Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bombing In Portland!

I saw this news article in my e-mails today, and it talked about an attempted terrorist attack in Portland, OR. Apparently the bomb was a dud, but still, I was thinking "that is so close!!!" Too close to home! The attack on 9/11 in New York was a terrible and sad event, but it was a long way from here. It feels very different when the terrorist attacks are so close to home! This came awful close! I go to Portland quite often. Well! More often than I go to New York, that's for sure!! I'm not at all saying that the attacks in New York are of lesser significance to me, it just feels different when I hear about it happening in a town I live so close to, and visit more frequently. I could have been there when it happened!! I'm just so glad that this time, no one was hurt. Apparently it wasn't even a real bomb! But just the idea that such a thing could have happened is a horrible thing to think of!

Unlike the attack on New York, this one was plotted by a teenager! This teenager was born in Somali. I didn't know the Somalians had such a problem with Americans!! But maybe it's not the Somalians. Maybe it's just this kid! Kindof like what goes through the mind of kids who plot school shootings. But anyway, what the heck is wrong with Americans?? Why does every country hate Americans so much? Is it simple jealousy because we have (a little) more freedom than other countries and fewer harsh punishments? Is it just because there are more fat Americans? Is it because we are not afraid to fight for our rights? I'd like someone to give me an answer to that question. But so far, I have never heard anyone from another country who has ever been able to give me a good, straight answer to that. It's always some kind of conflicting answers. Like everyone has their own reasons why they hate Americans, whether or not it's a good reason. But they all seem to only agree on one thing, and that is that they all hate Americans. Seems everywhere I go, people from other countries are always bitching about some little flaw they see in Americans. They seem to forget that there are a lot of intelligent Americans too. And the stupid ones no more outweigh the intelligent ones than they do in any other country. Only in redneck areas they do!

So far, the smartest people I've ever known of are from Japan! I'd love to move there, but I do not speak the language. But the kids there go to school for 9 hours a day, every day including Saturdays. Not sure about Sundays. I think Sundays are off for everybody all over the World. That was GOD's day off. I think it's traditional everywhere to keep that day free. I once dated a Japanese man and he was probably one of the most intellectual and stimulating people I've ever met. We only dated for a few months though. But he was smart as a whip!! I haven't heard from him in several years, I hope he is doing OK. My ma told me that we almost moved to Okinawa once when I was a little kid, I wish we had!! I see movies and videos of that city and it sounds sooooo fascinating!!

Well anyway, I think the World needs to learn to lighten up on Americans. As far as I've seen, Americans are no worse than any other country out there. You want to talk statistically? Fine! The reason we have more freedom is because we fight for our rights, if we didn't fight for our rights, we would have no freedom whatsoever! And we would have harsher punishments. Instead of condemning Americans for that, why not try taking our example if you want your country to be as free as ours is. As for Americans being fat, well, I heard the UK is becoming a fat nation too, and Canada. It's kindof ridiculous to hate a whole nation just because we have a lot of fattened up people. You just never know, your country could be next on the list of fattest nations! You may even someday outweigh us!! So don't be so quick to spout hatred based on that reason alone. You know what is said about karma being a bitch!

Friday, November 26, 2010

At The Bake Sale

Well, today my church had a bake sale. I spent all week preparing for it too! I wanted to make up different kinds of goods. I wanted to do my specialty cupcakes, and cookies. I made up about 4 different kinds of cupcakes, orange dreamcicle, key-lime, marble, and vanilla. I also made my special fudge-topped brownies which is always a crowd-pleaser. Also, I made my peppermint meltaway cookies which is another big crowd-pleaser, my chocolate-chip/toffee bit cookies, and my own brand of sugar cookies. One woman came and bought a dozen of my cupcakes! I was excited! I sure do hope she enjoys them. Also, my sugar cookies went almost immediately. They were all gone within 20 minutes after we arrived there. And I got rave reviews for my fudge-topped brownies. People kept wanting to come back for more. It was 2 days worth of baking, but I loved it! It's what I love to do. I usually bake my own bread, and stuff. I used to even churn my own butter! That takes a lot of doing though. This was special though, this was for the church. The money that was made is going to the missionaries, and also to the local food bank, which is awesome! So I was glad to participate. The fact my stuff sold and got rave reviews speaks volumes to me! Well, I said it before, and I'll say it again, no one cooks like a fat woman!!! LOL! I baked the turkey for Thanksgiving yesterday. My ma wanted me to use one of her roasting bags, and I told her I don't need it! I can bake the turkey, and it'll still be moist without the roasting bag. Ma didn't believe me at first, but I assured her I know what I am doing. It had to pass "the John Test". hehe! John is my stepfather, and as food goes, he is a hard one to please! Actually "hard" is an understatement! He's nearly impossible to please!! He's very picky. He's even pickier than I am, and I thought I was bad!!! LOL! Ma said that it was because she was so used to me being such a picky eater that she is now able to tolerate John's taste without wringing his neck every now and then.

So, I made the turkey. I didn't even think about "would this please John?" I just did what I usually do with turkey. I also made homemade turkey gravy, and it came out awesome!!! When I got the turkey up to ma's apartment, John took one look at it and thought it looked dry. He was looking at the outer layer, the skin, which he usually throws out anyway. I told him that when he cuts into the bird, it won't be dry. I assured him he'd love it. He and ma got into a little spat because I didn't use a roasting bag. He thought ma just didn't give me one. I told him that she offered me a roasting bag, but I turned it down because I don't need it. Well, when we finally served the turkey, it was so juicy, the juices were just oozing out as we cut into the meat!! Nice, clear juices too! And yes, it definitely passed the John Test!! hehe! He gave it 110%!! He went back for seconds! He would have gone for more, but he only likes the drumsticks. I usually don't like using those roasting bags. They are good for some things, but not for turkey! I used one of those once, and it took a long time to get the turkey to turn golden brown like I like it! And when it finally did turn brown, it was dry on the inside. The secret to getting a good, moist turkey, and attaining that lustrious golden brown color, is to coat the turkey with canola oil and seasonings (I use seasoned salt), and then cooking it for 25 minutes per pound of turkey. This was a 22-pound turkey, and so it took 9 hours to roast. The oven can start out at 350 degrees for the first 20 minutes, but then turn the heat down to 300 degrees after that, and the turkey comes out awesome!! It melts in your mouth when it's done!! Then for dessert, I made my lemon meringue pie, which John also loves. I make it with shortbread crust, which really comes together very well with the tanginess of the lemon custard. Gives the crust kind of a subtle sweetness.

Well that was my week! I even am having a little fun on YouTube with another troll. hehe! He came into one of my videos and just went "EWWWWWW!" So, I visited his channel. You know what I really love? I love it when the ugliest possible person tells me how ugly I am, when they need to look in the mirror themselves!! I mean, I never claimed I was attractive! In fact I don't think I am at all! But for this kid to say himself that I am ugly, it's the pot calling the kettle black. He's ugly himself! I remember when I was a kid, the ugliest person in the whole school was a boy named Paul. In fact, even the teachers admitted he was ugly! He not only was ugly, he had a nasty disposition! I remember he called me ugly all the time, but I just laughed at him when he did! He said it to try and make me feel bad, but it never worked because I knew something he didn't know. I knew he himself was ugly too! He was hydrocephalic, and he showed it too. He had the bugged-out eyes, and the oversized, oddly-shaped head you often see in hydrocephalics. Not only that, but his hair looked like it was made of straw, and his teeth were all crooked, and he often spat when he talked. I felt sorry for him (no, I never said he was ugly to his face, even though he always said it to mine!) But he was a nasty kid! And he always got in trouble for something. Even though he was a nasty kid, there were times he also showed a tender heart as well. He could be nice too. But those moments for him were rare.

