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Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Dangers of Antifa

This weekend, a young reporter named Andy Ngo was attacked by Antifa. They claimed Andy Ngo is a "nazi" and so they threw a milkshake at him laced with fast-drying cement. He was hit hard enough that he endured a brain aneurysm and was hospitalized. This happened in Portland too. Makes me ashamed of being an Oregonian! After this, Antifa still cannot see that they are the violent ones?? They called Andy Ngo a "nazi" and he is nowhere near being a nazi! Remember, nazis were liberals back in the 1940s. Well, they still are today! In the form of Antifa. But the sad thing is Antifa does not see that. They think they're fighting for what is right. Well, they're not! They just think they are. They're nazis fighting innocent people in naziesque style. They're psychotic! Someone once told me that what makes a psychotic a psychotic is they do psychotic things and then claim they're innocent. That is exactly what Antifa does! But this is the age of mental illness. If trannies can claim they don't have a mental illness and get treated as if they are normal, then Antifa can act like crazed schizophrenics and claim they are normal too.

One of the saddest things about that is the authorities, and the mainstream media all take the side of Antifa and say Andy Ngo was in the wrong. OMG!!! I hate people! Andy Ngo is apparently a descendant of Vietnam immigrants and he's apparently gay! He's nowhere near being a nazi! And these are the kind of people Antifa claims to defend! Bullshit!!! If Andy Ngo is indeed gay, then he is the kind of gay person I admire. He's not like Carlos Maza! He doesn't bring it up in every tweet he writes. He doesn't make that his defining characteristic. He doesn't whine about things happening to him just because it's Pride Month! All these things gays like Carlos Maza does, and he is the kind of gay person I have ZERO respect for!!! It's OK to be gay, but you don't have to keep bringing it up in every one of your tweets on Twitter! That gets old after so many times. I don't admire those who keep it in the closet, but it's not brought up every time they tweet either, nor do they bring it up in every conversation. Those are the kind of gays I have respect for! The way Carlos Maza does it, it feels like he's pushing his lifestyle on others, or he's like "Hey! I'm gay! That means I'm better than you! You can't touch me! But I can disrespect you!" Like the no-class gays who harassed that one Christian baker in Colorado. That made me lose all respect in the whole LGBT organization. I used to be a supporter, until they harassed that poor guy for the second time! And now, a third time!!!

But anyways, Andy Ngo set up a GoFundMe page, and he is almost up to $100,000! WAY past his goal!! If you'd like to contribute to it, go here! https://www.gofundme.com/f/protect-andy-ngo-fund

I especially feel bad for what happened to Andy Ngo! It happened in my own state! I almost feel indebted to him! The same thing happened to my Michael, so it hits me hard! Michael lost his senses of taste and smell. He never got it back. I can only hope Andy Ngo stays strong. We need more reporters like him. People who are not afraid to stand up to the Antifa bullies. BTW, some of the attackers were arrested. Good! But Antifa also posted a GoFundMe to get bail money for those who were arrested, but I won't link to it here. Any idiot who wants to donate to that shit will not get my help, nor my blessing!! I say let those assholes rot in prison!!! In fact, if I could find out where they are being jailed, I'd go there and spit in their faces! Eh I wish!!

I am so sick of the bullshit in this state! Totally SICK!! I want out NOW!!! It's getting worse and worse! But where can I go? All the reddest states are inland. I don't want to move there. And I sure as Hell don't want to move south!

Friday, June 28, 2019

Dummycrat Debates

OK I saw the first night only, and then I couldn't watch the whole thing because these people were totally insane!!! I mean really, they are stark-raving loony-toons!! The democrats in this country have gone totally full-retard now! Beto O'Rourke got up there and totally embarrassed himself! When he didn't have an answer to something, he switched into the "no habla english" mode. The others are all now mocking him for that. Typical libtards!! But O'Rourke did embarrass himself doing that. I wonder why he suddenly changed into someone who only spoke spanish? Did his publicity managers tell him to do that? Or my idea was probably the most likely; he thought he was just being cute. Either way, he shocked the other debaters on the platform. I heard everyone else was mocking him onstage. I couldn't watch the whole thing, it was too dumb!

And the big prize for the night I watched; Julian Castro saying that trans "women" need to have access to abortions as well. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OK, here I thought I had channeled in on some Dunesbury-style comedy show! Doesn't this fool know that trans "women" can't even get pregnant??? I mean really! What happened to basic biology??? Oh wait! It's now offensive to even mention basic biology! These are the same people who say scientifically GOD doesn't exist, but science and facts are "offensive". Well, tell us what it is dude! You either believe in make-believe (as in transgenders and "GOD") or you believe in science! You can't have both. Not in your language! A trans "woman" can never get pregnant, because he doesn't have a vagina! Idiots like Riley J. Dennis wants us to believe that a man can magically grow a vagina, and a woman can magically grow a functional penis. Not going to happen! Ever in our lifetime! Nor at any time in evolution. The main purpose for our species is to reproduce. That's why animals were put here to begin with. But with so many gays, trannies and queers, our species seems to be the first in Earth's history to be going in reverse.

I still say however, it is survival of the fittest. Women who are not confused about their sexuality do not have to be attracted to trans "men". And men who are not confused do not have to be attracted to trans "women". In fact like me, most men and women I know of would be furious if a tranny wanted to date them, and did not tell them they are a tranny. That should anger anyone! I'm not that fricken desperate for a mate. I'll never date a woman! Or a trans "man". Call me a "transphobe" all you want to! It'll never happen!

Ya know, the libtards are starting to get too smart though. They are finally realizing their words don't mean anything to anyone anymore. So now, they are starting to use violence. That's why they've begun throwing milkshakes and bricks at people who do not adhere to their narrative. One person who had a milkshake laced with acid thrown on him is seeking vengeance against the person who did it to him. It has become commonplace in the UK. Boy! I'm glad I never moved to the UK!!! I almost did once! I'm so glad I didn't!! Ever since I was in the MH and His Life fan group on Facebook, I've known the UK had no free speech rights. That was the reason I never wanted to go back in that group, and I even told Katrina to stay away from that group because those people will do the same thing to her as they did to me. They absolutely do not believe in free speech because the mods there are all from countries that do not allow it. And I taught Katrina to always speak her mind. She told me they kept trying to add her to that group, but she finally told them to stop it. I said good! She doesn't need to be in that group!

