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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Big Let-Down

Oh man! This is awful!!! I need to rack up prayers for my sis. She had an apartment, put down the security deposit, and suddenly it was taken out from under her. It's complicated. But that is what happened. I want my sis to move to Missoula! At least if she lives there, I can go visit her. But she is having a terrible time finding an apartment. The same exact thing happened to me back when I first moved to Astoria. I had a place, all the arrangements were made, but the landlord messed things up and I didn't get it. Again, it's complicated. I'm grateful I got this apartment. I love this apartment, but I must say, I ran into the guy who helps run this place. I think he's the manager's boyfriend (not husband). All my dog's restroom areas are also being jerked out from under me by this guy. He wants to put a garden up now, and he is telling me I cannot put my dog there to go potty anymore. Now, he's telling me to go to this dog park all the way on the other side of the complex.

Well, I can't. For 2 reasons...

#1. It's all the way on the other side of the complex. During the summer months, it's not so bad going all the way over there, but once winter sets in, I'm not going to want to walk all the way over there in the cold and the rain! I had to do that in Bozeman and I HATED it!!!!!!

#2. If the people in this complex are anything like the lazy-ass slobs at the complex in Bozeman, I don't want to take my dog there! There'll be crap and turds all over that someone was too lazy to pick up and I don't want to step on them, or Mya to come in contact with them.

Well now, this guy is getting to be like that big, Sasquatch manager we had here before. The one who kept telling me "I'm gonna report you if you don't put your dog on a leash!" I've told Debi so many times, Mya won't do anything on a leash! I can put a leash on her, but all she'll do is just stand there and look at me. Even if I know she really needs to go potty. I guess Debi never told her boyfriend any of this. Its not my fault! It's Mya! I never realized when I got her that she was such a wussy dog! She absolutely WILL NOT go potty if she is attached to a leash. I told this guy "I've tried to get her to go potty on a leash, but she just won't!" Not unless I walk her up to the college. Then she'll do it. But again, during the winter months, I'm not going to want to go there. This guy also says he's going to put a garden over by the kid's play area. That, I think, is a pretty dumb idea! The kids will trample the garden.

Personally, I think the whole garden idea is a dumb idea! There's too many kids here! And it limits too many of the places we can go. And too many stray cats, which are going to use the garden anyways for their bathroom. But what the hell. It's his doings. I just wish I hadn't had Mya's bathroom spots jerked out from under me. I came back in here and I said "I want my OWN place and I want it NOW!!!!!"

Well, I told my sis if she doesn't find a place, she can always move back in with me. She said the manager in Bozeman already invited her and that I am "a little too late". No I'm not! I offered her to come stay with me back in April, when she moved here from Bozeman. But if she chooses Bozeman, she can forget about me coming to visit her. I'm not driving all the way to Bozeman! I'll go to Missoula, and that's as far as I'll go. You know what hell it is trying to drive to Bozeman??? It's 4 hours away from Missoula, but it is the LONGEST 4 hours!!!! Plus, you have to go over that steep pass and I'm like NO damn way!! Hell to that no!! You can't pay me to do that again!

Well, I offered to let my sis come live with me. She wants to work though, and she's afraid she cannot find a job here (or in Ocean Shores). I told her I'll put her to work! If she comes live with me, she can help me with my business! I guarantee she won't get bored!! I'd rather move to Ocean Shores, it's a good resort place and I can do a lot of big business there! And! Aberdeen has GrubHub! I cannot open a pet store in Ocean Shores, but I can open Aunt Minnie's Cookies and Cakes. Sis can man the counter, while I do the baking. And she can also do deliveries. And on July 4th, when the beach is full of people setting off fireworks, we can open a hamburger/hotdog cart. I guarantee sis won't get bored!!!

She's worried though I may not open the business. But the thing is, the reason I haven't opened my business yet is because I'm just me. I'd have to hire someone to man the counter and run deliveries. And I can't afford to hire someone. If sis is there, she can just work on commission. And who knows? Maybe here and there, she'll gather a tip or two that she can keep. Then when the business gets better, I can hire someone to do the counter and deliveries. So, I'm still trying to convince her to help me in making this business happen. But that is IF things in Missoula don't work out. But I think I got a good property lined-up in Ocean Shores if we have to move there. AND aside from this business, the property has spaces for RVs. We can rent those out during camping season and make some extra money. There's so many possibilities.

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