Well, this kid on YouTube said I was ugly, so I looked at his videos, and let me tell you, he is no Adonis himself! He looks more like a twiggy CopperCab!! hehe! So, I told him so, just so he knows! He said I was a big, fat "diskusking" old woman and he pukes everytime he looks at me. hehe! I laughed and told him that he is much uglier than I have ever been or will ever be! He said this morning "You wish!" hehe! Then he challenged me to say it to his face. LOL! I love it when they get that pissed off! I reminded him that this is YouTube!! I told him when he can say his shit to my face then he can challenge me. No one on the internet (especially when they live thousands of miles away in Europe) should be making challenges like that unless they can actually carry them out. I never do. They just make themselves look stupid when they do. I think though that this guy knows I'm just playing with him. I looked in my e-mails today, and I also noticed this same person has actually subscribed to me. Oh well! One more sub, even one like this person, never hurts anything.

Monday, November 22, 2010

13 Years In The Making

Wow! I can hardly believe Michael's been gone for 13 years. It doesn't even feel like that long ago. It's funny how when you get older, 13 years doesn't feel like it's been that long ago, but back in 1997, when I was 23 (?) years old (I think!) 13 years was like a lifetime away!! It really does not feel like it's been 13 years ago since Michael died. I still remember every second in full detail. Truly I do! And in 1997, I couldn't tell you what happened every minute of any said day 13-years before. The news of Michael's death was such a shock to me, he was the very last rockstar I would have ever expected to kill himself! To be honest, I would more have expected Michael Jackson to succumb to something like that before Michael Hutchence! It was just impossible!

Well, I did a video about Michael Hutchence today. I was hoping it would be something much better than my fat-ass head talking into a camera about experiences I probably already mentioned!! I tried to do a slideshow at the end with video clips, and the song "Afterglow". But every time I tried to publish that movie so I could upload it to YouTube, my computer kept crashing!! I was supposed to have that movie finished last night. I tried to publish the movie twice, and I was tired when I finished. I was supposed to have it completed before 9PM!!! But ma called us up to her place at the last minute (just as I was about to edit the movie), to watch Avatar with her. Well, my partner said I should watch that movie, he said I'd like it. So when ma offered to let us watch it with her, I graciously accepted, even though I knew I shouldn't because I wanted to get that movie up last night. Had I known the movie was 3 hours long, I would have said "Maybe some other time". But then maybe not, because I did kinda want to see that movie too.

It wasn't until about Midnight when I was finally done with editing the movie. Then I had to wait because my movie software is so crazy!! Then I tried twice to publish the movie, and both times my computer crashed! The first time that happened, I said if it happened again I was going to just forget about this movie tonight and do something different tomorrow. Sure enough, it happened again, so I just said "F*** it!!!" and kept the computer off and tried again this morning when I got up. Last night I thought maybe it would work better if I just took out the slide show. So, this morning I tried it, and it finally published!! Thank GOD!! Now, I have it up on YouTube. It's late, but at least it's there!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Are My Critiques Too Harsh?

I got a comment this morning on YouTube on my latest critique, all about Ben Harper doing Never Tear Us Apart, and it was an interesting comment. I accepted it, even though the commenter is pretty much slamming at me. LOL! Like he said I was doing to INXS. hehe! Well, like I said before I can expect conflicting comments every time I put up a video. Personally, I thought this last video was the funniest one of them all! But this guy basically said that because I said that I am not a particular fan of the original version of Never Tear Us Apart, that I have no right to critique this song. I just told him thank you very much for your opinion and left it at that. Because it is just his opinion. Nothing more. Doesn't totally mean the world to me. I mean, I looked at his channel. He deletes comments that slam him personally, and blocks people who disagree with him. But I just want to know what you all think. This poster however, does otherwise seem intelligent. Yesterday I think he put into words what I was trying to think of saying all along.

My critiques are probably kindof harsh, maybe I even do slam INXS in the process. I guess it depends on your point of view. I believe in telling it like it is. I don't sugar-coat anything. If I really don't like something, the only way to fix things is to tell the person. Not that I think my videos will actually make much impact on INXS. I'm not even 100% sure they are actually watching. But just in case, I think I speak for many other fans in saying that this version of INXS music really sucks!!

Ya know it wasn't until after I had already created the video, and made up my mind I am going to post it up on YouTube that I saw a link where Timmy did an interview, and he called INXS "it's own tribute band". I didn't even know who Ben Harper was, so I wanted to do a little background research on him. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw his pic was he's not a bad-looking dude! He's actually kindof handsome! He just cannot sing Never Tear Us Apart. On his own, I am sure he is superb. But his interpretation of Never Tear Us Apart, well, I didn't like it! And I'm going to say so. If INXS doesn't like it, then bring back JD and go back to making more original songs! Maybe do one or two remakes of classics along the way, but not a whole album! If INXS fans don't like it, well don't watch it then! Doesn't bother me if you don't.

People should just learn to take my videos for what they are intended to be, for entertainment purposes only. If they have a better method of critiquing, then they should learn to make their own videos and do it their way. The thing is many people are afraid to put their faces out there. I'm the only one who isn't afraid. I'm also the only one who is not afraid of telling it the way I see it. And just because I am not a big fan of the original version of Never Tear Us Apart, does not mean that I cannot mention well-known facts about it. I mean, I am the only fan I know of who is not overly crazy about that song. But at the same time, I know that it has been regarded as INXS's masterpiece, and I do understand the meaning behind the song. I mean I hate panthers. But just because I do does not mean I am not going to be dishonest about how they live their lives. It just means that I am going to call this cliche about lions being the "king of beasts" nothing but a bunch of bullshit. Well, basically it is!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Get A Pet?

I don't understand some people. I have a subscriber on YouTube, who has a kitten that her ma says has to go! Made me upset seeing the goodbye video. Now, I know I am not fond of cats, and personally I think they are useless, but this girl obviously loves her kitten. So, she should be allowed to keep it. The thing that comes to my mind is why get a pet, any pet at all, if you're just going to throw it away later on? If you don't really like cats, then don't get one! I remember when I had a rat problem in Olympia, I contemplated for a while getting a cat, but I put it off as long as I could, because I really don't like cats in the house either. I didn't want to get one, and then keep it just to get rid of the rats, then turn around and try to find it another home once it's job was complete. I saw no point in that! And that is not how I am about animals at all. When I get a pet, it's for life. The only thing that would make me release any pet would be only for the good of the pet! Like back before we were going to move to Montana, I had contemplated sending my snakes to new homes. But then I decided against it. I'd rather find a way to pack the snakes so I can keep them even when I move out. May take a bit more doing! But I always find a way. But anyhow, the only reason I would even consider getting rid of my snakes was because I didn't think I would be able to move them to Montana. It gets too cold. But since I probably won't be heading out there until spring now anyways, I think the snakes will be safe in the move.