The only safe places in Europe to move to is Hungary and Poland, places like that. But you can only move to those places if you are white. They were the smarter countries. They realized how colored people (like the muslims other European countries are letting in) will ruin everything in their country so their government said "Hell NO! You can't come here!" Good on them! The fags hate those countries because of it, but I say that's their problem! The countries that are allowing colored people in are becoming shithole pits, broken into battles, violence, crime, and streets filled with garbage. It's sad! And the bleeding-heart libtard SJWs are allowing those things to happen. They are allowing their countries to be ruined. Very soon there won't be any place a decent person with their own beliefs can go to get away from this madness.

We need the apocalypse. NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Some Changes To UMG

There have been a few add-ons to UMG Productions. I went back to Kunaki for example, for DVDs. I was using Trepstar, but the one thing I did not like about their service was they would charge customers at least $25 for assistance! I don't like that. Kunaki, as far as I know, does not charge anything for customer service. I wouldn't want my customers to have to pay someone just to ask them a question! That's dumb! So, I went back to Kunaki. This means I'll have to purchase the DVDs I create once every 180 days, just to keep them available on the site, but that's OK. No biggie. It's better than having to pay $25 for assistance. But Kunaki has it's flaws too. In Trepstar, if I wanted to change a video I put on a disk, all I had to do was go to that project and edit, and it would let me upload a different movie. Kunaki does not allow that. You have to begin a whole new project in order to change the movie. That kinda sucks!!! I've made some very subtle changes to a couple episodes of Katrina Hates You. I also redid the entire Timmyfan In Montana movie. The original was boring! And FAR too long!!! There was no need for that movie to be nearly 3 hours long! So, I took out all the boring shit and made it a bit more exciting.

Also, I've completed a few more videobooks. You can view them at this link. I'm working on more videobooks too. I'd like to make all my books into videobooks if I can. I have limits though. Nothing x-rated or containing profanity will be made into a videobook. I'd like to keep the animation child-friendly. Currently, I am working on another videobook. I hope to have it available by the end of next month. Or maybe the end of summer. It depends. But I hope to have it available soon. I also hope to make more videobooks available in the coming year. I like hiring other voices for my project. It sort of brings the stories to life. I mean like in real life. It's kinda fun using other voices in my projects to represent different characters. I have a couple that I've recently worked on up on YouTube, but they are not available for public viewing. I only allow close friends and family (and vocal contributors) to view them. People I know I can trust. Also, I've opened up the Tip Jar function for all videos. The minimum tip is $2, and the customer has the option to pay more if they want to. This is for those who want to view the videos on a tip alone.

Also, I've always wanted to put my home made Batman stories up on UMG Productions. Keep in mind, this is not like the original Batman comics! These are animal characters playing Batman characters. I am also still working on getting these stories to a stage that they are presentable on the site. Well, due to copyrights, I cannot make them available on the mainsite. So, I created a secret site to make them available to whomever wants them. I make no money off the Batman stories. The amount that is required to purchase the books is strictly printing and cover costs. I'm even waving my labor costs on these stories. It's killing me, but what the heck! These Batman stories are some of my greatest creations! They're funny! They're even a bit strange. But then again, so was Tim Burton's Batman movies. They too were dark and sinister. Anyways, I'm still in the process of creating these stories, so more will become available through time. This video explains how to access this "secret page"...

The page also has a couple other goodies that I cannot put up on the site. One of them is the original (1998) version of Gracie's Odyssey. What you get on the site is actually the 2012 version of the story, which has been revised. I personally prefer the 1998 version better. AH! So does Katrina! I used to read it to her when she went to bed at night It's raw, unedited, virtually untouched. There's some things you'll notice are different from the 2012 version. Lisa is not in there. Very few humans are in the story, other than the 2 zookeepers. And Davy goes to live in Toutle, WA (where I was living at the time this story was written), and he is staying in a home for wayward animals. Much like a shelter for wild animals. This is the story that was actually inspired by my Michael. I should have put that story up on the site, but in 2015, I opted to have the newer version on the site instead. So, the original version remained obsolete, until now. Also available on this page is a DVD full of all the videobooks I've done so far. I thought it would be kinda cool to have all of them on one disk, for those who would like to see all the ones we've got so far.

Well, those are some changes that have been made. Enjoy the new features, for those who are interested in trying them. Back to our regular political posts tomorrow.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Who Is Racist???

Liberals love to call conservatives all kinds of horrible names, with no proof backing any of them up. They like to call us bigots, racists, homophobes, transphobes, islamophobes, say we hate women, and all other kinds of shit like that. I hear those names a lot being directed at conservatives. I'm always left wondering, where are these conservatives they keep talking about? Where are the racists? Where are the bigots? The homophobes? The transphobes? The islamophobes? Where are the ones who hate women? Where?? I'd like to know. Most of the conservatives I've met have been very level-headed, and kind people. It was always the far-leftists who were the hateful ones. It has always been left-wingers who have been the ones who always said hateful things about me. You can always tell who the left-wingers are. They are the ones who call others names because they cannot just agree to disagree. They stick up for cats and panthers. They are only brave in groups (or behind a computer screen) and they talk about how another person looks when they have no videos or pictures of themselves online. That is how I can always tell who is a leftist.

Am I a racist? Well, that's a hard question to answer. I may be more of a specieist. LMAO!! Using that word the same way the vegans do. I don't just hate muslims. I don't just hate illegal immigrants. I don't just hate blacks. I don't just hate whites. I don't just hate women or men. I don't just hate gays or trannies. I just hate ALL people. I just hate people. I hate all people equally as much. It doesn't matter who they are or what they look like or what their sexual orientation is. All people are evil in some way or another. I'd rather be in the company of animals. I've been let down too many times by people. As a christian, I love them. But as myself, I hate them. There's only a few people I genuinely love and they are my family and closest friends. That's all I feel I need. My friends may be few in numbers, but at least they are true-blue in spite of all. Quality over quantity! At least now, I don't have any friends who are liars or cheats!

