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Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Don't Understand

I approve marriage equality.

There are some things in this world I don't understand. One of the main things I don't understand is people. Why are people so dumb?? Why does a person harass someone and not expect that person to retaliate against them? And when that does happen, the one who started the teasing does not like it. Like how old stinky Andy from back in Bozeman didn't like it that I wrote about him in this blog, and before I began writing about him, he did nasty things to me and my sis. Why did he not expect me to retaliate against him for that? I'll tell you why. Because he's dumb. I'm a believer in free speech and freedom of choice. That is why I do not get angry when people attack me on the internet. Some of those people do piss me off sometimes, because they cannot seem to get their facts straight and still don't get it when I tell them they are wrong, but that is their prerogative. I also get angry at hypocritical people, who do shit to others and then hate it when it's turned around and done back to them. But then again, it's their prerogative to be dumb.

I've developed a pretty thick skin over the years. But if someone is attacking me on the internet, I'd like to know why. And it should be for a better reason other than I am fat, or ugly. Of course if the people who do it are young, like 25 or under, I don't think they need a good reason to do what they do. They just think it's funny to attack another person. So with them I am usually like "Oh well!" But I usually expect a little bit better attitude from someone who is older than 25.

Another thing I don't understand, why people say they hate something, or someone, and then always go back to that something or someone. A long time ago on Facebook, I had this friend and she said she hated this other person on Facebook that she was once friends with. So she deleted her from her friends and said she blocked her. But she kept going back to that person's Facebook page to see what she was up to. I know because she would give everyone "reports" of what that person was doing every now and then. I kept thinking "Girl, leave her alone for GOD's sake! You were the one who blocked her, now ignore her!" She reminded me of the delusional mods when she did things like that. It was not cool. If I don't like someone, I leave them strictly alone. While I do believe in free speech and freedom of choice, I don't believe in harassing people just because I don't like them. Live and let live. As long as that person is not hurting you, or in my case, not harming a dog.

I don't understand this obsession with cats and other felines either. I know I have spoken of this before, but I just don't get it. Mostly because every cat-lover thinks the whole world has to agree with them. I don't like cats, plain and simple. Kitties are OK as long as they live in other peoples' houses, but not in mine. And I don't like cat people trying to push their views in my face because I hate cats. It only makes me hate them even more. I love lemurs. I don't try to push them in other peoples' faces. Remember that one guy from YouTube who I wrote about on here, said he prefers dogs, but hated it because I don't like cats, and I do love lemurs. Well, he is the perfect example as to why I don't like cats. Because of pushy cat-people like him. And I also don't understand why people will forgive cats (and panthers) where they would not forgive any other animal. A panther attacks a person, everyone says "Oh that's nature! Let's save all the panthers!" but if a wolf, or a dog attacks a person, then everyone is like "Let's kill all the dogs!" Cat people are such hypocrites.

I remember this one person asked me why I love lemurs, that can jump 5-times their body length, and I don't love fleas, that can leap 200+ times their body length. Well, fleas carry diseases, lemurs don't. Fleas can leap very high for their size, but they are not as graceful at it as lemurs. Fleas jump but cannot always keep their heads up. Lemurs usually can. They land on their feet about as often as cats do. Fleas don't. Fleas are ugly, lemurs are not. Fleas killed about 1/3 the population of Europe in the middle ages. Lemurs have never killed anyone. See what I'm getting at? Cats can only leap 3 times their own body length, that's about 6 feet for a regular house cat. Lemurs can leap more than 5 times their body-length. Sifakas are known to make 35-foot jumps in a single bound, and they are only slightly larger than a house cat. Bushbabies are even smaller than sifakas and they have been known to leap 25 feet in a single bound. Most bushbabies are only the size of a rat. To me, that is much more impressive, and they look good doing it.

Another, final thing I don't understand. Why do people call gays "homos"? What has the word Homo got to do with being gay? To me, Homo means human. Every human you meet is a Homo--a Homo sapiens. Why is it being applied now only to gay people? It doesn't make sense. Especially since most people use it in a derogatory manner. When I first heard the word Homophobe, I said yes that's me. I thought it meant simply the fear of humans. I am afraid of humans, more so than any other animal. In all my nightmares, the one creature I fear seeing the most is humans. But I learned quickly that to be a homophobe is to fear gay people. I think that's stupid. Like this one article that I read about Chiroptophobia, being the fear of bats. The person who wrote the article thought it was called "Batophobia". Well, if you know the scientific language like I do, you'd know that does not make sense. Phobia is the Greek word for fear. So it makes sense that the thing you fear should also be a Greek or Latin word. It was the English-speaking peoples that decided to call the small flying animals bats. Kinda like on the Flintstones, where they add English animal names to "saurus", which is the Latin word for lizard. It just doesn't make sense. There must be a Latin word for people who prefer the same sex. Whatever it is, it should be used instead of Homo. That's misleading!

Am I for same-sex marriage? Yes I am. Again, I believe firmly in freedom of choice. The Bible says it's an abomination, but then again the Bible says a lot of things are an abomination. The Bible also depicts lions as being "great" animals, even though they are more likely to attack a person than a wolf is. And yet, wolves are depicted as evil animals. I still believe that is a mistake in translation! But since thinking about that, a lot of things about the Bible I do question.

Friday, March 29, 2013


Ever try these things?
I have. I bought some back when I was about 10 years old. The colors looked interesting and I thought they were going to be great. But then I tried them, and they were disgusting! Even the green one, which is the color I usually love, was disgusting. All it is basically is a little bit of juice sealed inside a bunch of plastic-like wax. I'm not even sure why they sold these, or who's idea it was to market these things. They were HORRIBLE!! Even the juice inside these wasn't enough to hide the taste of the plastic. And the juice it's self was disgusting. It was overly sweet and the flavor reminded me of the cough syrup I used to take when I was little. I didn't like these and I never bought them again.