But anyway, why get a pet, if you're only going to get rid of it soon anyway? I don't blame this young lady, it's not her fault. I blame her ma. I told her I would move out! I really would. Find a roommate, or an inexpensive apartment, if you have a job, or something that will let you keep your pet, but I would tell my ma I would be out of there so quick! I love my pets! I could never get rid of any of them. I had to live with a ma like that when I was little. To her, pets were disposable! Until I was 10 years old, the longest we ever kept a pet was 4 months. By 10 years old, I was better able to fight my parents for my pets' rights. My ma was easy to overcome, my pa was more difficult. But most of the time I managed to keep my pets. I remember one time my father and I got into a fight over my getting a new puppy, and we fought so hard, I threatened to leave the house! He seemed all for it. Then when I did find a roommate who would let me have the pup I wanted, my father was all of a sudden saying "Noooo! Don't leave the house!"

In fact my ma is trying desperately to make me get rid of my snakes and mice because she doesn't like them. LOL! She lives in the apartment upstairs, she doesn't even have to look at them. And if she gives me enough warning that she is coming over, I can have the mice put in my bedroom. But no, I ain't never getting rid of my mice or snakes! I love my snakes. The mice are jerks, but they have special little personalities I've noticed. Though I try never to get attached to their young. Because they are here entirely so I can breed my own snake food. Sad a fact as that is, it has to happen. I don't ever enjoy it, but I know the babies eventually have to be killed. Malcom especially seems to be quite a character! He seems to recognize me when I walk into a room. Ma was so disappointed when she learned I was not going to get rid of my snakes and mice, LOL! It's like she was counting down the days or something. Sorry to have to disappoint her, but I won't get rid of them. I just won't get anymore until we are all moved to Montana. Now, I am not sure where in Montana we will be moving to, we have sights on both Bozeman and Billings. Anna said Bozeman is more pet-friendly than Billings. But Bozeman is also literally surrounded by mountains! I'd feel like I am living in a cauldron! But I'd take either town, I don't care. There's good in both towns. And there's plenty of jobs.

When I am looking for a place, the very first thing I ever ask is if they allow pets. If they say no, then I say thank you very much and good bye! I would rather be homeless myself than to live in a home that does not allow pets! I cannot live without my animals. That's one thing in this life I don't even want to try doing.

Right now, I am in another debate of dogs vs. cats again on a horse forum. LOL! One person posted a pic and said nothing is better with a good horse than a good dog by your side on a trail ride. I agreed. But a lot of people said "I'd rather have a cat!" I said "What's so special about cats? Cats are dumb, useless and stinky! And they sure won't protect you if an intruder comes to your home. Dogs are MUCH better!" There ain't nothing a cat can do that there isn't a breed of dog for. You want a pet that'll catch and kill rats? Try a jack russell terrier or a rat terrier (or really any small terrier). Terriers do the job much better and quicker than cats too, and they don't torture the mice and rats before killing them. They just move in for the kill! No chance of the rodent escaping. Who wants their furniture clawed to death by a cat? You can train a dog much easier than you can a cat. Sure, cats can climb trees and a dog cannot, but if I want a pet that can climb trees, I'd get a monkey! And monkeys are more graceful in the trees than a cat is! And I don't like no cats crawling with their dirty paws all over my kitchen counters. So no matter what a cat can do, there's always something else that can do the job better. They're even coming out with doggie litter boxes now.

Wait!! There is one thing a cat can do better than any other animal I know of!! If you want a house full of fleas, I've found no animal does it better and quicker than a cat can. :) Personally I hate fleas, so I think I'll pass.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some Numerical Facts

The most popular search engine right now is Google. But did you ever wonder where Google got it's name? It is actually a number. One "googol" is a one followed by 100 zeros. And believe me, it's not the highest you can count. I learned this when I was in the 5th grade. My sis Anna came home from school one day and told me "Did you know there is such a number as a googol?" No, I did not know this, I had never even heard of it. These were the days WAY before the internet took over everyday life. There was no such thing as a Google search engine back then, so this was the first time I've ever even heard the word "google".

You all know what a ten looks like: 10.

This is a hundred: 100.

This is a thousand: 1000

This is a million: 1000000

This is a billion: 1000000000000

Ever wonder what a googol looks like? Like this:

That is a googol!! Think about it. While our alphabet has only 26 letters, numbers actually go on forever. You can never stop counting. Though I have seen some people argue that the centillion is the highest number. A centillion is a one followed by 303 zeros. But I think there really is no "highest number".

So what brings on this subject? Just one of my random rantings and ponderings of the wonders of the World. I'm not even that great in mathematics! As a matter of fact, I think I suck at math! Though I've been told different on an IQ test! I guess there is a fine line in not being good at something, and simply just not liking that subject, and I think when it comes to math, I'm sitting on that line. But more on the side of just not liking math. Every career that I want to get into unfortunately requires a lot of math skills! Including animation. At this moment I am not sure what I want to study.

Another thing that brought this subject on: This is my 500th post!! YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Congrats to The Farriss Family

So I'd like to take this time to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Jon and Kerry Farriss on the birth of their new baby boy. I knew this one was going to be a boy!! People should probably hire me to tell what someone's baby is going to be, because I always seem to have a knack for knowing that! hehehe!! That's a joke, BTW!!! I wonder when the baby will be announced on inxs.com? Does this baby have a name? If so, what is it? hehe! Well, I know the baby must have a name by now! But why hasn't it been announced yet? When their little girl was born, the baby's name was announced right away. I hope this little boy grows to look just as nice as his daddy. Some people are suggesting he name the baby Michael. I dunno. Though it is a nice name, Jon may want to name the baby after himself (Jon, Jr.) I know the name James is popular with the Farriss family, but Tim already has a boy by the name James. Though I don't know about their family. In my family we have a simple rule, we don't use the same name twice. My sisters have had to be careful when they had their kids not to pick a name that the other was using. Katrina gets so mad at Eva because Eva keeps having kids and taking all the good names! LOL! I know Eva is not finished having children, but I think Katrina is.

This past weekend I made my usual potato-leek soup. It's good soup! Takes forever to prepare though. The only thing I admit I hate about this soup is after a few hours I start burping up gas that tastes the way burned rubber tires smell!! UGH!!! I know, too much info.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

There's Always One...

There's always one in a crowd that is going to pop in and bitch about everything. A few days ago, I posted a video of myself critiquing INXS's new version of Kick. I still don't like it! Nothing that anyone can say to change my mind about that. I don't like it. Some people have enjoyed my reviews while others haven't. I understand that. When I put myself up out there, I can expect to get mixed reviews, it happens. Well, this piece of work on YouTube comes from Australia. I think I know who she is, but she calls herself Hutchrocks1 on YouTube. She's simply on there to do nothing but pass BS on my videos. The problem with this one is that she seems to think everyone has to agree with her. Such a shame! At her age and she believes everyone has to think the same way she does. I don't know her, but already, I don't like her! She reminds me too much of the delusional mods. Or like she's one of those mega-INXS fans who thinks her shit doesn't stink. I had a little fun with her on my Kick video. This was what she posted:

"Timmyfan if inxs are your favourite band, you wouldnt be ditching them and this album. And also if you think that the band will be watching your review your very much mistaken."

