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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Do Gays Really Doom Nations?

According to the Westboro Baptist Church they do. I've been looking at some of the disasters of the past dozen years that they make fun of, and they say all this is happening because gay people (they call them "fags") are allowed to get married now. For example, the 9/11 disasters in NYC and Washington DC. I've been studying these disasters because I am really interested in knowing this. Actually, it all started out as a part of my project to do a documentary about these people. Take for example, the tsunami in 2004, Asia and Indonesia. The WBC argues that there was a high number of Swedish visitors that were killed in that tsunami. And the reason? Because Sweden accepts gay marriage. They were the first European country to accept gay marriage. While it is true that Sweden was one of the first to accept gay marriages, it wasn't actually legalized until 2009, almost 5 years after the Asian tsunami. And the other odd thing I've found, there were almost as many Germans killed in that tsunami, and guess what? Same-sex marriage is NOT legal in Germany yet. And if all this is true anyway, why did the tsunami hit in Asia and Indonesia? Why didn't it hit Sweden or Norway? Germany is not anywhere near an ocean, so a tsunami would be nearly impossible there. But if Sweden is accepting of gay marriage, and that disaster happened because of same-sex marriage, why wasn't Sweden hit where it could have eliminated more of this accepting race? Answer me that, Westboro!

And let's look at 9/11, again, they say the same shit, that it all happened because Americans are accepting gay marriage. DUH! Gay marriage was not even discussed in New York until 2006, 5 years after the 9/11 disaster in NYC. And it was not legalized there until 2009--8 years later. So how is it that gay marriage had anything to do with 9/11???? Westboro just does not like gay people, and so they have to, like every child that hates something, blame what they don't like for all the problems in the world today. It'd be kinda like me saying that the Space shuttle crashed because the crew was a bunch of panther-lovers. Or that maybe the tsunami happened because Sumatra is a nation of tiger-worshipping yuppies. See how silly all that sounds? Same thing with the WBC, they hate gays as much as I hate tigers, and so they blame gay people for all the casualties happening now in this world. The only difference is I don't blame panthers for all the misery in the world today. I think panther-fanatics should get a life, but I don't think that they are the cause of all the devastation happening in the world. That's just childish and silly!

Another thought on this subject, gays are NOT universally accepted in the USA, like the Westboro Baptist Church thinks they are. Gay people are still persecuted and scorned. I don't approve of that any more than I approve of anyone scorning anyone that chooses to live their lives their own way. But the sad fact is they are not widely accepted. And people who were openly gay have not been allowed to serve in the military until quite recently. The WBC thinks that our servicemen fight for nothing but gay rights. Well, how can that be so if gays were never allowed to serve in the military before?? If we have done nothing in this country for the past 200 years but fight for gay rights, why haven't gay people been allowed to serve in the military until 2011?? And why aren't gay people prevailingly accepted in today's world yet? That just sounds really stupid to me!

So looking at this whole thing from a rational perspective, I don't think gay people are the cause of anything, neither is the acceptance of gay marriage. The world is working the way it always has. The Westboro Baptist Church reminds me so much of the delusional mods forum. They read too much into everything, and twist those meanings around to mean what they want to interpret it to mean. They are trying to turn the world against gays. But the way they deliver their message, only makes the world want to fight harder for gay rights. I have gay friends, and I stand by them. Now, there are some gays, like spkenn36, that I think should be shot dead, because they give the entire gay community a bad name. But my gay friends are very decent human beings that I feel should be allowed to live their lives the way they want to without interference from dumbasses like those in the Westboro Baptist Church. Like I said before, someone else's life is none of their business! That is between that person and their savior, whomever it may be.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Villa Drama

Well, I think I am over the initial shock of losing my friend this weekend. I was so upset over that. But there is some amount of comfort in knowing she died doing what she loved. But it must have been scary for at least a minute. Karen told me here that drowning is actually a more peaceful way to go. But it still must have been scary. I honestly think Bree came down and let me know she is doing fine up there with GOD. Because the day after, not only did I have a much better day, but so did a mutual friend of mine on Facebook. I knew it had to be a message from Bree! We were both friends with her, and she was talking about how good she was feeling that day, but that it was bittersweet because she could not tell Bree. I think she knows! It has to be a message from her. She's letting both of us know she is OK. My day was better that day too. Apparently this problem with odesk was solved, and I got a brand new water cooler! I am renting it now, but I do have the option to purchase later. And I think I will.

Well, a couple days ago, I got a message from Deb saying that my dogs were barking, and that I am now in violation of the pet code in this building. Me, Anna and Karen all thought originally that it was Kim trying to cause drama. I told Deb to watch out because Kim is probably out to get me. But Deb assured me it wasn't Kim who complained. It was Lois and Jim. I cannot always keep my dogs from barking! When they hear someone near the door, they bark! Simple as that! I cannot stop them right away. I cannot always hear when someone is at the door, which is why I got these dogs in the first place. It's their job to bark when someone is at the door. I count on that. But Lois and Jim complained because they said their barking was out of control, and I was here at the time because they heard me shout "Be quiet!" Usually when I say that, they shut right up. Another thing that they complained about, that Vegas and Minnie also walk freely without a leash. But usually they stay beside me. They don't need leashes. And really, I see Ziggy (Deb's dog) running around with a leash attached to his collar, but no one is holding the leash. And he gets away from Deb far more than my dogs get away from me. Just saying. I've nothing at all against Deb, I'm just stating a fact. I remember one time, right after Deb moved here, Ziggy ran off, his leash was on, but no one was holding it. I remember Deb jumping into her truck, speeding off to go find Ziggy. My dogs have never done that. They go where I go. Vegas sometimes charges at people, but he comes right back when I call him. Usually I call him before he gets too close to the person he's charging.

Someone here is targeting me. I can tell. Either that, or someone just has nothing better to do (like my neighbor lady) so she finds pleasure in bitching about every little thing I do. I don't even like my neighbor lady, and I do everything I can to try and make her happy. I don't even watch TV after 10:30 PM anymore. She used to bitch about that. I try not to cook after 10:30 because she always complains that I slam the cupboard doors. It took me a while to figure out what she's talking about. Because I have one cupboard that does not even close all the way. I can't slam it! It's the one on her side of the apartment too. I believe what she hears is when I am cooking, I tend to tap my spoon on the rim of the pot I am using. It can be very loud, and I figured that is what she's hearing. But she still bitches about it anyway. I thought she took to ignoring me! If she tunes me out like she says she does in the dog park, she should not be bitching about every little thing I am doing. I rarely bitch about anyone here. My grievances are all legitimate. Mostly it's because people are abusing someone else, or like the one time I turned Sharon in for leaving her dog's shit bags pinned to the side of the garage! No one wants to see that! But my neighbor lady seems to just not be happy unless she is bitching about something. Little things too. You can't make any loud noises in this place after 10:30 PM and that is when I stop most of my noisy activities. So I am within my rights. I just hate this place! I knew I was not going to do well living in an apartment complex!! You cannot even fart in your own apartment without everyone around you hearing it. Like I said before, I wish I did live in a trailer! It'd be a lot more private than this! I don't care if people would call me "trailer trash", try living in a place like this for a few months if you like your privacy and see if that trailer doesn't look better afterwords!

Kim tried to report something to Deb, and before she could even get started, Deb told Kim "If it's about the drama going on around here I don't want to hear it!" Yvette was with Kim, and she said "Then I guess telling you is not a good idea." Deb said "Then I guess you're right!" LOL! Apparently Yvette is Kim's "bodyguard". I like Yvette, but she cannot stop me from feeling the way I do about Kim! This is all Kim's own fault! And she's lucky that all I did was call her a liar. I wanted to do so much more!! I wanted to bash her a good one right in her ugly fucking face!! I don't know if Kim was going to invent something that she wanted to say I did, or if she wanted to cause more drama with someone else because I pretty much don't see her nowadays. If I ever do, I'd probably mostly ignore her. Might say hi to Emma though.

Well, last night coming out of the dog park, I heard what sounded to me like a rattlesnake! It sounded like it was right over on the other side of the garage. I know rattlesnakes live around here, I'm not so sure they'd come into the city limits. They do in Logon, according to Karen. It sounded to me like a youngster. Well, Jim, our maintenance guy, doesn't believe what I heard was a rattlesnake. He believes it's too high up for them to live up here. But I looked up rattlesnakes in Montana, and they are found here in Bozeman. We have prairie rattlesnakes here. I don't think the fact that we are high up makes much difference. I used to see rattlers in eastern Washington, and there were mountains there. I've heard of people in LA getting bitten by rattlesnakes, and that's a hugely populated city. Much more so than Bozeman. We have the mountains behind us that are mostly remote areas, and there is a huge field that is empty on both sides of us. Both are great conditions for rattlesnakes. And it's been hot here for the past week. I told Anna to be very careful and not go into the grass! The last thing we need is a snakebite casualty here! I've had a rough enough week, although most of it has improved. I don't want to have to face a rattlesnake fatality. Next to losing a friend, that would be the worst thing that could happen to me. I would have gone into the grass to see if what I heard was a rattlesnake, but I didn't because I only had my sandals on.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Legend of the Skye

Ever hear of a breed called a skye terrier? Their heritage has actually been one of the most heart-wrenching stories I've heard yet in updating this dog book of mine. I'm working on an updated version. It'll probably not be released for quite a while. I still have a lot of work left on it. I even changed the title name. It used to be called "Eight Steps to Caring For A Dog". Now I call it plainly "UMG's Encyclopedia of the World of Dogs". I thought that was a much better title, because I've added another "step". LOL! Actually chapter. I'm still considering putting a chapter about breeding in there. But I don't know. I really don't want it to be that kind of book. I do mention breeding and how to find the right breeder in the chapter about getting a dog. But I don't go into depth in it. It's basically just a paragraph or two about breeding.

