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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Things I Love, Hate, Indifferent, ETC.

People always accuse me of being negative, so this time I am going to make an unusual post talking about what I love, hate, am indifferent to, dislike, whatever. Just a bunch of lists basically. I thought about making a post like this as I was watching some old videos I downloaded a long time ago. If you are one of those people who read this far and are thinking "Who cares!?" then I might advise you to stop reading this post right now. This post is not for you. And I bid you good day. This post is for those people who always think I am so negative and talking about things I hate, or always saying "I hate this and that". Well, I am here to show that I am not one of those kinds of people. I am just very passionate. I admit that is something I have to work on, it's not always easy to keep my mouth shut when other people are pushing things I don't like in my face all the time. So if I don't like it, I'm gonna say it.

Things I love:
My family (dogs included)
my friends
most animals (with a few exceptions)
walks on the beach
the ocean
the mountains (though I don't really want to live there again)
getting new pets
seeing new places
meeting new people (sometimes)
looking at homes I may one day purchase
eating (yes, I admit it! I love to eat)
a good steak
going to see new movies (sometimes)
visits from family
filming new movies (the REAL fun is in the editing)
long showers
Going walking
learning new things
rock music in general
Good movies and TV shows (haven't had any of those lately though)
Being fat and ugly (Yes it's true, I love that)
Classic cartoons and TV shows

Things I hate:
Andy DiSanti (or maybe I should say "DiStinky")
Roger Melvin (and his fat shadow, Leon)
Kim Hedges
ANY wild felines over 20 pounds (with a possible exception of snow leopards)
Being sick
when a friend dies
Paris Hilton
Bad singing
when someone thinks I should love something and I just don't.
pushy people (especially if they are vegans)
People who want to take away my free speech rights
Talking to myself (though I do it all the time)
big, butt-sniffing dogs
Living in Bozeman, MT
Body odor!! (Yuk! And double YUK!!)
Elmo on Sesame Street (though I think Kevin Clash is very handsome!)
The Westboro Baptist Church
rap music (or ANY slow crappy music)
vampire insects (like fleas, mosquitos, etc)

Things I neither love nor hate:
all else outside the former categories

When you boil it all down, there are really more things I am indifferent to than anything else. But that's just to show my friends that I am not totally negative. Those things I hate I believe I have a very good reason for it.
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