I'm not quite sure where she got the idea that I did that particular video thinking that any of the men of INXS would be watching. I didn't mention that on that video. Really, I did it for entertainment purposes. Just one long-time INXS fan giving her own opinion on this new version of Kick. But I did not do the Kick-critique video thinking INXS would be watching. I can say I got that a lot on my Joan Rivers video too, at the same time I got at least one individual who said he would always defend Joan Rivers, and I told several people that I really don't think Joan Rivers gives a damn what I say about her. LOL! So I believe I am fully aware that the chances of any celebs seeing my videos are very slim. It wasn't until after I did the Kick critique that I got that message from someone who does have some associations with INXS asking me to make videos critiquing the other songs on the album. But, I decided anyway to have a little fun with this person, like I do with all other trolls. My response to her was:

@Hutchrocks1 "if inxs are your favourite band, you wouldnt be ditching them and this album."
That's simply your opinion isn't it hunny. :)
"And also if you think that the band will be watching your review your very much mistaken."
Then I've got nothing to worry about, haven't I? ;)

Yes, Hutchrocks1 is a troll! She is the very definition of what a troll is. I searched for other comments made by this person, and she does nothing but gripe and leave negative comments on other peoples' videos. Apparently she missed the video I did critiquing "Drum Opera", which I did like. So far, it's been the only track I heard on this new album that I like. But it's good! But let me say this, just because I love INXS does not mean I have to love all their songs! I don't work that way. I can love someone or something and not like some of the things they do. I don't like Minnie eating deer droppings! But I still love my Minnie. I'd just wash her mouth with soap if I see she's been eating deer droppings!! LOL!

Well, chances are pretty good she won't even see my responses. Hit-and-run type troll! hehe! But just in case, here they are. I sometimes wonder what it is with INXS fans these days. Do we all really have to agree with everything INXS does and says? Maybe I am a lousy INXS fan because I have my own mind, and believe you-me I'm going to use it! I didn't like this version of Kick, and I am going to say so. If you don't like me saying that I don't like it, that's your problem. Make your own video telling your viewers what you think. When you do, you can bow down and ass-kiss all you want to. But I am not. Sorry. That's not how this Timmy-fan works. ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Forget About Michael?

So let's see, I've been cruising through Facebook and one of my buddies mentioned a young woman who went to an INXS concert, where JD was singing. The woman held up a picture of Michael and a security guard swiped the picture out of her hand and ripped it to shreds. I read that harrowing story, and I thought "Oh how terrible!!!" I really felt bad for the poor girl!!!! I don't know who she is, but that doesn't mean I don't feel bad about what happened to her. I mean, I know I would be totally distraught if someone took a picture of my deceased grandparents and ripped it to shreds! Same concept. That girl is definitely owed an apology from INXS!!! Hearing a story like that, I almost lost all my respect for INXS. The one thing though that I keep thinking is it wasn't INXS's doing. It was the doing of that one security guard. I would have MADE him apologize to me, because that was totally uncalled for!!

It brings a kindof big question to my mind, has INXS turned against Michael? Have they turned their back on him? A lot of people are believing they have. That isn't fair. It really was Michael who made INXS what it was. Another buddy of mine said that all the MH comments are getting deleted from the INXS fan page on Facebook, and even some from the website. What gives? So if I went in there and mentioned Michael's name and how I felt about his singing, would my posts then be deleted too? I have been giving INXS some of my most honest opinions of their music. I like the one original track from their new album, it sounds good!! But I have to say the re-makes of their old stuff really SUCKS!! It sounds to me like INXS is turning into a rap/RnB band!! If they are then I am no longer a fan because I can't stand rap or RnB music!! However, Tim is still Tim and I still think he's very handsome!!! Is it possible for a person to be a fan of one band member and not the music? If it is, then I've become that with INXS today. I want INXS back, if they must go on with JD then please do so!! Don't bring in these obscure singers to recreate these damn songs, most of them are bad, I must say!!

Well, I have been asked by someone, who is pretty well high up with INXS, to continue doing reviews of each of the songs of their new album. He's going to show the videos to the band and show them that the long-time fans like myself are not in approval with this new music. I love INXS, I have nothing at all against them, but this new music SUCKS!!!!! I just wish they would find it in their hearts to move on. That is what they are supposed to be doing. That was what they said they would do with JD. Instead, INXS have taken a step backward. Not just a step, but they've gone to the edge of a cliff with no way out!! It's upsetting. Yet they allow a thing like what happened to this woman to happen at one of their concerts. INXS needs to seriously take a good look at what the fans are saying. I am a long-time fan of INXS, and I am not mad at them by any means. I'm more worried about what has become of them. They don't even seem to want to meet the fans anymore, and that is sad!! Especially after hearing how they used to love their fans, and my own meeting with Tim Farriss was an unforgettable event in my life! He was so kind and generous. I hate to think that old age has turned him into a grumpy old bag!!! Not that that is what I really believe.

And why is Michael no longer allowed to be mentioned? Is that such a terrible thing to mention Michael, or even bring his pic, to a concert? Why did INXS allow something like that to happen? Why are comments about Michael being taken off the INXS website and Facebook page? It's not fair! Especially when they are already looking back with this new album. I felt bad about that story I heard. I hope they do not still have that security guard, because if he tried something like that with me, I would be totally pissed, no telling what I would do then. Nothing really bad! But I think I would demand a serious apology!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Playing The Martyr

I've often been told that I act like the martyr in many situations, some people have even accused me of being spineless or cowardly. I have to laugh at those people though. You can say a lot of things about me! You can say I am arrogant, stupid, a jerk, an asshole, I'm nice, I'm opinionated, etc, etc, etc. But to say I am spineless I would say is a complete oximoron to who I really am. For one thing, I've never been shy about putting my real name out there. Some strangers even have my home address. I've even begun putting movies of myself out there, and pics. Would a spineless person do that? I personally don't think so. But then I guess it depends on what the other person calls "spineless". I remember someone, by the name of Rhonda (on the Pluba forum), once called me that because I agreed with someone who she didn't like, and she could not get me to agree with her on anything. Rhonda was angry at me from day 1 because of that too! LOL! Basically I just laugh at Rhonda though because she was one of those "hit-and-run" trolls, which is the most spineless variety of internet troll there is. But anyway, if I were someone else, looking at me from the outside in, I would definitely not call someone like me 'spineless'.

You know why I decided to put movies up of myself? Because Dustin Grey implied that I was hiding myself. It actually made me look at myself and I said, "OK, no more hiding. From now on, I am going to put videos up of myself, just because my face annoys him so much." So that was when I began putting up videos of myself, talking into my camera. hehe! I do find that when I am struck by a troll, I tend to put up more videos of myself. Until then, I usually cannot think of what to put up. I don't know why. I think because I give my mind such a good workout with trolls invading my videos, it kinda 'jump-starts' my creative processes. The worse the troll, the more creative I feel! hehehe!! I gave my mind a darn good workout this past weekend with Travis, by keeping my cool. It's great excersize for my mind! I get all giddy, and giggly when someone like him tries so desperately to put me down! That kinda re-energizes my creative juices, and I create more videos. Like yesterday I did a video about INXS's new album. I love INXS, but Nikka Costa singing Kick really SUCKED!!!! I hated it!! I went to inxs.com to warn everyone not to listen to that song. Very likely my posts will get deleted, but here it is again (plus I have my video), DON'T LISTEN TO THE NEW KICK ON INXS'S NEW ALBUM!!! IT'LL HURT YOUR EARS!!!!!! I hate it! I like the old version of Kick much better! This version is so slow, it sounds like Costa is singing in her sleep!! What is with music today?? There's no more rhythm, no more beat. Everyone nowadays seems to like it nothing but slow and sickly!! That's why I don't listen to modern music! No one can sing anymore. I don't think Costa is a good singer at all!!! I liked Shania Twain better than this wench!!