Anyway, the skye terrier. It's said to be the most loyal of the terriers. I used to have a skye terrier. His name was Sir Knight, and we had him when I was 7 years old. We didn't keep him long, unfortunately. He was still a baby when my ma gave him to a friend of the family. But I did see him when he was all grown. He had those characteristic hairy ears with the hair on the tips that drooped down, and he had the arch of fur over his eyes that is also characteristic of the breed. Ma never knew what breed he was, I didn't either when I was 7 years old. All I knew then was that he was a dog. And I remembered what he looked like when he got older. Aside from Sir Knight, the only other time I ever saw a skye terrier was when I was 10 years old and we lived in a small community. There was this elderly, very anti-social couple that had 2 dogs, one was a samoyed and the other was a skye terrier. They might have once been show breeders, they sure had the attitude! And it seemed they hated kids. The few times I ever saw those people, they always looked disgusted. I never knew that look until I began going to dog shows. Then it seemed that look was on every person's face that went into the show ring, or who had dogs entered.

I remember I asked to see that dog, because I just could not get a good look at it from their back yard. But I saw enough to know it looked just like a skye terrier. I was very polite when I asked. Believe me I was. But that woman, I never knew her name, said "Absolutely not. She's a watchdog." I know! I was something of a nosy child, but I just wanted to see the dog. Most people I met back then were always happy to socialize their dogs with us. But these people I think were reclusives. Even their next door neighbors knew nothing about them. I do remember one time seeing some younger people going to visit them, and I was shocked! Could that have been their children?? I would have been extremely surprised if those people had children, they seemed so hateful and anti-social! Well, fortunately they didn't live there for long. I think they wound up in a nursing home.

Anyway, I think it was in the 1880s, a skye terrier named Bobby stayed by his deceased owner's side for 10 years. He was kept alive by the people in his town. The dog basically just layed by the grave and refused to budge. That was one loyal dog! With a record like that, I am surprised that skye terriers are not more popular! They do however have a high prey drive. I remember back in 2000, I saw an ad from someone who wanted to give away his skye terrier. I actually called in about that ad and found out why they wanted to get rid of it. The guy said because the dog killed their cat. I was like "ohhhhhh!" So I didn't want the dog then. I had a chihuahua, and I was kindof afraid it would kill my dog the same way it did that guy's cat! But it would have been cool having a dog as rare as a skye terrier. Sir Knight wound up dying in 1985, just before these friends moved off to Wisconsin. They replaced him with a cat.

You know I've seen that happen a lot. People get dogs, they love them, and enjoy them. Then when the dog dies, they don't get another dog. They get a cat instead. Cats are not good substitutes for dogs. I've even had friends that were so saddened by the loss of their dogs that they didn't even want to see anymore dogs. So they got cats instead. I guess the death of a cat is not as sad as the death of a dog.

Well, I have to go and create more videos today to put up on YouTube. :) Someone told me to stop showing my ugly face and saying shit on youtube, so I said to that individual (not a person) that I will now go and make 2 videos to put up on YT. You know I never do what the trolls ask me to. LOL! This dumbass thinks I'm going to give it some airtime, but I am not. Going to avoid mentioning it at all costs! LOL! Just put up some videos. Maybe talk a little more on this subject of dogs. I did tell it that it's just angry and bitter because a fat, ugly bitch is smarter than he is! LOL! I'm surprised I haven't heard from it in a while. I think it's either hobofart, one of his associates, or spkenn36.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sad Night Tonight

Well, actually yesterday was just not one of my better days. I was so tired. Then I found out odesk suspended my account. Just when I was supposed to pay my web developer for his work! I wish I could just can odesk and pay this guy person-to-person! I was so angry. Then they tell me that the money I sent them (almost $200) did not go through! I am so mad I am pissing blood now!!! That's an expression BTW! Then last night I found out that the water cooler Karen gave me was leaking. I just hope it did not leak enough to seep into Lois' apartment below me. She'll hand me my ass in a can if it does! And now tonight I just found out that one of my best Facebook friends has passed away. Her name was Brenda, but we all called her Bree. Yesterday was not a day for Timmyfan! Hopefully things will get better tomorrow. But I sure am going to miss Bree. I was so heartbroken to find out she died. Apparently she went on a rafting trip with her husband and there was an accident, the raft capsized and swept her and her husband away. He made it out, but she got pulled under water and trapped under a tree where she drowned. She was found some hours later.

Well, two things about this are comforting. One is that she was a believer in GOD, and I know she is up there in Heaven with him now, enjoying a place I can only dream of. Also, that she died doing something she loved. She always told me she loved camping and other outdoor activities, so I know she was having fun yesterday, going rafting with her significant other. The sad part about this is she was a wonderful person. I introduced her to another one of my friends, who was ill then, and she and Bree used to text each other every week. They would say prayers and stuff together, and Bree would always ask her how she's doing. Bree was a very kind person, sweet and loving. I will also miss her daily messages, prayers, pictures, and little clips talking about hope and GOD's love. I'm going to miss that. Where the Westboro Baptist Church almost made me lose faith in GOD, Bree would always give scriptures that would restore that faith. She was the first friend I made from Montana, we were friends even before I moved here. In the last conversation we had together, she asked me how I was liking Montana. I didn't want to say anything bad to hurt her feelings, but I had to tell her the truth, I wanted to go back to the coast!

You know what's kinda strange about all this? I think I predicted this accident in a dream I had no longer than a week ago. Only in my dream, it was 2 young children that drowned in a boating accident. And all I could hear in that dream was one of the kids crying and screaming. This whole thing just upsets me. I kinda wonder if Kim put a curse on me. Or if this is just one of those unlucky streaks that just happens. I didn't even do anything to Kim. She did it all herself. She shat on me and my sis behind our backs, and was dishonest about it to our faces. All this should be happening to her, not me. Well, she will get her's soon enough. Even if she did put a curse on me, curses always come back to haunt the person who placed them, and can hit them 3 times worse. I've got the good LORD on my side in this. That's all I really need.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Timmyfan vs. Atheists

Today my sis and I went on a trip to Billings and it was FUN!!! But before we went, I checked my e-mails and messages and stuff like I always do. One of the places I look is on YouTube for new comments, in case any have to be approved on my videos. Well, someone responded to a comment I made on a video I saw last night by TheAmazingAtheist about praying and obeying. Well, I gave my opinion. This was what I wrote:

Prayer always worked for me. HE may not always answer the way I want HIM to, but HE does always answer. I always believe everything happens for a reason.

Well, it's true. Prayer does always work for me. I may not always get the answer I would prefer, but I always get the answer. No where in my comment does it reveal what I pray about, because that always varies. And even if I don't get the answer I want, I still believe there is a reason for everything that happens. For example, right now I would LOVE to be in a permanent home on the ocean, and I've prayed to GOD daily to send me back there, but HE hasn't yet. I do not argue with GOD, I truly believe there is a good reason I am still here, as far from any ocean as any person can get and still be on Earth. I figure when GOD wants me back at the ocean, HE will supply a way for me to get back there. It's not up to me, nor my sis, nor anyone else. It's all in GOD's hands.
Well, this morning I woke up and saw someone, most likely an atheist, had responded to my comment. He calls himself Opticillusions97. This was his response to me:
You just contradicted yourself. If everything happens for a reason, why pray for GOD WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING AND CONTROLS EVERYTHING TO CHANGE IT?????

Actually, his comment made me laugh. Personally, I see no contradiction anywhere in my comment. I don't understand where he sees it. But then again, he's not the first atheist I've known to put words in my mouth. Atheists believe ALL christians are out to change their views of GOD, or A god. I wasn't trying to convert anyone. I was just saying that prayer always works for me, and it does. Good or bad, it always works for me. I have seen christians push their beliefs on others, but I am not among those kinds of christians. Never have been. I know in the mind of most christians, it says in the Bible that we are supposed to go around and spread HIS word, but not me. My philosophy is "Every person for themselves". I don't feel it's my business if someone does not believe in GOD, or if they are going to go to Hell. Like I said, that is between that person and their savior, whomever it may be.
Well, I have NEVER tried to push my beliefs on atheists, but they sure have tried to push their beliefs on me! As demonstrated here by xXTrueSShotX:
No, you are just a delusional close minded fuck without realization that your "prayers" were answered due to scientific explanations. Oh, so if I went, kidnapped a pregnant woman, ripped out her 7 month old baby, and skull fucked it, made a video put it all over the internet. It happened for a reason right.. God had his plan for that pregnant woman and her baby.. mmm mm yes.

