Disclaimer: If you are easily offended by sheer honesty, or you think me having my own opinions is "being negative", then this is not the place for you, and I suggest you leave and head elsewhere. I call a spade a spade, and I don't sugarcoat anything.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mya Learns Don't Mess With The Chihuahua!!!!

No! Don't ever mess with a sleeping chihuahua!! Mya learns this lesson the hard way. This was taken last Christmas when my sis came with me to Reno with her dogs. Minnie and Vegas are older, and are not really interested in playing much. Mya loves to play! This is why I need to get her a playmate. She needs someone closer to her age. Someone who would enjoy running around and playing as much as she does.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

In Just Three More Days...

I will be celebrating Mya's birthday. She will be a full year old, and I am so happy I got her. When she came into my life, I was still grieving my father. 2016 was quite a rough year for me! I spent the majority of that year worrying about whether my father was going to live or die. Then when he died, I spent the rest of that year mourning his death. The biggest lesson I learned was actually when you are in despair, you learn who your real friends are. People I thought were friends could not handle me grieving and flew the coup. After that, I learned NEVER to say anyone on Facebook is my friend. Unless I know them personally, they're nothing more than names on a computer screen. They may be nice, they may be deceitful, but they are NOT friends.

Today, there are some people I like on Facebook. But until I actually meet and get to know those people, I will never consider them actual "friends" anymore. No matter how nice they may seem onscreen. I've even accepted a few INXS fans back in my page, but again, they are not friends. You won't ever hear me call them "friends". Not until I've actually met them. And I'm not on Facebook to make friends anyways. I'm there for family and people I actually do consider friends. Katrina said that happened because I am too nice. I agree with her too! I was too nice and too giving. I always heard if you are too nice to people, you get kicked in the butt by them eventually. Been hearing that all my life. I never believed it until I met the blind sheep libtard INXS fans. So, I am not nice anymore. I'm just there.

A good example occurred when I ran across this Yatesfag from Australia. I think she called herself Katerina Helena. Some bullshit like that! I'm definitely through with being nice to Yatesfags!!! Again, they are nothing more than names on a computer screen to me! I can dump them now in a snap and not give it a second thought. Unlike before, when it always hurt me to be mean to others, and I hated to delete people from my Facebook friends. Not anymore! Now when they whine and say "You shouldn't say bad things about Paula Yates", I tell them "Get the fuck over it! I don't like her, that's my opinion and that's that!" And yes, I will voice my opinion. Especially if it bugs the Yatesfags. That's the "new and improved" me. If they haven't blocked me on Facebook yet, they will! I'll see to that!

You may say I have a heart of stone now. I say I am doing it for protection. I need to stay strong now, especially for the sake of my baby and my family. That is one thing I can thank the blind sheep libtards for. They basically made getting Mya necessary. Now, all my love and kindness that I have bottled up inside no longer goes to libtard INXS fans who will kick me in the end. No way! Now, I channel my love and kindness all into treating Mya the way a good dog should be treated. Mya is truly the love of my life! She is my best and truest friend. With her, I can conquer anything! Even the SJW libtards. They may be greater in numbers, but Mya and I together are stronger than their numbers. Stronger than their lies and deceit. Stronger than anything they can throw at me. It is because of Mya I was even able to get back in INXS groups again. It is because of Mya I can stand up to their rumors and lies and say "Hey! That's not who I am. THIS is who I am! I'm just giving you what you wanted!" It is because of Mya that I've even accepted a few INXS fans into my Facebook page now. It is because of Mya that I was even able to forgive Tess Obrien for spreading those lies and rumors about me.

That is what this video is about. I made this video in honor of Mya and how she came into my life when I needed someone the most. She is my rock. She is my strength. She is my life. I have NO regrets about getting Mya. None whatsoever! Every day she does something to make me smile. She is so smart!!! And also so funny!!! Having had Mya now for a while, I know anyone who says dogs don't have as much personality as cats has never once owned a dog in their lives, and probably too weak to own a dog. I've had both cats and dogs, and I can tell you NO cat has ever come close to having as much personality as Mya has. No cat has ever made me laugh like Mya does. Cats are too dumb. In fact, Mya outwits cats all the time around here. LOL! She runs circles around them. I love her for all her little antics. And she is definitely my little doll, as this video implies. With Rosemary Clooney singing one of my favorite classic songs, it definitely fits!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Mass Exodus

I've been hearing all day today about this mass exodus going on in this country. A lot of people who lived in California, even those that have lived there all their lives, are leaving. Well, this is an event that seems to have been foreseen. California should expect this, with it's high cost of living, taxes and illegal immigrant problems. They are too far leftwing to fix these problems, and people with sense don't want to deal with their shit. So, a lot of people are leaving. And it isn't just California that is in danger. Several leftist states are being abandoned. This is what happens when democrats take over.