Anyway, why do I sometimes act like the victim in some cases? Well, it depends on the case. I know I put myself out there and there is a potential to get targeted by trolls and low-lifes. When I "play the martyr", it is most likely because I have felt threatened by someone. Like someone has backed me into a corner and I felt there was no other way out. Now, simple trolls like Travis and dustingrey, I did not feel threatened by. Because they're just trolls! What can they physically do to me? Nothing! They didn't even seem like the types that would hack into someone else's computer. Trolls like Rhonda, from Pluba, don't scare me at all!! Even when Rhonda resurfaced as "the watcher", more often I laughed at her than felt threatened by her! Because what could she do to me? Absolutely NOTHING!! She was too spineless. Spineless trolls (I call them "hit-and-run" trolls) are the least threatening of all. I wasn't going to go to her house, and she knew damn well she didn't have a prayer of ever being welcome in mine, and she was too cowardly even to argue so I did not feel threatened by her at all. The people I do feel threatened by are those who I know have hacked into other peoples' computers, called their homes, threatened their families, or have had friends who have hacked other peoples's e-mail accounts, and did all that stuff, those are the most threatening trolls, and yes they do exist!! I have heard too many stories of people running into internet enemies, and actually being shot or killed in some way, that I take every threat people throw at me seriously. Nowadays, no one can afford to take any threat lightly! So I don't. Usually when someone on the internet says they are going to shoot someone, chances are they won't do it. Unless that person actually knows the person they are threatening! But most of the time the person threatening me lives hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away from me, it is very unlikely they are going to do anything to me!!

I remember some years ago, a few people from the Pluba forum hacked into my old Hotmail account, and I noticed on my MSN, all of my friends had been eliminated, and it was not by me! 2 of the people I accused claimed they didn't do it. I don't believe they were the ones who actually hacked into my account, but I do believe (and they can never make me believe otherwise) that they knew the person who did it. One of them was brazen enough to ask me to add them to my MSN Messenger list. She knows who she is! Even though she denies it with all her might to her stupid friends, and not oddly enough, they actually believe her. The only reason I know it was someone from the Pluba forum is because the Hotmail account's alternate e-mail had been changed to an e-mail address that I used on the Pluba forum, and no where else. I didn't even have that e-mail when I set up the Hotmail account. No one could access that e-mail address unless they were the moderator, or was able to hack into my old account at Pluba. And I remember one time, this same person who was brazen enough to request an add to my MSN messenger, announced on the Pluba forum that she receives all private messeges sent to the moderator of that forum. If she could do that, what's to say she could not see any other info that was otherwise private on that forum? And she was the kind of person who would kiss and tell! She told all her fukwit friends everything she knew. I personally think she had personal connections with the mod, and she wasn't telling anyone that she did. But hey! It's OK! Karma will come to get those who do evil. Trust me! :) It may be sooner, or it may be later. You just never know. Bottom line is just be good to everyone you meet, and no harm will come to you.

Well, to summarize, that is why I am sometimes caught "playing the martyr". I usually only do so when I personally feel threatened. A person should not be allowed to get away with making threats to anyone whether it be on the internet or in person. I never do. I don't believe in making threats over the internet, nor over the phone, so I just don't do it. I never have. My ma always says talk is cheap. I may say I'd like to do this, or that. But that is hardly a threat! Though some people do see that phrase that way. But just because I say I'd like to do something, does not mean I am going to do it. But that's me! I don't trust strangers, so if someone threatens me over the internet, I think it'd be foolish not to take it somewhat seriously. That's how I feel.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Blame Only McDonald's?

I get this all the time! Every time someone sees a fat person, their first thought is "McDonald's!" But is McD's the only one to blame for the obesity problem? I don't believe so! People have been thinking this ever since the movie Supersize Me. My little sis loves that movie, BTW, because she said it reminds her of the movie Jackass. I admit, that obesity due to hormonal problems is really rare. Most people who say they are obese because of a hormone problem are, for the most part, lying! I read somewhere that only about 10% of the people who are obese really are so because of a hormone imbalance. However, I have medical proof that I am among that 10% who are afflicted with a hormone imbalance. However, I have ceased bringing that up with other people, simply because they do not believe me anyways. It's so much better to just sit back and let them think what they want than to sit here for days on end and get into a silly argument over the subject. But I can tell you with all honesty that I do not go to McDonald's. I have been pissed off at McDonald's for YEARS, due to incidents that have nothing to do with my weight or with that movie, and have been boycotting them, so it's been a very long time since I have been to McD's. I like Burger King, but I don't go there very often either. The only time I go there is when I am out of town, and I won't be home for a long time, like on one of our day trips to Oregon, which happens maybe once every 2 or 3 months. I like going to Oregon, but not that much, since we moved to Ocean Shores, it's too much wear and tear on our car, and it takes 4 hours just to get there from here, even going the short way. But mostly I prefer to do all my cooking here at home.

Lately, I haven't been eating much at all! I take a few little bites and I'm full!! I think that's what old age does to you. But anyway, I remember on that movie that they mentioned a couple of teenage girls who were suing McDonald's because they got fat. They must be the fricken stupidest people on the planet!! That has to be the dumbest reason I ever heard to sue anyone, because a person has the option to say no, I don't want to go to McDonald's. If those kids want to sue anyone, sue their friends or family who took them to McDonald's! McD's is only doing what they're supposed to be doing. When they ask if you want your meal supersized, you don't have to say yes. You can say no. It's freedom of choice, take advantage of it!! You go out to eat too much, and yes you are going to get fat! It happens. That's why you should learn to cook at home, then you know what you are getting. And I highly recommend switching from regular beef to bison meat. I did! It is actually the hormones that are being injected into cattle now that is making people, who eat beef, get fat. The hormones that are being pumped into beef cattle now are made to bulk up the cattle, so the beef farmers get more meat (thusly more money) out of the cows. Unfortunately it is doing the same to humans as well. So, either switch to organic beef or bison meat! Bison are naturally bulky, so no hormones are needed to make them bigger. But don't give up meat! No matter what PETA says, people do need meat. Giving meat up for me is not an option.

