Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Who Says So???

Who says my blogs do not make a difference? OK, so I am not sure if my blogs had anything at all to do with this, and not sure if AKC would admit it if they did, but I found out AKC is now offering classes about how to breed and show dogs. I was reading about it on their website. This is amazing, whether or not my blogs had anything to do with it! I've always said one of the things I hated about show breeders is the way they treat newbies in the field. I've always said it does not do their breeds any good to sit around on their asses, griping about people who "ruin their breed". Instead, they should do something to help newbies understand what breeding is all about (and not in a hostile, snobbish way), how to do it the right way, and what should and should not be done. Though I was thinking more along the lines of a canine university type deal, AKC is now offering breeding and showing classes on their website.

I think this is wonderful! At last! Someone is doing something to educate people before breeding! My sis got in the show ring with Odessa once and had no clue what she was doing, because she was going in blind. We had no mentors, no one to look after us, or help us, no one to tell us how to show, or even how to groom. I thought "This isn't right!" I had no idea back then how to get a mentor to help us out, or anybody! We paid good money to show our dogs, and got absolutely nothing in return except humiliation and grief. Yes it was a lot of hard work, but that much I expected. I think a lot more people would get involved in showing their breeds and breeding the proper way if only the process was not so complicated! I'm hoping this is what these classes on the AKC website is striving to accomplish. I tried to steer some people in the right direction in breeding, and they thought I was just being an asshole. But I was far more forgiving than a lot of show breeders would have been to them. Most show breeders, if they had to deal with people like the ones I tried to push correctly, would have been a lot more aggressive with them, and I just never saw the point in that. Anger and aggression is not the way to get people to do the right thing. Of course I know that does not work on everybody! The people I was trying to encourage to do breeding right, I was never aggressive with them, and they still bitched at me because of it. But then again, those people probably should never have been breeding anything.

I always say, everything happens for a reason, and one day we will have the answer. Mcgillicutty posted the link to my MySpace blog on the Pluba forum, mostly in an attempt to embarrass me. The 12 mob became mcgillicutty's little flunkeys, and posted to as many breeder sites and groups as they could for the same reason. I thank them all for that!! Maybe in those attempts to try and bring me down, they improved the hobby of breeding. Perhaps the right people caught on to my blog and read what I wrote and thought "Hey! She's got a good point there! Maybe AKC should start some kind of program or class to help new breeders learn to do breeding the right way." AKC even gives you certificates of completion for each course. It costs $25 to take the tests and get your certification, but it might be worth it in the end! I think this is a miraculous idea! Even some veteran show breeders have stated that they learned something from it. If my blogs were the inspiration (even just a little bit), and it has helped some new, and even veteran, breeders, then I am happy! I'm so glad! I always wanted to make some kind of difference in the hobby of animals, and I knew the CFA has programs like this. I always knew AKC should start something like this too. It'll really help the breeds.

But I was thinking more of a Canine University type thing, but I guess AKC does not have the funds for that. But in a Canine University type setting, people can learn not only about good breeding and showing, but also about the breed they choose to show and breed as well. Have specific classes devoted to each breed, taught by a certified show judge. Then the judge/teacher can tell the students what he (or she) looks for in that breed, what faults to look out for, and how to avoid the biggest problems with that breed. Talk about specific lines to look out for in that breed. That way, everyone who goes to those classes can learn the same thing. When I bred chihuahuas, I tried to find a mentor, and was turned down by one whose dogs I did admire. The reason I was turned down was silly. She turned me down because I did not buy a dog, or stud service from her. Then she turned around and said she would never sell me any dog or stud service. I thought "How is that supposed to help me, or the breed??!" She was a jerk! What got me was she was not the only one I've ever heard say something like that. A lot of show breeders will say that too. I wanted to breed chihuahuas, I was going to do it with or without anyone's approval. When I get an idea I want to do something, I trudge ahead with it. No matter what anyone says. So, if I am supposed to get some help, someone might as well help me out. I'm going to do what I want to do regardless.

That's another thing about show breeders that I wish they would stop doing. I wish they would stop saying that they won't ever sell to someone for whatever reason. I wanted to show dogs, I just never had that push to do it. I went in a couple times, not having the slightest ghost of an idea of what I was doing, or supposed to do. It was scary and confusing. I wasn't even sure I had good enough dogs for showing. If I ever do decide to get into showing again, I hope to GOD I have better luck getting started. If I don't, then I feel it's the show breeders' problems. People are just going to breed if they want to, they might as well be properly educated. That is why I like that AKC is now offering this course. I think I myself am going to take them! Watch me!

What's Up With Millennials?

I watched a video this morning about Millennials. Actually 2 of them. One my sis posted on Facebook that was more on the fun side. But oh so true!!! Another one this morning by a group on Youtube called The Young Turks. They are mad because the older generation believes all Millennials to be the same. That they are lazy, entitled, arrogant people with no good morals. Well, one thing people need to stop believing is when someone states the majority of something is true, that it covers all individuals in that category. I'm sure not everyone who is a Millennial is lazy, arrogant and stupid. Just like I know not all cat lovers are fags. There are exceptions to every rule. If there wasn't do you think we would be seeing so many cops driving 80 to 100 MPH on joyrides? No. We wouldn't. Cops are exempt from the rule of speeding. They are the exception to that rule. Anyways, that was my introduction to this post.

What The Young Turks need to also understand that people do stereotype for a reason. I've said this before, we as humans are pattern-seeking creatures. We typically look for patterns in something, which is why people group the majority of Millennials under the category of being lazy, entitled and obnoxious, among other things. This woman in the group, I think her name is Ana, or Anne, lost her shit because one Millennial was commenting in a video about others. Well, I say good for that girl. She hit the nail on the head!! She's smarter than a lot of the radicals I've dealt with! She came to terms with herself being a Millennial and how the others of her generation are generally looked upon. That's more than I can say for the dumbass radicals I've had to deal with!! Most of them have not come to terms with themselves, so they argue, kick and fuss because of how people like me sees them.

I think technically I am a Millennial. But I do not fit under the whole category of being a Millennial. I am not arrogant, I can be really sweet if I want to. I may not be the smartest person you've ever seen, but I ain't totally stupid. Just not as smart as my sis. LOL! I'm not too lazy, my mind is always going. Plus, I work out every day. I have no sense of entitlement, although there are things I would love to have. But I also know it's going to take a lot of hard work to get those things. It's also going to take a lot of know-how and I am aware of that too. I just hope my partner does not come here with the intent on getting me involved in his business, because I know NOTHING about IT work! And I would not be happy in a business like that. I want to do something I would have fun doing.

Sometimes I wonder about my partner. He's a very intelligent person, I know that! But he keeps moving to California, and then complains because the prices in this country are too high. Then it makes him have to go back to his homeland!! UGH!! Is he going to survive this? I'm not going to India. I never wanted to, I never had the desire to, nothing. I'm happy where I am. If I move anywhere outside this country, it'd be to Australia. And only in southern Australia, where it's cooler. Or New Zealand. But New Zealand doesn't have any animals anymore. The humans and feral cats have wiped them all out.

Anyways, check out this video. This is the one I am talking about...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Breed I Hope Goes Extinct Soon!

I hate bullies. Everyone knows that by now. I was bullied as a child. Sometimes even as an adult, I find there's still bullies everywhere. Mostly on the internet. I don't get out enough to find bullies out in the real world. Though I would guarantee you a lot of the bullies I have met online would never say the shit they say to anyone in real life. Only I would, because I know my rights. I know what I can and cannot do. I know what would or wouldn't get me in trouble. I saw a video recently of a white woman who got irrational with a group of black men and was calling all of them the "N" word. One of the guys filmed her and asked her why she would call his friends something like that. She then proceeded to spit on his camera, and in response to that, he slapped her. She would have been better off just sticking to calling them the N-word. Spitting is assault, every bit as much as hitting someone. So, that guy had a right to slap the shit out of that woman. I'd have done exactly the same thing. It's self-defense. She was going to phone the cops on him, but I think the cops would have sided with that guy instead. Cops don't like getting spat on either.