If I knew the answer to that, I'd be GOD. And I am not. But yes, as sad as it is, even bad things happen for some reason. The problem with people like xXTrueSShotX is that they want definitive answers right away when something happens. He does not know that everything has a grand design. The story of Terrecita Bozza comes to mind! Ever see the movie "Voices From the Grave"? Of course fake names were used for the movie, but it's about a woman who was killed by a co-worker. The true story is featured on The Best of Unsolved Mysteries, you might want to check it out. Kindof interesting that xXTrueSShotX used such a violent example. Could this be indication that he has secret dreams and desires of doing this very thing? LOL!
Well, I thought xXTrueSShotX's comment was so doltish, I didn't feel it was worthy of any response. But I should add him to my collection of boneheads in my Dim-Wit Hall of Fame. So when I lost those beads last weekend, that has a scientific explanation? When my sis's surgery was cancelled, that had a scientific explanation? Geez! I didn't know that! Maybe my microscope is broken or something! LOL! Anyway, my response to Opticillusions97 was:
Who said that I pray to change anything?

I'll tell you who said it, No one! It sure wasn't me. I pray mostly for strength to accept, or for answers. If I were dying of cancer, I would not pray to change that. I would pray to have the strength to accept the fact that I am dying of cancer. If GOD wanted to change that, and keep me going, that's in HIS hands. Not mine. I swear, I think atheists read too much into things when it comes to other people who believe in GOD. I comment on an atheist's video, they think I am trying to convert them. Face it, people are just DUMB!!!
Well, in spite of all that BS, I had fun in Billings!! We went to a place called The Cracker Barrel and had dinner. It's a combination country-style restaurant and gift shop. I found some earrings I liked and got those. I also got a nautical-scened candle holder, and some magic-motion cards that shows horses running and fish swimming. I haven't seen nautical themed anything since we moved here!! I just had to have this candle-holder! Anna was going to get Odessa clipped there, but they needed to know when Odessa's rabies shot expires, and she did not have the paperwork, so we had to abandon that idea. Now, I could have sworn we went there about a month or two ago, and there was both a Petco AND a Petsmart! We found the Petsmart, but could not find the Petco. Anna said I probably saw that in Idaho Falls. But I swear it was much later than that that I saw it!! Oh well.
Well, one pet store we went to there, this woman had a lovely mini aussie, it was a red merle. I pretended like I was going to run off with it. LOL! I don't think she took it that way though. She kinda tensed up and remained tense the whole time we were there. I was just playing! I didn't want her dog! I couldn't take it even if I wanted it and it was up for adoption. This apartment has a 2-pet limit and I already hit that limit. But she was tense the whole time we were there. I guess she couldn't take a joke. LOL! Well anyway, while we were there, I found some African scooter tetras, they called them hummingbird tetras. They are not much to look at, they really look like run-of-the-mill algae eaters. But they do not have sucker mouths, and they have shorter faces. They're awful cute and fun to watch! I almost ordered them when ThatFishPlace had them available. But by the time I was ready to order them, they were out of stock, and they have not been back in stock since. But I managed to find some today! That's way cool!! There were 3 of them left and I got all 3
Oh and in other news in this Soap Opera building. Kim is thinking she is going to need to hire a body guard! LOL! When Karen told me that, I laughed hard! I'm surprised Kim has not gone to file a restraining order against me. LOL! She brought this whole thing upon herself! She was the one who started on me and my sis, if anyone should get a body guard, it's us! LOL! But I don't need one. Kim is a spoiled brat. She was raised in a wealthy family. I told Anna last night, "you know how these rich little mama's girls are, you've seen Little House on the Prairie!" Rich kids always seem to have some kind of undeserved sense of entitlement. In Kim's case, it's carried on to adulthood. She's not the only one though. Seems ALL kids who grew up in a wealthy family are that way, a lot of them even as adults. But all this proves that Kim is indeed feeling guilt. She just doesn't want to face it. But she is going to keep feeling it until she admits what she did. It won't get better. It's only going to get worse. It did with me. Of course in my case, my offense was toward GOD, not a person. Well, some people were offended! But their feelings were really trivial, since I was asked for my opinion and I gave it honestly. Anna asked Kim for her opinion about us, but she was dishonest. She not only offended GOD, she offended me and my sis when she lied to us.
Bodyguard indeed!! LOL! That bodyguard, when he/she hears Kim's story, and compares it to Karen's, that person will probably say to Kim "Sorry, you are on your own!" Probably will agree that Kim brought on all this misery herself. Karen said Kim has always been like this, with quite a few people.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Chat With Anna

Last night at the dog park, Anna and I were talking about how the day has been too long! A long and sad day. Anna was so down, she almost seemed to be in tears. And she was ready to kill Andy for converting Kim into this evil whore that she is now. But you know what? This morning I told Karen what Anna told me last night, and Karen said that in all trueness, Kim is just being Kim. So apparently this is who she's always been. Well, Karen also told me that Kim put on her status "My best friend just died today". LOL! She means Karen! Deb saw that on Kim's status and told Karen she should get her a sympathy card to give to Kim. I said "Yes, and you should sign it with 'I'm so sorry to hear your best friend "died" because you are such an asshole'!" Kim needs to be taught a lesson! She has to learn she cannot get away with treating people like dirt that has done her no wrong. Karen said Kim does this kind of shit because she wants more and more people on her side. She wants to feel important. Well, Kim lost me being on her side completely. Karen said that when she first moved here, she was warned about Kim being a back-stabber. I was never warned. Otherwise, this would have been no surprise to me. But Kim used to say all kinds of shit about Karen too, and Kim's former best friend, named Becky, would tell Karen about it. Karen decided to just let it go. I said to her that if it was just me she was picking on, I could have just let it go too. But Kim also attacked my sis, and my sis was clearly disturbed by it. So I cannot just let it go.

Apparently Kim was at the dog park early this morning with Yvette. Yvette also has some kind of problem with Karen. Well, she wanted to take Karen, Kim and Marie on a trip to West Yellowstone. But Yvette told Karen she would not be able to bring her dogs. She didn't want Karen's dogs in the car apparently. So Karen told Kim that she's just not going on the trip, said she's not going to tell Yvette that she's not going, she said she's just not going to go. Well, then Kim marches her fat can up to Yvette's apartment and tells Yvette that Karen said she's not going because she can't bring her dogs. So now Yvette is not speaking to Karen. Karen specifically told Kim she wasn't going to tell Yvette, and Kim turns around and betrays her too. I told Karen that the 3 of us, with our dogs, should go on a trip to West Yellowstone. We'll show them! Personally, I think that's a silly fight! First of all, I think Karen should have told Yvette the truth to begin with. I know I would have. There's nothing wrong with refusing to go because you can't bring your dogs! I've done that many times. Second of all, I think Yvette should have been more understanding. If she really cared about Karen, she would have been like "OK, I'm sorry to hear that. You're going to miss a nice trip." But I think Yvette is a silly louse for getting angry at Karen just because she doesn't want to go on the trip now! Dumbest reason I ever heard for holding such a grudge against someone else! Especially since Yvette just sprung it up at the last minute that she didn't want Karen to bring her dogs!

Some of the people in this building can be so silly sometimes! Karen is a great friend, I mean, she used to slam us behind our backs, but at least she admitted it to me, and apologized. I know I have trouble making friends, I don't deny that at all! The few friends I do have are very well-seasoned, and have known me in my ups and downs, and did not care. But neither me nor my sis saw this coming between us and Kim. I always thought we got along great! But Kim does this to everyone. Not just us. If she's going to do it though, she should be able to admit she did it. She's done it to me, Karen, and even used to do it to Becky. Becky is dead now though. But she was the woman who gave Emma to Kim. Kim basically "inherited" Emma after Becky died. Kim would say shit about Becky behind her back, and Karen would tell her and Becky would get so pissed off at Kim they would not speak to each other for months! Well, I intend to carry this on for more than just months. I can carry a grudge forever if I wanted to! There is no redemption, Kim crossed the line when she dissed my sister!!