I hear this thing all the time from people, especially liberals on YouTube. They say that the biggest racists are the people who keep saying they have friends who are black, gay, Mexican, etc. No. That does not prove someone is a racist when they say that. That only proves that person does have very diverse friends. I think the most racist people are the ones who keep saying "you're racist if you say you have friends that are [insert minority here]". People who say that need to grow up! They need to learn what real racism is! I watch a lot of Jesse Lee Peterson, and he agrees. I love when Morgan Freeman was asked how people can overcome racism and his answer was "Stop talking about it!" I agree! If people would stop talking about it, they wouldn't find racism in everything. Especially in things where race is the least of their meaning. For example, I once heard someone say that even something as mundane as snow is racist! That was probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard! A person would have to have one hell of a boring, pathetic life to come up with that as an argument for racism!!

Ya know, that is what I find is the one thing these leftists have in common. I think they make this shit up just so they can occupy themselves with anger. It's really ridiculous! They cannot do anything else because they have no talent, no creativity, no desire, so they make their hobby getting offended. Personally, I don't see the point in that. Why would anyone want to just get offended at everything? Maybe it's like how the Westboro Baptist Church got their power; by people talking about them all the time. As long as people were talking about them, others would watch their videos, talk about them all the time, and go see their protests. That gave them power. That gave them the attention they were after. Maybe today's leftists are using that same method. Like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum, saying something is racist, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, or any other kind of phobic they believe is bigoted, gets them the attention they crave. And as long as it does, they are going to keep calling conservatives those things. Simple economics. If we want them to stop, then stop talking to them or about them. Then they won't have a reason to spread their hate. No one will be listening.

The big difference between leftists and the Westboro Baptist Church is the WBC does not get violent when they don't get that attention they want. They just move on until they do get that attention. Leftists on the other hand, will get violent if they don't get attention. I'll tell you, I could just smack Obama for doing this to this country! Bigotry was almost extinct until Obama became president! We were almost at a point where we could have all lived together harmoniously. Then Obama became president and threw a monkey wrench in the workings! He did NOTHING else during his presidency except that! I'll tell you, I've never even seen so many racist people in my life as I am seeing right now. And NONE of those racists are conservatives!

Then there is the passing of this bill here in OR that I was talking about the other day. Where it is now illegal for a white person to call 911 on a black person. Now this state is going to go downhill fast! That has got to be the craziest bill this state has ever passed, or will ever pass! I don't know how that can even be topped! You can't get any stupider than that! That bill is only going to give violent thugs, who are black, a pardon to commit more crimes against white people. And you know why this bill is being passed now in OR congress. It's because hating white people now is "the in-thing". They want to eliminate whites from this country. I was angry when I heard now the congress in Maine is importing illegal African immigrants to Portland. I was pissed! I had plans to move to Maine, and I thought Portland sounded like a nice place! But now that they've allowed illegal African immigrants there, it's going to go downhill and turn into a shit-town. I've met some African immigrants before. Let me tell you, they TRULY hate white people. It was the day I went to pick up Mya at the airport. I went to this building, I have no idea what kind of building it was, but there were a lot of people in there who supposedly were shuttle bus drivers. All of them were African immigrants. They all looked at me weird. The look in their eyes seemed to be a mixture of pure hate, and the look a person has on their face when they are looking at animals in the zoo.

You know illegal immigrants are going to ruin everything. I cannot help thinking this is part of their local government's plan to "de-white" Maine. So, they are battling off the whites by illegally importing African immigrants. But those people hate this country. And you know what is going to happen. It happened in New York. It happened in Detroit. It happened in New Orleans. And now the same thing is going to happen in Portland, Maine. It's going to turn into a shit-hole with ghettos, fights, gangs, shootings, burglary, poverty, destruction, pollution, etc. I'd hate to see that happen in Maine. The state was once so beautiful! The only coastal state that seems to have any sense anymore is Florida. They thought ahead and made it illegal to declare any of their towns "sanctuary" towns! But I don't want to move to Florida!!! It's too hot there. Though my sis might like it. They get storms galore there!

This is why I believe me and my sis should just get an RV and live in there, traveling across country. Then if we get tired of one place, we can always move to another quickly. And if we like a place, we can stay there for a while. We could even drive to Florida sometime. LOL! Then sis can do her storm-chasing there. There'll be plenty of storms to chase! Trust me on that one!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Liberals; The Biggest Bullies

And they call us conservatives bullies. Liberals are the biggest bullies of all. Not only that, but they are also the biggest hypocrites. You know this is gay pride month. Goodie for them! Well, some straight guys in Boston want to have a straight pride parade in August. I say go for it. Have at it! I'm all for gay rights. I believe they have a right to marry who they want. They have a right to live their lives the way they want to. However, what I don't go for is them parading down the street naked, or mostly naked. NO ONE wants to see that!!! Whether you are gay or straight! Have some dignity! I have gay friends, and thank GOD they are not doing that!! Well, I support gays having their rights, but I don't support them indoctrinating children. That's what has made me lose respect for this parade this year. Leave kids out of this.

I was watching the Jesse Lee Peterson show this morning and it was a guy whose mom married a husband that beat her up. Well, this year his mom came out as gay. And she claimed to have "always been gay". Well, her kids all know that's not true. Why do people say that??? Why do people, many years later, come out as gay and then say they've "always been that way" when they haven't??? Are they saying that for acceptance? That's a crazy way to get acceptance!! Her kids are all grown up now. The child who called Jesse and told him this was 26. And he knew his mom hasn't always been that way. She married the bad boy, and later regretted it, like all women do. So, she wants to pretend she's something she's not. That's how it always works. If you look back in their history, most people who later turn gay, or trans, are such because either they did not have a father early in life, or they were sexually abused in some way in their childhood. Anyways, he says his mom coming out as gay is now tearing the family apart. So, I don't support that. Those are the gay wannabe's.