Another thing to blame is the economy. When I was a kid, my father worked and my mom stayed home, and we did very well. Ma was there to watch me, and I was able to go out and play outside, instead of staying inside watching television and playing video games, like what today's kids do. I remember back in 1993, we got a Nintendo game system, an old one, and I got hooked on Super Mario Bros. I played that game over and over and over again until I could no longer play it, I got too good. And there was this one level I could not figure out how to get out of! I got so hooked on that game, that I did that rather than play outside, or go to the mall with my friends. As a consequence, I began to put on more weight. I eventually lost it, but I got hooked on that game and it made me get fat. So there is proof that video games today are also making kids fatter than they were when I was younger. The one thing that made me lose the weight I gained that year was getting rid of the Nintendo, and going back out on hikes and to the mall to meet with my buddies. I sold the Nintendo with the game cartridge at a yard sale the following year. Not because I put on weight, but because of my pa, he made me sell a lot of my old stuff in a yard sale that year. I remember back then I hated being fat!!! I didn't care about the funny stares I got and the stupid comments from total strangers! I don't ever care what strangers think! I hated being fat because I didn't trust my balance anymore. My center of gravity shifted, and that was the one thing I loved about hikes over boulders and mountain-climbing. I was so agile when I was thin. I was like a sifaka!! When I put on weight, I could not leap like that anymore. It totally upset me! So I lost the weight, and getting rid of the Nintendo helped in that. It wasn't until after I got rid of the Nintendo that I made that connection, because I started losing weight again. hehe.

I live in a town now that is mostly elderly people, but there are quite a few families here. There are people who have kids, even teenagers. The one thing I've noticed about kids today, I never see any of them out riding their bikes or doing anything. Every once in a while I'll see a kid on a skateboard, or on a bike, but that happens about once in a full moon. Most of the time, I see the parents dropping their kids off at their friends' house, or they catch the bus, or something to that effect. Kids don't walk to their friends' houses like they did when I was little. I remember when we lived in Toutle, which is mostly a farming town, your nearest neighbors are several acres away, I had a best friend who lived 9 country blocks away. Now, believe me when I say in the city, that may not sound like very far, but in the country, 9 blocks is about a mile and a half away! I used to either walk to her house or ride my bicycle. No problem! Kids these days do not do that. I've noticed that. I had fun though walking to this friend's house. And we'd play with her animals. I remember she always had kittens at her place, because her yard had a huge collection of resident barn cats! LOL! None of them were tame though, but I would grab a kitten whose eyes hadn't opened yet and play with it. I never went to her place during week days, because it was too far, I always went there on weekends. But anyway, that was normal where I came from. I hardly ever saw any fat kids when I was growing up. And yes, we did have a McDonald's. I just never went unless my family took me there. Then I would only have a PLAIN cheese burger! No pickles, no mustard, no ketchup, no nothing! Just meat, bread and cheese. I am still that way about burgers. I don't like anything on it but meat and cheese. And now I've trained myself not to have anything except bison meat.

So why am I so fat? Well, I still have the hormone problems. That won't go away. I can get on a treadmill (I'm working on getting myself the latest NordicTrack that uses Google Maps), and I can move my way to Kingdom Come, I still won't lose weight. The main reason I want the treadmill is just to stay in condition so I can keep going on my walks. I don't mind being fat, now that I have adjusted to it, but I don't want to lose my ability to walk. I don't want to weigh no 400 pounds!! I don't even want to get back up to 300! Though I don't mind where I am at now (250 pounds). I look bigger because my belly bulges, but I have relatively skinny legs. There is a fun side to being fat, seeing all the crazy people on YouTube getting so pissed off because I am fat! LOL! I swear, they get angrier than I do! And they don't even have to live with it! LOL! It's funny as heck to watch them!! Like this boy named Travis who commented on one of my videos this last weekend (he calls himself smokeysmurf420420420). He came into my video and he got soooo pissed off, it was hilarious!! Of course he denied that he was losing his head, but his actions spoke louder than his words. When a person comments on a video with cuss words, they are pissed off!! LOL!! I love to have fun with people like that! One thing I will give Travis credit for, he is the first troll to admit he's actually a troll! He made a comment saying "It's obvious I am not going to get the emotional response that I want from you..." No, instead of him getting that emotional response from me that he so eagerly craved, I got it from him!! LOLOL!!!! That's why I love having fun with people like him. I love turning their attempts around on them. And I can say, at least with Travis, it worked beautifully!!! hehehe!! ;) Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't work. But when someone like Travis comments, and he's already showing anger and is cussing and name-calling, I know right then I've got myself a sucker!! And I'm going to toy with him until he exhausts. hehe! It's fun! And funny as shit, because they come in there to try and piss me off, and they are the ones who wind up leaving there, pissed off. The fact that he doesn't know me, but thinks he does, helps a lot in keeping my cool.

So why are people thinking that all fat people spend all their time at McD's, instead of blaming what is possibly the real culprit, which is video games? Maybe they are video game lovers, and just do not want to face the fact that it is the love of their lives (video games) that are to blame for the obesity epidemic. I don't know. That is a remote possibility. Most of the people who blame McD's I noticed are all young people. People generally 25 or younger. Maybe they just want to blame what the media has blamed, in the form of the movie Supersize Me, or Fast Food Nation, and other such movies. People are more likely to follow what they see on TV and in movies, and not what is really so. It's just a fact of life.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Would You Breed?

I was just watching a program tonight about a certain kind of genetic disease that causes your immune system to attack your own body, it's called NEMO deficiency. In this case, NEMO is not a cute little clownfish, but an essential protein in the cells that prevents the immune system from attacking and killing good cells. If a person is deficient in this protein, the immune system attacks the body and all the good cells. It's terrible, and it is usually fatal. The worst thing about it is, it is hereditary. The good news is though that it can be treated and kept under control. But a person can still be a carrier. This woman whose child was afflicted with this disease, she's had 2 other members of her extended family come down with this same disease, and ended up dead, and she got all shocked and surprised when her own little boy started to show the symptoms of the disease.

This brings me to this question; if you knew that a fatal genetic disease is running in your family, would you have a child? Even though the possibility of that child getting (or even carrying) that disease was very great? I'm not so sure I would! Why put the child through that torture and suffering? I remember some months ago when I saw the documentary about Fatal Familial Insomnia, it was mentioned on that program that that ailment is also genetic. It also showed a young woman, whose family also had a history of the disease, getting married. She was a young girl, and her father died of the ailment. There was an interview with her aunt, who lost a child to the disease. Even the aunt hoped that her niece would never have children because the chance of it having FFI is so great. Most people have kids for selfish reasons, just because they want to carry on their genes. It's sad, but it happens. People have kids and are living in slums, or have kids and are working 12-hour shifts. No wonder kids today are so bad! But anyway, I think the worst thing a person can do is to have kids when they know something so deadly is running in their family. IMO, it's criminal! It's almost like putting a death sentence on your own child! People really should be very careful in cases like that.

NEMO deficiency usually only attacks boys, but girls can be carriers, and pass it on to their kids. Thus the continuation of the disease! It's terrible. Once a family has any kind of ailment in their genes, you cannot get rid of it. It cannot be "bred out", it's always there. You cannot really change a child's genetic code to get rid of the disease, or prevent it from spreading to the next generation. Just cannot be done. Some may be recessive, but they will eventually pop up. That mother knew that NEMO deficiency ran in her family, she knew the potential of it to kill was there. Yet, she selfishly had a child, and it suffered because of the disease. She was damn lucky her child did not die. Just knowing something like that was in my family, I would never have had kids!! People nowadays, I'll tell you, are more conscientious about breeding their dogs or cats than they are about having kids!! Good breeders breed only animals that have no inherited problems, but people think nothing about having kids when they have diseases that will kill their child, or seriously harm them. That's very puzzling to me!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Everyone Leaving Facebook?