Well, I know I've thought about moving before, but I think I should consider it again. California is being abandoned, Washington is being abandoned, pretty soon I fear Oregon will also be abandoned. I really do not want to move away from the coast. But if this place gets left to liberals, illegal immigrants and homeless living on the streets, I am going to have no choice but to leave. This complex alone has too many Mexicans. Too many Mexicans, I've noticed, turns places into shitholes. And this is coming from someone with Mexican lineage!! But my dad was here legally. He was not lazy, and he kept any place he lived looking decent. No cockroaches, no garbage laying around in the yard, he mowed his lawn weekly, he was Mexican but he totally defied all the typical stereotypes. And people here think I speak Mexican, just because I have a Mexican last name! One time I got a message on my answering machine that was in spanish, I deleted it because I could not understand it! To this day, I have no clue who that person was or what they wanted.

Well, if people do start moving out of this state and leaving it to illegal immigrants and liberals, I guess then the best thing for me to do is pack up my stuff and my dog(s) and move to Maine. I've been talking about it for years. I said if there was ever a place I wanted to move to if I ever moved out of the west coast, it would probably be to Maine. There is very little crime there, the weather is acceptable for my taste, they have that small-town feel throughout the state, they have the ocean, and best of all, they have lighthouses! That would be where I'd want to move to! I've never been there, and I have no family there, so I don't know the state at all. I'd be moving in blind. But I saw a video about a guy with his family, moving out of California to Florida. He too was moving there blind. But there was a difference. He had his wife and child with him. I'd just have Mya, and maybe a second dog. But one bright spot is I always manage to find someone to connect with, wherever I move to. My only problem is I take a while to warm up to people. Those people will have to be patient.

I've managed to make a few friends here even, a man named James, and my neighbor Shirley. I like them. I've gotten pretty close to them over the past few months. But again, it takes me a while to completely warm up to people. I am nice and friendly when I meet people, but it takes some time for me to be comfortable enough to accept them as a friend. In the meantime, I just ask that they be patient. James just bought a car. He's blessed! But I will miss him riding the bus. That was how I met him. He lives just a couple doors down from me. He used to help me with my groceries sometimes when I'd bring a load home on the bus. He's a sweet guy! Shirley is disabled, but a sweet person nonetheless, with an adorable chihuahua! And Mya really likes her too. If I move, I'd miss those people for sure. But I can hope wherever I move to, I'd find more people as nice as them.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Remind You of Anyone?

It sure reminds me of someone. Reminds me of Kelly Poulter (or Kelly Austin, whatever the fuck she's calling herself now). Yeah, she's got a husband now, and he looks like a junky wuss. He looks like my stepfather could beat the crap out of him. But anyway, This woman also pulled what I now refer to as "the Poulter act". That's when someone fakes something serious like having cancer just to get attention and sympathy from their friends. It's a bit different than having Munchausen syndrome. Those people will fake a cold just for attention. People like Kelly, and this woman in the film, fake more serious diseases, and turn their friends against those they don't like when that person doesn't believe the victim has anything serious. Either way, as someone who just lost her father to cancer at the time, people like her make me SICK!!!!

Yeah, I'm glad Kelly and I are not friends! I would NEVER make friends with someone like her!! That's like spitting on my father, to fake something like that. Not only my father, but Kelly spit on everyone who has died of cancer, has battled cancer, or survivors who have lost loved ones to cancer! That is what Kelly was doing! That's why I don't like her. I never will either now that I know she lies like this. I did ask her to become friends with me once, but she did not accept, and I am so grateful!!! But at the time, I did not know this is the kind of person she was. The saddest part of the whole thing is her stupid-ass friends will never believe this. They'll always think she's the good guy and that I am picking on her. Or maybe some of them even think I am "jealous" of her. LMAO!!! No. If there is one thing I am not, it's jealous of someone who lies about having a serious disease just to get attention and sympathy. I'll tell you, if I ever get so desperate that I feel the need to ask Kelly Poulter to become my friend on Facebook (or anywhere) again, I want someone to take me out to a deserted field and shoot my brains out, because I would surely have lost my mind at that point!!!!

Well, thank GOD for the blocking mechanism on Facebook, because now I have her blocked. I no longer have to be subjected to Kelly's lies and deceit. She will pay for those lies one day! May not be this year, or next year, it may not even be 10 years from now. But she will pay for those lies!! Whether she believes that or not. Hopefully someday, those so-called "people" who call her a friend, will see what she's done, and how she is disrespecting those of us who've lost loved ones to cancer. Every time I think of Kelly, I literally want to puke! She is a waste of human life, oxygen and space! And I say that about ALL people who fake having cancer, including this woman in the film! It makes me mad that there are people who do shit like this!!! This woman in the video never had cancer, and her daughter knows it. Believe me, no matter how strong you are, if you're going through chemotherapy, you are NOT strong enough to lift a barbel!!! My dad was a powerful man. When he had cancer, and went through chemo, he could barely lift his head up, let alone a 200-pound barbel!!! People like this woman make me totally physically SICK!!!!!!