I remember when I was 12 years old and was in the 6th grade, at the end of the school year, our class had a little party. Well there was this boy named Allen, who was in my class, but he was a 5th grader. He was in this gang of boys who always used to tease and harass me because they didn't like the way I talked and the fact that I liked animals better than people. Plus I think they thought I was gay. LOL! Well anyway, Allen brought some of these things to the party and passed them around to the other students. He offered them to everyone except me. Even my best friend Janis was offered one from him. But you know what? It didn't bother me at all that he didn't offer me one. He thought he was going to hurt my feelings by not offering me one of these, but believe me, he didn't! LOL! Because I'd already tried them before and didn't like them. Besides, he'd had his bare hands on them, I would not have touched them after he touched them with his filthy hands anyways.

I still remember those boys too in that little gang. The ring-leader was named Paul, then there was Mike, Randy, Allen and Scott. The only ones I saw after I left 6th grade was Paul and Scott. Scott went on to hang with another group of nasty boys in middle school, Paul did not seem to make friends very well in middle school because I always saw him alone. I don't know what happened to Mike, Randy or Allen and frankly I don't give a damn. They could have turned into a bachelor group of bison and ran themselves off a cliff for all I cared. But it was kinda strange seeing Paul running around by himself. But as long as he left me alone, I didn't have a problem with him. Paul was the one who used to make fun of me the most, because he thought I was gay I think. Back then, gay people were very much persecuted. If you did see a gay person, they would stay in the closet. They would never admit they were gay. I used to believe I was bisexual, but not like full-blown gay.

I used to think I was bisexual, because I used to see some women the same way I saw men. Or, I thought I did. I think it was more the kids in school that pushed me into believing that. But I found out that I wasn't bisexual. Because if I was, I would still be bisexual by now. If I were bisexual, I would not see the men of INXS as being sexy, and I would see all women that way too. But I don't. I don't know what made me think that way when I was younger. It wasn't ALL women, it was just some. OK maybe just ONE. LOL! I admit it. I only found one woman attractive to a point I was almost infatuated. But I haven't felt that way since I was in my 20s, and I don't think it's ever going to return. Well, it hasn't in a long time, and usually by now, some hint of any passion would have surfaced, even a little bit.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Memorial For Irma

Well, there was a memorial service for Irma in Bozeman, and almost everyone who lives in that complex went there. Anna went there. I was only there in spirit. When I saw the service, it brought tears to my eyes. She was a great person, and apparently her children confirmed that. There was singing, and it sounded good! Apparently Irma was also friends with this singing group that showed up and sang at the service. They sang Go Tell It On The Mountain. I even saw Anna at the end of the memorial. She showed up on film. I still wish it wasn't Irma that died. I wish it had been Andy. Well, with some luck, he will be next. I'm gonna go back to Bozeman when that happens, and spit and piss on his grave. I'll even let Minnie and Vegas take a dump on his grave, and I'll bury the droppings in the dirt on his grave too. LOL!! Ya know that's not what Jesus would do. UGH!!! Jesus would forgive. I am working on it. But I am kinda pissed off that it wasn't Andy who died. Instead it was someone who was probably the nicest person in that building!!

Well, I was shocked to hear that Roger, of all people, was also at the memorial! I didn't think he liked Irma at all. After hearing the ceremony, one thing was on my mind. What happened to Irma's cat? Irma's dilemma happened so fast, she did not have time to arrange who would get her cat. She fell suddenly, and was unconscious for days, it happened so fast! Well, I found out that Betty Warwood got the cat. That poor kitty!! Betty W. was one of those that everyone else turned to to take care of their pets. Far as I know she didn't have any pets of her own, I would never trust her with my dogs! I don't like Betty anyway! She acts like just because she's been there the longest that she thinks her shit doesn't stink. And as far as I could determine, she does not like anyone younger than 50 years old. She was loud too. Had a big mouth! I tried to be nice to her once. I walked out of my apartment, and I heard Betty say hello. I thought she was talking to me. So I said hello back. She said "How are you?" And I answered, "I am fine. How are you?" She didn't answer, and I looked at her, awaiting an answer. She just looked at me like "How dare you speak to me!" Then I noticed Jim, the maintenance guy, poked out of the control room, and then I figured out that was who Betty was talking to!! Well, she should have told me she was talking to Jim! I didn't see him there when I walked out. I did think it was strange Betty was all of a sudden so friendly with me! LOL! She never had been before. So, after being snubbed by her, I thought "OK, if it's snubbing she wants, snubbing she will get!" So I never spoke to her again. Not even when she spoke to me. Most of the time, I just acted like she wasn't even there. Now, she has Irma's kitty and I feel sorry for the cat!

Well, ma and I had fun last weekend, but I do really miss her now. We were like girlfriends going around. We even talked a lot. One subject that came up quite frequently was Patti, the loony that I shared a house with for 4 days. 4 LONG days!! Well, actually to be fair, the first 2 days with her were not that bad. She really did seem like a match made in Heaven. I thought we would get along great! But as I got to know her over time, I found her to be the kind of person I did not want to live with. I will always believe that Patti was much more of an alcoholic than she led us to believe. She was a very good manipulator, which is probably how she got a job as a caregiver. I can't think of any other way she would have qualified for a job like that. It sure wasn't patience that won her a job like that. I never met a more impatient person in my life!! Ma is not an easy person to fool, and she said Patti had her fooled. I believe it. I'm very jaded myself. But I don't know if maybe it was desperation on my behalf because I wanted my dogs back so much I just put all my caution aside, or if Patti was maybe just putting up a friendly front to get me trapped in there. I think it was a bit of both.

Well, one thing is for sure, I told ma that I am very interested to know what exactly Patti said to ma about me when she asked her to come and get me. Because at first ma was angry that I didn't try to stick around and make it work. But knowing Patti the way I did, it would never have worked between us. Even my own sis was quick to blame me. I asked her "Why do you automatically assume it was something I did?" This time, I can honestly say I was not to blame. This was all Patti's fault, not mine. She expected me to know things on my arrival there that I never experienced before. And because I did not take to them right away, she felt that was plenty of reason to kick me out, after only living there for 3 days. But just as I suspected, ma told me Patti was making it all sound like it was my fault, and not her's. Ma told me she didn't ever want me to feel like that was my fault. I told ma I never did. Not even for one nanosecond. I never felt was my fault at all, because I didn't do anything wrong. Patti did not ever make out a contract, so nothing was in writing that I had to do any household chores. Patti's brother said he wanted a contract written up, but Patti refused to do it. So I was under no obligation at all. When I did the chores, it was completely voluntary. I cleaned that house FAR more than Patti did. In fact, the whole time I lived there, Patti did no chores at all, just demanded them from me. If I were her child, it would have been very different. She would have had a right to expect those chores from me. But I am not her child (thank GOD for that!) and I did the chores on my own. And the one time I refused to do them, Patti went bonkers and threw me out.