Personally, I can't see why anyone would want to be gay. Even a lot of people I know who are gay don't want to be that way. I'm a straight woman. As straight as they come. Don't listen to the hacks on the internet who wish I was gay. Or trans. I'm a proud straight woman. A man has more to offer than a woman. I don't want to even dream of looking down and seeing someone without a penis in my bedroom! I don't like to play with a woman's vagina! Not my style! If I get anything at all, I want some d***!!!! I'd be very furious if I fell in love with a guy and he actually turned out to be a woman, and didn't tell me. I'd be like 'oh Hell NO!' and I would leave without saying another word. But modern liberals don't like that kind of thinking. They call it "transphobic" if we refuse to date someone who thinks she's a man, but is really a woman. I don't care though. Call me 'transphobic' all you want to! It's my body, it's my choice! I don't want to have sex with another woman! And I would be shocked if my mom came out as gay. Because I know that is not my mom! My mom has been in love with 2 guys in her life; my father, and now my stepfather. Neither one of those men were trans-'men'.

Well, I will also be celebrating straight pride day. The liberals though, they think the whole idea of straight pride is a waste. Some even said they would go there just to protest the straight pride parade. Typical libtards! I say there is nothing wrong with celebrating straight pride. I'm proud to be straight. But the libtards argue that because straight people have never been oppressed in any way, that they should not feel proud to be straight. Some even said that was obnoxious. The thing is, that being gay is now a fashion-statement. It's no longer something people want to let happen naturally. Now, it's being pushed on kids today. And that is very sad! Apparently My Little Pony has a lesbian couple on the show. Then Arthur has a Mr. Rat marrying another Mr. Rat. Don't tell me this is happening naturally! Gayness is being pushed on kids. Very VERY young kids! So, I think that straight people are already oppressed. They are already being assaulted for being straight. What gets me with all this shit, is gay people go out now and brag about being gay, queer or trans, and then they tell straight people to mind their own business. Dude! Or dudette. If you don't want people getting in your business, then stop flaunting you being gay! No one cares!!!

I have gay friends, and thank GOD they are not like this! My gay friends are much more classy! They don't make that the subject of every conversation, or Twitter post they have! They don't talk about being gay as being natural. They don't flaunt it in peoples' faces and then tell them to mind their own business! With all this, I wonder what happened to "don't ask, don't tell"? It seems people nowadays have forgotten that. Though we are now seeing gay characters in a lot of children's shows, if these people think I'm going to create gay/queer/trans characters for my stories, they have another think coming! I won't allow it. I'm not going to contribute to this trend. If a kid grows up to be gay on it's own accord, without being stifled into it through the media and parental pushing, then that is fine and dandy! But I am not going to put gay/queer or trans characters in my stories as if it is a perfectly normal and natural thing! No way! I don't agree with that!

I saw another video today where Teen Vogue talked about the "difference between sex and gender". These losers were saying sex is what we are born with, and gender is how you feel. That is so DUMB!!! It is NOT!!!! Sex and gender are EXACTLY the same thing. And what sex you were born with is the sex you are going to be throughout your life! No matter how you feel or what drugs you take to suppress hormones, nor what clothes you decide to wear! I was born a girl, I was a tomboy growing up, but now I am a woman, and I know it. Those trannies and queers base their findings mostly on a very few people who are born with both a penis and a vagina. The hermaphrodites. But they are not common! That is actually a very rare birth defect. It's not some psycho-twats who just want to pretend to be something they are not. And one apparent Indian tribe believes you can be born both sexes. But that is just one tribe. And how common are they now? The number of people who believed you can be any other gender than you really are, were falling. What you see today, among grown people pretending gender and sex are different, is just the result of bad parenting. It is not natural when you have to take man-made drugs to block your hormones from making you behave the way your sex should be behaving! That is not natural!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Big Let-Down

Oh man! This is awful!!! I need to rack up prayers for my sis. She had an apartment, put down the security deposit, and suddenly it was taken out from under her. It's complicated. But that is what happened. I want my sis to move to Missoula! At least if she lives there, I can go visit her. But she is having a terrible time finding an apartment. The same exact thing happened to me back when I first moved to Astoria. I had a place, all the arrangements were made, but the landlord messed things up and I didn't get it. Again, it's complicated. I'm grateful I got this apartment. I love this apartment, but I must say, I ran into the guy who helps run this place. I think he's the manager's boyfriend (not husband). All my dog's restroom areas are also being jerked out from under me by this guy. He wants to put a garden up now, and he is telling me I cannot put my dog there to go potty anymore. Now, he's telling me to go to this dog park all the way on the other side of the complex.

Well, I can't. For 2 reasons...

#1. It's all the way on the other side of the complex. During the summer months, it's not so bad going all the way over there, but once winter sets in, I'm not going to want to walk all the way over there in the cold and the rain! I had to do that in Bozeman and I HATED it!!!!!!

#2. If the people in this complex are anything like the lazy-ass slobs at the complex in Bozeman, I don't want to take my dog there! There'll be crap and turds all over that someone was too lazy to pick up and I don't want to step on them, or Mya to come in contact with them.

Well now, this guy is getting to be like that big, Sasquatch manager we had here before. The one who kept telling me "I'm gonna report you if you don't put your dog on a leash!" I've told Debi so many times, Mya won't do anything on a leash! I can put a leash on her, but all she'll do is just stand there and look at me. Even if I know she really needs to go potty. I guess Debi never told her boyfriend any of this. Its not my fault! It's Mya! I never realized when I got her that she was such a wussy dog! She absolutely WILL NOT go potty if she is attached to a leash. I told this guy "I've tried to get her to go potty on a leash, but she just won't!" Not unless I walk her up to the college. Then she'll do it. But again, during the winter months, I'm not going to want to go there. This guy also says he's going to put a garden over by the kid's play area. That, I think, is a pretty dumb idea! The kids will trample the garden.

Personally, I think the whole garden idea is a dumb idea! There's too many kids here! And it limits too many of the places we can go. And too many stray cats, which are going to use the garden anyways for their bathroom. But what the hell. It's his doings. I just wish I hadn't had Mya's bathroom spots jerked out from under me. I came back in here and I said "I want my OWN place and I want it NOW!!!!!"

Well, I told my sis if she doesn't find a place, she can always move back in with me. She said the manager in Bozeman already invited her and that I am "a little too late". No I'm not! I offered her to come stay with me back in April, when she moved here from Bozeman. But if she chooses Bozeman, she can forget about me coming to visit her. I'm not driving all the way to Bozeman! I'll go to Missoula, and that's as far as I'll go. You know what hell it is trying to drive to Bozeman??? It's 4 hours away from Missoula, but it is the LONGEST 4 hours!!!! Plus, you have to go over that steep pass and I'm like NO damn way!! Hell to that no!! You can't pay me to do that again!

