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Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Covid Vaccine Mandates

 So Biden is planning to make it mandatory for everyone in the USA to get this covid vaccine. Fuck him! I'm not getting the damn vaccine, I don't care what it takes! I've been hearing about jobs mandating the vaccine, and giving workers who refuse the ultimatum that either they get the vaccine or they get fired. I even heard of landlords making it mandatory to get the vaccine or tenants that don't will get evicted. This is going way too far! What ever happened to my body, my choice? Or does that only apply to people who want to kill babies? I choose not to have any vaccine. I don't trust this covid vaccine at all! It takes years to approve a vaccine for distribution. This covid was approved in a few months. Not only that, but I've heard of people getting the vaccine and dying from it. Not good!

People are getting nasty over these mask mandates! And now even more so about the vaccine. Those of us who don't wear masks and don't want to get the vaccine are called "selfish" or "clowns" and all that other kinds of bullshit. I even had a guy confront me about not wearing a mask at Safeway a couple weeks ago. I didn't even want to talk to him. He got my attention first. He asked me "Don't you want to do something to keep others in the community safe?" I just said to him "I already am!" and he walked away laughing and saying "Yeah, right!" Well! At least it got him out of my face! I didn't even have to tell him to get out of my face. I'm gonna remember that from now on and use that line. Then only tell someone "get out of my face!" if they won't move on like that guy.

But anyway, that is proof all this shit is going way too far now. I choose life. I choose not to get the vaccine. This morning I woke up to one of my friends telling everyone about Nicki Minaj pissing off the left. I don't like Minaj's music, but I do have a new respect for her now. All this time I thought she was as lefty as they come. But she questioned the vaccine. Apparently, you shouldn't do that. The leftists will try to silence you if you do that! And get this, the leftists think GOD is evil. The leftists have proven to be worse than they think GOD is!

Well, this all proves Biden is a sucky president. I don't care what anyone else says, he is NOT better than Trump!!! I never wanted a president more than I now want Trump back in the white house. We need him!

Did you ever notice how for the past 4 years the leftists have gotten worse and worse with each day passing by? I think it's because they were scared by Trump's presidency. They called him homophobic, so what do they do? They prop up gays and queers. They called him xenophobic, so they prop up people with mental disorders like trannies. They said he disrespects women so they say everyone has to believe all women. Even when they falsely accuse men of rape. They said Trump was a racist, so they scream "Black lives matter". The problem with all this, the leftists don't really care about these people. The leftists don't, but Trump really does. Trump has done a lot more in the 80s and 90s to help black communities than BLM did all of the last 6 years. All BLM cares about is black criminals. Trump cares about all black people. Obummer may have been the one to approve making gay marriage legal, but he did not enter office that way. He actually hated gays when he first got elected. And Trump has done quite a bit for the gay community. More than Obummer ever did!

The leftists blame Trump for this division in this country because of all those things. But anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together knows it was not Trump who divided this country. It was the leftists and their overly-dramatic sensitive feelings. Never, in the hundreds or so years we've been in this country, did anyone ever complain about any of this. Not until Obummer and Biden became head of the country. I blame all this more on Obummer than Trump. I don't blame Trump for any of it at all. The leftists' reaction to his presidency was not his fault. It was their's. Obummer brought back racism. So now, black people especially see racism where none exists. Notice only the leftist black people complain about racism. None of the conservatives do. Why is that? I also never hear conservatives complain about white privilege. Why? The leftists talk about it ALL the time. It's all they ever think about.

Also, I am half Mexican, with some Cherokee Indian. Why am I not on board with all the racism being spread around today? I am also fat. Sure I used to wonder why people think it's funny to call fat people names. But hey! That's their prerogative. If they want to, that's their free speech. But why does it not bother me today? Perhaps it is because there is no racism. What black liberals call "racism", other people just call "life". Most people know life is generally not fair. That's not because of the color of someone's flesh, or how much weight they carry. What doesn't work for one person, may work better for another. When I was living in Olympia, I had a surgery and there were not many places to go walking, so I didn't get much exercise and I had put on quite a bit of weight. Plus, I had discovered ice cream and fell in love with it. Well I wanted to go horseback riding on the beach. But they could not let me because I was too big. Do I blame that on thin privilege??? Hell NO!!! What it is, is what it is! No one can change that.

Well, in other news, Betty, my black-hooded rat female, had more babies today. It was a ray of sunshine. But her last litter is still here. I have 4 babies left out of 14. So I sold quite a few. One to my sis's friend. When my mom was here, she was like "Who'd want to buy a rat??!!" My mom never liked rats. But I think they are awesome pets. I also have some Roborovski's dwarf hamsters that were born around the same time as the ratlings. I am trying to find both animals new homes. I have 3 baby hamsters. My mom was so sure no one would want the rats. The rats have actually been the easy ones to sell. It's the hamsters I can't seem to unload!!! I started with 14 baby rats and now have only 4. I started with 3 baby hamsters, and still have all 3. Many people have inquired, no one has shown up. There's at least 3 people out there now who have expressed interest in these hamsters that have my name and address. But not one of them has ever shown up to even come see them.

Don't you just hate when that happens? People ask about your ad, ask for your address and phone number, and say they're going to come, and they never do. I got one inquiry yesterday who said she was interested. I gave her my address and everything. But I kinda figured out that she's not coming this morning when I hadn't heard anything more from her. But in the meantime, someone came and got 2 baby rats. I'm so glad they did, his little girl looked so sad. She just lost her guinea pig. So he got the rats for her to help mend her broken heart. That was sweet! I hope she and the ratlings get along good.