Well, that's different than what I am here to talk about today. There is one good side to being bullied all my life, it's helped me to develop a tough skin. It wasn't pleasant going through it, but I really think that is what has helped me to become the person I am today. Believe me when I say when I was growing up, I pretty much left everyone alone. If they bullied me at all, it was because of their own ignorance. I did not speak my mind back then like I do now, I kept to myself most times, and left everyone else alone. The only difference was I was more prone to depression and crying when I was a kid, and bullies love that! The only people I ever lashed out at when I was a kid were those who would lash out at me first. In fact, it is still that way with me today. I just don't cry anymore. LOL! Well, at least not because of some dumbass bullies anyways. I cry when I miss my dogs. I cry when I miss Michael and Timmy. I cry when a friend passes on. I do not cry anymore because of bullies. I've actually become somewhat accustomed to bullies, even on the internet. But it is because I've developed this tough skin that I can take everything in stride now.

This is exactly why I hate radicals! Radicals are pushing political correctness. They want to turn the whole human race into spineless pansies. It's gotten to a point where you can't say anything anymore or else someone's little feelings are going to be hurt. Ghetto people are the worst! You look at them cross-eyed and they'll do everything they can to beat the shit out of you. I've seen videos where one person slams down on another person just because that person said something bad about the first person. With me, people can say what they want. It's when they decide to touch me that it's going to get out of hand. I don't like to hurt anyone myself, but I may indeed lash out in self-defense. I've been known to do it without thinking. I'm that unpredictable.

I remember meeting my first bully, a girl named Penny. I was 5 years old and she was 4 years older than me, and I tried to be friends with her. I had some mutual friends with her. But she associated with a boy who was the big neighborhood bully, named Rusty. Yes, that was his name. I remember Penny and Rusty pushed me off a cliff once. I never told my ma though. I just woke up at the bottom of this cliff, climbed back up to the top, went home and took a shower. I never played with Penny after that again. Penny was never remorseful for what she and Rusty did, but then I never brought it up to them. I just didn't want to be near Penny again. I think she was a little psychotic. LOL! But after we moved from that area, I didn't have any more problems with bullies until I was 8 years old. Then I met this girl named Deeanna. She and I shared the same name so that is what attracted me to her. I went to play at her house right after I met her, and I was willing to be her friend. But aside from our name, she and I had absolutely nothing in common, so she did not like me at all. Which is OK. So, I left her alone. It was Deeanna who turned it into a constant bitchfest every day. I always tried to stay out of her way. She was the one who kept approaching me every day just to remind me of how much she hated me. LOL! I became something of an obsession for her. She would even come onto my family's property sometimes and shout "I hate you!" at me. My oldest sis chased her away one day when she decided to do that, and that was when she finally stopped coming to our property. But she still hassled me in school.

All that just because I didn't want to play with her dolls. Well, I eventually kicked her butt for being a smartass one day, and then she really left me alone. I look back on that stuff now and laugh though. It would not bother me today like it did back then. If I were to see Deeanna again, and she were to be like that with me now, I'd be more like "OK, so you hate me. So why keep coming up to me, getting in my face every day, just to tell me you hate me? Why stand in front of my house and shout it at me and my family? Why not just leave me alone? I'm not in your way. So stay out of mine!" That's not the radical approach, and if she had had an ounce of brains rattling around in her big head, it would have made her think about what she was doing. I dunno, I think Deeanna was kindof a sick person. Poor girl. I thank GOD I am not like that. I may talk about people I don't like on here, like the dirty dozen mob. But I would never stand outside their house and shout "I hate you" at them. Nor would I constantly get in their faces and say "I hate you" every day. Just on this blog. But this blog is my ranting place, and I'm not in their faces every day about it. If I don't like something or someone, I steer clear of it. It's the radicals that get in peoples' faces about things and force people to see things their way. Then they are like "If you don't do as I say, then I hate you!" A lesser person will follow them too, and they know it. I've seen it happen. Last month, when the radicals on Facebook all conspired against me, I saw people I thought were my friends lose their backbone and side with the radicals. Most likely out of fear of the radicals. They don't want the radicals to hate them, so they turn against the one person who is not afraid to stand against the radicals... ME!

People these days are too soft. They're becoming like jellyfish. They have no backbone anymore, they live in fear of being scorned or hated, they have no guts anymore, their feelings are too easily hurt now. There is a phrase that says "Only the strong shall survive". Looks like humans are indeed doomed. Our species did not survive as long as we have by being wussies! The ancestors like me are the ones who pushed those damn lions aside, speared them and said "Back off bitch!" The radicals would have just tried to reason with the lions. Or would have just blocked them on Facebook and speak to them through blocked accounts. But they would have eventually got eaten. It's the ancestors like me who learned how to make fire. The radicals would have burned their hands once and said "I'm never trying that again!" The ancestors like me are the ones who build skyscrapers. The radicals would have just been like "Well, they're too tall. I don't like buildings that are too tall!" Its the ancestors like me that build civilizations. The radicals would have just rallied against civilization and said "We were meant to live in the woods!" Truly, if everyone were radicals, we would not be where we are today. Progression would have been much slower than it was, and would have been much more violent.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Everything Man

I feel like posting a blog today, I don't know why. So, I'll just ramble on about something. I did hear from my partner the other day and he still wants to get married. I said fine. So when? LOL! He can only tell me now "very soon". I said to him whenever he is ready, I'll be here. Or in Coos Bay. One of my Facebook friends is looking out for me. I love her to death for her concern. I'm very grateful. But she believes he may be a scammer. But I don't believe he is. I've known him for several years now. He's never asked me for money, and in fact he's given me money several times before. He comes from an upper middle-class family, and he knows I'm broke as shit. So, even if he asks for it, he knows I can't give any money to him. If he wants to marry me, then that is fine. It's all up to him. I'm in no rush, believe me! But he also knows I will not move to California, where he always winds up at. I told him if he wants to do this, he'll have to come here. I don't like California, and I won't move there!

I am actually exactly where I want to be. I'm a coast girl. But I hate heat. That's why I don't like California. It's OK to visit, but living there for me is out of the question. It gets WAY too hot there. Too hot for me to tolerate. So, if we stay on the west coast, we have to live in Washington or Oregon. If we move to the east coast, I either want to stay in Connecticut or Maine. I'll settle for Massachusetts, as long as it's by the ocean. All I care about is if it's by the ocean. I want to live in a little seaside cottage, with a house full of dogs. Dogs and birds. All kinds of birds. I want to be able to take those dogs on hikes down the beach in the mornings and afternoons. He's a great guy though. He's always been a great friend. I do love him. I'll do most of what he says, but where we permanently live is where I have to stand firm. Oh yes, and he'll probably be coming to Australia with me too. I told him he can be my cameraman. While I am touring the town, I need a camera guy. I cannot always hold the camera myself.

He said he wants to be my "everything man". LOL! Well, if he comes, he is in luck because I plan to go to that little Indian restaurant Michael went to with his pa and stepmom on his last night. My partner can lead me through what would be edible to me. GAH!! I'm not into Indian food! I'm really not into any kind of ethnic foods. I just like good ol' American. I was born to be American, that's the way I'll live. But for one night at least I will bite my tongue and try some Indian cuisine. But I won't like it. I tried chicken curry before, back in 2005 and I hated it! Normally I like chicken, but I hated chicken curry! I am indeed the pickiest of eaters.

I've been seriously thinking of going into business for myself. When my partner gets here, he wants to open up his own IT company. But I would not be happy with that. He can have his company, I want to open up a funsy-type business. Well, I love animals, so I think I want to open up my own pet store. It was a dream of mine when I was a teenager and in my early 20s I even took a correspondence course on how to run a pet shop. I might go through with it. Of course I am not going to sell puppies and kittens, but things like birds, fish and other small animals would be great. But I think what I am going to have is a space for breeders to rent and post their own available puppies and kittens for sale. I think I'm going to turn a whole wall into a bulletin board and rent spaces on that board, charging people per week to keep their ads up. Of course people will argue "Why do that when you have Craigslist?" Well, in my store, I'll guarantee no scammers will be allowed to post, and most likely no scammers will contact the advertisers. I think what I'll do is keep the board in a locked room, and only allow access to people who want to view. I might even have a viewing room to rent to people who want to show off their pups or kittens to potential buyers, so the buyers don't have to go to that breeder's home. The breeders can keep their privacy and still allow buyers to come to the store and view what they have available, and the breeders can still get to know the potential buyers. It'll be fun!

