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Friday, March 26, 2021

Birds I Want Now

 Well, as you all know, I got my birds. They came in fast! They were sent through USPS and I never expected them to get here that fast! They were sent Tuesday eve, and were here Wednesday morning. Now, they are settling in their cage and they look happy. I've been hearing all the different songs they sing and it sounds great in here now. I discussed the birds I got last time. I just went to this one site, Lee's Exotic Birds, and saw what all he had and said "I've got to get me some of those!" He had diamond firetails for $200 per couple. Normally, you can't even get one for that! The Finch Farm, another good finch supplier, charges over $200 for a single diamond firetail. So as you can see, Lee's prices are very competitive! I can't wait till he has gouldians for sale! I'm ordering some from him then too!

Well, I decided to have a little fun here on this post. I want to talk about birds I don't have now, that I do want to get down the line. Maybe I'll find some of these at the bird expo next month? Who knows? We'll have to wait and see. I cannot wait though!!! I'm like a kid in a candy store in those places!! I want to buy everything I see!! But I know I can't. I'm happy now though. I've got some of my birds I want. They're happy and healthy, and I just love them to death!! If I could hug and kiss them, believe me I would! But finches don't like being held. That's OK. It's enough for me that I got them and they sing for me.

Anyway, here's some more birds I want to get either sooner or later...

Pacific Parrotlet (Forpus coelestis)

These are some of the smallest hookbills. However, they are easy to train and can even learn to talk. I like them because of their sheer cuteness!
Hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)

This used to be one of the most expensive birds available because they were originally intended for zoos and display. But more people are getting them as pets. They are the largest pet parrots and quite intelligent. Some people describe them as being noisy and snippy. However, they are quite capable of learning to talk.
Fischer's Lovebird (Agapornis fischeri)
These, I think, are the prettiest of the lovebirds! The beak being bright reddish orange, with a bright orange on the forehead, fading to yellowish on the breast with a green back and tail. They look unique among the lovebird species.
Pintailed Parrot Finch (Erythrura prasina)

These are the most colorful of the parrot finches. They are also known as "nonpareils", which means "without equal". And it is correct! These are one of the most beautiful finches I've ever seen! But they are also notoriously hard to find, and harder to breed.
Pin-tailed Whydah (Vidua macroura)

All breeding male whydah birds have long tails during the breeding season. At other times of the year, they can look as dull and unassuming as a sparrow. I personally love their butterfly-like flight and long tail feathers. Even if I do only get to see them once a year. The whydahs are a family of brood parasite birds. That means that they rely on other bird species to raise their young. Normally, this species relies on the St. Helena waxbill to raise it's young. But I've also heard some breeders say they've had success breeding whydahs using society finches as their host.
Congo Gray Parrot (Psittacus erithacus)

There are actually 2 types of gray parrots, the Congo gray and the Timneh gray. I prefer the Congo gray. I love the contrast of dull gray feathers with a bright red tail! These birds are also well-known for their intelligence. There was one Congo gray parrot that learned to speak over 100 different words, and they tend to understand human conversations better than other parrots. These are also one-person birds. They tend to bond only with one family member.
St. Helena Waxbill (Estrilda astrild)

As you can see, these very closely resemble the red-eared waxbills that I got this past week. They have more pronounced stripes on the body though. They too have cute little twitters.
Gouldian Finch (Chloebia gouldiae)

Also known as "Lady Gouldian finches", the colors and patterns of these finches is so bright, it looks almost unreal! Though people are breeding more mutated colors, I only like the natural colors.
Cape Dove (Oena capensis)

Also known as the Namaqua dove, long-tailed dove, and even pygmy dove, these are one of the smallest doves in the world. They also have the longest tail, in proportion to body size. I'm not limiting myself to hookbills and finches. I intend on getting doves and softbills too. Doves are a lot of fun to have as pets. They tame very easy, and they don't bite!
Common ground dove (Columbina passerina)

This is the smallest dove in the world, and I've only found them available at one place. These doves rival finches in size. They're a bit more skittish than other pet doves too.
Shaft-tailed Whydah (Vidua regia)

Also known as Queen whydah, like all whydah birds, these birds are only so spectacular looking at certain times of the year. And then only long enough to breed. I love them for this. But they also rely on a host bird to raise their young. In the case of this species, the host should be a violet-eared waxbill.
Black-faced Lovebird (Agapornis personatus)

These are among the most commonly available lovebirds. However, natural colors are becoming less available because most people (except for me) prefer the man-made mutated colors. I personally, would never go for a blue black-faced lovebird. To me, there is no better artist than mother nature.
Melba Finch (Pytilia melba)

These barely look like finches, the beak is long and narrow, more like a softbill bird. However, they are true members of the waxbill finch family. These are hard to find, but I've found some breeders for these. And I still think they're beautiful!!