Well, I offered to let my sis come live with me. She wants to work though, and she's afraid she cannot find a job here (or in Ocean Shores). I told her I'll put her to work! If she comes live with me, she can help me with my business! I guarantee she won't get bored!! I'd rather move to Ocean Shores, it's a good resort place and I can do a lot of big business there! And! Aberdeen has GrubHub! I cannot open a pet store in Ocean Shores, but I can open Aunt Minnie's Cookies and Cakes. Sis can man the counter, while I do the baking. And she can also do deliveries. And on July 4th, when the beach is full of people setting off fireworks, we can open a hamburger/hotdog cart. I guarantee sis won't get bored!!!

She's worried though I may not open the business. But the thing is, the reason I haven't opened my business yet is because I'm just me. I'd have to hire someone to man the counter and run deliveries. And I can't afford to hire someone. If sis is there, she can just work on commission. And who knows? Maybe here and there, she'll gather a tip or two that she can keep. Then when the business gets better, I can hire someone to do the counter and deliveries. So, I'm still trying to convince her to help me in making this business happen. But that is IF things in Missoula don't work out. But I think I got a good property lined-up in Ocean Shores if we have to move there. AND aside from this business, the property has spaces for RVs. We can rent those out during camping season and make some extra money. There's so many possibilities.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Can't Call 911???

My stupid state just pisses me off!!! It never seems to stop pissing me off!!! Oregon has just passed a bill saying that if a white person calls 911 on a black person, the white person can actually be sued by the black person. So now, a white person can no longer call 911 on a black person. They said the black person can sue the white person if they can prove the call was made because the white person is racist. Yeah, good luck proving that one!! All this is going to do is allow black people to become more violent against white people and commit more crimes! This is such a stupid law now! The stupidest! If ever there was a time I ever thought about moving out of Oregon, now would be that time! But where can I go? I love the ocean. I don't want to leave it. I guess I could move to the east coast, there are some conservative states there. I don't want to move too far south where it gets too hot. What am I to do??

It seems if you love the coast, you have no choice but to live in areas inhabited by libtards and left-wingers. I don't want to move inland, that's even worse than moving down south. Inland is too dry and it gets too hot in the summer and too cold in winter. What do I do? Where can I go? I'm stranded here! I love the ocean, but I don't want to move down south. So, where to go? There ain't a place a sensible person can move to on the coast that hates the heat, hates leftists, and loves the ocean. I'd move back to Ocean Shores, but that's in Washington. That place is also infested with libtards. Though Ocean Shores is like it's own country. If there are libtards there, then you don't see them. People there pretty much keep to themselves. There are some coastal states that are not too liberal on the east coast, like Vermont, Maine and Connecticut.

This new "law" is the stupidest thing Oregon has done thus far! But you know who passed this bill? You'll only need 3 guesses, because it was passed by 3 senators. Janelle Bynum was the one who inspired the bill and pushed to have it passed. And guess what she looks like...

She looks full of herself for sure. She started this bullshit because some white person called 911 on her. The woman apologized though. She said Bynum was spending too much time looking at houses in the neighborhood where the incident occurred. Bynum said she "felt unsafe" because of all the times black people have been killed and/or victimized by cops. So what??? If black people would stop committing 50% of the crimes in this country, you wouldn't have to be so scared. And that is a fact! Blame your own people for that little fear you feel inside! Not the person who called 911!

Other senators who are for this bill (and you will know why when you see them) are Senator Lew Frederick...

And Senator James Manning, Jr...

Shame he's a democrat. He's kinda cute. But democrats are not for me. Anyways, these are the people who are passing this bill. This STUPID, idiotic bill! Trump, we need your magic here and NOW!!! Get rid of this bill!!! We don't need it. All it's going to do is give violent black people a pardon to commit more crimes.

Now, I admit not all black people are violent. I'm not saying that. But it is a well-known fact that black people do commit 50% of violent crimes in this country. And I don't care if the person who is violating me or breaking in my house is black, white, pink or blue, if they are violating me, I'm gonna call 911 on their ass!!! If 911 does nothing, I'll grab my gun! Now is a great time to keep that thing loaded! I would not necessarily call if they are just walking down the street, unless I feel they are lost, or up to something they shouldn't be. But NO ONE should EVER feel threatened by calling 911. That's wrong on so many levels! And I am ashamed to call myself an Oregonian with this bill passing. Oh LORD! We need your solution NOW!!! We need you to come and free us of these clowns!!! This is going too far! And it's only going to get worse! Though I have no idea how this can be topped. Black people these days do not want equal rights. Now, they want more rights! FAR more than they deserve!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

The New Look

Well, for this month anyways. Since it's pride month, I'm changing the layout of this blog. Despite my feelings towards Carlos Maza, I want to show my support for LGBT pride month. Carlos Maza is just one bad apple in the bunch. I know a lot of gay people who are good people. It's just that Carlos Maza is not one of them. He's evil! As evil as they come! Now, he's gotten YouTube to not only demonetize Steven Crowder, but every other conservative on YouTube too. Just stopping with Steven Crowder wasn't enough for him. Now, he wants to totally deplatform all conservatives. Steven Crowder is still on YouTube, he just doesn't get anything anymore for views. All conservatives are going to ban together and take care of this problem. I say we find someone who can create a video platform specifically for conservatives, where far-left points of view won't be allowed. But it's not that easy to get everyone to give up YouTube. Now that everyone is used to posting on YouTube, no one really wants to convert to another site.

However, that may be the only real way to get away from the leftists' control. But how many people are actually willing to do it? I remember some years back, when I still lived in Ocean Shores, The Amazing Atheist wanted to try creating another video website. He was going to make it better than YouTube. He had a bunch of his viewers donate money to a sort of GoFundMe account. He raised well over $100,000 to do it too. But he never did it. If he did, it wasn't very successful. Because not many people are willing to switch using a new platform over the old one. That's just the way it is. YouTube offers money to creators through ads. There are other sites that also do that, not just YouTube. But YouTube is the biggest because they get Google advertising too. Dailymotion also offers monetization for it's creators. So does Vimeo. But Dailymotion only allows you to post no more than an hour long video. And Vimeo, if you want to be paid to make videos through them, you have to buy an annual subscription service, which is around $200. At least YouTube is free, and it allows most people to post videos that are longer than an hour. I've even seen videos that were as long as 24 hours! I mean that! YouTube even offers free live-streaming too. In Vimeo, you have to pay for that stuff. That is why people stay with YouTube.

