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Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Don't Understand

I approve marriage equality.

There are some things in this world I don't understand. One of the main things I don't understand is people. Why are people so dumb?? Why does a person harass someone and not expect that person to retaliate against them? And when that does happen, the one who started the teasing does not like it. Like how old stinky Andy from back in Bozeman didn't like it that I wrote about him in this blog, and before I began writing about him, he did nasty things to me and my sis. Why did he not expect me to retaliate against him for that? I'll tell you why. Because he's dumb. I'm a believer in free speech and freedom of choice. That is why I do not get angry when people attack me on the internet. Some of those people do piss me off sometimes, because they cannot seem to get their facts straight and still don't get it when I tell them they are wrong, but that is their prerogative. I also get angry at hypocritical people, who do shit to others and then hate it when it's turned around and done back to them. But then again, it's their prerogative to be dumb.

I've developed a pretty thick skin over the years. But if someone is attacking me on the internet, I'd like to know why. And it should be for a better reason other than I am fat, or ugly. Of course if the people who do it are young, like 25 or under, I don't think they need a good reason to do what they do. They just think it's funny to attack another person. So with them I am usually like "Oh well!" But I usually expect a little bit better attitude from someone who is older than 25.

Another thing I don't understand, why people say they hate something, or someone, and then always go back to that something or someone. A long time ago on Facebook, I had this friend and she said she hated this other person on Facebook that she was once friends with. So she deleted her from her friends and said she blocked her. But she kept going back to that person's Facebook page to see what she was up to. I know because she would give everyone "reports" of what that person was doing every now and then. I kept thinking "Girl, leave her alone for GOD's sake! You were the one who blocked her, now ignore her!" She reminded me of the delusional mods when she did things like that. It was not cool. If I don't like someone, I leave them strictly alone. While I do believe in free speech and freedom of choice, I don't believe in harassing people just because I don't like them. Live and let live. As long as that person is not hurting you, or in my case, not harming a dog.

I don't understand this obsession with cats and other felines either. I know I have spoken of this before, but I just don't get it. Mostly because every cat-lover thinks the whole world has to agree with them. I don't like cats, plain and simple. Kitties are OK as long as they live in other peoples' houses, but not in mine. And I don't like cat people trying to push their views in my face because I hate cats. It only makes me hate them even more. I love lemurs. I don't try to push them in other peoples' faces. Remember that one guy from YouTube who I wrote about on here, said he prefers dogs, but hated it because I don't like cats, and I do love lemurs. Well, he is the perfect example as to why I don't like cats. Because of pushy cat-people like him. And I also don't understand why people will forgive cats (and panthers) where they would not forgive any other animal. A panther attacks a person, everyone says "Oh that's nature! Let's save all the panthers!" but if a wolf, or a dog attacks a person, then everyone is like "Let's kill all the dogs!" Cat people are such hypocrites.

I remember this one person asked me why I love lemurs, that can jump 5-times their body length, and I don't love fleas, that can leap 200+ times their body length. Well, fleas carry diseases, lemurs don't. Fleas can leap very high for their size, but they are not as graceful at it as lemurs. Fleas jump but cannot always keep their heads up. Lemurs usually can. They land on their feet about as often as cats do. Fleas don't. Fleas are ugly, lemurs are not. Fleas killed about 1/3 the population of Europe in the middle ages. Lemurs have never killed anyone. See what I'm getting at? Cats can only leap 3 times their own body length, that's about 6 feet for a regular house cat. Lemurs can leap more than 5 times their body-length. Sifakas are known to make 35-foot jumps in a single bound, and they are only slightly larger than a house cat. Bushbabies are even smaller than sifakas and they have been known to leap 25 feet in a single bound. Most bushbabies are only the size of a rat. To me, that is much more impressive, and they look good doing it.

Another, final thing I don't understand. Why do people call gays "homos"? What has the word Homo got to do with being gay? To me, Homo means human. Every human you meet is a Homo--a Homo sapiens. Why is it being applied now only to gay people? It doesn't make sense. Especially since most people use it in a derogatory manner. When I first heard the word Homophobe, I said yes that's me. I thought it meant simply the fear of humans. I am afraid of humans, more so than any other animal. In all my nightmares, the one creature I fear seeing the most is humans. But I learned quickly that to be a homophobe is to fear gay people. I think that's stupid. Like this one article that I read about Chiroptophobia, being the fear of bats. The person who wrote the article thought it was called "Batophobia". Well, if you know the scientific language like I do, you'd know that does not make sense. Phobia is the Greek word for fear. So it makes sense that the thing you fear should also be a Greek or Latin word. It was the English-speaking peoples that decided to call the small flying animals bats. Kinda like on the Flintstones, where they add English animal names to "saurus", which is the Latin word for lizard. It just doesn't make sense. There must be a Latin word for people who prefer the same sex. Whatever it is, it should be used instead of Homo. That's misleading!

Am I for same-sex marriage? Yes I am. Again, I believe firmly in freedom of choice. The Bible says it's an abomination, but then again the Bible says a lot of things are an abomination. The Bible also depicts lions as being "great" animals, even though they are more likely to attack a person than a wolf is. And yet, wolves are depicted as evil animals. I still believe that is a mistake in translation! But since thinking about that, a lot of things about the Bible I do question.
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