Well, now that I've heard Kim told every one of her friends on Facebook that Karen died yesterday, I know what a fucking liar she truly is. Karen is still alive, well and kicking! LOL! Kim wishes she were dead though. And she's going to wish the same thing on me too. I'll almost bet that she deleted the post I made on her timeline, telling her and all her friends that she is a liar and a wussy, and that they should know that she is probably saying a bunch of bullshit about them behind their backs too. No doubt! Because apparently Kim does it to everyone. Not just a few select people.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spoiled Brat

The drama continues. My respect for Karen has boosted 10-fold since she came over here and admitted to me herself that she used to call me and my sister cows when we were not around, and she apologized. If Kim would have just done the same instead of trying to pin it on someone else, I would have much more respect for her than I do now. But as it is, she just looks like a wussy. Now, I cannot say that I have never done the same myself, I used to look for a scapegoat whenever I was caught saying something I should not have. But that was a LONG time ago. The last time I ever did it was in the days of the AcmePet forums. And I said a prayer to GOD, asking HIM to forgive me. And I haven't done it since. I stopped. Now, it's like, why bother? I did it, I should be able to admit I did it. It's not always easy when you like someone, and you don't want to hurt them. But that's what a mature person would do. I might have said I was sorry to the people of the AcmePet forum, but I felt because I was asked for my opinion, and I gave it honestly, that I didn't do anything wrong. My offense was towards GOD. No one else! And GOD is one person I do not want to offend! I felt that GOD forgave me too, and that made me feel 100% better.

Kim could definitely use some lessons in this. Perhaps she needs to be struck hard enough to have to think about what she did. Well, when she stormed out of the dog park this morning, and she got back in this building, Deb said that Kim was crying and boo-hooing hysterically. Deb said that Kim did not even stop to give Emma a doggy treat. I said Good!! She got what she deserved! She shat on me and my sis, and she lied about it! A double offense! Kim is lucky that is all she got from me too! It was a lot for me to just sit there and listen to her lie like she did! I can handle a lot of things, but someone dissing my family is one thing I don't tolerate! Lying is the second thing that offends me the most. Especially from someone I trusted. I felt like just tackling Kim to the ground!! I'm glad I made her start crying! Hopefully it will make her think twice before ever doing something like that again.

Well, now that she's lied to me about this, the chances of reconciliation with her is absolutely zero! Not gonna happen! Once you diss my family, and especially if you lie about it, you're dead as far as I'm concerned! No, I'm not going to kill Kim! LOL! But in my mind, she might as well be dead! Her name is mud as far as I'm concerned. No one disses my family and expects to be forgiven without repentence! If I wrong somebody, I admit it, and I usually apologize. Like when I put that nasty note on Roger's door. Once I found out he didn't shit on my sister, like I thought he did, I went right to him and apologized. He said he forgives me, but I can still tell there is a grudge there. He never speaks to me anymore. But you know what? I'm not even mad at him for not liking me, because I fully expected him to hate me after I told him I made that note I put on his door. But my apology to him was indeed sincere. I cannot get him to believe that though. He still carries a grudge. But at least I had enough love and respect for Roger to tell him the truth, admit I was wrong, and apologize to him. But Kim obviously hated me and my sis. And she led us on for a year now. That makes me angry!! I'm glad she feels bad and is crying now. She got her ass handed to her and she is hating herself for it. See, I don't care if Andy hates us, because I hate him too, but I don't lead him on and pretend that I like him for anything. I was sorry when Angus died, and I told Andy so. But it was Angus I liked, not Andy! I still like Emma too. I never hold it against the dog because the owner is an asshole.

Well, if we only have one friend left in this building, that's fine. My grandma always said that if a person makes just one good friend in their lives, they're doing fine. As long as I remember that, I'll always be happy with what I have. I'll never be able to look at Kim the same way ever again. So the possibility of forgiveness is, well, just not going to happen! If Kim wants to act like Andy, she can go hang with him. I don't want her near me, my sis, or my dogs ever again! I knew we had made her sweat this morning, and if it made her cry, that's good! She deserves to stew for a while! Now she will feel exactly how me and my sister felt knowing that she betrayed us! I hate to think this is going to ruin my chances of trusting anyone again. Only time will tell.

Continuation From Yesterday

Well, I think it's safe to reveal the truth on here since now Karen and Kim are not speaking to each other. I went to the dog park early this morning, I wanted to catch Karen before Kim came in so I could tell her what I did yesterday. I did not reveal any names to anyone but I put on my Facebook page that someone here (I didn't mention in this building) has been talking about me and my sis behind our backs. The culprit is a person named Kim Hedges. Karen told me yesterday that Kim sees us coming into the dog park and she always grumbles "Oh here come the cows". She says that about me and my sis. Well, Karen told Lois everything, and filed a report against Kim. I didn't want to say much to Kim because I did not want her to attack Karen or figure it out that Karen said anything to us. Kim will groan about me and Anna coming to the park, and then she'll turn around once we're in there and say happily "Hi! How are you?!" I always liked Kim, I thought we didn't have any issues. But Karen told me it's not just me and my sis, Kim is trying to be like Andy DiSanti. I don't like the Kim trying to be someone she's not! I like the old Kim. But apparently Kim likes this new jackass Kim better.

Well, my sis and I confronted Kim today, she asked Kim if she really liked us and we asked her to be perfectly honest. Kim said yes she does. I told Kim that I sensed a little hesitation in her voice. And yes, she did hesitate. Kim got all defensive right off the bat. She yelled at me in a manner that I never heard her yell before, she said "I saw what you wrote on your Facebook page, and it's NOT ME!!!" I turned to Anna and I said "she's a liar!" Well, Kim said "There's lots of people here saying stuff." I asked her if she has any names of those people, and she tensed up and said "no!" I said "So you are not going to reveal those names?" She again tensed up and said "No!" I began to sing "Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!" Well, Kim hung around for a while longer, but for the most part, she just sat in the seat with a disgruntled look on her face. Just the fact that she tensed up and got so defensive and angry gave the fact away that yes, she was saying that shit about me and my sis! Anna and I just had to find out if she meant it to be hurtful, or if it's just like the kidding that always goes on between buddies. But I think she did mean it to be hurtful. Otherwise she would not have got so angry or denied it. If it was just a buddy-type jab, she would have said "I'm sorry but I was just funnin'." Or "I didn't mean any harm by it." Mind you, I never mentioned Karen's name or that she said anything at all. I promised Karen I wouldn't. But Karen is now sure Kim is going to say shit about her too.

I think we really made Kim sweat! LOL! I really hated to be so nasty to her, as we've been friends for a year now. But I do not like this "new Kim", her trying to act like someone she's not. But Andy at least has an excuse. He's bipolar. Kim isn't. She's just being an asshole because she thinks it's funny and she thinks it makes her look cool. But it doesn't. It just makes her look like a total-ass jerk. Me, Anna and Karen were talking about what makes someone do shit like that, and I said out loud, looking straight at Kim "Some people just don't have minds of their own to form their own opinion. So they have to be robots and copy what someone else is doing." I think Kim knew I was talking about her. I just smiled, because I knew she was sitting there, sweating. Kim hung around for quite a while, but she was more quiet than I had ever seen her be! LOL! After her dog was done, Kim picked up the dog's mess and just stormed out of the dog park with her dog. She didn't say goodbye, she didn't say "I'm leaving" nor nothing, she just stormed out. Well, as much as a person can storm out in a wheelchair. I was quite surprised she hung around as long as she did! I fully expected her to leave MUCH sooner! LOL! As she was leaving, Karen said to her "The truth hurts, doesn't it?" Kim never answered.

Kim should know better by now not to fuck with me, my friends and my family. She's seen me in action many times before. My sis does not need this kind of stress in her life, she has enough shit to worry about with school coming up and everything. And school is going to be HARD!! She's doing university level schooling now. It's very stressful. So the last thing she needs is some shithead adding to that. Well, we are not the only ones Kim has shit-talked behind our backs. She did it to someone she considered a great friend, the woman she got Emma (the dog) from. That woman is now deceased, but Kim would say shit about her when she wasn't around and that woman would catch wind of it each time, and she would not talk to Kim for months! Kim is really an evil person. And I thought all this time that she was OK. BOY! Was I ever wrong!! Kim would never admit that she said this shit, and forget about ever getting an apology. But I want her to at least think about what she did and said, and I want her to sweat it out! Perhaps next time she will think twice before she messes with me and my sis again! She should know that I don't take no shit from no one! Not even people I considered friends. I told Karen that if this is the kind of person Kim is, then I don't want to be her friend. If there is one thing I hate, it's a coward! But Kim will get what she deserves soon enough. I kinda wonder though, does she do shit like this because of her stroke, or is this who she's always been?

Well, Karen came over and told me that a long time ago, she used to think of me and my sis as cows too. But she stopped thinking that way after she got to know us. She prayed about it even, she felt bad about that. I didn't even have to think about it, I just told her that I forgive her. The fact that she actually confessed to me, in person, that she thought that way at first and now feels bad about having said that tells me a lot. So I told her that I forgive her. I hope she doesn't feel bad about it anymore. Actually I don't mind being called a cow. Cows are adorable, big, and they're useful. But I still think Kim is an ugly cockroach, which is ugly, they're pests and they're useless! What gets me angry is the fact that Kim says it behind our backs, and then acts all sweet and friendly to our faces, and now she denies that she ever says it! That makes me mad! I'd rather if she was going to call me a cow that she would say it to my face! Not behind my back. I don't want her as a friend! I don't need friends like her! A person can lose weight if they want to, and be gorgeous! But you cannot fix ugly or stupid, of which Kim is really both! I never mentioned how ugly she is because it never mattered to me. When I like someone, I look at the inside, not the outside. But when someone is ugly on the inside, I have no choice but to look at the outside. Well, they'll be making snowcones in Hell before I accept Kim as a friend again. I said to Karen that I hoped Kim would delete me from her friends on Facebook, because if she doesn't, I will! So when I got back, I noticed Kim had not deleted me. So, I deleted her. But before I did, I wanted to leave her and what few friends she has on Facebook, with a little message. I told her that I think she's a liar and a wussy, and that all her friends on there should know how she is probably talking shit about them behind their backs! Not only did I drop her on Facebook, I also blocked her butt!