Pekin Robin (Leiothrix lutea)

This is the bird of a thousand names. Pekin robin is just one. But it's the most commonly used name. I love these birds because of their acrobatics and sweet songs.
Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao)

Every bird enthusiast would be familiar with this bird! They are one of the most common sights in the pet trade! They are also quite capable of learning to talk.
Spice Finch (Lonchura punctulata)

Another bird of a thousand names. They are also known as scaly-breasted munia, nutmeg mannikin, and spotted munia. These are quite common in the pet trade. I like their flashy markings and cute little peeps.
Diamond Dove (Geopelia cuneata)

I had some of these back in 1992 and I loved them! I was able to tame the female but for some reason, never managed to tame the male. But she made a fun pet that I carried on my shoulder all over the house!

Scarlet-chested parakeet (Neophema splendida)

I saw some of these back in 1992, but never got them. But I've been dreaming about them ever since! I love how their colors seem to glow. However, they are not as likely as the other hookbills to learn to talk.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

New Little Friends

 I finally done it! I'm getting my first round of birds today! As of this typing, they are in Portland at the distribution center. I cannot wait to get them!! I've been missing my birds. I had birds back in 1992, and that was the first and last time I ever had any cage birds. It used to be I could walk into any pet store and I'd see cages full of birds. All different kinds. I used to go to pet stores just to see what kinds were available that day. But birds have not been available for a long time now. Thanks to the 2008 recession is what I learned. Now, I rely on the internet to provide me with different kinds of birds. Mostly I like to have finches. But I don't want no run-of-the-mill zebra finches or society finches. I like the much more exotic ones.

I also noticed the price of birds has gone up tremendously since I last had them. In those days, I could get a pair of diamond doves for $40. Now, I can't even get one for that price. Now I see them and they cost over $100 each! I should never have gotten rid of my birds!!! I've been regretting it since I had to give them up. Back in 1992, I had just gone to an exotic bird expo, and came back with a load of new birds, when I got this job with a couple named Patti and Chris Shultze. It was OK though. I really wanted that job back then. It was a babysitter/nanny/housekeeping job. I was probably the world's worst babysitter back then. I was young, naive, and didn't know really how to handle kids very well. I didn't have any of my own then. But I thought I would have that job forever and ever. Patti and Chris talked a lot about me staying there, helping them with a business they wanted to open, and even moving to Hawaii with them. They said there, I can have a huge aviary with all kinds of birds. It would have been a dream come true for me. So, on that note, and trusting them implicitly, I sold all the birds I had.

Well, that job started to fall apart for several reasons. First of all, my family was not too happy when they heard I was awake until 3:30 AM working on their laundry. Though Patti at first felt bad about keeping me up that long, it didn't help the situation any with my family. Especially with my sis. Second of all, Patti was always in a bad mood because she had bad migraines. Third, and I admit this myself, I was not mature enough. As an 18 year old at the time, I was a bit too much like an overgrown child myself to live up to their standards of child-rearing. I did some things back then to those kids that, looking back on it today, makes me cringe. Nothing really majorly bad, but enough that it makes me cringe now that I've grown up some more. I acted more like their bigger sister than a babysitter who should have been respected by them.

Anyway, I have regretted getting rid of my birds ever since I was released from that job. Now, I want them back! I am so glad I took Katrina's advice. Of course I still intend on getting a puppy. It just won't be right now. I can't seem to think of anything but these birds and a bird expo I plan to go to next month in Hillsboro. And a future of having a house FULL of birds of different kinds! Not just finches. I also plan to have a lot of softbills and hookbills too. I want them ALL!!! I want to be the Bird Queen of Tillamook. hehehe! Besides, there'll never be a dull moment with them.

Anyway, these are the birds I have coming today...

Red-Eared Waxbill (Estrilda troglodytes)

These were the very first cagebirds I ever got for myself. I got them at a pet store in Lakewood, only they were mislabeled as "St. Helena Waxbills". Though the two species are very similar, and sometimes interbreed in the wild, they are not one in the same. Whereas St. Helenas have very pronounced stripes all over their body, Red-ears have barely visible stripes and a pink underbelly. I like these birds because of their sweet little twitters and peeps, and their acrobatics.