Words that describe Patti are irresponsible, crazy, overbearing, wacky, hypocritical, alcoholic, and selfish. Patti would NEVER take responsibility for her own actions. I figured that out when she told me to put some package of chicken we bought in the refrigerator, then not 5 minutes later, she saw the chicken in the refrigerator and yelled at me for putting it in there, and when I reminded her that she told me to put it in there, instead of saying "Oh I'm sorry, I DID say that, didn't I?" she said "What's wrong with you? You cannot think for yourself? You don't have your own mind?" She tried to make me feel like it was my fault, but I knew it wasn't. If I had used my own mind, then Patti would have yelled at me because I didn't do what she said. I didn't know her as a person, very well. But I do know her type. The fact that she did not take responsibility told me a lot about her as a person. She is the very reason why I hate drunkards. Supposedly my next door neighbor back in Bozeman, whose name was Marie, was the same way with her kids. From what I heard, she was always drunk when they were growing up. Now, they hate her for it. After living with Patti for 4 days, I can understand what those kids' lives must have been like living with Marie.

Patti never had children, that's a damn good thing. She obviously did not have the patience to have kids. Ma said when Patti called her, she would not even really tell her what happened, and she did not want to work it out. All Patti would really say is "I want you to come and get her!" Ma tried to get as much as she could out of Patti. Patti told her a few things, like the incident with the toilet and the fact that I did not do the dishes. I have to laugh at those. Because they were explained to Patti and she still did not get it! Those were the only reasons she wanted me out of there. I said to ma "No. Those were not the only reasons she wanted me out of there!" I will always believe, and no one will ever convince me otherwise, that the real reason Patti wanted me out of there was because she missed her alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Yes, I truly believe Patti was a drug addict as well. Patti was nasty to me FAR before the toilet incident and the deal with the dishes. The way she acted was a lot like the symptoms a person gets that is going through withdrawl. Like when they quit smoking cold-turkey. That is what Patti's attitude reminded me of.

The only thing about that whole deal that I blame on myself is that I did not stick up for myself to Patti. I basically let her walk all over me, on PURPOSE!! I was trying too hard to make that arrangement work out that I sullied my own standards. But after 3 days, I am just at the tip of getting to know someone. I did not want Patti to see my anger yet. I am the kind of person that I don't really know how to control my anger, once it gets started. So, I kept that side from Patti because I did not want to scare her, or something. I wanted to let her get to know my tender side before blowing up at her. That is the only thing I blame myself for, nothing else. Everything else was Patti's fault, and I know that. But to this day, I still regret that I did not stand up to Patti like I should have. And like I normally would have! Patti got lucky. LOL! If I were not as determined as I was to make that work, Patti's ass would have been put in its place many times before I left there, I can guarantee you all that!

I think I am back to normal now though. Living here has helped me in getting over what happened, and talking with ma too. Ma was more angry that I left Bozeman and didn't have a place to move to. Well, I had to get out of Bozeman! I didn't like it there. I never wanted to move to Bozeman in the first place. So I never felt a sense of belonging. I had some friends there, yes. But Bozeman never felt like home to me. I missed Ocean Shores the whole time I was there!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Whatta Weekend

Well, my ma came over and spent some time with me for the weekend. Yesterday we just went and hung around. I enjoyed it. But at the same time, it was kindof depressing. She and John are moving to Reno. They may be there forever. I am surely going to miss her. I feel bad. Though today we did have some fun, we went to some yard sales, and got the sellers involved in some scenes for a little comedy flick my ma and I thought up last night. I thought it was a cute idea, so I decided to play along with it. Most people were OK with us doing this project. Only one person seemed to really object. They were rather nice about it, and at first one of them said they would participate, but they got so busy. My ma and I wasted about 30 minutes waiting for them, and all of a sudden they decided they were not going to do the part. They were a couple of young women, and usually I found young people are very self-conscious about things like that. Especially young women.

It was too good a line to waste, so we did it at the next yard sale we went to. The big thing was ma and I spending our last time together having some fun, and doing the town. I don't know when I will see her again. It may be years. It may be a few months. I don't know. I still feel bad that they are choosing to go to Reno, instead of staying here. I moved back to Washington to be closer to the family again! Now, I find that my family is abandoning me. Well, that's what it feels like. Anna is in Montana, Ma is moving to Reno, Pa is possibly moving to Arizona. Of course if pa does move to Arizona, I'm out of here myself. Maybe I will move to the east coast. I always wanted to live in Maine, and they have more lighthouses there than anywhere else. That would be cool! Pa is my last connection to this state, and to this area. After he's gone, there is no reason for me to stay here. Yeah I have a few friends and step-siblings, but how often do I get to see them? Not very much. They all work. They have families. I just have ME.

Well, I told my ma if John gets to be too unbearable, she can always come and live with me. We'll find an apartment together. LOL! Oh well. We'll see what all happens.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Westboro Baptist Church Getting Smaller!

Oh boy this is hilarious! Megan Phelps has left the Westboro Baptist Church, and she took her younger sister Grace with her! OMG can you see the irony in that!? Megan was the last person I would ever have expected to leave that church. I saw the documentaries by Louis Theroux, and Megan was the most outspoken among the children of the WBC. According to an article I found, she was also the one responsible for the WBC's internet media. Now, Megan's own mom, Shirley, is calling Megan and Grace "betrayers". I bet though Shirley is not unhappy to see them go. Or at least she pretends she's not. I think Shirley puts up a big act about everything. She smiles a lot, but her smiles always look so fake. You can tell there is a lot of hurt behind them. The way Shirley smiles reminds me a lot of a crocodile smiling. Crocs smile because the look is fixed on their faces by nature. Maybe Shirley is made the same way. LOL! A lot of people smile to hide the hurt inside. I truly believe this is the case for Shirley Phelps-Roper. She is also a classic example of a person who hides behind religion.