Kim really has no room to talk, she has a great big, fat ass herself. But I would not insult cows by saying she's one of them. I don't care about cockroaches, so I don't care if I call her that. LOL!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back-Stabbing Bee-otch

I am so pissed off. There is someone in this building who I always considered a friend and always liked and was always very nice to. However today, I heard from an anonymous source that this so-called "friend" has been slamming me and my sister behind our backs every day. Usually I am a great judge of character, and this woman was always so nice, sweet and quiet. But this source told me what she has been saying about us behind our backs. Now, I don't mind being called names. I just wish the person who did it would just say it to our faces. I said to myself that I just may never speak to this "friend" again! My sis did not exactly appreciate being called names by someone we always considered a friend. The quickest way for anyone to get on my bad side is to shit on someone I care about, and I care about my sister deeply! I would not ever have moved here if I didn't. But the fact that this person just slammed on us behind our backs, never mentioned anything to our faces, and is proud of the shit she's doing, just adds to my earliest suspicions that Montanans are douchebags. Well, except Karen. I moved here with an open mind, hoping to make friends with the people. And I've always been polite. Or I always try to be. We all have our bad days afterall. But time and time again, the native Montanans have just proven that the majority of them are just as bad, if not worse than, most of the immigrants.

Ya know, now I think I understand why neither of my dogs will go near her. It started off with Minnie, but she just would not go near her because of Brandi. But now Vegas has stopped going to her too. And if I have my say, she will never lay a hand on my dogs again! I gave that woman my trust and friendship, and she just takes it and stomps on it. And if she wants to make fun of someone, I might suggest she look at herself in the mirror. Because she's no ravishing beauty herself! It always is so amusing when someone who is uglier than I am calls me and my sis names! There, I said it! Yes, she's ugly! I just never told her that because until now it didn't matter to me. But she looks like a red-haired old harpy. It takes a long time for me to learn to trust someone, and I gave this woman my trust. Takes a long time to build it up, but once someone does to me and my family what this woman did, it takes almost no time to lose my trust. Once it's gone, I may never trust that person again. Trust is something I do not just give away.

And I found out that I am not the only person she has betrayed! She betrayed Karen several times too. So that's it! I am never speaking to her again as of this moment. She can go eat shit and die for all I care now. Heck, if I see her in the dog park again, she'll be lucky if I don't punch her in the face! And she is no longer my friend! I'd rather talk to Sharon now than to this woman. But Sharon and Karen do not get along. I kinda wish they did. Then I can meet up with the two of them in the park instead of this woman. Sharon has been nicer lately. Me and Anna were with her in the dog park one day and we talked for hours about her family going deep-sea fishing. That's something me and my sis have always wanted to try! Sharon said that she would teach us how to fish, and I thought "Cool!" Karen said not to believe her because a promise means nothing to her. I said I know it. But still it was just fun to think about.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Booby

Today my Booby is 6 years old. LOL! I call him my Booby, or teeny little booby-guy. Actually he has more nicknames than anyone I know. I still remember the day he was born, he was such a little doll! So cute, tender and sweet! They're always cutest when they are really tiny and don't have their eyes open yet. Vegas came at a time when I really needed something to cuddle. My Groucho had just died and I was missing her terribly bad. I was so used to Groucho sleeping under my arms at night that when I did not have her anymore, I could not sleep. I spent several sleepless, melancholy nights hoping and praying that Odessa, who was expecting at that time, would have a nice baby for me to cuddle with. When Vegas arrived, it was just as exciting as getting any new puppy. I remember how long it took me to come up with a good name for him. His first name was Buddy, and my sis had picked it out. I knew that was not the name I wanted to give him permanently though. I love and dwell on creativity, so I wanted a less common, more creative name for him. It took a couple of days, but I finally decided to call him Vegas, after the 2005 INXS song, Pretty Vegas. In fact, his full registered name is TG's Li'l Pretty Vegas. TG's was my kennel name back then, and his lines are in the "Li'l" lines of Will-O'Wisp. So I decided those would be his prefixes.

Vegas became the last puppy to be produced by our kennel, and I must say even I am impressed with him! He would have made a good show dog. But after Groucho died, my interest in breeding began to wane. Groucho too was pregnant when she died, and according to the vet, she had 4 babies inside her. I was counting so heavily on those being future breeders (as well as Vegas) that I felt when she and those babies were gone, it was an enormous set-back for the future of our kennel. If Vegas had turned out to be a female, I might have thought differently. I could have just hired stud service for her and built up from there. But Vegas turned out to be a boy, so I felt it was the end of our kennel for sure. For a short time, I thought about getting his championship and just hiring him out for stud service because his lines were so good, I didn't want to just throw them away. Then possibly I could have traded those services for future female offspring of his, but that would be like too much inbreeding, and I didn't want that. Not in my kennel! I don't mind line-breeding, but no inbreeding!

Other circumstances also made me want to quit. For one thing, finding out what douchebags most show breeders are. Also, around the time Vegas was 6 months old, my supervisor was talking about getting our stories online, so I had to do the illustrations and scanning for those, and I just simply did not have time anymore to go to every dog show that came close to my area every weekend. Thus I just didn't have time to train Vegas to become a show dog. Nor the desire. I still love my booby, part of that love is my just keeping him here with me, and not sending him off to shows. He has more fun at home anyways. He has his toys that he loves playing with, he has his treats occasionally, he has his family--me and Minnie, he has his friends in the dog park that he likes chasing, he's just much happier here than he would be going across country being shown. So when Vegas was about a year old, I got him neutered.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stray Dogs In Russia

For the past couple of days, I've been in a back-and-forth conversation with some of the viewers of this one video showing a group of stray, semi-wild dogs attacking and killing a cat. It's an interesting video, the video poster said that these groups of stray dogs are a real big problem in Russia. It all started in the 1990s, when former dog breeders released their leftover stock into the wild and just let them roam free. Since then the groups of dogs have killed many smaller pets, including smaller dogs, fowl, deer, fox, rodents and other wildlife. But when they kill a cat, they don't eat it. Well, I am not surprised! I can imagine a cat would be nothing but fat and grease! Not too appetizing as a burger! LOL! But in all seriousness, he says these packs of wild dogs have also attacked children and adults the same way they attack this cat in the film. Check it out! I must warn you, it's very graphic!

I'm not surprised at the number of people on this video who said "Why didn't you save this cat??" I said "No one in their right mind is going to confront an aggressive pack of semi-wild dogs just to save a dumb cat!!" I know I wouldn't! It's not worth it. If it's just a cat, I would just be sitting inside my home thanking GOD that cat isn't me. Now, if I saw these dogs attack a child, you can bet I'd be out there with a shot gun in a flash and I'd kill those dogs for sure! But a cat?? Nah! I would not risk it just for a cat that is probably nothing more than a stray anyway. A pet would be different. I wouldn't mind saving someone's pet. But stray cats are nothing but trouble. They kill small animals and birds, and carry diseases.

On the other hand, you have to almost feel sorry for the cat. There is a very good chance the cat in this film is a stray, but it's still kinda sad to watch. My first reaction when I finished watching this film was "aww, poor kitty." Believe it or not! But then that is also always my reaction when I see bigger animals ripping up smaller animals. Like the other day when I saw a documentary on NatGeo about crocodiles, and they ripped up a whole herd of thompson's gazelles. These were HUGE crocs too! The gazelles would not stand a chance against them. I've been watching nature shows for most of my life, scenes like this usually do not bother me. But the video poster said that these dogs did not even eat the cat they killed. They just killed it and used it as a chew toy.

So stray dogs are a real big problem in some areas. They aren't here in the US anymore because we have proper shelters to take these dogs to if the owners do not want them anymore. But in places like Russia, and many other Asian and European countries, they've become a real problem. This is one reason I hate irresponsible people! But then again, if the country does not have shelters to take unwanted pets to, what else is a pet owner supposed to do when they decide they don't want their pet anymore, or they cannot have them anymore?