Forbes Parrotfinch (Erythrura tricolor)

Easily one of the most beautiful finches in the trade. I find their colors very fascinating!

Star Finch (Bathilda ruficauda)

I used to have a male-female pair of these back in 1992. But unfortunately, because of that job at Patti & Chris's, I sold them too. I didn't even get to have them for a full month!! Damn!!

Diamond Firetail (Stagonopleura guttata)

Also known as "diamond sparrow", it is not a sparrow. It is a true waxbill finch. I always wanted some of these, but never got any.

Shaft-tailed Finch (Poephila acuticauda)

Another species I've always wanted but never got, because I was never able to find them in pet stores! These are also known as long-tailed finches too. They have a beautiful, melodious song.

Tricolored Munia (Lonchura malacca)

I used to have some of these too back in 1992. I loved their cute little tweets.

Blue-Faced Parrotfinch (Erythrura trichroa)

I never had any kind of parrotfinch before, but I saw some of these at a pet store and thought they were gorgeous!!

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Debating Typical Leftards

Well, last night Pullman did it. Pullman is a friend of my sis' who is going through some turmoil in his life. He's been suicidal for several months now because his wife annulled their marriage and took his 2 kids. She's telling him he'll never see his kids again. Ever! And Pullman is trying to fight her in court. I know Pullman is depressed, so am I. I take pills for it. Pullman does too, but he just started and it hasn't begun to work on him yet. I only wish he would stop going around telling strangers how depressed and suicidal he is. I cannot wait for his pills to start kicking in. Maybe it'll stop that behavior. But I digress.

Anyway, on KREM 2 news station's page on Facebook, they talked about the surge in violence against Asian Americans happening today. If you read the statistics, you'll find out most of the attacks on Asians has been committed by blacks. But the mainstream media won't tell you that. They always want to blame white supremacy. The left wants to blame everything on white supremacy. Even when it's black people committing the crimes. How the hell can a black person be a white supremacist??? And white people don't care about Asians! If they cared so much about the well-being of Asians, why are they always telling them they cannot attend college or universities? The only reason they give is because Asians are not black. So there's no "diversity". All this talk about "diversity" is giving me the ass! It's never about who does the best work, and gets the good grades. It's always about how many blacks, latins, etc. we can attract and get in.

BTW, I heard somewhere that Meagan Markle didn't leave the UK because it was "too racist". Apparently some people are saying she left because it "wasn't racist enough". I don't know how true that is, but it makes sense. People in the UK never discuss race. That's strictly an American thing, and only among leftists. Meagan Markle probably went around saying to everyone "Hey! I'm black!" and the people in the UK probably looked at her like "So what?!" Then she got pissed because she wasn't getting the kind of attention she was seeking.

Anyway, this was the question Pullman posted that got this thread started...

Looks like a sensible question to me. Leftists don't support Asians normally. The only reason they are now is because the mainstream media has contributed this latest attack on Asians being due to white supremacy. There's absolutely NO proof the attackers were white supremacists. In fact, I think I heard somewhere that one of the attackers was a muslim.

Anyway, this was followed by a response from a typical leftist bullshitter named Reba Haugen-Jewell. She doesn't even answer the question. She just responds the way leftists typically do...

OK you dumbass, so answer the question!!! What does he say that's wrong?? Nevermind, that won't get answered. Leftists never answer anything. Shoot! They don't even want their own questions answered! Not unless it aligns with their own personal feelings. If they feel butthurt by the answer, they walk away. Well, anyway my sis steps in at this time, and tries to soothe the situation, mostly for Pullman's well-being...

That's another thing about leftists, they take EVERYTHING the wrong way!!! It's their trademark characteristic. Where we see a simple question being asked, they see racism. Sadly, they will never grow up. Some leftists get educated and stop being leftists, but they have to be willing to do their own research. I can tell you off the bat, Reba is not that kind of person. She's too ignorant. Anyway, this was her response to my sis...

George Takei??? Oh GAWD!!! I learned to ignore him a long time ago. And again, you'll notice another typical leftist behavior from Reba, she deflects from the original subject. Then she makes fun of my sis' grammar. Although I have to admit, using "your" when you really mean "you're" drives me up the wall too!!! My sis is always boasting about being a college graduate, and she doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're" or even "their" and "there". But anyway, that's beside the point. When I saw Reba's post, this was my response...

This was my sister's response...