Truthfully, YouTube has the monopoly on video creation, and the leftists know it. That's why they want to take over, so they can control whatever content goes up. They don't want people to post content that contradicts the leftists' little fantasy world. Like if a person says on their video that there are only 2 genders in the world, the leftists go crazy! And they will deplatform anyone who says that in their video. Carlos Maza even admitted he is a queer, tree-hugging atheist, and he hates anyone who disagrees with him. He hates people who are not gay, or queer, he hates people who are not tree-huggers, and he hates christians. And he hates conservatives. Carlos Maza just wants control. And it's sad that YouTube is caving in and giving it to him! It pisses me off! The YouTube managers need to grow a damn spine and stand up to people like Carlos Maza and potentially deplatform him.

Carlos Maza is breaking all the rules of Twitter and YouTube. He demands people go out and throw milkshakes at conservatives. Well, I'll tell you what will happen if he milkshakes me, and its not even a flavor I like; I'll kick his ass! However, people like Carlos Maza are such cowards, he'd most likely hit and run.

Today, I got into an argument with UndertakerFreak1127 about this subject. UndertakerFreak1127 has been on YouTube for some time now, and I watch a lot of his content because he was funny back in the day. Though I lost a lot of respect for him when he got that bunch of stupid cats! Now, he's on the libtards' side. I think that's what his dumb cats represent. He's even cheering on what Carlos Maza did. I posted a comment on his video. I said this...

And it's true! I'll keep saying that too. I've been saying now for a long time all this gay pride stuff is about nothing but control. Especially trannies and queers who demand everyone use their "preferred pronouns". It's about nothing but control. Well, this is what UndertakerFreak responded with...

Well, the American way of life is indeed under threat. The leftists are taking over! You see it now with Carlos Maza and YouTube. YouTube won't ban Carlos Maza, even though he slandered them every chance he got on Twitter. But he won't get fired because he's gay! He has gay privilege. Well, UndertakerFreak asked me a question, allbeit a stupid, cynical one, so I answered him...

I'm just waiting for UndertakerFreak to respond. He probably will. But that's OK. I'm ready. I don't think Carlos Maza deserves to get his way. He only gets his way because he whined the loudest and slandered Team YouTube. This is exactly the pattern I've been seeing among millennials. And it's because their parents didn't parent them. They didn't get spanked enough (or at all) when they were growing up. So, they learned if they whimper loud and hard enough, they'll get what they want. GOD I wish my parents had been that easy on me. It takes almost nothing to whimper loud enough to get your way. I never even learned how to bargain, which is why I never got anything. Nothing I didn't already work for anyways.

Well, this month is not to celebrate whiny queers like Carlos Maza. I'm celebrating gays that are good. Though I must say I do not really approve of them walking down the street naked. Who the fuck does that??? And right in front of children! I wouldn't accept that from anyone, gay or straight! I remember back to when I used to visit this guy, he was an older gentleman. My sis and I used to visit him at least once a week for a while. We even called him grandpa. His name was Alan Colburn. A good guy. But one day he just went crazy. Another friend was at his place with her grandson and he came up to the child, stark naked, and told the kid to look at his genitals. OMG! I haven't been back to his house since. That bothered me that he did that! I didn't hate him for it, but I felt that was wrong of him to do that to a child! Just as I believe it's wrong for these low-class gays to dance naked down the street and even sticking their penises in children's faces.

Well, this month, I'll celebrate gay pride for my gay friends who are decent people. And in August, I'm going to celebrate straight-pride month. This is something a couple guys from Boston decided they are going to celebrate. There is nothing wrong with being gay, or straight. I'm a straight woman. I'm only attracted to men. I've always only been attracted to men. That's why I love my men of INXS, and several other male luminaries. Honestly, I don't believe that makes me special, any more than I believe a person attracted to their same sex is special. But if you want to celebrate it, then that is your right. Go ahead! And I am very glad that gays got the right to marry who they want. I'm all for it! No one should ever be told who they can and cannot marry. So, I will also celebrate this gay pride month with them. As long as they leave pedophiles out of it! That is where I draw the line!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Victory Is His!

YES!!! Remember yesterday's post where Carlos Maza wanted YouTube to kick Steven Crowder off their website? Well, YouTube did an investigation and found out that Steven Crowder did not break any of the terms of use, so he's off the hook! And Carlos Maza is PISSED!!! Oh man! He's going off on Twitter all over the place with his hateful rants and rages. This is a big victory for those of us who favor freedom of speech. And an agony for the people who want to ban free speech! I love it!!! I'm looking at Carlos Maza's Twitter right now. It's a laugh-out!

And he just keeps going on and on about it all!! LMAO!! Now is a good time to tell this clown to get over it! I told him this is the thrill of victory to those of us who believe in our rights to free speech. And the agony of defeat to those who want to take that right away. People who side with the silencers are calling those of us who love our rights to free speech "bigots". I don't care!! Call me a bigot all you want to! The word has no meaning anymore. You leftists have overused it to a point it doesn't mean anything to me anymore.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Vox Has Nothing Better To Do?!

OMG! This is funny! Especially coming from left-wingers. I used to watch Vox, until they went too far left. Well now there is this gay guy named Carlos Maza, who is a self-proclaimed journalist who works for Vox, and he's been attacking Steven Crowder on YouTube. Now, I like Steve Crowder. He makes some good points in his videos. He makes some good arguments. And I love his "Change My Mind" segments! That's where he gets liberals who disagree with him to change his mind about his points of view. Most of the time, the liberals cannot bring up an argument good enough to change his mind. But it's fun watching them try! I love it! Anyways, Steven Crowder mocked Carlos Maza in a recent video. He made fun of his lisp, and called out his being gay and all that shit. It was a joke! Most people on YouTube joke about other people on YouTube. Normal people can take it. But then there are the Onisions of the world who are going to gripe, whine and complain because they are being made fun of. Carlos Maza is one of them.