One of the people I got into it with was a young girl who calls herself toolcat. Now, if I had known in the beginning that she was only 12, I never would have got into it with her. But her profile said something to the effect of she was 47. I thought she was just a dumb 47 year old!!! But she's not, she's actually quite a smart 12 year old. I began to suspect she was not as old as her profile said she was when she was taking everything I said too literally. Kinda like Rose on the Golden Girls. Well, I don't like battling with 12 year olds. I think it gives them a sense of bad values, and the last thing this world needs is more kids with bad ideas about respect. I usually only attack 12 year olds that come to one of my videos, or my channel, and start their shit with me. Never on someone else's video if I can help it. So I backed off, slowly but surely.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Road To Helena

Well today we decided to go and have a little bit of fun, so we got out some money and went to Helena. We would have gone to Billings, but there wasn't enough to go there. But we had fun anyways in Helena. I didn't get much!! I couldn't think of much I needed. Usually I go there and get some fish, but honestly, I don't think I really need anymore fish! My tank has quite enough right now. Really though I'd like to get some bottom feeders. I don't really have enough of those. What I like are like Kuhli loaches, or their close cousins the golden eel loaches, which are very rare! But that is what I would get if I could find them. But I haven't seen either one since we moved here. The golden eel loaches I haven't seen since 1995! Most pet stores don't want to keep them because they like to dig deep into the substrate and stay there until night time. But they are so cool-looking!! They are so long and slender, they look just like strands of spaghetti with eyes and gills!! And they swim like snakes. So do kuhli loaches.

Well I didn't get any fish today. Not to say I wasn't tempted!! I just knew I shouldn't get anymore right now. Well I did get myself a new keyboard. It's one of those like you see on TV with the big letters. It's spill-proof, fade-proof, and the letters are huge so you can find them easily. On my last keyboard, some of the letters were fading. I love the idea it's spill-proof because I am always drinking water at my computer, and sometimes some of it will spill. Worries the Hell out of me. Right now, I am just trying to get used to typing on it. The keys on this thing are bigger than they were on my last board, so it's going to take a little getting-used-to to punch the right letters. So forgive me if there are some mistakes here. I also got some signs to go on my door that says "Beware Watch Chihuahua In The House" and "Beware Watch Papillon In The House". LOL! Not that Vegas and Minnie would attack anyone. Well, Vegas might charge someone, but that would be the extent other than barking at them. Either way they are cute signs and I wanted to have them on my door just for the hell of it.

We also went to a bead store and I had some agate beads, some dragon charms and some eye-pins to put through them. The clerk put these items in a little plastic bag and we were on our way home. I paid $11 for all those items, the agate beads were the most expensive things I bought there. They were gorgeous! A beautiful dark emerald green, I was going to glue the dragon charm onto the agate and turn them into earrings. They would have been so beautiful!! Well it was hot out and windy so we had to leave the windows down while we were driving home, and some things were flying around. I told Anna to stop the car and I wanted to check and see that we still had everything. But when I looked in the trunk, I noticed my beads were gone! I didn't even think they were light enough to fly out the window, but they must have because I didn't see them. Anna and I got out of the car and traced back to where we believed they blew out at on foot. We must have walked at least a mile down the highway looking for those beads! I was so upset when I could not find them! But I spent $11 on those beads, I had to at least try to look for them! But I couldn't. They were definitely gone. Somewhere between Helena and Townsend is that bag of beads! Hopefully someone will find them and maybe have fun with them. If it cannot be me, I hope it's someone with an appreciation for making their own jewelry. Well, I believe everything happens for a reason. I guess GOD is telling me I have enough earrings. I haven't even taken the studs out yet, and I've already got about 50 pairs of earrings! LOL! They come out on Monday. But the person who pierced my ears told me that I'll have to always wear earrings 24/7 for the next year after I take out these studs. I think I'll keep the studs and put them back in at night.

When we got home, we put the dogs into the dog park to use the bathroom. Helga, the village wierdo, was sitting out in the picnic area next to the dog park doing I don't know what. Vegas and Minnie saw her and started barking at her. It takes a lot for Minnie to bark at someone! But it's obvious my dogs do not like Helga!! Neither do I really! LOL! She was staring at me and Anna very hard, I looked at her and I showed Anna she was looking at us like a monkey in a zoo. LOL! Anna said she shouted something at us, but I didn't hear anything she said. Anna asked me "What is she saying?" I answered "Who knows? Who cares?" and just laughed. Helga shouted something again, but I still did not hear what she said. She was too far away and Vegas and Minnie were barking very loudly. And really, I didn't give a shit what she said. I just wanted Vegas and Minnie to stop barking and do what they were put in there to do. Helga thinks she owns this place, and she thinks she can control what someone else's dog does. She can't. She acts like a spoiled child sometimes.

Well, when it looked like the dogs were finished, I walked them out of the park, Helga left to stay ahead of us. I had hoped Vegas would not charge after her, because Helga is so evil, I feared she might have kicked Vegas or Minnie if they got anywhere near her! She stopped to talk to this one woman, who's name escapes me for the moment, but I know her when I see her. I talk to her quite a bit. She's a little bit on the crazy/fun-loving side and I like that about her. But Helga said something to her, obviously some kind of complaint, because I saw Helga pointing at us and the other woman looked back at us and smiled. Again, I didn't care, I just knew though Helga was bitching about me and Anna and our dogs. I think my babies can tell Helga hates dogs. She even gripes about Karen's dogs. Helga knows better than to mess with me, because I'll kick her butt if she tries anything with our dogs. Don't mess with a fat, annoyed bitch!! And yes I am annoyed! Annoyed because I lost those damn beads and I know I'll never see them again. But I think it's GOD's will, so I will just have to move on. But that's 11 fricken dollars wasted!!!!! Makes me so mad!!!

Some excitement got underway when we were on our way to Helena this morning. There was this man in a turquoise-colored Ford Accent with a license plate that read GIRTY that was driving erratically and constantly swerving off his lane. Anna and I thought he might have been drunk. We called 911, but I don't know if the cops got him or not. We kept up with him for probably about 15 miles until we reached Townsend, and he even stopped at the same stop we did. I got a good look at his face, he was a small, slender old man with a panama hat on, and in his face, he didn't look all there. He must have been drunk. I said the cops have a detailed description of his car, so they'll get him. Let them take care of him!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Timmyfan And Mikessa vs. SPKenn36

LOL!! You know what we did last night? Well, Mikessa saw my post on here about spkenn36 and confronted him on my video, as did Katrina. Mikessa brought up the fact that Sean has no videos up of himself, which is usually an indicator that the person is probably fucking ugly himself. I replied to Mikessa that I noticed that too. Which really makes one wonder what Sean looks like. I added "Probably like the ass-end of a lion." Well, soon after I said that, Sean went to Mikessa's page and posted "Who is this bitch? Looks like a picture of Timmygal's arse." LOL! Well, Mikessa does have a cute face! LOL! So you know what I did? I went to Sean's channel page and posted a comment that went something like this:

"Thank you for saying on Mikessa's channel that you think my ass is cute! You're still stupid though. And you're not creative dude. Don't think for one second that you are. Most of your comebacks have been reminiscent of that of a very desperate 5-year old. All you do is take bits and pieces of other peoples' comments about you, throw them together and claim them for your own. LOL!"

True! Of all the comments he made yesterday, only ONE was somewhat creative. And he probably stole it from a TV show. That's the one thing I noticed about spkenn36, all his comebacks are nothing more than him picking apart someone else's and just saying the comment back to that person. Almost like he doesn't have a mind of his own to come up with something original. I kinda wonder if he is mentally handicapped? If he is, then that must explain why he knows so much about welfare. FAR more than I know, and I once worked for the state! LOL! Of course I didn't work in the welfare department.

Well, I did some checking on this guy. SPKenn is nothing more than his own initials. I know his first name is Sean, last name Kennedy, middle initial is probably for Patrick, it's a very popular Irish name. I saw he has a blog (which very few people have commented on, LOL), he also has a book out about gay sex. Probably heavily edited because we're talking about a person who cannot even spell right. And yes, I would expect perfect grammar on YouTube! LOL! If I wanted to be taken seriously. But then again, maybe he doesn't want to be taken seriously. Maybe he's like a half-monkey, half-troll kind of deal. hehe! He just likes to goof around on YouTube. I also found out he's a muslim. An Irish muslim??? Well, he's attended a mosque a few times, and only muslims go to mosques. But that could also explain why he hates America so much. Muslims are kinda hard-wired to hate Americans. He was born in 1975, so he was 36 years old when I first ran into him, so that explains the 36 in his username. He now also lives in Melbourne, Victoria. I also have even more info on this guy, but it's kinda personal. I'll save it in case he decides to tamper with me or my friends again. :) On his channel, I also notice he only keeps the good comments. No doubt he has gotten a lot of nasty comments (as big a douche as he is), but those kinds of comments, he deletes from his channel.

