terrier mixed dog.

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