I'm hoping this month will be better than last month. I have the feeling everyone is leaving Facebook! I lost about 8 friends last month, that's a record! And I haven't seen those people again. Well, one person I was not at all worried about losing, I found out she was only 10 years old, and she got pissed because I could not give her 100% of my time. But heck! I was OK with that! LOL! Like I said she was only 10. I didn't even know she was only 10 years old, and when she told me she was, I felt uncomfortable having her on my friends list. I thought she was at least 14! Not only that, she was asking me how we knew each other, and if I had a "piter" of myself. I don't even know what a "piter" is! LOL! ;) So, anyway I did not feel bad at all about losing that one, I don't even count that person. But some people I lost last month do matter to me. I was cleaning out the old game and application invites on my Facebook page and I noticed some names of the people who were missing were blotted out, but not their pics. When I clicked on their pics, I got a notice saying their pages did not exist. That's upsetting!! I really miss those friends! Not because they sent me apps and games and stuff (I usually just ignore those things anyway), but because they were good people! And great friends.

One of the people I lost last month kept deleting her account. I don't know why people do that. But one of her closest Facebook friends said that she always feels insecure about her posts and stuff. She doesn't speak english very well, and I remember every time she made a mistake (or I guess thought she was making a mistake) she would delete her posts, or apologize. I like that person, she was a nice girl. There were some things about her that needed improvement, but nobody is perfect! All-in-all, she was a nice person. She need not worry about her problems with speaking english. I don't think there was anyone who expected her to speak it very well. I know I get flustered sometimes talking to people, and I speak good english. But if people don't like what I have to say, they can eat shit!! I don't care. I could never delete my account, no matter what happens! I have too much stuff on there, and friends I really don't want to lose. I lost a lot of friends from MySpace, but I was not going to put up with MySpace anymore. I didn't get on there enough anyway to make what I had to put up with worthwhile. I still have a couple of other Myspace pages, but I don't ever go in there.

You know what I heard yesterday? One of my friends on Facebook announced that Miley Cyrus's mom is dating Bret Michaels. All I can say in response to that is "EEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!" I can't stand Bret Michaels!!!!! I think he's ugly as shit!! And he can't sing!! I just don't like Guns n Roses, period!! One person said he's an "improvement" over Billy Ray Cyrus. I don't think so. At least with B. R. Cyrus as Miley's father, she's been taught some good values. At least that's what my ma said. My ma actually watches her show, or she did when she lived in Olympia. We don't get Disney Channel out here. But I highly doubt Bret Michaels has any good values at all! Don't get me wrong, really! I don't really give 2 shits about Miley Cyrus or her funky father! But the idea that anyone would choose to date Bret Michaels is absolutely beyond my realm of knowledge!! But I guess to each their own. I myself would rather have dated Michael Jackson than Bret Michaels!! He is NOT my type at all! I would have posted my response on his post, but then my post would have followed the post of this one person who I do not like at all!! LOL! And I didn't want her to even dream that I would say even 2 words to her. ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Michael's Month

Well, November has arrived. I have christened this month Michael's Month. hehe! I remember right after Michael Hutchence passed away back in 1997, it was hard for me to face this month head-on. I even began hating the holiday season because it was a grim reminder that Michael was no longer with the world. I remember when I heard about his death, it was the very last fricken thing I ever thought I would hear in my lifetime!! Michael Hutchence did not seem like the kind of person who would kill himself! I remember I cried my eyes out for a week! I never really stopped crying. Every year after he died, around this time, I would start again and would not stop until the new year. The thing was, I never really met Michael. I saw him in concert once, and I kissed him, but he never even knew I did it! LOL! One day I looked at how I was feeling and I was wasting away because of it, I asked myself "what am I doing? Why am I allowing myself to get this upset over someone I never really met?" Don't get me wrong! Michael Hutchence was my most favorite singer of all time! I had dreams as a teenager of actually marrying him (although I knew they were just dreams). But why was I holding on so to the sadness of losing Michael when I never actually met him? Why feel so bad about losing someone I didn't even know? That didn't make sense to me. So I stopped dwelling on his death, and began using this month to celebrate his life. No more tears and crying, no more feeling of sadness and emptiness inside. No more hating the holidays. Instead, I began celebrating the LIFE of Michael Hutchence along with the celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Even Jesus Himself preferred the day of His death be celebrated rather than the day of His birth. That day is indeed special. Though we feel bad because they are no longer with us, it is important to remember how that person lived their lives. When we are born, we have not lived our lives yet. But when we die, we have lived, we have become who we are, or were. So that is why I say to celebrate Michael's life on the 22nd. I even changed my Facebook profile pic to possibly my most favorite pic of Michael. That's something I would normally never do! I'm not that big of a fan of his anymore. Nothing personal there! Just that now I am preferring guitarists over the lead singers. Especially when they are as handsome as Timmy is!! Usually if I'm going to put anyone's pic up other than mine, it's going to be Timmy's. But like I said, this is supposed to be Michael's month. After the 22nd, if I have time, I will put my pic back up. That is IF I have time!! LOL! I'm going to be doing a lot of baking that week! I have to do some baking for Thanksgiving dinner, and I promised I would also do some baking for the church bake sale. I've got my itinerary all planned out. I'm going to make my personal key-lime cupcakes, my fudge-topped brownies, my rich sugar cookies, my chocolate-chip-toffee cookies, my orange dreamsicle cupcakes, my peppermint meltaways, etc. LOTS of baking!! I sure hope after all that, that I sell everything. All this stuff is fairly easy to make up, but I still have the feeling I will be up all night cooking!! But the money made will be going to the missionaries in New Guinea. Wow!! When we get to Bozeman, I told Anna one of the things I want to do is open my own bakery and sell my goods. I don't know if Bozeman has a bakery, but I can make just about anything! And I have a very creative mind.

Well, I am thinking of doing the same thing for Michael this year that I did last year, and that is make another compilation video. I've had it in my mind for quite some time. The one I came out with last year was a good one. I was remembering Michael 12 years later. It was meant to be more funny than dramatic, but it wound up being a bit of both. I had just had surgery at the time I recorded the vocals, so my voice is a little bit funny in that video. But I want to do the same thing again this year. So we will see.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"PETA-Sucks.com" BS

Well, by now you all should know how I hate this forum. I mentioned the site on my blog last night and after I mentioned it, though briefly, I wondered if it was still up and running. Apparently a former member is also pissed off at that forum and it's admins, and is threatening a lawsuit. Not sure if that poster was serious though. But it shows the BS a person has to put up with when they go into that forum. Well, I read that post all the way through, and I noticed one line that really caught my attention, that is probably the funniest line I've ever seen anywhere on the internet. It was by someone who calls herself dogasouruslady. Now, I am definitely not in any way defending PETA by saying that the PETA Sucks site is full of BS. I say, that PETA Sucks is just as bad as PETA, if not maybe worse. I was on that forum for a little while, and I saw what the people on that forum are like. This was the part of the post that really caught my attention:

The claimant states:
5.) Peta-sucks.com has recently become a hate site allowing words and intent of hate. I wish no association with this group or any hate group.

The admin responds:
Peta-sucks.com has never been a hate site, is not now and never will be.

and also:
Hateful is a subjective term. One person's hate is another person's compassion.

