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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Standards For YouTube

I got a message last night from YouTube. I sensed there was going to be some huge changes to the site, but I at least always thought once you're a partner, you're always a partner. Now, my channel is not very big, and I have a relatively few subscribers, but as I've stated before on this blog, I am not on YouTube for the numbers. I make a video whenever I feel like it, not usually every day. Only a few of my videos have over 1000 views. I was so grateful YouTube allowed me to post videos that were more than 15 minutes long. I hated breaking up videos into part 1 and part 2 bits.

Well, the message read that because I don't have 1000 or more subscribers, and less than 4000 hours of watch time, I will no longer be partner as of February 20th of this year. Mostly what that means is I won't be able to monetize my videos, which means I won't be making money off them anymore. Well, for me, since I am no longer going to be paid to put up with dumbasses, trolls and evil people, I'm just going to have to start moderating comments posted. That means no more negative or hate-filled comments will be allowed on my videos!

This is something I really hate to do, because I am such a believer in free speech! For years, I made it a free-for-all to everyone to post whatever comments they wanted to, including hateful comments directed at me. I didn't care. I always figured well hell! I'm a partner, as long as they are watching I don't care what they say. The only time I ever blocked people and deleted their comments was when I felt like they were really mentally unstable people who acted like they belonged behind bars. I'm surprised I didn't delete Denya's comments! LMAO! But she was just a kid. Kids are always going to be cruel online. Just like they always were on the school playground! And I did block her when she started attacking Katrina's kids and family.

Well, I have to train myself again not to accept hateful comments, since I'll no longer be paid for putting up with them. I'll also have to go back to every video on my list and change the comment feature on them from "All" to "Approved". And really, I hate doing that!! Makes me mad that I have to!

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