That's one good way to run a pet store and still be able to offer everything to customers. Of course pet supplies will also be available. But I don't want to limit to just pet-supplies or run-of-the-mill birds and fish. I want to offer unique things. Unusual things. Things you cannot find at any old regular pet store! I want to pride myself on having things that no other pet store has. Birds, fish and herps that you cannot find anywhere else. All I need now is a storefront. And someone who knows how to fix it up to have what I want it to have. What I've always wanted was to have a store that has living quarters above it. Then that would be awesome!!! I can live and work all in the same place. Just me, my partner and the animals.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Slander Off

LOL! OK I never have been one who cares what someone else says about me. I just overlook it. I've never even dreamed of suing anyone for slander because I personally have always believed in freedom of speech. That includes freedom of expression. Sometimes, it is not always a nice thing to hear when someone is saying bad shit about you, but I'm always like "Oh well! So n so has a right to their opinion". But yesterday on Judge Judy, I saw a case that would make the dirty dozen mob leap for joy! You all know the 12 mob loves to accuse everyone of slander, well, everyone except themselves. Their attitudes are always like "If one of us didn't say it happened, then it didn't happen!" Well, this case I saw yesterday would be very interesting to them. One woman was having a car fixed by a man she hired over the internet, and she said he didn't complete the job. Well he said he couldn't finish the job. Then he said that she posted something about him on the internet like "Beware of Meth Mechanic". LOL! Judge Judy was then like "How dare you say something like this?!"

Well anyways, when all was said and done, the judge awarded that guy $5000 for slander. That's actually the first time I've ever seen a slander case win anything. But I knew the plaintiff's fate was sealed when she called him a "meth mechanic". That's one thing I am very careful not to do! No one can ever say that I have stated positively that anyone I have a problem with has used meth. In fact, the only person I have speculated using any kind of drugs was Patti. But even with her I've always stated that I was not sure, and did not have any proof of it. That's a disclaimer I used in that, because anyone can speculate. As long as I didn't state it like it was absolute facts. There are just some places a person has to draw the line at. Accusing someone of using meth with no proof is among those. Accusing someone of having AIDS is another. Accusing someone of raping babies is another. If one has proof of this, that's fine. They can state it. But if you're just saying it because you want to "get back at" someone, that's illegal. That's why I am very careful not to say what I don't believe is true.

I've never sued anyone for slander. I never had the desire to. And no matter what the 12 mob says, I've never slandered anyone. Nothing I've said about anyone in the past has been any less than speculation. But they love to go all around the internet and tell everyone that I slander people. But they do that without knowing the whole truth themselves. The only reason they target me the way they do is because I said that I don't trust them and I don't like them. I still don't! I never will. The more they target me, the more I'll say I don't like them. They're never going to shut me up. They'll never take down my blog. Even if they succeeded in that, I'd just go and make a new blog. In fact, since the 12 mob loves my blogs so much, maybe I might switch to another blog host. One that charges people per view. And when I do that, believe me! There will be no way they can copy and paste posts to other places. People will have to pay me if they want to see those posts. Some sites have that feature! I might start taking up with one of them. I might as well! I might as well get paid for this.

They should not be surprised that I have not yet been sued for slander. I'm sure a lot of people have talked to their lawyers, but so far, I've never been asked to appear in court for a slander charge. Know why? Because I know what I can say and what I cannot say. And I never say what I know I shouldn't say. I've always been very careful not to do that. Yet the 12 mob still accuses me of "slandering" people. But at least I know what my rights are, and they cannot overwrite the laws. They can go around telling people I "slander" others till the cows come home. But I think in the end, they should learn the real meaning of the word "slander". I know they also want to see me grovel, which I will never do! Again, I gave up giving apologies to anyone that I don't feel deserves it. Sorry! LOL! You're like 4 years too late on that one. Before that incident with the note on my sis's door, you might have had a chance. Today, it ain't never going to happen. Ever! Never ever ever! No matter what.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Why Mourn For Rock Stars?

Why do we do that? Why mourn for someone we barely know, except in most cases, through their music? I felt a little sad when Prince died this past week. I did not cry, but I did feel a little bit of loss. Not much though. I probably would have felt more if I had been a bigger fan of his music. But I wasn't. I am aware of the influence he had on music in the 80s. Even INXS admitted to being influenced by Prince. But why do people feel sad at the loss of a rock star? I remember when Michael died, I was incredibly sad. I was in my 20s and had not yet experienced a loss like that before. I knew about death and I had had friends that died before then. But for some reason, no one's death affected me the way Michael's did. Even to this day, I've still never felt a sadness like I felt when Michael died. I cried like I'd never cried before. I cried for days! My ma wonders why, because I hardly knew the man. Only met him once, and then took a break from INXS fanhood for several years before he died, and I really only knew him through his music. So why did his death affect me the way it did?

Well, it's kindof hard to explain unless you have actually felt it before. When Michael died, one of the first things that crossed my mind was that a piece of my childhood was gone. My entire later teen years was spent listening to Michael sing over and over again. I did a lot of admiring him too. I fell in love right there. In a sense, Michael became a part of me. He filled a piece of my mind and heart that, before I saw him, was virtually non-existent. His singing showed me things that I never knew existed before. He took my imagination in directions its never seen before. When he sang, I felt like he and I were the only 2 people in the world, and that he was doing it just for me. I spent countless hours watching him adoringly, looking at pics of him, reading magazine articles, listening to his singing, watching his videos. Everything about him made me feel good, even when things in the real world got dark, evil and gone asunder. Michael had become a part of my life and I loved that. It was a great feeling! It was like I was in this car going along on a long, steady, flawless road. And then when Michael died, suddenly, it was like that beautiful road ended and my car went over a cliff without me. I was left standing on the edge of that cliff, wondering "how the hell am I going to get home now?" It was a real feeling of being lost and alone.

Anyways, that is what it's like. That is why I mourn for Michael even to this day. I still find myself quietly weeping for him. I wish he could come back. But I can say this, the world is a better, more enjoyable place because he was here. Even if his time with us was brief. I still enjoy all the things he left us. I enjoy his singing, his music, his moves, his beauty, his memories. Everything about him. But that is why we feel a loss when a rock icon passes. For me, it was Michael, and only Michael. I never have grieved for any other celebrity like I did for Michael. Not even to this day. But I did feel a sense of loss when Prince died, even though I was not even the slightest bit interested in him. I just wonder who is going to be next? Not my Timmy I hope!!! I want Timmy to live to be 100. Maybe even beyond. I just don't want him to go in my lifetime. LOL! If he happens to, I need to save my tears for him. I love him so much, I want him to be here forever. Or at least for the maximum that GOD will allow. And I want him to be happy in that time too.

I'm tired of our most talented people leaving this world. What are we going to be left with? If GOD wants to take someone else away, please make it the Kardashians!!! Or some other nudnik that has no talent whatsoever!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

New! Disclaimer!

I decided to put up a new disclaimer on this blog, for those who come here and are disturbed by what I write on here, now there is a fair warning. I make no apologies for what I say. You notice I never apologized to any of the fags who bumped me off last month. And I am not going to either. No way! I gave up giving apologies to people that I don't feel deserve it when I said I was sorry to Roger for accusing him of putting a nasty note on my sis's door. I was indeed sincere, and he said he forgave me. But I could still tell he carried a grudge, I could see it in his eyes. Then I realized I made a big mistake by doing that. So I swore I was never going to apologize to anyone ever again that I don't feel deserves it. And the fags don't deserve it. I may have taken one post down (one that I, myself, really didn't feel comfortable posting in the first place), but that does not mean I am sorry for what I said! That girl did betray me afterall. So no. I am not the least bit sorry for what I said about her on here. Don't think for one second that I was! And yes, it does happen. Sometimes, when I make a post like that, I get an uncomfortable feeling after I post it. It's happened many times before. Part of the reason is because I know how it feels to suffer through depression myself. So, believe it or not, I do have something of a conscience left.

Well, I put the disclaimer at the top of the page. It warns anyone who comes in here that if they are offended by sheer honesty, or if they think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the blog for them. I recommend they turn away and go find another blog, because this blog is mostly about ME. It's here for me to put my thoughts and opinions up on. I'm not a run-of-the-mill type person, so I don't go with the mainstream. So many people find that offensive, and I say that's their problem! I know my rights. So I am telling them if they find me offensive, then leave. Go find another blog that is going to be the way you want it to be. Not even the dirty dozen mob can make me give up what I am doing. No matter how many people they alert here. And yes, I bet it was them who told the fags what I said about the fags. No problem. I adjust very well! I'm a Google partner, I get paid every time someone reads this blog. So I don't mind, really. And not everyone is going to go just by what they post on a forum. Many of them are going to come here to see for themselves, IF they are smart.

