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Friday, July 16, 2021

I Warned You All

GOD is pissed off. And you know why? All this worshipping of a dumb criminal going on today! Just a couple days ago, a memorial to George Floyd was defaced. It wasn't done by vandals, nor was it done by white supremacists. Although that is probably what the leftists will tell you. It was done by GOD HIMself. God will not be mocked! Check this out...

This is the before and after pic of that mural. Notice in the after pic, you can see Floyd's chin. It is amazing how accurate the strike was. But then GOD is perfect in every way. An actual bolt of lightening struck that mural and destroyed it. When I saw this, I laughed!! First of all, that's a pretty terrible likeness of George Floyd. Second, he has no business being placed on a wall like he was some kind of hero. He wasn't a hero. He was a thug! Nothing more, and nothing less. GOD is sending a message to BLM. They'd better heed and repent.

BLM was founded by a couple of lesbian girls. Nowadays that's the only way to become famous, either you become gay, or you play video games or you become a cat person. Those are the only ways you can become famous now. Decent people, who love GOD and love this country and don't cry racism at every step, do not become noticeable. And it's so dumb to idolize a dead thug over GOD, who gave us all life and a savior (in Jesus). What did George Floyd give the world? Some shattered nerves and a phony $20 bill! We're all getting sick of hearing about George Floyd! And I know I'm not the only one who thinks that way. Otherwise, we wouldn't have these...

All these murals of George Floyd have been vandalized. This should have sent a message. And now, even GOD has gotten involved.