It would be funny if they lost ALL their children! So far, most of the children that have left the WBC have been the girls. Well, let's face it, women are quicker to spot BS than men are. I don't think the WBC realizes all the shit they spew. And when you try to discuss the New Testament with them, they laugh at it. It's obvious that they do not believe in the New Testament. I'm surprised they even preach anything about Jesus. The WBC compares themselves to Noah. It would be pointless though for them to be in the same class as Noah if the only clingers-on left in their church are the boys. The boys are not even allowed to date. How do you know if you want to be with the girl you like if you don't date?? Dating gives both the boy and girl a chance to get to know each other. Thus know if they really want to be together for life. But the members of the WBC don't believe in dating. They say "there are no boyfriend/girlfriends. It's one man, one woman, one bed, one life" I'd like to know if Shirley just met a man, grabbed him, pulled him into marriage immediately, didn't even get to know him, and her present husband is staying with her against his will. That would be an interesting question to ask her. But I bet the person who asks that question of Shirley will get a big "That's none of your business!" from her. That would prove my theory is correct. Shirley probably did date before she got married. We all know she has a child out of wedlock. I would not even be surprised if the man she is now married to is not even that child's father.

The truth is they CANNOT compare themselves to Noah. Noah's children probably dated to find the men/women they wanted to marry. But the children get kicked out of the WBC if they even think of dating, or having a boyfriend or girlfriend. It's a shame too. A lot of their children are quite attractive. But they're so full of hate, you cannot see it until they leave the church, like Megan and Grace did. They confess to still loving their parents. I kindof wonder how the parents feel about the children that left. Do they still love those kids? According to the article I found, the parents have already cast them off. One person said that is the mark of a true cult, when those who leave are immediately cast-out. Well, anyone can tell the WBC is a cult. They think all the things they do is loving. Well, they don't seem loving to me. They say they love gay people. I don't think they do. The way they talk about gay people is a lot like how I talk about panthers, and I don't like panthers at all. In a video I saw, one guy (who was acting) talked to Fred Phelps, Jr. like he wanted to make love to him. All of a sudden, Shirley and a lot of other women (including Megan) started to call the guy a "filthy pervert" and told him to go away. If you love someone, you don't call them names like that and tell them to go away. If that guy were truly homosexual, I would have loved to see Shirley embrace him, give him a kiss, and tell him that GOD forgives him. Because HE can. But they don't do that. They only believe in GOD's hate--which I looked in the Bible, and I could not find anything that talks about GOD's hatred, except in context. I saw plenty about GOD's wrath, but not about hatred.

There are people that I hate, and I am working on that! Hate is supposed to be bad for the soul. I gave myself a bit of practice on Sunday. On Facebook, I only commented on things that I loved, and left only positive comments. It's obvious I am never going to like panthers again. Those days of me loving panthers are LONG-time gone!! So on Sunday, I just didn't look at any panther pics. I just scrolled quickly past them. That was my way of ignoring them. I still believe it isn't gay people the WBC should be looking at, I truly believe it is panther fanatics that are ending the world. I will always believe that because look at the damage that has gone on since panthers have become unexceedingly popular. And I highly doubt all those people who were smitten in those disasters were gays, or gay supporters. The truth is that gays are still not universally accepted. Sad as that is, it's still true. But even sadder is that most everyone loves panthers, and will even turn against people who do not like them. Panther fanatics themselves seem to be in some kind of cult. A cult that wants to war against people who hate panthers. Like Shirley said, we may be few in numbers, but we will prove to be stronger in the end. I always love it when I meet another person that hates panthers as much as I do. Makes me feel good, makes me feel like not all the world is doomed.

Well, it would definitely serve the WBC right if ALL their children left the church. And all that is left of their church is some young boys, unmarried (because we all know that's the way they want it) and the adults too old to repopulate the world after the next biblical disaster. I am truly glad to see Megan came to her senses. Now if only others can follow in her footsteps. Here is the link to the article I found: http://fox4kc.com/2013/02/07/westboro-founders-granddaughter-leaves-church-takes-sister-with-her/

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Disagree Vs. Disrespect

This afternoon, I commented on one of my friend's status on Facebook. He asked "Why do you take a life to eat when you don't have to?" Well, I said to him that I cannot think of anything we eat that was not once living. Usually I leave the vegans alone. They have their beliefs and I have mine. I don't get into any arguments about their beliefs with them. If they don't want to eat meat, I feel that is their right. As long as they don't try to push their beliefs on me. I was not trying to be mean to this person, or push any of my own beliefs on him, but it is a fact that just about everything we do is going to cause harm to some life form. We cannot escape it. It's impossible. Every time a house is built, animals die. Every time we drive a car, animals die. Every time vegetables are harvested, animals die. The vegans call those of us who eat meat "hypocrites". But I don't think the hypocrisy is in the meat-eaters. I think it's in the vegans. Especially the militant vegans. Meat-eaters are at least honest about their lifestyle. We understand that animals die for human comfort, and we have accepted that, even when it comes to our diet. Vegans however, hide behind a lot of propaganda. I don't think I know a single vegan that does not live in a house or apartment, does not use the phone or electricity (yes, phone and power lines kill animals too), or goes out and finds fruits and veggies in the woods for every meal. Then they want to ask "What is the alternative to these things?" Simple! Go live out in the open, do not build yourself any shelter because when you do, you are taking another animal's home or killing another animal. Do not use electricity, humans lived well before it, and can indeed live without it. Do not use a phone, again, we lived without it once before. And when you are hungry, don't go to your refrigerator, go out into the woods and find your food. That would be the only way I can think of that vegans can live a non-hypocritical life. But a person who eats meat, we can own a home, use the phone and power and not have to worry, because we are already "hypocritical" anyway, according to the vegans.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not here to tear-down vegans or their lifestyle. But I do think a lot of their beliefs are just plain silly. The only one I absolutely, totally agree with is that we should not wear animal skins. That always pisses me off, especially when I see people wearing the skins of animals we do not eat, like foxes, mink, chinchillas (although we probably could eat chinchillas). I think that's a total waste of life!! Because all you are doing is taking an animal's whole life away for only one part of it's body. That is not fair! I will whole-heartedly stand with the vegans on that issue! But when we kill a cow, pig, or chicken it does not bother me because we are using almost every part of that animal. So I don't see that as being as much of a waste. A lot of vegans ask how I can eat a cow, pig, or chicken and cuddle with my dogs and love them like I do. Well, that answer is also simple. My dogs are my family. The vegans may see cows, pigs and chickens as being members of their family, but I don't see them as members of mine. Not saying I do not love these animals, I'm just saying I do not think of them as my family. I do not cuddle with them or play with them. I do not take them into my home, I do not buy toys for them, I do not treat them like my kids. With dogs I do. The day I do see pigs, cows and chickens as my family and still eat them, is the day I will have earned the title of "hypocrite" by vegan standards. That's the way I see it. And as I told my friend on Facebook that I always do bless the cow, pig or chicken that was sacrificed for me to consume. That, in a way, is my way of balancing the chain.