Oh well hell! Who says radicals are "smart"? LOL! I guess the 12 mob knows to play on that too.

OK so now for the subject change. HA! My sis says she doesn't want to go to this gathering. So either I am going to have to get a dog before I go there, or just not go. I really can't get a dog right now. I want to go to Australia, more than anything, to celebrate Michael's 20th anniversary of getting his wings. That's very important to me. I want to do this movie too. I just hope I don't run into any problems along the way. I've been hearing a lot about Australia becoming more violent. I heard some thugs knocked down my Timmy, and all he was doing was walking by, minding his own business. I wish I had been there, I'd have wanted to rip that guy's eyes out that pushed my Timmy! Well here, in the meantime, I am at work at home on my book of birds of the world. I want this book to be the most complete and comprehensive work on the world of birds. I've been working on this book since 1988 and this book is my legacy. It's the one thing I wanted to accomplish before I leave this world. I say I should have worked harder from the beginning. Anyone know about the book Walker's Mammals of the World? Well, I want this bird book to be just as informative as those books about mammals. I know a lot about birds, been studying them all my life, and I've even had birds as pets. What I don't know, I got some friends who can help me. So, watch for this book. It may take a long time to complete, but I am hard at work at it.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Internet Cliques

I've written about this before many times. Internet cliques suck! LOL! One of my friends pointed out to me once that cliques of any kind are bad. I remember those were commonplace in pet forums. No matter what pet forum you go into, there's always going to be a clique somewhere among someone. Some of the worst has been among cat people. They are WAY worse than dog people. I know that from experience. This is why I hate catfags. It could be the cats themselves that are causing their rages. Cats have been known to cause people to lose their tempers easily. They've also been linked to autism in children. Really, cats should be completely eradicated! They are probably the cause of people going crazy today. People get cats, the cats carry diseases that messes with that person's mind, the person gets on meds to "fix" their mind, they keep their cats though, which repeats the cycle, and they have to take meds in higher doses because the small amount is seemingly not helping their ailment, and they eventually go crazy. I could tell this. The dirty dozen mob was made up almost entirely of cat people. And yes, they are crazy! And just like every other crazy cat person I've known out there, they don't know they are crazy. They only see it in others.

Now, I'm not saying every cat person is crazy. I've known some who were nice people. I'm talking about the cat-fags. The people who get angry at the drop of a hat because someone disagrees with them about something. Whether it be about cats, or Paula Yates, or the Three Stooges, or whatever! I think fags can all be linked to cats. Not all cat-owners are fags, but I'd bet you my best T-shirt that all fags are cat-owners. If you don't know what I mean, then read more carefully and think about it.

Anyways, this isn't just about cats, this is about cliques. Cliques are made up of like-minded people ganging together. Pet forums are not the only place where you will find cliques. I've also seen them among INXS fans too. Not just in Facebook groups. Any time you have a group of people communicating, you're going to see cliques forming. I used to see them in the old INXS Fan Forum, I saw them in the Switchboard, I even saw them at inxs.com when they had their forums up. I was a Timmy-fan during those periods, so I didn't belong to any cliques. Finding other Timmy-fans was hard! Most of them were more leaning towards Michael, or Jon. In the case of the old Fan Forum, a lot of them leaned toward Garry. I love all the guys, but Timmy has been my favorite for a long time! Then I used to see how the Hutch fans acted in the forums and it turned me off. I kinda dropped Michael because I didn't want to become like those people in those cliques. They were almost always rude to people who were not in their little "gang". I remember a few being more rude than others, not always Hutch fans, I remember some of the Garry fans were rude too. But that is why I am not into cliques. Though it has gotten me burned more times than marshmallows at a campfire, I always try to give everyone a chance.

I wasn't always like this. It used to be I would judge all humans based on what other humans have been like in the past. I never learned to keep friends because I get so suspicious of people, and I tend to judge them accordingly. Yes, I admit it! Though in my old age, and now having had more experiences with people, I tend to judge less now than I did when I was younger. I used to be prejudice against the Garry fans because of the actions of those from the old Fan Forum. That is until I met Garry! LOL! I remember I took to him right away. Then I realized what they saw in him. I thought he was awesome! I swore then I would never again judge another person by what, or whom, they liked. And I haven't. Shoot! I even have great friends who prefer cats over dogs. As long as they are nice, decent people, and understand that I don't like cats as much as dogs, then I am fine with them. It's the people who argue with me because I don't like cats, or that threatens me, my pets or my family because I don't like cats, those are the fags. The ones that I hate! And they turn me off completely to cats.

Well, fags come from all genres. Not just cats, Paula Yates, and whathaveyou. But I've said I will never again let the fags dictate my love for Michael. I let that happen once, in the old INXS forums. I don't ever intend on letting it happen again. Believe me, it won't! Nothing they can say or do now that is going to change my mind. One way I have of getting around the fags, I've got my memories of my meetings with the men of INXS. Including Michael. Not everyone can claim that. Well OK, so all he did was smile at me, but still. That's a lot more than most fans can claim. My biggest accomplishment in that was getting my photo-op with Timmy! To me, that was worth more than 1000 meetings with Michael. Timmy is my #1 favorite. Michael just comes in a close 2nd. Very close! That's another thing that defers away the fags in the background. Also, my dogs. When the world gets to be too much, I think of my dogs and it makes me happy again. The way they make me laugh, smile and give me pleasure, watching their little tails waggle when they see me. And especially watching the way Vegas chases his toys and his bubbles. He loves that. And I love watching that. Also, my stories. I remember when I moved to Ocean Shores, and I figured out who mcgillicutty was, I began working on a story based on those meetings. LOL! Maybe I should continue working on that. I can include the Yatesfags too. LOL! I know what most of them look like. I can do caricatures of them, easy! My stories, like my blogs, are my release. It's one way I can relieve my feelings about something. It's the only way I am able to take the harsh things in the world in stride. It's always worked.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now Is The Point Where I Feel Old

Oh man! Now I do feel old! I just heard today that Prince, the man who made Purple Rain, has passed away! DAMN!! Now, I do feel old! Prince was only 1 year younger than my Timmy, so you know what I am thinking. Of course, I don't think anything drastic will happen to Timmy, the man seems very healthy. But still! It does worry me. But anyways, this is kinda getting scary. I say today is the day rock n roll is officially dead.

I was never a big huge fan of Prince, the only song of his that I even halfway like is Little Red Corvette. However, I do know that he had a big influence on 80s music. Before 1984, when Prince's album Purple Rain came out, music sucked! And I think he may have been a driving force in bettering the music of the 1980s. I know he helped a lot of small-time musicians of the 80s better their music. For example, I heard he helped in the recording of Martika's one-hit-wonder song Toy Soldiers in 1989. He did that for several others during that time period when he was really big in the industry. Some artists went on to become bigger, while some just remained one-hit-wonders. But anyways, this all means that I am getting old!!

This has been a hell of a year! A lot of 80s icons have passed away. Natalie Cole was one of those, which is a shame because I do like her. And though he means nothing to me at all, David Bowie is also gone. I even heard Roxette has had to retire because of a brain tumor Marie Fredricksson had, and had removed, but it's now beginning to affect her singing. Roxette is still among my top favorite bands. So, they've had to retire this year too. Michael Jackson is gone. MY Michael (Hutch) is gone! Now, Prince is gone. So there's no talent anywhere anymore. I don't like any of today's singers or bands. Most of them is crappy rap music anyways. No more real music exists. I'm not necessarily sad at the death of Prince. I'm sad because his death seems to mean the end of rock n roll. No one today has any real talent! I was knocked with a hard enough blow when I found out yesterday that Roxette was retiring. At least they are still alive. I do hope Marie is going to be OK. But to hear this, after hearing about Prince throughout the 80s. It makes me lose all hope in the music industry!

Thinking about this now, in the future, I'm going to be telling my nieces and nephews and their kids all about a kind of music that is now extinct. It was called rock n roll, and it was the best music you could ever hear. Nothing beats it. Surely this rap crap doesn't beat it! It cannot even begin to touch how good rock n roll is. Or was. For me, I'm probably going to be saying this to my puppies. Maybe even my puppy's puppies. Maybe even my puppy's puppies' puppies. When I used to raise chihuahuas, they were brought up on INXS. Of course I do still have my MP3 player full of music that I love. But unless a memory strikes me again, I don't think I'll be adding anything new to it. That does happen sometimes though. Sometimes a song that I haven't heard in years will re-enter my head, and I'll try to get it onto my player, if I like it well enough. Ironically, I have no songs by Prince whatsoever on my MP3 player. I do have Martika's song though. I don't put anything on my MP3 player unless it's a song I really, REALLY love! But it is sad that this marks the end of rock n roll.