He brought up a shit storm on Twitter about how Steven Crowder is making fun of how he talks. Now, Carlos Maza is not innocent himself. He's made fun of Trump, Tucker Carlson, and Ben Shapiro and others, calling those who support Trump "far right-wingers" and "white supremacists". Oh GAWD!!!! People like him piss me off! It's like they can dish it out, but they can't take it themselves. And this is just common sense... if you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen!!! I take shit from people all the time. But I don't (normally) whine about it. And I don't because I believe in everyone's right to free speech. And I must tell you, some of the worst insults I've ever got from people have always been from leftists. Even though they claim to be the "more tolerant group". Those who say that are liars! And those who believe that are fools! Leftists are very far from being more tolerant.

Carlos Maza has been tweeting bullshit about centralists and right-wingers all the time. And now he's all bent out of shape because a centralist is making fun of him!? Man! Get over it!!! But for those who are interested, I don't get on Twitter much, but here are the tweets. Notice, this is a guy who also makes fun of himself! He even calls himself gaywonk; making fun of both himself being gay and Mexican. Normally, that is a trait I admire. But not when he gets so out of control because someone else does the same to him...

Oh my GOD!! He's going to go on Buzzfeed and embarrass himself like that!? Gotta hand the dude Kudos for that! Not many people would desire to do that and later still feel like they accomplished anything!

Yeah I saw that video, here's a tip for everyone to enjoy it... it's FUNNY!!!!!! It's supposed to be funny! Go find somewhere you can rent a sense of humor Carlos! You need it!

Who the fuck is this dude??? Adam Rippon? I've never heard of him!

Oh really? So where are all the white supremacists on YouTube? And I don't mean your meaning of "white supremacists", which is just simply someone you don't agree with. I mean the real classic meaning of white supremacists! I haven't seen them! And in my experience, those you think are white supremacists always get deplatformed.

Dude, you are lispy, and you always admit to being a queer. You make that a point in every tweet, every video, and everything you write, and even include it in your own profile name. 

Yeah, like you've really never harassed anyone unprovoked? How about on your profile where you called Tucker Carlson a "white supremacist"? Unprovoked and uncalled for!

And don't lie dude, you are one of those "monsters"!

Steven Crowder made one video of you, and called you a "lispy queer". Something you've probably said about yourself in the past. And he's a bully? Do you even know what a bully is?

Oy-vey! Why does this fool make it a point in EVERY tweet, to make sure all his viewers know he's a gay dude? So what?! You're not brave, and you're no different than anyone else!

Maybe when he said "Socialism is for Fags", he's not just referring to gay people. Ever think about that? There is more than one meaning of the word "fag". I, for one, use it to describe people who are hot-headed. Particularly hot-headed fans of something, or someone.

Well dude, it's going around. Here you are, breaking Twitter's policies of online bullying. Is Twitter doing something about it? No. Of course not. Because you're fucking GAY!!! You have gay privilege.

"just because everyone around you is mad at you, doesn't mean you've done anything wrong." Good point! And that happens a lot to people who speak their mind. I know it. A lot of people hate me because I call a spade a spade. I know my rights and I am not afraid to use them. Most people hate that. Including yourself. I survived bullying myself. And I vowed I would never let that happen to me again.

Well, at least you know how it feels. That kind of shit happens to conservatives a lot! Think of the Covington High School kids and how they felt. And those were KIDS!! You libtards should be ashamed of yourselves for doing that to kids, and you had no proof of the shit you accuse them of doing!

It sounded more like he was making fun of this guy's lisp. Everything else, Carlos also does to himself.

So they're not LGBT allies!? The LGBT community is nothing but a terrorist organization for gays. I have NO respect for the community!! And I hate that term "homophobic". No one is scared of them. As long as they keep their hands to themselves.

Again, if you can't take the heat, why don't you get out of the kitchen? If you can't handle people making fun of you, then get off the internet and go sit on your cushy easy chair and watch cable.

He's not a monster. He's just a guy creating funny content. And I'm not some Steven Crowder fangirl. I like his videos, but I am not a member of his mug club. I just find his content good, and I like his ideas and sense of humor. He makes fun of fat people too. Do I care?? NO!! He has a right to say and do what he wants, as long as he is not physically hurting anyone.

Why should anyone apologize to you?! I know how libtards are! They don't ever accept apologies. Even I stopped apologizing to libtards. It's not worth it. I don't know what libtards think, but apologizing to them just makes things a lot worse.

Another in the long, sad list of meaningless news articles today's news outlets are pumping out. WHO FUCKING CARES if this guy is experiencing "mind-melting levels of homophobic vitriol on YouTube"?! Once again, EVERYBODY experiences that at some time in their YouTube lives!! LORD knows I have. MANY times!

I personally, am rooting for Steven Crowder. It'll be a battle-win for ALL free thinkers, and free speakers.

"Life-saving"? Dude, if you are looking to video games as your "life-saving" method at 31, then you have far more problems than Steven Crowder making a parody video of you.

Yes, I'd say Steve Crowder is right. Think about it, Carlos Maza, somewhere back there, placed a call to action to his fans to flag Steven Crowder's videos. That is so dumb! And that would be considered a real act of violence. You don't see Steven Crowder calling his fans into action getting Carlos banned from YouTube.

Yes, and I'll join them in targeting you! Not because you are gay. But because you are trying to take away all our rights to free speech!

And? I may get one of those myself. I don't believe in socialism either. It'll ruin our country!

And you are responding exactly the way I'd expect a person to respond whose biggest virtue is that he's gay. You're whining like a baby. You make gay men look bad!

Just because someone does not care to treat you like you are special, does not mean that they don't care about your content. You haven't been kicked off YouTube. If they didn't care about you, they would have shut down your channel.

He's not "harassing" you. He didn't come after you for being gay. He just did a parody! I'm also quite interested in hearing what you told your younger sister what the fuck "a Steven Crowder" is. As for the rest, ah shut the fuck up, snowflake!! You are indeed trying to silence conservatives. You oppose every conservative video out there and you call them all "white supremacists". We've given you your "diversity", even though you tried to silence us. You got the right to marry who you want. You got a platform that treats you like you're "special", even though you're not! So, shut up!!