Another phrase I commonly hear from vegans is "poor, innocent, defenseless animals". I always have to ask "Defenseless"? How are animals defenseless?" I fail to see where animals are in any way defenseless. In fact, animal defenses are a lot better than those of humans. I admit baby animals are almost defenseless, but adult cattle, pigs and chickens are by no means defenseless. I told this friend that cattle can give a person a very good kick. They also have horns they defend themselves very well with. Even if they are cut down, they can still hurt a person very badly. Pigs have tusks they use to gore people with. And chickens, well the expression "angry as a wet hen" does not exist for no reason! Chickens can be very aggressive. Birds in fact, are the most aggressive animals on the planet. They can afford to be! It's almost foolish to say any animal is "defenseless". Even mice are good at defending themselves. Rats too, their jaws are as powerful as a crocodile's. In my experience, there is no such thing as a defenseless animal. Not all animals are innocent either. I have been chased by geese that have come after me with no provocation. When I used to go walking by a lake that was a few miles from my home, I used to see these huge geese, almost as tall as I am! They chased everybody! Finally one day I saw one come after me, and I turned the tables and started chasing him. He ran away too! LOL! Well, animal control finally came and removed those geese from the lake. Apparently someone had them as pets and dumped them there when they decided they did not want the geese anymore. They were nasty though! Not innocent.

Vegans always claim humans are herbivores. Not many primates are complete herbivores, and we all have the same dental structure. They say we cannot chase and kill our own food. Well, really neither do raccoons, and they are not herbivores. And a lot of herbivores are more swift than we are. We cannot run like gazelles or deer. Humans are built like omnivores. We are not complete carnivores, but we are not complete herbivores either. If we were built like the true herbivores, then the vegans would have pot bellies like all herbivorous animals do. I've explained this to vegans until I am blue in the face. They just don't get it. Yet they want to compare our teeth and fingers to that of herbivores. They think our digestive tract is designed for a completely herbivorous diet, but it is not. It's designed for an omnivorous diet. A diet of BOTH meat and veggies. Proportionately, our digestive tract is not anywhere near as long as that of a true herbivore. I wish the vegans could see that. But they don't because they are biased.

Now, for the disagree vs. disrespect part of my post. There is a difference. The reason I do not usually comment on the vegan's posts about diet and killing animals for food, is not because I agree with them. It's because I respect them. I can agree to disagree. They always equate eating meat to raping, pedophilia, child pornography, slavery and all that kind of stuff. I hear it all the time, the vegans ask "You agree with eating meat. Do you also agree with raping children? Slavery? The Holocaust? etc" Well, no I do not agree with those things. I don't condone them either. But they are not the same as eating meat. What I do agree with the people who do those things have their rights to their beliefs. I may not agree with them doing it, and I don't even have to respect them. But I do respect their rights to do what they do. That is their right, afterall. Just because I don't believe it's right to rape women, does not mean they have to feel the way I do if that's what floats their boat. We have freedom of choice in this country. I feel it is my choice to eat meat. I love it! I love the taste of it. I love how it makes me feel. Yes the same thing can be said about a lot of things, like street drugs and alcoholic beverages. I don't think we should drink alcohol or use street drugs, but those who do it, if it gives them pleasure, let them do it! It's their life's choice. As long as they're not living in my house. LOL!

Well, that's about all I have to say on this subject. I sleep plenty good at night, even though I eat meat. Doesn't bother me. I'm sorry if it bothers my vegan friends, but hey, that's my choice. I don't push it in their faces, and I don't want them pushing their beliefs in mine.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Things I Love, Hate, Indifferent, ETC.

People always accuse me of being negative, so this time I am going to make an unusual post talking about what I love, hate, am indifferent to, dislike, whatever. Just a bunch of lists basically. I thought about making a post like this as I was watching some old videos I downloaded a long time ago. If you are one of those people who read this far and are thinking "Who cares!?" then I might advise you to stop reading this post right now. This post is not for you. And I bid you good day. This post is for those people who always think I am so negative and talking about things I hate, or always saying "I hate this and that". Well, I am here to show that I am not one of those kinds of people. I am just very passionate. I admit that is something I have to work on, it's not always easy to keep my mouth shut when other people are pushing things I don't like in my face all the time. So if I don't like it, I'm gonna say it.