Now I do feel old! Good music is gone, after being in this world for centuries. It is finally gone. This is the day music has died. RIP music (10,000 BC - 2016).

Monday, April 18, 2016

Radical Bombs

UGH!! There is a good reason I am so glad all the radicals have deleted and blocked me from their Facebook. Because I can't stand them! I hate their guts with a passion! At least I know I never have to look at them again, and that is a beautiful feeling. No good in this world ever comes from radicals. One of my friends invited me to a group chat this morning, and I got the message when I logged on Facebook. Normally, I would welcome a chat from this friend any time. But one of the people she invited I happen to know is a radical, who has me blocked on Facebook. For the sake of this post, I'll call the radical "G". I saw my friend invited G and I could actually see G's posts! WTF is that all about??? I don't care to see her!! I thought to myself "I don't want to see her face on my screen!!" If I could see G's posts, then she could possibly see mine. I didn't say anything, I just left. I want absolutely nothing to do with G! Not even in a casual conversation with other friends. She's a fag! I hate fags (radicals). I'm not sure what she is radical about, but it's got to be something. Only a radical would be offended by me hating radicals so much.

Well, the radicals have done it again! Another friend pointed out an article that mentioned now kids in school cannot hug each other anymore. That's sad. But you know damn well it was the radicals who started laws like that! Something like that hit the USA a long time ago. Teachers could no longer hug the kids, and now kids can no longer hug each other. That's sad too. When I was a kid and had a bad slump in school, sometimes it was nice to receive a nice big hug from the teacher. When I was a kid, I'd sometimes like holding hands with my friends. Occasionally I would hug one of them, but only someone I really trusted with all my heart! I had quite a few best friends before we moved. Some of the stories I could tell you were hilariously funny!! Of course I also had my share of bullies in school, which is why I hate radicals so much. Radicals are almost always bullies. Or at least the bullying type. So there was no question in my mind who it was that started this "no hugging" policy in schools, even among children. Why not? Radicals are miserable people so they want everyone else in the world to be as miserable as they are. Some try to hide the fact that they are miserable. But deep inside, they are still miserable.

Now, I suffer from depression. Been struggling with it all my life. But I am trying to ease up on it. And I am not a radical! In fact, I get seriously offended by anyone who says I am a radical!! Some idiot on YouTube, some redneck Texas twat, said that I am a liberal and says "Do you even know what a radical is?!" I'm used to rednecks! I grew up around them. My ma is a redneck, but a civilized redneck. Usually I am used to their brutal honesty. But I really wanted to wring this woman's neck!! I said angrily to her "I am NOT a liberal!! And yes I do know what a radical is!!" In that same conversation, I'd have swore I saw Hobofart again! Some other idiot slammed me, and then told me "Your reply doesn't matter anymore because I made you repeat yourself. I win, you lose" LOL! Actually, the only reason I repeated myself was because I thought he was just a senile old man that needed clarification. But really, only old Hobofart would say that! Or someone with a similar mind. He was really probably nothing but a troll. But that's another story. Anyways, this redneck woman, seems she was targeted by radicals herself. She made a comment saying how she hoisted up a confederate flag in her yard, and some radicals came by and shouted at her "I'm coming later on tonight with some friends and we're going to take down that flag!" She told him to come on by, she'll have her rifle waiting. Typical redneck! She said in her comment that guy never did come back, but she said she waited up all night for him, with her rifle.

But I am used to rednecks. I come from a long line of redneck people. All of which had guns too, and often hunted for their own food in the woods. I even learned how to hold a rifle myself and how to shoot. I am not used to radicals. I would be happy if I never had to see another radical again in my life! But I know that won't happen. Around every corner, there is always going to be radicals. Even some you don't know at first are radicals. But as I learned, I guess you just say in front of a radical that you hate radicals, and automatically they will know you are talking about them, and then they'll leave you alone. Hopefully. But they will always be out there to ruin something for someone. Either they will make these crazy, stupid laws that will take away some right of pleasure that we have. Or they will be out there preaching, forcing their beliefs on others. Then threatening anyone with bodily harm that will not comply with them. Or threatening them with jail time. Radicals are worse now than they have ever been. I think maybe Obama is to blame. I'd like to think that once he leaves office, things may settle down. But I don't know. Radicals will always be there. Unfortunately!!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fit Shaming and Fat Shaming

So now, on top of fat-shaming, there is a new thing. Fit-shaming. Oh boy! I don't believe in shaming anyone for being fat any more than I believe in shaming anyone for being fit. It just makes me want to ask "Why shame anyone???" People are stupid! Why not go around shaming people who really deserve it? Like rapists or child molesters? A fat person is walking down the road, in what way are they harming you? I just mind my own business when I walk down the road. I don't get involved in anyone's life. All I am trying to do is walk down the road. I'm just wanting to get where I am going. I had one asshole say to me on a video I used to have up "Its disgusting to have you in my sight", and I said to him "Well, no one is forcing you to look. Are they?" Makes sense to me. If you don't like the way something looks, then look the other way. Don't look at me, I'm not speaking to you. Just go on about your own business.

But I have also heard of people shaming people who are fat and trying to lose the weight. I visited one such video once before and there was another dumbass who made a hateful comment. It was a video by a woman who was overweight, and losing the weight, and telling the world how much better she felt. Most commenters who saw that video were congratulating that woman and telling her to "keep up the good work". But not this asshole. No, he said to her "And I bet your feeling much better about yourself right? Just like a rapist who molests a child and tries to cover it by saying I'm sorry. I hate you for gaining the weight in the first place!" I saw that comment and I thought this guy needs to rot in hell for that remark! Incidentally, this was the same shit-stain that commented on my video saying "I pass by fat people on my bicycle and shout names at them!" I said "Yeah I bet you do because you don't have the guts to say what you have to say to their faces. Says more about you than it does about the fat people you're targeting!" I seriously hope someday while he is doing that, he falls into a ditch and breaks his neck! It'd serve him right!

I just never understood the point in shaming anyone who hasn't done anything to anyone. A fat person out on a walk, at least they are doing something besides staying home, sleeping or eating, or whatever it is they may have done that got them fat in the first place. These dumbass bigots just need to leave them alone! They are not accomplishing anything by shouting names at the fat person. Nothing except maybe their own personal satisfaction. Me, I'm not going to give them the attention they are obviously craving, so it's like don't even try it. It doesn't work with me. My sis lost 100 pounds and I am proud of her! I don't see her the way this guy sees all fat people at all. I lived in the van and lost touch with reality, but before then, I had lost 60 pounds and I was proud of myself for doing that. I intend to do it again, and go for more! In fact, I've already started.

Well, when you get down to it, people who shame others are nothing but people who have been hurt all their lives. Their lives are miserable and pathetic and they need someone or something to lash out at. So, they pick the group of people who seem to be the easiest to target because they feel no one will defend them. And they're like "What's a fat person going to do to me? I can walk faster than they can run!" Well, of course I don't care what someone says about me, but try causing harm to my dogs and see what a scorned fat person can do to you. You may think you can outrun an angry grizzly bear! But mess with her cubs and she'll show you what she's made of. Yeah, I am much more protective of my dogs than I am of myself. They are my babies. I see them the way any mama sees their own children.

Speaking of which, I found that "I Hate Dogs" group again, I see it's still up. The guy on there talks about how "pathetic" dog people are. LOL!! What is so ironic about that is he has another group he runs that he calls "I love cats", and yet he does not think cat people are the same. Cat people are so pathetic, they even go around saying "meow", which I think is dumb!! You don't hear of dog people going around saying "arf" do you!? Not normally. I never have, and I like dogs. Well, I can imagine what this guy looks like. Judging specifically on what I have always known what men look like who prefer cats over dogs, the moderator of this group has got to be a wimp. I can picture it. One of these has got to be him...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Strangest Gathering

Ahh, if I am able to go to this, which would be nice if I can, it'd be great. But it will all depend on where I am at that time. I may be in Coos Bay, or I may be in Aberdeen. If I am in Aberdeen or Ocean Shores even, I will be able to make it. I don't know how, but I can make it a lot easier. But if I am in Coos Bay, I won't be able to make it at all. I really am leaning more towards moving to Coos Bay. If I move there, then making it to this gathering would be rather difficult. Though not impossible. I've invited a lot of my Facebook friends there, including my sis, even though she is not an INXS fan. The main reason I invited her is because I would want her to bring Minnie and Vegas. Especially if I happen to not have dogs of my own by then, and I probably won't.