Listen fool, YouTube is not your babysitter. Like I said before, if you can't take others making fun of you, then leave the internet!

If you had a thick skin as you claim, none of this would matter enough to you to create so many posts speaking out against Steven Crowder and YouTube. Just let it go!!

Why is it every dude always brings up the argument "S/he doesn't like me because I'm not attracted to him/her"??? As if this Carlos Maza is a good catch! It's always the ugliest men and women who believe that shit! Only other soyboys are attracted to their own kind. I mean really! I have gay friends and I adore them. But they are not like this whiny loser. A person doesn't demand respect. A person has to earn it. And crying like a little sissy-boy on Twitter does not earn you that respect!

I had to respond to this character. This was what I posted (scroll down)...

For posting this on his Twitter wall, I might get targeted by the LGBT community. Probably get doxxed. Well, go a-fucking-head! All it's going to do is prove I'm right about them being a terrorist organization! And if you want me fired from my job, you'll have to wait till I die!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

So This Is Pride-Month?

Well, I found out this is pride month. So now, they have a month for almost everything. Everything except white pride. LMAO!! But can you just imagine what it would be like if there was such a thing as white pride month??? These days there would be huge riots in the streets and people holding signs (black and white people, all libtards) saying "There's no such thing as white pride!" Of course these would be the same people who also say "black people can't be racists". They are so wrong too! There are many black people who are racist. I'm even seeing it on the internet. But ya know, black people these days keep testing everybody, just like all groups of SJWs do. Now, they want segregation back. They keep pushing for it, they may get it, and just like last time, it may not be in their favor. One never knows!

Well, like I always said, a person can marry who they want. If you're gay and you want to marry same-sex, I say go for it! Who a person marries or falls in love with is none of my business. You do you! I hope you have many years of happiness together. Gay marriage is all fine and dandy. I was glad they won the right to marry. I still am. I believe everyone has a right to marry who they want. What I don't like about gays today well, gays themselves don't bother me. It's transgenders I'm learning to hate the most. Transgenders, drag queens and other shit like that. Now, don't get me wrong, I've seen some trannies that were cool people. Most of them are conservatives. I watch Slightly Offensive on YouTube. That guy is a transsexual guy, but he is not politically correct. Same with Blaire White. Both of those people are trannies, but they are also conservatives. They believe in free speech, they don't care what pronouns you use for them, and they preach the truth. Not the made-up "truth" that leftists preach.

What I mostly don't like about transgenders today is how they are trying to teach kids that they can be any sex they want to be. Despite what sex they "were assigned at birth". That's why now a lot of liberal cities have "drag queen story hour" in their libraries. That's dumb! And if I had kids in this day and age, I would NEVER let them attend one of those sessions!! All it does is confuse kids, and mess up their brains. That's why we're seeing a huge surge in trannies today, where there should barely be any. Its become a trend. A fad. Basically a way to get attention and gain control. They can't control what people think or say about them, so they learned if they whine loud enough, they can get people to do what they want. And it helps if they have a reason to whine. In this case, it's being trans. Not everyone is like me, they don't want to be known as a bigot or a transphobic. I used to hate bigots too. Until the SJWs began overusing that word! To them, just saying you don't want to date a tranny is bigotry. The word doesn't mean anything anymore.

I also don't like the LGBT organization. If that even is an organization. But I heard now they are encouraging other gay couples to harass white christian male bakers to bake cakes for their weddings. The whole LGBT organization lost my support when I heard that!! They think they're being funny. But they're not being funny. They're just telling people to act like retards. That's why I don't respect the LGBT community. That's why I lost all respect for their cause. Unless I see them harass muslim bakers and not just white christian bakers, I will continue to lose respect for them. And no gay or tranny couple is brave enough to do that! Its one thing when one gay couple walks into a bakery and finds out the guy won't bake a cake for their wedding because it's against his beliefs. But when they start encouraging every gay and tranny couple to do the same to the same baker, then it becomes harassment, and I don't go for that! THAT is why I lost respect for the LGBT community. And it just goes downhill from there.

Now, I heard they are accepting pedophiles in their community. That's because a lot of drag queens are pedophiles. And pedophiles is where I draw the line!! I will NEVER accept pedophiles. And any parent who does I think should be shot! Or at the very least, completely lose custody of their kids!!! I know if I was a kid, I wouldn't want some 30 year old pervert looking at me with lust in his eyes!! And I would want my mom and dad to keep that from happening to me. Unfortunately, SJW parents wouldn't prevent that. They would actually encourage it. They'd be telling their kids "Oh go ahead, let him touch your vagina! If you don't, then you're pedophobic and that's an act of violence and bigotry!" But kids really don't like it when a grown person does that. It makes them feel bad. That's what causes kids to want to become another gender. If not create a serial killer! I think that may also be why men and boys are the most common victims of serial killers. That's probably also why serial killers always come from places like California!

But anyways, you know we are approaching Armageddon when this starts happening. Yep, the end days are here. Man! The only real sin I committed to was not getting married and having kids. LOL! I'm glad I didn't. Not in today's world. A world of unsafe schools and SJW parents, scared of being called a bigot. Too many atheists, vegans, SJWs, feminazis, MGTOW, and cat people. Yep, I blame cats for all this shit. Ever since The Lion "King" came out in theaters, I've noticed the world has gone downhill. That was what made cats popular. Now, everyone wants a damn cat. Even my buddy Karen from Bozeman went and got herself a stupid cat. She lost both her schnauzers, and now she has a stupid cat. I saw her pics, and she was wondering what to name the thing. I almost suggested calling it "Armageddon". LOL! Because that is what it represents. Well, she got the damn thing, but don't expect me to ever tell you it's "cute". I don't compliment cats! There's nothing to compliment. You see one cat, you've seen them all. And they're all the same in that they make people go crazy. And I still believe cats are the spawn of Satan. Just look at how cats turn people against each other! I see it all the time from the catfags on YouTube. Only a creation from the devil would do that.

Well yes, the end days are coming, and I believe it's starting in California. Just like everything else that's bad.