Things I love:
My family (dogs included)
my friends
most animals (with a few exceptions)
walks on the beach
the ocean
the mountains (though I don't really want to live there again)
getting new pets
seeing new places
meeting new people (sometimes)
looking at homes I may one day purchase
eating (yes, I admit it! I love to eat)
a good steak
going to see new movies (sometimes)
visits from family
filming new movies (the REAL fun is in the editing)
long showers
Going walking
learning new things
rock music in general
Good movies and TV shows (haven't had any of those lately though)
Being fat and ugly (Yes it's true, I love that)
Classic cartoons and TV shows

Things I hate:
Andy DiSanti (or maybe I should say "DiStinky")
Roger Melvin (and his fat shadow, Leon)
Kim Hedges
ANY wild felines over 20 pounds (with a possible exception of snow leopards)
Being sick
when a friend dies
Paris Hilton
Bad singing
when someone thinks I should love something and I just don't.
pushy people (especially if they are vegans)
People who want to take away my free speech rights
Talking to myself (though I do it all the time)
big, butt-sniffing dogs
Living in Bozeman, MT
Body odor!! (Yuk! And double YUK!!)
Elmo on Sesame Street (though I think Kevin Clash is very handsome!)
The Westboro Baptist Church
rap music (or ANY slow crappy music)
vampire insects (like fleas, mosquitos, etc)

Things I neither love nor hate:
all else outside the former categories

When you boil it all down, there are really more things I am indifferent to than anything else. But that's just to show my friends that I am not totally negative. Those things I hate I believe I have a very good reason for it.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Prayers For Irma

A very sweet person is in the hospital tonight. Irma Dun from back in Bozeman, slipped on a curb yesterday and hit her head on the cement very badly. Last night she had a major stroke and today is unresponsive, doctors are giving her only less than 1% chance of survival. It is a shame, she is a very sweet person, everyone there loved her. She is also a firm believer in GOD. I am praying to GOD tonight to take care of her, and do what is best. I personally would prefer she doesn't die. I told Anna to give me daily reports on how Irma is doing, and the next time she goes to see her in the hospital, give her my love. Irma is one of the sweetest people in that building, she does not deserve to have this happen to her. Before I left Bozeman, I was discussing with Anna the people she could turn to if she needed someone to talk to, Irma was one of them.

Anna went to see Irma in the hospital tonight, I wish I could have been there myself. Anna wound up comforting Irma's family. Anna is such a good person. If Irma does die, it's going to be a very sad event. I have asked all my Facebook buddies to say a prayer for her. I hope it goes well. Anna called me and she really sounded like she was in tears. I was too, I was at a total loss of what to say. The words kept coming out of my mouth all jumbled and mixed up. I was saying why does this have to happen to Irma? Why couldn't it have happened to Andy? Or Roger? Or some other dumb-cluck like them? If Andy would die tomorrow, I'd be celebrating that he is in Hell where he belongs. If Roger were to die tomorrow, same thing! I'd be celebrating. But if Irma dies, I'd be truly upset. She is indeed a good person. Well, at least I know she'd be in Heaven. She did a lot of good to a lot of people, so I know she will be sitting in the hands of GOD.

I guess this is proof that when GOD picks HIS angels, he always goes for the best people first. It's unfair though. Why kill off the good people and leave the crappy people here? As for Irma's family, I will pray for them as well. It would be a great loss to that place to lose a wonderful person like Irma. I just wish I could overnight her a get-well card. If anyone reading this can offer a prayer, please give it. I will be praying tonight. Hopefully, even though I know it's a big wish, Irma will get through this and be OK.

*********************************UPDATE 3/16/13************************************
Irma passed away yesterday morning. It was a sad moment when I found out. Yesterday was actually a very bittersweet day. I got to spend time with my father and I was so happy. But then I found out Irma had died and I once again became sad. It was awful to find that out. She will be very much missed. I wonder if there will be funeral services, and if her friends at the apartment complex will be able to go.

Gritty Grandma

This morning I was just remembering my grandma. I usually try to just let her rest in peace, but today, I was thinking about her a lot. Something just sprung into my mind and I started thinking about her. My grandma passed away in 2001, and it will be 12 years this month that we lost her. She was always a spry person, acted young for her age. That was one of the things I loved about her. I miss that. She was usually very meek, and gentle, but she would surprise you in a heartbeat with her feist and grit. She was from the south, so that was commonplace for her. The one thing that I always loved about grandma was she was always there when I needed someone to talk to. She was never "too busy" to listen. I remember when I was relieved of that job at the Puyallup Fair, and the way I was treated upon being let go, I went to grandma to release some steam. Grandma and I talked for a long time. She felt my anger and rage. Well, I tried not to let it slip in to rage, but I was ready to ring Tracy's neck when I left there. She was the time office supervisor at that time and a spoiled little brat! And get this, she was older than me. She made me feel like I was back in high school, and I had just got out of high school at that time. I did not want to go back!

I remember when I was let go of that job and I was taking my sis back to her booth where she worked, ol' Tracy told me to come back and pick up my check, and I never did it. I was afraid if I saw her again, I was going to kick her ass. That would have really landed me in jail and Tracy was not worth it.

As much as I loved my grandma, she had her dark side too. One of the things she always did that I did not like was accuse everyone of stealing things from her home. She would just randomly get up in the middle of the night, and I would be trying to sleep. Grandma would be searching the entire house for something and she would be saying "I bet these people next door got my stuff!" Sometimes she would even accuse my ma, or me or my sis of stealing things from her. And they were always small, invaluable things. Never something valuable like her valuable silverware, or her antiques. It was always something of her's that no one else but her cared about, like rotten food, or her Writer's Digest magazines or her socks. One time she accused me of stealing a load of broccoli she had cooked and put into the refrigerator and I found that very insulting!! I hate broccoli!! What possible use could I have for broccoli??

Another thing about my grandma that I found unlikable. She was overly sensitive. And she did not understand it very well when you would use slang, or a figure of speech, with her. For example, one time she started crying because I mentioned that she phones our home all the time. Well, for me I was just using a figure of speech, but she took that to mean that she calls our house 24/7/365. But it's just like my saying I shop at Walmart all the time. I'm not there 24 hours a day, it's just when I choose to go shopping, that is where I go. But grandma flew off the handle, thinking that I meant she is constantly calling us and she started crying. So I had to apologize for her misunderstanding.

I remember a long time ago, she had this friend named Debbie. Well, grandma had a habit of putting images of people she liked on her clothing, and she put a picture of Debbie on a sweatshirt. It's one thing to do that with pictures of your family, or even your favorite celebrity, but not someone you are friends with. I have a few really good friends, I would never put their facial image on a t-shirt. I found that to be a little bit disturbing. I think Debbie's mother did too. Debbie's mom, as I heard it, did not like my grandma, and I think that's why. It was disturbing, but not the end of the world! Now, if grandma had gotten a tattoo of Debbie's face that would have been bad! LOL! Sweatshirts come and go. Tattoos are forever. Well, my grandma told me that after she went to a Christmas party at Debbie's house, Debbie stopped speaking to her. Grandma had a dream one night where she met with Debbie again, and Debbie told grandma in the dream that she likes her but she can no longer have anything to do with her. Grandma told me about that dream and said "I wonder if that's true?" I didn't know what to say to her. I'm not even sure if Debbie ever got word that my grandma is now deceased. My ma didn't like Debbie, I don't think she would have called and told her. I never met Debbie, so I had no idea how to get in touch with her.