There is another drawback to going to this event. If I do go to this event, I cannot go to Australia to make my movie, and I really REALLY want that!! Of course the same thing can be said if I happen to get another dog. If I get a dog, I won't be able to go to Australia either, because I would need someone to take care of the dog for me at my home while I am gone. But if I do decide to can the trip to Australia, and just go to this event, maybe get a dog to take with me, I hope to have that dog trained. I'm going to train that dog to bite stuff that sucks, like radicals! LOL! So far though, I've noticed at least one of the radicals is not going. Maybe none of the radicals will show up. The only people I invited were my friends that were not invited. Well, I do want to support my friend, who is busy coordinating this gathering, and it would be an awesome thing to go to. I asked my friend if it is OK if I bring my babies (IF I have them by then) and she said it was. I hope no one going is allergic to dogs. If they are, I'll have to keep my dogs as far from them as possible. I just would not be as comfortable without my babies with a bunch of strangers around as I would be with them.

Well, as I understand it, there's going to be sales booths, which is cool. Maybe I will get some copies of my books to sell. Maybe gather my best INXS and INXS-inspired stories and take them with me. Who knows? Maybe some of my buddies will like them. There's also going to be drawings, and door prizes, and food! Nothing fancy though. But as long as it's not all vegetarian crap or health food, and there is some chocolate something (not with raspberries or strawberries though), I'll enjoy it! Either way, the way this sounds, it's going to kick-ass!

But just like every major event, looks like this friend is facing some turmoil. Some of the drama queens have dropped her. Probably the same dipshits that dropped me too. I just don't get involved in the drama. Like I said to this friend, it's usually nothing but a load of bullshit anyways! Nothing but a bunch of petty, small-minded people bitching about petty bullshit anyways. So, I genuinely do not get involved. This friend was always a sweet person to me! No reason for me to get involved in BS about her anyways.

I am still looking for a place to move to. My ma is coming next month, and we are going to investigate. I've even been looking back in Washington state for a place. Mostly along the coast. I want her to come, she has a car, I don't. The only way I am going to get out of here is if I am able to drive around and look. She even says she is ready to forgive Nancy. Those two can never stay mad at each other for long. Well, this was Nancy's fault. But those two have been friends with each other for about 40 years now. Nancy is a sweet person, but she makes bad choices sometimes. She does things she shouldn't do. So, she wants to see her when we go there. I told her all I want is to visit that donut shop in Lakewood. They have the most awesome donuts there!! I should suggest some of those for this INXS gathering!! They have the best donuts I've ever had in my life anyways! Well, one thing I must always have in a place I move to, they must keep the pet option open to me. I must be able to have a pet when I am ready! I told my ma that one thing I've found out about Oregon, this is NOT a pet-friendly state!! Especially along the coast. Most of the rental properties here that do allow pets are WAY out of my price-range. And if you are a pet-lover, NEVER even think of moving to Gold Beach!! Even the higher-priced rentals there do not allow pets. Gold Beach is definitely NOT pet-friendly! I'm almost ready to can this rental shit and just buy my own fucking house!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Animals Everyone Else Thinks is Beautiful, But I Think Are Ugly

OK, now that I have posted animals that I think are beautiful, but everyone else thinks is ugly, I thought in this post I would go the other way. Now, I am going to post animals that everyone else thinks is beautiful, or fascinating, but I think are ugly! If you are a fag, or weak in any way, and you think this is going to disturb you, then stop reading right now. Just leave this post immediately and go on to what you believe would be a "happier" or "more positive" post. Or go visit another blog. This isn't about you. This blog is all about me. By listing these animals, I am in no way trying to sway anyone to agree with me, or change their own mind. This is for demonstrative purposes only. So now, let's get started.

It's safe to say I hate any spotted felines. Jaguars are among those. They are the largest of the new world felines, and to me, every bit as dull as the rest of them! I can't stand these beasts! And I get pissed off when people compare my Michael to a panther of any kind! Sorry to my friends, but Michael is NOT a panther!! He's much better!

Well really, I don't like any large felines. So they are going to make up the majority of this list. Cheetahs are no exception. I think their small head, wimpy body, and so many spots it looks like they have a bad case of the measles, make this one of the ugliest animals I've ever seen in my life. That plus the black, dead-looking eyes. Cheetahs are however, the only felines that kill 100% of their own prey. All other felines have been known to scavenge, or steal, kills from other animals. Though the panther fags refuse to admit it.

Like I said in my last post, I don't like ANY large felines. Though I do think snow leopards are the most gorgeous of the feline family, I find others, such as this African leopard absolutely repulsive and disgusting! Sometimes they have been known to kill for fun. Other people like them because of their spots, I think their spots are not at all impressive. And their dead-looking stare makes me want to shout at them "STOP FUCKING LOOKING AT ME YOU UGLY BEAST!!!"

Of all the panthers that I hate, lions are probably the ones that I hate the most! I can't stand even looking at them in books. Other people think they are "majestic" animals. But I don't. I find them to be lazy, useless, and disgusting. They make me physically ill to look at. Lions definitely have been known on many occasions (and we've all seen them) to kill for fun. They kill hyenas all the time for the sake of nothing but pleasure. IMO, lions are the real cowards of the animal kingdom. They would be nothing without their size.

There is a reason I refuse to call Michael's daughter "tiger", it's because I can't stand the beasts. Other people look at them and see their stripes on a reddish-brown body and think they are "beautiful". I look at them and all I see is the ugly, sickening flabby skin on their belly, and it reminds me of why I am afraid to lose weight at my age! I think tigers look like a blow-up doll that was over-inflated and then deflated, being left with sagging everywhere. Besides they are lazy and stupid creatures.

A lot of people think koalas are cute. They are what a lot of people consider "cute", in an obvious kind of way. Too obvious! Too obvious for me. I'd probably like them better if they had long, grasping tails like their close relatives, the phalangers. But they don't, and I think it makes them look kinda ugly. Besides the fact that they do nothing all day, except eat, sleep and take a dump. Still, I think they are somewhat cuter than a lot of other animals on this list.

Again, I would probably like them if they had longer tails, but they don't, and I don't like them very much. They remind me a little too much of giant guinea pigs. Besides the fact that they just look cumbersome. They just aren't at all among my favorite marsupials.

Guinea Pig:
I admit it, I am not that fond of guinea pigs, although I do like a lot of the guinea pigs' wild relatives, like the Patagonian cavy and the capybara, I just don't find guinea pigs very impressive at all. As pets, I've only known them to be skittish to a point where I just cannot get into them, and love them like a person should any pet. I find them to be somewhat annoying, which is why I would never have another guinea pig in my life.

Gray Tabby Cats:
It doesn't matter if they are solid gray tabbies or have white to break the monotony, I think gray tabbies are the ugliest cats of all!! Every one of my cat-owning friends always has a gray tabby. The coloring is dull, they are nothing special to look at, and they are WAY too common! I've gotten to a point where I look at other peoples' cat pictures, or I hear my friends talking about their cats and I'm like "If it's a damn gray tabby, I don't want to see it or hear about it! Get something better, then try me!"

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Letter-Writing Day

I think it's a cool idea. One of my friends has organized a world letter-writing day. Shoot! I wouldn't know who to write to. But this should be kinda fun, so I decided to participate this year. I'm an introvert. I am not in the habit of writing letters. But anyone who wants me to, I will write to them, maybe send them a motivational message. The only thing is I hope I have moved to the place I am going to move to by the time this event rolls around. I still want to move to Coos Bay. But it is looking more and more like that will be an impossibility. I may have to stay here for a while. With me having to rent a car once a month, it's been almost impossible to save some money. I did not get as much as I would have hoped for this month. I'm upset. But even if I wind up still here in Astoria, I'm hoping to move to a place where I can at least hire a dial-a-ride so I can go places every now and then! Staying couped up in this house is getting to be bullshitty!

