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Monday, February 19, 2018

Cutest Pomeranian Mixed Dogs I've Ever Seen!

OK, I know it's been quite a while since I posted on this blog. What has there been to write about? Nothing much has happened in the last month. Nothing worth coming in here to write about. But tonight, while looking through Google, I got an idea like I've never had before. I've spoken a lot about interesting purebreed dogs, purebreeds are my life. I'd never own a dog that wasn't a purebreed. But some mixed breeds are also very interesting to look at as well. So, I thought I would do a different breed mix each day this week, just to be fair to those who like mixed breed dogs. Today's breed is the pomeranian, one of my favorite breeds! And a lot of pom-mixes are actually quite attractive! So here I will show you some of the best-looking pom-mixes I've been able to find on the internet.

A pom-corgi mix.

A pom-toy american eskimo mix.

This baby is half golden retriever, chihuahua and pomeranian.

A pom-papillon mixed puppy.

A pom-pekingese mixed dog.

A pom-bichon mixed dog.

A pom-chihuahua mixed puppy.

A pom-cocker spaniel mixed puppy.

A pom-dachshund mixed dog.

A pom-havanese mixed puppy.

A pom-maltese mixed dog.

A pom-miniature poodle mixed puppy.

A pom-pug mixed puppy.

A pom-sheltie mixed puppy.

A pom-silky terrier mixed dog.

A pom-terrier mixed dog.

A pom-yorkshire mixed puppy.

A pom-beagle mixed dog.

A pom-rat terrier mixed puppy.

A pom-schipperkee mixed puppy.

This baby is half pomeranian and half german shepherd!

A pom-shih tzu mixed puppy.

This puppy is half pomeranian, sheltie and terrier.

A pom-toy aussie mixed puppy.

A pom-japanese chin mixed puppy.


Niki said...

Its's actually the cutest dog breed. Even I think pomeranians are the most cutest dogs in the world, the white one looks from teacup category. So, you can call it teacup, instead of Pom rat terrier.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

A teacup is a kind of cup. Not a dog. Runty dogs almost always are unhealthy and should not be bred. I appreciate your comment though :)