How's that for research!?! LOL! He said to me yesterday that I am not the mental giant I think I am, and I told him that neither is he! LOL! But I figured him out quick! :) I cannot wait till I can get a picture of him, I'll bet you 10-1 odds I was right that Sean has a face that looks like a lion's behind!! I'm gonna laugh if I am right! Probably laugh for weeks! I just know I am right. That there is what my instincts tell me. He says few people have commented on my blog and videos, and then he turns around and says how sad he thinks it is when someone measures their self-worth in (YouTube) subscribers. LOL! What a 2-faced loser!!! hehe! Personally, I measure my self-worth in my accomplishments. My Metazoic site is one of the top 10 evolution sites out there. When Sean looks at me, all he sees is a fat person. But when my friends, family and myself look at me, we see someone who has done things most people in my position only dream of, and none of it has to do with being fat. LOL! In fact, I've managed a great deal in spite of being fat. So being fat is really the least of my thoughts.

Katrina said something funny to Sean yesterday, she watched another video of mine and Sean had commented on it saying "Yeah being unemployed, unloved, obese trailer-trash is something we all aspire to!" Katrina responded to him saying "at least she doesn't have sex with animals like you do." Katrina is so funny!! I can just imagine Sean having sex with a Tasmanian Devil and getting his first circumcision in the process! LOL! Since Sean is such a dumbass, I doubt any humans would have sex with him, so perhaps Katrina is right. When I spoke with Katrina last night, she kinda jokingly said "He probably sucked the wrong end of his cat's dick this morning." LOL! Oh BTW, Katrina is expecting again! She told me last night she's about 4 months along in her third pregnancy. And she told me 2 years ago that she's had enough children! I guess she and her husband changed their minds. Oh well! Another godchild for me. LOL!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SPKenn36 Returns!!

If this was a movie, this would be The Return of Swamp Thing! LOL! Remember spkenn36 from a couple years ago? Well, I woke up this morning to find he has come back! I'm actually glad to see him again. LOL! Feels like the return of an old comrade! Usually I block people like him who just come to my videos to troll, but yes, I was actually glad to see him again. At first I kinda wondered if this was some kind of mock account, but then I looked at his page, and I noticed it really was him. Well, he tried to insult me by continuing to call me "fat bitch". But no, he could not succeed in that. I admit it myself I am a fat bitch, how can I be insulted by that? LOL! I just kept laughing at him because now I know the type of person he is. I've dealt with him before. I didn't want to block him before, simply because he's entertaining and I was having fun. The only reason I blocked him now is because I have to finish this blog, and I got enough input about him to write this post. He gave me permission to write this post! He actually begged me to! LOL!

He was saying anyway throughout several of my videos how fat, ugly, and stupid he thinks I am and all that other BS. It basically just went in one ear and out the other. I don't care what he says about me, and I think he knows that by now. The only thing that was really bothersome was when he was talking about my friends and calling me "sweety". I usually don't mind being called "sweety", if the person is decent. But there is something about a psychotic, gay troll calling me that that kinda rubs me the wrong way. Especially if it's a guy. In response to some of his comments, which included lies or his own conjectures about people and places he really has no idea about, I made corrections for his sake. So he would know the truth and not keep telling lies about people he doesn't know. Namely my friends. LOL! I don't think Katrina would be too happy at all to hear spkenn thinks she works in a Burger King. LOL! On the other hand, she might get as much of a laugh out of it as I did. I always think it's funny when people talk like they know what they are talking about and they really don't.

Well, 3 years ago, Kenny (actually his real name is Sean) admitted in a fit of rage that he is gay. Nothing to be ashamed of. Now, he is trying to deny it, and is even insulted by being called gay. Ironically, he said all this on my video about the Westboro Baptist Church. I told him to spend a day with those people. If he thinks being called "gay" is insulting, try going there, where those people will call him a "fag" and say he's filthy. Now THAT'S insulting!!!! I have friends who are gay. They would rather be called that than a "fag". But that's them. That's not Sean!

Well, Sean's attempts to insult me and piss me off was an epic FAIL! I kept my cool. I didn't even feel anger at him, not even when he was talking about my friends. Really not even when he called me "sweety". That just made my skin crawl. Sort of like if Ted Bundy was to call me "sweety", and me knowing what his background is like. But I am always proud of myself when I manage to keep my cool! LOL! When I fly off the handle is when I tend to get mad at myself. And there is NO way spkenn36 can make me do that. I'm used to him. LOL! But it was sure fun seeing him try so hard. Well, he finally admitted he himself is a fat, ugly, unloved, stupid, trailer-crawling troll. So now at least I know what his problem is. Of course he said I'm the kind of ugly that is on the inside (not that I deny I am ugly on the outside as well--but hey! That's me!) But I'll bet you he's the same, ugly inside and out. At least I am honest. He also said my honesty is as fluid as my cellulite. LOL! I have to admit that one was a little bit creative! I never heard it put that way before.

I've said it many times before on here, being ugly is not all bad! Neither is being fat. At least I know Sean will not be able to come and kidnap me or anything. LOL!! I mean really! Who wants to try and kidnap a fat, ugly bitch, right?! And he was making remarks about my marriage, well, I loved the man I was married to, and he loved me. That is why we are still friends, even though we are no longer married. I just don't like being married. For a vast number of reasons. I had at least one other offer since I left my last marriage, but I turned it down. I don't want to be married. I got so used to living by myself that I could not live with another man. The only person I would want to share a home with is my sis. I'm not even comfortable here, and I have my own apartment. I wish I did live in just a trailer! LOL! At least that is much more private and personal than it is here. In fact, this place feels to me much more like a group home than an apartment complex. I guess because the complex is all indoors, instead of being able to open a door and step into the outside. It's like being in a big house with just a lot of bedrooms. Believe me, I would take a trailer over this apartment in a flash if I could!

I still wish we had never moved from Ocean Shores!! I miss it there. And now that summer is coming here, it's going to start getting hot again, and my skin is going to dry up because I have to keep the darn air conditioner going! I wanted to move to Missoula, at least there I could be closer to home, and our friends and family can still come to visit. Now my sis is telling me we may not move there until her junior year. UGH!! I cannot wait that long!! I might as well finish saving my money and just move back to the coast as wait for her to complete her junior year here at the university!! Fuck it!! I'll just stay here until then. I might as well! But I still wish we had never left Ocean Shores!!! We had a lovely home, huge parking lot in our driveway, ample privacy in that parking lot, and best of all---we were only one block from the ocean!! I miss it!

Ahhhh..... well, now that that rant is over, I want to quote some things Sean practically begged me to quote. LOL!! Here they are:

"Gosh 3 comments...people are really flocking to you Fat Bitch..."

 "Sad when people measure their own self worth in subs...but if youve got nothing better in your life...
Gunna blog about this? So all your legion of followers can hang off your every word?
Fat Bitch!"

Yeah, he only has 2 subscribers and I have almost 190. Not that it really matters. I've gotten rid of some subscribers before. I'm not falling over myself to get more in a hurry. It'll happen when it happens. But I have enough that I managed to make partner. :)

"Hey fat bitch remember me? Well now Ive seen your 'blog' and seen your ugly fat head (and no Im not going to say Miss Fat Bitch) and witnessed just how much of a fat American ogre you are I just had to stop by and say hello...

Blogging about youtube soap operas? Trying to belittle people to take away your own pain and suffering?

Funny how few views your videos have and how nobody seems to comment on your blog.

You epitomise everything wrong with the USA.


This was his first post this morning. He read my blog and now is butt-hurt, but that's OK. He got me a lot of views this morning on my videos. I bet I made at least $2 in adsense just from the attention he got me alone. hehe! I could actually hear his voice quickly shrieking to a high soprano in this post. LOL!

"You know that you are as ugly as you are fat, and Im talking about the ugly thats on the inside. What sort of a loser has to blog about silly youtube squabbles like its the biggest thing to happen to them. Interesting that you still claim to know more about animals than me (not that Ive ever claimed the reverse) yet all you know by your own admission is what you read in a book...

Sad fat lonely ugly bitch...blog that hun!

Crybaby? Youre a real laugh! :D"

He's an even bigger laugh! I had fun with him this morning! LOL! I blog about EVERYTHING! Not just YouTube squabbles and trolls I meet on there. Whether they comment or not is really irrelevant, at least I know they are reading. I see it every day in my stats.

I admit I probably should have just let him ramble on, even with his lies and assumptions. I was just responding with the truth and honesty. When I get more views and comments, I will probably stop responding to the trolls. For now though, I just like having fun.

Well, this has gone on for too long. I told Sean to view my blog again in about an hour, that was 2 hours ago. LOL! No doubt he is waiting. This would have got on the air sooner, but I was skyping with one of my "imaginary" friends, as Sean would put it! LOL!

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Website Project

Well, I am looking into redoing the entire UMG Productions site. There's some updates that I want to have put on it, some new features, and I am trying to find someone to work on it and make it all happen. I even have a desire to install an app that I can use to convert my original story files to a format that can be uploaded to a Kindle and/or a Nook. There are applications on the internet that do that, but none of them converts .PUB files, and that's what my originals are written in. So I want that capability on my site. However, right now the most I can offer anyone is $200 for this job. Most of them are saying that price is too low. I can't help it though, that's all I can offer now. I still have to be paid for the delivery job I did, and hopefully, it will be enough to cover what I am offering to have this job done.