Well, the last time grandma spoke to Debbie was quite a few years before she passed away. I think it was in 1995 was the last time they spoke to each other. Well, Debbie missed out on a good friend if she really could not have anything to do with my grandma anymore.

My grandma was also from the old south, so she also used a lot of racial slurs. She always called black people "niggers". That was another thing I always hated, but it was easier to forgive her for it because she was from the old south, and she'd never known to call them more appropriately "black Americans" or "African Americans". Now, my ma is another story. She never used to use the word "nigger" until very recently. Now, she never calls them African-Americans. She always calls them by the "N" word. Now, that does make me angry! Especially since she's never used that word before and she knows I hate it when she uses that word! It makes my skin crawl just typing it.

But all-in-all my grandma was a good person, and I do miss her. I miss going there when I have a problem, and regardless of everything, my grandma would always lend me an ear. Plus, she was my grandma, the only one I had.

Grandma had some secrets that she also carried to the grave. After grandma passed away, ma got a call from her sister, my aunt Pat. Pat told her about an incident that she remembered clearly but ma only remembered very hazily. Grandma also had a baby boy she named Jerry. She had the baby a couple years after she had my ma. But almost immediately after she had that baby, it was kidnapped. After that, grandma essentially went crazy and had to be institutionalized. Grandma never discussed this. So somewhere out there I have an uncle that I never would have known. Ma believes that was why grandma would always accuse people of stealing from her. But stealing a baby is WAY different than stealing a magazine that no one cares about. If grandma had gotten National Geographic magazines, that would have been different. People do steal those. But Writer's Digest??? I cannot even find that magazine in news stands. No one I know subscribes to that magazine except grandma. Not sure what to say there. I'd like to know if that baby boy is still alive. He'd be a grown man right now.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Barbecued Leopard

Someone referred me to this video, and I dunno, I find it to be funny. A leopard being burned alive. As you all know I hate leopards. Always did. Even when I used to like panthers, I still hated leopards. I don't think they are attractive at all. Well, this video shows people in an Indian village setting a live leopard on fire, and burning it nearly to death. They did this all wrong! They should have first doused the creature with gasoline or lighter fluid, then set it on fire. As for the leopard, people think felines are smart? Well, this leopard obviously was not smart enough to know how to drop and roll.

I would not feel bad for the leopard, it probably deserved this fate. It probably killed a person or someone's livestock or pet. I hate leopards anyways. They should all meet this fate. I cheered when I first saw this video and saw that ugly beast panicking when it caught on fire. All I could feel bad for was the animal or person it probably killed that made it meet this fate. I don't feel bad for the leopard at all. I say go out, trap some more and set fire to them too! And while you are at it, catch some tigers and do the same to them. That would really be funny!

Hey! I wonder if that one idiot who called himself "WhyIAmAwesome" ever found any pics of dead lemurs to create his video with? If not, then I am WAY ahead of him! LOL! This is kindof my crowning glory video here. hehehe! Bet he does not succeed. There's some good in lemurs being placed on the back burner, so to speak. hehe! Pun on this video intended. Anyone for barbecued leopard?

"Yes! Bring us barbecued leopard!"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

King of Beasts!

Well, when someone mentions something about the "king of beasts", what is it most people think about? You guessed it. They think of lions. Personally, every time I hear someone calling lions "the king of beasts", it makes me laugh hysterically. Why? Because lions are no more the king of beasts than I am! And I am a woman. I cannot be the king of anything. LOL! Lions are not even the "queen of beasts" though. Lions have done absolutely NOTHING to deserve that title. You know who calls lions the "king of beasts"? I'll tell you who; very biased cat-people, that's who. But when you get right down to it, what have lions done to earn them that title? All they do is lay around all day long. The lions you see in documentaries, hunting prey, that constitutes about 10-20 minutes in a 2-3 day period. The rest of their time is spent sleeping and lazing around. Lions are not the best hunters in Africa, they're not the largest animals in Africa, they're not even the largest carnivores at all. And worst of all, lions kill for fun. In all realness, instead of being called "the king of beasts", lions should have the title "the coercer of beasts". They deserve that title more. Kings are usually fair with all in their domain, unless they are sociopaths. A coercer is nothing but a bully, and I hate bullies!

Well hell, King James was said to have been a sociopath. King James liked lions. He glorified them in the Bible. No doubt as undeservingly as he was to be king. He was why the pilgrims ran away from England. I just don't see how lions have come to earn the title of the "king of beasts". I know animals better than the average person, and I can tell you, lions have nothing in their history, or even present day, that would inaugurate that title to them. Lions have only been around for 2 to 3 million years, and they are becoming extinct already. If they were truly king, they would be able to survive. So, what animal does deserve the title of the true king of beasts? Well, here are some great runners up that probably deserve the title more than lions do.

African elephants are the largest of all land animals. That alone would designate them to have the title of "king of beasts". Before lions went psycho, elephants ruled their domain. Even lions would not touch them. I read once in an old book a story of a matriarch whose calf was killed by a female lion troup, and the matriarch took revenge on the lions by killing their cubs. I believe it! Elephants are not only big, they are intelligent too! And that old cliche about elephants never forgetting is not a myth! Elephants have an excellent memory.

African leopards are larger and more aggressive than the Asian leopards. Just to show, though I do hate leopards as much as I hate lions, I will not be biased in this. They probably deserve the title of being the king more than lions do. Leopards generally do not scavenge, only occasionally if they have to. They sometimes kill for fun, though not as often as we see in lions. Plus, they are more powerful, pound for pound, than lions are. Though sometimes even leopards meet their match. I've seen incidents of fully grown adult leopards being killed by crocodiles, rock pythons, and occasionally even cape hunting dogs. Even lions will kill a leopard if they can capture it. Though the leopard fanatics refuse to believe leopards do have enemies that will prey on them, it does actually happen.