Seriously, we've got to quit being so nice to leftists. They don't deserve it. Pullman came in after and asked Reba another question...

Well, we have to stand beside our friends. Pullman, I hate to say, sounds like a beta-man here. This is why I don't want him bowing down to leftists. See that laughing emoji? That's from Reba. She has Pullman by the collar and knows it. She's jerking his chain right now. Remember, leftists are people who literally got everything they wanted handed to them. All they had to do was pitch a fit, shit talk their parents (usually their mom), and they'd get whatever they want. They carry that same mentality into adulthood. Reba is displaying a perfect example of that. She's already got Pullman groveling at her feet! He should have just said to her "Shut up you dumb bastard! If you can't answer my questions then don't look! Talk about someone who really hates!"

Anyway, this was Reba's response...

How many times does she say "false claim" in this one paragraph? LOL!! In my experience, someone who has to keep repeating something, generally knows what they are saying is nothing but a lie. She knows what Pullman said was true. But she pathetically wants to hide that fact by claiming Pullman's post was a "false claim". Anyway, I laughed at her. When I saw this post, this was my response...

That doesn't even make any sense at all. And she wants to be taken seriously??? 😂😂😂 She talks like english isn't even her first language. Or like she just pasted together a previous response she gave from somewhere. This was Pullman's response...

Just like all leftists! They're all nothing but troublemakers! Well, another poster by the name of Tom came in and told Pullman of Reba...

At first, I actually read this wrong. I thought he was saying my sis has deeper issues and better than you. So, I confronted him like I do all leftists...

Well, this morning he informed me...

Basically, I just repeated what he said without even knowing it. LOL! Boy! Was my face red then!! I just talked to a non-leftist as if he were a leftist. I had nothing else to say but this...

Well, last night, Anna basically told Pullman to get it out of his mind...

And I refer back to what I've always said about cats and cat-people. Cats turn people into assholes. It happened with our fake buddy from Bozeman. I've seen it happen to a lot of other people too.

That's another thing about leftists, almost all of them are cat people. If they're not already, they always become cat people sooner or later, and then they become mean, hateful and distant. I went to Reba's page myself and got a gander of her cat. You can guess what the cat looked like! This is what I had to say...

Then my sis, who probably likes cats better than I do, added...

Leftists almost never have siamese! This was my response...

Yup! That's what leftists always have! They always get gray tabbies. They never even get some cool-colored cats, like calicos. Just ugly ol' gray tabbies! I think Reba saw my comment and left, because I never heard from her on this post again.

Well, then some dim-witted douchebag by the name of Seth Coleman came in and made a very threatening post to my sister...

I had to laugh at this comment. Although I would find out later on that it bothered Pullman. Bothered him much more than it did my sis! I came in and said...

My sis is a good dasher. She's been dashing for years now, and has been a top dasher on their site for over a year now. She has good feedback. I don't think they're going to listen to some non-bigoted comment from a Facebook forum.

This morning, Seth responded to me...

He still hasn't shown me where Anna was being "bigoted". I looked at his profile, and I can see Seth even looks like a typical leftist...

I take it he's the ugly bald dude on the right. I thought he was just some sissy soy-boy, but he does hunting, so it's obvious that's not the case. Unless he's one of those "catch and release" type hunters. Anyway, I responded to his post with this...

Seth has got to prove that something my sis said is bigoted, and I mean REALLY bigoted. Not just something he disagrees with! And Door Dash isn't going to care if he's butthurt!!! They won't fire her because of that. Well, he must have got the message and was just trying to scare my sis, because as of this time right now, 6:03 PM, he hasn't responded. Either that, or I struck a nerve. That's basically all it's about though.

But now poor Pullman. He thinks Seth's actually got some impact on Anna's job and is afraid she'll lose it and he'd blame himself if that happens. Pullman wanted to delete the post and I told him NO!!! Don't do that!!! That's what leftists want. If Pullman deletes the post, then both Reba and Seth get their petty little way, and they'll feel like they've won. We don't want that. We want the leftists to learn that not all right-wingers (or a-politicals in Pullman's case) are going to kiss their behinds and give in to them. No matter the cost! My sis isn't worried at all about Door Dash. They love her there. And even if not, then she can always move here and help me with the pet store! LOL! There's all kinds of things Anna can do. She's not afraid of losing this job. Everywhere she goes, people love her.

Now, if it were me, that would be different. People are always looking for ways to get rid of me. LOL! Which is one reason I work for myself. If Seth wants to get me fired, he'll have to wait 'till I die!