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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mansfield Dog Already On Death Row Attacks Again « CBS Boston

This is for all the people out there that think breeding mixed breeds is OK, and that no mixed breeds ever have bad temperaments. We are taught this by unknowing parents and uneducated people that mixed breed dogs are better than purebreeds. That's not true, especially in the case of backyard breeders who are only out to make a dollar off their pets and give in to this hybrid hype. They are so focused on making money that they don't stop to think about the bad that can happen when you breed 2 dogs with bad temperaments just to create pups to sell. Now that people are actually willing to spend large amounts of money on mixed breeds, everyone is crossing breeds to create hateful mongrels like this dog Milo.

I would not let this dog's cute face fool me. It is an evil dog! The dog is a mix of basset hound and pointer. Two breeds you really do not expect trouble from. But if the parents had been bred by backyard breeders, chances are good they also had bad temperaments too that very easily had passed on to this dog. That could be partially why this dog turned out like it did. That and the fact that I think the owners are stupid! Milo is already on death row for biting a 6-year old boy. You should see how the boy looked! Awful! This is why when someone tells me that mongrels have better temperaments than purebreed dogs, I always call bullshit! Some of the worst dog attacks I've ever seen have been by mixed breeds. I am not totally blaming the owners. I do feel the owners have a hand in making their dogs mean, but the owners cannot always be to blame. With children I am sure these owners have socialized that dog very well. Like I said, this dog is most likely the victim of bad breeding practices.

That's one thing about show breeders, most of them do breed for the good of their breed, and that includes temperament. Some are not good in that department, but most are. If show breeders only were not so stuck-up. They would be wonderful to hang around. But a lot of them act like they are a separate species or something, that don't want to associate with the average pet owner. That's why I don't like most show breeders. Though I am trying to get over it. I do know they do good by their breeds.

Mansfield Dog Already On Death Row Attacks Again « CBS Boston
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