The cape hunting dog is a medium-sized dog, but they are Africa's most skilled hunters that I truly believe deserve the title of being "king of beasts". Dogs are never as muscle-bound as felines. Dogs sacrificed strength for speed. They may not be able to bring down a giraffe alone, but they can chase one down to exhaustion without tiring themselves out. The success rate of hunting dogs is a phenominal 85%. Whereas lions only have a 35% hunting success rate. Leopards have slightly more, about 55% success in hunting rate. But neither one is as skillful a hunter as the cape hunting dog. Cape hunting dogs have been hunting the African plains for more than 30 million years, far longer than there have been lions! And yes, George Schaller, who spent his entire life studying animals in the wild, witnessed a group of cape hunting dogs bring down and kill an adult male leopard in 1966. And again yes, the leopard was a healthy animal.

The nile crocodile is the largest of all reptiles. They can grow to 21 feet long, and there are sightings out there of even larger individuals. I think if any creature deserves the title of the "king of beasts", it's this one. They are larger than lions, and in fact, lions often fall prey to crocodiles. I have seen lions bring down crocs before, but they are usually the puny 5-to-10-footers that are still quite young and have not developed the power we see in 14-to-21-foot crocs. Crocs actually can go for up to a year without eating, which I guess would also give a lion an advantage over them. But given how hungry they would get, one-on-one, the croc would win in a fight against a lion, without question! Crocs have also been around for about 350 million years, before there were dinosaurs or lions! And it is apparent as a collective group, crocodiles are not going anywhere! This alone I think earns crocodiles the title of the true king of beasts!

Crocs are not discriminatory either. They even take on elephants single-handedly, like this 20-foot monster!

Bears are the largest of all carnivores, and this polar bear is the largest of all, and also the most carnivorous. Though bears are not very old as a family, they have achieved a great size and hunting skill that would put lions to shame! I've even heard of polar bears that bury their dark noses in the snow so they won't be seen by seals, which is their favorite prey. An adult polar bear stands 12-feet tall. Lions only stand about 6 feet tall on their hind legs. This makes polar bears an excellent runner-up in the title for the true king of beasts.

The kodiak is second in size to polar bears, and are not quite as carnivorous. They have enough food around them to give them a good variety of things to feed on. But they are still larger than the largest lions. There is a video of 2 siberian tigers that have brought down a russian brown bear, but it took 2 tigers to bring it down, and I would have been willing to bet the bear was old and worn out already when the tigers encountered it. Never in history has a tiger or a lion ever been able to bring down a brown bear. In fact, up to the 1300s, there was a sport known as "bear-baiting", where bears were brought into the ring to face off against a tiger or a lion. It was always one-on-one. Sometimes the tiger or lion would win, but most of the time, the bear would clobber and kill the felines. Truly, no feline ever has the power the bear has! Earning bears the title of the true king of beasts.

Killer whales, or orcas, are the final runners-up for the title of the king of beasts. They are the largest flesh-eating mammals on earth. Adult killer whales measure up to 30 feet long, and they hunt in packs. They are known as the "wolves of the sea". Like wolves, killer whales have strength in numbers. Though they don't need it. Surely a single killer whale could easily hunt and kill it's own food. But as a group, killer whales have the ability to bring down larger whales, seals, porpoises, and even large great white sharks. But killer whales are not limited to a fixed menu. They are opportunistic, and I have even heard of deer crossing the strait here falling prey to killer whales. Killer whales are very intelligent animals as well. They usually do not harm humans, though some captive animals have become aggressive in the past, probably due to stress. But in my opinion, killer whales are the perfect candidates for the title of the king of beasts.

Well that's my point of view. I will NEVER refer to lions as the king of beasts. I don't even call female lions "lioness", because to me, that is like giving in to this idea that lions are the kings of beasts. I just call them "female lions". I will also continue to laugh at people who do give in to this ridiculous propaganda that lions are in any way connected to royalty. When I personally feel lions have indeed earned the title of "king of beasts", then, and only THEN, will I follow through with believing they are. But so far, they have done NOTHING to earn that title, and there are other animals out there that I feel have earned that title more than lions have.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mansfield Dog Already On Death Row Attacks Again « CBS Boston

This is for all the people out there that think breeding mixed breeds is OK, and that no mixed breeds ever have bad temperaments. We are taught this by unknowing parents and uneducated people that mixed breed dogs are better than purebreeds. That's not true, especially in the case of backyard breeders who are only out to make a dollar off their pets and give in to this hybrid hype. They are so focused on making money that they don't stop to think about the bad that can happen when you breed 2 dogs with bad temperaments just to create pups to sell. Now that people are actually willing to spend large amounts of money on mixed breeds, everyone is crossing breeds to create hateful mongrels like this dog Milo.

I would not let this dog's cute face fool me. It is an evil dog! The dog is a mix of basset hound and pointer. Two breeds you really do not expect trouble from. But if the parents had been bred by backyard breeders, chances are good they also had bad temperaments too that very easily had passed on to this dog. That could be partially why this dog turned out like it did. That and the fact that I think the owners are stupid! Milo is already on death row for biting a 6-year old boy. You should see how the boy looked! Awful! This is why when someone tells me that mongrels have better temperaments than purebreed dogs, I always call bullshit! Some of the worst dog attacks I've ever seen have been by mixed breeds. I am not totally blaming the owners. I do feel the owners have a hand in making their dogs mean, but the owners cannot always be to blame. With children I am sure these owners have socialized that dog very well. Like I said, this dog is most likely the victim of bad breeding practices.

That's one thing about show breeders, most of them do breed for the good of their breed, and that includes temperament. Some are not good in that department, but most are. If show breeders only were not so stuck-up. They would be wonderful to hang around. But a lot of them act like they are a separate species or something, that don't want to associate with the average pet owner. That's why I don't like most show breeders. Though I am trying to get over it. I do know they do good by their breeds.

Mansfield Dog Already On Death Row Attacks Again « CBS Boston