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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Knew They Had To Be Wrong!

I've been following more of the preachings of the Westboro Baptist Church and their messages of hatred. I'm still interested in doing this documentary. I found a new (or maybe not so new) video where they were interviewed on an old talk show back in 1992, Fred Phelps looks younger there! And Shirley looks fatter. She should have stayed that way, she actually was more attractive as a fat woman. Some people are attractive as heavier women, Shirley would have been one of them. LOL! I think I'd want to do her! LOL! That's a joke, BTW. I don't slide on that side myself. I'm not a lesbian. But I think deep down inside, Shirley really is. But I remember on that talk show, Fred said there is absolutely NO reference to love, kindness and understanding in the Bible. Well, he's wrong. I found at least one I would like to share. It was in Ephesians 4:32 And be ye kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as GOD for Christ's sake hath forgiven you. The WBC is nowhere near kind and tenderhearted to anyone. Shirley says that she actually loves gays and Jews, but she is not very nice to them at all. Neither is Fred Phelps. They don't "love" them! If they loved them, they would not be so cruel to them. One guy on the talk show, who was gay, said to Fred "I'll embrace you", to which Fred's response was "You're not going to embrace me, pal!" That does not sound like love to me! That sounds like a very angry hatred. Fred has some serious problems! I wish they would quit calling their hatred such things as "love" and "warning your neighbors" and hiding behind GOD just so they can preach their cruelty.

I looked in the Bible for proof of GOD's hate, which is what the WBC dwells so heavily on. Their words are that you cannot turn any page in the Bible without seeing a passage about GOD's hate. Yes, in the King James version of the Bible (and ONLY that version), there are a lot of passages about hatred, but it is not GOD's hatred. Unless it is someone talking about how they think GOD hates them, most of the passages about hatred is taken out of context. But only very few passages are actually GOD's own words expressing hate. And most of those are in the Old Testament, before Jesus came into the scene. The reason GOD gave us Jesus, is to die for our sins. Jesus forgave his attackers on the cross. If Jesus can do it, GOD can do it too. Jesus's attackers did not even repent, and He gave them forgiveness. But you mention any of this to the WBC, they will tell you that you lack faith, or that you are a rebel, and that you are going to Hell. All they ever want to know is that GOD hates everybody and everything. Why they are all still alive now I will never really know. I do have a theory. I believe GOD does not want them up there. I think when GOD chooses who dies early, HE would prefer to have the good people up there first. Leave the bad people here.

Well, enough of that BS. I don't really want to turn this into a church sermon. I'm back to delivering the phone books with my sis. I want to do it. I enjoy getting out there every day and going on 5-mile long walks. Really! I always end up walking 5 miles every day on this job. We do some driving, but most of the job is walking and throwing the phone books up on peoples' front porches. So far, I have not been attacked. But walking always puts me in a good mood. The only problem is actually getting motivated to go. We do have to get up quite early in the morning, though yesterday we went later than we should have because it was cloudy and stormy out in the morning, so we didn't want to go during the storm, and waited until it was done. We went out when it was snowing last week, and I hated walking in that! I just hate snow, period! Funny how the vegan fanatics all say I never walk anywhere (as if they know), and that I go to a store and use those motorized carts (again, as if they know), and blah-blah-blah. LOL! Funny how some people who think they know so much are usually the ones who don't know anything. But that's because they are judging me probably based on what they've seen other fat people doing. One thing about me: I pride myself in being different!

Yesterday when I left my apartment to go to work, I noticed that big fat dude that lives here (his name is Leon) had pushed a cart in front of my door. I know it was him because the cart was not in front of my door when Anna came over at about 7:30 to put my dogs out, otherwise Anna would have told me. And when we left for work, there were only 2 people up, besides the usual workers. One was a man who lived on the second floor, and the other was Leon. Leon is a big, fat, lazy guy who does use motorized carts at Walmart, and he looks to be about Anna's age at least. I never liked him. When I first saw him, there was just something about him that made my instincts scream "Stay away from him!" He's supposedly legally blind, but he drives a car, and he appears to see well enough to push carts in front of peoples' doors. So on top of being a fat, lazy fuck, he's a liar. And Karen said he's very judgmental. He doesn't even like Kim. Kim is one of the most unoffensive people that live in this building! She gets along with everyone. The only person who is more mellow is my sis, when she wants to be. I want Leon to hate me, because I hate him. If I ever catch him even standing in front of my door, I'm going to chase him away with my broom. I'm not pissed about the cart, I just put the dogs in the cart and took it downstairs. Leon pushing the cart in front of my door just saved me the trouble of looking for it, and allowed me to just open the door, put the dogs in and go. I utilized it to my advantage. I was going to take it downstairs anyways once I was off to work. But I hate the idea that stinky Leon was in front of my door! I mean for real! The odor from his fat, sweaty, smelly body still lingered in the hallway!

Well I saw him when we got outside, and I just looked him square in the eyes, and he looked back at me too. And I just laughed at him! LOL! He thought he was going to piss me off, but he didn't. That may work with Anna, but not with me. But if I ever catch him in front of my door, he'll get the Mama Bear treatment! I promise you that! I don't like strangers in my space! While I know Leon's name, he is a stranger, and he just happens to be one I cannot stand at all. I didn't even like it when the owners of this building entered my apartment when I was not home and not expecting them. And they OWN this building! My thing is I pay my rent, I give them money each month, this is MY space and I don't like it invaded! Especially by strangers!


mikessa said...

Thats why that fat dude doesnt have any friends. He's a jerk!!!

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

There are people here who "get along" with him, but he's so judgmental, no one really likes him.