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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Interesting Sheltie-Mixes I Found on the Internet

OK, I am doing this again today. Yesterday we looked at interesting pomeranian mixes, today, I want to look at interesting sheltie mixes. My dog is a sheltie, and she is the love of my life. I love her with every ounce of my being. She makes me laugh all the time. Of course she does get in some mischief, but no matter what, I still adore her! Shelties come in 3 main color types; sable, blue merle, and tricolor. Some people argue that it was introducing shelties into chihuahua and pomeranian lines that started blue merles in those breeds. Though no one really knows if this is true. I had one friend who jokingly stated there were merle chihuahuas on Noah's Ark. LOL! Anyways, here are some interesting sheltie crosses.

A sheltie-basenji mixed dog.

A sheltie-lhasa apso mixed puppy.

A sheltie-maltese mixed puppy.

Interesting sheltie-??? mixed dog. The markings on it's face make it look like it's wearing eye glasses!

A sheltie-chow chow mixed dog.

A sheltie-afghan mixed dog.

A sheltie-Australian shepherd mixed dog.

A sheltie-beagle mixed dog.

A sheltie-bichon frise mixed dog

A sheltie-boxer mixed dog.

A sheltie-Australian cattle dog mix.

Another sheltie-chow chow mixed dog.

A sheltie-pembroke corgi mixed dog.

A sheltie-golden retriever mixed dog.

A sheltie-keeshond mixed dog.

A sheltie-old english bulldog mixed puppy.

A sheltie-pit bull mixed puppy.

A sheltie-pom mixed dog.

A sheltie-rat terrier mixed puppy.

A sheltie-german shepherd mixed dog.

A sheltie-shiba inu mixed puppy.

A sheltie-shih tzu mixed dog.

A sheltie-siberian husky mixed dog.

A sheltie-toy fox terrier mixed puppy.

A sheltie-pug mixed dog.

A sheltie-cavalier king charles spaniel mixed dog.

This dog is half sheltie and half coyote!

A sheltie-American foxhound mixed dog.

A sheltie-poodle mixed dog.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sheltie mixes. Thanks for posting.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Thank you for reading. :)