I rarely even write emails to anyone, unless they write to me first. And it has been many a year that I've even considered writing snail-mail to anyone. I don't even go to my mailbox every day. Not unless I am expecting something, because my inbox is a block away. I especially do not go on cloudy or rainy days, again, unless I am expecting something. So, I am hoping to be in my new place before this event happens in September. But I do like the person organizing the event, and he said I could write to him. Well, that'd be great. Maybe too, I might learn to trust some people again. It'd be great enough to know not all the world is full of radicals! Maybe I'll even spice up my letters by putting it on my very best stationary. hehe! Of course I am going to write to my family, and the friends who want me to write to them. I am a little nervous doing this though. I'm not sure I want strangers to get my mailing address. Well, one good thing is the radicals all have me blocked (as far as I know) so at least they won't be getting my address! LOL! Can you imagine the lynch mob that would come after me if they did get it? I'm only going to give my address to people who ask for it, and only in PMs, and only if I trust them!

Of course, I just remembered something. One of the fags does have my home address. But it's only this one, and I do hope to be out of here by then. It's the guy who sent me that INXS magazine. I had to give him my home address to get the magazine! Well, maybe with him having me blocked on Facebook, he cannot access my messages anymore. I hope not! I don't care to hear from the radicals. And as bad as he is, he might share my address with other radicals! Well, hopefully I will only be here for maybe a few (?) more months. And he's not getting my next address, I don't care what he offers!

Damn! Now I went and made myself nervous!! I need to get out of here soon!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Animals I Think Are Beautiful, But Everyone Else Thinks is Ugly

You all know by now I love animals! I love them more than I like people. In fact, a lot of the times, I hate people! Though I love my friends and family, every time I hear some story of in-compassionate or hard-nosed, judgmental people, it reminds me of why I hate people in the first place! I think most every animal is beautiful. Well, except for panthers of any kind! I still can't stand them! But there are some animals that I think are absolutely spectacular, but everyone else thinks is ugly. Just about every animal family has at least some utterly gorgeous species, even the panther family. Among the panthers, I think snow leopards are the prettiest. However, this post is not about that, this is about species within families of animals that everyone else thinks is ugly, and I've heard so many people say it and scowl at the thought of those groups. Here are some of the most beautiful representatives of those families:

Though most murophobes would disagree with me I am sure, there are indeed some very handsome looking mice out there. Zebra mice are among those. But it is true that mice do carry nasty diseases, a lot of them are harmful to humans, one has to admit, at a distance, there are some very good-looking mice. I used to raise zebra mice a long time ago, when owning some was still legal in the USA. I thought they were not only such beautiful rodents, but also very graceful as well.

Well, just as there are some impressive-looking mice out there in the world, there are also some very handsome looking rats as well. Because of their long, furry, cat-like tails, you'd never take this Panay cloud rat for a rat! In fact, the only thing that might give this guy away as even being a rat would be it's typical rodent incisors. Most of us think of rats as being squat creatures with long, naked tails, as that is what most of us are used to seeing as being what makes a rat a rat. Cloud rats, which are found in the Philippines, live in trees in cool, cloudy rain forests, and have developed somewhat longer legs for leaping abilities, flexible toes for grasping branches effectively, and a profusely-furred tail for insulation.

Most of us, when we think of opossums, we think of the common American opossum that is considered a delicacy in the south. Most people also think they are ugly, lazy and stupid. But really, I think they are very beautiful animals myself. And there are some very impressive varieties out there in the world. This is the Thick-tailed opossum, also known as the Lutrine opossum because it somewhat resembles an otter. It is even capable of swimming, and has been known to feed on fish. This relative of the American opossum lives in South America and is one of the more handsome of the new world marsupials.

Well personally, I just think all birds are beautiful! But I love vultures. This King vulture is perhaps the most colorful vulture of them all and it is found in South America, where a vast number of brightly-colored birds are found. Vultures look scarier than they really are because of their eagle-like beaks, which are useful for tearing up chunks of meat from a carcass. Their beaks however are weaker than those of hawks and eagles, so they generally have to wait for a predator to finish eating before the whole flock of vultures take over a kill. They usually wait until after all the mammalian scavengers, like hyenas and jackals, finish because the mammals are better able to open up a carcass as they have more powerful jaws than the vultures. But ironically, it is usually vultures that sense a kill or a dying animal first.

There are a number of hairless dog breeds, but the Xoloitzcuintli has become one of the most famous. A lot of people think hairless dogs are ugly, but I happen to think the Xolo is a very handsome dog! They come in 3 sizes, this one pictured is the Standard Xolo, but there is also a miniature, and the rarely-seen toy version. They were used in Mexico as bed-warmers before there was ever such a thing as electric blankets.

I admit it, bats are one of my most favorite animals. Not all, mind you, but mostly the pteropods fascinate me. Lots of people don't like them, because they mistake them all for being like miniature vampires. But most bats, like this Dwarf epauletted fruit bat, are gentle animals that usually do not bite unless provoked. But it is true that bats are reservoirs for a number of fatal viruses and bacteria, among those rabies, and it is currently believed they may also be the chief transporters of ebola virus. But all in all, if you leave them alone, and just stand back and admire them, you'd notice they are beautiful creatures, and actually carry fewer diseases than cats.

A lot of people think of frogs as being ugly, slimy, stupid creatures. But in truth, there are a lot of very nice-looking frogs. I've always been fascinated by frogs and things like that. There are also many quite colorful varieties. We all know about the poison-dart frogs of the Amazon jungle, but also several other varieties are quite colorful, like this Red-eyed tree frog. I think frogs are cool! They come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and have such cute little calls, I just find them irresistible!

Most people don't like snakes because they are scared. They are afraid every snake they will meet will be venomous. Well, meet the California red-sided garter snake, one of the most attractive snakes in North America. It is completely non-venomous, and actually a very gentle snake. Snakes however, are nervous animals because they have numerous predators, and their skin is not really that tough. So, they are actually quite easy prey for predators, which means they will defend themselves viciously sometimes.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Very Sad Night

This is going to be a rare event, a 3-post day! I haven't done one of these since 2006. But tonight I received some horrible news!! I first heard it on my other Facebook account, which is why I use that account in the first place! I don't always see everything in my usual Facebook account. But one of my friends has passed away! I am literally in tears tonight! She was such a sweet person. One of the most loyal and friendly people I've ever known on Facebook! I liked her a lot! Her name was Lisa Follen. I've done PCs with her many times before and she always seemed happy. Even her words seemed to smile. I liked that about her. She never bad-mouthed about anyone, she was loyal, she was from Australia but she was not a Yatesfag. No, she was one of the nicest, kindest, sweetest people I've ever known! She was unfortunately a very rare kind of person. I'm going to miss her!

At first I was saying "NOOOOOO! Say it's not so!!" I even went to one of the messages she left me on my other Facebook account and cried "Please tell me you're still there!" almost like a baby sitting beside a parent who is not there. Or like a friend by her best friend's bedside, trying to get her to wake up, but she won't. I want it all to not be true. I want someone to tell me it's not so. I'm still waiting. I don't even have any idea what happened. Why is she gone?

Ya know this kind of thing always comes up. Why? What? How? Why Lisa? Why couldn't it have been one of those stupid radicals instead? They wouldn't be missed. Not by me anyways. What happened to her? What snuffed her from this world? How did it happen? When did it happen? I'm not even sure of that! I only just heard about it today. It shouldn't have been her! But you know that's the way it always is. It's never the radicals and assholes who die first. It's always the nicest, kindest, gentlest people who has made an effort in this world to make everyone else smile. That's why this world is going to hell in a handbasket! All the good people are leaving here first, leaving nothing but the bad people. I kinda hope I am next. I don't want to be in a world like this anymore. If the radicals and assholes are going to be all that is left here, then I've had it with this world! I hate this place. Oh well, let's not separate "radicals" and "assholes"! They are one in the same. Radicals ARE assholes!!

My only comfort in all this is knowing that Lisa is now in Heaven, chatting it up with Michael. I hope she is having fun up there. I hope they are enjoying drinks together. I hope he is serenading her happily up there as a great friend would. Though I am down here, wiping tears from my eyes, I do hope she is happy. And I will do this one last time just for her. Lisa, this is for you...


GOD bless you! Thank you for being such a loyal friend. RIP and give Michael a kiss from me again.

Why I Forgive Michael and Not Paula

I was visiting this video last night that I first saw several months ago. People say Paula was extremely smart. Yeah, she was! Smart like a fox! She was indeed crafty enough that she was able to induce Michael into her world without much trying. Of course I think Michael was just trying to build up that family life he so badly craved. What better way to go about it than to find an older woman who already has been married and has 3 children? Well, this one person on YouTube and I have been back and forth on and off since I posted a comment saying yes, Paula was too smart. She was smart enough to trap Michael. This person said he was dumb enough to fall into it. Well, as much as I love my Michael, that's undeniable, he was indeed not as smart as Paula. Michael could not really help it that he fell in love. And not being attached to anyone previously, well, he had a right to pursue whatever interested him. If he was attracted to a milk cow, that's really his business. I love Michael. I respect that of him.