Honestly, when I first posted this job on odesk, I figured I would be getting a bunch of replies from very young, talented people who are fresh out of college, with the skills I need, and who are just looking to begin building a reputation. That was what I got the last time I posted a job there for the Metazoic site. The difference is I only wanted a small portion of the Metazoic site done. That was the Mammals section. For the UMG site, I am asking to have the entire thing done over again. I know my price is a little lax, but it's the most I can offer. Maybe for a really great job, I can offer something of a bonus. Of course that all depends on what I get for this job. Not sure what to do. I had like 9 applicants, and now I have narrowed it down to 2, they are the best 2.

One guy I just got off Skype with said the job normally would cost no less than $3000 to complete. While that sounds more fair than what I am asking, for me it's just not possible. I am doing this without my supervisor's permission (for the most part), but I think it needs to be done. So I am going to have this new site built, and inform her later on. LOL! The two people I am down to now are the ones who are willing to do the job for the price I am offering. Or pretty close to it.

I remember when I was having the Metazoic site done, I did get an offer from someone, who probably was just a kid fresh out of high school. He made a fatal mistake. I asked everyone to do a mock-up and that kid said he would, and next thing I know he's asking me if I'm going to take his mock-up and use it without paying him. He was only asking about $50 to do that job, I would have hired him. But instead I tossed his application. I want to work with someone I know will trust me, and who I can trust as well. If there's no trust, there's no communication, thus no working relationship. He sounded like he was fresh out of high school or something, but I didn't get to know him well enough to be sure. I let him go. So far, no one has been like that in this job. But once again, I am going to use my instincts in hiring the worker. It's going to be a tough decision, ultimately in the end. Both my final candidates are exceptional! I've seen both of their works. One sounds more business like, the other sounds more like he's in this business as a hobby. But he does awesome work!

If I had used my instincts the first time I hired someone to do the UMG Productions site, I never would have hired the person I did. I had contact with another man who even called me on the phone to discuss the job. He was very nice and knew more about what he was doing than the person I actually ended up hiring! I just hate it that I hired that guy that I did hire before. He was slow to respond to my messages, never communicated with me through Skype, and he did not change the images I wanted him to change that were up on the template. Now that site is gone, it was hacked. How it got hacked I don't know, but it did. So I want the new site to be tamper-proof. Let's keep the fingers crossed that this new site is the end-all of UMG Productions websites!

In other news, I am a little ticked off at Lois! Brandi was supposed to begin obedience classes this month. Lois promised she would send Brandi to obedience classes. Now that the time is nearly here, Lois decided at the last minute that she isn't going to send Brandi to obedience classes. So Brandi is just going to keep living with this anger and jealousy built up, and probably attack my dogs again. Karen said that was Lois' decision and we don't argue with Lois. I said to her that's fine. But if Brandi attacks Minnie again I'm not going to have any choice but to report Brandi to Animal Control. I'd hate to do it! But I would have to. It could mean Brandi gets taken away from Lois. Karen said she'd be all for it. Maybe it would wake Lois up! I never knew it before, but when Brandi gets into a fight, Lois treats the incident like it's all cutesy. Brandi gets no punishment for it at all. Minnie and Vegas are so small. Brandi has the potential to hurt both of them very bad. That would not be very cute at all! And I am going to be pissed if it happens again! But Lois had her opportunity to get this problem of Brandi's fixed. I don't want to see Lois lose Brandi, but if she attacks Minnie again, I won't have a choice but to report it. That is why I am so pissed off at Lois now! I don't meant to disrespect her, but cutting off those training sessions is the worst damn thing she could have ever done in Brandi's sake. It might mean Brandi's demise.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Knew They Had To Be Wrong!

I've been following more of the preachings of the Westboro Baptist Church and their messages of hatred. I'm still interested in doing this documentary. I found a new (or maybe not so new) video where they were interviewed on an old talk show back in 1992, Fred Phelps looks younger there! And Shirley looks fatter. She should have stayed that way, she actually was more attractive as a fat woman. Some people are attractive as heavier women, Shirley would have been one of them. LOL! I think I'd want to do her! LOL! That's a joke, BTW. I don't slide on that side myself. I'm not a lesbian. But I think deep down inside, Shirley really is. But I remember on that talk show, Fred said there is absolutely NO reference to love, kindness and understanding in the Bible. Well, he's wrong. I found at least one I would like to share. It was in Ephesians 4:32 And be ye kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as GOD for Christ's sake hath forgiven you. The WBC is nowhere near kind and tenderhearted to anyone. Shirley says that she actually loves gays and Jews, but she is not very nice to them at all. Neither is Fred Phelps. They don't "love" them! If they loved them, they would not be so cruel to them. One guy on the talk show, who was gay, said to Fred "I'll embrace you", to which Fred's response was "You're not going to embrace me, pal!" That does not sound like love to me! That sounds like a very angry hatred. Fred has some serious problems! I wish they would quit calling their hatred such things as "love" and "warning your neighbors" and hiding behind GOD just so they can preach their cruelty.

I looked in the Bible for proof of GOD's hate, which is what the WBC dwells so heavily on. Their words are that you cannot turn any page in the Bible without seeing a passage about GOD's hate. Yes, in the King James version of the Bible (and ONLY that version), there are a lot of passages about hatred, but it is not GOD's hatred. Unless it is someone talking about how they think GOD hates them, most of the passages about hatred is taken out of context. But only very few passages are actually GOD's own words expressing hate. And most of those are in the Old Testament, before Jesus came into the scene. The reason GOD gave us Jesus, is to die for our sins. Jesus forgave his attackers on the cross. If Jesus can do it, GOD can do it too. Jesus's attackers did not even repent, and He gave them forgiveness. But you mention any of this to the WBC, they will tell you that you lack faith, or that you are a rebel, and that you are going to Hell. All they ever want to know is that GOD hates everybody and everything. Why they are all still alive now I will never really know. I do have a theory. I believe GOD does not want them up there. I think when GOD chooses who dies early, HE would prefer to have the good people up there first. Leave the bad people here.

Well, enough of that BS. I don't really want to turn this into a church sermon. I'm back to delivering the phone books with my sis. I want to do it. I enjoy getting out there every day and going on 5-mile long walks. Really! I always end up walking 5 miles every day on this job. We do some driving, but most of the job is walking and throwing the phone books up on peoples' front porches. So far, I have not been attacked. But walking always puts me in a good mood. The only problem is actually getting motivated to go. We do have to get up quite early in the morning, though yesterday we went later than we should have because it was cloudy and stormy out in the morning, so we didn't want to go during the storm, and waited until it was done. We went out when it was snowing last week, and I hated walking in that! I just hate snow, period! Funny how the vegan fanatics all say I never walk anywhere (as if they know), and that I go to a store and use those motorized carts (again, as if they know), and blah-blah-blah. LOL! Funny how some people who think they know so much are usually the ones who don't know anything. But that's because they are judging me probably based on what they've seen other fat people doing. One thing about me: I pride myself in being different!

Yesterday when I left my apartment to go to work, I noticed that big fat dude that lives here (his name is Leon) had pushed a cart in front of my door. I know it was him because the cart was not in front of my door when Anna came over at about 7:30 to put my dogs out, otherwise Anna would have told me. And when we left for work, there were only 2 people up, besides the usual workers. One was a man who lived on the second floor, and the other was Leon. Leon is a big, fat, lazy guy who does use motorized carts at Walmart, and he looks to be about Anna's age at least. I never liked him. When I first saw him, there was just something about him that made my instincts scream "Stay away from him!" He's supposedly legally blind, but he drives a car, and he appears to see well enough to push carts in front of peoples' doors. So on top of being a fat, lazy fuck, he's a liar. And Karen said he's very judgmental. He doesn't even like Kim. Kim is one of the most unoffensive people that live in this building! She gets along with everyone. The only person who is more mellow is my sis, when she wants to be. I want Leon to hate me, because I hate him. If I ever catch him even standing in front of my door, I'm going to chase him away with my broom. I'm not pissed about the cart, I just put the dogs in the cart and took it downstairs. Leon pushing the cart in front of my door just saved me the trouble of looking for it, and allowed me to just open the door, put the dogs in and go. I utilized it to my advantage. I was going to take it downstairs anyways once I was off to work. But I hate the idea that stinky Leon was in front of my door! I mean for real! The odor from his fat, sweaty, smelly body still lingered in the hallway!

Well I saw him when we got outside, and I just looked him square in the eyes, and he looked back at me too. And I just laughed at him! LOL! He thought he was going to piss me off, but he didn't. That may work with Anna, but not with me. But if I ever catch him in front of my door, he'll get the Mama Bear treatment! I promise you that! I don't like strangers in my space! While I know Leon's name, he is a stranger, and he just happens to be one I cannot stand at all. I didn't even like it when the owners of this building entered my apartment when I was not home and not expecting them. And they OWN this building! My thing is I pay my rent, I give them money each month, this is MY space and I don't like it invaded! Especially by strangers!