This was from a post made on July 15, 2010. I can tell you I found this part of the post funny because having spent some time on this forum back in 2008, I can honestly and without hesitation tell you that PETA-Sucks promotes nothing but hatred! Most of it's members are inbred, trailer-dwelling, gun-swaggling rednecks who do nothing but throw hate around. Many of them use the "N" word in a very derrogatory manner. There used to be a thread on the old forum (which appears to be gone now) asking people what it was they hated the most. Several people said they hate Puerto Ricans, Jamaicans, African-Americans, and all that bullshit, and when I saw that, coupled with Mr. Cutthroat's drunken ragings against me because he thought deer are rats, I knew that was not the forum for me! And as for that last paragraph, there is no way you can get me to believe any of the hate and evil being promoted on that site has anything at all to do with compassion! Those dumb-clucks do all that shit to fulfill their own sadistic need to tear someone apart, whether it be African-Americans, or handicapped people, or nice people, whathaveyou!

Call me old-fashioned if you want to, but to me, to make fun of handicapped people, or treat people of other races as outcasts, instead of like equals, does not in any way constitute compassion. Unless our meanings of compassion are different. Anyone who uses the word "retarded" in reference to people who are mentally-challenged (as the people in that forum did regularly) is not IMO a good person! And they didn't seem to care that they made themselves look like a bunch of asses. They just get in that forum, and start acting loony, talking shit about everyone for some petty little reason. They are nothing but racist, arrogant air-heads! I'm glad I left that forum! I never want to go back.

Here's another part of the post that caught my attention. The claimant says:

3.) Peta-sucks.com has repeatedly defamed and libeled claimant. Such acts have caused harm in my life, office or trade. Members of this forum are residents of my community and as such privy to the malicious material. Additionally the open nature of the Internet allows these libelous statements to reach my area of dominant influence.

The admin replies:

Prove it.
Also, if this is the case why post 11,000+ provocative, intimidating and vindictive statements on the internet in the first place?

Well, I can probably answer her question. The claimant probably made the same mistake I did of trying to fit in there! It's impossible to be accepted by people who are blind to their own faults and failures! That's why the members of PETA-Sucks are so difficult to get along with! They have so many faults and are not aware of any of them, so they lash out at people for basically behaving the same way they do. I used to see this syndrome all the time on show breeder forums! Maybe we should name it "Showbreederitis". hehehe! Or "Petasucksitis", characterized by a lack of class and understanding, a severe level of immaturity, hatred of innocent people, prone to immediate and unprovoked rages, etc.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Well, Halloween has come and gone. My sis and I went to a community Halloween party. It was FUN!! I was watching something last night, and it was about why we are afraid of the dark. It's actually a quite common fear. I think it dates back to our primeval days, when we still had long tails and lived in the trees. There are not many nocturnal primates. About 3/4 of all primates are active during the day. About half of the remainder are prosimians. Half of the prosimians in the world are nocturnal, and only one species of monkey is also nocturnal. None of the apes are. Predatory mammals have always been more active at night. In the earliest days of primate evolution, the biggest threat at night more likely came from snakes, owls, and good sized miacids (which are early carnivores). It was during this time in evolution that primates began to evolve to become more active during the day. This saved them from nocturnal predators. Though nowadays, snakes can hunt during the day as well, they "see" better at night. But it's because of these early threats from night-time predators that we are diurnal inhabitants today.

Those primates that are active at night, most of them are small and relatively slow-moving, with a few exceptions, like bushbabies. This is because for some reason, primates' eyes are not designed to see in the dark. But all nocturnal primates have very large eyes. The slowest-moving primates of all are the lorises. They are tiny, compact creatures. Some even look cuddly. The slow loris is today's only known poisonous primate. Before this theory came into place, I had already imagined up another relatively slow-moving and toxic primate family, which will be presented on my Metazoic site. I sure come up with some pretty darn good theories!!! This, I have to admit, even scared me!! I never thought that science today would come up with a primate that is toxic! I thought that was something that only I, and my crazy mind, would think up!

I was watching a video on YouTube and it was about an owl that took a pomeranian dog. I could not believe the level of negativity among the viewers of that video! Most of them said that they wished the owl had killed the dog, simply because it was a pomeranian. They thought of pomeranians as being "rats", saying they are ankle-nippers, yappers, and annoying and saying they aren't "real" dogs, and shit like that. I'll tell you, people like that are full of BS! To them, if it isn't a labrador or some other shit breed like that, then it isn't worth saving. Well, I love owls!! I love ALL birds, I've never seen a bird I didn't love. We have owls around here, barred owls. I see them a lot now whenever I go out in the evening. They are beautiful, adorable birds! But I am sorry, if an owl tries to take one of my chihuahuas or my papillon, I will take my sister's cane and go out there and bash the bird in the head, without any hint of hesitation! I love owls, but I love my babies more. It's them or the owl, and there are plenty other owls out there. But there's only one Vegas, and one Minnie, and one Odessa, and I'm not going to lose them! Not like that! I have a special connection with Vegas, I raised him from birth. And Odessa is his mom, so I cannot let anything happen to her. Plus Odessa is my one remaining connection with Groucho. Having her here, I almost feel like I still have Groucho with me. And Minnie has helped me a lot in getting over losing my Groucho. So I value my dogs, very deeply.

And this stupid thing about pomeranians not being "real" dogs, that's probably the stupidest remark I've ever heard!! Sounds like something the people on the PETA Sucks forum would say! That's why I hated it there. They claimed they loved animals, but the longer I stayed on that forum, the more contrary they proved to be. That was a negative forum anyway! Anyways, just because a dog is small does not mean it isn't a dog. I like small dogs. I can't stand these so-called gun dogs that everybody else seems to favor. And the thing about pomeranians being "yappy", my poms were never that yappy. My dogs for some reason never turn out to be yappy, and I have little ones. Probably because I give them a lot of attention, and I crate-train them, and keep them inside. But let me tell you, when we lived in Olympia, one of our neighbors that moved in just before we moved out, had these 2 big walker hounds that did nothing but bark, all day and all night, at anything! Whether it was someone walking by, or a leaf falling out of a tree, or a tiny gust of wind whisking through their ears. They didn't care, they always barked. I wanted to shoot those damn dogs!!! And they had a bark that was much worse than anything my dogs ever let off, and it was loud barking too!! So, these dumbasses who bitch about pomeranians and chihuahuas being yappy and say that big dogs are not, has never lived next to someone with hound dogs!

Another neighbor I had had a labrador/GSD cross that also barked a lot, and this is a breed that these bitches love (the labrador part anyway). But another one of my neighbors confessed that my chihuahuas were not anywhere near as annoying as that labrador-mixed dog was. So, these labrador-lovers can bite on that one! My dogs bark for sure when someone comes to the door, but for the most part, they are quiet. I used to get more complaints about my collie, back when I had one, than I ever did about my chihuahuas. Anyone who says big dogs don't have an annoying bark is either lying, has never had a big dog, or is f*cking stupid and sees only corruption in things they don't like. Either way, these people look like dumbasses bitching about a pomeranian, which BTW, I am glad someone jumped in to save from the owl.

Well, I've never been famous for staying on topic for anything! LOL! My topic can change at the drop of a hat.