That all being said, I just don't feel Paula was the right choice for him. She was already married to Bob Geldof for several years before getting in with Michael, and she had 3 children with Geldof (I think). Though I do have some speculation about that, for argument's sake, I'm saying the kids were Paula's and Geldof's. Paula was attached already when she cheated with Michael. Even though I do not care for Bob Geldof, I can imagine how betrayed he felt. So can a lot of the Yatesfags, they just won't admit it. But if their husbands, or wives, cheated on them, they'd be thinking the same thing I'll wager you. Actually, if you look at humans on an evolutionary scale, we are not naturally monogamous. Before there was ever such a thing as marriage or even the Bible, early men had harems, usually of about 3-5 women. We also see evidence of this in modern apes and monkeys. Almost none of the apes or monkeys are monogamous. But that was the men (or males). The females (or women) usually stayed with the males for life. Polygamy is illegal in the USA, and I just don't understand that myself. But leave it to human laws to try and change nature.

Anyways, the fact of the matter is, there are things that Michael did that I should also get angry with him for, things that Paula did that I am already angry for. For one thing, both of them abandoned Lily. Michael was first though. So why am I not angry at him because of that? Yet I am angry at Paula for doing pretty much the same. How does one account for that? Well, when Michael died, I don't think he meant to leave Lily. And I guess he figured that Paula would always be around to take care of his child. It's sad that Michael put all his trust into a woman with the morals of a maggot! In the end, Lily was left all alone and Michael was turning over in his grave. Thankfully, Geldof was there to take Lily in and adopt her. For that reason alone, I have some amount of respect for Geldof, even though Michael did not want Lily to wind up with him, and he won't let Michael's remaining family see Lily. Now, if Paula had done some actual thinking, and stopped the drugs and thought of Lily for a change, I might have more respect for her today. But she didn't. So I don't have any respect for her.

Another thing I should be angry at Michael for is using Paula to have his child when she was already married. I'm angry at Paula for allowing him to do it. I know Michael was starving for a family. His own sis describes him sitting and watching her children with a look in his eyes that told her how much he craved having kids of his own. So, I know he really wanted to have kids. I totally understand that. But he should have done it with an unattached woman, like Helena or Kylie was at the time. Instead of going for a woman who was already married and had 3 kids with another (or other) men. It was Michael's choice, but it's one of those times when I like the person a lot, but I just cannot support his decision. And I won't. But I am also angry at Paula for this because she was not only older than Michael, but also a very intelligent woman. She should have said to him either "No, I won't do it with you because I have a husband already." or she could have said "Let's wait. I've been meaning to divorce my husband, so let's wait until the divorce is final." This way, Michael could have been spared a lot of headaches with fighting with the press and Geldof.

Michael also introduced Paula to drugs. Yes, though I hate to admit it, it was Michael who got Paula into drugs in the first place. Michael was not really a mature man. If Paula had used any of her brains instead of her vagina, which I'm still not so sure she really had, she would have said to him "Let's not do this crap! I have kids and I want to live to see them grow older. And you should want that too!" She should have made him get off the drugs. Michael was a sweet, wonderful man, but sometimes he didn't act like he had the brains to match his beauty. For that I feel bad.

So looking back on all this, in reality, I should be thinking Michael was the scum of the earth! I should be feeling bad for Paula. But I just don't. Why? Well, one thing is it goes back to the loyal person that I am. I am extremely loyal and forgiving. In fact, I've always said to my friends that the only person in history that is possibly more forgiving than me is Jesus. Not only do I forgive easily, I actually gain more respect for the person who repents. Though Michael is not here to repent, I am sure he would if he could. I have been a fan of Michael's since 1990. I fell in love with him on first sight. I was never a fan of Paula's. I didn't even know she existed until 1998, after Michael was gone. I sure as hell didn't know she had Michael's child. It wasn't until after he was gone that I even found out he had a family. But to me, that does not matter. It was Michael I cared about. Not Paula. Never Paula! There's just something about when you love someone so much, as I did Michael, no apologies or repentance is necessary. I cannot explain it.

There is a story that was presented on Unsolved Mysteries, about a man who was sleepwalking, went to the house of his in-laws, and killed his mother in law and brutally beat up his father in law. Now, you would think his wife would never want to see him again after this. But that was not the case. She just forgave him and went home with him. Even though her family did not feel the same way. But she loved her husband so much, she just simply forgave him and went on. I would think something like that would be unforgivable. It'd be hard for me to forgive my husband if he did that to my family. But I guess one never really knows until its happened to them. Though I know Michael did not kill anyone, I think this is just why I can forgive him, but I can never forgive Paula. Shows how deep my love for Michael really is. I know that sounds corny, but it's the only explanation I have.

Black Lives Matter

Well personally, I think all lives should matter. Everything was put here for a reason. I was put here to blog, speak my mind, and hopefully make people think. INXS was put here to entertain me and keep me fueled. My parents and my sis were put here to guide me through life. The radicals were put here to ruin everything for everybody. My dogs were put here to make me happy all over again. See, everything is here for some reason. Whether it be good or bad. But now there is this new thing going around called "Black Lives Matter". It's a movement black people use now to gripe and complain about racism 50 years after segregation. They think that just because a kid named Trayvon Martin, an African-American teenager, was shot by George Zimmerman, who happened to be a Caucasian police man, and killed back in 2012, that the world needs to suffer now because "racism still exists". But just like any radical movement, this BLM movement is only making everything worse for everybody.

Just like all radicals, people who support this BLM movement are getting cocky and violent. I have been seeing black people getting more and more violent and in peoples' faces lately, so it's worse than it's ever been before! I saw a video today of a group of young black women who got into fights with a bunch of other men and women, of mixed races, in an apartment complex. No one knew then who started it or why. If you ask me, black people need to stop targeting white people and get to the actual cause of their pain and suffering in society. It's not about white people enslaving black people. It's not about cops shooting black kids. It's not about trying to prove which race is superior. It has nothing to do with any of that. It's about how black people have been presenting themselves. Now, I know there are some very decent African-American people out there, I've known many. But when I see videos like this, I can't understand why the low-class people who commit acts like these wonder why they aren't so persecuted. In case they didn't realize it, this is why cops expect the worse from black people, especially teens. The people who did all the attacking in this video were teenagers. And if you listen closely, you can hear someone laughing while they are just standing by filming. That's not right!

I know when I was a kid, I was scared to death of people of different races. I know that may sound terrible, but I'd seen so many acts just like this one, committed by people just like the ones in this video, that just to see one made me scared. Except for those I knew and trusted very well. Today it's different. I would still feel the same way I did when I was a kid if I had never met Paul. He was my first boyfriend, and he was African-American, and I loved him! But he was nothing like the people you see fighting in this video. He was a gentleman. He never did, and never would, lay a finger on me to harm me in any way. But we are seeing mobs like this now forming more and more often. I think it's because of all this radicalism that is going on in the world today.

I even had one person today accuse me of being a feminist. I was PISSED!!!! I was like "How dare she call me that!!" You can say a lot of things about me. You can call me fat, you can call me ugly, you can call me GOD's worst mistake, I don't care!! But to accuse me of being a radical of any kind makes me angry!!! The world needs to stop all this radical bullshit and just learn to get along! No more fights, or bullying. No more name-calling, and no more taking everything too personally. Live and let-live. Like I've said before, I would love to nuke all the radicals in the world! But I can't! But I see videos like this, and believe this all got started because of this BLM radical bullshit, and it makes me wish I can. I always heard it's going to get worse before it gets better. How could this possibly get any more worse than it is? People need to change if they want to make a difference.

OK, I know I used to get outrageously angry over little things like this, but I stopped doing that long ago. The way I learned to stop myself was by learning to not take every little thing too personally. I take a lot of things in stride now. I find that makes life a lot more fun. Much better than getting angry at every little thing. I think this guy in this video covers very well what I am trying to say. Believe it or not, I just saw this video as I was typing this blog. I did not see it before I typed. This is one of those cases of great minds thinking alike. But he says black people basically are giving themselves a bad reputation. And it's true! Watch this clip and view his commentary after the clip.